February 2007 Comments


Thank you for your e-mails. I enjoy reading them. I agree with you on loving and praying for the leaders of all governments. That until the Beast comes with the mark, we, as true Christians, should act as though every man and woman has the opportunity to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus. And that we shouldn’t slander them and condemn them.

I do believe that our government had SOMETHING to do with 9/11 though. As to what extent, I don’t exactly know. I do know that their official story has all sorts of holes in it, and that there’s PLENTY of motive for them to do it. This makes it hard to love them, but the Holy Spirit has made me aware of what you wrote about lately.

I just want people to know the truth about God, as well as what Satan is doing to ALL governments, and that the United States is Babylon the Great. That we’re NOT the apple of God’s eye. That we’re NOT exempt from the end-times scenario. I know you know this.

So yeah, I dig what you wrote. What do you think about 9/11 though? It really seems like, at the least, they allowed it to happen so they’d have the perfect reason to go to war, but there’s still some inconsistencies in the “official story”. Read:

The New Pearl Harbor — David Ray Griffen
The Grand Chessboard — Zbigniew Brzezinski

Take care and God Bless,




I found your web site while searching for info on America’s place in prophecy. I read several of your articles and have been moved to align my heart and mind with Christ in a way I have not in 25 years of professing Christianity.

This very night as I type these words I am in an emotional and spiritual crisis- my marriage is failing, and I really don’t know what I believe. I have been inspired to evaluate my world view as a result of your writings on ‘Despising Government’ and several other articles addressing a real, honest to goodness Christ-like response to the events of our times. In reading your position on world events, I believe I have fallen prey to the sin of militant patriotism.

I am a 42 year old retired firefighter/paramedic. I was one of the very first to arrive at the Pentagon when the plane hit it on September 11, 2001. Since then, I have been unsettled and obviously unbiblical in my world view and general approach to life since. Please pray for me, that God will truly open my eyes to Him and His way.

Thank you for your work and the articles.


God bless President Bush! Fighting for Christ!


Hi Jack, I appreciate the spirit and the challenge you undertake in defining
and explaining the nature of today’s world events. I have found it difficult
to pray for the president because I distrust him so much. I think he has
forsaken the constitution and is leading the american government into a
one-world system. But I am encouraged by the old testament scripture that
says “The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord, and He turns where
ever He wants to”.
Sincerely in Christ,

I do believe that a Higher Power exists, but that it is something akin to Mass Conciousness and Conscience. As a student of history, I examined the major religious disciplines and found that all, to some degree or other, contained dogmas within them; dogma being an inherent fallacy of institutionalized religion, not to be confused with spirituality. Dogmas arise as the “keepers” of the faith struggle to maintain control over their flock, control being antithetical to true spirituality.

I saw a book called The End of Faith and think I must read this. If fact, reason and logic prevails, emotional appeals based on fear, religious principa, national pride are doomed to failure. The only faith that should motivate us collectively is the faith that we can overcome prejudice in all its myriad forms and that mankind can overcome its inherent nature from which stems the root of all evil/sins.

Sincerely, Deborah

Hello Jack Hook,
I read your article “Despising Government” and I deeply appreciate you taking the time to elucidate about the subject of war and America’s present involvement in Iraq. I am concerned about the perpetuation of this war, spreading beyond Iraq to other nations. On a personal level, my oldest and dear son, Davis,is a U.S. Marine and may join other troops in the Middle East. He is doing a fine job, but I wonder if this is a “just” war?
God bless, Susan




Dear Jack,

I have read your article and agree that we must warn our government leaders as they can still be saved. I believe that the Catholic church and its hiearchy should also be warned and admonished. There have been accusations made against the Military Archbishop of New York in that it was he who gave the order to bring down the World Trade Centers. However, I feel that the Holy Spirit has led me to join the Catholic church for reasons that are still being revealed.

