December 2002 Comments

i’m sorry that you hallucinated and found jesus, i am also sorry your life’s ambition is now based around rantings and tales. i am agnostic, and as near content as i can possibly be. take your preaching elsewhere, preferably a waste disposal site. don’t bring me down, or others, simply because you are filled with guilt.

Dear Jack,

May the Goddess shower her blessing upon you.

A Worshipper of the Earth Mother Goddess

Dear Jack,

I don’t know how or why you chose to send your letter to me, but I feel it gives me the right to respond to things you have said.

One has to be very careful not to go from Atheism to Christianism (a religious, condemning spirit). We must remember that it is the love of God hat draws men to Him. Only the presence of God’s love convinces people of their wretchedness. Beating someone over the head with accusations, guilt & condemnation only separates them from God.

As for President Bush & many of the cabinet, Congress & Senate, they have confessed Jesus Christ before the whole world. It isn’t our Governments place, or any of our place, for that matter, to cram Christianity down anyone’s throat. Constantine did it & the Church of England did it, & they bred generations of unsaved people going about doing as many cruel & horrendous acts as any of the godless. If you’re not aware, read some church history. It’s appalling – & all done in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus NEVER DID IT! He only preached the good news of the Kingdom of God. The only ones he ever accused were the ‘religious’ leaders.

Evidently you have never read much of George Washington’s writings & beliefs & his standing for Jesus Christ & the miracles God did in his behalf. All documented in the Library of Congress. You have pointed your finger & made statements about things that you have no knowledge of.

NO – the U.S. is not Babylon any more than Israel is Babylon. God CHOSE Israel to bring his written word & His Living Word into this World. Jesus Christ FORMED the U.S. to spread his word & his love throughout the world. We are an offshoot of Israel as Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism. Yes, we have both fallen & Christians have been uninformed & sleeping, but even so, we have still spread the Gospel, fed & clothed the hungry of the world, defended the defenseless & did good to our enemies. And Americans are still the most compassionate, giving people on this earth. This nation is a melting pot of the world, & we will always have many religious beliefs. Their freedom to worship as they wish should be defended if it doesn’t harm others, (we have laws to deal with the violent) & the way Christians live & love should be the convicting power to bring them to Christ.

So as not to make this longer than necessary, I’ll close by saying – we would all do well to thank God for this President & our government & pray for God’s wisdom, courage, strength & protection over them continuously. God, himself has chosen this government’s leaders for a time such as this. Thanks to the praying Christians who became aware of our fallen state (not the heathen’s fallen state, but the people called by His name) & turned back to Him & started doing what we were called & chosen to do.

If you wish to become more educated in what is going on in our Government & what Christians are doing about it, check this site out. http://reclaimamerica.org/
Also. if you can get Trinity Broadcasting Network where you are, tune in to the Coral Ridge hour. You will get a great education on the heritage of our nation. Dr. Kennedy is a highly educated pastor of a large church in Florida & the head of the Center for Reclaiming America. I hope you desire to get some of your facts straight to better educate those you reach with documented truths.

God bless & keep you in His loving care.


I agree with what you are saying, and it was timely in reminding me of one of my biggest downfalls,pornography. I truly appreciate that, and I praise God for reminding me. Also in these last days try to remember it’s not going to get any better,and everything works for the good of God. At least we have a professed Christian in the oval office who is not afraid to pray in earnest to God. His election was somewhat of a miracle. God always works in ways I would never think of,he never fails to do what he says,in his perfect timing. Our focus should be on being in a position to hear Him and follow His instructions.
No matter how corrupt the system is, I do get some peace of mind that Bush is in office at least opening the doors to Jesus, even if just a little.

May God Bless You and His Spirit comfort you!


Hello Jack,

What a pleasant and blessed surprise it was to receive your inspiring email. I was truly blessed to read your testimony and your views on America today.

I am a born again Christian and do all I can to please our Beloved Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
My home is in Australia. This land is in need of revival and I have been praying daily for the Holy Spirit to convict and convince the inhabitants of this land Australia that they need to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Your prayers will be much appreciated.

Keep up the good work, love your site and will forward your email to others.
The Lord bless you and Carol abundantly.

Your brother in Jesus

Dear Jack,

I read your moving testimony that you just sent me. How wonderful to have a praying mother, and that her prayers were answered. But I don’t believe you and I have ever met. How did you get my name and email?


P.S. In my youth, I believed as you did about Christians never using force to overthrow an evil government. Since then I have come to a different understanding of the “governmental authority” passages in Romans. There is a logical syllogism there if you look closely. A legitimate, God-ordained government is a terror to evildoers, not the righteous. When a government begins to cease doing good and begins doing evil, and being a terror to the righteous, it is no longer a legitimate government. Also, our very founding documents imply the right of the people (the governed) to overthrow the government if it becomes tyrannical. (That’s why the Second Amendment was put into the Constitution despite the revisionist history being pushed today)

I realize this is a controversial position in some circles, but it is my view. And I don’t mean to suggest that America is yet at this point, or that I think Christians shouldn’t follow the law. We clearly are to be the best of citizens. But I don’t think the Scriptures teach we are supposed to be lambs to the slaughter either.


Dear Mr. Hook,

I respect your right to believe as you do, but that doesn’t give you the right to push your beliefs on me. I believe in the God and the Goddess, I don’t believe in Satan, and I do not wish to be on your mailing list. Please acknowledge that you have received this and are removing my name from your list.

