February 2005 Comments

Hello Brother Hook,
I have just discovered your website, and I must say that I admire
your courage for espousing a view about the identification of Babylon
and Antichrist that is certain to make you enemies given today’s
climate of opinion in the United States. But you present a very
compelling case. I look forward to reading all of your articles and
your book.
I have a question concerning “In Times Past,” 2003-10-01. You mention
that on the day after the Rapture those left behind will be able to
observe open graves. Do you see scriptural evidence for that?
Although Christ’s tomb had the stone rolled away, and Matt. 27:52
says many saints’ graves were opened (anoigo), I wonder why– Was it
to let them out, or to display the fact? After all, Christ’s
glorified body could pass through shut doors (John 20:19, 26). So how
must the cemeteries look on the day after the Rapture? Will there
necessarily be open graves, or might everything look normal?
Thank you for your excellent website and example of courage.

Dear Sir;

Thanks for the reference. I left a comment on the guest book. Where did you see me posted?Please let me know so I have the context in which to respond properly.

We are Independent Fundamental Baptist, which, if you research your history , are brethren of the Mennonites. We share Anabaptist roots, but broke from the Southern Baptists in the 40’s due to our view of thier “falling away”. Also, Amish came out of the Mennonites first, but lost their concept of the Great Commission. They are loved by the world as quaint because they don’t bother the world with the message of salvation. Mennonites however are still quite evengelistic. We differ in that our women wear flowered and colored dresses, makeup sometimes, short hair sometimes, a little looser on the dress code. Some in the local IFB churches don’t get it yet and still wear pants (ladies), but Mike never makes it a requirement. That would be legalism. They have to grow into it on their own.

Being Independent, however, allows some looseness of belief and practice, but we feel that this structure was what the early church practiced. What that translates into is that the local church body supports itself and isn’t beholden to a board or umbrella organization. My Pastor answers to God, not to a board. But he is to an extent, bound by the members of our local church (about 20 families.) He makes the decisions with our input. He understands that the church is not the building. I’m thankful for that.

It is a very interesting culture that I have married into and I’m not done trying to figure them out. The Sword of the Lord is an IFB publication, and though they use quotes from Calvinist Charles Hadden Spurgeon frequently, they also publish exposes on 5 point Calvinism. They call this TULIP. I forgot what they all stood for, but one doctirne of theirs that stands out the most for us is the concept of predetermination. They interpret that to mean that God has decided who will be saved and there is no changing it from preaching or teaching. I don’t know why they preach at all, because they don’t believe in being able to sway a human to salvation. Our understanding of predetermination is that God knows who will be saved, but that doesn’t mean God has the power over our free will, and doesn’t relieve us of the responsibility to fulfill the Great Commission. It doesn’t excuse us from caring even for those who refuse to hear us. We will help them and feed them even if they won’t accept Christ, but it’s our job to share Christ with them.

Dear Jack,

Thank you ever so much for your email. I have visited your site and I must say I am amazed!! I havent had the time to fully grasp everything but I must say my eyes nearly popped off reading briefly what you have on there. I dunno how you got my address, but I must say this is a connection only the Lord could have made.

Thanks for the invite Jack.
Just to let you know I am aware of how Jewish scribes plagarized sumerian texts (300 b.c.) to manipulate society and make themselves (Hebrews, which includes Jews and Christians) known as the chosen people.
Honestly it was a much more intelligent scam than the emails I have recieved since signing an internet guestbook.

A friend sent me your web site. I’d like to ask you a question about “eternal life in hell”. If the wages of sin are death… and death
is the oposite of life… how can one be “living” in hell? I don’t want to start an argument, just asking.

Thanks for serving God and Counrty.


Dear Mr. Hook, Thank you very much for inviting me to visit your website. I found myself lost there for hours & I can’t think of any place I’d rather be lost….It’s great that there are people who are willing to take a stand for Our Precious Lord & do the things as you have done & share them with others! I know my God will Bless you for doing His Will!!!! May God Bless You As You Go About Doing His Work Each Day…..Thanks Again, I hope you don’t mind that I sent your website to others to enjoy, I felt it was so great that I had to share it…Keep up the great work my new friend & brother in Christ!!!!
Mrs. Bettie
Dear Brother Jack,

