December 2010 Comments

Dear Brother Jack,

Hello… thank God so much for sending to us the message about Satan Synagoge. We read and read the content halleluya… and really now message be send to deferent Pastor in our local area of Philippines. Thanks nd God Bless.

In Gospel Service,
Pastor Amado Medina


Go to hell Jack D Hook


The only thing you and I have in common is the fact that we both served during the Vietnam war

 I did not lose my faith and do not want religion pushed in my face

 God and I are close

Good day sir


Just would like to say thank you, and welcome home to you,I enjoyed Letter very much as not often do people put into words the things that you have said.Maybe some poor soul out there really needs to hear  all the things that you write about,and the way you go about saying it. As for me I enjoyed it very much thank you. Do you ever send you writings to any of the V A Hospitals? As allot of thoes guys would enjoy reading what you write. THANKS AGAIN BUSTER, 2/39 th 9th Div 


Hello JD,

I see you are very deep & to the point. I’ll pass your e-mail on to others(non-military) & veterans as well.  your veteran friend always–N.T. LOUDON


Hi Jack,

Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to hear from a guy like yourself. Pleased to make your acquaintance and thanks for the mail. Not so long ago I sent an e-mail regarding another Vietnam veteran’s website ( Gary ) to a lady ( Titania ) in the States but I doubt whether she received it. I believe a great number of guys who served but did not actually see combat, regret it in the sense that they lost friends and weren’t there to help fight the “good fight” side by side with them who were k.i.a.

I know, I’m one.

Please respond to my mail so I may share my ( mutual ) feelings with you.

Kind regards,



The Synagogue of Satan MUST ultimately be the “rich men of the earth”!  Do you really think JUST the muslims are behind all this?  Are you kidding me!  You have wontan evil in israel also.  Try people murdering babies there just like the rest of the world as well as homosexuality, adultry, etc.!  But, try the rothschilds/rockefellers and other powerful familes.  They are pulling all the strings.  They have built all these layers of lies and we just have to keep peeling them back and back and back.  Nobody ever talks about the most evil muslim country which has got to be saudia arabia which the anglo-american (usa, england, israel) deals with.  saudia arabia is so filthy with there sharia laws not to mention how those rich sultans are scum-of-the-earth like all the other presidents, dictators, etc. barry satorro aka: barak obama!  I can’t believe how many people who call themselves jews are so filthy on all levels.  Guess who controls all the banking, entertainment, education, etc.?  It’s all about money and power for these bastard sons of satan!  Oh, they sure don’t have Jesus Christ in them if they are for abortion/homosexuality!  Unfortunately, al lot of the non-jews minions are helping them advance their new-world-order agenda even quicker.  To bad Sharon Angle was defrauded by harry reid.  The establishment sure don’t want know righteous, Christian tea-party people in, do they!



This is a very interesting email. Though I do agree with most of it, I do question your comment about the last president being the anti-christ. Do you have any references for that?

You might be interested in my website: missionsoffireandmercy.com. You can find excerpts there from my book, Missions Of Fire And Mercy~Until Death Do Us Part. I wrote this for all audiences as you can see. God brought me through many tough situations, as you can see from the book.




Brother Jack –

The “militant Left” possesses a degree of self-righteousness somewhat unsurpassed and as virulent as that of the extreme Right – especially, if you side-by-side the religious resolve of both.  Although “him ye will receive” may be the majority of Israel’s leadership; however, the biblical fact that Antichrist’s nature is the enforcer against the will of the recipient does constitute a problematic affair – i.e., Israel will undoubtedly be deceived (at least the majority) but simultaneously there will be a “take it or leave it” arrangement…just as Antiochus IV Epiphanes orchestrated upon the Jews of his day, coupled with the assassination of the legitimate high priest and the replacing of the same by a stooge of Antiochus IV Epiphanes – i.e., the “prince of the covenant.”

How these several elements come to play in the end of days is a biblical fact – it is ours to discern that these variant streams are just that – there is no one side to this thing – and that is precisely why I raised the issue.  Make no doubt about it, the “leaven of Herod” (politics) and the “leaven of the scribes and Pharisees” (the religious right of their day) was just as Christ-denying as the insidious sect of the left-leaning Sadducee whose denial of the resurrection was just as vociferous.

In the end – deception, bribery, lies, threats – all will converge to the delight of the “prince who is to come” – and we all, who by His abundant grace, discern the times and who shall be blessed to “lead many to righteousness” (for He alone is our righteousness) “shall shine as the stars forever and ever.”

God’s blessing be yours and your dear family – thanking Him always for a fellow soldier who follows the Captain of our Salvation!





If anyone is hell bent on world domination it’s the good ol’ US of A.