Thank you,


What do u mean I really not understand what I know is Allah Is Great and Muhammad is messenger of Allah


Thank you for sending this to me. You are right to have these thoughts. The book must be wonderful. I’m passing it on to my entire email list. I wish you blessings with your book and in your striving to do God’s work.


Hi, I would like to know more about the New World Order and what exactly is involved in it. Thank you for sending me the message. It was very encouraging. I needed some reasurrance that God does has everything under control in my life regardless of what the enemy is doing. Thank you so much. Hopefully you’ll have time to share more with me about the New World Order. I would really like to know more


Why Preach at me…when you don’t know me?

Why judge me….when you haven’t met me?

What gives you the right to intrude on my private email address to tell me about your life?

What allows your ego to be such that you feel that your opinion is right and everyone else is wrong?

Please keep your opinions to yourself or only share with those who ask!

Otherwise you will turn people away from a spiritual quest

I got your’e e-mail message. I surprised at you for going to far to the right. I do not care for bush or pappy bush. I dont beleive in this so called religion. I have an open mind to all faiths Muslum, Hindu, Buddist, Native American Beliefs. They all exist for a reason and who are we to cram one beleif system down everyones throat. I am a proud Liberal and tend to stay in my belief system. Dont send me no more of this end of the world crap.



Hello Jack,

I was going to write “Hi Jack” but I thought it may be inappropriate (bad
humor). Thank you for your letter. I don’t know why you picked my name
out to send your message but I did enjoy reading it. I do agree with much
of your view. There is no question that as fallen creatures, we do what is
right in our own eyes all too often at the expense of rationalization. We
do live in very interesting times. Although I am not a political guru, I
feel George Bush is doing a good job overall. Maybe he is not an “Elijah”,
but how could anyone in his position handle what’s going on? I realize God
is in control of what is happening here on earth. I don’t fear that Satan
will turn the tides of eternity. I am glad Bush is President at this point
in time rather than Gore or Clinton. How would you respond to the
situation involving Saddam Hussein? If Hitler could have been taken out
prior to WWII, would it have been justified? These are hard questions as
Christians to answer. None of us know all the solutions no matter how
spiritual we may want to perceive ourselves. We are not very strong at
all. God’s sovereignty gives me all the encouragement I need. His
promises will ultimately prevail. Until that time, we Christians all fight
our sinful nature, repent, and ask the Lord for forgiveness. This world is
not our home ultimately, but it is still a temporary place in which we
live. But we also know God is and has been with us all along.

In Him,

I have read your article and I believe that it is excellent. As a non
American, I always cringe when I hear many of the Televangelists
proclaim their “gospel”, which I believe is from the pit of hell. I
am happy that God has reserved for himself a remnant even in America.


I thank you! your e mail hit home with me, I could not
agree more! I am challenged in my Faith, I was raised
in a family that did not attend church often, I’m 41
years old, I have been inside a church maybe 5 times
in the past 30 years, I do not believe God meant for
the churches to become so powerful in money and
treasures that the Pastors…ect.. Drive around in big
fancy cars wearing Gold. I have missed a lot of
learning of God, And in school, I have read the bible
on occasions, But I am not fully aware on how I should
live? I do not understand a lot of the teachings
simply for lack of education I was an 8th grade drop
out, I had to work to help out the family and was
never able to return to school.
I am a reformed alcoholic and drug user, I found
enough light in Christ to pull me out of that life,
However I still feel I am falling short of what I need
to be in the eyes of the Lord! Thank you for a wonderful e mail about truth!


I want you to know that I too once felt just as strongly as you about what you have written.

A good many years ago I heard a sermon on crossing the deadline and at that service went to the altaar and confessed to the lord what a wretched sinner I was. Didn’t think I got thru though and it wasn’t long before I fell into a deep depression and several things happened that made me feel like I had certainly crossed the deadline. I wept bitterly, made numerous triips to an altar. People told me I was good and I had nothing to worry about. It seems like little by little I began to give up. Please pray for me. I have five children.


Greetings Mr. Hook, hoping this finds you well. It’s me, B……, your sister. I could almost swear that you are watching me and listening to my conversations. lol. Via Our Lord and Saviour,the Merciful and Loving God Almighty, you send me these messages “right on time”. It was God who said,”for everything, there is a time”.Truer words were never spoken so eloquently. What I am saying is that recently, I have admittedly and most ashamedly taken part in this disgusting thing called sexual sin. I knew it was wrong, and had opportunity to halt that inappropiate behaviour, needless to say, I pursued that life of vile wretchedness. I am a witness to say that is truly a temporary vile “fix” that Satan has so wickedley twisted for us to take part in. Satisfy our urges without thought of the consequences. But, I am also witness to say that is God who prevails with “the medicine” that heals ALL wounds. Please,don’t get it twisted, I have Faith and Hope in the Merciful,Kind, Loving God of Creation. He holds me,always has. I can ALWAYS feel His Divine presence. For all of my imperfections, He still sends the truth for me to receive. Thank Him so very much, that I am allowed to live and breathe and have a mind to receive with open arms His truth. In some form,we are accountable for one another’s actions,and on judgement day,we will be held accountable for our own actions. We are slaves for the Living God who ALWAYS prevails. On that day, I do sincerly hope that my actions will not affect my daughter’s chance for everlasting life. I do hope and pray,that I, will not be doomed to the fire. It is God’s loving knowledge that He knows what is best and will do what He deems fit and necessary for all imperfect humans. It truly brings tears of joy to my eyes when I receive His truth. It only streghthens my Faith in Him. The truth is not something we always accpet wholeheartdley, but still,it is the truth,for the benefit for our very soul. I see you as a messenger Mr. Hook,spreading God’s truth and warnings for His children. I say thank-you for the knowledge you give via Our Lord God. Do not forget about me brother,for you words are truly heard and held dear in my heart. As long as God gives you His Divine messages,and as long as you are able,your messeges are truly welcome. Praise be to God ,I am allowed to receive what He is giving. Today, I know yet again,that God is watching me,,and sending me “medicine”,for my wounds and heavy heart. To you ,I say thank-you.


