December 2006 Comments

Dear Jack

I greet you in the name of Jesus. Thank you for responding to my questions; it was very helpful. I do know there will be a great awakening with the 144000 jews and the two witnesses, but is there going to be one before the church age ends that is, before the rapture, so that a great number of people can turn away from this apostasy that exist today? If this doesn’t happen, I wonder whether there will be a very very small number of people participating in the rapture. Am I right or not?

Jack, I am concerned about all these wrondoings that exist in the churches today ( that is why I am not a member of any churches), but what about millions of people around the world especially my family members and relatives who, from their heart, love God and try to be faithful to him yet are part of one of the denominations.
My other questions to you are the followings: Is God going to do something about that, or He just doesn’t have any problem with the way they serve him ? when He said to Peter that He would build His church, is today’s churches the result of that but slightly deviate from His plan? At the end, Will God have more people than satan?

Hope to hear from you soon. Your friend in Christ, Emmanuel


I disagree with your reaction to evil. As men of our Christian homes there is a clear command:

“But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” (KJV) 1Tim. 5:8

This command would include the protection from evil that would try to destroy it or any of it’s members. We are to keep sin out of our homes as James says “…sin when it is finished bringeth forth death.” If my son brings drugs into my home am I supposed to “not resist evil” and allow it?

What the Lord Jesus did for us on the cross was to redeem us from our sins. He submitted Himself as the Lamb of God, therefore he willingly laid down His life and did not resist. He was fulfilling His plan of salvation for man. This does not fit the scenario you are trying to put it in.

If we are persecuted for Christ and His kingdom, yes we are not to fight back. If you witness for Christ on a street corner and someone punches you, you are not to defend yourself; this is what this means. However, you had better pray about your position. It just does not fit scripture in that kind of context.



Dear Jack,

I am a rightly divided dispensational biblical believer who opposes the
Charismatic doctrines; and I do believe a sound understanding of the
teachings of the Apostle Paul establishes security of eternal life for
the believer of the gospel of faith in the atonement made by the Lord
Jesus Christ. I believe that we disagree about this as I’ve read on your
website in the past; which is troubling as it’s the foundation upon
which we build. Therefore, I have a concern about your foundation in the
gospel. However, I do appreciate your stand against the Dominionist
doctrines of today’s evangelicals, Catholics, and some fundamentalists
in America. They concern themselves with worldly things and ignore the
scriptures or twist them to conform with the teachings of Satan’s
ministers. Sad. Thanks for your efforts to call them to repentance, but
I have a feeling your admonishments mostly fall on deaf ears. It will be
interesting to hear if Sharon even responds to your letter. Let us know.

In our Lord Jesus Christ,



You completely missed the point. America was ordained
by God to stand for truth and rightuousness against
all oppressors, but because some people, like you have
preverted the scriptures to reason that any blood shed
is wrong is why the end time scenario will happen, the
evil one will reign because of the great falling away.
Believe me when Jesus returns to to take back his
dominion it will be a war and it will be bloody. What
will you say when you stand at Jesus feet and he asks
you who you helped. Will you be like the one who has
to say “Nobody”, I saved nobodies life”!!!! True
peace is only achieved by war, and that’s how it will
be until the Prince of Peace reigns, and He will reign
by war!!!


While I can agree in terms of personal relationships we ought to turn
the other cheek, you are forgetting the important passage in Romans
where the Apostle Paul says the state doesn’t bear the sword for
nothing. It is the responsibility of the state to protect its citizens.
When the state refuses to do that or begins doing evil instead of
punishing evil, it is no longer a biblically legitimate government.
When “official” law and order have broken down in a society as could
happen in the case of a major nuclear/biological attack, order must be
imposed by what citizens are left and able to take charge. That is not
sin and not a violation of “turning the other cheek.”

I do not believe the Lord Jesus Christ would want His people to stand
by and see an innocent person murdered. I think the verse that talks
about a man not providing for his own being worse than an unbeliever
can apply. In this case, a man does nothing to protect his wife or
children. That is not biblical.

God bless,

Right on, Jack.

