February 2006 Comments

From: Joyce Ricciardelli
to: Jack


Behold the Lamb! I am your intercessor, your advocate. I have called you into battle and your armor is ready. Take up the mantle, receive your instruction, and go forth in the power and authority of my name. Construct the walls, guard the territory, and prepare the land for my return. Take the keys, unlock the doors, and raise the banners for all to see. Shout blessings and honor and sing the songs of victory for the enemy is about to be defeated. Let freedom ring in the land, set the captives free – those in chains and shackles. Break free those bound by spiritual bondage. Press forward and march taking the enemies camp by storm. The battle will be won by me, but there will be suffering for my name’s sake. Be prepared to die for me, knowing you will reign beside me forever.

The realities of the world are being revealed to you and your eyes have been opened. My truth will prevail and those not ready, those who do not hear, will be slaughtered in the midst of the battle. Keep silent and listen – listen for the sound of the approaching army. They are in sync, in motion. They are in sync, in step. They are of one heart, in unity of Spirit. My Spirit is upon them as they move and advance forward. Let those whom I have called come out to join the ranks as they pass by. Do not be passed by nor left behind. Go, when called. Respond, when the knock is heard upon the door. Go with the authority I have given you and do not look back. Behind you is yesterday and though yesterday is what brought you to today, it is not what will take you into tomorrow. It is I that gives you tomorrow – your portion will be given to you daily. Your anointing for battle is given everyday for that day’s battle. Saving up for tomorrow’s battle will only add burdens and weigh you down. Let me carry your weapons into battle and I will hand you what you will need as you go forward in obedience.

Let those who stand in battle with you understand the vision given. Hear the words and instruction I give and tell them the strategy. They will hear my voice of wisdom speaking through you, for I will have already prepared their hearts for the truth that will come forth. Those that have been called will hear and rise up to the battle cry. Each will be given keys and gifts to match their task. I will pour out an abundance of grace and mercy upon their endeavors, for I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek and serve me.

From: Jack
To: Joyce

Hi Joyce. I just read your latest email. As I have several times in the past responded to Robert, I must now with you. And I do it in the same love and compassion as you wrote yours. What you say about going to war to defeat our enemies can be read and assumed to include both a spiritual and literal war the way you have written it. The way you present the call to battle for today’s war was also written to the Christians in all of America’s wars. You make no clear distinction. You call us to…prepare the land for the return of the Lord, which sounds very much like the false “dominionist” teachings of Peter Wagner. And you made no mention of the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ to remove his persecuted remnant, who when he comes after the 70th week of Daniel, will defeat his enemies at Armageddon. Until that day when we come back to this Earth with him in our glorified bodies we are to pick up our own cross and let our enemies even kill us in the flesh, as we lovingly ask our God to…lay not this sin to their charge….as we take our last breath. Joyce this is the only spiritual battle and victory our Lord now gives us his power to accomplish. This is true love that comes only from God.

There was a time in the beginning of my walk with our Lord Jesus Christ, when I was confronted by an “Angel of Light” speaking through what I thought was a minister of God, 2 Corinthians 11:13-14. It was before I learned that America was Babylon the Great, and while I was learning that Jesus really meant that we are to love our enemies all the way to our cross if necessary, just as he did.

For after my conversion to Jesus in April of 1978, in July, our minister began to speak and teach about the glory of the Revolutionary War and how Christians rose to battle to defeat the oppressive King of England and later the evil Adolph Hitler. The way he spoke of their righteous cause and how “just” it was gave me goosebumps, and I felt close to “the” God he was describing working through the leadership of George Washington and Franklin Roosevelt. It all felt so good and right!

Later, as I was reading and praying, these scriptures began to fill my heart…”my kingdom is not of this world, if it were my servants would fight…the meek shall inherit the Earth….pick up your cross….love your enemies….I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves, be harmless as doves…they that live by the sword shall die by the sword…for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light….who deceiveth the whole world.” It did not take long for me to realize that this minister was being used by this angel of light to deceive me into following a false gospel. And he had no idea this was happening to him!