Hi Jack:

I read your story this afternoon, waiting for my doctor to call me for an examination (annual check-up). I am 72 years old, very healthy and weighing the same 50 Kg. I weighed, when I was 25.

Tomorrow I intend to translate your story as I found it very interesting and worthy to be read for people who are living in your former lifestyle, as well by Christians.

I am a Brazilian Lady and was married for 26 years to a German from Berlin. He died 20 years ago and I never had any love affair, as I decided to dedicate all my life to my Lord Jesus and my two daughters, one living in Germany. I live in Rio de Janeiro.

I am sorry for my English. I am able read and translate thousands of pages, but when I try to write in your language I feel very afraid of making mistakes, etc.

Please wait for my Portuguese translation. I have translated the testimony by the ex-father Richard Bennet, last month, and forwarded it to him.

In our Lord´s grace and love,


Dear Jack,
I received your email titled :Babylon the great is falling. You have a powerful testimony, it is always wonderfully reassuring to hear stories like yours. Prayer is the only way to soften peoples heart so that they may receive the Gospel.
Dear Jack
Following up on my comments to your guest book, and having now read some articles, I would say, stick with the Gospel and your testimony, it’s much more interesting!! I am a Baptist minister in the UK, and I long to see the strength of testimony, in converts, that you have evidenced in Pleasures of Sin, and your first essay. Confession of Christ, recognition of and repentance from sin Acts 20.21, acknowledgment of God’s chastening had on our idols and backslidings Heb 12, rejection of worldiness and entertainments 1 John 2- this is what America and the West needs to hear!!

In the second world war, Hitler was the antichrist, in the Iraq war everyone pegged Saddam as it. Read 1 John, antichrists have always been here, right from John’s day, and they oppose the Gospel of Christ, rather than messing up world politics, which will never be right. We have the same situation as you, a Prime Minister claiming to be a Christian, yet passing such ungodly laws. What do we do? 1 Tim 2.1,2, and preach the Gospel. Don’t mix Christianity and Politics, it doesn’t work.



I trust you are as real as you profess to be. For if you are not, then you are one of the greatest imposters I’ve read on the web. I only write this because there are so many who appear to be so convincing, but are just more hypocritical than others. But really I enjoyed what you wrote. Our life is hidden with the Christ in God, so the world knows us not because it knew Him not. Our citizenship is in heaven from whence we also await our Lord Jesus. He is the true God and eternal life.

Awaiting the shout……Ted

I have my own personal relationship with Jesus Christ and would appreciate you please not emailing me again,

Dear Bro!

How do you expect me to see in haven when I’m number one sinner? The earth has never got a sinner like me. I have myself on the acount of the sins. No matter how much I read the Bible, it could’t help. These days, I’m thinking of terminating myself, because I’m a looser. Everything I have trid to do fails. I’m just like dead man walking. I don’t deserve to live.

As for you, you have got the real Rock. I know you will live happly with your Lord!

so long!


i am an agnostic. i am a 16 year old (ex catholic school girl) from cave
creek arizona. i have taken two years of theology.

i am supprised that i am writing you back. i read the first few paragraphs
or so of your essay…or message, and thought that you were terribly insane.
however, for some reason i read some more today and (though i have not read
the whole thing..i love to read my dear, but salvation messages should be
kept short..we are an impatient nation!) found that you do have some good

being agnostic, i awknowledge the fact that i will never know whether there
is a supreme being or not (at least in this lifetime). my question is this,
do you personally think that one “needs” to awknowledge jesus if they are
acting as jesus would? it has been a question that has plagued me over the
years, and maybe you have some insight. i have known many christians who
“love god” but are wretched to those around them, and i have also known many
of other religions, or of none at all, that follow jesus’ teachings more so
than most christians.

i think that jesus is no longer a person, he is no longer a biblical
character, but a way of being. god is love, and if one loves, must they
realize that it is in the name of god? can one uncontiously (my spelling is
terrible. blame public education! :)) accept jesus christ as their lord and
saviour by loving others? someone who worships no other “gods” (money,
sex…)but love, who does not take loves name in vain, and who keeps the
sabbath (and every other day) holy?

i know that you do not have “the answers,” so please do not try to give them
to me (as you did so confidentally in your previous message). i simply want
your insight so that i can help build mine.
so, as not to end this on a harsh note, i must say that you had some very
wonderful points. it is nice to hear someone point out the flaws in modern
day “christianity”. or, many modern day “christians” i should say. it was
odd that i received your message at such a time, because i am currently
doing an expos project in debate, the theme being “the marginalization of
humanity (specifically woman) through the media.”

it is odd how alike we are, even though i am not at all a christian. when
you say that hollywood is possessed by demons, i say that hollywood is
possessed by lust and money. (false gods?)
(i am dreadfully sorry for the length. and after i just criticized you for
so, i leave you with the question, “how the same are we?”

please respond,


<< For his cross is the only entry point into the grace of God. >>

Well, thanks for your interesting commentary, but since I am celebrating Yom
Kippur, I am a bit biased. I am inclined to believe that we Jews are
celebrating it today around the world and in Israel because, maybe, it is
God’s will.