You have zeroed in on one of the most important issues of entanglement. Our
citizenship is in heaven so we should not participate in the armies of this
age. Their remnants will all be assembled to fight Jesus when He comes.



In reaction to what you said to that “Sharon story” I have to disagree with you. You say that the gentleman depicted in the story was wrong, that the boy was wrong. I say they were right. We agree on the issue of ‘calling witness’ though our techniques will differ.

Great evil has never been stopped by calling witness to heaven’s might. First stop the great evil, and then call witness. Not a single Jew was saved in the holocaust or in the great Christian pogroms before the holocaust, by calling witness, despite any good intentions.

JC was a Jew, you may have adopted him as your deity and we can disagree on that issue, but no matter what else, he was a Jew. No Jew could ever make such a statement. If your people said that he did, then I say they were mistaken or they misremembered (they wrote a few hundred years after he was dead). No Jew would ever say to NOT stop evil. First you stop it, then witness. Not stopping it means that you agree to its continuation. Evil must be stopped, that is what the story of Amelake is all about.

best regards,

Well said, Jack. I was listening to a teaching by the man who ‘fathered’ me in the Word (now dead) that he did over 20 years ago. He talked about the rottenness of the political system and that we needed leaders who stood on God’s Word and not use the Bible as a vote getter. I think of all the things that bother me today, the politicizing of Christianity is the most troublesome. We are so focused on ‘current’ issues, we are forgetting our primary mission as born again believers, to speak and move God’s Word to those so desperately needing it. Christendom’s reaction should ALWAYS be one of manifesting God’s love and power thru walking out on the promises in His Word.

As I watch the televangelists stand in their pulpits and preach social mores (or lack thereof), I can’t help but wanting to shout at them, “You are missing it!” “Do what you are called of God to do”. I am seeing so much focus on the ‘end time horrors’ being used to urge conversion to Christ on the basis of fear – something the Bible clearly states is NOT of God (fear,that is). At the other end of that spectrum, I am seeing Christians wanting nothing else except the Return of Christ for His Church so they can escape – avoiding the mission we were all given, to speak the Word.

While I certainly look forward to meeting my Savior face to face, I also take great joy in seeing a person’s face light up when they begin to take those first steps toward trusting God and living in a hope that never fades away. The world is spinning downward just as the Bible said it would. Our focus as Christians should NOT be what side we take socially or politically. As long as we continue to focus on the wrong thing, the devil is able to distract us from moving the Word of God to others and growing it in our own lives.


Dear brother I am a Jew 77 years old and also
a born again believer . At the age of 50 I had an
experience with G-d as I watched a movie called Jesus of Nazareth . I was overcome with some power and Our father (YAHWEH) spoke to me saying that was His Son and He was dying for me ; A great pressure had overcome me .After some time of crying I asked what I was to do . Study my Word was the reply. I worked in a music shop as a teacher , Now the owners were staunch Baptists
I told one about what happened and one daughter told me to come to their church as their pastor was a good bible teacher. I didn’t feel good going into
a church and they said I could sit in the back . Any way my experience was too strong so I went and to make this part of my testimony short . I continued on to a bible school and then through some courses with The Evangelical Alliance I was ordained 2 years later as an Evangelist

After some years as a Chaplain at the Union rescue mission in L A.For personal reasons I was led to make Aliyah and move to Israel 20 years ago. I continued in the ministry at a Lutheran church in Haifa for 10 years
All that I learned from my church affiliations was that
mostly the Jews were not nice people But yet the biggest hypocrisy was, mostly all of the churches
of gentiles were bigger hypocrites.

Now this was only to give you a idea of my way of
thinking . Oh yes growing up in N.Y. City in the 30’s
I experienced Anti Jewish behavior all my life so I am not a stranger to this.

Now if I am correct you are saying in this teaching that if one is subject to watch cruel and rotten behavior one should be like the messiah and
not use any force or violence to stop this evil.
Say during the Nazi era while all the Jews were being sent to extermination camps . one should never try to stop these things with force.
And just let this barbarism continue without doing anything. Now G-d in the Old Testament allowed Abraham to fight the kings and rescue his nephew Lot .
And also David to rescue his family from
the Amalekites 1st Sam 30:8 G-d told him to fight.

