December 2003 Comments

Thanks Jack,
This was written just about 3 years back. Mercy, the heat I took from good christian folk!

A Nation “Under God?”

Ann Hutchinson was considered a dissenter and banished from the
Massachusetts colony of Puritans. She would advocate that it was
possible to realize the indwelling Christ in the person of the Holy
Spirit. She taught many in her home, mostly women, and this, a
threat toward the authority of the Clergy in the “camp”, driven from
their midst to the neighboring Rhode Island colony. A few years
later her whole family was massacred by Indians. The Puritan Clergy
did not mourn such tragedy. In fact, they deemed it the judgment of
God in light of her “heresy”. A three-years war against the Indians
would follow as many lives would be lost on both sides.

By 1689, the Puritans fled England, migrated to Holland, then
finally to America to establish Massachusetts Bay Colony. They had
forgotten the purpose of their journeys. Religious freedom!!
However, there was no religious freedom at all in the colony, except
to agree with the doctrines set forth by the Puritan church there.
This denial of freedom of religion to others by the Puritans was
ironic in light of the fact that dissenters were merely declining to
conform to the Puritans, as the Puritans had declined to conform to
the Church of England. It had become an oppressive, structured form
of Christianity, members of the church suffering whippings for
speaking a mind of their own, finally banished and excommunicated.
1692 brought the infamous Salem Witchcraft trials, a fully
documented “madness”. By September, of that year, twenty people and two dogs had
been executed as “witches”, while hundreds more had been imprisoned
or banished. Are these Puritans considered our “founding fathers”?

I stand nearly alone as I ponder these things. As I consider the
temptation of Christ and Satan’s offer of the “Kingdoms of this
World” and their splendor. Ownership could not have been only
presumption, for the Nations of this World do indeed lie in darkness,
their government’s interests never toward the Heart of the
Father. It is not the nature of any earthly government and nation
to “Love their Enemies”, for all are self-serving and must defend
their territories, their politics, and their economies. It is
survival of the fittest who will rule and reign, cross national
boundaries with earthly weapons of warfare to impose their will on
others bringing terror and servanthood. Thus is the manner of the
Nations of this world and not one is “Under God”.

One must honestly consider our history, look at it closely. Who are
our founding fathers so many Christians talk about as being Godly
Men? Is it George, Thomas? Is it Benjamin? Who? Can you hear the
cries, the moaning aboard those ships of slavery destined for the
shores of America, sold as cattle to families of privilege……for
George, Thomas or Benjamin? Can you see the women, some light-
skinned and comely, taken as “play things” for these who are
referenced as Godly men, who bore for them malada children? Can you
see the descendants of some of these of color named Washington,
Jefferson, and Franklin? Who, who were our Godly founding fathers?

Can you imagine the plight of those native Americans who for some
1200 years worked and hunted the land and considered it not their
own? In the name of “Manifest Destiny”, the white man brought them
death and disease and dared him to defend himself. Forcing his will
westward, knowing it was “God’s purpose” to establish a nation in His
Name, all the while the motive was clearly greed and gold. A profit
motive disguised in the name of religion is a putrid thing, a stench
in the nostrils of God, just has to be.

They wanted Jesus to restore the Nation. When,
Lord…..when?……to establish again an earthly kingdom Under God.
It cannot be in this age of grace while the ‘KINGDOM’ is found only
in Spirit and Truth. It is not earthly…..oh dear ones, it is not
earthly. While God has his hand on each government, each nation to
fulfill His will, His purpose, OUR citizenship is other-worldly. As
strangers and pilgrims we march to the beat of a different drummer,
we drink from a different well! We pledge our allegiance to an
Heavenly Jerusalem, a nation, a kingdom not of this world. Careful
in our purpose…..we walk “softly” in these things men have
distorted, twisted……his economics, his politics, and above
all……we touch not his religion….for it has become the
habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit. Daily, we
dirty our feet. As we walk, we see the filth, and mourn….but Glory
to His name, he washes our feet, our face and our hands……and
cleanses our walk. The earth will not be cleansed, will not be
restored, it will be destroyed, and with fire, as a NEW HEAVEN and a
NEW EARTH will be established by the Word of His Mouth! “For,
behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall
not be remembered, nor come into mind. “

heading for cover :o)
Dear Jack:

