February 2008 Comments

Dear brother Jack Hook,

Thank you for writing me. I overlooked your interesting webside but I didn`t read all. It is everytime good to hear from brothers in all the world. And I like christians thinking about biblical prophecy because I think this important in the eyes of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In generally I agree with you that every newborn person will be saved when Jesus Christ comes back. In details I dont`t agree. For example nowhere in the bible is a rapture before the coming of Christ. I studied this for a long time trying to proof all arguments. Matthew 24, 30+31 is the visible coming of the Lord in glory and connected with this is the rapture in Vers 31. The same is in 2.Thess.2,1: The “parousia” (same word as in Matthew 24,30 and our resurrection. Revelation 20 speaks of the 1st resurrection after the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Maybe you know this discussion. The system of Darby, Lindsey or Dave Hunt is wrong. The “Left behind” scenario you will never find in the bible. And to spread out such errors can happen very easy although we seek to serve our Lord! Let us be careful!

Please pray and proof this. I write you brotherly. Personally I don`t believe that Babylon is USA. I think (and could be wrong) that Babylon is Rome and in a wider sense false Christianity. If I am right than the beast in Rev. 13 and 17 is the Islam, destroying at the end Rome and the false christianity. Persecuting true and false christians. Those who take the mark (like terrorists today the “bismalla” at hands and arms) worship Allah, the false God of Islam. Islam will not only persecute christians to rule the world but also fight Israel and especially Jerusalem like it is today. It is clear for me the last fight is to conqer Jerusalem. And the nations round about Israel (Zech. 12, 2) are and become more and more fanatic Muslims. Actually we see for example how Hisbollah tries to rule Lebanon and Hamas Palestine.

When Jesus comes He will save Jerusalem and Israel. But the true church will go through the tribulation until He comes to gather the elect.

Revelation speaks of an army of 200.000.000 million soldiers (9,16). Isn`t Islam soon able to activate so many men full of hate against christians and Israel? I fear yes.

Dear brother Jack thank you for reading my short e-mail to you. The first part is truth, the second is what makes most sense to me. But there could be an error in my speculation. There are a lot of details that bring me to such conclusions. Nevertheless, better is to follow our Lord with all our heart, winning people for the Lamb of God and learning to live in holyness. If we take our cross on earth HE will give us a crown in His heavenly Kingdom.

May we both live to Jesus Christ glory.

Yours Reinhold


Dear Jack,

I am so glad I ..received your e.mail -I really am. I went into your site again today..which also linked me into another site And I gained insight and more information.there which was so valuable to me..”Its a Revelation”

You see Jack ….Its not that I doubted our lord Jesus Christ..or God far from it!! I doubted the churches..that supposedly preached Gods word
I felt that each church were saying there church washed whiter than the other..and I could not join any for fear it preached false doctoring.you see…so I searched for years since I was aged 15 years old to find a truth and a way which made sence…I read a section of information a little of it is printed below…which stated
The Church is a living temple made up of bricks whom are the people)

So to be a Christian one does not have to literally belong to a (Church in a Building)I know now that I am part of a living church
And have been for most of my years ..so once again I thank-you for enlightening me..to the truth..I will keep looking to your website..for strength and inspiration..


I also believe America has a special judgement coming its way, but maybe for a slightly different reason than I see posted here. When I think of this country (writing from Ohio), I am reminded of the scripture stating that to whom much is given, much is required. We have been a blessed nation in so many areas throughout our history. Very little war has been waged on this soil, we have abundant natural resources, we have maintained a good standard of living and a decent level of education and our internal structures have run fairly unimpeded since our founding. Much of what gives us reason to be thankful is going to be used in judgement against us. As a society we have been so caught up in style and status that we have allowed many to suffer and die as a result of our own greed. This is, I’m sorry to say, very evident in our church system.

I preached recently about how we are so quick to have programs for “women in red” or “nights of elegance”; what about programs for “women who are dying in the street” or “nights of hunger”? We need to stop being about the fashion show and be about our Father’s business. When I think of America, I picture the Laodicean church mentioned in Revelation. Neither hot nor cold. We are fit to be spewed out of the mouth of the Living God. I don’t so much see the indictment placed upon the people of this nation as I do upon the structure and those who perpetuate the lacadasical attitude in both world and church societies. We have the ability to stop so much madness and to make a real difference, and we don’t.