You wrote,

“For the blood of the cross is the only way to escape
from the power of darkness of these earthly kingdoms,
into the Kingdom of God, Colossians 1:13. It is
heartbreaking to hear militant, patriotic Christians
talk about the cross and return of Jesus Christ, and
yet when they are persecuted or threatened by Osamma
and Saddam, join America’s armies to kill their
enemies. In my article, “Honor the King”, I wrote
of God’s authorizing of unsaved, unregenerate
governments to take up the sword as a restraint and
deterrence of evildoers. But those who profess to be
Christians can have no part in these governmental
actions. My longtime friend is like most in
Christendom who have joined themselves to democracy’s
idolatrous deceptions. In the same sermon on a Sunday
morning, you can hear the preacher talk eloquently of
how Jesus willingly gave his life for all his enemies,
that he is our example, and that he is coming back
some day; and in the very next breath proclaim the
just cause of America’s war against Islamic fanatics,
and encourage Christian men to go off to war. The
hypocrisy is breathtaking. I say this with no malice
or anger, for I have looked long into the mirror and
know the sins of my flesh that at times wear me down.
I feel nothing but brokenness and compassion for
people trapped in the web of Satan’s deceptions. I
have been there.”

Some Christians are pacifists (Quakers, etc.), others
believe that a Christian in good conscience can take
up arms, or if called upon as a duty, to defend his
country, and even other peoples/ nations, from evil
aggressors/ oppressors. But the war has to have its
just causes.

We live in a fallen world. Satan can inspire some to
do evil. Recall what the Nazis, Fascists, commies,
etc, did. Tyrants were, are, and will be. At the same
time there are godly people or just innocents who are
the victims of oppressions. These can rebel and fight
for their God-given rights. The latter should not be
condemned when they take up arms to defend their land,
people, or human rights against the evil ones.

USA has been repeatedly attacked by Muslim terrorists.
Therefore, this nation has the right to defend itself
with appropriate ways and measures.

Can Christians then participate in this war against
terrorism? Can they enlist as soldiers to defend USA
against its attackers? The NT never condemned the
career of the army as evil. Soldiers were not asked to
quit their professions as they came to the faith.
There is no commandment in the Bible against

I believe the churches/ pastors can speak, to some
extent, in support of a war effort which is carried
out in defense of citizens’ rights or national
security. But they should not overdo it at the expense
of preaching the Gospel. It is not their calling.

Islamic terrorism is anti-Christ in its efforts and
goals. So the church and believers have a stake in its
defeat. Therefore, pastors labors to expose the nature
of the enemy should not be considered misdirected
effort. Many churches and pastors today remain
condemned because they did not rise their voices as
the Nazis turned against the Jews…

Just my thoughts.

Your little brother in Jesus, Lishan
Dear Jack

Thanks once again for your email. I have noted your address and have instructed my Pastor’s secretary to put you on the mailing. I have been reading your articles and find them very interesting indeed. My sister, who is editor for the newsletter, also liked them immensely and she wanted to know if you help us by contributing to our Guest Writer column ocassionally. We would be most grateful. I realise you would first need to see a copy the newsletter before you commit. The next issue will be out in a few days. I will rush you a copy as soon as it here.

Am I ready for Jesus’ return? You bet! I am waiting eagerly for our Lord to come back. Heaven is going to be so exciting isnt it?

dear bro.i love your preaching.i thank you for all your time spent on bible study and i got it all for free.may the lord jesus christ richly bless you.you preach like me. i especially like your prophecy preaching.your the best i found on babylon u.s.a.

Dear “inviting” one:

You have still never posted my email. What does this say about your integrity? You are severely affected by the fatal disease known as Judeo-Christianity.

Shall not bother you farther, but don’t send me any more “invitations”. I came to the site and your lack of integrity “burned” me. Too bad, but I should have known better after visiting your site.