Peter Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Rick Joyner, Tim LaHaye, Hal Lindsey, Mike Evans, Rick Warren, Robert Schuller, and multitudes of other Christian patriots have been deceived by this same seducing spirit that came after me. They will not accept that correction from me or anyone else so far, for when we are deceived we don’t know it, nor do we in our pride want to even consider it. These men deny and twist the plain truth of the scriptures I wrote above, and call me a deceiver! Do you now see why the Holy Spirit is so vital to understanding the scriptures? These men have deliberately rejected what Christian brothers have tried to show them from the scriptures concerning the truth of the bloody cross and America’s position in end time events as Babylon the Great.

And please know that I am the first to admit that I have been deceived and confused at times about things in my Christian walk, and I know that it was my rebellion and sin nature that crucified the very Lord who came to save me. I love these men as people for whom my Lord Jesus died, but must speak the truth in the love and compassion of the Lord. Please beware my eternal friend and give my regards to Robert. Jack

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From: Robert
Sent: Thursday
To: Jack D. Hook
Subject: RE: Dear Jack, RE: A Vietnam Veteran’s Invitation

Dear Jack,

It is my opinion that America is in a mess because the church is lost and confused.

I think that the church has failed to sound the battle trumpet and organize her troops against the troops of the enemy.

Why is the Protestant evangelical church so impotent, so defeated, so isolated and so irrelevant to the culture wars that are raging in our nation?

In my opinion one of the greatest evils that has befallen the church and ruined her is her wrong belief in the false theological doctrine of Premillenialism.

Because most of the evangelical Protestant church is Premillenial, most Christians expect to LOSE, in history, until Christ comes to save us after the seven year rule of anti-Christ over the entire earth (and we are not considering here the debate amongst Premillenialists over whether there is a pre, mid or post-tribulational rapture).

But the Pilgrims and the Puritains who founded this nation were Postmillenial and they expected victory because they had a doctrine of eschatology that predicted victory for the church in the here and now, in history, before the second coming of Christ.

Postmillenialists believe that Jesus completely defeated satan at the cross and that satan is now bound and that he (satan) cannot stop the ultimate victory of the church.

Postmillenialism is a theology of victory and dominion not defeat and retreat.

Which one of these doctrines would you wish that the entire church adopted, Premillenialism or Postmillenialism?

Victory over the entire earth (Postmill) or temporary defeat until Christ rescues the earth from satans grip (Premill)?

I am sincerely yours in Christ my friend. I am saved by grace and grace alone. There is nothing good in me apart from Christ.

Please don’t be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good.


From: Jack D. Hook
To: Robert

Hi Bob. Thanks for your short but to the point email. In the love of our Lord Jesus and the truth of his bloody cross, I must disagree with you that pre-millennialism is a doctrine of defeatism and losers. From my study of the Puritans, they indeed were mostly post-millennial and also subscribed to the “just war” doctrine of Constantine and Augustine. This false doctrine proves more than any other that the Puritans were following “another” Jesus as Paul described in 2 Corinthians 11. Peter also said that Jesus set for us an “example” and we are to follow in his footsteps by picking up our cross, not the bayonets of America’s founding fathers. The truth of the cross forbids us to pick up arms, which most the post-millennial Puritans did then, and continue to do today. A true understanding of the bloody cross reveals the victory we need to reach for…a love of our enemies to the point of allowing them to kill us, while we ask the Lord to forgive them in our last breath.

If you read my articles, you will see that I have consistently written that we, as followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, are to love all people including the worst of our enemies. In the Lord and in his power, we are able to separate the love he has for the souls of people, while honestly confronting people with their need for Jesus and his teachings because of their sins. We are always to first look in our own eyes and hearts, so that we speak the truth in love and not condemnation.

You and I both know that Jesus commands us to know the false Christians by their fruit. That’s discernment, not condemnation. The problem in Christendom today is very few know what the fruit is any more! As 1 John 2:16 declares, militant patriotism (pride of life), the prosperity gospel (eyes full of lust and love for money), and psychology (love or lust for fleshly self-esteem and image) are the cornerstones of most doctrines of demons masquerading as biblical teachings in Christendom today. These three thorns have become fruit. Your eternal friend. Jack


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From: Rita
To: Jack

Dear Jack,

Praise the Lord for your discernment of what is going on in Israel and I agree, the reason Israel took over the Gaza was to get the terrorism controlled. Back to square one it seems like. Their enemies want to conquer by dividing the land and if they can get rid of Israel they get rid of the Biblical Prophecy. I think that is ultimately in these evil heathen hearts who wish to do that. I believe there are even some rich Jews who would like to see that.

