February 2002 Comments

Dear Jack,
I visited your site at your invitation a few months ago. At first glance I was shaken at the contents and went away in awe of your knowledge. But then after a while I began to think that it was just a big scare from the devilto divert peoples attention from Jesus Christ and His love and grace. So I left it at that for a while. But God being God, led me back to the same place again to reveal the truth to me, and as a result I have drawn the following conclusions:

* You don’t seem to be seeking any profit for yourself either financially
or otherwise.
* You gain nothing from your efforts, other than the chance to serve the
God you believe in.
* All areas open to dispute have been referred to Scripture and not added
to from your own personal points of view.
* Your concern for Israel and those called to new life in Jesus Christ
seems both heartfelt and genuine.

I’m sorry if it appears that I am judging you but I am not by any means. But I think that you will agree that the gravity of the contents of your site warrent being prayerfully tested by His Word, rather than being blindly accepted. In the same way I think back about eight years ago when I was given a word of rebuke for our church which was dismissed off hand by one of the elders, without so much of a second thought. I was devastated by my own stupidity! But now when I look back, I realise that God was speaking through
me, and for one reason alone: namely Iwas “naive” enough to believe He could be right and a church elder could be wrong!!

My prayers are with you in your efforts to wake the Church, and stir it to the task Christ has called us to. May you be filled with His Spirit,
empowered in word and deed, and led forward in discerning His Word for todays world. There is one thing I am able to see in your heart as clear as I can feel it in my own heart. Namely, that you are prepared to forsake EVERYTHING to be counted a true and faithful friend of our Lord Jesus Christ. May that never change my friend.
Love in Christ, John
Am I to understand you are calling the Pope a Satanic Tool– If you are you have angered me beyond belief. You had better explain this remark.
You’re wack! Religion is a business…PERIOD! Furthermore, I personally don’t buy into the fairy tales and scare tactics of your brand of religion. If you want to continue to perpetuate that nonesense, hey, it’s a free country right?!. Meanwhile, the rest of the world will continue to believe (and rightfully so,) that Mary had an affair with a Roman soldier, that Noah DIDN’T live to be 170+ yrs. old, and that Adam and Eve is a myth (among many many others.) Hoping you’ll come to your senses,
Please run along…do not send me email like this again-the only people who would pay the slightest bit of attention to something like this—would be weak easily led losers like yourself

Dear Jack,
Thank you for sharing your site, it was very interesting. I am a Christian, I know Jesus is in my heart. I also know I have sinned and have asked for forgiveness. Your site is very well done. Thank you for sharing your views
with me.
Jack Hook……Are you really Jack Chick? His publications were of the most hateful sort and this nonsense certainly is hateful! Your imagination is fueled by the father of lies himself…..Satan and I ask that you discontinue further e-mails to this address. Sincerely, A follower of Christ in His Most Holy Catholic Church
Dear Jack;
Out of curiosity, I am wondering how it is that you came to write to me and share your spiritual views. I’ve been reading and reading, for
these last few days, your writings online. You have done a remarkable job of unveiling the shrouds of delusion and revealed the simplicity
that is in Christ and Gods’ prophecies. Thank you!
As the world, particularly in organized religions, has grown less righteous and more homogenized in the “New Age” type of prosperity and formulated practices of positive confession and recreation of God, Himself, to conform to mans’ ideas and demands of Him…. The encountering of others who live simply and without compromise, are rare and when found, are also outside of “The Church” in all of its formal denominations and leaderships. It is lonely… but it is also a time of learning to walk in faith and lean on Him as we are instructed, in a personal walk. In time, we accept this “peculiarity” of purity in faith and trust in God and acceptance of the light of truth and spiritual guidance, as definition and commitment of ourselves according to The Word. How good it is, though, to meet others who are also walking in this light. And true to Histeaching, we do “know” each other when we meet the few who are walking the same path.

