February 2004 Comments

Dear Jack,
While I respect other people’s religious/philosophical beliefs, I don’t expect them to foist them on me, as you have tried to do.
Please, if you have any views of any sort, would you be so kind as to not involve me in them-I am a Freethinker, who rejects the teachings of the Churches and has his own opinions as to the rights and/or wrongs that exist in this modern-day world.
Please-don’t be a bore !

It is my choice to say that u are a truely pathetic fool! I can’t believe u wasted so much time writing this nonsense. Religion is for the timid and weak of mind. That is all.
-Deez Nutz in ya mouth!
I believe you are absolutely correct in saying that American Protestants
will be practicing Catholic doctrine.
How will this be done ?
Right now we cannot imagine them bowing to Mary,confessing to a priest,or
accepting papal infallibilty.
We do know that Satan deceiveth the whole world,Rev.12.

We are looking for deceptions to come…but they are already here!

Noted theologian Paul Tillich said that when he came to this country from
Germany in 1933,the theology of the Reformation was almost unknown at Union
Theological Seminary in New York.

Many understand that Rome sold pardons for sin,placed church tradition equal
with the Bible,and persecuted those who resisted her teaching and
authority.However,the main issue was justification.

Rome contended that God`s work of grace in man`s heart made man acceptable
to God.
No,said the Reformers.GOD`s work of grace IN,IN,IN,IN Jesus makes man
acceptable to God,Romans 3:24-26.Read any version except NIV.

The Catholic view has man loking within his own heart,which Jeremiah 17:9
says is deceitful ABOVE ALL THINGS…while Protestants are looking to that
perfect righteousness that is IN Jesus Christ.

You are also absolutely correct to say that when a man accepts that God HAS
ACCEPTED him in the Person of His Son,Jesus, that he is given a new birth
simultaneously.Yet, man is not save by a new birth, but he is not saved
without one.

Our salvation is IN Jesus.The new birth is the CONSEQUENCE,the RESULTS,the
FRUIT of salvation.

Please see article # 30, JUSTIFICATION,Catholic or Protestant at
christianitysconfusion.com .This has official Catholic statements
expressing this view of salvation taking place in man`s heart and condemning
the Protestant position.The Reformer`s position is explained and continued
in articles 31-33.
The first article is all you need to read to see the difference.It was a
complete surprise to me.I was a Christian for 18 years when some one
explained it to me.Please do let me know what you think of it Thanks.

It’s true about you Yanks – you’re all religion crazed morons. Kindly ….
off and do not send me any more of this feeble-minded hogwash

Infidel dog!
There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is His prophet!!


Thanks for the message Brother,

Right on the mark and yes I have been saved since November 1979 and now serving our Lord.

