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Jack I most certainly will stay in touch. I have very few friends anymore. Not everyone can understand a grunt who no longer wants to be like we were before. I remember the feeling after I was saved. What am I doing here? I felt that was another person who did those things. I remember a vision that I had while I was going to Bible College. Assemblies of God Sacramento. I was working as a white water rafting guide for Mother Lode rafting in Coloma CA. to help pay the cost of college. The VA doesnt pay everything and you still have to eat.

Anyway, one morning I was sitting beside the American River and it was really misty. I had just passed a long night, cold sweats, no sleep and wondering how much longer I could keep this up. As I was looking through the fog and listening to the river I began to distinguish someone in the distance walking along the river bank. AS this person came closer I could see he was dressed in tiger stripe utilities, his face was marked with cammie stick in the same pattern of the utilities”fatigues for you Army types” in his right hand I could see a K-Bar knife that had blood running off the tip, not dripping, but flowing from the tip of the K-Bar like it was the scource of that crimson flow. This person climbed over the rocks with the prowess of a jungle cat. It was apparant that this was the ultimate warrior. He moved with perfect grace and ease to where I was now standing. When he finally stopped in front of me it was like I was looking at myself with the exception his eyes were grey and death was pouring out of ever fiber of his being. He looked into my blue eyes and slowly one tear fell down his painted face. He did an about face and left in exactly the same manner that he had come. Cat-like and swift. Since that day I have not had a single nightmare. Praise be to the most high God. In His service, Darrell


It is amazing the amount of information about end time prophecy on the internet. I have picked your address because you turned up at the top of the google search on babylon the great. It is the subject I am most concerned with because the only direct order given from heaven in the book of Revelation is to come out of Babylon the great. Many on the internet can see that Babylon the great is the usa, so I hope there are alot of people trying to get out.


Keep your views to yourself. I am not interest in your religion made by men. Do not email me again. This email is for official military business not half cocked religious ideas and pleas to join. Have a nice day.


Praise the Lord Jack. Thks for your emails. It is great to know the truths. May God continue to use u in these end times.
Thanks and Best regards.


Hi Jack,

The response I have gotten from Dave’s email list has been overwhelming. I’m just trying to catch up. I have not had time to visit your website yet, but what you wrote is interesting.

About 4 years ago, I heavily researched Freemasonry, Illuminati, 9/11 truth and the like. I’m so glad you came to the same conclusion I did: that this was not the doing of evil men, but rather, Satan himself along with his fallen angels.

A lot of people are loathe to talk about this, especially Americans and patriotic American servicemen, so I am tentative to discuss this with you for fear of causing offense. I haven’t looked at your website yet, and I know there are people who have extremely emotionally charged opinions on many of these topics but I can only say that one thing crystallized the whole thing for me personally and brought it all into focus, and that was the geographical layout of Washington D.C. I live in the desert and from past experiences of coming across things in my youth, I am strongly led to believe that an inverted pentagram is indeed an alter to worhip Satan, and the entire city of Washington D.C. is a gigantic inverted pentagram. I believe it is the largest Satanic alter ever created and the White House sits at the foot of it.

That said, after years of researching this further, sharing my opinions with friends, etc. I felt that I was concentrating on spreading news about evil and our adversary, the evil one, Satan himself, rather than good. When I realized that, I henceforth purposed to focus on the Gospel, and my patriotism to my true country: God’s Kingdom, as well as my true leader: Jesus Christ, King.

Thank you for your interest and for the discussion.

Your brother in Christ Jesus,


Dear Mr. Hook, I just got done reading your “Vietnam Veteran’s Perspective” and am in agreement with your perspective.
I am a U.S. Navy Vet from the Vietnam era and I am a Christian who prays and financially supports Israel. I will be praying
for you and your family and hope that you keep on writing! God Bless!


Just out of curiosity what have you been smoking? Or did you overdose on something else? I haven’t seen or heard such whacked out oratory in a very long time. I guess you will have to go the park and stand on your own soapbox with the rest of the whackos. Do me a favor and remove my name and address from your whacked out list.