A friend of mine sent me the email below. Interesting take. I too suffered
much for calling on Christians to spiritual warfare and not to the taking up
of carnal warfare driven by nationalistic agenda. I did much the same as
you have, although I do not share in your eschatological views, I do support
and agree with you about the unjustness of the ‘just’ war theory and how
Christianity has historically been hijacked for nationalist agenda and the
name of Jesus invoked by those who don’t give a damn about Him or His
Kingdom. Forgive my crassness but the US administration and this
“Christian” president is not consistent with the teachings of Jesus and I am
constantly grieved by those bent on judging me and people like me who stand
against people such as him and his administration. The current US
administration is the greatest threat to democracy since the foundation of
the United States. The new Patriot Bill is just the beginning of a subtle
assault on democratic freedoms. The church needs to stand up against this
rise of the new totalitarianism.

Blessings to you from a former Brit living in Canada.
Hi Jack,

Praise the Lord for your message of true hope in the Real Jesus. I pray that His words will be received as you speak them to others.

I also pray things are well with you as you follow after the Lamb.

May we be losing our lives in this world, in order to find our lives in Life Eternal in Him.

In His holy love,

brother Tim

Sorry Jack but I don’t believe the same things you do.
I am a Christian universalist.
Free Christians

To the perfect and sinless Jack Hook. Come off it. President Bush simply said that democracy was a universal hope, he did not say it was the way of salvation. Open your ears and quit nit picking.


P.S I accidently copied the following news article to this message, but I decided to leave it. The only reason this is not going on in the U.S. is because of the Christian heritage of this nation and the freedoms to practice the same. That freedom is quickly eroding because people like you have chosen to do nothing but complain. As someone once said, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. Democracy is not the perfect rule, but Jesus Christ has not yet returned to set up His kingdom, therefore it is better than anarchy. Read On. This is the direction we are headed.

“Did the physical body of Jesus rise from the dead in a glorious, physical, eternal form? The Bible says yes everywhere and also that he promises to all that love him the same thing”

Not in physical form, Jack. Surely not in flesh and blood form. Is it your desire to be in a physical body at the Resurrection? It’s never been mine…in fact, the very idea seems …well….human in origin. We’re told time and again throughout the whole of scripture that these bodies are like the grass of the field, that they are nothing, but that the living spirit is eternal. Nowhere are we told that the physical body is to be a part of our existence in God’s kingdom. Nowhere. Yet human beings are so attached to their lives, to their flesh and blood, and so veiled from the reality of the freedom of the spirit, that they actually desire to hold onto their bodies through eternity! That isn’t what the scriptures tell us, though. Jesus appeared in several different “aspects” after His Resurrection, none of them immediately recognisable to His closest followers. It goes without saying that, though appearing to be a normal human (Mary thought He was a gardener, for instance) He was NOT confined to the physical body He’d had during His earthly sojourn. Now, whatever claims you may make for some sort of “changeling” physical body, the fact is that He was not and is not in a human, flesh and blood body, and we’ll not be either.

Jack I told you not to deliver any of your newspaper-exegetical mails to me anymore. They are disturbing.

America does not appear in the bible.

Love you anyways in Christ our God,


Sorry about the rant, I get so much bible spam it’s frustrating. People
talk,and talk and I listen. I find all this GOD/Satan dualism a bit amusing.
there is only one thing, one GOD, one World, one LOVE, and that’s all there
is. Granted that’s hard to believe in this day and age, with all the wars
and the troubles plagueing the world. I suppose that “satan” would be
something like the EGO, or some other kind of material illusion, there’s
something false at the root of the worlds problems, not something easily
seen I might add. Anyway, it all works out in the end, when a new world
begins. Thanks again for the honest E-mail, I don’t recieve much honesty
from people these days. I think people are afraid to speak their minds for
fear of judgement, I wish I had the answers, but I don’t, just trying to
make it through another day in this troubling and mundane existence, even
now I’m staring at this keyboard wondering why do I do this,I type these
words and send them to you so that maybe we can strengthen our
communication, because communication is key to understanding one another.
Well have a nice life if I don’t talk to you again, and Peace be unto you my
eternal friend. Billy