Dear MR. Hook:
Your views are well and good, however, where is your revived Roman Empire? The leader of the EU will make the 7 year peace pack with Israel. This is your end-time Anti-Christ. The Catholic Church, which sits on the seven hills, is the false prophet or religious system. The USA will not be a big player in the end as it is Babylon and has fallen. People cast their gold in the streets( USA wealth is no more). GOD says”come out of her my people”.

Just another view.

Where in the world did you get this email address. Unsolicited material of ANY kind is not welcome here. WE have our own beliefs, thank you. They do include a Supreme Being and a better life to come. The Piper


Shalom from Yerushalyim Jack. Everyone here is talking about what’s going
to happen next, spiritually. Everyone you talk to is looking for the
Mashiach. (Messiah)
Thanks for the article.
Shalom b’Shem Yeshua HaMashiach 9Peace in the name of Yeshua the
God bless you for the message it is a blessings to me
every day iam longing and looking for his coming
with christian love your brother Byanyima Stephen
Thank shalom




It was great to hear another of God’s kids speak the truth. I believe He is
shouting mighty loud and very few are listening – certainly not in the
majority of “churchianity.” I believe we all need to hold each other up via
the internet throughout the world who have like-minded visions of the
future… God is truly making a world church, uniquely wonderous as these
evil times are advanced. We are watching the greatest deception of all
mankind (good is evil and evil is good) and we need to share our unique
talents of God for each other… A true return to the days of Acts via the
internet… What a wonderful concept… God Bless, Craig.

With all due respect,change a word here and there, and this is the same
prophesy of doom preached for the past 2000 years. Jesus said that no one
would know the day and hour of His return, the point being, Christians are
supposed to try to live their lives in preparation for Judgement. We’re
going to fall flat on our faces, many times over. We’re going to be, on
occassion, convinced that right is wrong, good is bad, up is down, and for
the most part, we’re going to be uncertain of a great deal about life.
That’s the human condition, and we have to muddle through the best we can.
You pass a pretty sweeping judgement on people,particularly Americans.
It appears that you are blaming all the people because a
megalomaniac, with the help of his father’s money and friends, took over the
White House. I didn’t stop him, but then,neither did you.
I don’t personally know a soul who supports Bush, but then, I don’t
personally know anyone who is rich. I am no more responsible for Bush than I
am for the tornados that come with springtime, or the blizzards of winter.
You haven’t said what you would do, or are doing, to change the current
state of things.


I must kindly ask that you remove me form your mailing list.

I believe the Bible teaches that there can be just war, and the war to come against Iraq is a just war. The President is a Godly man making the best decision possible in this regard. America is not Babylon either. Jesus does not want our nation to sit back and wait for the likes of Saddam Hussein to acheive the ability to use nukes and chemical weapons so that he can use them to wipe out our familes. As a new father, I owe it to my child to support the President who wants to make his world a bit safer.

You say that our churches are basically nothing short of big buildings that compete against each other for numbers of the same people. I disagree with that too. Churches do way more good than harm. I know that my church serves the needy and poor in it’s community, but at the same time we have grown significantly.

Your pessimisitic views of all things patriotic is offensive to me. I just can’t continue reading the untruths you spew Jack. Please remove me from your list ok? I get enough junk mail as it is.

Thank you,

Dear Jack Hook,
Your image of the Statue of Liberty breaking displaying your personal
condemnation of our blessed country of the United States of America is
traitorous. You act like a terrorist. We don’t make this comment lightly.
You should get it off the web. America is not the Babylon of Revelation.
You make it seem that it is.
Faith working by love,

Hey, Jack, thank you for sending your wondrous writings.

As the President of the mightiest nation on earth is obsessed with invading
another nation, I cannot help but wonder how the the non-Christian nations
and other Christian believing nations (Europe, mostly) look upon our
American Christian values. Making war is not in my value programming.
Loving others, as Christ loves me, answers most, if not all, problems.
Defending beliefs and preserving a nation is worth human lives.

History has shown that the US Government has placed its own innocent
citizens in prison camps, killed its own citizens, enslaved humans, and is the
only nation to ever use a nuclear weapon on hundreds of thousands of
innocent, civilian, men women and children that did not look like
“Americans”. If the atomic bombs are not weapons of mass destruction,
what is? Are these the Christian values of the founding fathers?

Never believe that this entire charade over “weapons of mass destruction”
is anything other than a power play to get to Iraq’s oil fields, before
somebody else does (our new friend Putin, for instance). The rush to attack
could be closely linked to upcoming elections. Huge fortunes are in the
balance for US oil companies – our President and VP are allegedly closely
connected to oil.