Dr. Harrell
Dear brother in Christ,
your web site is my home page and I want you to know I treasure your great

There is a question you may be able to answer – the American Free Press
runs ads and one of them I see now and then is from a guy named Ted Pike, I
expect you have heard of him, he is advertising a book undermining the
teaching of every Christian teacher that I know and respect, and there are
many of them, all over the nation –
his book, The Unholy Alliance, is, as the ad goes, – “You’ve heard the
“left behind” hype: how a convenient “rapture” will deliver Christians
from tribulation. His latest video, Unholy Alliance, dramatizes what will
really happen, someday Israel will take off her smiling mask. She will
ruthlessly persecute the very church which made possible her rise to world
control. Gone will be the mega-churches and televangelists,. As Christians
languish in the coming gulags, they will curse their own blindness. They
will also curse the generations of Christian leaders who GAVE NO

Thank you for the invitation, I only had a few minutes to look at your site, but it is very interesting.
I found the writings about being in the last days of particular interest. I wanted to know what kind of timeframe are we looking at?
Also what is the daniel 70 weeks about?
I have had some unusual experiences in my religious life, I left the catholic church many years ago when I found a personal walk with Jesus.
I wish I had more time to tell you about my life and ask more questions of you but today is not a good day for that. Hopefully I will be able to write more soon.
Thank you again

I have a few questions to ask first. Do you consider yourself a born again
Christian, where you asked Jesus into your heart to forgive you of your
sins, genuinely repentent of your sins? Do you beleive that God is the God
of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and desires ALL people to come to Him and know
the whole truth from the entire Bible, not just the New Testament, not just the
Old Testament, or just the Torah, although the Laws are important too. How
do you feel about the Jewish people, and the Messianic Jewish beleivers that
are caught in the middle of everything. I am really a Messianic Jewish (100%)
born again beleiver, and for a long time, it cost me my family (parents, 1st husband,
a couple of children, and friends. They still don’t agree with me either, and only
God knows how and what will happen to them). This kind of warfare though is
just as painful as any battle, even the Vietnam war is. My current husband is
a Vietnam Vet too. But he isn’t committed to Israel as I am since he is 100%
Gentile. I don’t want to discuss this right now. I am very concerned about how
this country is treating Israel though, and how the churches and even the govern-
ment is two faced about Israel and the Jewish people, although not all Jewish
people are going to be saved. Many of them are socialists, formerly communist,
but don’t want to admit that. I know of some personally, unfortunately.

Have you been to Israel? Where do you currently live and how do you get your

I hope these questions don’t overwhelm you. I’ll read your website to and see
how it compares to a couple of other sources of info that I get from Israel.


Same stuff I have been telling people. Glad to see you put so much effort to broadcast it on the net. Keep it up. I have to admit I was a bit leary of this at first. With the viruses and all the oddball stuff people try to send me. Thanks.

Hello there, I got your email today, and for a split second I almost deleated it, because I said don’t know this person, maybe a hoax or something, but something told me to check it out…did you get my emai from a christian room or from beliefnet.com cuz i usually go to those sites and the most recent one is we praise him….well anyway im so glad that i didn’t deleate it …I read your testomonie what a great testemonie, i feel ya, when i gave my life to christ my family stayed away from me…i went thru alot and my husband thought i was crazy, he believes in God but he hasn’t accepted him personally…wow what a great inspiration…i still want to look at your site i haven’t seen everything…but i did like it….im glad that you contacted me to let me know about your site….you are blessed , i love sharing things about Jesus and i never get tired about hearing and things he does….WHAT A AWESOME GOD WE SERVE…. im also in the process of getting a site for Jesus, im just trying to get it all together and my daughter is helping me……..but i haven’t started yet but i will……..i am praying about it……….

I will take a gander at what you have to say. Spent from Feb 61 to may 67 in USMC myself. Just wondering why you let me know about the Nam? A bad place back then, they also need to hear the good news so they can see some good Marines…..and soldiers and so on. The good news brings us out of the darkness &the traps into His light and love. Semper Fi gonna peek at what you have to say.

Jack thank you so so much for this email. I know this. That’ why really I don’t like to get involed in these internet groups. I love the Lord, Jesus Christ. I tried very very hard to share His Gospel in these groups. I find myself being a tauget. They rebuked everything that I say from the Holy writings. But never once, they had rebuked me with God’s Word. Never once they shared scriptures, never once. I love the Lord, all I have is the Lord and His Word,

Thank you Jack, God gave His Only Begotten Son for the sins of the Whole World.
God Bless You So Much, I thought that you would leave me hanging just like those who have created these internet groups.

I Love Thee In The Lord,
Your Friend, Your Sister, In Christ Jesus.

Your Email could have never come at a better time. Praise the Lord!
Dear Jack
In a conversation I had last night a sister in our Lord wondered if you had got any tapes or videos of yourself, pertaining to the articles you have written.