I have been truly blessed to have come to know you! By whatever means you came to write to me – I appreciate His having brought us together. Thank you so very much for your obedience and faithfulness to “feed My sheep” Interestingly, it is the only time I ever found in The Word that Christ repeated Himself THREE consecutive times in a row… Lovest Thou Me? Feed my sheep. (John 21: 15-17). Thank you for doing that. You have been a warm place to tarry (through your site).
I don’t agree with you, I don’t believe in God
Dear Jack Hook.
Thank You for the mail.
But I think that I have so much to do before I
will die,and I dont know if I belive in that wath You have told me????
Perhaps I have wrong????
Sincerly Marika
I don’t think I have mentioned that I am Wiccan. Not that I mind people spouting about their religion, but can’t you be a little more positive? All this negativity has got to be hard on you. Why can’t you talk about the good that your God has done? I used to be Christian, I know there are good things out there. I just prefer a religion which isn’t so narrow and closed minded. Why can’t you talk about all the beautiful things in the world? Like the trees that provide shade, the flowers that provide beauty, the sun that provides light, the stars that sparkle in the night and guide some people on their quests (let’s not forget that famous star that guided to people to Jesus when he was born), our pets that provide us with unconditional love, the animals that farmers raise that provide us with food, or even the crops the farmers raise. You can catch a lot more flies with honey than vinegar. Don’t you think that if more love and kindness were spread thoughout Christianity, more people would welcome your God into their lives? Isn’t your God all about love and understanding? Isn’t he supposed to guide you with his love? People like you make me glad that I became Wiccan.
Dear Jack
I don’t know how or why you wrote to me, I don’t remember writing to you first, but regardless, what you sent me is confusing.

You are quoting from a book that you have no idea who wrote it, when it was written and why it was written, but one thing for sure, it was
written by a man, just like the old testament and the newer one. Men wrote those words, God does not need to write to us, the glory of creation is visible and tangible, what need is there for a how-to-book?

The book you quote from sounds silly to me. Judas betrayed Christ because he didn’t believe in him, nor did Peter or Thomas, odd, eh? Three apostles who didn’t believe he was God’s son. How about all the Hebrews who didn’t believe Moses? And all the Jews who didn’t believe Christ or his apostles?

We only have Christianity because emperor Constintine wanted it that way, and he was far from holy, in fact he was a murderous megalomaniac, but he is the father of modern day Christianity, like it or not. Protestant Christianity was invented by two more megalomaniacs, Luther, a virulent anti-Semite, and King Henry VIII.

Jack, you and others like you, are the vainest human beings on the planet, you actually believe you know God and can read what God thinks,
Jack, we don’t even know why our oceans are salty, we have no explanation for our moon, it is far too big to have been captured by our
gravity, we don’t know how to love each other, we are ants with tiny brains and we are incapable of knowing God. You are reading from a book,
Jack, just a book, some guy’s idea of God’s plan. The Dead Sea Scrolls are also a book, and they tell a different story, and they are more
authentic then the Greek you’re reading the translation of. At least see what the Hebrews and Jews wrote, and yes, Jack, they are two different
In order for peace to prevail all over this world we need to ban all religions full stop. It is religion that brings intolerance and division. It was the supposed Jesus who said “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.” Yet we have Christian church leaders throughtout the world supposedly uniting in peace with other religions. What a bunch of hypocrites. I realise of course that Jesus is only a myth as no secular history has any record of this supposed “god who became flesh and dwelt among men.” The sooner we can isolate ourselves from all of this religious rubbish the better of we will all be.
Oh Jack! Thanks for this!
I feel and see this spirit of Judas everywhere I turn these days. It is rampant. You have said a mouth full and I say Amen brother!!Have a most blessed New Year!
Please take my name off of your email list. I am a deoted Roman Catholic, so I am not “close-minded”…but I get so many emails in my mail, it is very hard for me to keep up.
Thanks and God Bless You
Hi Jack
Thanks for the article on Judas spirit in the church. I know in my heart that God is keeping me away from such people/churches but I didn’t understand completely why. Thanks for adding another part to the puzzle about the anti Christ spirit in the church. I could discern it too and left the “church” years ago. We who believe are united already in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. We do not have to succumb to
agreement of doctrine or practices within the
different factions/denominations to be united in
Christ-Jesus prayed that we be one. The Babylonian church that is out there is presenting a false sense of unity.
Come Lord Jesus Come!
I don’t understand how you can compare or liken world leaders and people of high importance to the antichrist. These leaders are calling all people to come together and rally in the name of strength and help put an end to the terrorist movement. This is an important cause. Terrorism in the name of God is begining to really take hold and it cannot continue. My kingdom may be with God, but right now I am down here in the worldly kingdom and I must support efforts to try and straighten out this Hell we call earth.