I am a a lifetime Democrat .. fully support President Obama who has inherited the biggest mess in America’s history and is doing a good job .. it is difficult to fix and 8 years mess in 20 months..



 I cannot continue to contend with your telling ‘untruths’ as a man of God.  You play right into the globalist hands with the failure to address the real enemy and continue to demonize the Russians and Islamic fanatics (formed and operated by the CIA), Obama and others who are merely players on the world scene.

 I wish you would come around to the truth as this letter you wrote causes more harm than good.

 Unfortunately, I ask to be removed from you e-mails.

 By His grace alone,



Jews aren’t Israelites, they are Canaanites who God sent King David to kill off c. 1000 B.C. over in Edom where they came from. They are pretending to be us real Israelites, the Anglo-Saxons who left Israel in 745 B.C. and fled into the Caucasus Mountains and we came out the other side known as Caucasians. We went into the wilderness of Europe and founded Many Nations for our Father Abraham.


Jack Hook wrote:

“For those who have yet to be saved from their sin nature remember this, the combined power of the precious blood and second coming of Jesus Christ is the “only” permanent solution to the death and destruction that men inflict upon one another to the hideous delight of Satan and his fallen angels, the masters of human manipulation. The triune God who created and loves us wants us to experience sorrow of a Godly kind that works repentance unto the salvation of our heart, mind, and body, 2 Corinthians 7:10. He will replace our genuine sorrow with his joy through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit surrounding our newly created and circumcised heart! Then we will desire to obey the God of Israel because we love him, knowing that he first loved us and sent his Son to save us from our sin nature and the bondage of the fallen angel masters.”


If this fairy tale was just that, a crazy fantasy without one shred of evidence that foolish people choose to embrace, I wouldn’t mind so much. But whackjobs like you want everyone to buy in to your evil, misanthropic view of life. Yours is a deeply offensive message. How is it you show no awareness of this? Worse, you teach innocent children to be terrified of, what, their “sin nature”. That makes you the lowest of the lowest child abuser. No, there is nothing benign, let alone life enhancing about your f….. up, unfounded beliefs. You are delusional and you would do everyone an enormous favor by shutting the f… up. Keep your insanity to yourself.



Brother Jack, bless you for your beautiful writings!  Jim


Hello Jack:  Thank you for the article.  May I suggest that you get Chris Pinto’s DVD, ” The Hidden faith of the founding fathers.” 

Without a doubt there has been a great Christian influence in America, however, that does not translate into America being a Christian nation, or having a Christian government, or Constitution.  The government by no means promotes Jesus Christ, nor does the Constitution, nor do most of the people living in America.  In light of Scripture we know that he who denies the Son hath not the Father or the Son;  John 2:22,23.  A nation can proclaim that it trust in God, but that does not make it true Biblically.  Scripture is our guide line, not vain expressions, backed by more vain living.

Secret organizations, and hidden agenda’s have been at work to make America a new Atlantis, with reason being its guide, and human enlightenment, not God’s Word.  Many times the term religion was used by founding Deist, Unitarians, and others to denote a type of morality, and not the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Self evident truth, had to do with the denial of prophecy, and further emphasized that man’s reason was his guide in life to be bowed down to  The Deity, virgin birth, miracles, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead were not according to man’s reason, and therefore could be rejected, but His moral views could be accepted.  How’s that for eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil ?  Man’s reason was his god, and therefor made him a god, and his word was held in higher esteem that The Word of God.  It’s the same old lie satan deceived Eve with in the garden.

We do have a moral responsibility to do good and take advantage of the freedoms we have in this country to influence the actions of the government, and to promote the election of moral men in government.  However, outside of the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, man is doomed to failure no matter what type of government system he establishes.  The American experiment has proven that to be true once again.

God Bless, David


From:  Leta

To: Jack Hook

Re:  your email and website

I, too, know that salvation comes only through the blood of Jesus and that our Father has His plans for the return of our King and Master.

I find your postings interestng and informative.  What do you think of the minister from Family Radio in Oakland, CA who says that he has calculated the date of Christ’s return as May 21, 2011.

He also teaches that the “church age” is over and that Satan is ruling in organized churches.  I am no longer involved in any church myself, having been a church-serving Christian all my life. The Holy Spirit has freed me from that bondage and I am so relieved; however, I am not sure that the Family Radio guy is right.  I hope and pray that our Lord is soon returning, but there is the Bible verse that says no man knows the hour.

May God bless you in a special way as we celebrate next week our veterans here in the Chattahoochee Valley.



Hi Jack,

 I  thought I would do some public relations for you.
 Some of the Veterans on my list think these types of emails are spam!
 Others think it’s BS.
 I myself like your style since it’s direct and right to the point.
 Just remember Jack when some of these Veterans think this is all BS
 they will find out when they “buy the farm” that you were right and they were all wrong.
 But then it’s too late.