I had told her It had never crossed my mind before, so I thought I would ask you anyway, for she had thought If you speak at various fellowships they might tape the sermons etc,etc.

So anyway Jack either way we still await your next article, and may I again ask you if you have thought about doing an article on that, British Israel nonsense, It would be good to hear what you think about it, as you can see by my wording I am not a fan of that interpretation of what they call, The true way, in fact I have been called by some people in this movement, thick, uneducated, and a new testament believer, by these people who call themselves Christians.

I sure would not want to be on the end of their wrong side, for I have seen the way they call certain Jews, and on the other hand, believe in certain Jewish ways, and go along with some of the J.Ws, thoughts.

They do seem somewhat confused, but if you wish to do a study on these B.I. people, the head man if you like is called, Pastor Alan Campbell, and his close friend and sympathiser of whom teaches the same garbage is, Pastor James Mc Connell, of the Whitewell Tabernacle in Belfast.

Well Jack that’s all for now.
My best regards to you and your loved ones.
Take care.

Dear Jack,

I sense a sincere heart for Christ and a willingness to speak truth. Carole and I were blessed by your web site, it is filled with truth and a desire to see the mind of Christ manifest in the church. What are your plans and hopes with what the Lord is showing you? Do you sense a spiritual strategy being given to you to put wheels to the revelation? Please feel free to submit articles to us — we are making prophetic connections around the world and are seeing the Lord connecting people for the purpose of truly fulfilling our destiny as His church.

Jack, there is one thing that I strongly recommend to you. The words that the Lord is giving you are very strong and powerful. However, they will be received when released in wisdom and grace. I have found that when I tag a denomination or group on to an article — it has had little to no affect on those who need the message the most. Sure, it will confirm to those who have already received the revelation, but it will automatically put people that the word was designed to help the most on the defensive by association. I have had some who say, “Call it like it is.” Well, that’s fine, but how many “opinions” and traditions have we really changed through confrontation by association? (Catholic, Calvinist, ect.) Not many! I use the words “many people” and that seems to work well. A person knows when reading a word from the Lord whether it is “them” or not. I then trust Holy Spirit to do His life changing work in the hearts of those reading. You have a gift to communicate well and clearly on paper. I hope you will allow me the opportunity to walk along side of you as you move into a greater anointing to express the desire of our Lord and Savior’s heart. The hand of the Lord is upon you my brother. May Father bless you as you go forth into the mandate that He has commissioned to…Please feel free to write me anytime. danny


Thanks for the invite to visit. I briefly looked over your site. I noticed three things that make me wonder a bit.

1. You are pre-trib in your rapture theology. (as was I) This is something that I hope you will re-think. I am open for discussion.

2. You seem to think that America is Mystery Babylon of Rev. 17,18. Interesting. I would like to see you get that from Daniel. I don’t see any clarity in the Word in Revelation for this claim either. It seems to be speculation. Give me your best arguments.

3. You wrote: “As the world is being mesmerized by the last American President…” in one of your articles. Did you mean that Bush is the last president or that it is the last president of the USA who will do the mesmerizing?

Well, look forward to your reply. I am not interested in being on any mailing lists. Thanks.


Dear Sir:

I thank you for inviting me to your web site for it has if nothing else
caused me to delve deep into the scriptures. It has renewed my
commitment to Christ and to seeking His perfect will in my life. I must
now respectfully request that you kindly remove me from your e-mail list.
I do not know where you got my address from but I do not wish to receive
any further e-mail from you. I have no desire to read of your political
views, nor do I desire to be privy to your own interpretation of the
Bible (2 Peter 1:20). While it is yet true that many may agree with your
views on such matters as the antichrist, and Babylon, I do not. Does
this make me an infidel? An antichrist perhaps? ( for if you had
researched the complete scriptures you would have noted that there are
many antichrists 1 John 2:18) This does not make me either one of them.
I am not a theological scholar, nor am I a judge for the almighty. I am
a Born-Again believer, bought and saved by the precious blood of my Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ. I am a mother of two trying to be a Godly
influence in the lives of my children, I am a daughter who respects and
honors the wishes of her parents, I am a wife who loves her husband, I am
a patriot of this great country, I respect and pray for my political
leaders, I pray for the men and women that are over seas away from their
family and friends, in a country that hates them and despises all that
they stand for, as I do for the eyes of my enemies to be opened, and
their hearts turned to Christ. Furthermore I am saddened that you have
chosen to focus more on the Antichrist than you have the Christ of your
salvation. For this is the message that needs to be heard, not the doom
and gloom rhetoric of your political views. Maybe you are a lonely
person and just want to receive the e-mail responses from the readers,
most of them are at best entertaining as are your views.

