December 2007 Comments

Greetings Jack,
I read most of your article on Hal Lindsey. I don’t know if you know this or not, Hal made the huge mistake of predicting Jesus to return in 1987. I read that on a web site. I don’t know that for a matter of fact. If he did, that makes him a false prophet. In this article you said that you sent letters to a lot of big name preachers. Do you know that some of them are false and aren’t saved. I don’t believe that any man that teaches Jesus only doctrine is saved being that they teach that He has no Father. You can’t have Jesus unless you accept His Father. They openly deny and teach false doctrine leading millions to hell. Tommy Tenny,T.D. Jakes, and many more on t.v. today teaching false gospel and deception. Fulfilling 2nd Cor. 11vs 13,14,15. There are many so called preachers that are pawns in satan’s deception of the world church. The great falling away that is occurring now in the Laocedia church of Rev. that Jesus warned for the last days. The fulfilling of 2 Thess. great falling away, before the son of perdition is brought on the scene. Do you know that Mr. Bush has already drafted up plans for America to become a North American Region/to be one of the 10 nations of the New World Order/that will be part of the EU. One of Daniel’s 10 which will give their power to the beast/the leader of the NWO. Do you know that I heard George Bush state that he wanted to be the dictator. I didn’t hear him say dictator of what. I heard it over the net a few months back. These plans that are being made the American people don’t even know about them. There is resolutions that have already been passed that will be law when America becomes one of the ten. All of this coming to pass is fulfillment of the Word Of God. That’s why I believe that Jesus will be here to take us off of the planet soon. I know that they are many that believe that the true church will go through the great trib, I have many scripture’s proving my belief. Well I better close for now Bro. Jack/God Bless and a Happy Thanksgiving.
Bro. Clayton


You are so close, and yet so far from understanding the truth in the bible. Please remove me from your future emailing.

God bless you, Quentin


I just read your article Mr. Hook “The Wise Man”, as well as “An Appeal to Hal Linsey”. As both a Christian and a professional career soldier (23) years (retired), and a Vietnam vet such as yourself ,I find this a bitter pill to swallow. What would you suggest, that we do roll over and play dead to our enemies. Lord fordid! I do follow your point, but don’t we as a nation have a right to defend our country? It is difficult for an old soldier to accept this logic. At any rate, god bless you MR. Hook and your work, and god bless America. MSG. M.B., USA, (Ret.)


Dear Jack,
It’s most unfortunate that your friends are deceived by Hagee and the ilks of him. They simply do not take the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ literally to love our enemies, but are under this last days deception. The great falling away is underway and we hope and pray that those that are deceived will have their eyes opened before it is too late. Most all of my family and friends all believe the way your friends do. I believe this is in part due to the brainwashing we have received ever since we were born in this nation, a so called “one nation under God”. The question is what god?? We have on our coinage “In God We Trust”, but would the true Lord God of heaven and earth approve of putting this on our money? The love of money being the root of all evil and you certainly see that in America where the love of money, possessions and this world and it’s systems are so very evident.
Jesus said Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. BUT, do people really want to know the truth? The truth can be very scary and unsettling. The truth about this nation, the world and the church is so abstract from what we thought we knew, it is too hard for most to believe. It is indeed a lonely road we walk on.
Blessings to you,


Take me off your mailing list, you apostle of Satan. Mark


Hi Jack,
Thank you for your article. I understand your concern and agree that
militant american patriotism against muslims is no more scriptual than
militant jewish patriotism against rome was in the early church. The world
is the world, and this american government/nation will remain deluded unless
they repent. It seems the overwhelming majority of television preachers are
false and only teach was is popular to the masses, not to the church.


Dear Jack,

The response from your friends, especially the bit about General Pershing, is nothing short of bone chilling. I will commit their names to memory and make a point of praying for them. Jack, we have to keep in mind all of the apostles warnings that the anti-christ forces will come from WITHIN the flock. The protestant sects point to the Papacy in this regard, and they’re right… has not the Pope more than hinted lately that Islam is the “enemy”? But are we so naive to believe that Satan would leave us with such a simple choice as Catholic vs. Protestant?!!! For WE also know that most of the protestant evangelicals, such as Haggee, are no better. The antichrist forces are EVERYWHERE… and they are aligning their flocks with the secret-society-controlled political leaders of the West… the “prosperity gospel”! Do they REALLY believe that America is righteous enough to obtain the Lord’s blessing in this conflict?!!! For SHAME!!!