Sincerely, Daniel

Dear Jack,
Thank you for the letter. I do catch myself talking about the evils of government sometimes and not liking very much those who have been put in charge of the government. And yes, as you say it is wrong. I remember when Bill Clinton was president and so many despised him (including me) yet I found myself praying for him one time and I no longer disliked him. While I did not agree with much he did, I didn’t hate him anymore. Praying for someone that may be described as my enemy released me of the real feelings of hate towards him. I know I have not prayed enough for our current President as the Lord would have me do. And I am sorry. Please continue with sending me your email updates.
Thank you.

Bush has bases in a lot of countries. That’s because America will be hit this next world war, The scripture says Bush (America) is the hammer of the whole earth. Read Isaiah 18, see if you see America there. Jeremiah: 51 verse 14, I think is happening today, I think Jeremiah 50 & 51 is talking about America, I would like to be wrong. We have been ruled by the Illuminati since 1776 God says we are a Nation terrible from our beginning. And I thought we were a GOODLY Nation. I have been reading on your sight all evening. at least 4 hours. Your solid like a ROCK
God bless

Hi Jack , as usual I read your letter , with great interest , we see what is happening around us and as we know when Noah in his , at the time seemed a crazy Idea building some ship as big as an Aircraft carrier ( today has been said ) we are warned about the same Truths in God’s wonderful words from his Book ……..we see the appalling murders in Africa , become Islamic or be beheaded ……..I will stretch my neck out here and say that Yes there are many good people in Islamic societies , they are also very obedient , out time Bomb ( as I see it ) grow’s daily , fredom of speach , burning of our flag IN OUR OWN Country , to me is traitor , , I now am ashamed to call my self British , because it means anyone can have citizenship free ……then under the cover of our flag Bomb other coutries …….Headlines British man Kills many etc…
I call myself English , end of Story ……Born and Bred ……..this time Bomb of Islamic groups once ordered will uprise to take over , and I fear is already well under way ……Christian teachings are kept aside for fear of upsetting theses people who come here to live as they chose ……Englan IS the laughing stock of the world , we continually flood our country with Thousands of so called assylun seekers , and cannot look after our own ……they tell us what is right ……We have Muderers Rapists etc , which should be Deported , but NO they plead that there life is in Danger if they go back , So we let them go and Commit other crimes ………..This country is not now , as I see it Patriotic , Moral standards gone ……..I pray hard for our Country to turn back to God
Alas we are turning further away , teaching on religeon more for other than Christian , totally confusing for the youngsters , who have to chose if any ……..
I wont go on but we all know the outcome will be terrible …….as you say , the world will only know peace when our Saviour returns ………then people will bow their knees to him and say we believe ……..Sadly to us it will be to late for them once he comes , the proof is stronger than ever and people will not listen …………..God is merciful , God is Love , we all know he must grieve for his people to come to him , he has feelings greatly for all on Earth ……..
He gives us free will and that’s the difference , to chose him and everlasting life through his Son Jesus ……….So Simple , So Free , so Gracious is His Love for us …………and Many still chose to go the opppostion’s way …………..
God will wipe away our tear’s ……no more sorrow for those who follow him …….Praise be to God and His Son …………..Amen ………
Regards ………..Rod


Dear Brother Jack…You are right Jack, I have repented and of my judgement against Mr Bush and have taken all such stuff off my web site! Thankyou for being a sharp tool in His hands.
God knows all…I don’t!

I received your letter. No matter how people may think your nuts, crazy, overboard, or too religous…You are a believer who is zealous for Christ Jesus. I may not ever agree you on everything you write, but I defend your Christian duty and love for Jesus to do so. I count you as a brother in the Lord. There are a number of people that are trying to warn a nation of people to repent, and at the same time urging a Church full of people to repent as well.