Our President is not afraid to flaunt scripture in his speaches and that is a wonderful thing. He is not going to let someone who has a twisted idea of God’s ideals to rule the world in fear. Our leaders have asked us to come together in peace and love for one another and take charge. We have done that and it has brought together peoples who normally wouldn’t even stop to look at each other, let alone help each other. What better place for unity to occur, New York, a city of many cultures and religions and in small moment all were united for one unargueable cause. To save the 3000 innocent people who died for one self-centered, disturbed, idiot.

I will say it again. I may be in God’s kingdom, but right now, I am on earth and I must do my part to make this a better place while I am here.
Thanks for your sermonette on Judas. As usual, you a correct in your expository. There are a few other ministers (rare) who are trumpeting a similar message. The nation as a whole does not want to hear it. They want a return to the false ’90’s prosperity, and business as usual. Economist Dr. Larry Bates (www.irnnews.com) states it is only a matter of time before the American economy collapses under crushing debt.

Our present leadership is practicing ecumenism and hand-holding with our enemies. None of this has caught our heavenly Father off guard. There will be more sifting and judgment soon. The fact that is hasn’t happened yet is a measure of our Father’s slow wrath. But, in Jesus’ name, we don’t fool Him. Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7. Time is short. Keep delivering this timely message.
Dear Jack,
A good word. Like our patriarch Joseph, you are bringing forth a bad report here. But nevertheless it is an accurate one concerning our brethren in the
eternal covenant of our Lord Jesus Christ. Like Joseph, there will be repercussions as you bring this information out to the family of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The facts are there for all to see. The liberal churches and the ecumenical movement profaning the cup of Christ with wicca and buddha is one thing. But there is also a host of evidence for gathering apostasy inside the church at large and even in the leadership of our evangelical/charismatic or so called “Bible believing” churches.
Dear Sir:
The Bible does not recognize “the antichrist” as though it is one person;
this is the invention of the false doctrine of premillenialism. “Antichrist”
refers to anyone who is against Christ; furthermore, if the antichrist was
one person yet to come in the 21st century, how is it that he was also in the 1st. He must be a very old man by now!
You are the first person to connect what I could not connect as far as the New World Order, America and Revelations in a way that I could understand without all the hate and fingerpointing that I have found on the net in the groups that I belong to.
hello again jack
well no one could ever say you were not bodly declaring the word jack this is a time when the HOLINESS OF GOD shall come suddenly upon his church and shall expose those whom have said they are his and are not beware fo wolves in sheeps clothing JESUS said religion sucks and it is dry ezekiel 37 GOD tells ezekiel to prophesy to the dry bones which was and is a direct reference to the church. this is the hour this is the time
i am in agreement
It amazes me how your version of the truth is so twisted . Although there may be some truth to some of your beliefs, it is ludicrous to blame America for responding to the world trade center incident . Keep on thinking what you want , but I’m blocking your transmissions, as they lack depth of analysis, and remain “closed ” . God is LOVE, let’s leave it at that.
Jack you are an absolute dumbass, USA is not Babylon. Babylon is Babylon, get it?
My Dear friend this letter of yours is so very- very right and i would venture to say any one who disgrees with it does not understand there Bible, You are doing a good work here 10,000 Blessing on you i enjoy reading what you have to say.________ Bro. Larry
hello, I have recieved 2 of your e mails and I would like it if you did not e mail me anymore. I dont want to recieve your cultish hoggwash that couldnt hold its own in a debate…
One day you going to wake up in the United States will not be here to
protect your freedom of speech. you going to have to face the evil all by
yourself. why? Because you verbally ran down the only country that is
protecting you from evil. if you hate the United States so much, then why
don’t you just leave. go and see how much freedom of religion you have in
other countries….. you speak like a person who is not really saved. you
don’t really believe in what the bible says because if you did you would
know that GOD is in control.GOD is in control of the United States of
America and it’s about time you realize that and stopped trying to tear
down what GOD has created. GOD HELP YOU TO SEE THAT.
While I totally agree with what you have said, the scriptures even more fully explain this spirit as the spirit of Jezebel in Revelation 2: 20. Jezebel–a foreign woman married to an Israeli King, who usurped his position and authority, who personally kept 850 prophets and priests of Baal on her own payroll, who desired to personally kill the Prophet of God, Elijah, and who meet a horrible death, having been pushed out of her own window by her own eunuchs and splattering like a ripe pumpkin on the street below only to be eaten by the dogs that left only her skull, hands and feet–is alive and well in the churches today. She does not desire to repent of her immorality. We can not accommodate her! We can not compromise with her! We can not tolerate her in any way or we will have gone a way of death and not of life with the Lord God. The warning is there [Rev. 2: 22-24]. We either accept it or reject it and live by the deeds thereof. Pastor Jack
Thank you for your e-mail. I do not believe in Jesus or Satan.
Greetings and thank your for this letter. You are very correct and this is a subject that has greatly concerned me. Even some of my friends are buying into the “unity” thing more than is wise. I refuse to compromise, and pray always for discernment. We need more voices such as yours to warn of this danger. God bless you. Erlene
first of all who the …. are you ?? secondly how did you get my e-address finally most significantly I AM A TORAH OBSERVANT JEW WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH, THERE IS NO SUCH PERSON AS JESUS (anomias) however there is the Jewish Messsiah YAHUSHUA (TORAH COMPLIANT, TORAH TEACHER, RABBI) so if you`ll excuse me I`ll get back to my life and you can get back to yours.
Most definitely, i had rather be considered a traitor to this world than to
Sorry, I’m not American. But surely Jesus will first come at the rapture for his church before the Antichrist arises. So whether America is the antichrist or not does not concern Christians. Evangelical Christianity is now the fastest growing religion in the world. If the present rate continues the whole world will be Christian by 2041.
Peace and Blessings upon you Jack,