Good Evening…

I just finished reading Babylon Is Falling. I became a slave to God almost ten years ago during a crisis in my life. I turned to Him as a last resort and He indeed saved me by His Grace. Unfortunately after the crisis was over I mistakenly thought I didn’t need Him anymore …that I could make it on my own. So the Bible went back up on the shelf until just a few months ago when a friend of mine told me about some things in The Book of Enoch concerning the angels who had turned against God. I looked that up on the internet but only read a few things before I found myself back in the Bible again…with a passion and understanding I had never had before. I can’t seem to tear myself away anymore. I am totally involved in His Word. Every spare moment is spent in thought or verse. I find it quite different than the first time. Originally I turned to God out of Need. I felt I had nowhere else to turn. This time is different. This time I WANT to know Him.
Anyway, before I start to ramble I will get to the point. I have almost read the Bible completely for the second time. The King James version along with my study Bible which by the way I find somewhat lacking not only in its translation but in its interpretation but I found myself confused on prophesy. I have been praying that He give me wisdom in that regard and I believe He has….in you. I have spent countless hours researching on the internet as well as in the Bible. I have never found anything online that I did not find fault with until this morning, after my morning prayer. The first thing that caught my eye was your site. Could this be Divine intervention? Methinks it may be. Everything you have written makes sense but more than that…it feels right. I have read the comments on you site…the pro and the con. The con does nothing more than to prove the point as to how most people will react to the truth they don’t want to admit to.
At any rate I thank you. I also thank God for sending you. I consider your words to be truly inspired. Rest assured…my Bible study will continue. Yours in Christ….. Patrick


Dear Jack,
Thanks for the letter. For the most part We are on the same page. I don’t think that The USA is “the Babylon” destroyed though. Yes, we are made up mostly of the tribes and peoples of Europe. Daniel makes it pretty clear that the AntiChrist will come up out of the Roman European people. The “He” of verse 27 refers back to “the ruler of the people who will come (and) destroy the city and the sanctuary” That was unquestionably the Roman Empire.

Dan 9:26 After the sixty-two `sevens,’ the Anointed One will be cut off and will have nothing. The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. The end will come like a flood: War will continue until the end, and desolations have been decreed. 27 He will confirm a covenant with many for one `seven.’ In the middle of the`seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him. “


Brother Jack,

I just wanted to greet you and thank God for your testimony of the
Lord’s grace in your life. Surely, we have received so much more than
we can ever say. Soon, He will be coming. Let us “watch and pray” as
we see the world descending lower.

God bless you and all the brethren in Christ,


Dear brother,

Praise God for the grace the Father of our Lord Jesus-Christ has bestowed upon you! May God give you more to write and announce to the fallen Americans. I pray for you and your family. I will continue reading your articles with blessings from our Lord. I wish I could donate, but I am a poor man in Jesus-Christ.



Amen Jack,
We are certainly seeing the signs of God’s judgement taking place in America. Droughts, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes going through towns instead of cornfields, borrowing instead of lending, building a house and not living in it, the alien rising higher while we sink lower, loss of the strong man leadership, children being ripped form the womb, disease, pestilence, homosexuality, etc. All curses mentioned in Deut. ( homosexuality because they sought not to retain the knowledge of their God – Romans). Still there are millions of Christians praying for family and friends. Those prayers will be answered. First I see God stripping us bare. When Jesus is all we have, then we will turn and see he’s all we needed. I think that is what is happening right now as I right this.
I do not in any way expect to escape persecution. I believe we are in Matt 24 v8 and entering v9. Hate speech and Fairness Doctrine is meant to be the final nail in the coffin of privatization of faith. In the sequence of polytheism, secularization, privatization, annihilation, next is genocide of faith. Everywhere hate speech laws have been passed they have been used against Christians by Homo’s and atheists to fine and civil award us into poverty, loss of jobs, and jail. This is only one election away from us in America.
With you book and my website we are both prime targets. May our faith glorify God as Job’s did.
Thank God that he will not hold us over to his wrath to be poured out on the unbelievers.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and exhortation.