I have a question:

You wrote this: “all those who agree with the “just” war doctrine for Christians”

It is the first time I have heard this concept. Can you explain what it means so I can understand the issue. I sure would appreciate it.

May God continue to be with and inspire you,

In Him, Rita

From: Jack
To: Rita

Hi Rita. It is good to hear from you again. Thanks for responding and believe me I do honor and respect you in our Lord Jesus Christ. My answer to your question follows…..Most Christians say history and tradition teaches that it is alright for Christians to join in “just” wars. A small remnant says just the opposite. Over the last twenty plus years I have read many history books from both sides of the fence. Some who say America is Christian nation from birth, others who do not.

Quite frankly, it became a real headache, so I decided to stick with the scriptures from Daniel’s prophecies of the Roman Empire together with John’s visions of Babylon the Great, which is the final phase of the Roman Empire. By doing this I was laying a foundation in my heart based on the Word of God, not some historians take on the matter.

One thing that both sides seemed to agree on and was proven true by church historians, was that Augustine and Constantine changed the way Christendom looked at the Roman Empire and the prophetic scriptures. Daniel and John’s visions of how Rome would affect the world was in sharp contrast to what Constantine the Emperor was accomplishing in the Church. A great apostasy was taking place, where the bodily pre-millennial return of Jesus to intervene in judgment was replaced by the church and government working together to establish the Kingdom on Earth. Christendom was now being seduced away from the truth that all nations are controlled by Satan and will remain that way until the return of Jesus.

Jump forward seventeen centuries and we see President Bush sitting in the same seat of power, speaking the same heresies. The final President and final Pope will be the two beasts of Revelation 13, who will continue the lie of the “just ” war doctrine that is linked to militant patriotism. Sadly, and with great shame, I was part of this delusion during the Vietnam era, but the Lord has forgiven me! As in the days of Constantine, there is today a faithful remnant who are the true body of Christ on this Earth, who stand boldly against the Great Harlot that has evolved over the centuries.

Men like Hal Lindsey have continued the misunderstanding of Romans 13. He has neglected or refused to remember that the closing verses of Romans 12 are also tied into Romans 13. Our Lord’s teachings of loving your enemies and picking up one’s cross is clearly the source of Paul’s writings here. Roman Christians were being horrible treated by Roman authorities, and even then, Paul was instructing Christians to not resist or revolt in combat against them.

Hal Lindsey is trying to have it both ways. On one hand, he knows Satan is the god of this world system which includes all nations. He knows the Revelation and other scriptures teach that Satan has deceived all nations, Revelation 20:3. He knows Jesus was offered all the Kingdoms of this world (Roman Empire) and turned him down. He knows America has its roots in the Roman/European Empire.

But yet, because of his pride and militant patriotism, he somehow says that America is/was a Christian nation. This is utter contradiction. It is/was Christian in form only with a small remnant looking to the Lord’s return, as it is today. The professing Christian founders of this nation were in rebellion to the Lord when they declared a violent revolution. They were following the voice of a stranger, a false or another Jesus, as Paul clearly taught the Galatians and Corinthians. Please go to my web site and read my article “The Wise Man” which explains the five possible scenarios for America being taught by prophecy teachers in Christendom today.

I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your eternal friend. Jack

From: Rita
To: Jack

Dear Jack,

I’m behind in work because too much information is coming in. I have a few well meaning researchers and they keep me busy so does the email and trying to get funding going. This gas situation seems to have had an impact on the little spending money Christians have.

Your exhortation here was powerful and I appreciate your response. I truly believe patriotism is competing with the Gospel and has waylaid many a good Christian. Even discernment ministries who taught us all about the foundation of the country have been sucked into it. Like you say it is replacement theology and a duplicate of the old Roman Empire. What these teachers don’t think about is that the dream Nebuchadrezzar had was relating to the whole world. The people had not moved north out of that region at that point in time. I heard recently that the Catholic church sent thousands over here in the early stages to make sure they had a good foothold. I think 50% of the believers are Catholics in the US. Look at Mexico. It’s all Catholic. The only reason that the Popes wanted to get rid of the Templars was their power and riches. They developed and controlled the banking system in Europe and it was too much competition for the church, since people trusted the Templar to invest their moneys safely. In fact the Templars developed the whole European economy. I heard that the film “National Treasure” was not fiction.