Jack, the Holy Spirit has just now prompted me to recall this passage from Paul’s First letter to Timothy, chapter 6 (with emphasis on verses 11 and 12):

3If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness; 4He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings, 5Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself. 6But godliness with contentment is great gain. 7For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. 8And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. 9But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. 10For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.
11But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. 12Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses. 13I give thee charge in the sight of God, who quickeneth all things, and before Christ Jesus, who before Pontius Pilate witnessed a good confession; 14That thou keep this commandment without spot, unrebukable, until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ: 15Which in his times he shall shew, who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords; 16Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power everlasting. Amen.

17Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy; 18That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate; 19Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life. 20O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: 21Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen.

God be with you brother. Hold fast, Ray


Thanks Jack
While you have wonderful material, I am amazed how you can help the Jesuit
cause by tearing the complete prophecy of the 70 weeks apart. JESUS
confirmed the final week of the 70 by being cut off and caused the oblations
and sacrifices to cease because He was/is the supreme sacrifice of the
Temple services. After He was cut off from the living, he confirmed the
covenant for another 3 1/2 years when the Gospel was preached to the Jews
until 34 A.D. when they finally rejected it and stoned Stephen and started
the persecution.
Desolation of the Sanctuary, the non use, or no need of it since the death
of the lamb of GOD, is determined unto the end. They are trying to rebuilt
it again, but in vain. Instead of looking to the heavenly Temple where JESUS
is now making intercession for us. I wish and pray that you may see it. The
Jesuit scholars have added the 2000 years into the prophetic week of Daniel




I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and know about bible prophesies, etc. and have the teachings of Jesus Christ
to go by. Have you read the Book of Mormon, which is another testament of Jesus Christ? Perhaps you would be interested in reading it and
praying about the truth of it as many people have and changed their direction.

I am exchanging e-mails with a man in France who was in the military in the super forces for many years and is now a pastor of a church in a
small community in France. He had lived in Canada in his younger years and married a lady from France and now calls it home. His family was
originally from France and moved to Canada due to persecution. It is interesting to know of other’s beliefs and way of life. Carol


Afraid I am working on a different level.
I have no interest in writings or prophecies written 6,000 years ago that do not apply to life NOW.
How is it that “God” has said nothing since the time of the great teacher Jesus????
Human type-beings have supposedly been on this plannt 1,600,000 years, and have learn nothing!
All they appear to know is how to kill each other, all in the name of God, and in the case of Christians, in the name of Jesus.
What a sad state of affairs!
Nuf sed.

Hello Brother, I have just got on the computer and read the e-mail and good
for you. I am so sad at all the fighting in his church. It will stop soon
for the true church and children of the great light that has always been.
The father will soon show his power to a world that he has judged and found
wanting and ready for it’s slapp in the face. It is to late for many for
the lord has sealed the forhead of his people and now the time is at hand
for the spirit of hate and death to finish its work..It is true jack so
please get the word out it is time and to cleave close at the time of death
to him and all will be shown..It is coming the ring of fire and it will not
delay for his cup is very heavy and the war leaders and all those that are
blinded will continue right up untill they die from the brightness of his
coming.. your Brother in the lord Richard


Jack,I am a vet from the Korean conflict. I was in the 101st A.A.,BUT THAT WAS SO LONG AGO.I am now an old man, disabled, on Oxygen 24×7, living on ss, so I am not to anxious to hear any more bad news. I can see the handwriting on the wall if we dont change our policies on so many issues.We need to put prayer back in the class rooms,remain one country,under God,with one language only. Sincerely Bill


Dear Jack. You are 100% right concerning Hal Lindsay and the Christian right.
Interestly, the false Christian move of Rick Warren is picking up where they
left off. They are supporting the left demoncrats. Meantime, America is
becoming a pagan nation. You would probably be interested to see my newsletters concerning Narnia.
I have written 70 books and have been in the deliverance ministry 30 years.
Jesus bless you today
Dr. Pat


Dearest Jack,

I have been reading your site. You obviously have done your homework. I cried reading your testimony. It is often hard to take a stand when so many are against you. I will continue exploring your site but I have a question. Once again, I read that when God returns for us, he opens the graves of the dead. What about those that are cremated? Is cremation acknowledged in the Bible?