Thank you so much for your email, and your encouraging words.
I praise Yahweh for people who have this conviction like yourself and are not scared to go out there to point people to the road of salvation.
And indeed, the Law given through Moses, could not and never will be able to make man perfect, Only through that which Yahushua did, for whoever is willing in accepting it, one can be saved. That is why He did away with the outward expression of the Law, which Israel and later the Jews, mechanically and or legalistically try to follow, bringing daily sacrifices to atone for their sin. Now, through Messiah Yahushua, Yahweh has written His LAW on our hearts, and we are now no longer UNDER the LAW but rather upholding His law, not because we HAVE to, but because it is written on our hearts by the finger of the Holy Spirit. ( Heb 10 16)
You never listen to anyone Jack, You issolate yourself by this and you are obsessive even if you are right. By being right you have missed the point, yoiu fell for easy devils trick, he manipulated you by your morals. Use the old adage of the strenth of a tree flex or you will snap. Jack you don’t sound very human! I’ll ask you this! What are you going to do when all ths is over? Will you be like a war vet that can’t fit back in?
You people suck bullets, you need to be run out of the United States and hung on a cross along side the terrorists attitudes your supporting. I have no doubt that your site will be hacked in short notice, your evil, and vile, perverted and twisted take on scripture is exatly what Christ warned against. Your the perfect example of what is wrong with our country, your attitudes are wrong, you do not see with eyes that see or hear with ears that hear, you do not know the call of the spirit. You have been deceived by the evil that was born and lives in your souls, what is right you call wrong, and what is wrong you have embraced, your own self reightousness will be your down fall. Remove me from your mailing lists. Jeannie
This is well worth reading as it so easy to slip into a state of apathy, and
trust a president and the government while their actions are contrary to
Christian doctrines and teachings. It’s my belief that this will be how the
future Antichrist will be welcomed in…….he will be a counterfeit and act
like Christ would…..and they (those that go into the Tribulation) will shew
him in on a Red Carpet. Bob
Dear Jack, Greetings from Massachusettes. I had ( made ) time to read your site. I did put a comment in your guestbook and I expect to see it next time I visit. If you edit mine I will be upset and it will reflect on your character. My name on your guestbook is primordal splendor. I don’t want my E-mail address revieled and will deal with you specifically on a personal level. Do not send me apocalyptical propaganda. You can E-mail me by your own hand personally and I command you to respect my wishes if you wish to communicate any further. I know you got my address by a web site guestbook I was in. My friends also recieved your E-mail and simply discarded it. I talked to them about it and they think your literature is stupid. I have a responsibility I feel to respond. I am on no special mission. You just make me sad and I wish you weren’t so …… up. Read my post on your guestbook and then we can discuss it if you feel the need to deal with some of your anger issues. I will try and help you if I can. Good luck Jack. By the way there are two posts. Should be one after another. Write back if you need to be counciled. I will do my best. – A concerned loving, caring created being in His love and light-Dave C
Hi Mr. Hook –
I don’t know how you hooked into my e-mail but “Hello”. Yes, I see how patriotism – pride – and protecting our “way of life”/economy has all been melded together under – God Bless America – And don’t tell anyone we deserved the 9/11 crisis because of our nation’s sins – and offenses to the Lord of the Universe (a la Robertson&Falwell) – “a God of Love would never allow that” . . . but what about justice & holiness?? The USA wants to ride on her blessings and generosity in arrogance and not humility – Yeah, lets have a prayer service at the Stadium – but let’s get back to “normal” quick (rage & disorder& drunkeness). I know God pours his Spirit out on all flesh in the end times – but do they ALL receive it??? I find the concept of a REMNANT a very prominant theme throughout the scripture – and yet today – among “prophetic people” – the concept of revivals breaking out at Walmart (the new Church of the USA)??? One is false. Well – Thanks For your thoughts – In Christ