Respectfully, Sandra

Hi Jack,
thank you for contacting me. I’m interested in knowing where you got my
information…I like to know if and how the Lord is using the insights He
I can’t say that I concur with all of your details on eschatology–I’m just
not that versed or studied in that area to say yay or nay to the timelines.
But I do agree with alot of what you are stating concerning the church and
Israel. I am more focused on getting people to see how the “church” has failed in the mission she has falsely perceived herself to have been created for. I too am against this militant patriotic fervor, taking the place of having a true and intimate relationship with the Son. And I believe America is setting a
course of self destruction which sadly enough will be in the name of
I also appreciate the internet and finding believers who are not afraid of
setting forth the truth…but it does come with great responsibility…and
ultimately, I deem, we will pay for it personally. So be it! Let us be found
faithful and humble before Him who is Faithful, and in whom is the Truth and
the fulfillment of all things– the One who is coming soon!
IHN, Mid

Jack, Peace be unto you! It is always a blessing to find a brother or
sister in Christ who
is walking in the Spirit of Truth, This makes fellowship in The Spirit.
There are
so many voices out there to distract believers with so many things, when
only one thing is
needfull. Jesus!

May God richly bless you, in your work, and in your ministry and all
that you put your hands
to. Kendall

Dear Jack, I thought you site was spam. Somehow, I decided to open it. I believe in Gods’ calling, and anything that might give me more insight of the Bible is good. My name is Sandee. Please send me more things to read. Everyone I know is waiting for the Lord’s coming. May Jesus guide your faith in him.
Sincerely, Sandee

Hi Jack,

Wow, thank you so much for writing back and so quickly too. I really appreciate your time. I found your site through the Proclamation, Invitation and Warning site, which I found to be excellent!

I have never understood how people have distorted those scriptures concerning friendship with the world. If we’re to show the unsaved the love of Jesus and demonstrate holiness to them, shouldn’t we have some sort of interaction with them? And, as you say, without partaking of their sin. It seems to me that Paul’s warning to come out from among them and be separate also encompasses professing believers involved with idolatry. Of course if we separate ourselves so that we have no contact with the world, they’ll never hear the gospel. Gee, the enemy is clever.

I must admit that while I’ve known the LORD for many years, I’ve never completely understood the prophecies concerning the Last Days (specifically, timing of the millenial reign, timing of the rapture, timing of almost everything!). I pray often concerning these issues and little by little, I understand a bit more. I do not have the complete picture. I do firmly believe, however, that our Lord Jesus is returning soon, and the apostasy–from which the Lord delivered me–is taking place even now.

At one time, I identified with post-tribs–yet still not completely understanding the big picture. Honestly, I’m still not sure *when* Jesus will return, but your book has confirmed what I’ve also believed for some time–that the majority (if not all?) of the movements popular today are part of the great deception.

Unfortunately, I have many friends and family members who are involved in the prosperity/word of faith movement, Roman Catholicism, signs and wonders movement, etc., and are resistant in removing paganism from their lives. It’s often difficult to witness to them, not because of our relationship, but because some become angry, view it as an attack of satan (and, of course, begin their “spiritual warfare” against me), or just love the things of this world more than our Father and His truth.

Currently, I live in the …. area and I’ve been searching for regular fellowship since 1997, when I left my last congregation because of the hypocrisy and glaring doctrinal issues that the Holy Spirit began opening my eyes to. Since then, because I had been steeped in so much error, I have had to examine everything I’d been taught–of course, with the exception of the gospel and salvation by grace alone. 🙂 Amazing that in a metropolitan area, with a congregation on nearly every corner, that true fellowship is difficult to find. It seems that heresy and paganism has seeped in everywhere.

Recently, and even more so since beginning your book, I have been troubled by my work. I am employed by a company that contracts to the federal government. Although my position is providing information to the general public about the government’s services, I wonder if Jesus approves of my working for the government. This also has been a cause for much prayer! May I ask for your comments and prayer on this issue?

At any rate, I have been very blessed by your book and I am appreciative that it is available online and without charge. I pray that the Father continues to bless your work!