Thanks so much for sharing your story! By the way, where in Iowa are you? I was raised in Iowa!

Thanks, Lori


Greetings Brother Jack,
I have been reading your reports for years and also some of the abusive
letters you have received.
I have included a recommendation to visit your website in my e-mails to my
Christian subscribers. I believe that things are more advanced in the
fulfillment of scriptural prophesy than the most of us realize. The Lord is
returning very soon.
I’ll drop you a line on the issue when I have a bit more time to spare. Keep
up the good work brother.
By His grace,
Yours sincerely,


Dear Brother Jack;

I just want you to know how much I enjoy your articles and look forward to each email. I concur with you whole heartedly on this subject of Christians becoming militant. Please allow me to elaborate.

After looking over these articles I am once and again horrified of the trend of Christians becoming militant. It pays to study more closely how our Brethren behaved themselves during civil crisis and times of war. I have gone back in history as to include the Dark Ages. In this period, anyone who wanted to fight had the justification to do so, but most chose to follow the example of Christ Jesus. In Revelation we read of the martyrs asking God when they will be avenged. At this time I am in the process of compiling documentation for my next book. I have been looking closely at the Apostles and their involvement in civil and war time affairs. At the time of the Apostles, there was unrest among the Jews for the Romans were encroaching in every way and soon had complete control. No where is it recorded that the Apostles encouraged or took part in civil insurrection. During the Apostle Paul’s’ ministry, Emperor Nero was torturing and killing Christians’ and the Apostle Paul had no part in any insurrection even though Paul mentioned his Roman citizenship.

I am afraid that Christians mistake patriotism for Christianity. Patriotism is driven by PRIDE and we know from Scripture that pride is an abomination to God. Christianity is driven by a love for Christ, humility and subjection to all government. This is all New Testament scripture based teaching and it does not set well with potential militants. I am in the process as I write, in another book titled “Chained Links,” in which I cover a lot of this subject. I have always said on the behalf of all Christians, that there will come a point in time when we will have to make the decision for which we will follow. We have a very good example of Christians who witnessed and lived in Russia just to watch her fall regardless of the efforts. (Scripture attests of Russia’s return).

Are we going to become militant and follow America down the predestined path of total destruction or are we going to take a martyrs’ stand with Christ Jesus? We cannot have it both ways. I believe the Lord set the example for us to follow. Brother Jack, I do believe it reveals that most Christians do not believe the book of Revelation. For if they did, they would understand that America, (along with every other country), must fall and come under the Rule of King Jesus. There will be no nation to remain standing to boast. Personally, I do not believe that any God fearing Christian can justify becoming militant. It shows also that what America is performing on the global front is in approval with Christians even though America is looking out for her own interests of the oil fields. It also attests that militant Christians have no problem destroying the enemy and laying aside the eternal soul. It is contrary to the Law of Christ but satisfies the flesh. If you are drafted into the military, that is another circumstance to deal with. As for me, I decided a long time ago that America and I are on two different paths.

I must follow Christ at all costs; it is the only thing that will count in the end and then it will be my beginning. In conclusion, we find Christians who are willing to hold on to temporal fallacies hoping to prolong the very thing that God has already declared to be destroyed. America is on a path of destruction that no one can alter. At this time, it is just according to God’s time table and when the cup of iniquity becomes full, when it takes place.

