December 2004 Comments

Hmm. I think you might want to see my take on eschatology before you get too excited… 🙂 I don’t see anything today having anything to do with Biblical prophecy. *gasp* Take care and God bless,
I was going again back through your web site,and again I noticed how it really does not differ from a lot of other sites. I also notice a quote from Isaiah,and that for what ever reason triggered a memory of several passages from that book/chapter… As with most sites that promise “Prophecy”,it finally dawned on me our Lords last warnings; Revelation 22:18-19. So many today peddle” their”
take on prophecy,which is not much more than a repeat of others words,but of course it has to be now!!!!! They said the same thing
when Hitler was running around. And like I said,those last warnings really struck a chord. How many of you guys realize,that by leaving out ANY prophecy from your rants,you have taken literally away from the book. And by claiming that this is that,or that is this,you are adding to the book. God clearly declares,His ways are not our ways,nor are His thoughts. And here is the lynch pin
that ,just like the prophets of profit,and wealth ministers,and….etc.etc.etc. PROPHECY is not for personal interpretation!!!!!! And by
foolishly saying that the great olde tyme boys said,don’t mean a thing.They are doing the same thing that you all are doing.
So with out further delay I ask you to think about the following Scriptures,and ask when did these occur,I’ll save you the trouble,
they haven’t. Isaiah 13:13,24:1,24:19,30:26,65:17 Talk about strong delusion huh? All those teachers for our itching ears….All
the false prophets…..And being so, Add this to your thought process,as you all do as those in the temple,that He chased with whip. Isaiah 66:41 You are just as guilty of turning His Fathers house into a market place. Buy My Book,Get these tapes,dothis do that,We/I have the key cause so and so said so 200 years ago…… Did you ever notice the only thing His Apostles ever spoke were the Scriptures,not any thing like Paul said,Timothy said….Only what the Lord said.
Don’t fret,this country will still collapse,thats just the nature of history,do a little history review,and see just how long any real great
world power has ever lasted. this nation is on borrowed time….. Please feel free to contact me on what I have shared.
Thank You for your time…David

Hi Jack,

You know me by my screen name, Gideon. Thanks for going to the trouble of building a good website without those annoying popups, ads, animated gifs and gizmos etc.

I just read your great testimony. Bit like mine. I turned to God on the scripture Luke 21:20 in 1967 during the June day war. I thought it was IT!

We are going to differ in our eschatology unfortunately. But aw what the heck? What’s a little bit of tribulation between friends? Hey, here is a new revelation that we can both agree on: Zola board IS that battle of Armageddon!

God bless.


ps. Your ‘Readers Comments’ is a good idea. You put this letter on it if you want.

I have found your site address and printed out “Like A Snare” and the chart. I have signed the visitors book (please see my note therein).

Your article has brought back to my spirit what I am called for and the seriousness of the hour in which we live. If I may call you Jack? Jack I have had visions of the end times and have been an outcast in the church these thirty years, for the most part because I was too intense. Not many have eyes to see or ears to hear and are playing church as usual. I know that I will die for my faith and my calling, His High Calling and it is a honor.

Sir I salute you in Christ Jesus.


I reviewed your site and found it very impressive.

How did you come to find my email address? On which forum did you see my comments?

I don’t belong to many forums. The only ones I am aware of are the Libertarians Forum and occassionally I drop into the Polk County Florida forum to annoy the liberal idiots that frequent it.

I don’t have a lot of patience with the liberals as they seem to worship at the feet of Molech and have ruined this nation with their mindless blabber and wanton actions. Sometimes I really come unglued due to said lack of patience and I hope you didn’t read some irate post as I am usually sensible yet didactic and rather an absolutist. As a webmaster, I can appreciate the work you put into your site of witness. KUDOS.

Have you ever looked into the Black Pope and his militia known as the Jesuits? It is fascinating and horribly scarry at the same time yet the knowledge explains much about the anit-Christ and his minions.