I don’t believe that this nation is any different in its people compared with anyplace else. The nature of man is evil as is his imaginations all the day long. That’s not just American man, but all mankind. I, for one, love this nation. I am not caught up in the patriotic ferver that has beguiled so much of the church (incidentally, it always seemed a little humorous to me that those who seem inflicted with the strongest patriotic spirits are the ones who have never served this nation in any type of capacity).

I am a decorated veteran and served honorably. I am grateful for the opportunities which I have been afforded. I pray daily for those ministers around the world who face constant persecution from which God has spared me (so far). I try to impress upon our congregation that holiness and faith are not dirty words and that we are indeed our brothers’ keepers. I also know that I am not alone in this. While there is much evil in this nation, there are also some positive things being done to build the Kingdom.

While my studies and the time I spend with so many of you on your sites have begun to convince me of America’s status as Babylon (which is in such utter contridiction to what I have formerly been taught), I can differentiate between the system and the people. There is still much work to be done here and the field is white for harvest. Perhaps because I see the individual souls with needs is a reason I cannot speak of this nation with venom in my words.

I certainly am no scholar, and there is much more I don’t know about the Word than what I do, but of this I am certain: I will occupy until He comes. And it appears that the physical address of my occupation is in the USA. I cannot just hand it over to Satan quite yet.

Yours because of Calvary,



YOU NEED HELP – BAD!!! Don’t send your trash to me. Save your e-mail $ for a shrink!!
Hugh ……., M.S., Ph.D.


Brother Jack,
I was about to delete this message thinking it was “Spam”. I thank Almighty GOD that I didn’t. I just wanted to thank you for sending this to me. It brings up a lot of questions, but it also removes some fears. May this New Year bring you health, happiness, prosperity and faith for HIS Glory.


Good Morning,

I read your letter and went in on your web site.I just finished listening to your Testimony on my Media Player.I really felt the spirit of the Lord as you were talking.I believe every word that you were saying right down to the angels coming down and giving their message from the Lord.I am a firm believer in angels of God. I was so blessed with your Testimony of where God has brought you from and what all he has done for you and your family.I rejoice that you listened to God’s voice and yielded yourself to His spirit on that great day that you came to Him.God has always taken care of me and my family.He has never let me down.I may have let Him down in ways because none of us are perfect,as there are none perfect but God. All we can do is strive to be more like Him each day.And I truly do that with each day that I am on this earth.We are in this World but we are not to be of it.The things that you are teaching I have been taught all my life as I was raised up in Church.That is the reason when I was listening to you on my Media Player that it was food for my soul. Any time you want to email me you are welcome to.If you have any good articles please send them my way.



Dear Jack, thank you for your article, it is true that the end is near.

There are many arguments out there that are still very humanistic, even in
the Evangelical arena.

There doesn’t appear to be any basis for activist political involvement in what the Lord
has given us in His Word, other than the fact the prayer was paramount for those who rule.

Because of the decrease in Faith, as humanism in the Evangelical has increased, little has been
accomplished in the political realm. Yes, there were some victories, but not nearly the progress
that one would expect from 2000 years of Christian involvement.

Because of the love of most growing cold, prayer has become secondary to political activism.

If the Evangelical community would return to their Spiritual roots where the power of God could
be restored in Christian involvement, prayer would then become the primary factor for changing
the political landscape and Christianity could, once again, be seen as victorious.

If the power of prayer is not seen as a primary mover, then the enemies of God will certainly be
effective in the changing of the guard.

Although I am not a pacifist, (as I understand the world’s need for many of the things associated with
human government), I am aware also, of the model that Jesus Christ has given us in regard to handling
political matters. His methods reflect the power that is also available to us for effecting change.

As one analyzes Jesus’ actions, it becomes increasingly clear that we are, for the most part, out of
sync with His methodology.

We should try to understand Jesus’ Ways more completely and, as Paul said, “Whatever you have learned
or received or heard from me, or seen in me– put it into practice”.