Your Brother In Christ Jesus

Evangelist Albert


I just read your appeal letter to Hal Lindsey, and I have to admit.
Reluctantly, almost begrudgingly, I am finding myself agreeing with you. I
don’t want to, in fact I’m finding myself aggravated beyond belief that I
can see the wisdom in your teaching, and that the anger I had for these
people was so elevated that I could easily justify picking up the first
stone. Just nuke the lot of ’em! But calmer minds prevailed. Satan truly is
behind all this. Their word’s we’re not designed to effect a better life for
those aflicted, they were made in anger to inflame us to strike. For them,
to die in the assault, is to glorify themselves in the eye’s of their god.
And to not be oppressive is to fail in their service. When you think about
this, America is the perfect pawn, in the past we “liberated” Iraq. We
poured money and technology into the country and brought democracy to their
people and now we stand condemed as the “Great Satan” because of it. Today
we’re doing the same thing in Iran, we give them the opportunity to govern
and protect themselves, we provide infrastucture and a building economy. And
now those that have, have become lords over those who have not, it’s all
America’s fault, and the threat of civil war looms because of it. Just
watch, it would not suprise me in the least to watch those in power in Iraq
plunge the country into civil war and in doing we’ll all watch everything
we’ve done over there fall apart on CNN. While at the same time, we’ll be
listening to Ahmadejed? (whatever) state publically that he has since been
“touched by the hand of Allah” and that Iran should recant and offer an
extended hand of peace to the “infidels of the west” in hopes of showing the
loving hand of their true god (and further the sponging of whatever handouts
we bring as peace offerings).
Blindly, we trundle on, but in all fairness, this diabolical trap by Satan
is fool proof. Muslims are in every known society today, Most are solid.
good people, who have been seduced by the intoxicating belief that their sin
makes them worthless, and therefor their lives sacrificial. The truth of it
is this “All men are created in Gos’ image”. This is a heritage we all have
in commen. Our very existence as a human reveals our sin, all of us sooner
or later come to that realization. In coming to that conclusion, the
absolute Holiness of God, and our unworthiness is the second revelation all
will wrestle with. The fact that we can conceptualize holiness reveals there
is a God, thats a hole we can’t fill. Christains have it tough here, The
Bible tells us not all will be saved, and that in itself tells us that those
who are condemned will spend there lives living with the knowledge of their
sin with no hope for salvation. The Great Lie creates a life of sacrifice,
and in that, to ascribe value to any life here on earth becomes the great
sin. This is the evil that Satan breeds, to offer hope is to play right into
his hands. Can you imagine what it must be like to live life on Earth with
this? Our hope is the very thing they’ve been indoctrinated to hate.



I’ve read some, not all, of your articles, Jack. I’m afraid I’m going to have to gird my loins in order to read the rest. It’s just as I’ve feared, all along, put into words. So some of what you’ve written confirms what has already appeared in my spirit, and some of it fills me with dread, and with great sorrow, for what lies ahead. I’m dealing with a great PERSONAL depression for which I’m forced to take medicine, although I’ve been trying to find other ways to cope with it. So I can only “take” your all-too-revealing articles a little at a time. The rest of the time I spend in tears and prayer — which is what I think God wants anyway. We should all repent, not only for ourselves, but for one another, until we are all united, together, in pledging our love and loyalty to God. Some of us are not able or not willing to do so at this time — and I strongly feel that that is why we should do so for one another.

Bless You, JACK, You “Dear & Faithful servant “, I heard you on the
“Byte Show”, I have a transcript, of Many other people givening Promise
& Help to Us all, in these troubled Times! Yous in the “Love of
CHRIST”, Charles


Greetings Jack and all – Shalom to you and your households,

Thank you for keeping me in the loop of this most important sharing between brethren. I say hallelujah to what Jack referred to as the awakening that takes place referencing the two witnesses and the 144,000. The prophet Hosea clearly indicated that our awakening would take place “after two days.” Considering “a day in the Lord is as a thousand years to man,” then we are very close to the end of the second day (2000 years since Christ’s death and resurrection) and as I’ve pointed out boldly in many of my own articles and exhortations, “the morning of the third day is about to dawn.”

I’m in total agreement with brothers Jack and Albert that we are commanded and expected to follow Christ’s pattern as did the Apostles and not engage ourselves in any form of militancy whatsoever. But I take my understanding a step further and say that we should not support this kind of Babylonian government through our votes either. These men have shown themselves to be seeds of the evil one. The men who promote the right and just patterns of Christ are seeds of Christ and children of God.

Unfortunately, so many professing Christians are unaware of the presence of evil within human religion and government. They do not know that they have been made pawns of the devil and do as the devil desires. It is my bold and unwavering position that we who are in Christ are to keep our hands “unstained” by participating in the evil schemes devised by man and beast. As you said Jack, “there is no middle ground.” American Christians do percieve patriotism as a duty of Christians and furthermore, believe that our young men and women who die in battle against our Nation’s enemies become martyrs somehow. American “pride” is the root of this evil design. The truth is that a martyr is not one who fights with the sword that draws blood or the bullet that pierces flesh. A righteous martyr is one who fights with the “Word” of truth, love and reconciliation and gets killed by others that hate the message he preaches. A martyr may have stirred up the masses by his “heavy” and profound words and by them he may have even been the cause of “unrest.” But such a man does not lift his hand toward another rather, that man would prefer to die an honorable death without his hands being stained by the shed blood of humanity. Remember King David was righteous in many respects but all the blood of men he had caused to be shed on the battle field was a matter of grave concern for God. Jesus being from the line of David never even broke a reed!