I agree with your assesment of the world stage and I don’t for one minute believe that any Islamics flew any plane on Sept-11 (my birthday) . I have so much evidence to the contrary that it would convince anyone that still posesses the ability to criticall examine the double-speak and Hegelian Dialectics. Physics and empiracal evidence simply will not explain away what happened that day.

Lets continue this conversation.


I just pray they can’t pull NESARA off. How do you stay calm when
you see all of this going on around? I have been born again for
almost 20 years. This stuff gets me upset and anxious. I know that
Jesus is in charge and that He watches over His children. I am
still anxious all the time. I can’t seem to stay away from
alternative news. When I am not on the internet all the time I do
fine. I feel like I have a duty to know what is going on. Does
that make sense?


I thank you for your intrest in me, I am a born again believer who studies and knows that salvation is only through our Lord Jesus Christ. I have not heard what you have said regarding Mels comments about salvation coming through Mary where did you get that information? I had a person point out that this could be healing for the catholic church after going through what they’ve been through.As for me what I got out of the movie was that it did follow all 4 gospels. I put this together in Mat: 24:14 it says “and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations for My names sake,and then the end shall come.” The fact that Mel makes you read this movie because of the subtitles means that it can be put into any languge, makes me wonder if this is helping this to take place.Mel seems to me as to be really taking a bashing.,which lead me to this Mat:24:10″and many will be offended,will betray one another,and will hate one another. There are quite a few people speaking out agenst Mel with a lot of haterad.I think also if our troops pull out of the middle east the 10-40 window of opertunity will also begon in sharing the gospel in that part of the world. something to think about write back if you feel. Godbless you

Hello and Blessings to you:

I have been instructed by God to share with you another dream I have had. I have been restless in my spirit all day long and have just come out of prayer.

I had this dream about a year and a half ago, but it has REALLY been in my mind this evening and I asked God what I should do. He told me to tell you. That’s all, just to tell you, so here goes:

I dreamt I was standing on a large flat plain at sunset. The sun was HUGE and low in the western sky, it was getting dark and I was facing an enormous walled city to the north. The walls were such that I was like a little dot standing in front of this big, black fortress. I heard a voice very clearly which said “Go, stand in front of the gates of Babylon and cry out!” I had no idea what it meant or what I was supposed to do with it once I woke up.

You know how sometimes we make these little bargains with God, I think everyone does it but not everyone admits it (chuckle). I told God tonight that if I went in my computer room and my husband wasn’t sitting there, I would take it as a sign that I was supposed to send you this email. Guess what……

Anyhow, that’s that. I am humbled and blessed to serve the purposes of God and know this email will benefit you as well, because I was instructed to send it to you.

Have a great weekend. Blessed be the name of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.

P.S.>> read your article about when you had heart surgery. We should talk. I had heart surgery too, and while it was not the best experience I ever had, it too was my wake up call, and my life has been blessed ever since. Take good care, brother. Kathy
Well, God has His ways of reminding us to stick with Him, doesn’t he? I’ve fought my fair share of spiritual battles too, and it has become easy to see that satan uses people and things in any way he can to take away our focus on living for and worshipping the most High God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He doesn’t care who, what or how. His attacks are not personal because he really doesn’t care who you are, we’re either his or His. As our Lord said, “The thief cometh not but for to steal, kill and destroy…” He does this without remorse or pity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not “going on” about the devil, but I strongly feel that the American Christian church is totally ignorant about his devices (and a whole lot of other stuff I won’t go into here). Everyone knows the ‘shalt nots’ and groans at them, but they do not perceive the WHY! I believe nearly no one in this country understands what a spiritual battle is, and what is at stake every single day, not just Sunday. I’ve seen enough casualties (and almost became one myself) that if I haven’t learned what the stakes are by now, I never will.

As far as I’m concerned, I belong to God. However, when we keep walking in our own understanding and desires, there comes a point where our gracious Father really can’t do much more, and things like heart attacks happen because we have not been abiding in Him. He’s not punishing us, we are inflicting it upon ourselves. Once you go through something like that, you realize that if you are not abiding in the Father, you are at the ‘mercy’ of the god of this world, who only wants to destroy you. So many, many things I learned when I was sick, and some of the things God did for me in His infinite mercy are so astounding, I could be knocked over with a feather!