Thanks for your reply Jack. I found my self thinking one day that all I believe about the end times is what i had been told by others. I am studying my self now and am having a good time doing so. There is a lot that is said of these times we are living in. I want to be aware. Thanks for your time, and I will visit your site often!.
I don’t care for your warped points of view, hail Satan!!!!
I thank you for your message that you sent me Sunday last. I would just like to know where you got my e-mail address as I don’t know who you are? I agree with the content of your mail and that it is easy to be deceived by the lie of compromise. God’s word is clear that we are to stay away from anything that compromises His word and Paul exhorted us to stay away from another gospel even if its preached by angels. Thank you once again for your article. I shall visit your website.
Carol & Ivon
I read your article on Come To Zion. I agree with you up to the point at which you said America’s people and leaders, while claiming to be Christians, were labeling as unpatriotic traitors those who disagreed with “one nation under God.” My question is, what did you mean by that? I dearly love this country, and no one is more patriotic than I am. However, I’m a genuine, born again Christian, too. I’m fully committed to living for Jesus and serving Him. I fully support our President’s war on terror, and I think people like John Walker (the want-to-be-Taliban) should be punished severely for betraying this country. I’m a die hard conservative, and I thoroughly hate the ungodly agenda of the political liberals, the feminists, those who are opposed to all wars, etc. However, if I understood your comments correctly, I would fall into the category of those Judas embracers.
DUDE; I don’t know how or where you got my address
but I advise you not to write this address again. Everyone has the right to their own religion. I infact am a wiccan, duh… y’know…a witch! so don’t …. with me
Thank you for your word to the women of the site “women of faith” I believe. I get emails from them. I have been so distraught about everything these days. It seems so hard to find a church that doesn’t preach the be healed and claim victory. I’m so sick of it. You are right we need to love each other and first the Lord. Even the Bible school I attend I see it. I’m so sick of it. The cross is where it all lies. Thank you again for sharing, standing up for the truth. It seems that the Lord allowed you to go through that situation to see how far you would go to follow him. I feel like I have been a coward. I want to follow Jesus all the way. It is a daily walk of faith and sacrifice. But He said He would be with me. Please pray for me. Thanks!
How wonderul it must feel to think that you alone are of the one true faith, Jack, while everyone else is striving in vain to seek God. it must make you fell so … superior! That remind me: have you taken your Thorazine today? Your delusions of grandeur are showing and us normal folks are worried about you.
Dear brother Jack I struggled so much after such a truth(S.of Judas.) from our God and for us ,contemporary brethren in Jesus our Lord.I am not offended at all but quite refreshed and alerted by these words.In the same time I have to admit sincerely that this evil spirit is encountering our life our assembly our families right now ,so we better trust our Lord and deny ourselves and the present deception of the Satanic System called New world Order or Global Peace or Global Prosperity.Thank you so much for your letter and lets watch for our Lord coming brethren.Sincerely yours. Joan
I do not appreciate bible thumping …….. like you sending me mail..I am a
Druid Priestess and am not interested in your it’s the end of the world
crap..I have to hear enough from you people with out having to read it in my
emails…so in short take your holy roller bull …. and be gone..and my the
Goddess forgive you for two thousand years of murder and oppression that
have been carried out in the name of your blood thirsty God
How dare you e-mail me with your babbling about a bunch of old Jewish myths. This is a household devoted to the old Gods and the old ways. I do not inflict my path upon you, and the last thing I want is your fanatical rantings on my computer. Keep your silly beliefs to yourself!