May God touch the hearts and minds of the sleeping and the lost and bring them home soon and use the saved to bear fruit and bear witness of the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Jesus,
Dear Captain Hook,
I call you this because you must be a Pirate.
How else,dear captain would you have Known I’m a
pagan? And like all good heathens horribly devoted to
my gods. I got about one third of the way through your
speech and was thouroghly sickend. How dare you sir,
use Democracy, and Freedom, Two things I care greatly
about, to spread the message of your false God!
Furthermore,I would greatly enjoy it if close minded
individuals, like yourself would quit contacting me,
under false pretenses, just to insult me by thrusting
how good your “allmighty Savior” is in my face. May
Baldur take pity on your soul sir, Because if ever we
meet, I will not. Please do not contact me again.
Dear Brother Jack…
As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I will never call you names
as I have read on your site that some have. I can believe that you are
saved. However I do not believe your interpretation of scriptures saying
that the USA is Babylon. Are we a society after the heart and ways of
Babylon? Most assuredly so, I hate to say. I agree with some of what you
say but now all of it. I do not think that because we do not agree on all
points that we are not brothers in Christ. To be brothers in Christ we
must believe certain things the same. I belive that the Bible is the Word
of God without error, penned of men inspired of the Holy Spirit of God. I
believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ and that Mary is is blessed
of women as far as she is Christ’s mother, but she is not an equal of
Christ’s. He is her Lord and she is not diety. I believe one must be
saved and lived a saved life to make heaven their home. I believe Christ
is returning for His bride, the body of Christ…the church. I believe
that He will rule and reign for all eternity. I also believe that hell is
an eternal place for the lost without Christ.
I am born again and Holy Spirit filled. I read and study the Word of God
everyday. I have accepted the sacrificial death of Christ and His
following resurrection to new life and His following ascention to heaven.
I do not believe that Christians have taken the place of the Jews as many
believe today… which is what is called replacement theology. I agree
that though God may use any nation He sees fit to bring about change I do
not believe that the USA is God’s vessel to lead the world, etc. I think
due to our sin and vileness we will be removed as a super power and be
nothing of note at the time of antichrist’s reign. I also believe with
all my heart that since God destroyed Sodom and Gomorah for their
vileness and sin He must judge America or as someone said…He must
apologize to S & G! Which since He judges righteously He will never do!
With love and respect in Christ…
Rev. Wayne
I dont know how you got my e-mail but please remove me from your list. I
serve the one and only True God Jehovah, and his son Jesus Christ. I will
live forever in this paradise earth, that Jehovah had His Son Jesus Christ
create. From the dust I was taken to the dust I will return until Jesus with
the authority of his Father Jehovah God Almighty, tell him to resurrect me.
May your eyes soon be opened to the Truth before Babylon the Great (The
world empire of false religion) falls.


Please remove me from your mailing list. It is ridiculous and does not represent anything I believe in. Not even after reading your dogmatic, unloving, judgemental tripe did you convince me. I know you will say that satan has closed my ears, but that is not the case, so please don’t commit that mistake. I happen to believe that there are many paths to one truth. I think that is lucky for you. Most people don’t want you to die a fiery death for what you believe.
I don’t know where or how you got my e-mail address but I’m kinda glad that you wrote. I am interested in being on your list. Thank you for the invitation.

In HIS Grace,

Please place me on your mailing list for updates and e-newsletters. I say a hearty amen to all you are teaching.
Hi Jack!

Yes, please put me on your mailing list. I visited your site, bookmarked it,
and browsed for a while. Looks like you’ve got some meaty things there and I
love to study prophecy.
I can see you’ve put a great deal of work and thought into your site. I was
especially blessed by your testimony!


First, where did you get my e/mail?
Second, I have heard your particular theoretical ramblings for many years,
along with such radical teachings as “the King James is the only real
Third, I do not believe that you are right. My limited mortal mind has
great difficulty associating “Babylon” with America. My studies and
intuition (for lack of a better term) indicate that USA is here for the sole
purpose of the preservation of Israel. When we cease to support her, we
cease to be a world power. The USA is not mentioned anywhere in my bible.
No where is the greatest, most powerful, nation state in the history of the
world mentioned in the end times prophecies. Either we are no longer a
power or the events surrounding Israel do not involve us.
Hi…I’m not sure how you got my email or if I know you, but this is definitely interesting to me and I look forward to checking it out further when I have more time. Thanks.
In Christ,
Dear Jack,
Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I look forward to the day
when we will indeed see our Saviour face to face and spend all eternity with
Him. It will be worth it all, won’t it.
God bless you and thanks again for sharing.

Sir, You write an interesting article. I can’t go all the places you go in you reasoning, but I praise the Lord that you have carefully thought through so much of prophecy. I will keep reading!

You have some good thoughts in your new article. Your passion seems to be in the right place.

I cannot believe that you feel the scriptures teaching you that the United States of America is the one and only Babylon the Great. Remember the parable of the wheat and the tares. Tares have been sown throughout the entire world. Satan’s kingdom is temporarily intermingled within the Kingdom of God, no matter what country. You may see a lot of corruption in the U.S.A., but there is corruption in every country.

