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Hi Brother Hook,

Just a note to let you know that I totally concur with your article.  Keep on keeping on for Jesus Christ.  Things are looking grim for Christians living in Babylon/America.  I believe a financial catastrophe is around the corner and soon after WWIII.  Just a thot.

Your friend in Christ Jesus’ Service,



Hi Jack, Great article (God Gave Them Up:  The Days of Noah, Lot, Romney, and Obama) with so much truth. If only the population would wake up and realize there is no political or religious figure walking the face of this earth that will be able to staighten out all the problems we face on a daily basis. Whether it be economics, disease, poverty, etc. The reason why is because all of these things occur because we live in a fallen world because of sin. The only way to get rid of things like homosexuality, war, famine, adultry,etc. is for sin to be demolished, and you and I both know the only One that can do that is Jesus Christ. So as far as Obama or Romney are concidered I say hodge-posh!! I know of One that is coming that first came as a gentle Lamb with loving and gentle ways teaching about His Father’s Kingdom. But He is on His way back, and when He returns He will return as a warrior being King of Kings and Lord of Lords with one thing on His mind, and that will be to rid the world of sin. Each and everyday I try to rid myself of everything this world(which belongs to Satan) has conformed me to be. I now know that the only day in my life that has any significance of what reality is supposed to be, will be the day that I physically stand side by side with my Savior. I praise God for people like you who allow the Holy Spirit to speak truth through what you beleive. Thank you Jack for sending me this article. God bless and keep you always, DEBBIE


A….MEN!!!!..if you knew the heat I have been taking..I have never in 13 yrs reprinted anyone elses words..but I will this one.. (God Gave Them Up:  The Days of Noah, Lot, Romney, and Obama)  A..MEN!!..does it speak volumes..thanks my friend..

Know that I am praying for you, be richly blessed,


Well said. God is truly using you to speak out to others, myself included. Thanks for what you’re doing. May God surround you with grace and righteousness.

– Your brother in Christ, Edgar


Hello again Jack,

Rev.11:8 is of course speaking of two faithful witnesses who speak Christian truth to an unappreciative people who turn on them and kill them, leaving them to rot in the streets of the once holy city of Jerusalem.

At first the people were happy about  the death of the two prophets who’d tormented them with the truth, however their rejoicing was short lived because God revived the faithful witnesses causing a great fear upon these who beheld them.

Well today the Bible’s truth insn’t popular especially among certain groups of people, including homosexuals, who would like to silence us if they could.

Here in England Gay marrages, or civil partnerships as they are called have been legal for several years now, and even the Church of England has now given it’s approval for such ceremonies to be performed in their churches.

 Thankfully i left that church several years ago.

I am by no means homophobic, but i do try to uphold God’s standard of sexual morality, that being one man and his wife being united to the exclusion of all others. (Matt.19:6)

Like it or not, this is the only sexual practice acceptable to God, anything beyond this is a perversion in his eyes.

I am wondering how long it will be before governments try to make it compulsory for all churches to perform same sex ceremonies ?




From: Dale R. Hilton drhilton49@live.com

Subj: RE: RE: God Gave Them Up: The Days of Noah, Lot, Romney, and Obama

To: Jack Hook

I am a veteran of 24 years, 4 years in the Army from 1968 to 1973, and 20 years in the Air Force from 1973 to 1993.

I served in Kentucky; Tennessee; Oklahoma; Texas; Utah; Okinawa, Japan; California; Mississippi; Arizona; Turkey; and Colorado.

I am also an ordained minister. I have been an Elder since 1969.

I now comment on a part of your letter, brother.

“While Mitt Romney has said he opposes gay marriage, he has yet to stand up and say homosexual behavior is immoral, against nature itself, and a grievous sin against God…Romney are not true followers of Jesus Christ as they claim to be….Romney is a devout and faithful member of the Mormon Church, long established as a cult according to men who understand the true gospel and person of Jesus Christ proclaimed in the Bible. One of the core doctrines of Mormonism is that “men can become gods”, the defining characteristic of the coming Antichrist.”

It seems that you have been misinformed on a good many things. You wrote and I have quoted you above that you believe Mitt Romney is not a true follower of Jesus Christ.

Perhaps you are not acquainted with the Lord as you should be. I know that Mitt Romney and his family are true followers of Jesus Christ because I am related to them.

The true name of the so called “Mormon” church is actually The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The LDS church is founded by Jesus Christ Himself because He is at the head of that church and no other.

Yes, men can become Gods because Jesus Christ is our older brother and He is a God. Jesus Christ always gives glory to Our Father in Heaven and so do we, and so will we always give glory to the Father, even as Gods. Who better than a God can glorify our Father in Heaven? Yes the scriptures say that there is only one God. This means one in purpose as Our Father and Christ are one, yet they both have separate celestial bodies of flesh and bone as the Prophet Steven saw as he was being stoned.