Also a researcher found out that the Pledge of Allegiance was founded by a French Mason. Wouldn’t you know it. Like you I prefer the Gospel to show the way. I just did a research on the Antichrist due to a question from an emailer. Well low and behold discovered that there are four phases. We are in the tail end of the third phase and that being no less the beast with four horns which is none other than the quartet who developed the Roadmap and it was confirmed from Jerusalem. They sent me a picture of the latest conference where Solano from Spain (NATO/UN ), Condi (US), Rep from England and Russia (4 kings like no other due to the UN) were at table trying to get this finalized giving PA statehood as well as Israel. That is why Sharon agreed to it. They do not have that status yet. The picture had a backdrop with large symbolism of the UN and a great big 6 in red lettering in front of each symbol. 6 symbol 6 symbol 6 symbol (666). Isn’t that simply uncanny? I agree Bush is a candidate because Sharon was to get busy in 2002 and drug his feet and just ignored it hoping it would all go away. Well Bush went to him personally just before they cleared out the Gaza strip and got steam behind Sharon to get it done by the deadline in 2005 probably gave him more money.

When President Bush began his presidency and stuck himself in front of the whole world addressing the evil axis he muttered that he had to prove himself as a world leader. Doesn’t that ring bells because the Antichrist pulls up three countries by the roots to prove he is worthy of that position. Lady Clinton is set to get the next presidency which cannot be, due to the fact the Antichrist is a male. Something will have to happen to stop that ball game and I think Bush has already declared a perpetual war in which anything goes, he will end up declaring Marshal Law so he can stay in office. Right now on the table in Washington lies a bill “The Hate Crime Law” to declare the Bible as we know it, an Anti Semitic Book as well as anti equality where homosexuals are concerned. If it passes the Bible that we know will be outlawed. They have come out with a new Bible that will suffice for the new religion that is taking off now which is all inclusive.

The Bible calls for a famine which is not physical food but the Word of God will not be found anywhere anymore.

The fact that Pope St Benedictine XVI (??) is going after homosexuals tells me he is not going to be long lived. He is going up against his own establishment, wouldn’t you say? Germans have a tendency to want to clean up.

We are in the toes of the giant Nebuchadrezzar dreamed about which consists of iron and clay and will not hold together.

Cutting Edge thinks we may go to war with South America because they are playing footsy with Castro and are to merge with the US into one region, one of the ten toes.

Even though there is much tragedy and turmoil we are in very exciting times.

I will check out your article and advertise the book if I have not already. I do so much reading, I have a stack of books that I want to read and probably never get to.

Praise God for people like you to stand with and be counted among the sheep. It is a real honor and was worth the struggle we have been through.

May God be with you and give you and your family blessings so well deserved.
In Him,

This was a very good article, both articles I agree with. I was afraid that when the U.S. forced Israel to give up their land, (which is only going to give a lea-way for the Arabs to take more land) that the U.S. would suffer and we did. I know why some people can’t see that. The devil has them blinded.

Thanks for your letters. Barbara

You hit the nail on the head when you said most christians today do NOT
want to hear the harsh words. My husband Joe just read your letter and
totally agrees with you. We have not been happy in our church and
moved on to several others, only to find more watered down sermons, rock
and roll gospel, or churches without ministers. God’s spirit has left
the building, you might say. Thank you for doing God’s work – and may He
bless you daily.


I always enjoy reading your e-mails and stories. Though I differ in scriptural interpretation, it comes from a personal revelation which then puts me in a different “state of mind” as to why these interpretations I have are what they are. We are encouraged to be just a a little child, in awe and wonder of God’s magnificent universe in order to see the Kingdom which is for all intensive purposes, already here. It is not a coming kingdom, but out of sight out of view to the carnal mind, and so therefore as doubting Thomas’s all, we might reasonably be waiting for something in vein. It is up to every follower of the Christ, to bring this new sight, to bear on and old and decaying world, for underneath it all, lies that which is was and always be the perfection of God’s creation.

I have a true compassion and sorrow for those souls that are lost in all of the vices which prevail, and know not this resurrection which is also available to them, but you know, I don’t have a pity of sorts for every man and woman has an opportunity to see, but the delusional power of a strong matrix effect, is all encompassing in the eyes of the beholder, when sight is of the Body, and not of the Spirit which encompasses all time-space, and all no-time no -space. To see that the words of Jesus’ who became the Christ ONE, is to also know that we are to follow exactly in the footsteps he laid before us. Sometimes I don’t see that in your words, and sometimes I see a glimpse of it, but never a strong indication of it.