I think the key to obedience is what Jesus said “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength…..” The more I learn of God, the more I read His Word, the more I pray and see His graciousness manifested to me, the less I want anything that would stand in the way of being with Him. I just try to stay close every day and remember who I am. I even went out and bought a little crucifix to hang around my neck as a reminder. And it’s a good one, because I can’t stand anything around my neck, not even a buttoned up sweater or collar! That’s what I tell my children when they walk out the door, “Remember who you are.”

Off to fix dinner for my family. Thank you for responding and please let me know if there is anything Paul or I can do for you.

In His Peace,
Dear Jack…….Please tell me in what web site you saw my name? I will
appreciate this & I thank you. Please tell me, “who” are you? What are your
beliefs in regard to the Bible? Are you Born-again? That is, have you ever
humbled yourself before Almighty God in Christ, asking Him to forgive you
for your sinfulness & Invited Him to come into your heart & life? May I ask
you in what denomination you are? Please forgive me if I sound quite bold.
I’ve been turned off & fooled before & I don’t wish to go through this
again. ( A special note….when we go up to Heaven, the Lord will never ask
us in what denomination we were on this earth. RAther, what are we doing
for His Glory? ) So, my asking in what denomination you are, is only an
inquistive heart of mine, not the Lord’s. So now, please share with me
all that you have written. I am interested. I want to know your thoughts
in world events relating with God’s Word. I’m waiting. God loving you &
caring for your soul. Claire Jude 21

Dear Jack, thanks for directing me to the article. I did read it in its entirety. I agree with the basic structure, but would depart slightly on one or two details.

At several points, however, your article seems to call into question eternal security. I’m not sure if you meant for this. Your statement of faith also seems to leave the question of “faith alone” as well as eternal security somewhat abiguous.

Rome has always taught that salvation is by grace through faith in Christ’s sacrifice. The problem lies in her definition of grace, how it is obtained and what the finality of Christ’s sacrifice truly means. It appears as though you suggest that Mel Gibson might be saved, but he needs to come of his sacramental thinking…? One cannot hold two contadictory beliefs at the same time. You may not have been saying that, but it kinda reads that way.

I also noted that you used the title “Virgin Mary” in your statement of faith. Although I realize what you are saying (and what you are not saying) as a former RC, I’d see that title as from RC origins. The title suggests perpetual virginity. Just a minor point, but while I’m here…

I’m really not wanting to be this picky. I also believe that politics (and hope in political answers) can be a great snare for the church. The US is surely an extension of the Roman Empire.

Thanks again. I look forward to reading other parts of your web site!


There are 1 million UN/Soviet troops here in the USA, and over 200,000 foreign cops. They are in action now, with major operations to commence against Jews and Christians very soon. Just as soon as the create a gun grabbing-law catalyst and then assigning UN troops to get the guns. There are jails, guns, planes, commo systems, the entire infrastructure.. all ready NOW.. Including termination camps and facilities.. TERMINATION FACILITIES…

I do not expect the “rapture” [since I can’t find the word in the KJV] to save American Christians from all of the above. The Lord, after three days of fasting and prayer, plainly showed me that in Vietnam in 1970.

In Jesus, for the sake of his Jewish namesakes..


I have visited your site before. You have some pretty good insights into prophecy. I disagree with America being Babylon however. Your assessment of how she fits the bill is right on, but that is simply because America is one of many nations who fulfill the Babylon model of the end-times. I encourage you to take an unbiased look at China, Europe, Australia for example and honestly tell me if you cannot find the same fulfillment of Babylonic prophecy.

The point is, God is looking much broader in His prophecies of the end-times. Repeatedly the Bible refers to “the nations” and “the earth” when it speaks of judgment during the last days. It is the whole world that will be judged as Mystery Babylon. We are pretty much there, IMO. So, in effect, America is clearly Babylon, but so is Europe, China, etc.