Sincerely in Christ,
Dr. David


War and religion are both perpetuated by fanatics. More have died “in the name of God” than for any other reason. Those who war in His name are not Christians or the Chosen ones. They are the antichrist.


Thank you for your e-letter. I appreciate you contacting me and I am interested in what you have to say. I have placed icon links to both your websites on my desktop and will be spending some time on each in the very near future. I will be sure to leave a message of visit in both your guest books as well. I also notice these sites are well known to Google.

While I am not a believer in any of the so called revealed religions I am a spiritual person with deep metaphysical feelings. An agnostic who only believes the truth is beyond our human understanding but certainly not a narrow minded atheist. I do know that with America cutting the lines to our spiritual Christian anchor that we will end up adrift on a vast ocean of nihilistic ennui.

I never thought it would be possible to see things like Christmas under attack in America. We are on a bad path, and while my beliefs would be as hard to change as yours, I am open to learning.

Rather than becoming a Great Triumvirate of confirmation, Judaism, Christianity and Islam or now in a great battle that will take us who knows where. They each claim the God of the Old Testament but for some reason the message they are getting is not the same!

Thank you again, I will be reading and in touch!

Semper Fi

Jack, Am not bright, but think it is much more simple than you express. The sentence in the Bible/New Testament that, “God is love.”, explains it all. This was attributed to Jesus, but doesn’t really matter where it came from as the Truth stands. I was taught how to kill a long time ago and that doesn’t make me anybody. Learning how to love others of a different belief is a lot tougher. Mull on that one. It really is worth thinking about. Never said I made sense. Take care, Mart


Thanks Jack,I will listen to your interviews on Wee Hours Radio. That is one of my favorite sites to listen to, I enjoy those two brothers who talk about the technological oligarchy.My room-mate is a Vietnam Veteran who needs prayer. He medicates himself with beer everyday and is not real open to the gospel, but has a good character. He’s an ex-cop, race car mechanic, scuba diver and just about everything else you can imagine. His name is Don. I think God put me in this house to witness to him and pray for him. Since my wife died a year and a half ago my family consists of my guinea pig that she left me and his two guinea kids and a rabbit I took in a month ago who was running loose and eating my cabbage out back,Thanks for the links,God bless you Jim


Dear Jack,
Thank you for your input. I will share your letter with one of my best Vietnam Vet friends. He is now born-again but still has stuff. I have a dear younger friend who has a son doing a second turn in Iraq and went to Afghanistan. He was prayed for Saturday and Sunday he was in a deadly explosion in a truck. he walked away but two of his best buddies were casualties. Pray for him. His name is Larry and he is in deep cover on special ops. He is young and I fear for him coming out because he has killed several children in Afghanistan.You also might enjoy the books by Joel Rosenberg’ LAST JIHAD, LAST DAYS, EZEKIEL SCROLL, COPPER SCROLL, and more. Very political and intrigue filled last days books.You are now an Open Seal friend and have been added to the list of weekly updates. blessings,Hollis


Hi Jack, thanks for sending your articles, I always enjoy them, you are doing a good job here for the Lord. The day of the Lord
is drawing closer and more and more “Christians” are compromising their heveanly hope for this bowl of pottage. I can not find
one single sound church here where I live in the u.k that is not conforming to the spirit of the age. It is so clear that the Lord is
coming so very soon, One can alomst hear Him twitching waiting to leap off from His throne to snatch us away, any time now.
Thank you again for your letters Jack they are appreciated. Would you be interested in posting an article I wrote in defense
of sola scriptura? It was from a debate on a religious debate forum, it went unrefuted and led a Catholic to leave the site to
develop His relationship with God. I don’t expect any credit for it ot anything like that, but I spent hours on it and feel it is just
wasted now in the my documents folder. Let me know and i’ll sent it to you for review. God bless and may we meet in the air soon.


Just want to say to you….”Thank you” Please do not stop writing about Our Lord….I know
I need to hear from you and the truth………Don’t lose heart in spreading the truth.
Sincerely bobbiejo God Bless you!