It seems your sorrow is overwhelming you as if Babylon must fall then it is so, but it is still up to those who receive to live the Life more abundantly intended as examples, not necessarily abundance of things, but of heart and of spirit of Goodwill, and of sincere community. Let us break the bread of Life together I say, being the shining examples of our emerging Christ nature and growing to full stature, and dispense with the witnessing of the tribulationary destructive forces, as while Babylon the great is falling round the world as well, we are to be building up the heavenly places as co – workers in a sense, with the eldest of the tribe, Christ Jesus’ the forerunner of the new world emerging. What say you?



I applaud your efforts to help the world understand what is going on in this day and time. But what troubles me is that this is only the narrow view, the same narrow view of Jesus and his message that has gotten the world in such a knot today.

All I ask is that you reread the new testament with open eyes, focus only on the words of Jesus, our true guide. Not the words of paul or any other, just Jesus. He does not speak of the things of paul or john, does not condemn the world or speak of any destruction other than that of the city of Jerusalem. And even then does not say that it is the work of a vengeful God.

The problem is in the mixing of the true message of Jesus with the message of Paul and others. They had an agenda and the their purpose has been compromised over the ages.

The kingdom of God is truly within, that is where our power lies. He does not speak of a need to be redeemed, nor of our sinful nature from birth. He does not state that we are wretched and an offense in the eyes of God.

Why is that?

Why doesn’t the Son of God himself speak of the sinful nature of man from birth?

What does the Son of God say? He doesn’t even say that he is the son of God, but the Son of Man.

Why is that? What does this truly mean?

What was Jesus telling us, what did he preach? Why is his message uniquely different from every other prophet of God? No fire and brimstone, but a new understanding of what life. A freeing of the mind and soul from the bondage of ignorance.

When did Christ preach against homosexuals or Romans or women or anyone? What in particular did he say? I know Paul was against them but Jesus? Who has a greater voice in such matters, Paul or Jesus? I’m not about to follow a follower when the true leader is available. Think about it. You really have to separate the two. The only thing Paul said that I know is true is when he said ” In all thy getting, get understanding.”

Jesus preached only two laws, to love God and your neighbor. Why?

What does it really mean to love God? And what does it mean to love your neighbor as yourself?

I was raised a Catholic, married a pentacostal minister and been blessed with the gift of speaking in tongues. In my life I have been given a gift of being able to “read between the lines” to see with new eyes. And there is a line from your letter that reveals far more than you intended…

“We refuse to see ourselves as God the Father does!”

How very true, and that is what I am trying to say. All too often we underestimate the power of God, feel that he must be defended by us, that we must crusade for his honor, his work, his law, his ways, his everything. We forget that if he is truly God, he has no need of our help, that he is quite capable of defending himself. Like David, but instead of wishing to build God a great temple, we are trying to prove what a great god he is.

Why? Is he the High God of High Gods, the true God of True Gods or not?

Let God be God, and don’t worry, he can handle things just fine, whatever comes his way. He said ” All souls are mine, and none shall pluck them from my hands.”

All that is asked of us is to be good to each other, teach love, and forgiveness.

We refuse to see ourselves as God the Father does!

I do agree that this nation, this world is in for a shaking up, some things have to change, but it is not because we are sinful by nature. It’s because it is time, it’s all part of the cycle this planet is in. There are things in motion that have nothing at all to do with mankind, but are part of a bigger galactic picture. And these things will be seen soon enough. The earth has gone thru these changes before and will go thru them again and again. We have no control over how the stars and planets line up or when.

How we respond to these changes, that we do have control over.

We can create a hell on earth and we have in some places. We can destroy our enviroment, or we can use our resources wisely. We can work together or continue to be divisive and petty. We can fight over oil and poison our world or use another abundant, non-polluting energy source. We can continue or change as our world changes.

I’m just another voice crying in the wilderness. Again, your words form your letter….