We can still respect each other’s views under Christ though, right? Keep studying and look for me in heaven when all those who have believed on Jesus Christ alone for salvation gather to cast their crowns at His feet.

My dear preciouse brother in Christ—-Please forgive me if I had been a bit
too harsh on you. Deep down, I was afraid of a fraud & tested you if you
were really “real.” I did click on the “Babylon,etc.,” & my first interest
was to know about you as to “who” you are. After reading your personal
testimony, I was deeply touched! I very well related with your testimony,
as I too have a son who fought in Vietnam & came home differnt. My son grew
up in Sunday School & came home from the war rebelious. Only God knows the
painful ache in my heart & to this day, there still is some emotional
problem, but, a great improvement since the 60’s & the 70’s. I too have
cancer & it’s only by God’s Grace I’m still alive. My son is geographically
far from me, though I do know he loves me, but will not communicate with me.
Yes, I do cry to sleep at nights, wishing he would call or send a card.
He gave his phone number to my daughter & younger son & told them not to
give it to me, though, he’s constantly asking my daughter as to “how” am I
doing. He cares. But will not communicate with me. I yearn to put my arms
around him & love, love & love him, but I can’t. Yes, my heart bleeds.
While I am in Texas, my son & my daughter are up in “upstate” New York. My
younger son is saved. So is my daughter. But my older Vietnam hero son is
not yet saved, but, I believe he’s on the thresh hold, sort of,
“in-between.” I just mailed him a birthday card, a bible & a christian
book, in care of my daughter’s address. He got it & my daughter said he was
very excited over it, but, will not communicate with me. I’m hurting very
deeply. I love my son more than anyone can realy imagine! Often times I
wish the Lord would take me Home, as the pain is hard to deal with. I pray
for the Lord to keep me alive long enough to see my son’s salvation. Your
Mom & I have the same burden. There is no greater love than a Mom for her
children next to God’s love for His children. I believe you are God-sent &
I’m grateful that I did contact you, as I was afraid in the beginning. This
is my first experience with the internet & have heard too many stories about
mixing with strangers via the internet. So, I’m glad you are real. I pray
alot & your & your wife & children ( if you have any, ) are in my prayers,
daily. Please let me hear from you & from your wife. I am waiting. God’s
Eternal Love for you & Carol & your children.
Just read your own testimony, Jack…YEAH, we have LOTS in common!!! Im also an ex-special forces soldier, albeit in the bush war in Africa. Your experience with your Dear Mom is similar than mine, except in reverse, my eldest son led my Mom to the Lord and she left satanism. She turned at deaths door not more than three weeks ago and left prescription drugs as well. She is as feisty as anything now, and turned 79 on 14 March 2004. YES, I agree, the “health and wealth” doctrine doesnt sit easy with me…I got hurt by it. Im studying your site and will comment more as I read on. Thanks for making contact.

Regards, THINUS

Dear Mr Hook,
I have seen your site and have read it and I have also posted a reply on it. I do not go for all the heavy stuff about conspiracies and the like but prefer instead to think about life in a much simpler way. If people are conspiring then let them get on with it I say. They all fall down in the end anyway but put millions of men and women together all believing in Jesus Christ or Allah or what ever God is called to the various religions and you have an unstoppable force for good. No government could stand against it. Political Parties could be formed by this army of believers who could then in turn form the government of a country and so on.It will progress to this eventually if all come together. There is the solution and also the problem.Mistrust is everywhere so the task will not be easy.I for one will never add to the mistrust.
God Bless you in your efforts
Bishop Geoffrey

Jack, we’ve communicated before a time or two. My brother, this article was very well done…although I know that you give God the glory for it’s content. I’m thankful He’s found a willing vessel in you.
While we have a few doctrinal issues that will ultimately be worked out, you speak my heart in so many ways.
It is less a time of horror for me to watch this being played out than it is a time of joy, although I wish that all could know Him. On the one hand it seems so amazing that the masses can be so easily deceived and so stubborn…on the other I have only to look at myself to empathize.
God bless you, Jack. Stand fast. You uplift and encourage me.