Hello Jack,
This is a honorable thing you are doing! I am also one who is guilty of our Lords horrible judgement on his last day among us. It was my millions of sins also that he endured the worse brutality to save me from myself and give me his life by faith in his work. I am certainly not worthy of his matchless grace but none of are!
You mentioned that your friend may be in danger of being rejected by being luke warm. It sounds as if you think he can loose his salvation? I believe that means, he is in danger of loosing his blessings that our Lord would like to give each one of us. Salvation is final at the moment we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as our personel saviour! We can’t lose it even if we wanted to (there are those who might think they do I suppose). We are in the hand of GOD and no one can snatch us from him! We have the in-dwelling of GOD the Holy Spirit (sence our Lords time here, we are sealed unto a day of redemption! He has made a simple plan for us to enter his Kingdom, it had to be as we aren’t so smart. It also had to be full proof for the same reason. Once he has us, he’s not turning loose!

I enjoyed your letter, I can see your passion to honor our Lord, in wanting to glorify him and doing your part!

Jack, (that was my fathers name and he was a wonderfull believer) I also question something else you are saying about President Bush and his going to war in Iraq. It is difficult to always know the proper position a country should take that situation. I questioned it but I also know that our Lord has taught that there are times when a country should fight. To defend its self from evil, as violents is the only thing that violents understands. I understand the word says discipline can occur from not opposing evil by battle. GODs covenant is with Israel but his word is for all man-kind. Our Lord Jesus Christ has a title “Lord of Host”. He is the greatest warrior there will ever be! He slayed hundreds of thousands before taking on the burden of humanity and he will slay hundreds more at his return! I believe a soldier is the most noble profession, as the solider is imitating our Lord in the ultimate selfless sacrifice for others, as does the policeman and fireman!

I am not beating you down, please don’t think so but just bringing out some differences in opinion you can consider. As I said before, you are passionate about the most important thing in any of our lives, that of serving our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks for witnessing to me, it is very convencing!

Greetings: Jack D. Hook

I have read your email regarding Babylon The Great and your view point that America is the Great Babylon. I enjoyed your article even though I am not sure that what you are advocating is truly the way that it will end. Not being an end times expert, I acknowledge what Scripture says, yet am uncertain in the absolutes that some prophetic teachers profess.

However, I do believe that what you write has merit and if only it turns some in America to Our Lord Jesus it is then certainly a worth while writing. As such I would like to have your permission to display your article as an HTML page just as you have it (including your name, email address and homepage with the appropriate link). It would appear in a new section of the website entitled Guest Editorials or something similar. Teaching that will awaken our fellow Americans from their stupor and make a stand for Jesus is so badly needed in America. For too long the American Church has honeycombed the Scriptures. Telling people that God is love without telling them that God is also Just. That in order for us to truly love the Lord we must obey His Word. Nothing else will do! Our words of piety and silvery tongues and eloquent speeches in the pulpits (or is it bull pens) of many churches across this land have watered down the Gospel.

Maybe with God’s help your article just might stir some soul(s) to finally make that leap towards Christ. Oh what indeed a glorious day that will be.

Thank you for your attention and awaiting your reply.


your web site is very interesting… more people should talk about this..
Jesus is coming soon..

Thank you for your recent E-mail.There is so much with which I agree.We
fallen,finite,fallible human beings,who see through a glass darkly, are so
self-centered,egocentric that we are intent on making gods of ourselves.
I too, believe Jewih Christains will play a part in last things.We
Christians of today will end up as Israel of old,fighting against God.If
Rome is the harlot of Rev.17,who are her daughters?We Protestants who came
out of Rome 500 years ago


I do not accept the Bible as an infallibly reliable guide in spiritual matters. Quoting it to me in that way makes no impression on me. Certainly not one that is favourably.