How then gentlemen, do we gain access back into the congregations and assemblies of western Christianity to speak this truth once again without being cast out on our proverbial hind ends? Is this not where we begin to experience the promised hatreds and persecutions that Christ indicated? Does our reproach not come from those to whom we are reaching out to in love and humility? Is our own mission field not Christianity itself in an attempt to restore hearts and minds back to the Father – our God? If we do this, will not our own example and witness shine brightly to the Jews and Muslims and convict some that the true pattern of selfless love found in Christ is the only way unto the Father? Is this not where and how our battles should be fought?

If we die in the course of surrendering ourselves to this pattern that Christ afforded us, will we not be recipients of the resurrection to new life? The answers are obvious. I therefore submit, that we must all take the next step forward and be the couragous souls entering congregations across America proclaiming these fundamental truths to a weak and mediocre Christian America. The Nation as a whole is lost and dying. We need to stay focused on the preserving of souls for eternal life with our Lord and Savior. We do this not as one man building upon another man’s foundation but as Godfearing men breaking down the walls and ramparts of apathy and indifference, patriotism and pride and be there to lift up the broken hearted in the aftermath to help restore them and their faith in the one true God of our Salvation. That gentlemen is where the mission field is for us in this part of the world. Wouldn’t you agree?

How then, do we gain access to these many divided houses of God and cry out the truth that God’s Word and His Angels are declaring? Our published books are not popular. Our letters to Churches are rarely read. Our web ministries get more attention from National Governments than Christian Congregations. Our Radio programs get cancelled and we’re not allowed anywhere close to educational Institutions that were once founded upon Christianity. How do we do this if everyone seems against us?

Any ideas?

With all sincerity and love for the truth and our scattered brethren abroad,


Dear Mr, Jack; we has talked before;

You and I are heartbroken by hose who were our friends, but may come back later, (pray)

We too have gone through the various churches larges and small; met friends , prophets, messianic Jews, and the so called (remnant) who we felt they believe as we do!

The enemy has infiltrated all camps; either by money from tithes books, donations, or vain glory; but vainity is the opposite of humility, and mammon corrupts the soul and quenches the Spirit.

There is a black fog over the whole world of evil, and only those who prays seeking His (true will daily )are strengthened through it; not necessary healed, but kept from it’s delusion and strengthened just enough to endure this trial!

It is a last days trial of separation of the sheep and the goats; many were called but in these days few survive the evil and endure to be chosen, many will fall from the truth to follow lies

This negates that once saved always saved notion; people can be deceived and can choose a different path, they do not loose free will!

We have known many of even the so called super prophets along with Jews friends and pastors; they have become almost unteachable, they even attack you!

Even so called lay people go to other sources and become alienated from you.

It’ almost better to go to the highway and byway to find those who know they are lost but show interest, they may have been hurt or corrupted but they will still see the truth and believe the scriptures if God opens their eyes.

Satan is going to take control of the church and Jewish leaders, along with governments, he has left some of the unsaved reachable for the Lord, this may be our primary mission field.

Any ripples in Satan’s established domain will now bring much wrath against those who attack his puppets.

I believe it is time for small fellowship just had Jesus had, the time is short the days and most people are effected by the cloud of evil!

Even family will turn against most; we can evangelize and be watchmen but there is also a time and place to keep silent.

Another topic, though I don’t believe in Jewish Israelis; all born again Jews are the new family of God but certain of the Gentile have been grafted in, considered by law and the dependances of Abraham as faith ( the children of God) and thus engrafted into Jeddah=Jesus= Jews!

This mat be a new thing to you, and I know that all Israel shall be save ( but what is all Israel?; aren’t those the children of faith and not blood of circumcision/)

I know that the time of the gentiles will come to an end and the Lord will turn back to His people in Jerusalem and save a portion, Jesus will save part of Jerusalem just before it is completely ruined, it is His land and name-sake.

But what if the virgins are the faithful to him both Jew and Gentile, that would also make them virgins, and I know the male aspect, but what if it it truly hidden in code; I believe it is!