Hi Bro. Jack,
I just completely read your article “Despising Government”. The other day
I had only briefly looked at it, but today I read it through. I think what
you are describing is the Christian life on the ‘narrow way’, and that is
exactly how it should be for the true church.
As far as our attitudes toward governments, ‘americans’ think it is their
right to be free, but that is not the example given in scripture. The church
was persecuted in ancient Israel and Rome, and either had to flee or were
forced out. Christians in early England left their homeland because of
persecution from the ‘church of england’. And Christians in Germany and
Russia were persecuted by the nazi’s and the communists. Some stayed and
were martyred, and some escaped.
Rome had it’s ‘caesars’, England had it’s ‘kings’. Germany and Russia had
their ‘dictators’. We in the USA are supposed to have a Constitutional
Republic, without kings or emperors. I only see the Presidency as a limited
office established in the Constitution, so I don’t think of the president as
any kind of king, although today’s presidents no longer follow the
Constitution and tend to assume authority they don’t legally have.
If I find my hope in the ‘constitution’ then I become angry at the
president and the government, but when I find my hope in the Lord I can rest
in Him, knowing ‘the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord’.
Eschatology is a difficult subject, so whether the country is the beast or
not, I don’t know, but I am still encouraged by your articles.
Sincerely in Christ,


Dear Jack-

Thank you for sharing this article. While there are aspects of the article that I do not fully understand (e.g., many end time details) or with which, at this point, I would disagree (e.g., your condemnation of anything called “contemplative prayer”), I believe there is very much in your article to commend itself.

First, your challenge to the idea of a “just war” New Testament ideology is very powerful. I see nothing in the New Testament to clearly justify or support this theory and typically find that “just war” justification is just that, a justification for a decision that has already been made, not for the sake of the cross but typically for the sake of power.

Second, I have never seen (although I’m sure this has been written on before) a comment regarding the arguably rebellious nature of the American Revolution. I have not deeply studied this out but have always wondered how our nation, supposedly in the name of Christ, truly justified this bloody war against Britain. Perhaps in human terms it was necessary or just but I’m not convinced that we can claim that the war was fought in the name of Christ.

Now, I don’t know how this all works out for cases such as World War II and the like and whether there are times when we can, with confidence, suggest that we are fighting a biblically just war. But, the issue must be posed and the knee jerk assumption that everything American is somehow ordained or blessed by God-especially every foreign military venture-is silly and dangerous.

Third, I have long wondered whether America would be the great Babylon on the waters. It has for many years seemed to fit with me. Like I said above, I don’t know about many details of the end times and we would likely disagree on many details. But, I believe that there will be (and is already occurring) a great falling away, and I see nothing to suggest that America will in any way be on the “right” side of all this.

Over and over I am driven to the cross and the grace and mercy of God through the blood of Jesus-foolishness to those who are perishing but the power of God to those being saved.

Thanks, Jack, for stretching my mind and fanning the flames.

Blessings and hope,

Dear Mr. Hook;

Praise God for your dedication and we pray for your continued courage. We know this is a hard pill to swallow. However, alll things can be used to get men saved! This information about the NWO and the conspiracies, CAN be used to convert unbelievers! It happened to me. I was a dedicated Edgar Cayceite and dabbler in Amerindianism and a dash of hinduism, Buddism, tarot cards, horoscopes, etc. I did not believe in evil. I did believe in one personal God, (I don’t know how that happened), but I ignored that I was in fact worshipping false gods, and of course myself (I am God meditations). I believed that if I learned about evil, I would be giving power to it. Therefore I ignored it hoping it would die from lack of attention. This did not occur.

Second to wanting worship, Satan also loves ignorance (can be two meanings, and it means them both). If people torment each other instead of praying against him, and/or praying for one another’s protection, that allows him to work under cover. Exposing him is good.

