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Jack, Thanks for a lovely message.  I also long to see His face and to bow before Him singing His praises, thanking Him for calling my name.  Your Vietnam Widow friend, Leta


You are truly nuts.  I think I might be the antichrist. What should I do?


The love of democracy or a republican form of government is not really what they (Muslims) are after. I think it is just a way to get the muslim world all together, after which they think the defeat of Israel and what we refer to as the “Free World” will be possible. The current leaders of the countries under siege are just holding on to power and prestige. The new leaders will unite the countries under the “Law” found in their “holy book”, also pretty much for power and prestige of a religious sort. Our war on terror will have no allies, they will all bow to the pressure and throw Israel to the dogs to try to appease the muslims. Under our current leadership I expect the same from the USA.

Steve Gray

25th Infantry Div 1969-70


Well, Jack, to me it means we are closing in on the end.  God said Ishmael would cause problems until the end.  So we know there will NEVER be peace in the Middle East.  No peace agreements.

Yours in Christ,



Hi Jack,

All this middle east turmoil began with the jealousy between Sarah and Hagar and between Isaac (God changed Jacob his son’s name to Israel) and Ishmael (forefather of the Arabs). Satan has kept this animosity going for millenia to further his conspiritorial plan to destroy the Isaraelites [all 12 tribes – Genesis 49 – not just Judah (modern day Israel)]. Regardless of what Satan plans God is Sovereign (Job 41:11) and he has total control of all events, but He allows Satan to accomplish parts of his own plan that further God’s ultimate plan.

I read recently the the Roman Catholic Church had a hand in helping form Islam because they realized they couldn’t get a foot in the area without doing it covertly. Just another theory I suppose. Nevertheless, Satan has his many conspiriacies warring with one another to try to accomplish his ultimate goal; destroy mankind.

The turmoil in the Middle East is a geopolitcal crisis that has been orchestrated by covert operatives who are working on behalf of the Globalists to bring about certain changes in leadership to gain control of the region. For example, the true “war” in Yemen is between the NATO Globalist forces and Iran (Persians). Both are vying for control of the important sea gates to the oil rich nations. This, of course, is the literal explanation of what is going on in the region. What God has in mind will probably make use of this conquering human war plan.

Right now, there are several major factions vying for power, sometimes even working together. There are political, financial and religious groups working together on a global scale to further their own ends. But as we know from Scripture ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand'” (Luke 11:17-18). Satan’s demons are divided.

Things are progressing rapidly in setting up a world government for the Beast power and False Prophet. All these plans of Satan and his human minions will ultimately fail. God is still on His Throne.

You indeed stated the important bottom line of it all: “In any case, all of this turmoil indeed signals the coming again of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Martin Collins



I don’t know how you acquired my name but I demand you delete it from whatever list you have immediately.

David Sconyers, PhD

Platoon Leader, Bravo Co, 3rd LVTs, 1st L\MarDiv 1965-6 and

Company Commander, Alfa Co, 3rd LVTs, 1st MarDiv 1968-9

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Bigotry tries to keep truth in hand with a grip that kills it ~ Rabindranath Tagore

We all have our demons ~ Howard Stern


Don’t send anything else to me!  What I swore an oath to and offered my life, if necessary, to defend is light-years away from your offensive psychobabble that you are espousing!  You and your beliefs, in my opinion, are part of Satan’s realm here on earth!  I have assigned your address to spam and hope I never hear anything from you again!


Look around you.

Jews in the White House.

Jew controlled pentagon.

Jews control world finances.

Jews control the world media.

Jew controlled Congress.


Take me off your list.


Jack… I enjoy your emails.  Keep sending. 

One suggestion… could you rank them.  For example… I am still on “milk”… as opposed to being a “meat” eater… must less at the developmental stage of “gnawing on the bone”… which I would categorize this “special report”… LOL.

Thanks from the one still on the milk,

Sonny and growing… slowly but surely.