What I like about your article is the fact that your do not give a chance to the carnal and fallen nature of man and that you exalt the Divine Nature of our Lord God Jesus-Christ.

The spiritual situation here in Quebec is comparable to that of Europe, especially France and Spain, where they have thrown religion out and at the same time faith. So the name of the Lord in Quebec is in horror to most ears.

Keep on telling the truth brother! I am supporting you in my prayers.



Hello Jack,
I hope you are fine in the Lord.My name is Kungu and I live in Nairobi, Kenya.Over the years I have been studying the Bible especially the prophesies and more specifically the book of Revelation.
Recently I came across your teachings on what constitute Babylon the Great and its fall and I have decided to comment on this subject.It is my humble opinion that Babylon represent Satans spiritual city, the equivalent of Gods spiritual Jerusalem and that is why with its fall it becomes the dwelling place of demons and other evil spirits Rev.18.
Every kind of evil here on this earth has been planned and executed by Babylon starting with the first murder-refer Rev 18 verse 24.I strongly believe that right at this moment God has knocked down Babylon and therefore it is now fallen.Many Satanic kingdoms here on this earth are set to fall as we watch.Many business enterprises founded on Satanism are set to collapse.Many people living under Satanic bondage are going to be set free.Both Animal and Plant kingdoms are going to be set free from Satanic bondage to the glory of God.It appears that God has chosen our country Kenya as His starting point in this great battle against the powers of darkness.
Watch out this country Kenya, and you will see many changes in the days ahead.I believe that God has given me an insight on many things which I intend to share with the rest of the world.I beg to stop here looking forward to hearing from you soon.God bless.



Dear Jack, I had an epiphany and was curious as to your view. What if everything that is currently happening in the world today is the “knocking at the door?” Wars and rumors of wars, the middle east (the area where civilization began and will end) being in the spotlight, the issues with Russia, inflation, recession, gay marriage. The list goes on and on. What if Barack Obama is the final Anti-Christ? He’s so “charismatic”. A word the Bible uses to describe him. I can picture an assassination attempt on him by some racist if he becomes president. A fatal wound, but he won’t die… Does this frighten you as much as it does me? I’m on your mailing list.


Jack , although I am not in total agreement with all you say , I do understand why you are saying it. I also am a Vietnam veteran and a professional soldier who is retired..Moreover , I too love the lord and pray for his return(even so come lord Jesus). May the lord watch over you my christian and veteran brother. Master Sergeant M. Brown, United States Army,(Ret.)


hey jack, just read your manchu letter, it brought back a lot of memories very similar to my own experiences as a combat medic with the 4th infantry (66-67 tuy hoa, plei djereng, jackson hole, and pleiku). todays world makes little sense, it seems like the world we all thought we were in the war for was stolen by the politicians and liberals. the part of your letter mentioning fallen angels seems an apt description of the politicians who are now running our country which is rapidly failing. they say we get the government we deserve and i suppose that is the case as i don’t think there is one of them that isn’t completely sold out and none who have anyones intrests at heart except their own power and greed and opportunities for more corruption. i guess the best that can be said for it is we have lived in some interesting times, take care bro


sorry don’t believe religion has anything to do with war and personally i don’t believe in xristianity



May God bless you!! You are very bold in your faith. God can use you to reach many hearts on behalf of the Good News of the Gospel of Christ. He lives and dwells in you richly. I pray that you have an incredible God encounter.

Hidden in Him,


Hey Jack,
Everything is fine here. Trying to remove ourselves from this world’s entanglements, so that we can focus on the coming of our Lord.l These days are amazing. Everything is setting up for the last act. I have no hope that anyone in govt can or will do anything to help this nation. I believe USA is headed into bondage and judgement. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken, and hopefully christians will turn to the Lord for refuge.
Hope you and Carol are well.