Because a freind bugged me to read None Dare Call It Conspiracy, I finally did, and I read more and more books about the NWO until I came across the Mark of the Beast newsletter written by Carl Sanders. Sanders himself was fianlly saved AFTER creating the microchip, and repented of his sin, but was intent on telling the world. His detailed study in the chi xi stigma and charagma definitions, and blood covenants, led me to accept Christ. His detail on the lithium battery needing frequent temperature change for charging (the forehead and the back of the hand) led me to accept the Bible as truth and I had no choice but to accept Christ as my Lord and my God. Whether I like what the Bible says is irrelevant, whether it contains doctrines I don’t WANT to agree with, has to be irrelevant- the truth is the truth whether I want it to be or not. (sacrifices are hard to swallow, YHWH hardening people’s hearts is hard too, rape victims having to marry their rapists is also a tough one, but there it is). I have hope that soon this mess will be over and YHWH will make it all better.

But I repeat, the NWO can be used as proofs that the Bible is true and it can be used to get souls saved. And that as you know is our most important commandment of Christ after his resurrection…go ye into all the world and spread the gospel, teaching them….baptizing….etc. If this can be used for that end, then it is a reason to be used.

I do have a question I hope you would have time to discuss. It sounds as if you believe the believers will go through the Antichrist’s terror. I believe that too. My husband says there are two groups of believers. Us now and we will be pretrib raptured, and those saved after we’re gone, saved by the preaching of the 144,000. But they will be in an Old Testament type of world because he says the Holy Spirit will be removed from the world during the tribulation. That’s also why he says we can’t be here because since the Holy Spirit will be gone, since we are indwelled, we will by rights have to be removed also. Please share your ponderings and I will be grateful.


Do you enjoy ranting on and on with no respect for the men God has placed in government. Did David whine and complain about Saul? Get a life.


True Christians will begin to set up the Kingdom of God upon this earth now, and not wait for the return of Jesus Christ. This is our purpose now. We are to rule and take dominion over the earth, if we follow His commands.

Christians have failed to do this, and now, we are seeing the consequences. Too much complacency in the church, as a whole. They act like, for the most part, that their Christianity is the best kept secret in the world.

We are to spread the Good News, not hold it within, as if we are ashamed.

Let’s get the Word of God out there, that it is time for God’s people to step up and step out, and overcome this wicked world. God has been waiting a long time for His people to do this. Sandra


So Jack, we just let the Islamic trash cut our heads off and be happy about it, is that what you say?
You are indeed misreading the scripture.



Wow! I just read your May 1, 2006 article and I must say that it convicted me to write to you. I put myself at the top of the “Despise Bush and Cheney and Their Entire Cabal” list, but after reading your article I must reconsider my stance and repent before the Lord Jesus.

Jack, you know it’s so hard for me to do this, because I believe they are doing the devil’s work in our nation. And I believe the church is about to follow them off the cliff and that it may be Great Falling Away. We’re seeing it happen before our eyes!

But thank you for writing what you did. I will seek the Lord’s guidance and grace and strength and His loving hand on my repentance in this area. He’s the only one who can help me; I’m useless to do it alone or with man’s help; oh, how I want to lash out at our leaders and show them disrespect.

Almighty God is certainly in control, and that gives me peace. I know I can repent before Him and He will change my heart. This part of your essay especially resonated with me:

You said: “Admitting that I was controlled and manipulated by fallen angels that I could not see with my own two eyes was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made. But it was the dirty and foul truth, and when I asked the Lord Jesus Christ to free me from their power he did, and then mercy, joy, love, and peace with God filled my soul and spirit.”

All I can say is Wow, Jack. I know I sound like a broken record, but I’m SO RELIEVED to find something on the Internet that speaks SO INCREDIBLY CLOSELY to wear I am (which is withering away in hate and rage) and where I want to be (redeemed and refocused and energetically going about the will of Lord Jesus).

It’s so just absolutely invigorating to see things unfolding with such breathtaking acceleration these days!

Thanks again,

Boy, it sure is hard not to “despise government” or those in authority when they are so deserving so much of the time! I think you are more correct than not, but I have some questions from observations of Jesus’ life concerning His response or reaction to authority.

All through the Gospels, Jesus refers often to unbelieving Religeous authorities in derogatory terms: “brood of vipers”, “whitewashed tombs”, etc.