It’s hard to see you write so many good points on why a pre-trib rapture is a false, destructive doctrine, and then turn around and embrace it. The LORD’s wrath does not begin until the sixth seal (Revelation 6:12-17). Verses like I Thessalonians 5:9, Romans 5:9, etc., do not apply to the entire seventieth week, only to the Day of the LORD.

Go ahead and take me off your list. I’m not learning anything worthwhile. I know where your website is if I want to go it.

Hello, Jack

It was nice reading your article. The humility and self-denial that I could feel while reading it is definitly to praise 🙂 God bless you.

If we put aside basical disagreements (as Trinity, for example), there is something that I would like to ask about: On what part of Scripture is the following concept based: “Even though the Jewish people have, as a whole, rejected Jesus as their Messiah, the promises and blessing of God remain on them.” ?

Thank you, and Jehovah be with you !

To: Jack Hook,

YOU do NOT know what you are talking about.
You have some truths right – Jesus is the only way to
the Father, to eternal life. There is NO person –
the holy spirit; the spirit is the power & essence of
GOD. GOD is a family – a GOD family!! NO other
church teaches that. Repent. YOU are NOT a
prophet!! Do NOt provoke GOD, Heb.9:7.

In Jesus’ Name, Clifford

In your article ” Accursed from Christ”

you claim,”Even though the Jewish people have, as a whole, rejected Jesus as their Messiah, the promises and blessing of God remain on them. Any person or nation that tries to judge Israel for God, or takes it upon themselves to coerce or dictate to Israel to divide their land that God gave them, is destined for eternal destruction themselves.”

Although I agree with most of your article there is a great problem with your arguement. The key to understanding is a thorough understanding of the Blessing of Abraham, which is the blessing of God which I believe you are referencing. Abraham passed the blessing to Ephraham and Manassa (excuse my spelling). You see a great misunderstanding of this age is that Jewish people are Israel. They are but one of 12 tribes (actually 2) the Levite tride has merged with the Jews and now they are essentially one. The great blessing was to Ephraham and Manassa. They were to become the greatest Company of Nations on Earth and Greatest Nation on Earth and together they would hold the gates of all thine enemies. Clearly at no time in history has Judea been able to claim that it is a great nation or a great company of nations. In fact they were not even a nation at all for thousands of years. Also part of the prophecy is that Manessa would not know how they are until the last days. They would have been scattered all over the world and be gathered together to form the greatest Nation on Earth.

Many moons ago a very interesting man you may have heard of Herbert W Armstrong shed this light for me and since then and after considerable study myself I must agree with his conclusion. That Ephraham is England and Manassa is the United States. These two countries clearly meet the conditions of the prophecy. Look at these two countries, just finishing off Iraq (Babylon, cause there is some very important esoteric information or subterranian portals or other ritualistic stuff our Masonic leaders are drooling over, not to mention the oil wealth and excellent military base locations. Also splitting Iran and Syria geographically). You see we the USA is the inheritors of the blessing, not Israel, look around, it is clearly the US and England. We are the richest the most powerful, yet we are incredibly corrupt and this is not good.

We are set up like a bunch of bowling pins. Their real goal is their precious New (really old Roman) World Order. A computer chip in each of us. No man shall buy nor sale without the mark of the beast. This war and 911 is all phoney, set up to get us to support their lies, their freedom grabbing (un)patriot act. We are the ones that must right this ship. If not, we will go down with it. It is up to us to save not only ourselves but also the world from our mass weaponry that has fallen into hands of some very dark lords. But this is the prophecy (we are also the beast that rises out the sea (the US).