I have 3 sons that are of draft age. I do not want to sacrifice my children
so others can drive SUVs to soccer games and eat overpackaged Big Macs.
Protecting freedom is much greater cause for which to fight and die.
Wrapping yourself in the flag once each September does not equal
patriotism. Giving up Constitutional freedoms for security is a slippery

My God’s will, the God of Christians, Jews and Muslims, will be done. Of
that, I have no doubt. Surely he has had just about enough of what is taking
place on this messed up planet. I’m ready to meet Him. My 401K is empty
(Thank you, “W”) and my bags are packed.

Time will tell. In the end, none of this stuff matters any more than one
grain of sand on the entire ocean beach.


You wrote and I agree with:

It is the Kingdom Now prosperity patriots that Jesus is describing to his
disciples, who come in Jesus name to Israel. They say with their lips that
Jesus is the Christ. But many of these people also teach and believe that
they too are “little gods” or christs, thereby fulfilling the dual meaning
when Jesus said….”they come in my name, saying, I am Christ.” They both
claim to be Christians and some blasphemously state they too are Christ.
Two of Christendom’s leaders will bring all of this to pass. As I have
written many times before, the Presidency and Papacy are the two offices
which are described in Revelation 13 as the Beasts out of the Sea and Earth,
who will turn on Israel, just as they have betrayed Jesus and his teachings.
Israel will suffer the wrath of these two apostates when Jewish prophets
begin announcing to the world that these men are imposters.

Where is the scripture reference to the verse:….”they come in my name,
saying, I am Christ.” ?????

You are right on with this as I have been studying the New Order of the Latter
Rain/Kingdom Now boys for 3 years. I found out that their doctrines come
from Jacob Boehme (1575-1624) and Jane Leade (1624-1705). These theosophists
(Behmenists) believed the ancient Greek lie that man could become christ
when he entered into the 3rd “status” or time period as posited by Joachim
of Fiore(1135-1202). The Kansas City Prophets are all into this doctrine
and you know it by the name “Manifest Sons of God” doctrine. Alpha, Promise
Keepers, Freemasons, etc are all into this!!

All good points, but not as my church where “It’s all about Him.” We’re living in a time where people have to find light which shines the truth on their own. We can’t trust churches and pastors and people. We must have the WORD revealed to us. Church is an addendum to salvation, but not the end all be all. We must be save, and you’re right == people and buildings will never save us. Only God can! Thanks for sharing.

Jack!! forget about the cross!It is a snare of SATAN!!! To decieve the
world..Jesus was Lucifer!! Yahsua!!! is the true savior!!!!!! Yahshua
was never crucified!!!!! He escaped!!! and left for France with his
family and came to America to teach self-realization!!!!!!!!!
Yahshua walked with Yahweh just like Enoch!!! and Eliya!!!!!never saw
death!!!!!! the crucifiction is all GENTIL WITCHCRAFT!!!!!!!!

Jack, I look forward to the rapture, but I am not absolutely sure that it will be in my lifetime. I take Jesus’ word seriously, that no one can know the hour or the day, and I take that to mean the year and the century, as well. Your scenario with America being the beast sounds plausible, but it is risky to be dogmatic. You elevate secondary issues to the status of essentials. There are many sincere Christians who are posttrib or amil, and you sound very divisive about these difficult issues. I would suggest you relax, take it easy, wait and see what happens, and recognize that the thing that matters is not being right about details of prophecy but being ready for Jesus. It’s not a matter of knowledge but of morality. And don’t make speculations about what is going to happen lest you be proven wrong and are made to look like a fool.

Dear Mr. Hook
Please pray for my wife, kids and I that the Lord God forgive us and help us to understand HIS will and NOT our own. I, myself am battling daily in my life with my conscience and it seems sometimes that I am losing against my human nature side. This is NOT the way I want to be. I wish I had the human nature like king David who was a man after Gods’ own heart. I try hard to understand in my mind what I am supposed to do as a christian man, a husband and a dad and I get so discouraged because I feel like in all these fields, I’m failing. I wish that there was some kind of sign or feeling or clue that was meant just for me to experience that I would know with absolute certainty that I still belong to the Lord Jesus but in my mind I feel like “How could He still want me as His after all the things that I’ve thought, said and done?” I know I am supposed to have faith that He does still but I pray for things and ask for blessings but it seems like they go unanswered and it makes me feel like I’m being left out. PLEASE, help

Jack: Just because you’re telling the truth as you see it, don’t expect all the people to accept it. Sometimes great truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

Listen, you dorknecks. The Apocalypse is not coming. Take me off your list. I am not Christian

Jack are you still writing the scripts for the X files, perhaps we could start
your own show called Jacks Hooks fantasy world revealed.
Hi Jack —

Well stated. I fully agree that America is the nation from which the first beast of Rev 13 shall arise. We differ as to some of the details concerning the sequences of events during that period, but virtually all expositors differ on minor points of the prophecies of Revelation. The salient fact is that the U.S. is that nation who will rule as the beast. I also agree fully with your exposition of the second beast being the papacy. Did you know that Constantine was the head of the religion that worshiped Dagon, the fish god? As head of that religion, he was called “Pontifex Maximus,” or “Keeper of the Bridge.” The pope today is called pontiff, a derivative of that old Dagon worship title. The hat he wears is the one that the Pontifex Maximus wore. It looks, if you will notice, like a fish with its mouth open. At the same time as Constantine was head of the Roman church, he was head of the Dagon religion as well, and incorporated many pagan symbols and rites in what came to be called Catholicism. Thus do we celebrate Easter (Eostra) and our “Christmas” celebration has its origins in the saturnalia rituals of paganism. In both of those rites, our children must bow before the old gods, to retrieve gifts from beneath the tree and to seek out the treasured eggs. The symbols of Easter are the rabbit and the egg, portrayals of fertility in paganism. The Christmas tree is well described in Jer 10:1-8.