Now brother Jack are you saying With Yeshua
our Father rearranged all human behavior and allows evil to go on without recourse to any control.
undoubtedly humanity will use its power not wisely or divinely .but scriptures do not teach what you are espousing as far as my understanding . I can turn my other cheek for me, but I can’t turn my cheek for someone else.

Finally I will say Many who profess to be believers
are not really free from the world and its evil power it has on humanity. But I do maintain there are times when JHWH will cause man to react to evil in more than just a pacifistic way. If one is placed in a circumstance that calls for more than just turning the cheek. then one must do more than turn a cheek.
I don’t pretend to know exactly when but The Lord will show us when and where. in peace


Hi Jack

A person’s only true friend is God. If one is committed to Him then that person pretty much loses all their friends that are not committed to God, or at the very least the friendship is somewhat superficial and distant. This is normal. Your friends shall return to you when they have committed to God and their hearts are “renewed”. Until this happens it is next to impossible to reason with them. …Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.(Zec 4:6)


The rationale from Sharon (for Iraq war) reminds of the bilge water pumped out by the government and the media to justify Vietnam. Just as the Gulf of Tonkin was a fabricated incident then, so is the entire threat scenario now (regardless of which revision we are presented with). I swallowed the line during Vietnam because I was young, but not now.


Jack, I read your “Reaction to Evil” article. I think you stated the appropriate remedy well, and that from God’s Word.

As for me, if my familiy or a friend were in danger from harm, I would do what I could to protect that person, even if I had to go down in a hail of bullets to do it. Jesus said it best: Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends: John 15:13. This He did, and I hope if the circumstances arise that I do as Jesus did and not submit to human passions.

Is it just me, or do those who espouse militant partriotism in its various forms tend to be pre-Wrath, post-Trib or post-Millenial? I also associate “Kingdom Now” with those who do not believe God’s Word about a pre-Tribulation Rapture. I am not trying to put labels on these dear people, but only point out what seems to me to be erroneous views on eschatology.

I thank God in the name of Jesus for the Blessed Hope we have. I know you are trying to get this message out. I have read many negative responses to your ministry on your site. This is sad, amidst all the darkness out there. As for me, it has not been as trying perhaps, but about three months ago I got “the verbal daylights beaten out of me” by a New Ager who I had been privileged to present the Gospel and to share other parts of the Bible on a number of occasions. Please lift this person up in prayer when you can. Her name is Venessa. Blessings to you from your eternal brother and Watchman,


Dear Jack

Greetings from New Zealand and thank you for your email regarding “Reaction to Evil”. The Lord has given me revelation in this area and I would like to share with you the short version of what I have been taught and have seen.

I agree with what you say. AND I see the reasoning of Sharon’s husband BUT as you say it is “our understanding” and is the way to death. To live by the sword is to die by the sword, but the sword I have is the word of God and that is the sword of life. War is not of Christ. The root here is the fear of death. I pray God will not put me to the test on this. And if He does, I pray what I know it in my understanding will be witnessed in my behaviour as the truth of Christ.

The root of this particular “own understanding” is the fear of death which seems to pervade many the church and allow the thinking that Sharon’s letter explains with great reason.

If Jesus died to save us and is alive….
If to die in Christ is gain…..
If our true and real life is in eternity with God……
Then why would we need to fight and kill to stay alive or keep our family alive…….?

Why would we want to and how can I live on the foundation of taking another life and be at peace with my God. Jesus could have waged war against His enemies with the armies of heaven YET. He went to His death to gain life eternal for us.

Scripture has things to say about the death of believers but none of them say retaliate, or get in first,
or prevent it at all costs……..I pray God will bless His church with the revelation of Christ in this matter.

Bless you Jack Hook. Jesus knows your name.


Good reply, Jack. I simply deleted the same message that came my way, I am so tired of christianese jargon, and false religious attitudes. The most basic foundation for being a “Christ-ian” is believing in and following His Teachings!! But today, humanitarian ethics, and militant replacement theology have all but blotted out the instructions of our Lord. Just wanted to letcha know I agree with you.