Victory is closer than we think and I firmly believe our prayers and efforts have every thing to do with the return of the Christ. But my philosiphy is let us not expect his return, let us act like he would want us too. Let us do in our homes and neighborhoods as he did. Say the truth, do what is right and damn the consequences. He changed the world (moved mountains) and so shall we!
Good Luck and keep it up
I agree with you about the way Bush is handling the issue between Israek and Palestine,,He is going to bring judgement down on the United States.
You stated Babylon is Falling,,,,, where do you think Babylon is located…. Some have said Iraq, others have said NewYork City.
And the Rapture….. what is your belief on that? I believe Christ is standing at the Gate, ready to give us the call to “come hither”. I don’t believe the true believers will know who the anti christ will be, because we will be gone. We will be shouting and singing with the Angels at Jeusu feet.
I would like your input…
Jack, I enjoy your articles very much. I must, however, confront your belief in a pre-tribulation gathering. I was a pre-tribulationist for more than 25 years. I am not one who has thrown some “baby out with the bath water”. I threw pre-trib theology out of my belief system because I could not reconcile my beliefs to the New Testament. After two years of intense Bible study to sort it all out, I have come to the firm conclusion that pre-tribulationism is clearly FALSE DOCTRINE! Please explain to me, PLEASE, Revelation 20:4-7 ie “this is the FIRST RESSURECTION”. How many ressurections can there be, before the FIRST RESSURECTION? Please don’t rationalize this undeniable statement. THIS IS THE FIRST RESSURECTION! “For THAT DAY [our gathering-verse 1] shall NOT come untill the man of sin IS REVEALED”! I believe your heart is in the right place or I would not waste my time trying to convince you. If there is ONE OUNCE of desire for the truth in this matter, God will show you. People are abandoning pre-tribulationism because it is false doctrine, and not because of sour grapes. I teach “Bible prophecy, and New Testament Christianity in an Independent Baptist church, and I am amazed at the ease in which pre-tribbers [of decades] are turned around when confronted with the New Testament, and with reason. Question: when did the rapture become imminent? Pentecost you say? Before the New Testament was written? Before Peter’s prophesied martyrdom? Before Paul preached in Rome? before, before, before? It’s a ludicrous doctrine, and that has nothing to do with BABIES AND BATH WATER. Your brother in the Lord, Dan

From: Jack Hook
To: Danny

Hi Dan. I was about to shut down for the day, but read a few more responses to my article. I came to yours and felt a sincere and loving heart for our Lord in spite of your pointed question. I have read Rev. 20:4-7 many times over the years. The same question came up early in my studies that you had. I will try to make my reply clear and simple. Rev. 19:7-8,14 shows me that the “armies that were in heaven” are the glorified resurrected church that were “given” their white garments, Rev. 3:4-5, 4:4, before the great tribulation and the final battle of Rev. 19, for they “were” in heaven before Jesus descends to Earth to take down the Antichrist and False Prophet.

Furthermore, in Rev. 20:4 John sees in his vision thrones and “they” sat on them to judge. The “they” are the resurrected armies who were in heaven. But John also says…”and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded…” The word “and” is the key to understanding that John saw two groups of saints…those already resurrected and clothed in white “and” the souls of them who are about to be resurrected to rule and reign on the Earth with Jesus. John says later that… blessed is he that hath “part” in the first resurrection. There are two parts or phases to the first resurrection.

This is one of the reasons I believe as I do. There are many other teachings that point me to a any day any hour rapture. Thank you for bearing with me my eternal friend. Like I said in my article, I’m the last one who should tell anyone they are mistaken, so I write these things in the same spirit of love that you did. You are my brother. Jack

I can’t keep up with politics. I don’t understand much about what goes on with
Israel and Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL)…or did they change the name?

Anyway, you are definitely not the person I thought I was sending all of
that “word salad” stuff too a year or so ago. You care genuinely about the
people of Israel…(unlike that Mr. Anti-anti-..dude that I got you confused
with) I’m really sort of embarrassed about that.