The whole world needs the 144,000, not just Jews, the two prophets are in Jerusalem are Jews, but the whole word is canvassed by the 144,00.

Isn’t it more likely the children of the promise and Jews engrafted together with white or virgin gowns are entrusted to give the final warning?

My wife hears from the Lord, She once asked “I so much I was part of the Jewish People” She was answer ” my daughter you are, it is no longer by blood or circumcision, but you are account by faith, the faith promised to Abraham , makes you my seed, you come from Abraham by faith and so his seed, grafted with the Jewish believers!”

Yet many natural Jews will call out to Him in the end and be saved , some are so deep into the NWO and false religion they will not be saved; but all of the Spiritual Israel- His children will be save!

This is an interpretation that few will receive, all Israel being saved is no longer either a state or a bloodline- that is a big mistake.

Infact the false Messiah will deceive most even in Israel with peace and a triumphant entry , he will destroy many!

We want you to know that you are one of the few we talk to, we since a heart bent towards the truth , the word, and holiness.

Please just consider and pray; we are not you enemy and have no one to report to, it’s just the Lord, His Word, and His Spirit in us, the rest has become chaos, except for a few he is preserving through this.

Agape; Rod and Valerie


Hello again, Jack,

I made a quick stop and read your testimony and look at the enemy chart. I
see that we begin by agreeing that the U.S. is the nation from which the
beast out of the sea springs. Indeed, he may be alive and well today, and
working diligently. I have had discussions with a number of notable
theologians (but not Hal Lindsey) concerning this and, while he did not
agree, Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost of Dallas Theological Seminary listened and
agreed that it is at least possible. That’s more than I ever got out of Dr.
Walvoord. They’re both good men, solid Christians, and excellent exegetes,
but they hang onto an interpretation that is over four hundred years old.
It is right that theology should change very slowly, lest we be blown about
by every wind of doctrine. But this is such an obvious truth that I can’t
fathom why learned men will not at least give it the examination that it

We’ll have more correspondence, to be sure, and I want to refer a
like-minded individual to your site. As is to be expected, there will be
points at which our views diverge, but I think that it is helpful to arrive
at the same end by different means. One proves the other.

Later, and God bless!


Hi Mr. Hook,

Thank you for your email. I am always open to others thoughts and views. Myself, I keep it as simple as possible. I have a personal relationship with my heavenly Father and know he works with me, loves me unconditionally, and with that I try to be the best I can be. I try very hard to not be too judgemental keeping in mind we are all His children therefore, we are all connected.

Religion is something designed by man and not an area I choose to go into whether for discussion or to be involved with. As I said, I keep it simple. My prayers are private and between Him and I.

As the widow of a Vietnam veteran who attended a local Bible college for 18 months, I have, in my life, opened myself up and realize we all do what we feel we need to to insure happiness however it may be found. With this being said it sounds as if you are happy and I hope you are at peace. Witnessing the wrath of war, or the aftermath as my children and I have, definitely changes your perspective on everything, doesn’t it?

What web site did you find my name and email on? My daughter has a Yahoo group called ‘Second Voice’ which I openly have made comments and everyone has access to my email. I also belong to a couple of other groups with the intent on keeping myself informed, educated, and open to what others are doing and have to say.

Thank you again for the email and I will look at your site.



Thanks for the attached notes and updates, Jack.

I haven’t heard much about John Hagee’s proclamations invoking militant Christianity since I have all but avoided his radio (and TV) minisitries for other reasons. Clearly such a stand on his part is not desirable. I get the impression that ministries like his fear the Lord for the wrong reasons and are taking such stands as partial justification to keep their mega-ministries going adn their congregations fooled.

