December 2001 Comments

Greetings Jack,
I have often thought that there would be a “purging” of the Church before the Rapture. I say this in light of the “two witnesses.” My reasoning is that I believe that a few of us will take a stand for God and the world won´t like it. They will intensify their hatred for Christians. We will then be persecuted like no other time, especially here in the US. Then…poof…the Rapture…the World celebrates! Then…things are going ok….they´re happy…then…the two witnesses appear…ooppss….doom and gloom again…they thought that they had “somehow” gotten rid of us already…now these two…throw in the 144,000 folks of united Israel (both Houses…Jere. 32,32) and wow…they´re freaked out…then…they are killed and lay in the street…there´s celebrations the world over again….and then…they are risen…ooppss…there goes that joyous celebration again…well…you know the rest of the story…Just my thoughts on this…we here in America, the UK and Aussieland have had it pretty good, others though haven´t around the world…Russia, Pakistan, China…a hundred other countries….maybe…just maybe the Lord has removed his hand from the US…maybe its our turn to become “overcomers”….Thanks for putting me on your email list.
Jack please do not send me any more of your junk! Les

I just want to say that your words are seeming more lucid and less
objectionable with the passage of time. I´m all ears, so lay it on me!

Thank you for this highly insightful treatment of Scripture as related to these present times. Clearly, September 11 has enabled you, and others similarly concerned, to look at that day as a turning point and one which should rapidly bring on the 70th week of Daniel
Could you please take me off of your mailing list. I appreciate your willingness to spread the word but on the other hand, the length of your emails and the severity of your opinions is kind of a turn off, and I am already christian. Good luck though.
Thank you.
Dear Jack,
Please remove me from your e-mail list. I do not have time for this nonsense.
I am thoroughly convinced that in the aftermath of
September 11th with all of the lyrics being written, the
jokes being told, and the HTML language being written
that results in spectacular “Bin Laden bombing
action”…that people have too much time on their hands.

The same can be said for doomsday prophets. Sure, I
could read the worst parts of the Old Testament and take
them to their most literal conclusion, but “that is not
the way, the truth, and the life.” I choose life
through Jesus, not your doomsday prophecies. And if
you´re right, then so be it…I have no control over it
anyhow. But I for one will not listen to the lunacy
that my President is the Antichrist. Please take me off
of your distribution list. I find this negative
Christianity disheartening to true believers.
Take me off your email list.
Babylon is not falling.
Go away.
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I have a new web site which deals with issues relating to Catholicism.
It is based on research plus my past training and experience as a
Catholic nun. A major focus of the articles is apparitions of “Mary”. I believe that these apparitions are a major deception which is drawing people into a
false, one-world church headed by Rome. Its impact is amazing. Jews,
Muslims, athiests, and communists have suddenly become fervent Catholics because of these apparitions.

Well, I don´t believe the state of Israel is ordained by God.
Yours truly,
Dear Jack,
I do wish to add one thing to your article.We hear about peace negotiations almost daily between Israel and the Palestinian nations.There is an undying effort to bring them to the peace table,but God will have His way and His word will stand.The plain truth is that there will never be a lasting peace betweeen these two nations.The negotiations may go well,and peace announced,but remember, it will be a temporal peace with little or no genuine substance.The Palestinians are now, and have been, the natural enemies of Israel from the time of Abraham.I see Russa entering the picture earlier than expected.What I am having a problem with is where did an impoverished nation get fifty-million
dollars to donate to a country they were once at war with?And another thing!How did a former member of the KGB get to be “president” of the former Soviet Union?Keep your eye on Russia,especially when
it gets a little too close for comfort to the shores of Israel.I see weapons of mass destruction in the near future.John the great apostle was taken by the Spirit into the future to write of “things that will shortly come to pass.”The amazing thing is that John was describing (in his own words)the devastation to take place during the great tribulation.This takes place after the Holy Spirit is removed and the rapture has occured.But few realize that John was actually telling of the nuclear holocaust that brought
untold of destruction.We can only imagine this,and probally never actually see it.”I´ll be otta here!
A question if I may.Do you agree that the true church is the Reformation Church?I all ways seem to stand alone on this one.
A MessianicJew
Jack – I don´t know where or how you got my email address but thanks for a
very timely message. My husband and I have been reading Daniel, Ezekiel and
Revelation in addition to many good book on this very subject and any
Christian who is familiar with his/her Bible prophecy can´t help but see all
of these things coming together just as God has planned. We also know many
Messianic Jews are also cognizant of these prophecies and believe the time
is near, even at the very doors.
God Bless. Sam D
Dear Jack,
Thanks for your article. It is very accurate regarding the events and
the times in which we are living. Your website is rich with insight and
blessing. You have a wonderful ministry for these Last Days and the
soon-coming Rapture. I refer to the alternative religions and
philosophies as simply varieties of Humanism.Though they are demonic and
satanic at their root and inception, but accepting that terminology
takes a level of faith unBelievers do not possess. Hence, I attack their
systems as man-made – humanism. Much more effective at that early point
in their perception and comprehension. I´ll check your site out and get
back to you. God bless. Straight ahead. Jim
I´m not sure how you found me, but that´s all right. It doesn´t bother me. I too am awaiting the fall of babylon. However, how are we going to identify this Ant-christ? I could be him! You could even be him. Jesus himself could be him! (No one suspects the Spanish inquisition) Why do their descriptions parallel each other? Jesus in Hebrew letters equals to 666 or 616 (another number for the beast) in other translations. What about Mark 3:21? Or Matt. 10:34-36? Luke 14:26? Why is “Jesus” (name taken from the pagan god Zeus) considered the one and only god? Are we not all sons and daughters of God? In all this religious mess, I can´t have faith in this man, Jesus