Dear Jack,

Please take me off your mailing list. Although I agree with your ideas about war and politics as stated in this most recent letter. I believe your ideas on The Whore of Babylon show a basic spiritual mis understandning of scriptural symbolism. And as much as you hate America and her evils, using the Bible as your avenger is not the answer. It has blinded you from true spiritual wisdom.


I want to see the illegal country Israel fail. They are the cause of all the worlds problems. That Ariel Sharron was a serial murderer they are the self chosin ones and are the spawn of satan.

To quote a friend in the Armed forces of a few countries…

We have the right to protect ourselves , and so come near me and I will ….
“Kill ’em all …and let God sort it out “

If you trust any politician you are a fool
as mostly foos end up in politics.

Just my thoughts.

Have not heard from you in a while. My thoughts: I try to teach my kids not to want war or fighting.I tell them there is so little time in life that it is short.Mr.Bush says he has said prayers for the fallen. And so many people have lost sight of why the Americans are over there. My own son talks of the army and I continue to tell him that the American people stick there noses in to every one elses problems. The other countrys do not try to find solution to there own problems.The President has made little effort to help the poor and needy in his own Country. And I was told as a that pride will get you nothing.



You don’t know jack!

We Jews (real Torah observant Jews) don’t turn the other cheek. We’re more of the eye for an eye type who believe G-d put us on this earth to confront evil and “choose life” to make this world a fitting place where the divine presence can dwell. That’s our mission and in doing so to be a light unto the nations.

You Christians believe you can sit back and just let G-d do all the work, which he certainly can, but then why has be brought you into the world? Living is not a spectator sport.

Get with the program!



This is typical of the deception today, Jack. The American way is the Christian way. We have had many years of brainwashing today in and out of the church and it’s almost impossible for people to see things any different, whether it’s based on fear of losing their way of living here in America or is blindness sent by the Lord. Are we in the midst of the “great falling away” or haven’t we seen anything yet? Are people (christians) really “saved” or is the enemy deceiving them to think they are by “accepting Jesus into their hearts”. If the enemy can cause one to be and feel miserable, depressed, etc, I’m sure he can also cause one to feel elated and wonderful, righteous too for the purposes of deception. We’ve lost most all of our friends and around family we don’t discuss these things anymore because they have all been very straighforward as to how they DON’T AGREE with us at all and have been accused of thinking we are the only two that are Christians. Tough to go against the brainwashing taught for generations in the church. Killing in the name of Jesus just doesn’t get it, wish they would read and believe their bibles. Things to think about.
Blessings, Randy.


Dear Brother Jack,

God Bless you Brother
for your right and just stand…
for your rightly adjusted heart…
for your deep and unwavering committment…
for your love of the brethren and not forgetting the lost…
for your compassionate and forgiving heart…
and the courage you exibit too.

I’m with you bro – 100%

You spoke the TRUTH and I share the same with you…
that is, our hearts grieve because our Lord is still grieving too…
Our time draws near but how many will accompany us when we’re called home?

Your reply was OUTSTANDING and the utter TRUTH!

For the very same reasons this is also why I have encountered so much resistance from other Christians over the past few years, including many of my close friends and family members.

May His grace always be upon you and His Spirit within you while you continue to “fight the good fight.”

Your God-fearing brother in Christ,


My Dear brother: With immense sadness, I read your letter (Reaction to Evil), and the treatment given to this child by his father, just broke my heart. Unfortunately, there are thousands and thousands of families across our country, who raise their precious children under those circumstances. I personally hope everyday, for the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. What I see happening all over the world, makes me cry. I hurt for our children and how they are abuse, neglected and ignored, even by the Church.I tried to volunteer with my neighborhood Baptist church to do some cleaning and help out and I was treated like a regular criminal. To clean toilets and mop the floors, I need to be checked out with Law enforcement, locally, Statewide and Federal. Their reasoning is that there are kids in the Church and “we never know”. I felt insulted, degraded, humiliated. How dare they? Nationwide, there are 1.5% of male sexual predators. Child molesters.Unfortunately, this very sick society we live in, would want all of us to believe, that EVERY man is a monster.
May God forgive them.