 Semper Fi,


Jack do I know you?

I do not subscribe to any of this fear or crazy religion stuff. I think you are all nuts across the board. Please take me off this list.




You know what the problem is?
People like you manipulating the truth of the Bible and scaring people
with your fire & brimstone judgemental atitude instead of letting GOD’S Love shine through you to people.


Thanks, Jack.  I appreciate what you are trying to do.  Christianity as practiced by many  people is a great thing…yet Christianity has also committed many war crimes down through the ages.  Be a good Christian, yes…but don’t ever allow any religious group to get control of any government.  This is what happened during the middle ages in the Christian Inquisition in Europe…during which about 300,000 people were “tortured and murdered” by the Church-Government combinations.  The last person executed under this “event” was hanged in Mexico in the 1700’s.  Our Salem Witch-hunts were also a fading part of the “Inquisition” episode.  The Inquisition was not all Catholic either.  Protestants also participated and Henry the Eighth ,Founder of the Church of England, legally murdered several of his wives….so he could re-marry others.  So the word “Christian” means many things.,..just like “Islam” and all of our other “Religions”.do as well.  If we would live by any guide, I would choose “Wisdom”…or that which has proven to be good for Humanity.    
It is said that 4 Buddhist Orders grabbed off most ot the wealth of the nation of Tibet. So, it is not so much the Religion that can be dangerous…but it is the “Priesthood” that must always be reckoned with.  That is how Christ came to be crucified.  He opposed the reigning “Priesthood”….that was also the “government” at the time. 

I enjoy your writings.  Well done.  Always, Nelson


Dear Jack;
Thank you for your thoughts. They mesh well with my own.
I can’t answer your question as to whether the left or right will rule. It seems right now that they might be bringing Obama down to install a righty to rule. A false flag could change that real quick though.
Praying that your words bear eternal fruit for the kingdom of God;



YOu speak of Imperialists…. yes they are the problem!  Have you checked the USA’s and Israel’s record? 

Between the two who haven’t they abused?

Yes “they” want a One world order…. They can’t have one if there is a super power!

So they are destroying them…. first russia now america.  They are using america to create havoc.. out of chaous comes order… one world order!

They are destroying your military, your economy, your money and your country for their own end.

Obama…. He is just a puppet side show, just like all the governments.

Take a look at who is pulling the strings and you will see the masters of this thing.

Do you know anything about Jykle island, the 1913 banking act, rothchild style fractional reserve banking, federal reserve, fiat currency, fascism, what religion is all about ( controlling people) gee that is something the globalist would encourage….. they like to control “YOU” and me and every body else! 

Propaganda, disinformation, drugs… gee these same guys used flouride in the death camps in germany….. do you know about war and drugs for profit…. big pharma, big agri, fda, military industrial complex, gates and vaccine, global warming bullshit…. all about control.

What is a false flag or the confession’s of financial hit man.

See david Ike for some real enlightenment!

 Get your head out of the bible and read some real history!

Wake up before it is too late… there will be no freedom of religion under what is comming!

With all due respect, I am sure you mean well. They are doing a good job they have most of us brain washed or brain dead.




Well written, Jack. 

The world is going to be astonished when, during the great tribulation, about one HALF of all mankind dies in that seven year period. 

And they will be totally powerless to stop it. 


Greetings Jack:

Where President Obama is going seems clear, as confirmed from several commentators before the election who stated he would agains be turning on Israel after the election.  Looks like this is happening.  His bellicose anti-Israel comments recently from Jakarta reveals what’s in his heart – blame Israel for everything wrong with the world in front of an overwhelmingly Muslim audience, of course.

The more he opens his mouth, especially with Muslim audiences, the more he reveals who he really is – and who he really worships.  Not the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, it would seem.

Awaiting your response Brother, God bless you both, till He comes,



Jack I have to apologize for my tyrade in the last email I sent you about Jews. I know that I am suppose to love and forgive and I wasnt doing either. I sometimes get a little confused about as Paul puts it ” being subject to earthly authorities” especially when they are so corrupt. I know God doesnt want me to hate because it will destroy me but he also says to resist and expose evil to a certian degree also.

I would appreciate any insights you can give me into this sometimes seeming contradiction………………PEACE


Hey Jack,

Isarel is not in the Middle East; they are still scattered to the 4 winds. They are the black folks that were taken on ships by jewish owners; taken all over the world and are still there to this day. The fakes are occuping the land today! Wake up Jack!



 So it’s NWO whether conservatives or liberals are in charge.

thanks for your take on it.  No, we will not succeed with Dominionism.

Praying for the rule of Jesus Christ.

Mariel Strauss