Dear Jack;

Thank you for The Discussions on the past important issues. It has educated me and helped me get up to speed on what is ocurring in the End Times. I especailly appreciate it for helping
me understand why it is we now must abandon the facade of Patriotism. As Christians, the time
is near when we will be judged only by who we have witnessed to, be they illegal alien, enemy
of the state, oppressive police force or what have you. We are in the pandemonium stage, and
can’t stop that train from rolling downhill.

I feel so bad about your freind Sandy’s carnality. It’s a very good lesson. We love our
righteous anger. But now is the End, and we must only care that these get saved. Good thing
Corrie Ten Boom had the courage to face her captors and former captors. And to keep her Bible
near though she was at risk for death if discovered.

Again we thank you for your courage, we thank you for your persistance and we have prayed
and will continue to pray for Sandy and his aquaintances that still love their carnal vengeance.

We feel very sad for him, and pray he will see the truth someday. We really hope he doesn’t get
into the Antichrist line for the preaching of The Law.

Delia and Mike


Welcome home Jack! I appreciate your service to this country and more importantly your service to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lord’s.
I will do my best to listen to your radio information when I get a little more time. I will say this. it is best for America to be Israel’s friend. I still believe the promise that God made to Abraham,that he would bless them who bless them and he would curse them who curse them. One reason why America has not been judged more severely that it has is because of our sometimes lonely friendship with Israel.

Keep up the good work.


I will definitely go to your site tomorrow when I have more time. I’m 56 & remember the Vietnam war vividly. I’m also unusual in that I love to read about the wars & love to watch war movies. My dad was a gunners mate on the Lexington in WWII & my husband served on subs for 17 ½ years before being medically discharged. I pray for our servicemen daily & know the sacrifice both those serving, & their families make daily. Those patrols, I survived as a Navy wife, were very long & difficult. I love to read true historical accounts of Civil War, WWII & Vietnam war. Have read more about the European front than the war in the pacific. Have only read a 2 volume set by James Toland, I believe is was called the Rising Sun. I believe that we are in the end times. Have a blessed week. Gail


Greetings to you, Jack,

Thank you for your email. I’ve actually heard one of your radio interviews before — several months ago– and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, I will definitely stop by your website and read through your writings.

As you may have noticed, I don’t specialize in the political-religious-military events on my website; however, that’s not because I don’t find them pertinent or relevant — I certainly do. I only have so much time to cover so many areas, and I chose to drop that category simply because there are many good websites out there bringing light to those ever-increasing prophetic events. I’ve actually thought about making a section on my ‘links’ page dedicated specifically to political/military events so I can direct readers to the areas I don’t cover.

Glancing through your “articles” page, you seem to cover many areas of interest. I look forward to reading through it; thank you for your work. I will definitely stay in touch.

Be blessed in Jesus Christ.

Your servant,


Thank you for putting me on your email list. I have read almost all of the articles on your site over the past 2 weeks. I cut my teeth on Hal Lindsey’s prophetic stuff, but like you, it was hard for me to believe that the AC would arise from the Middle East (Babylon). It didn’t make any sense how Babylon was going to be “rebuilt” in the “plains of Shinar”. I never once considered that America (truly a form of the Roman Empire/Catholicism) might be Babylon until reading your stuff. I think you are correct. I always wondered how God would put together the “strong delusion” and gather the nations to Jerusalem. Your speculation that the current events in Iraq and the Middle East are the precursors to America and the AC being the major players in bringing a false peace to Jerusalem is certainly convincing I must say. I can see it playing out exactly that way or something close to it.

I’ve read a good book called The Mark of the Beast by Peter Ruckman. He made some good points in his book about the AntiChrist and the types of the AntiChrist in the Bible. You should get it and read it (www.kjv1611.org) as well as Ruckman’s commentary on Revelation. Very intriguing stuff. Anyhow, because of his study on the types of the AC in Scripture, Ruckman believes that the AC will be part Jewish and part Hamitic, as well as Roman Catholic. Sounds just like the leopard of Daniel’s vision does it not? Anyhow, Ruckman brings up the interesting fact that certain types of the AC in the Bible are typified or connected to certain numbers. For example, Nimrod (a type of AC) is connected with the number 13. That’s just one example. There are numerous other examples of the number 5 (number of death, not grace!), the number 6, and the number 13 being associated with Satan and the AC throughout the Scriptures. Judas Iscariot, one of the greatest types of AC in the Bible, has 13 letters in his name and was said to have gone “to his own place” (Acts 1:25). I find myself looking to see who might be the next President who might be part Jewish, part Hamitic, and part Roman Catholic. The front leaders for the Dems are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Of course, it might be Bush, but this is all speculation on my part. No 13’s there, but boy is it interesting! You probably think I’m crazy, but the number association with the AC is certainly supported in Scripture.