He also gives instructions for some Pharisees to return to Herod in Luke 13:32, and refers to Herod as “a Fox”, which can also be rendered “sly dog” or something along those lines.

In these instances, Jesus was not necessarily rebelling against any authority, but was certainly speaking about them in a less than complimentary manner. Do you think that there is a point to which one can go in speaking about an authority in a less than kind manner, but only to a point; i.e. there is a line that one should not cross, but recognize that the certain dignitary that one might be referring to obviously does not have or share your own beliefs, morals, convictions, etc.? If we look to Christ’s example, this would seem to be the case, and He is much harder on the Religeous authorities that should have, and probably did, know much better than what they were doing. But when push came to shove, He submitted to their abuse, both the religeous and national authorities that carried out His torture and execution. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks! Anthony


Dear Jack,

Let me thank you for your letter. Thanks for continuing to speak about the Blood of the Cross of Calvary that Jesus shed for us. You are one of three people that I have contact with that actively proclaim the truth of the Bloody Cross of Christ Jesus. Be encouraged that when folks are turning their backs on you, the Lord Jesus is right there with you. Thanks for the opportunity to remind myself that He is always there for me. You know ole slewfoot will and is working to attack you for your witness in this latest letter. I pray the Lord will continue to protect and guide you in His mission for you.

Jesus Christ Is Lord!


Shalom my friend,

I do thank you for your ‘tell it like it is’ writings that you send out to those of us who are fortunate enough to be on your mailing list. I read this one and it really touched me. Made me think. I have been guilty of forgetting to pray for our leaders, and that there ARE evil forces doing dastardly things in the heavenlies and are manipulating mankind, to a degree. There are those who cannot be manipulated, thankfully. They are the saints of the Most High who pray and allow His Holy Spirit to lead and guide them. I do thank you for this writing for it brought back to my remembrance that the things that ARE happening now have been prophesied and told of in the ancient writings of the prophets.

May Yahweh bless you and your ministry and remember, you have friends who appreciate what you do, regardless of how family members may treat you. Yahshua our Messiah was thought to be meshuganeh [crazy] by his own brothers and even at the end, his own talmidim [disciples] left him alone. You are not alone. You are loved by many of us and we appreciate your insight and writings.


I just wanted to tell you that I don’t think you’re crazy or a traitor. None of us have all the answers or know everything, but we all know something. If we could set aside our differences for five minutes, we could each take our piece of the puzzle, add it to the others and get a much clearer view of what God is doing. Satan knows that and uses our pride and self-righteousness to keep us (as a body) divided. If everyone who calls themselves by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ would ACT like Him, we would be so much further along! I don’t go by a title or a denomination, but I fall into the evangelical/pentecostal category somewhere. Nonetheless, I see that America is Babylon and I hear the “words of the prophets” which speak blessing and greatness and know that they are deceived. My heart breaks for the nation I was born into and served as a member of the military; I know that it’s days are numbered and it won’t be a pretty sight when it falls…

I just wanted to say a kind word, to let you know you aren’t alone. Our (mine and my husband’s) families reject us as well, but “When my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will take me up.” Be blessed. Stay strong. Finish your race.


Thank you for your reproving and encouraging letter. I know these truths in your email to be lead of the Holy Spirit and need the standard of Christ’s love waved for rememberance from time to time. Mostly I find myself “normal” or slipping backward in the struggle between the reborn and evil nature with Christ in me and can always count on your emails to arrive at an appropriate time. Just last night in a chat room I found myself angry, bitter and hateful about the preachers and the politicians who claim to be lead of God by filling their own pockets and using the title of Christianity as a weapon. I was reminded that they are to be prayed for that are sucked into the lies of Satan. Your email set me straight about having the loving side of Christ towards these misguided people. In my great frustrating disapointment about their evil activities, I had given up praying for them. I needed to be reminded about my own conversion to Christ and how we are all equal at the foot of the cross. What a struggle it is to fight against the temptations of giving into this anger. I pray the the Lord Jesus Christ deliver me from it and restore his love and peace into my soul regardless of what is going on around me. I desire his leading and counsel-to discern his voice and you help me do that in these dark days.
Thank you again.
Come Lord Jesus Come.