Furthermore, I believe you are still the bigoted and misguided zealot you admit you were before – for you believe God somehow finds everyone else but Jews as unsuitable for making a Covenant with Him. What ineffable tosh! How does this differ from the Aryanism and Racism of Hitler in essence? All you have done is replace one type of bigotry and zealotry with another and imagine yourself mightily advanced spiritually. Well that is your delusion. Pray keep it to yourself and do not insult others with your nonsence about the exclusively Chosen Jewish people to whose guidance the poor Goyim must bow or be destroyed by your god

It is quite evident from Isiah, Jeremiah and the other OT prophets that
the end-time Babylon is in fact the United States. Who else at this time
is seen to be the country of trade and can not be conquered?

The false messiah must be of Jewish descent if he claims to be the
Jewish messiah and he must be the head of a revived Roman empire.


I received my first email in regard to babylon the
great is falling, I truely enjoyed it. We are all
waiting for the return of Jesus. Some of use will be
happy for that day while others will morn his coming
because they were not ready and are left behind, but
not without hope, for the jews will awaken and bring
forth the message of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
Many will be saved at that time.

Thank you,

I read you statement of faith, and must inform you that there is not three persons in one, that would be like saying that there is three of me in one person, not true the bible does not back this up there is the father which is GOD remember there is ONE spirit and the word which is the son. also I read nothing about baptism in the name of JESUS for the remission of sin which means pardoning and forgiveness of sin you must be born again of the water and of the spirit remember they that believe and are baptized the same shall be saved , feel free to contact me for any help I can give, looking forward to your reply.

I have chosen a religion that is based upon a spiritual idea of man. A man that cannot sin…… just as the God made him. As the Bible says, “God is of purer eyes than to behold evil”.

Why would an all loving God create man capable of good and evil?
Why do you choose to criticise and condemn instead of magnify the good in man and government?
Stick with God…let “no man decieve you” and stop preaching to people through email. Do you think God (the all powerful and ever present) needs your help? You don’t even understand God and man, why should you be trying to help anyone.


True Christianity lasted for maybe 100 years. Then the burecrats and priest took over.

What the world needs is to be rid of the priests!

People could not hate each other without the help of priests down
through the ages.

So you think you are a Christian?

I have never met one! I have not seen a single person who: takes in the homeless, clothes the naked
and feeds the hungry etc!

Look in the mirror…YOU are not one either!


I have to tell you, that in receiving this e mail, at this very time, is
just, to ME a Word from our Father. I am blessed that it has been
sent to me, and I am thankful to you for sending it as well.

I have been in this heated debate elsewhere on these very topics!
Many coming against me, but still holding on to what I truly feel is
the right way to feel ~ Anyway, this is just encouraging to me and I
am so thankful that I have received it.

May our Father continue to bless you ~

Thank you for sending that to me. It is an interesting idea, and certainly
time will tell. I think we are in a very critical time, a time when human
actions and free will may determine which path history takes in the fulfillment of
prophecy. I’m of the opinion that prophecy will be fulfilled in broad strokes,
but that the specifics have yet to be defined. If the Great Eagle turns on
Israel and forces Israel to give up Covenant land to terrorists, then I think
there is a very good chance that your scenario will come to pass. If, on the
other hand, President Bush and Ariel Sharon have reached an understanding, that
the Palestinians are not willing or are not capable of controlling their own
militants and therefore unable to fulfill the terms of the road map, and that
this current framework for peace is no longer viable, then I think history could
take another turn, perhaps with the UN or the EU acting as primary peace
broker in a few years time. Time will tell.


I just found your article very interesting and intriguing. I was under the impression that the antichrist would hail from the european, middle east area. I have had concerns about our president bringing peace to the middle east since I have interpereted the Word to state that the antichrist would be the one to bring peace and deceive everyone. I have wondered about Bush, I don’t think I have ever heard him utter the word Jesus Christ nor claim Him as his Lord and Savior. I do agree that the pope will play a part in the “deception” of the world, but never considered our president. Thanks for the info. You probably got my email from a prayer request I placed on a few sites the other night about my grandson Zakery and the burns on his arm. Thanks, See you in heaven too my new friend and Brother in Jesus.