Since the Second Advent takes place on the seventh prophetic day (II Peter 3:8), then 6000 years from the creation of Genesis 1:3-31 gets you to A.D. 2004, and according to the chronology laid down in Revelation 19-20, the Second Advent occurs after the end of those 6000 years and before the beginning of the seventh millennium. Somewhere in there you have to get the Rapture of the Church and the seven-year Tribulation. This much is clear from the Scriptures. The problem must be that the Lord has not yet revealed to anyone the exact timing. Either our calendar is off (which I have always believed is probable) or there is some period of time that the Lord has not reckoned in His count of days (which is also very likely-see Job 3:6). Probably a combination of both. Remember that the entire chapter of Job is prophetic material dealing with Israel being persecuted by Satan in the future Tribulation. It even has 42 chapters to match the 42 months of the Great Tribulation! Job, being in Uz (Job 1:1), is a perfect type of the Jewish remnant hunted down in the wilderness by the AC in the Trib.

Also remember the day when the Lord stopped the sun and moon in Joshua (Jesus in the New Testament), the whole book of Joshua being a perfect type of the Second Advent and Battle of Armaggedon (see Joshua 10:12-13). Might these be some of the “unreckoned” days in the Lord’s countdown?

Lastly, it is commonly believed that Jesus Christ was crucified in either 32 or 33 A.D. Given that it will be 2 prophetic days (2000 years) until Jesus comes again from the cutting off of the Messiah (Daniel), then it follows that we are close. 2000 plus 33 A.D. gives you 2033. Subtracting 7 years for the Trib gives you 2026. I sure hope we don’t have to wait another 19 years for the Rapture! I’d just as soon the Lord come on back now myself (Revelation 22:20).

Again, thank you for putting me on your email list.

Your friend in the Lord Jesus, Kevin


Dear Jack: I read the Religious Babylon Revealed and also The Judgemant Chronicles. Thank you for taking the time to put these on the internet. I will continue to read you other articles.

The Judgement Chronicles, I wholeheartily agree with, as they have been taught to me for many years, by loving strong CHRIST believeing mother, that has gone on to a peaceful place of rest, until the Judgement Day. I study Riuck Warren’s book,”Purpose Driven Life”, but don’t agree with all of it. May you continue to reach out to the faithful Children of GOD, as we truly need to watch for the sings of the time.

I am writing to a young man that is in prison and I continually witness to him, about GOD and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. HE clains to be an atheist, but I feel in my heart that GOD will touch his heart and help him learn to walk along with GOD. Please pray for this young man. His name Christian Bell. Thank you again for contacting me, as it means a lot to me.

Love and Gods Blessings, Your Sister in CHRIST Anita





Thanks Jack for the reply. I believe Bob Jones, Sr. said “War is God’s judgment on sin HERE (on this earth), and Hell is God’s judgment on sin HEREAFTER”. Now that’s a true statement if you ever heard one.
I am a pharmacist at the VA. I leave Chick tracts (gospel comic book tracts by Jack Chick) for the vets, hoping God will use them to reach the unsaved here, even though this is the Bible Belt. You are correct, the overwhelming majority of these vets were/are deceived about the true reason for war. They need the Lord just like any other unsaved man.

My own father is a saved man, yet he is glued to Fox News and O’Reilly almost every night, raving at the liberal Democrats and anyone espousing the anti-war idealism. He, like many others, is so caught up in the militant patriotism, that he forgets that the only REAL LASTING hope for the nations is for Jesus Christ to come back and establish true peace on this earth

But first things first. Righteousness before peace. The world has iT backwards; as usual.