Hi Jack,

The part you wrote, where the Lord commanded his followers to….”pick up your cross.love your enemies..my kingdom is not of this world, if it were my servants would fight…..behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves, therefore be harmless as doves….watch, for in such an hour you think not, the Son of Man cometh.”

The Lord Jesus instructs us to pray for, respect, obey, and even honor the King, just as the Lord taught John, Peter, and Paul, who all recorded this truth.

Being reminded of this clearly tells us what we must do. Thanks for the interesting and instructive newsletter.

Best wishes, Sammy

Shalom Jack,

Thank you for your article. I share the same sentiment and agree completely with you. (re: how to treat the leadership, country, organization, office…etc ).

Although, I reject your permises on America as the “Babylon” and the last President as the ‘Anti-Christ’, still on the whole, I love reading your thought-provoking articles. Please continue sending me your works. I do appreciate it. I will be praying for you, comrade-in-arms. Salute to a fellow soldier!

In the service of Yeshua (Jesus) our Messiah,
Hillel (Oscar)

The Wheat and The Tares grow in the same ground and will be plucked out by God’s angels in His perfect timing. Darkness will and never can remain where there is light, love and God’s almighty hand. All we see now is prophecy coming to pass as told thousands of years ago.
Preach the gospel in full in ther power of The Holy Spirit… this is our blessing, Our heritage, answer and direction from The Lord Himself.
God Bless

Remember, the Bible teaches us that..”the wages of sin is death;

I wish that YOU would remember that. DEATH, not eternally alive being
tortured for ever and ever. Why don’t you believe yourself?


Hi Jack, I will try to keep this brief.

First, I enjoy your articles and letters from time to time. They are encouraging, and challenging and sometimes convicting. I appreciate that. I found the “Despising Government” to be the latter. I don’t know about others but I am entirely too ‘political’ and allow my rhetoric to far exceed the gentle bounds of Him whom we love. I may need to go back and offer some apologies; I will have to pray about that.

Secondly, We seem to hold some convictions regarding our faith in common and differing from the current “popular” fads in theology. In these areas I prefer to be “quick to hear and slow to speak.” Divisions rise all too easily, yet we must deal truthfully and honestly with one another. I admire the open, honest attitude of your ministry.

Thirdly, I am happy you mentioned a prior time of service in our Armed Forces. I have a friend who is currently in a struggle and I am praying for him. He did two tours in country during the Vietnam War. I know when we were young christians being discipled he was very convicted about his war experiences. (Both tours in Strategic Operations Group.) I came from the opposite direction. Having been a war resister and federal fugitive for 14 years starting with my refusal to register for the draft in 1963 (later including nine years in the armed forces) before my discharge from the Army in 1977. I felt extreme conviction to say the least. He was discharged after 14 years from the Marine Corp for medical reasons. He was becoming the pacifist I had rejected through the teaching of the Holy Spirit. (Teaching to me, see Ecclesiastes 8:8) I wanted to be the warrior he had rejected for my Lord of Hosts and God of Battle. I was honest with him about my background and we became good friends while serving together in Awana, and briefly Bible College. As iron sharpeneth iron we honed one another to a moderation of our extremes. I trust we will all finish this war and find reconciliation to continue reaching the lost people of our world for we have been given the ministry of reconciliation. As we are faithful to His purpose, He will be faithful to lead us according to His promise, for God is faithful. (I Cor. 10:13) Thank You for being faithful to the ministry He has given you. JR