Dear Jack,

Thank you for sharing a very heartfelt, profound letter. These men who are your Army buddies deserve our highest respect, support, thanks and prayers…I wouldn’t want to live the nightmares they’ve had to endure for so many years….Yet today, thousands and thousands have paid with their lives and have suffered lifelong injuries both physical and mental…Not to mention the families involved…My heart goes out to all of them!

The part that still baffles me is how so many wars have been fought since Jesus appeared on earth, all in the name of freedom, yet you say Jesus postponed warfare in the New Testament? Why is it then that I’ve never heard any preaching EVER from the pulpit condemning warfare? I know that Jesus never encouraged involvement in the Roman government because many zealots following Him indeed wanted to take up the sword and fight for the cause in His day. They even misunderstood the reason Christ came to earth! Jesus then said, “My kingdom is not of this earth.” I agree, but no one correlates the Lord’s statement as being relevant today, regarding warfare, as Jesus said in scripture! It’s easy to miss because people automatically remember the Lord leading Israel in numerous confrontations in the Old Testamen & assume it’s legitimate in any age. That’s the catch…They really don’t think much about it. Neither Christians I’ve known nor men of God I’ve listened to through the years preach, have ever spoken against war!…How could this have been missed? Yet everyone knows about the downfall of man in the garden, even that satan is the prince of the power of the air? Why has it been completely silent behind the pulpits? I think I remember only the Quakers condemning war in a movie I watched starring Gary Cooper & Anthony Perkins. In the film they refused to take up arms and kill anyone. Is it just lack of knowledge of the scriptures? Satan blinds men to many things, but the Holy Spirit usually gives them insight once their eyes are opened! Could everyone be this blind???? I haven’t done much research Jack, I admit it because it simply never dawned on me until I came across your website. Did any men of God in the past preach against war besides the Quakers? I’ve heard myriad sermons about many subjects, but NEVER one preached about not going to war because Jesus condemned it. After all this, what must the Lord be thinking? Apparently we aren’t suppose to defend our country when terrorists and criminals run rampant? I just don’t understand all of it Jack. I’d like to say I do, without a doubt, but I’m just not sure. It’s something to seriously pray about though…

Thanks for a great letter…I’d like to learn more, but this will definitely not be accepted in the American body of Christ, that’s for sure. They are gung ho patriotic and without any reservation most believe in defending our country. I’ve never seen so much deception, or division in the church and the nation today. America is under the delusion that wars are completely reasonable to maintain freedom and peace…It’s one of the few things they DO AGREE UPON. Was there ever a time when God would have directed us to go to war since our country was founded? Gee, honestly, I’m not completely sure about many things. I need to bring these serious matters before the throne of God, as I know you’d always suggest first. Jack, you know that the things you speak about on your website, and this letter, will never sit well with Americans in general nor with Amercian Christians.

God Bless you, and help us ALL understand everything the way He intended…..May the Holy Spirit take the scales off everyone’s eyes…




I sent “The Manchus of Charlie Company” out to about 175 people… Many of whom are on their second deployment to Iraq, and many VN vets. Many are children of VN vets. They will read that and be moved. I said that there is life after the foxhole experience… as in there are no athiests in in foxholes.

Thanks for your service.



Jack thank you for this story as just recently I have been reading about these adventures in Viet-nam by different departments. The first one was the Air Force and now this one about the Army…..I left Viet-nam in 1964 after setting up an radar system to help give our troops some warning if hostile airplanes were following them around…….I have been giving you a bad time about America being Babylon several years ago and now would like to say that since the financial bail out and the situation of our government. I would like to introduce you to the Babylonian economic system that is threatening to invade America…Which is debt…..All the Israelites, England, America, Canada, Austrailia, Iceland and many more countries adopted some form of this Babylon system and now China and Russia will be foreclosing on America as the battle of Ezekeil 38 and 39…..They are the lenders and we are the borrowers. The Israelites in the Book of Judges borrowed and got foreclosed on and became slaves. We as Americans do not own the gates of our enemies as these gates or ports are now held by our enemies……France has literally disassembled her weapons and cannot fight in a war, England does not have any power and like the Americans cannot go on fighting the war in Aftganistan. We are vulnerable from the North. We are Israel in this country…..China will invade to reposess her holdings in this country as that is prophesied….The Babylon system is what is holding the Israelite nations of this world today it is not America but a economic system that is winning.The beast is Islam and its oil dollars are being loaned to us….We cannot pay them back….They will own us…….Thanks, Don


