December 2013 Comments

Kingdom Greetings,

Please take me off the list. I am not interested in what you have written.

Dr. Candace


Greetings and blessings to you. My name is Steve. I just read your article on despising government. I am quite humbled by it. I myself am what would be called a Christian “conspiracy theorist” . It is difficult to see the overt wickedness that people in power are steeped in and not get hateful towards them. But that is exactly what the devil wants isn’t  it? I need to ask God to forgive me and help me see things right and not be overcome by anger. Thank you for taking the time to write all these informative articles. I feel for you when you talk about telling loved ones and family about this incredibly weighty subject matter and they don’t  want to hear it. Well there are many people you don’t  know that are grateful that you have this website. God be with you.



I shall reply in part at this time. First, I served in the USMC 1964 – 1968 and spent 67 –68 in Viet Nam.

Second, I am not a Christian but a Natzirit which means in part that whern Yeshua said, “If you love me follow my commandments,” that is exactly what He meant. I do love Him and therefore do not eat pork or any of the unclean creatures which were created, not to eat but to keep His earth clean by eating refuse, etc. I, “remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy”, as is commanded, not suggested in the 4th Commandment.

You appear to be a pretrib believer and I believe that is totally false teaching by the church, to create that FEEL GOOD emotion. Have you ever noticed that the Word says, “they were first CALLED Christians in………….? The word Christian was man made by those desiring to move the gentile away from the Israelit faith and seperate them. I could go much deeper but it is late and I need to prepare for tomorrow morning.



Jack, I am a Vietnam Veteran, serving two tours.  My first was as one of the origional Doorgunners out of Hawaii.  I was on what was called ShotgunX.  We were all Volunteers and very young.  I was 17.  My second tour came 45 days after my return to hawaii from Gunner duty and I went back to Nam as Infantry with Co A 1/14th Infantry 25th Division, 3rd Brigade to Pleiku.  I was wounded bad in November 1966 and was sent home.  I stayed in the ARMY from 1964-1975 and got out as a SFC-E-7.  I am a Christian Warrior and Cherokee Native American.


To Jack Hook

“Depart from me ye cursed ones into the everlasting fire…”

 (Matthew 25:41)

 Remove our name from your mailing list.

Disciples of Yeshuwa’ Mawshiyach


Hello Jack, thank you for contacting me and I am blessed to see that you are being a disciple for God’s children to help them be prepared for Jesus’ soon return.  I agree with many of your points, but differ in some of your doctrinal interpretations of prophecy.  My church believes a bit differently and I would like to recommend a book to you that details the end times from the inception of Christianity to Jesus return in historical detail and future prophecy.  If you would agree to read it front to back, I will send you one free.  It is called The Great Controversy written by Ellen G White and you would not regret devoting the time to read it through.
Let me know
God bless you in your work for Him


Dear Jack Hook:

I have heard you many times on the radio… and appreciate your work for our country and for Jesus.

I am a widow of a WWII vet that has gone to see Jesus.

I came out of politics in the seventies but was called into the ministry. I keep up with politics but mainly preach and minister to God’s people.



Jack – I appreciate the time and effort you took to explain your belief to me. But, in all honesty, I do not have to be convinced of the realities between good and evil. 

We are on the same side.


Well have I not only read your letter, But I have sent it to my lists. But it was so long I had to shorten it. As you very well know most people  will not read a very long E-mail. May The Dear Lord Bless you this week !  Sincerly  Chaplain  Bender


Thank you Jack, 

     This is the first time we heard from you in almost 3 months. We save all your articles in a folder. (BTW, my son-in-law is also named Jack.) Where are you located? We’re in Houston, TX.

     You are on our list, so you should know that we don’t forward anything political. As for currant events, we know that Father is still in Charge. Absolutely nothing will ever happen that He does not permit! That’s why we never worry about anything.

     I was in the USAF in the early 50s, but never got out of TX. I am now 80 years old. I’m a country boy from NY married for 25 years to a city girl from TX. I first came to Houston in the fall of 1955 and then again in 1975.

Love/hugs, Nat & Margie


Hi Brother Jack,

I do read and concur totally with your articles that I have read.  Most people in this nation have no clue as to the Biblical identity of the United States of America and all of this will come as a snare upon them all.  I am saving your email and will read all that I have not read before.  I do appreciate your obedience to the Lord and your ministry in being a watchman on the wall, like myself, trying to warn other Christians about the perilous times that are before us.  I will pray for you brother that you shall escape what is upon us and I appreciate your prayers for me and my family as well.  God Bless  you as you carry out your calling.

Your Brother in Christ Jesus’ Service,