Blessings brother.

In my thoughts…the Lord has LONG past started pulling back…..please remember that the Secret Rapture is NOT true…and the Bible will confirm that….it is not in it. Please do not fall for that. There will be a law passed that will be the Sunday Law….where everyone must worship on that day…or you cannot buy or sell….that will be going in the wrong direction. The true Sabbath is Saturday….and that is exactly what the Bible says. The change to Sunday comes from the CATHOLIC CHURCH. Please consider these as you study. Shirley


Dear Jack ,

Having read your letter, Reaction to Evil, I too am challenged by my Reaction , human instinct say’s go in and help , so much Evil and wrong going on , here in England we have heard that 3,000 people are training to be terrorist’s , our Pathetic Law system is that we cannot do anything unless they are proven to be members , and that they just attend meetings , the Police shot dead a suspect terrorist for failing to stop when told , as it happened he was innocent on this occasion , but why if being chased he did not stop when challenged , and heading for the underground , sadly for our Country it is becoming to me more apparent that Islam will gradually rule as even predicted by the Bishop of Canterbury in around 10 to 15 years , our teachings in School for Religious Instruction is more on Islamic understanding , it has been said , soon we may not say happy Christmas as this offends the ethnic people , and also that Jesus to be the son of God soon may not be teached , are we still to turn the other cheek on this subject ?….
going on to your Reaction to Evil , yes my reaction is to do something and stop theses atrocities , and as you rightly say Turn the other cheek , and another bible passage do not render Evil for Evil , I pray for strength on this as I do believe what you say is the answer , my Human side is upset to let these things happen , and yes those who use the Sword shall Die by the Sword , and our Saving Grace is that Jesus Will come again to put an End to All Evil , we have that as our peace , how easy it is to fall into the trap , going in with the Sword , to be as Bad as they are ….
I having the Rank of Flt Lt R.A.F.V.R.(T) , saying to these who want to join our Forces , how would you feel going in Dropping Bombs on people and innocent bystanders you must have no feelings that will make you stop doing your duty , Yes I am greatly Challenged on that .How as a Christian could I myself go in , if I had to now without a conscience to do as our Creator asks on the other side of my Feelings….
I do believe there will be peace , when all the Evil sides come and sign a peace treaty , I also believe it will be a short lived peace , as this peace is from Satan …..to mislead , then go for Sudden distruction ….Then our Great Creator will come to Finally Bring the peace of God ……Praise his name ……………..Thank you for that encouraging letter ………
God’s Blessings be with you ………..Rod

Now we are talking about “pure religion and undefiled.” !. YES…..the way to win the “War” on Terrorism is wo WIN SOULS – even the souls of the Philistines and the Arabs, including the Israelis and Mexicans and Americans, not to overlook the “Christians”. The way to STOP terrorism is to convert the terrorist by leading him to Salvation and Deliverance from evil.
I love that answer, J.D. Hook.


Jack…You don’t understand,,,We {America ] are the evil hand of destruction …our leaders have hijacked America and do the evil of Satan…..until we rid our country of these evil doers we’ll continue to follow the path as Babylon the great whore….Dan

I think the 17 Chapter Revelation
belongs to the Vatican, Religion,
I thank the 18 Chapter, is America
Political Babylon, The pope cant be any lower than the False Prophet.
Lots of people think he will be the
Antichrist. Bush will have America
destroyed in the next 3 years, All
the illegal emigrants, Have us setting on a time bomb, With the fuse lit
right now, I read where Bush is a Jew.
PS. Could Bush be the AC.???


I admire your stand. I know I am chicken. I fear what comes next. I
will make a terrible martyr. I have suffered for over fifty years with
the neurological damage of porphyria and Ms and I figure my nervous
system is ruined enough that I could not make a stand against the

That is why I hope for the Rapture. I figure I will not be able to
withstand whatever temptation comes in the tribulation. People tell me
I’ve been brave, am not a coward, but I figure the anti-christ’s
technical persuasion will be far too great for anyone to withstand. As
in l984, they can twist your mind. That is why I believe in the
Rapture, that He will take us out before the “time of trial” becomes

Many do not understand this, that we will be hopeless pawns of the
antichrist, unless we are blessed with a quick death in a hail of
bullets, or nukes blowing up our towns.