Dear Jack,
Very good. The vast majority of christians are now taken by one lie or another and there are few who will be able to summon the courage to abandon the religious garb and claim the promise of salvation through Jesus alone. It is sad, but at the same time there is hope for the few who worship him in spirit and in truth.

Matthew 24:24

“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

With Faith and Love, Ron


Now, my question is about the rapture. As I study and look at the passage of 1Thes 4:13-18, a problem occurs in the order of events. Also lining it up with the First Resurrection in Revelation which appherently occurs at the end of the 7 year Tribulation. The transformation of those believers who remain occurs AFTER the resurrection of those saints who have passed away. How can the resurrection occur before the Great Tribulation?

Truly I am open to either the pre- or post- Tribulation theories. I hope for the pre-, but it seems more in line with the chronological events in Scripture to believe in the post-.

What are your views?


Hi Jack Hook, I basically agree and like what you said. I look at the mighty military machine the US has and remember the words in Daniel. “Who can fight against him?” Interesting thought. Praise Jesus who sets us free from sin and death. We are more than conquerors and always walk in joy and victory no matter what the circumstance

Thank you for sharing this with me. I do not buy into this kind of stuff, or indeed with much of the distorted right-wing ‘Christian’ politizing which emanates from the USA. All have sinned – including the Americans. They abuse the Word of God.

Philip, United Kingdom
Dear Jack:

I’m not sure who you are, or how you obtained my email address, however I
am a born-again, full-blooded Jew, baptized in the name of Jesus, according
to the apostles’ doctrine, and filled with the Holy Spirit as evidence by
tongues, according to the birth of the church in Acts. I appreciate your
efforts, but I do not need to be evangelized. I am a missionary preparing
to return to southern India and have been happily serving a set-apart,
sacrificial life in service for the Lord Jesus Christ for 20+ years.

Please kindly remove my email address from your list.
God bless you.

Your prophecy timeline is breathtaking.
I grew up on Clarence Larkin and know of nothing better. I’m 70 and have had a gut feeling all my life that I may not die but be raptured. It’s just a personal impression but we certainly live in exciting prophetic days.
In my lifespan so far I’ve seen false prophets and noted that Jesus will say I never knew you to miracle workers who depart from the faith, as though he eradicates from his memory the lives of such people who fell away. Is it possible that some may be in heaven due to their earlier labours but they themselves may be castaways having preached the truth to others resulting in their salvation?
love every day. It never fails.
Byron (England).
Indeed the “health and wealth gospel” is a perversion of the truth as your testimony says. It originated with Napoleon Hill of “The Laws of Success” manual and the “Think and Grow Rich” condensation. It was the philosophy of Lee Braxton, former Major of Whiteville, North Carolina who was a successful banker & businessman and he introduced it to Oral Roberts in the fifties. Napoleon Hill had disclosed in The Magic of Believing that he co-authored with Clement Stone that the concept “anything you can conceive and believe you can receive” was revealed to him by The Ascended Masters.
In 1970 Oral Roberts published The Miracle of Seed Faith and on page 7 states “…a thought came crystal clear, whatever you can conceive, and believe, you can do. It was God speaking in my heart from the teaching of the Bible linking me with His creative power…the idea God had brought to my mind, whatever you can conceive, and believe, you can do.”
Maybe many of Oral’s supporters had forgotten the Napoleon Hill episode but I hadn’t. Hill’s philosophy was featured in Oral’s America’s Healing Magazine in the fifties.
I always thought of Dale Carnegie as the poor man’s Napoleon Hill and of course there was also Norman Vincent Peale’s Power of Positive thinking much in line with the wartime song hit “Accentuate the Positive”.
|What a world we live in.
Happily, Jesus is King of Kings and God is still on the throne.
Byron (England).