Thank’s Jack for remembering thows who gave it all for the love of there country and thank the Lord we are still here to tell the stories of these brave men. I also was in NAM in the 25th Div. 3/22nd inf. Delta CO. 1968-69 along the cambodian boarder and Tay Nihn with DELTA CO. REGULARS . I remember the Manchus back at Tay Nihn Basecamp and had a few beers with some of them. Delta Co. had a reuion a few years back in Reno and it was great seeing the guy’s again and hearing there stories. I have been trying for years to reach some of the guy’s but some don’t want to be found .The war took a toll on there lives.The one’s i have found we call each other every weekend no matter what is going on in our lives and joke and tell lies about everything we did at eighteen that we can’t do anymore. We are Nam Brothers for life. I still work at the University of Iowa as a Bldg and Grounds foremen and live here in Harper Iowa not far from where i grew up at What Cheer Iowa and married now forty years with three grown children. My youngest daughter now in her sixteenth year in the Air Force as a Master Sargent Stationed in Des Moines Iowa. My oldest daughter married and a weather news forcaster at Grand Rapids Michigan and my son the youngest a supervisor in a factory in Iowa City Iowa. Keep on writing Jack it’s the only way any of us Nam Brothers can honor our fallen brothers. God BLESS. Dennis


Your article confirms that you Mr Hook, just like Saul/ Paul the founder of xianity, have never truly repented of your past murderous activities. Your self glorifying tiresome articles and emails continue to remind everyone that you have never repented of your past atrocities. So please remove my name from your mailing list.


Mr. Hook

As I write, with tears welling up in my eyes, I can’t seem to put the words to paper! Thank God, He chose you as the Messenger, and knowing that Jesus can soften the hardest of hearts, I pray for that ‘heart softening’ for all those I love, that rebuke Him.

The journey you speak of, very daunting. The tasks at hand, the witnessing of a Warrior’s death, a loss of a friend, a ‘brother-in-arms’, the agony, the pain – the Jubilation to share the TRUTH with those that remain here today.

Thank you for sharing with me today “Vietnam: The Manchus of Charlie Company” – I’ve been moved in more ways than one.

I admire, love and am GRATEFUL for those who CHOSE to sign their life away, (for FREEDOM, Country & HONOR) when they chose to enlist ~ these souls are very precious and dear to me. Does not matter where I am, when I am there, who is with me – if I am aware you have served our country – I will envelope you with love, kindness and sometimes if I get the opportunity, buy a Warrior a meal.
If I am not aware I try to take time to ask if that person is a Veteran, and pay it forward. Usually with both of us visiting ’emotion ville’

Thank you again Mr. Hook ~ this is (unfortunately) the tapestry of American (and other world history) History, culturally most ‘visitors’ to our great nation don’t know our history or don’t care or both.

May I have your permission to share this story with my “MYSPACE” friends?

If you prefer I did not – I respect that, and will carry this story in my pocketbook to share with others – those who are feeling down, lonely, depressed, unsure and those that do NOT know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

I appreciate you ~ I agree with all of what you write
and I am glad that however you found my email addy, the Lord brought you to me. Thank you Jesus ~ Amen!



Dear Jack Hook,

I recieved your Vietnam letter today….and I read it all, and am crying still.