As a person whose nervous system is already impaired, I know what it
would be like after they got through with me. My bravado would

Why do our healthy friends not understand this?
Bless you.


It’s beneficial to speculate about what the proper reaction is to various situations that might confront us but until we actually are involved in such it’s just parlor games. Nevertheless I agree with you that we are basically in a spiritual fight as Christians & are the only ones equipped to fight that way.


Sorry Jack, The GOD I worship stated it best in the
ten commandments. “thou shalt not put any other God
before me, for I am a jealous God, and a vengful God”

I know the bible says that “thou shalt not kill”, but
I beleive that command is incomplete, on purpose by
the influence of evil over printed matter, and quite
possible could have said “the rightous.”

He made no uncertain commands to Moses to kill the
Hitites, every man, woman and child, because they were

IF OUR GOVERNMENT truly wanted to stop Sadam, we could
have. We have drawn the blinds too many times, and
opened it only when the profits of the moneymongers
were in jeporty, and when the warmongers loose their
reason to exist, and the military monster we have is

What we, as Christians need to do is take back the
earth our father created for us, clean up the messes
these money monsters have created, and stop protecting
the pure evil that have hotel rooms in our
“correctional facilities”. Make mankind accountable.

God had David slay Goliath, I don’t see any difference
in todays situations. We neeed to slay the giant, and
then get down on our knees and ask God’s forgivness
for the deaths of any innocent souls we may have sent
to heaven, and the devil can have his own. I’m sure
Sampson would agree with me.

The RELIGIOUS BUSINESS has caused us to loose almost
three generations of believers because we embrace evil
too often.Look around you at the way the TV
brainwashes our children, and the video games train
them to shed blood for fun.

For thousands of years we protected the female of our
species, and tried to keep them out of the
battlegrounds. I don’t agree with the way the Muslems
treat women, but through education they could possibly
e persuaded to do otherwise.I would prefer that any
womans military group be stricty home security, and
train and fight just like the minuteman did in the war
for independence, right in front of their homes.We’ve
lost sight of why this country was founded, and the
words “IN GOD WE TRUST” is crumbling right before our

Christianity has never protected the innocent from
anything, and I don’t seriously think that if some one
broke into your home and raped your wife and daughter,
and castrated your son before your eyes, that you
would try to testify to him about salvation through
Jesus Christ, unless you were doing it as his last
rights before you shot him.

Remember Jack, GOD knows all, your thoughts, and

I think he is disgusted with the Human race, and is
testing us. We as Christian soldiers need to protect
the innocent, and not allow our own to be just as

All of those GI’s that committed atrocities in Viet
Nam deserve to have night mares and mental anguish. I
have none, any regret nothing I did while there. My
only regret is for beign manipulated by my government.

No war is civilized, but it can be if Christians do
the killing. I know the difference, and I could very
easily exxecute an evil man with out mental anguish,
and get on my knees and ask for God’s forgiveness, and
I know that he will give it, that is why JESUS died on
the cross, not so men could cower down and become

We’ve had our wake up call, I am not sure where but
somewhere in the old testiment there is a parable
which goes something like this

“if the watchman falls asleep and the enemy breaches
the gate, the sin is on the watchman. If the watchman
sounds the alarm, and the gate ignors the alarm, then
the sin is on me” Evil is at the gate, and the alarm
has sounded, are we going to ignor it?

GOD is love, GOD punishes the evil, and we are the


Hi Jack!

Just wanted to let you know that you are truly an encouragement to me. I spent a long time arguing this very point (loving our enemies) in forums such as Rapture Ready, trying to do so in a loving manner, in the hope that people there would realise the error of their teachings. But after much conflict I ended up being banned from the site membership along with anyone who tried to stand with me. From that moment on I had to shake the dust from my feet and leave, but it has always been with a heavy heart.

The Lord has been impressing upon me recently the importance of ensuring that all that I do is rooted in the love that He places in my heart, which though it sounds easy, it is pretty much impossible if I just rely on my own instincts to decide between right and wrong. As you pointed out in Scripture, “There is a way that seems right to man..”.