You are also correct, making an astute observation about the reticence of modern “Christendom” discussing end-time events. I have often attempted to engage preachers in discussion about prophetic themes, never once being able to do so. They truly know nothing about prophecy, and have an active desire not to know anything about it.

As usual, you are close. Close only counts in horseshoes, however. There is no scriptural evidence that either the U.S. president or the pope of the Roman Catholic Church will be involved as you describe. This is a figment of your imagination. The antichrist will come from a country that is now called Turkey. He will make a seven year covenant with Israel. After 3 1/2 years he will be killed by the sword. He will be resurrected as Satan incarnate at which time he will commit the abomination of desolation by seating himself in the Holy of Holies of the rebuilt temple and declaring himself to be God. Members of the body of Christ will be raptured at this time and will avoid both Satan’s wrath and, later, God’s wrath. The Great Tribulation will begin at this time and last for 42 months.


Hey Hooker,

When you were a little lad, did you get hurt by a toy gun or something? Is
that why you continually attack, disrespect, and dishonor the same brave men
and women that protect your right to even write such biblically illiterate
garbage like you wrote below?

The New Testament and Jesus don’t mention violence?! Have you never read?!
How did Jesus chase out the money changers that were dishonoring His Father’s
holy temple? He VIOLENTLY overturned their tables and whipped them with a

Hey Hooker, your leprosy is spreading. The hair in the plague has turned
white and is deeper than the skin. You are unclean.

yes, yes, yes !!! But … I do have to tell you this Jack, ………… if I didn’t already believe ,Jesus Christ was our Savior,for myself, and know also that the world , as we know it, is going to come to a screaching halt , very soon some day….. I’d probably be very mad at you right now (be rest assured I am not)………so please beware and be prepared for hostilities from our brothers and sisters that have no concept OF WHAT IS TO COME UPON US, and only believe they live in the free world of opportunity . Money ,wealth, and power are all that they dream of, unlike us, dreaming of When? How and What? the Coming of Christ will be like! Jack , I pray for you to, ‘hold your cross up high’ to shield the arrows of ignorance that our brothers and sisters will throw your way, and pray for whoever does, that it is reflected back to them ‘in the light’ of Gods truth and love. As Always, may Our Lord keep you snuggly safe under Angels wings, ~~~ Debbi~~~

HI .thanks for your great letter .you are so right .its sad when sinners can see that something is going on and that it has to do with Bibical things ,while a lot of christiandom seems to just say oh well ,they think they are saved and they dont worry to much about it ,they are being lulled to sleep by satans lies .our thoughts and prayers ought to be Lord get hold of the hearts of our unsaved loved ones , and weep before God for the salvation of their souls .a lot of people have the attitude of us four,and no more .Ive noticed that a lot of just sinners are concerned about events taking place in the world today .I fear that when the us does attack saadam hussain it will be the beginning of a war the likes of which the world has ever seen ,for it will involve many nations .the us cannot fight but one war ,in any one place at a time .the us will begin to bomb Iraq ,then Iraq will bomb Israel ,the us wont be able to help Israel except for a few drops of food and medicine ,and maybe to fly some of them to safety .the great wings of an eagle ,to fly them into a place prepaired by God .the eagle is our nations symbol .the Bible says that when you see armies encamped around Jerusalem ,to look up ,it wont be long until we see Jesus coming for his own .we are also living in a time of the greatest deception the world has ever known .we as christians must be doing all we can to get our families in before this deception covers the whole world ,if it were possiable even the very elect would be deceived ,thank God its impossiable.

Please don’t send me anymore e-mails. I didn’t request them in the first place and I don’t like how you bash the Church which is Gods people ..Thankyou M Marshall

We’re a small but rapidly growing “club” who understand the real nature of the U.S. and Rome. I’ve gotten emails from others in the past year who have expressed similar views. As the time of the fulfillment of prophecy draws near, understanding becomes more clear. Many of the old guard are still reticent to switch from their belief that Rome will be “resurrected” and rule the world again. We are Rome. And truly, some of the old school are at least admitting the possibility of a U.S. beast. In a conversation with J. Dwight Pentecost, he acknowledged the possibility, but wouldn’t go so far as to drop a view he’d held for seventy years. He will though.
Dear Jack, (or dearly beloved in the Lord) …

As a sister in Christ, I want you to know how very special your writings are to me. They are the most meaningful of any I have ever read Jack, I have upgraded your pages within The Love of Christ Journal. Check them out here: http://www.lovechristnow.com/jackhook.html. I’ve also put you right at the top of the list here:

Mr. Hook,

Much of what you say in your attempt to understand Scriptural Prophecy is pure garbage, and I am truly sorry for the use of the word garbage. If I could find a milder expression, believe me I would have used it.

You will never correctly understand Scriptural prophecy until you realize who “True Israel” is. Further more, the Kingdom of Yahshua (whom you incorrectly call Je-sus) is not earthly, and never was (John 18:36). The Assembly, the “body” of Messiah, the Sons of Yahweh, have the responsibility of ruling this earth, with Yahshua as their head.