I am sure you know (and I hope your Jewish friends do as well) and understand how dangerous Rick Warren has become. Here is a man who goes to Syria and practically praises the place as though it were the greatest thing since baba gannoush while ignoring the mounting threat Syria and Hezbollah pose to the Jewish state. As you know, the threat grows daily. And too, his associations with antichrist shadow governments under the banner of the Council on Foreign Relations. I still believe that what we do with Israel will either keep us going or bring us down as a nation, as you pointed out in reference to Genesis 12:3. It is good you are trying to warn them, and I pray the Lord will open the eyes of these friends to see how dangerous these movements have become to their and their homeland’s safety. Have a blessed night,


Hello Jack,

Time is at a premium in my ministry right now, but I want to respond to the
arguments made in this chain of letters. You are correct in saying that war
is not a viable option for Christians. However, as I suggested in my
earlier letter, we approach it from two different perspectives. Phil 3:20
makes it clear that we are not citizens of earth. We are citizens of heaven
itself, and members of the household of God. 2 Cor 5:18-21 tells us that we
are ambassadors from heaven to earth, charged with a very particular
ministry, the ministry of the word of reconciliation. If the U.S. sends an
ambassador to, say, Japan, that man goes to Japan, engages in the social
functions of that land, but does not fight its wars or engage in its
politics. He is there for a single reason, to represent his homeland’s
interests faithfully. And as ambassadors, that is our right position in
American society. Insofar as ambassadors must engage with political leaders
in the pursuit of their homelands’ interests, we ought to have some
intercourse with America’s leaders. But there is a line that must not be
crossed. I have mixed feelings about voting, but would never, for example,
run for any political office – no more than our ambassador to Japan would
seek the Prime Ministry of Japan. Voting is a means of interacting with our
government, but I have real problems with the “religious right,” whose aim
seems to be personal righteousness through reformation of the old man. I do
not agree that Christians have a right to impose a system of morality upon
others. We can stand for virtue in ourselves, and though we fail often
daily, we can serve the Lord with our hearts and minds, but it is not our
ministry to impose Christian standards on this nation or any other. Our
mission, if you will, is to minister the word of reconciliation to the lost.
That ought to be the primary purpose of every Christian. It is fun to argue
these things, and I suppose that every educated Christian must spend time in
prophecy, but while we seek understanding, our ministry is the word of

The parallels between America and both Babylon and Rome are profound. The
most telling of all the prophecies that bear on this discussion, in my
opinion, is Dan 9:27a. I simply cannot understand how any theologian can be
blind to our brokerage of Middle East peace since the late ’70s. There are
many other prophecies, in Daniel and elsewhere that prove conclusively that
America is the nation of the beast, as I’m sure you know. While “official”
conservative theology rejects the notion untested, there is a growing circle
of Bible scholars (a scholar is one who studies, not an expert) who
understand and accept the premise of an American beast.

I simply don’t have the time to engage in an ongoing discussion, being
already engaged in many circles of email correspondence. Much of my
ministry does not concern prophetic themes, though it has been an abiding
love of mine for many years. From Christian Chronicles I get tons of email
with questions about this doctrine or that, and many write with personal
problems, seeking counsel. As you surely know, it often takes but a single
sentence to frame a question, whose answer requires pages and pages of text.
I would like to continue to receive your emails, and still plan to explore
your site in greater depth, but hope that you will understand if I do not
engage very fully in the ongoing discussions. I’ll chime in from time to
time if that’s all right, as I have now.

It’s good to know that you’re out there, fighting the good fight and
standing for what is right. Too few will spend the time or intellectual
energy to study any Scriptural themes, let alone prophecy. I’ll forward
this letter to another in the growing circle who believe that America is
indeed not only mentioned, but featured prominently in prophecy. Oh, and as
an aside, I might point out that, in all of Daniel’s prophecy, neither is
Rome mentioned. Daniel did not name Rome because not only Rome is Roman.

Keep the faith and spread the blessings of grace!



I believe that Brother Hook’s messages are way above the level of the understanding of the majority of American Christians. Step outside your borders, you’ll have a different viewpoint.

Many of our notions, opinions, viewpoints are the result of years, decades of brainwashing from our media. The American Church has no clue.

If the Hate Crime bill passes next year, we will lose First Amendment rights–freedom of speech. This means that many pastors will be arrested for preaching against many sins such as homosexuality, and everyone would be arrested who dare to talk about certain aspects of illegal immigration or evils of officials in government that are perpetrated on America.

Be accused of hate, go to a CIA labor inmate camp for life. This may happen if the Hate Crime Bill passes. Call your senators and oppose it, now.

Wanting America back as she was when she was established on the Bible is NOT unpatriotic. Some have gotten it twisted due to a severe lack of knowledge. Simply listen and learn something before accusing Brother Hook of hating America. He loves America and so do I, so much that we want her back from the clutches of the enemy.

I’ve spent over 21 years in the military and I want America back, too.