Your brother in Jesus,


Attn: Bro J. D. Hook:

This is the reply that I got from my pastor, Dr, Ken Burkett, of Greenville Bible Church, Greenville, Mississippi 38703. Dr. Burket is a former Greek teacher at Bob Jones University, and has other language degrees, as well as a hand on prophesy and the ear of the language departments of Bob Jones University professors.

NOW, I cannot say that you are wrong in your way of thinking, I am NOT qualified to do so!! BUT, here is my pastors thoughts on the matter and I am sure that you will read it with an open mind. If you have any comments that you would like to share with him, here is his email address: doxa@cox-internet.com . I’m surw\e that the two of you will be better able to discuss this subject a whole lot better than I could!!!
Your in Christ Jesus

I am William C. Jones of wcjones1@cox-internet.com

Brother Bill,
America CANNOT be the Babylon of Revelation.

REV. 18:20 “Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath avenged you on her.”

REV. 18:24 “And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.”

Notice that the blood of APOSTLES, PROPHETS, AND SAINTS is avenged by the fall of Babylon. We have not had apostles or prophets in the Church since the First Century. America didn’t even exist then. So, what apostles and prophets has America slain? Rome has killed both apostles and prophets, but America has not. The author of this article is very selective and dishonest in his choice of statements from Rev. 17-18 to highlight and apply to America.

Bro. Hook,

I just received a copy of your e-mail to Bro. William Jones of my church, (in which is a copy of my original e-mail to him.) I was struck with the careless harshness of my characterization of your Bibilcal interpretation. I see that I characterized it as “selective” and “dishonest.” I do believe it to be selective, but my term “dishonest” was well not used. For this, I apologize. Though I don’t know you, it sounds as if I were accusing you of conscious deceit and dishonesty. That was not my intended point. I believe that anytime we are selective in our treatment of Scripture, we are handling the Word of God dishonestly, but this can be done unintentionally and without bad intent. I’m sure I am selective (unintentionally) in my handling of Scripture; there is so much Biblical data to deal with, we often can’t process it all, or it may take years to do so. I do wish to apologize if my statement sounded as if I meant to imply that you were deliberately intending to deceive by offering your interpretation of Babylon. May God bless.

Dr. Ken Burkett
Hello Jack.
I took a few minutes to read some of you articles. We must be constantly on guard on those that would trash Jesus Christ. I have begun to turn my life around by accepting Jesus as my Savior, Master, King, Lord, Friend, Brother, Comforter, and Redeemer.
I never realized that I was so far from Him. I was a worldly person and thought that if I just recognized Jesus as my Savior, then that was enough. But in studying the bible, and going to the CARM website (WWW.CARM.COM) which is Christian Apologetics Research Ministry, and reading what I REALLY must do to be saved and one with Jesus, I have realized that I do not know Jesus at all. I do not have a personal relationship with him, and have not been enlightened by the Holy Spirit in order for me to have that personal relationship with Jesus.
I am now striving to be one with Jesus, and He has said in the bible. I am striving to become the Christian that Jesus wants us to be. I need Jesus to run my life, to be my master, and to guide me in EVERYTHING in my life.

In Him, Through Him, and for Him,
I remain in Christ,

Hi Jack! Thanks for the invitation! I loved your site. No doubt, we are in the last days. You have done a lot of research I see and you are an excellent writer. I’m going back to your site when I have more time and I’m also passing your link on to others.
God’s blessings,