“For Messiah was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.” (Heb. 9:28). In other words, the second coming is an individual thing, through belief in Messiah. It is a spiritual coming, not physical!

for aletheia,

Jack, you are apparently a well read, well educated and talented computer communicator, of the “Christian”, messages, for “End Times”, eschatology.

I am a “True Believer”, fully expecting to be “Raptured” and taken out of the “Tribulation”, along with my household as Jesus had Paul cummunicate to the “Philippian Jailer” in the “New Testament”.

I believe in a “Pretribulation Rapture” of all “True Believers”, of all faiths, regardless of religious affiliation or church membership, etc. I study religion, denominations, etc., for information only and to be able to understand others and hopefully be able to witness , Jesus, to them, better.

Some of your work, E-mail, post or whatever, is conjecture, interpretation and your personal opinion. Many of the events you describe, according to my interpretation of the Bible, will happen after the “Rature” of the “Saints” .(All true believers)

Jesus is the way, the truth and the Life. He declares, in his discourses, that there is no other way,to the Father except, through Him. John 3:16 ; Romans 10: 9& 10 ; Ephesians 1: 1-7 ; 1 Thessolonians 4: 16-20 as well as Revelations chapters 14 ; 18; 19 ;20 ; 21 and 22, cover all that is needed for the “True Believers”, to know, in order for them to be confident, in their salvation. (Eternity , with “God”, “Jesus”, and “Holy Spirit”, plus all “Saints”, of all era’s and covenants, in the New Heavens and The New Earth)



Thanks for sending me your message. The news of the last several days has really hit me hard. Mr. Bush’s brazen announcement that the USA will rule the world and nobody will be allowed to come close to our power and might is frightening. This man is drunk on power. His Skull and Bones true intentions are being revealed.

For so long I have resisted the acceptance that America is the Babylon of Rev. 18. Quietly, I have feared it is so. Now it is becoming so clear why the whole world will turn on us. With the USA in smoking ruins, then the anti-Christ system will rise to power.


Amen Jack. The “Spirit of America” has nothing to do with the Spirit of God. All these people crying “God bless America”, when God is ready to drop us into the pit. The deception in the churches is so thick now…it is like the clouds of incense that the Jews use to fill the Temple with. Yet for all their sacrifices, they did not that which is pleasing to God…Obedience. It is time for the remnant to get their robes white. The time to come will catch many of them unawares. I try to speak to some of them. It is like convincing a stone to be a potatoe. The closing of the door is near. Let them that are filthy be filthy still, and let them that are righteous be righteous still.

With Faith and Love,

I think I may say, without fear of contradiction or divine reprisal, that your “analysis” of world events is just a teeny bit speculative! J

Dear Brother Hook:

I certainly understand your concern expressed in your recent e-mail. I
wonder, how would you address the following?

Romans 13:3-6 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the
evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? Do that which is good, and
thou shalt have praise of the same: For he is the minister of God to thee for
good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the
sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath
upon him that doeth evil. Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for
wrath, but also for conscience sake. For for this cause pay ye tribute also:
for they are God’s ministers, attending continually upon this very thing.

Certainly, I believe our primary focus as believers is to preach the
Gospel. At the same time, I believe God has commissioned the Government, as a
tool to bring His wrath on those whose hearts are bent on doing evil.

As such, I support President Bush in the war on terrorism, and implore
for the sake of God and His righteousness, to do the same.

In closing, are you aware that most of those engaged in terrorists activ
ities today, are descendants of those that God commanded the Israelites to
totally wipe out, and at that point in History, they refused to do so? Let’s
not repeat the same mistake today. President Bush is a man of God, and He is
calling for an all out war on terrorism. As believers, let’s stand behind our
President, and do all that it takes to help him accomplish what should have
been done centuries ago.

Blessings in our Messiah!

Dear Jack:

Are you writing these e-mails to “scare” people into believing in Christ?
Your arguements are so ‘weak’. It really makes me laugh when someone
writes an article on what is going to happen during the end of times. Each
man has his own little interpretation of what is going to happen. However,
noone but the Lord God knows the destruction that awaits mankind.

— Edgar

Dear Brother Jack:
Thank you for sending The Time Draweth Near. Once again your message, to me at least, was timely and edifying. In a separate e-mail I have sent you my September Denver News and Commentary. Hope it will be as edifying as yours was.

I hate to keep coming back to this business of the President, but since he is a major player in all this, I wonder if you heard his speech to the United Nations in New York about two weeks ago appealing to the New World Order and Islamic crowd controlling that body for “support” of his coming adventure into Iraq. Other than the usual well-worn and predictable rhetoric he delivered, two things really stood out. Both of these were the only two occasions the general assembly applauded during his speech. The first time was when he announced that he would move the United States back into, or at least support of, UNESCO (which the United States withdrew from some years ago ostensibly because it was “too corrupt and anti-American”). The second time is when he finished his speech. It was like that bunch of fools were saying, “we heard from you, now get outta here!” Any prior indications that Bush was against the United Nations and would withdraw America from it, or force their headquarters to leave New York, died with that speech.