you are a dangerous and hate filled individual, why you people cannot
understand that there is no such thing as an omnipotent being is beyond
comprehension, i bet your web site is all about making money, selling fear
and peddling hate towards one religion or another.. you are all the same
Christians, jews muslim alike none of you care about humanity non of you
care about people, your self interest your blinkered hatred your despicable
assertion that there is an evil presence called satan..you do not offer
answers only fear…

i only hope that a man of hitlers genius rises from the hatred that you
people are spewing and destroys all the christian jewish and muslim thinking
and leaves us normal people to go about our lives.

how dare you send me unsolicited mail what gives you the right you foul vile
hate filled individual…

man is turning away from you pathetic soothsayers and mediums that you call
prophets and priests, your religions are soon to finish, the fear and hatred
you peddle will soon be at end..

be sure of this the time is at hand, the hour is coming, your reign is at
end, mankind will no longer bow to your way of thinking

Eche Homo, for we alone are gods we are the creator we are the makers the
takers of life we are mankind !
Hi just visited your site,not bad,Ive checked out the email and had a chuckle you sure have a range of opinions and a thick hide I bet,well anyway good to see you staying in the prophecies as they keep us awake thats for sure,I am a firm believer in the times of Christ but bible prophecey isnt open to personal opinion so I take it as it reads and have been doing so for 12 years,keep an eye on the eu,well my friend take it easy,love kimmer.


Babylon fell and the God that I serve would not destroy a third of world missions. Read the Bible and quit making a fool of yourself.

thank you for this report . it is very well put . this government of ours seems to be going along with Russia at this time . we seem to be close to these happenings. if only people would get rid of their pride and comfort zones maybe they would see that there is a definite reason to get ready for what is ahead , by accepting the free gift of salvation through Jesus.we will look at your site …thank you again and how did you know me ? God bless your fine efforts…………russ and sharon
Why only one year in RVN? I had over 3. I done it because it was my profession. Also for$. Be advised that I have been ready to meet my maker since 1967. If you don´t like my attitude don´t bother to reply as I have other things to deal with besides ex smokers, reformed alcholics, womens libbers, and preachers.
Have a nice day.
sorry,, religion is dead. We only come down here to enjoy ourselves and
improve ourselves,, religion from all sides are not telling us the truth as
we should be told,, I believe in re-incarnation,, how come the bible has
left such an important part as that out?????? It might be the word of
God,, but it is not the full word is it,,
Dont need any of your religion to start another war,, Islam has beet you
too it,, hahahahaha
It´s sad how sincere God loving christians like you certainly can get Bible facts all mixed up and create such a confusion as is presented here. It seems History means or has nothing to do with understanding prophecy, does it? For you have your 70 weeks in the future, and Russia, Syria and Islamic countries playing important prophetic roles, etc. Please, seek the Lord seriously and ask Him to reveal to you the Truth about the future as presented in the Holy Bible. Yo´ll be surprised how acurately and harmoniously it(prophecy) agrees with world history.

May God abundantly bless you.
It was really wonderful to get your mail about the only Saviour
whereby people can be saved. It is of great interest as to how
you managed to mail me. I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ,
saved by Grace alone, lest any man should boast. Chosen before the
foundations of the world, called by the Holy Spirit in God”s perfect time.

I agree George Bush is a puppet of the Illumanati, as are most of the world
leaders, God is allowing them to fulfill prophecy. I believe that our
calling now is to the lost sheep and to keep our eyes on the
coming King of KIngs.