I’m still not Christian and don’t know much about politics, but I do believe in
G-d (don’t be deceived, I’m not Jewish unless you count my DNA [my mother isn’t
Jewish nor my dad’s mother]). I also believe G-d has a plan.

I also consider myself a follower of Christ, but I do not worship Him. I
consider Jesus a limited form of G-d. To me: G-d is limitless. IT is everywhere
and in everything. ALL of Creation as well as Creator. And not only ALL that
exists but ALL that does not exist. IT exists as well as not exist. IT is
spoken about in every language and every culture. To me, Jesus seems to be a
very important aspect of G-d that most people like to be obsessive about and
ignore the rest. But that is just my opinion. I realize I might sound exactly
like the popular description of the Anti-christ, but is it wrong to believe
in “Entire Celestial Allegiance?” How can We get along with G-d personaly and
ITs angles if We can’t get along with ourselves down on Earth?

I hope I don’t offend you. I love Jesus, really. In fact, if Jesus comes back,
I want to be the first to meet Him.

Back to Israel, I know Israel has tried a lot to get along with the Muslims. I
still think the Jews and the Muslims are both in the wrong. More on the Muslim
side, maybe. But they must get along. If the Jews have 100% right to Israel,
then I suggest that We Americans pack our bags and move back to Europe, for I’m
sure that G-d knows the Native Americans have more right to America.

You have very well written articles. I am happy you invited me to write back. I
wish I knew more about politics so I could focus more on that, but I don’t.
Mostly because I hate politics.

I am thankfull for your patience and for not writing me back after the older e-
mails I sent to tell me what an idiot I am. And I am. LOL

G-d Bless,
Dear Brother Jack,

Peace and love to you in Jesus Christ our Lord. I just wanted to take the time to thank you whole-heartedly for this latest article, for it resounds the truth so wonderfully. These very things that you expound upon have been those very things I also have understood. What I mean, is you have explained so wonderfully the very same things that have been in my heart and understanding also. Praise be to the Lord for the unity he has given us by his Holy Spirit of Truth. I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for introducing me to you and your website, as our Lord insures that we help and love one another, even if just by being with those who understand and share the same things, knowing that we are not as alone as we thought. Even though there be few, we know them when we see/hear them. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to richly bless you, your family, and your ministry and all who read your articles. That the Lord may impress upon their hearts, His truth and love.

Love in Christ Jesus our Lord, Michelle

Are you kidding! Sharon has introduced a
terrorist kicker in everything he has ordered since August 2001. The silliness of refusing to discuss Palestinian return to Israel in a peace but building a wall that incorporate part of the Palestinian area is logical nonsense. It is however a typical Sharon terror act. I have been following exactly each event as reported in the papers since August 2001 and Sharon has not missed a beat. If things get too quiet, Sharon makes some silly emotion blasting statement like “None of the Settlements will be removed.” He knows that is total nonsense. But it sets off a reaction. That whole area is not going in a peace mode until Sharon and Arrafat are sent into retirement.

To make Sharon moves Israel moves, does nothing but confuse. Then to designate Palestinian activities as Arrafat, but Sharon activities as Israeli, produces logical nonsense.

The US should insist that Israel tear down every inch of the wall that is on Palestine land or at least trade equal quality land for the land they are incorporating. The idea that Palestine people will ruin Israel but an Israeli wall is something positive is just another silly but emotionally charged move by Sharon to keep this wonderful game he has started going.

There should be as many Palestinians allowed back into Israel as there are Jews living in Settlements in Palestine. Or close down the settlements.