And on the sidelines I still see some the Christian talk show hosts who slavishly “stood by their Skull and Bones Man” cheering “this President” on, not making any mention of or reference to the return into UNESCO or a withdrawal from the UN. The New World Order crowd is hanging firmly onto the United States, and Bush is, as usual, going along with them because he is “of them,” and without US taxpayer financing, the UN would die in a New York minute. And the Rush Limbaugh “revival of truth” about Bush which started about the time the Islamic murder thugs were running around like loose cannons blowing up Israelis, and Bush was severely chastising Prime Minister Sharon for defending his nation (only after his own Israelite people had been killed by terrorists), is dead and dying fast. Rush has resumed his slobbering and snivelling over the President so badly (even as the Nation is being pushed over the precipice of destruction for its rejection of God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ) I think someone should thrown this lap dog a box a doggie biscuits pronto just to calm him down (“you people”!).

Thanks again for your letters and website, both of which are always welcome here. Your brother in Christ,

This is all very interesting and a lot of it is right
on, but if you have not heard from GOD DIRECTLY that
the President will be the Anti Christ, or whatever,
please don’t preach it, for a prophet must be correct
100% of the time. Still, you are speaking the truth
much more than the rest. The Christian church is
exceedingly corrupt and erroneous.

Yours in love,
Ms. Jordan
so you dont think that a united europe will produce the anti christ .i too think that it will be europe which may be devestated and the us produce thee antichrist .the pax romana replaced by a ax american the us as a desendeant of the roman empire .i too think that it is vital that only god protect israel and no one else .

Hey Jack!
I went to see Patch Adams last week….. Has Antichrist message. Very interesting. On September 11th, he told a room full (1000 people) of social workers, nurses, volunteers, and physicians, that Christ doesn’t want our worship… just for us to Love humanity like he did. Also said ” Jesus is Dead so he needs you to carry on his work.”
I want you to know that I am not indifferent…. Just have that Shalom, kind of peace going on. I am trying to Love folk into the Kingdom. It is fun to use “End Times” as a “road” to salvation… because I am not afraid. This, however, is one Christian American that is 100% behind Israel. You are right to think that Our nation will not support Israel always…. It is in prophesy. There is nothing that is going to stop any of this stuff from happening. Everything is just preparation for Yeshua to return.
Bless You,
holy moly do u alway get straight to the point leaving nothing said adding nothing unnecessary,
thankyou for sharing your good words of God, brother, you are blessed with clear vision and
removed scales and true sincere honest love and wisdom of God in Jesus name
I’ll continue to pray for your ministry and your innervisions to continue remaining clean
and flowing as you are spreading the truth about the world condition.

You clearly have little to no biblical understanding concerning the judgments of God, How he chooses to exercise His wrath in the here and now, as well as in the future, His relationship and sovereignty over ALL the nations of the earth, That Jesus is a WARRIOR … always was and always will be … and how Jesus uses governments as His instruments of justice … to name but a few. You have a carnal view of Christianity and seem to come up way short in Christian understanding.

Hi Jack,

Thank you for your interesting essay.

I do not believe in Jesus.

I do not believe that Jesus existed as portrayed in the Bible, rather I believe that Jesus is a fictional biblical character.

I do not believe these are the “end times”. I do not believe in Christian eschatology nor Christian teleology.

I do not believe in the untenable authoritarian dogma of the Bible, by-and-large. I believe the Bible is mostly in error.

I believe the things mentioned above, and disbelieve in those other things mentioned above, because that is what I have learned from god.

When the Bible and god differ, I trust god.

Look you clown, out of curiosity, I opened your piece of s… I am an
agnostic, and I could care less about your crap…Shove it Pal….
Dear Jack,

Keep up the good work! We enjoy your ministry very much. Yours is a true
prophetic voice in a perverse and sinful generation whose ears have been
tickled so much by false prophets that they can no longer tell truth from
lie. If you are even in the Louisville or
Cincinnati area, we would love to connect with you and have you on our radio

Pastor Ray

I don’t know who told you that you had the right to send me this crap. You are hereby informed that you are not authorized to mail anything to me, especially fundamentalist bu……

I see clearly Mr. Hook. Thanks for keeping us aware.

Thank you for introducing yourself. i do visit many Christian websites. I do research a lot of “things” on the internet. i visit sites like “Pray for Isreal” also; praying for the return of the Jews unto their homeland … so that we can get on with meeting Jesus.
you and i are certainly like minded: I know Christ is returning soon! I know victory is already His!
I hadn’t had the time to read all the way through your message, “The time draweth Near” so i didn’t know really what you were about. I am a born again fundamentalist Christian who believes every word of Scripture was God breathed and that God meant all that He said.
If you continue to write messages such as the one The Time Draweth Near –
please do send them to me and i can forward them.
I have so many family members and friends who are not saved – it seems so clear to me that we don’t have much time left to make a decision for Christ – it’s so obvious to me and i want them to get real and accept Jesus. Yet even the Bible does say that those who do not know take the Bible as foolishnes and those who do not know – they are fools.
God Bless you in your effort to bring glory to the Lord and may you be blessed to increase His church!

I don’t know exactly what you’ve been reading but my bible tells me that God determined the placement of nations so that the truth about Him would not perish from the earth. Paul tells us that government was given by God to punish the evil-doer and that as such it was a good thing and to be obeyed as far as our faith will allow us.

Now if you mean that the nations of this world are under the sway of the anti-christ then I would agree. Maybe I didn’t read your e-mail right or maybe you should be a little more careful how you say something.