There are now two rules I live by that I am convinced are the things that keep me fast:

Firstly is that I do nothing without first having a clear and tangible sense of Gods love for me personally. As it says in 1 John 4:19, we can love only because God first loved us. So unless I first have that sense of His love that the Holy Spirit is always swift to impart, then I am pretty much doomed to failure before I start.

Secondly, 1 Corinthians 13 clearly tells us that no matter what we do, if we do it without love then it profits us nothing, regardless of how noble it might seem to us. So if we read down to verse 8, we are given a full and clear criteria to ensure that we are able to judge according to God’s Word if what we are doing is sanctioned by Him in the first place.

I know that you realise this already, but I would just like to highlight the tremendous impact these verses of Scripture have had in helping me personally to discern the difference between what I think is right, and what God tells me is so.

God bless you my brother,

Dear brother,

I have much enjoyed reading your Solomon 1 & 4. I have yet to read
2-3! I find myself in almost total agreement with you, but would
like to clarify what you mean when you speak of certain of these men
(preachers) which I think you believe to be brothers in Christ, but
seem to think that if they follow the line of thinking concerning
America’s warring role, that they will not be finally saved at the
rapture? Am I understanding that correctly? Does that mean that you
believe someone can be truly saved, and then finally lost?

In regard to this, I have begun to see the direction that we are
taking as a nation is ungodly, and that you are correct in seeing this.

Finally, I completely agree with the gospel, as you teach it.
Without repentance, and the bloody cross of our Lord Jesus Christ,
there can be no salvation. He is our only hope of salvation.

In Him, W


Good to hear from you! As a former Army officer, son of a career Artillery Officer (who was a veteran of Korea, Santa Domingo, and Vietnam), and a child of the most high King I rejoice at getting emails from another brother in Christ.

I took a quick look at your web site and will have to spend some time there. Don’t know if you have heard of Michael SB Reid, but his staff sent me a book of his to review after seeing my critical review of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life. I hope to finish that up this weekend (it’s a mixture of solid teaching on salvation and sensationalism related to physical miracles).

I have been studying and discussing dispensationalism vs. covenant theology lately and cannot hold completely to either system. But to the Word of God – I hold it dear and He holds me securely.

More later,


Greetings Jack,

First, I want to thank you for your quick response to my question.

Then, I simply want to say that I basically agree with your answer. My
question was not given to disagree, but to understand what you were
meaning. I know from your letter that you understand that.

I would say that, whether one was never born again, though professing,
or the possibility of having the Spirit depart when they do not repent,
would both have the same result- eternal loss in the lake of fire. I
certainly agree with your assessment of hearing the message of “once
save, always saved”, and that nothing can dislodge us from eternal
salvation will result in the sin nature bringing forth its fruit, IF one
is not saved. It seems for me, that the true believer only finds this
strengthening to his walk with the Lord, as he realizes how great is the
Saviour, and the salvation He has given. However, we do see this lack of
evidence of real salvation all around us. Unfortunately, it seems to me,
that the practice of the altar call in so many churches has manipulated
people into false professions of faith. Worse than that, now they think
they are saved, because someone told them they were, when they never had
the Holy Spirit give them that supernatural assurance that you were
talking about.

Anyway, I thank you so much for your web-site, your faithfulness to the
Lord, and for answering my email to you.

May the Lord bless you greatly,

I’ll tell you very simply why we’re at war . . .

And it doesn’t take lofty explanations!

We’re at war because we can’t properly identify our enemy!

It’s that plain and simple!

When Hitler took over most of europe using his blitzkreig tactics, the rest of the world didn’t declare a “War on blitzkreig”! ! !

When a unified Islamic voice rejoiced over the toppling of the Trade Towers we should have figured out real quick that our enemy wasn’t the tactic of terror . . .
When our nations leaders finally figure out that a “war against terror” cannot be won, maybe someone will get serious and identify the group of people perpetrating the terror. Our enemy is the entire dirty religion of Mad Mo ! ! !

Until then we can only lose.