G. H. “Sonny” Hollub, Jr.

USMC – Vietnam 68-69

2/26 Echo 3rd Plt. 0331


how did you get my email address?  I too was in Vietnam from Feb ’66 to Jan ’67.  My replacement arrived a bit early so I was able to come home prior to TET.  I too am a Saved veteran.  I forgot to mention I was station in Hawaii with 25th Inf Div Headquarters as a personnel specialist.  We shipped out to Vietnam on the USS Barrett (not sure of spelling).  About 3,000 troops on board with submarine escort.  The whole trip took 14 days across some very rough ocean which I’ll never forget.  Once arriving at Vietnam, we drove to our base camp Cu Chi. 

We experienced a lot of trouble there.  We had some very good tunnel rats and the tunnel system was quite extensive.  I was blessed to have an MOS that did not require fighting, however I was there and experienced some hairy moments, I enjoyed reading what you sent and may God Bless you.


Thanks for sending the article.  It was very good ,well written .  I served in Vietnam during the same time period.  April 3rd 1967   thru Aug 1967 I was with  Charlie co. 1/ 35  25th Inf Div  .   Then we switched with the 4th  and became  Delta 1/35th 4th Inf .Div.  Until I left in April !968  .     Again thanks .    Thanks for your service ,  Welcome Home.    Sincerely  Richard


Tom Horn has done extensive research into the occult symbolism found in the history of this nation.   He lays out many of these facts in the below video.  This should help everyone better understand where the present fraud who occupies the White House, and others in government are trying to take this nation today.

Thank you Jack Hook for your email on The Mancus of Charlie Co., Vietnam 1968.  This video might interest you and those you have talked to about spiritual wickedness in high places that control the unregenerate minds in governments and society.

The rulers of darkness have controlled men and governments in a rebellion against God and Jesus Christ through out the history of man.

Are there indications of that involvement in the formation of America, and symbols of pagan occultism in our nations capital ?

What would a person who had no idea of what America claims to stand for today conclude if they let the symbolism in and around Washington D.C. speak for itself ?   Who would they believe was America’s God she trusted in ?  The evidence, and the men behind the architecture reveal the answer.



Mr Hook,

  These days when there is so much spam in our inboxes I must admit that I almost deleted your message. I’m glad I didn’t because as I read it I can see that you are a brother in Christ and not some merchant trying to get me to send money, something I don’t have.

I read your entire email and, being a born-again Christian myself agree whole-heartedly with all you have written. I also went to your website and I book-marked it, having read a number of your articles.

I too am tired of this “health and wealth” doctrine being passed as “christianity”, who tell you that if you want prosperity in this life you must “plant a seed”. I knew this was false teaching the moment I saw it. Jesus said that his sheep know His voice and this is true.

I was in the Army myself from 1976 to 1984 and the only thing I learned there was to drink. Unlike yourself I didn’t have to serve in wartime, my war is against alcohol to this very day; something that continues to ravage my spirit and steals the crown of life from my head in this life. I can’t seem to overcome this no matter how much I try or pray.

  The thing that keeps me going through all slumps and downturns, through depression and depravity is the knowledge that it’s not what I do but what Jesus has already done that keeps me in His arms and my hopes alive.

I personally thank you for your service to our country and for the efforts you’ve undertaken to further the cause of Christ upon this Earth. May God bless you and your family for this.

Sid Davis


Hi Jack,

 I watch the first part of the video that Mr Tom Horn did.  I have some problems with him! because I don’t know him! and I don’ want to take the time to do so.  You on the other hand I like because 1st and for most you are  a Vietnam Veteran Brother Forever for better or worse! and that’s just the way Jesus put us together.  You I will listen to because you have suffered    for Jesus unlike brother Benny Hinn & Jimmy Swaggart. Keep the emails coming I enjoy every one of them.  Like I have said a few Veterans I know don’t like you and that’s because of your love for Jesus .
” Vets Help Vets.”



Dr. Tom Horn: Apollyon Rising 2012! The Hidden Occult Masonic …


Jack – Your understanding and that of Horn and many others is biblically spot on.  “American Exceptionalism” comes in a number of untoward forms, the least of which surrounds the final end-time leadership of the world’s only super power and, in point of glaring fact, the premiere entitlement, as Bro. David Wilkerson so clearly enunciated, Great Babylon of the Last Days. 