God, Our Father in Heaven has said, “This is my work and glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.”

How else is our Father in Heaven going to get spirit grandchildren?


Hello Jack,

I sent you an e-mail several months ago. I mentioned to you that I was a former nun and had been with the Carmelite order for seven years…used to work at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa as an appointment secretary, etc..

Just wanted to comment how much I appreciated your article. It truly is bend-over-and-cough time for us all. I’m praying that a man named Roger Oakland will at long last open his safe deposit box, get the names of all the wolves within the Calvary rank and file, and put it out there so people can wake the heck up and keep their eyes on Christ, not Pastor Chuck or that fat toad Rick Warren, who is a proud care-carrying member of the Council of Foreign Relations.

I just finished writing my book FROM MY SIDE OF THE ALTAR by aNUNymous. Would you be interested in reading it?? I can easily forward it to your e-mail here.

It’s a short 60-pager, an easy read, unfortunately, won’t be the cause for anyone to make a mad dash for the dictionary either.

Sorry, I’ve got a smart sacrcastic mouth on me…

Blessing sent and take good care. 



Romney is a false Mormon.

Yes, we Mormons believe Jesus can raise some of us up to be Gods.

What else would the Bible mean where it says, “We will be like  him” and “We are His offspring”?

Take it easy on Mormons.  We are the best friend this Constitution has.

Glenn Jacobs



Hi Jack. 

Yes. These are serious serious times and so many believers are just playing fun and games with church and ministry. 

Thanks for keeping me in your list. 

G. J.


Hello Jack,

Just wanted your thoughts about something.  Considering all the corruption and downright deception going on in government, why are so many Christians so hyped up about the coming elections?  Do they actually think, after every lie they are being fed, that the voting system is any less corrupt?  Is it right to vote for the lesser of two evils?  Is it all fixed like so many other things they manipulate?  I just don’t get it?  Jesus didn’t join the revolution in His day, why are we suppose to be gungho about an ungodly system?  That’s all I’m hearing, especially from Christians!   “Be sure to vote, it will be every Christian’s fault if the wrong man gets into office!”   I’m sick of hearing delusional preachers and politicians talk, I cannot believe anyone of them!  I don’t feel guilty or the least bit motivated to cast a vote.  There are no “committed” Christians running for president!  To me God’s kingdom is not the American political system.  I believe in obeying the rules and respecting everyone as the bible said, but my allegiance is to the Lord, not corrupt men who care more about power and money than the oath of office they vowed to honor!   I’ve felt this for a long time!

What do you think?  I do agree with your point of view, and I’m witnessing many others coming around to see it!   Thank you for taking the time to listen. 

This is a personal question just to you! 

God Bless,



Please remove me from your list. I do not agree with your point of view and do not want to waste my time deleting your simplistic perspective.


Yes Jack, I have to say, “Amen’  to your reply,  As you know Woody wanted to know if I new of you. As you may know, I was a Roman Catholic for 28 years, untill The Lord Jesus Saved me out of deep sin. He took me out of the church of the devil, And put me into THe Living  Church of God  The one that Born-Again  people are in, And that is the only ones that are going into Heaven. The Lord Jesus said that one, Must be Born-again.  And The Book of Rev. says, “Only  those that are Redeemed  By The Blood of The Lamb will go into Heaven.” Sincerly  Chaplain Bender


Jack: Got  your email–and thanks so much for writing.  Give me a few days to read it and respond thoughtfully.  I’m a little busy right now and fighting a pesky migraine.  But I promise to write back and answer all of  your questions in turn.  They are well-informed and provocative.  Some I know I will answer with a laugh.  I’m honored and glad to meet you, and grateful for your service to our nation…but more than that, I’m edified by your fight for the Truth that is found only in our Lord.

Cheers…and I’m sure we’ll see each other soon in the air!



Hello Jack,

Thank you for sharing. I have read through your article and story as well. Would I kindly ask you and share some few questions?

I live in Cameroon here in Africa, and I’d like to know much more about all those things as well. Would you please confirm that I can ask questions, then I’ll.




And if we believe the signs we see today, His coming is Sooner than we think.  The Gospel is going into all the world faster each day and once it is “Preached in All Nations” then Shall the end come.  Look up, Pray, Be Ready   

And as one ole Vietnam Vet to another.  It wont be much long, Stand the watch. It’s just over the horizon.

I’ll post your article tonight and if you have a link to where people can buy your book be glad to add that also





Hey Jack,

Thanks for reading, and taking the time to write to me. I always appreciate hearing from readers. And thanks for sending all this along, I’ll check out the articles on the website link you sent me. Glad you made it back safely from Vietnam to speak truth to power today. We need it now more than ever.

Keep fighting,