“We refuse to see ourselves as God the Father does! Know this, it is our inherited proud sin nature that blinds us from seeing how hopelessly arrogant and wretched we really are. When we are first told of our sin nature, we recoil at the thought that we are really that bad and hopelessly so. We refuse to see ourselves as God the Father does! Yet something in our heart convicts us that we need to be changed. As I have written many times, the four most difficult confessions before God in my life were…(1) Admitting how rotten and wretched I really was, and how desperately I needed the love, forgiveness, and power of Jesus Christ to escape God’s wrath and eternal condemnation that I deserved…(2) Admitting to the God of Israel that I was born with a nature that both despised him, and honored any other god or religion that allowed me to rationalize and justify the desires of my heart…”

Peace, Cherah

In my view it is not God that brings judgment on people or nations, we bring judgment on ourselves. America is no longer the shining light on the hill, it is now the whore of perdition, we did it basically by allowing the political corrupt to become entranched in government. America is now under the Nazi (Nassi) boot about the same stage as Nazi Germany in the mid 1930’s.



I got your e-mail today and realized that I should post this on my site. You have put so well the important message the church in America needs to understand. I am asking for your permission to post this note on my site. Before you answer you should probably visit my site.

If you feel a disclaimer with my site is in order so that I may use your letter, that is ok I just want your very well written letter to be posted.

Jack the reason I ask you to visit my site is because I have a ministry that is not understood by most of the church.

You see, I have a bookstore in downtown Roswell NM right across the street from the International UFO Museum. My store presents the warning of UFOs and Aliens, the New Age and the NWO as a prophetic danger to all of mankind. Everything I have (much is out of the box to mainstream thought) are Biblical answers to the New Age lies being presented to the public. I have sound Biblical answers to questions many seekers who are leaning toward the New Age are asking today. Unfortunately these are not questions that most Christians have even considered. It is in this, that my ministry is much misunderstood by my fellow believers.

If you read through much of my material, and get past the dramatic sounding titles, you will see that my motivation in all of my postings is to draw people toward Christ.

I eagerly await a response as I feel that your letter should be heard by every Christian American. I am going to link your site with mine by your permission also.

Thank You for your consideration in this matter.

Sincerely In His Service, Jim

This different-abled 51 year old Nazacathlibapticostal children’s minister (with damaged brain and body) who has heard and seen this kind of ‘prophecy’ before, is not impressed. Having survived 2 near death’s this past 6 year’s and barely able in many way’s, just does all things by God’s grace and try’s hard not to let negativity get to me. this ‘warning’ newsletter is a downer and for those who read it (which will be 90% Christian I assume),; just how do you figure they will change? I’m only taking the time to respond (since I get over a hundred a day) because I felt lead by the Holy Spirit to, due to your wonderful ministry and how you have changed so many live’s. With minor memory, I cna’t recall fellowshipping with you before, yet, “I do all things through Him who strengthens me” and will wait with patience ro the Lord to reveal what my next step is.


brother Greg

You’re not my eternal friend Jack because I’m not buying your end of days stuff. On the other hand if you can come up with an exact date that you might be leaving this world I’d be interested in knowing it.


This is excellent!!!!!!!! People do not want to believe the truth, they don’t want hear it, so they are deaf. They don’t want to see the truth, so they are blind.

The only thing they are concerned about is their selfish selves and life is one big party.

Praise God for your website brother! Praise God for Saints like yourselves who have been given the wisdom to write and to tell the truth.

Not all of us, have the gift of writing, but there are so many of us who do see the truth.

May God bless you and your family,


Dear sir,

I believe your latest reference to look up when america will fall reveals that your prophecies are at best off, and in reality false

I believe Dumitru Duduman was a true prophet and the fruit of his life and the power he walked in (that I personally know of) confirmed him as one of the true prophets of this century.

What I believe really dosent matter, it’s what God knows, but what if your wrong? Your declarations seem based on your private interpretations while the ‘soon and total destruction off America’ (nuclear), was revealed by the (vision) or a genuine gift of God revealing the future, (also backed up by scripture).

Condsider this clear order of dispensations(so to speak)

6: And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,
7: Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.
8: And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.
9: And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,”

So according to this clear order of events stated here for the common man to understand, when the angel who makes the ‘Gospel being preached to all nations’ ends, (maybe coming soon),. the next major event to come is ‘poof’ no more america.

According to this discourse, the USA wont even be around for the time of the beast’s rule and such things. It’s clear.

If these declaratios you are proclaiming are not true, then the bible says you are decieved and a false prophet. Consider that, maybe you need to repent as much as everyone else you think should. Nothing personal, Im not your judge,it just that many who think they know somthing,,,,dont.

That could be me,,, but consider,,, it could be you.

Food for thought,.