Just who the hell are you and how did you get my address?

Are you advocating the overthrow of my government? If you are please get the hell out of my United States and go peddle you garbage somewhere else.

If you are not, well, i am not interested in your theocracy. Me i think we have the best of all worlds here in the U.S. and i have fought to make it so. So, therefore, bug off buster.


There you were, bad-mouthing Bush, America, and the brave men and woman of this country for entering into the Iraq war, and now you are saying how can we help but be moved? You know what you are in God’s eyes, Hooker? You are a COWARD! A C-O-W-A-R-D. God has no use for cowards so why don’t you pick yourself up by your bootstraps and start acting like a child of God? I still don’t believe you ever served in the military. You’re more like a draft dodger. But if by some miracle you did, I pitty any soldier that had to rely on you, you yellow-bellied anti-Christian.


P.S.: I see you’re attacking the Pope again too. What’s the matter, isn’t he yelling anti-war cries loud enough for you? Why don’t you grow up, and learn how to write while you’re at it too?


Dear Jack
I give thanks to our Lord Jesus the Christ for this letter you sent me. It has been an absolute confirmation for things the Holy Spirit has been teaching me. It is my belief that Jesus bride will be raptured PRIOR to God’s wrath…the great Tribulation….Jacob’s trouble… because we are not appointed to wrath and the Jewish wedding model would not have the groom beating up the bride before he took her away to the feast. Enoch was translated before the flood and the true believers are the “one” who will be removed. We do not get to see the son of perdition or the abomination of desolation. When Jesus returns for His bride that is NOT His coming to the world but that will come later after the wedding feast, at the end of the great tribulation and the start of the 1000 years reign. Praise the Lord. Come Lord Jesus. The second coming for the 1000 years is at least 7 years away based on Daniel’s prophecy but of course His coming for his bride to take her away is unknown and so we prepare and fill our lamps and wait even in death, for the shout that precludes His return for us.
God bless you for your work and I pray He continues to protect you from the evil one as people become angry and abusive towards you…………….you are definitely not a tickler of ears……… and I thank my God for the encouragement and strengthening your letters give me in my walk. That is unity.

Actually,you did not intrude or offend. It was
actually soul stirring and pleasantly exciting as what
you put in words had been in my thoughts since the War
on Iraq started. It was like reading my thoughts!
(Praise the Lord) It was in fact a wonderful surprise
in my inbox as I was just checking business leads!
Thank You.And May the Lord continue to bless your

Dear Brother Jack:
Thank you again for you recent newsletter. I have read it several times for edification. You are absolutely right concerning the heavenly theocracy that will be here when Jesus returns. For my part, I can’t wait, and I long daily for the coming of my Savior.

I am sure you have been keeping abreast of this so-called “Road Map for Peace” between Israel and the Palestinians, with our President acting as the de facto peace negotiator. You have also noticed Who has been left out of these “negotiations”, God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ Who is also the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And of course, the “Christian apologists” continue cheering the President on, claiming he doesn’t really know what he’s doing because he has a bunch of poor advisors. Remember these advisors are his appointees. The pride and arrogance governing these actions make me stagger. And amazingly PM Sharon appears to have altered his former hardline stance in negotiating with these murderers and is apparently even willing to remove some Israeli settlements to appease the perpetrators of this so-called peace process.

All this means, ultimately, is that sudden destruction to America is soon to come. Israel still has their future time of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30:7), required to correct their presently poor spiritual condition. Fortunately, a remnant of these will be saved. I am very grieved that most of the Church has been silent on what the truth really is here, and that most professing Christians, who don’t have a clue what all this means, will be very shocked when the world is shaken by sudden destruction. No peace until Jesus returns.

I could go on, but you said it better. I am looking at my newsletter coming out in a few days. As usual, several photos will come your way to announce that the time is near. I enjoy sharing the photos because I am continually amazed at our Father’s creative handiwork on this planet which most of us take for granted, and want to share examples of His creations while time remains. Again, good to hear from you. Your brother in Jesus,