Our writings at the Tribulation Network have unabashedly declared this posture repeatedly – much to the chagrin of those who still affix priority leadership to her abominations which currently overflow her cup.  Now, I’m not here America bashing (much, but for the right reasons) – nor did I return breaking windows and attending war protests back in the late ’60s and ’70s – no, but what I see today so deeply sickens me that it’s nigh impossible to conjecture to what extent we have fallen – from “a golden cup in the hand of the Lord” to THIS!  And, quite frankly, I’m not sure just how spiritually wholesome this love affair with democracy has been – given the checkered past of secret societies which peppered our early and persistent history of the same.

Hard to think that the earthquake and now the hurricane (predicted to be one of the worst to hit the East Coast EVER – taking nigh a direct hit at Babylon on the Hudson or a quick detour to finish off the Washington Monument and bust up MLK’s debut with President Obama…could it be that Someone is trying to communicate something here?   Maybe at 9/11 Mayor Bloomberg should consider prayer as an option juxtaposed to abandoning Babylon and dodging Irene – sort of a vain effort to man up to essentials – but, then again, who cares about prayer and the like and appealing to the Almighty when something as surreal as gravity made us all…talk about black holes of renown…but Babylon’s vices are not tempered by such things as earthquakes and storms, are they?  Well, just how loud this Someone has to shout until we hear…maybe around the Seventh Trumpet…no wonder it declares:  “and they heard a LOUD VOICE from heaven saying to them, ‘Come up here’ . . . then the seventh angel sounded:  and there were LOUD VOICES in heaven, saying, ‘The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!'” (Rev. 11:12, 15).

Above the din of inane political showmanship and commercial enterprise – you know, like Buffet being paid off by O. in loaning billions to BofA at absurd rates in order to back tax hikes…duh…like we just don’t get it or something!!  Listen, there’s so much of this fecal matter going down that even Barney Frank can tell the difference…though I doubt he’ll say much about it.

It’s enough to drive a post-tribber like me to believe in imminence – yeah, the sooner this is over the better!

Oh, and one more thing – not only was she a “golden cup in the hand of the Lord” – but now her cup is “full of putridity” – yep, you’ve come a long ways baby and I think time’s up…notwithstanding, the mercy of the Lord endures forever.


Your eternal buddy…Doug


I arrived in Vietnam in late Feb. 1967.  From the 90th Repl. Bn. in Long Bin I was sent to Pleiku with the 2nd Bn. 35th Inf. Reg. 3rd Bde 25th Div.  I spent the majority of my tour in the rice paddies and mountains of I Corps.  I was assigned to a rifle and weapons platoon.  My regiment just held its reunion in San Antonio and I did not attend.  I don’t know how you came about my e-mail address but, it was nice surprise.  I am Catholic and believe very much in God, Jesus Christ and the Bible.  I know that I am here for a reason and a mission. 


Hello Jack,

Like you I am also a Vietnam veteran.  And like you I became disillusioned with religion. Not just the Christian religion or multiple religions, but all religions.  At first as I studied the religions of the world, I began to think that because of the many similarities to all religions, maybe they are all right.  But then, the more I studied the more I came to realize that they were all wrong.  Religion was created by man out of ignorance and fear.  Religion calmed the fears of the unknown.

I agree with you that we have to be vigilant to protect our country from enemies without.  But I think that the greatest threat to our democracy comes from within.  In particular there are fanatical Christian fundamentalists in this country who are convinced that the United ‘States  government must be taken over to drive out imaginary demons to facilitate the return of their savior.  These radicals are willing to intentionally destroy the economic security of the country in pursuit of their religious goals. 

Meanwhile, the very small percentage of people who control most of the wealth in the country are using these zealots to protect their redistributed wealth from taxation.  Billions of dollars are being spent on propaganda to convince the public to vote against their own best interests and elect politicians who have been bought and owned by the greedy wealthy interests.

You asked for my opinions, so I have given you some of them.

Best regards,

Glen Norman 


Brother Jack,

You speak the truth about “spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12)” that have influence upon many nations, but saying that the last American president will be the anti-Christ is taken it a bit too far.  You have no biblical basis for assuming that to be true.