Thank you for your email. I have just visited your site, and read a number of comments sent in by others. What begins to become apparent is the amazing amount of love in this fragile world, and by the wonders of technology, we are starting to come together (not a moment too soon!) These are indeed dark days, and yet light at the same time, the battle has begun. I can see proof in this, by just reading a newspaper, incidents where victims of crime have been sued by the villian for ‘stress’ (???) stress of what exactly, being caught? Little things like this say to me the human justice system is crumbling into the dark powers hands. As for comments such as ‘Religion is for the weak of mind’, i feel sorry for those individuals, it must feel like such an emtpy world you live in. The faithful are strong in mind as we are welcomed into a higher realm of spirituality, and we want you to come too!! An eternity of pure love, peace, no war, no disease, now do i want that or an empty existence of being bigoted, prejudiced, depressed and my only form of happiness dependent on narcotics? il take the first option thanks! Christian, Buddist, Jew, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Wiccan….all are for love and peace at the core of their beliefs, however in some cases these have turned into hatred (my god is better than your god…err excuse me its the same deity!!) What worries me the most is that the hatred will continue to breed and escalate to such an extent when the big bad starts to really shake this mortal earth, and those that destroyed building by planes in the name of God etc will not have enough love around them to see in the end of time, as they will realise ‘oh crap! we are supposed to be together!’ Scary times? Yes. Impossible odds, definately not, i aim to go out fighting for God and man. Yes violence is wrong, but i will kick dirt in the face of evil, and would die not only to protect my best friend, but a complete stranger in need of help. Im not perfect, far from it, i mean, im gay for starters! But hey, we all have something in our lives which isn’t the best! Apologies if this is all a bit disjointed! My coffee is just kicking in! To all that visit the site, Hi, God Bless, feel free to contact me. il see y’all soon!

Lots of love. Stu

Stay Scriptural with teachings that extract what God says not what you want to read into it. Reading into the Word of God is the antichrist process of deceiving the saints through well meaning Christians who use Satan’s tactics without knowing it.

Nothing in your site upholds the teachings of Jesus Christ from His perspective – it only serves to raise your esteem of yourself and for that I am concerned.

Be blessed and STUDY to show yourself approved!!!
Pastor Bill


I will look at your site a little more intently

I may have been a little harsh with my first impression

If an apology is due you will get one.


Pastor Bill
Jack…..Praise God!’

The tears are still rolling down my face as I am writing this.

Thanks be to God alone. I hear you…worldly life style and all.

I also hear you when you told your mother that you didn’t believe in God anymore, a crutch and foolishness. I have sons with that same attitude. OOOOHH how I wait for God to bring them back to Him. They are all in their 30’s and time waits for no one. (Pray them all back !)

I want to set up a building for a “Praise & Worship” setting. People need the Lord!! now!! I have a mobile home in my yard that has been vacant for some 6 years now and the weather has damaged the ceiling in some of the rooms, but I am hoping that God will provide the needed repairs to get done so that I will be able to have this building for that purpose.

I, like your mom, have gone through cancer, Praise God, He has brought me through this, with healing. Now is the time to get back to God. In the 80’s I used to have Gospel meetings in my home and I want to get back to that setting again.

I have been saved since 1997 and oh…how I have wasted His time.

Like you, the people would see me as a ” what kind of a Christian does she say she is?” Well, everytime that I read of God’s forgiveness through Jesus, I break down in tears with “thanks giving”. Glory to God!

Jack, I haven’t gone any further than this page on ‘ about the author ‘ and I’m sure I will be looking into it all. You know, when we get on a computer we can be on all day, and get nothing else done (in the house I mean), so now I must go for now, I’ve been on here since I got my breakfast and it is now almost 3 pm.

Praise God! I’m anxious to get back so I can read what you have written about ‘ The Passion of the Christ ‘ and ‘ the Queen of Heaven ‘

Bye for now, Olga

Great article “Like a Snare”! Awesome stuff. There is so much I agree with you on, like the political and economic elite, the apathy of Christians and Americans, the Catholic church, etc. I agree that a spectacular delusion will overtake the world, and it could be through an apparition of Mary. I believe Satan has a mock tribulation up his sleeve that even Christians will believe is the fulfillment of end time prophecy based on popular, yet faulty end time prophecy books and movies. Events that are proclaimed to be fulfillment could include the war of Gog and Magog, which I believe doesn’t happen till the end of the 1000 years.