I have just read your article, and must say it is as if you
are reading my own thoughts and putting them on (paper)
screen. I am troubled by the same things you write about.
One thing I have to say about America’s treatment of Israel;
while it troubles me just as it does you, can it not be all
within the will of God, even though we will have to answer
for it? Many times in the Word of God, He uses one nation
to chastise or punish another, but in the end the nation He
uses is also punished. This is God’s sovereign right as
ruler over all. I am not dogmatic about this, but the Word
does prophesy that in the end time, all nations will come
against Israel. It is all within His plan.
A word the Lord gave me just last Sunday said, “the cup of
iniquity is nearing the brim, time shall soon be cut off,
the “ism’s” of man will end, my harvest tools are being
prepared. Who will labor in my field, endure persecution,
labor into the night…” Could this be what you are speaking
of… staying behind to rescue the lost?
Anyway, yours is a very intersting, thought provoking article.
Thank you,

Bear in mind the words of the Israelites themselves who crucified Jesus, “His blood be on our heads, & on our children’s heads. God has taken them @ their word, & they have suffered for it, & will suffer right down to the end. However, with the return of Jesus Christ, all of that will finally change. Our course is already set my friend. This may be the thing God will use to bring His wrath on this nation in the end.

Thank you so much!

Took a look at your website and found it very professional.

Can I speak frankly? And please give me your honest reply. I started out as a Christian in my childhood (although my parents never influenced me. They beleived in God but were not “christians” in the ordinary sense. When I grew older I lost my ‘faith’, although I still believe in God. According to my own research, most CHURCHES are masonic in nature and thus satanic in nature. I try to find my own may of enlightenment in this complex world without forgetting ‘who is in charge’. You know what I mean… So, because of my own experineces and my own life-cycle I am not as knowledgeble in the Bible as you probaly are.

So let me ask you this: Christians normallly are very knowledgeable in what is going on – regarding the Illuminati, the Masons etc. The most accurate information mostly comes from Christian Researchers. So far so good. My question is: in a world of igonorance, is there ANY WAY that christian researchers can explain their point in a way that non=christians can understand. Because what it is all about (from a christian viewpoint but also for ignorant people) is to make people understand what’s going on without overwhelming them with bible quotes they don’t understand. If God wants us to expose the truth, I am sure he wants us to do it in a way that people understand and can relate to, whether they are already believing or not.

Whatever you do, please DON’T take this as an insult. I really really try to make a point, and I am proud of all those christian people who want people to know what’s going on. But I am pretty convinced that God wants us to speak clearly and straight. It is okay to use bible quotes as references, but use them as footnotes, please. We are NOT writing for people who already know, but for people who WANT to know. It is a matter of a ladder of knowledge. Whatever we believe in, we must make sure we are not overwhelming our audience. I have ‘cried tears’ over websites that have so much valid information, but are fanatically quoting from the bible after each sentence. I beleive that this approach only scares people away. Let us all be smart – we need to save souls here, and, not showing how many bible quotes we know.

And please, don’t take me the wrong way. I am definitely not antagonistic to what you are doing. What you are doing is great!!! You wnanted you to get my input – and no hard feelings. I definitely don’t have any.

Love in the name of God,
I read with great interest your many articles on the soon return of Jesus Christ and current events.

As a Jewish believer, many label are attached to anyone believing in Jesus Christ, from within and out side the church.

I would like to plant one seed hoping it will grow, The OT was written to the Jewish People the NT was written for the Jewish People. Jesus came for the Jewish People, _D chose only the Jewish People as his people, G_D knows the Jewish People and gentiles, G_D does not know Christians as a new family.

G_D or Jesus did not eliminate the Jewish People. Jesus came for the lost sheep of the Jewish people. The flock is the body of the Jewish People, those Jews who left the flock are the sheep Jesus came for, and also the gentiles.

The name Christian was created by man, not by G_D or Jesus. Jesus knew Jews and gentiles and wants all to be in the one (Jewish)family of G_D.

Pray for Peace in Jerusalem,
Please don’t send me your stuff any more …I know that my country is not perfect but we are responsible for the majority of the good that has been in this world for a long time so just leave it alone …
AMERICA IS NOT THE GREAT BABALON!Persia is … Babalon is a spirit and it resides in the far east..