I grew up with so many of these sort of men , that went and served in Vietnam, and came home so very different , so quiet, angry, hurt, and sad. I loved them and they would share with me , in letters, what they could not share with those they loved. I was writing to over 37 at one time , many in the Marines. After I was engaged many stopped writting, a few all together , but the rest just slowed down and many were answered by my new husband and I. They came home and shared the stories , people don’t want to hear, many of which had been in those letters. I held photos that I am not sure how they got them to me, I had only looked once and gave them most back in the same envelopes they arrived in. Some burnt them , some hid them from thier own familes.

I have been a sworn peace activist since early childhood, because of what the war did to my own dad and what he did to me. I did love and welcomed home the soldiers, and I let them know I loved them for doing what they thought was right. I never marshed in protest, because while my friends were there, I just wouldn’t. I did speak up and write letters to protest Vietnam. The war , the governments devotion to war, the lies, the injustice to those that came home so damaged.

After 911, I did Protest the coming Iraq war, held signs and spoke up to many including my own boss and all I worked with. They said I didn’t love America and I was a trader, my own Bishop told me many times how wrong I was and what i was doing was so evil and hurtful to those who would serve. Saddly I was right in everything I said and everything I have always believed in. JESUS would not want good christians fighting wars for greed and glory. I ended up quitting the LDS church. I could no longer be one with so many so called christians who loved and praised war. I am free and still speaking up…and still being looked down on, but that is OK with me….I am following my heart and the Spirit that has always enlightened me. I want more than anything to become just like Jesus. In wisdom , love, peace and kindness , but most of all to stand for the right and speak up against the evil.

I just want you to know I loved the stories and your email. I thank you for sharing your beliefs , your feelings, and all those wonderful, kind, and special men you shared with us all today.

I am sending it to all on my list, and I will allow them to deside to read it or not, but at least you and I at that point have done our best. Thank you sir, for your time and your caring and your love for all of us. GOD bless you . GOD bless us all. May I be of service to JESUS in the coming times ahead.

love , Jeannie.













jack these story,s moved me very deeply, as i was in the 101st airborne
2nd of the 1/502 infantry and went on alot of ambush mission,s as the
r.t.o, that old prick 25 was heavy to tote around with the ruck and
other equipment we carried,i will never forget, and i have found no
peace with remembering all the things that happen the good and the bad,
dont think i ever will,i have ask,ed god to give me some peace of mind
and heart,some say when where you in vietnam i say just last nite, like
all the guys you wrote about i have problems from p.s.t.d. and from the
agent orange, and i never got my bronze star, may not mean much to some,
but it did to me, i left the 101 in72 and was send to co c 87th inf gave
all my paper,s and my recomendation for the b.s. to the sgt at vung tai,
never heard any thing else about it, when i inqured about . the army
just give me the old run around, and excuse,s and even threaten me for
asking about my b.s. so i just quit trying to find the paper work they
said i was not awared this b.s. i guess not the sgt more then likey
threw my paper in the trash, some day i hope before i get the call from
the major comander up stair,s i will get my just due, i belive their is
a higher power and hope iam worthy enough to join his army, some day,i
just hope! take care my brother h.lee


Mr. Hook,
I thank God for you. To stand up and tell the truth. knowing the last days prophesy. I do not always agree
with you , but I know you are good man of God.
Your brother in Christ.


Thanks Jack for your letter “The Manchus of Charlie Company” and for sharing with me. I understand what you are saying and it was like seeing old friends hearing the stories. As I read them I wanted to stop reading and just not think of it but I could not stop until the end. My late wife would try to keep me from reading about that time and even watching a movie about it. She said she could tell it hurt me to do so. It was several years before I saw the movie platoon. Hearing these stories brings images to mind and emotions we all try to keep in check so we can just go on from day to day.Well I better go now just wanted to say thanks and I will pass the letter on.


Hi Jack!

I don’t know how I got on your mailing list, but I praise God that I did! Your e-mail brought both tears and rejoicing. It is so refreshing, yet so rare, to hear truth these days. Thank you for bring one who shares God’s truth.

Lord bless you,


My husband was in nam too..these stories are very moving.G-d Bless Kim