However, I totally disagree with you that the last American president will the AC, or that America is Babylon the Great. Also, although I believe PJP has an evil past as Karol Wojtila, a salesman of chemicals to the Nazis to kill Jews, I wouldn’t judge him and say that he will be burning in hell. Judge not lest you be judged! What if he confesses his sin before he dies? God loves him just as much as you and me. Now, granted, that he will be a member of the body of Christ when we get to heaven is highly unlikely.

Take care,

Dear Jack, Thanks for your Email. I visited your Web Site again and what a Wonderful,inspired piece of work you did.I was encouraged to see that you think as I do, that the White Horse Rider in Rev.6:2 is a pretender or The Anti Christ. So many great Bible Students,say it is Jesus, I believe not.I don’t remember your thoughts on The Middle East, but I don’t think there will ever be peace between Israel and The Arabs.So many times in The Old Test. God told his Children to eliminate them,so I don’t think it’s Scriptual.Thank you and May God Bless your Ministry, Clarence

Thanks for having that on your website. We too went through the “health and wealth” gospel only to come away into the light of showing us what a perverse gospel this was. It is always encouraging to know when someone else walked through this stuff only to come out on the other side with unshakable truth of the True Gospel. Again, thanks for sharing.

Dear Brother Jack,

Indeed, we have much more than you realize in

Our son, too, came home from the service boldly
stating “there is no God” !!! He was not in a war
however, thank God. He was a paratrooper stationed in Italy.
He was discharged a few months before “Desert Storm”.

I reacted as your own precious mother did ~ ~ ~ trying to
persuade him that satan’s lies were blinding him. Recalling his conversion as a boy of nine years old, his baptism in the river and
other memories of Jesus coming into his heart and
his life as a Christian.
Oh, he was “on fire” for the Lord during that time
and during his high school years.

I won’t go into further detail, for this letter would
be much too long. Suffice to say, at this point, William
has NOT returned to Jesus, Jack. I hear the words
he SAYS ~ but, I SEE his heart, Jack.
I ask our Lord to REMIND him and WOO him
from the “pig’s sty”. It is the CRY OF MY HEART !!!

I don’t have time today to read or view any other
pages on your webhome, Jack, as I am preparing to
fly to Nashville in the morning and have much left to do.
When I return, though, I WILL view more of your
writings. I was SO BLESSED by your testimony, Jack.
AROUND !!! And, your wife’s and Sandy & Joyce.

Until the next time, may the Lord watch between thee
and me while we are absent one from another.

Love in Jesus
Brother Hook,

Enjoyed reviewing your web site. I printed out the “Enemy Chart” showing the organizational prophecy events, but it’s a blurry output. Is it possible to email me the attachment document (Word, etc) so I may print out a clearer copy? I am very interested in how you came to the conclusion re US in prophecy, especially as the head of the beast system. Mostly all my teachers have said that the US is not mentioned in the Bible. I come from a pre-millenial, baptist, dispensational background. But lately I have considered your type of viewpoint, especially after the events of the Iraq war. There is a world power that is gaining strength and determined to control the whole world, economcally, militarily evn religiously (ecumenicalism).

I hope you have a blessed week,

In Christ,
Hi, this is Jennifer, been her e twice now and interrupted again, will come back again it is late. But would like to know whether you have newsletters or not. What i have read so far is a little mind boggling and needs to be taken in slowly and thougthfully, a little at a time. By the way my paster is very interested too. God bless and keep you safe always.
Yours in Christ,

Mr. Hook,

I was just curious how long ago you wrote the book on your website?

I think there can be no doubt that America is Mystery Babylon and your website along with a few others are a voice that most American’s don’t want to hear. We are a nation blinded by our own wealth and pride. I write this e-mail to you because there are very few people who are willing to see America for what it is and I enjoy finding websites such as yours who are willing to spread the Word.

Thank you for your informative work and for publishing it on the Internet free of charge.


A lot of good points, but you to are one of the decievers..

Take your own advice and find the truth……

Take care, that you not find it is to late.