May the Lord bless your endeavour to reach the lost
Hi there. Thanks for your personal apocalyptic
interpretations, but please don´t send me that sort of
thing anymore. Especially making outrageous claims
saying that the Pope is the antichrist. Furthermore,
how did u get my email address in the first place and
why did u send me that message?
Peace of Christ


I´m a born again Christian, but I resent your intrusion into my
private mail. Do not send anymore of your personal delusions to
my mail.

Our country is blessed to have George W. Bush in the white
House. If you don´t agree with the way he is handling the
welfare of this nation, then it is your Scriptural
responsibility to pray for him FIRST OF ALL–that´s a clear
command of God, not a suggestion. You are walking on dangerous
ground to “touch” one of God´s anointed leaders with your
propaganda and inuendos.

I dare say that NO ONE tells of either of Jesus´ coming as they
should. And that certainly includes you. Thank God for His mercy
and grace when we miss it. You are in error to be sending out
such bigoted email. You are one who needs His mercy and grace.
You need to repent and then pray for our leaders. You are
entertaining a spirit of pride to think you know all the


Dear Brother Jack,

Hello and peace and love to you. Thank you very much for sending me this
commentary. I do not know how you found me, but I did recognize your website
and I think I may have visited it a while back. I just read your entire site
today, and I would like to thank you and our Lord Jesus Christ
whole-heartedly, for much of what you wrote was a confirmation from our Lord
Jesus to me, regarding what he has given me understanding in. I am a new born
babe in Christ Jesus for a year now, and when I first read Revelation 17 and
18 I felt very strongly that this was describing America. I have done alot of
reading of the word of God and of other christians, ecspecially regarding
these times we live in, and many of them believe Babylon is in Iraq, or Rome.
I have never felt quite comfortable with this belief, and reading your study
on this is very informative, as well as confirmative, because you compare
scripture with scripture in a much more researched and understood way. I also
read the emails that you have received regarding your commentaries, and I
would like to just say that you are doing a wonderful service for our Lord
Jesus Christ and our brothers and sisters in Christ, and also for all those
whom are lost, blind, poor and naked. Keep up the wonderful work in spreading
the truth and love of our Lord Jesus and pointing out the errors and false
teachings that are so prevalent today in an ever increasing apostacy.
Unfortunately so many people today want people to just be tolerant and quiet
regarding their faith, which is going to keep the truth from being heard. I
have noticed that so many people are quick to stand for their denominational
church and leaders, but reject sound doctrine and truth when faced with it.
They are unwilling to stand just as stedfast for Jesus Christ and HIS TRUTH
AND LOVE. If they could only be so dedicated to their Saviour Jesus, as they
are to their leaders and denominations that are leading them down the path of
destruction and death. Please do not let those e-mails that condemn you for
loving them enouph to share the truth and expose the deceptions of today to
help them, get you down. I know that it is easy to get upset and frustrated,
because we sense the deep and dark deception that they are in, but hope and
pray that the Lord Jesus will touch their hearts with understanding of HIS
TRUTH eventually. At least you have given them the information and maybe
someday down the road, they will look back on what it is you wrote and the
Lord will convict their heart toward repentance.

I look forward to any other commentaries, news, etc. that you may have or
will have that you may want to send me. Thank you again, for your ministry
and research and dedication to reach the lost with our Lord Jesus Christ. May
our Lord continue to bless you with knowledge and understanding of HIS TRUTH
AND LOVE. Peace and love to you and your family through Jesus Christ our Lord
and Saviour.

love your sister in Christ Jesus,
I hope you don´t mind me emailing you. My father had
sent me an email that somehow had been forwarded to
him regarding the end times. I went on to your
website and was moved by your testimony. It was
wonderful. I was so thrilled to know you had found
the Lord and were able to tell your mother before she
died. Being a mother myself, I can´t imagine any
greater gift than knowing your children are saved.
You mentioned the “health and wealth” teaching of
today. I just wanted to know if you have heard of the
book “The Prayer of Jabez” and how you feel about it.
I am not sure about reading it myself. I´ve had
different people say different things about it. I
would really appreciate your input. Your website is
coming along nicely and I will go into again in the
future. God Bless you and your family. Kim


I am also born again–into the gay heart of Jesus. You will certainly enjoy my website


you sound like so many other mislead modern day prophets…, always trying to figure it out & be seen as the one who knows the truth…,if u would let the bible interpret itself, as it does…, always , then maybe u could see how God is useing military might to propogate peace right now until all misguided peoples & their false prophets are either silenced or converted to real christian kingdom living.., thereby claims of America as an evil empire is Blasphemy against the spirit of God & if i read correctly u are putting you´re very soul at risk by saying America is of Satan. If you truely desire truth, most don´t, you need to study preterism, real ,full preterist doctrine otherwise it would be wise to keep you´re unlearned opinions to yourself…….. daydreaming is wonderful, but u can´t usurp reality !!!!