Thank you Jack for “Despising Government”…

I to am not welcome in many circles today for my always firm disbelief in fighting, for Christ… I’ve been filled with the belief that time is short, even givin a dream which brought me back to the fold of Jesus Christ…I surrender myself on my knees daily to ask for our powers and principality’s to look inside their hearts and to maintain God’s will and not their own…I’ve emailed my local representatives many times with ideas that would promote them, none to which seem to affect their stance, so i fall to my knees again and do what Our Lord Jesus taught us and Pray…Sometimes, lucifer sneaks into a crag in the rock of my foundation and allows offers me drought… You know, (just were has all that praying got you!)… but just demanding for the demon to be removed thru Jesus is enough and gone that carnal life and it’s short coming… and explain the Peace in knowing Jesus…Anyways, I’m getting windy and all i wanted to say was “Thanks” for being a vessel of our Creator and his Son… May the Peace of Jesus follow always Brother…
In His Love, Phil


Dear Jack.

In love I must, once again, point out to you that you are in grave error in your “declaring repeatedly that the “final” President will be the Antichrist who signs Daniel’s Peace Covenant”.

The blessed “covenant” prophesied in Daniel 9:27 refers to the “covenant of the people” promised by Yehvah Elohiym, in Isaiah 42:6 and 49:8. Daniel 9:27 speaking of Yeshuwa’ Mashiyach states that “He will CONFIRM the covenant with many…” (Daniel 9:27 emphasis mine).

Notice the all important word “CONFIRM” which is the English translation of The Hebrew word “gabar”. No “anti-Messiah” has or ever will “CONFIRM the covenant with many…” (Daniel 9:27).

In order to uphold your theory that “the antichrist” is the “He” referred to in Daniel 9:27 you have substituted the words “signs” and “makes” for the blessed word “CONFIRM”.

I am fully aware that, like all Christians, you Jack, do not “Believe that Yeshuwa’ is HaMashiyach (The Messiah) the only begotten Son of Yehvah Elohiym” ( Exodus 9:30. Psalm 2:7. Matthew 16:16. John 20:31).

But if you will not “Repent and believe this Good News of The kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 24:14. Mark 1:15) at least do not add to christian confusions by corrupting the plain words of Daniel 9:26-27.

Yours sincerely.

Thank You for a very thought provoking article. Continue to speak your convictions being led by the HOLY SPIRIT. It’s not important what others feel, think, or say about you. What’s is important is to be obedient to the HOLY SPIRIT, because GOD is who we all must ultimately deal with. Joe



Winston Churchill gave great advice when speaking or writing to the public: “Be brief, be sincere, be seated.” Consider that the above piece is too long and supposes a lot about spiritual reality.

I would like you to not just state, but prove, that it is a “lie” that our souls pre-exist our bodies. Otherwise, you are just another Sanhedrin member with a conditioned mind.

Perhaps the above does not illumine anyone, but instead is preaching.

Could it be that you are so certain that you elevate yourself to the position of Judge, instead of servant of the Lord? Only you can discern that.

Consider this: He who preaches does not know because he who knows does not preach.

My brother, where you are, I have been. I have devoted the last 12 years studying the actual history and teaching of Christianity and Eastern religions and in view of what you wrote above it is my observation that you have much to learn of spirituality, just as I had at your level. I am still learning myself.

I wouldn’t listen to others very well at your level, either. So all we can do is anticipate the grace of God to allow you to grow in true knowledge so that transmitting the type of article above would be unthinkable.

Examine for yourself why it is we allow our children to repeatedly fall off a bicycle, risking injury, as they attempt to master it. Consider that you are telling the child how wrong he is to fall, does not fall correctly, must never fall to the left, and must wear fall-prevention gear in order to ride.

Sometimes it is better to allow the God of nature to guide children to ride while we refrain from the role of traffic cop to riderless bicycles.


Dear Jack:
I believe you have a great testimony on your faith. We are living in the last days of the Bible and many pastors are deceiving many of the people in the churches today because the people don’t know their Bibles or the are using different versions of it. What church do you attend in your area? I believe at this time that there is a following away in the churches today. People don’t believe their is a Satan. They think he is alittle red man with a pitchfork. Time is very short. We must watch till Jesus comes. May the Lord be with you and your family.
Yours in Jesus Name,