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Thank-You my brother,

I`m the son of a soldier, and they (soldiers) serve their country because among other things, they have been raised to think, it is my duty as a citizen. I don`t think our Father in Heaven will condemn them for it. Our Father in Heaven knows the good from the evil, nothing has been or can be hidden from Him, from the beginning of time to the end of time. Jesus said, No greater gift can a man give, than to lay down his life for his brother. I read that in the bible. You were there brother, you have seen the horror that is Satan`s delight, his playground, “War“, the Battlefield. Brother fighting against Brother and that is not what our Father in Heaven intended for us all.
The Paradise promised to us all, is and will be as He intended.

Peace be with you brother,

Brant Strum
Alberta, Canada


Dear Jack,
please keep me on your mailing list – I appreciate your writings very much.
May the Lord bless and keep you and yours –


Thanks Jack,

It’s great to hear about you and your experiences…and to know that you know the REAL JESUS!…seems to me there are fewer everyday who are true believers.
I will check out your site real soon.




I fear that I am about to show my ignorance here, as I am no biblical scholar. I have been troubled with attention deficit disorder pretty much all of my life and am therefore am hindered by not being able to quote the scriptures as you and a lot on this mailing list are. On the other hand, I am very blessed by the fact that I know that God gave his only son so that who so ever shall believe in him shall have ever lasting life. I also know that Jesus said that “No one shall enter the kingdom of heaven except through me”. That alone is all I really have to know. The rest is just the comfort of faith.

Some of the responses to your “Pacifist, Patriot, or Pilgrim” I am impressed with and others I am surprised with. Some of what you say in this letter I am not quite sure of what you mean. No one has ever accused me of being smart and I am sure that when some read this they will think the same. You wrote the following:

“For those Jewish and Gentile Christians of Revelation 19:6-8,14,19 who were previously resurrected and removed from the Earth to Heaven, will be the “armies” which will take part in the bloodbath God will inflict on all those who took the loyalty “mark” of the last President,”

I very well may be guilty of this. You see, I may have misunderstood what you meant, but I guess I took the loyalty “Mark” of the last President as I did the one before him and the one before him, and also the the current one. I signed on the dotted line to support the President and the Constitution of the United States, so help me God. I served in Viet Nam whether some felt it was right or wrong and am proud that I did it. I lost a lot of friends and Brothers in Arms during my twenty months in country. I was transferred out from a helicopter door gunner to a straight leg infantry unit because of some problem with too many people scheduled to be transferred from my unit at the same time. Two weeks after I was transferred my helicopter was shot down and everyone on it was killed. At the time I didn’t understand, now I do.

During that time and since then I have been shot, crushed, ran over by a truck, had two open heart surgeries, two heart attacks, ten stints, a defibrillator and a very mild stroke. Some of these times I didn’t understand, now I do. Just this last weekend I was lying in bed and awakened shortly after 6:00 am. I gave a slight stretch and immediately had severe leg cramps and had to jump out of bed to straighten my legs so as to ease the pain. Almost immediately after straightening up I began to stumble, bouncing from wall to wall trying to get into my bathroom to sit down. I barely made it to the commode and fell on the seat. My wife ran in to try and rub something on my legs to ease the cramps and noticed that my lips were turning blue and that I had urinated all over myself and the floor and had slumped over. At that time I did not understand, now I do.

She immediately called 911 and had to let me go so as to let EMS in the front door. When she returned she found me lying in the floor in a puddle of urine. I was carried out and began the journey to the ER. The EMTs were trying to talk to me and ask questions. I was unable to speak and was paralyzed on my right side. This happened to be on a Sunday morning, so my wife called a friend that we attend church with so that she could inform the choir director that she would not be there. Our friend called ahead and told several members of our church. About the time that Sunday school would have started and people arriving for church I began to be able to move my fingers of my right hand. before long a was able to start slight movements of my arm and leg, a little at a time. By the time church was ready to start, just before 11:00 AM on that Sunday morning, I was moving both my arm and leg as well as getting my speech back. I owe this ALL to prayer and the fact that God does indeed answer prayers. I read on one of the responses that someone did not believe in a second coming of Christ. I mentioned before that then I did not understand but now I do. God has intervened in my life so many times that I was not aware of. Now I fully understand. How could anyone EVER go through this life without the belief of his promise of everlasting life? What would there ever be to look forward to? How could they ever have any hope? What would anything be worth?

Right, wrong or indifferent, this country was founded on Christian principles and values. It is because of the beliefs and values that our founding fathers that this nation was ever given the right to worship as they choose. Since 9-11 things have changed as we have known them drastically. The security that we have always enjoyed on this great land has been diminished considerably by the fact that our muslim friends have vowed to take over our country and kill us all. Yes Sir! Guilty as charged! Would like to be a pacifist, but instead, a patriot, a long time military man, but most important of all, a Christian. You see, Christians are not perfect, just forgiven.

Your brother in Christ,
P.S, God bless our military and pray for our leaders.


Jack, seriously, one day you’ll look back at the things you are presently
teaching and either laugh your head off or hang your head in shame that you
could perpetuate such nonsense. Let me ask you a question. You obviously
believe in free will here on earth. Do you believe there is free will in
heaven? How about in Hell? Think this through very carefully. If you do, it
should help unravel the Satanically induced nonsense your mind is presently
filled with. God is MUCH wiser, powerful and loving than you depict Him. An
idiot could do better than your concept of God and His plan of salvation.


Hi Jack….Have read & re-read your writings for a number of years and would very much appreciate continuing to do so. Thank-you for all your efforts.

Kind Regards,


Dear Jack: Greetings and aloha my brother. I enjoy your articles very much, and ask that you keep me on your mailing list. Please keep on writting . I for one will be looking forward to your next article. Mahalo for everything . God bless you and yours. Thank-you again Jack. Herbert


Hook – I’m a Deist/Freemason and do not believe in the divinity of Jesus (just like George Washington & Benjamin Franklin). I think the teachings of Jesus are “right-on” I just don’t believe in the church created in his name by John & Peter! As a Mason my teachings go back to King Solomon and Yahweh the God of Abraham. As Masons we leave the NewTestament, Torah & Quran at the door. Please remove me from your mailing list.


Dear Jack,

Please keep me on your list, although I don’t always agree with you, I enjoy your reading your articales. I wonder if you have ever thought about the millions of babies that have been murdered through abortion. More than all of the wars. Being done in the name of a woman’s right to choose. I hope God’s mercy on anyone who supports this and hope they will turn to Jesus. .



Nice try- seek help from a shrink. I admonished you last time and advised you to pray for forgivness. You are attempting to cloud your obvious bigotry. Do you have 666 on your head? God forgive you. Erase me from your list. You now are an automatic delete.


Sir: Your still doing a fine job! This is Jimmy G., 1968 Phu Bai! As for the company I was with. (HUMMMM) From Jan29th68
to peresent the Company changed names so many times I felt like an orphan. HHQ Prov Corps,or XXIV Corps, or USARV Support Company, or 204th MI Det, or I think 108th Arty.

But I do know I was in Phu bai The night that TET of 68 started at 3/am we had a rocket stuck in the roof of the HOOCH we were in. (It never blew up.) Memories I wish more would come back and others would GO-Away……..You Know what I mean Right Jack.

You said before about eternal redemption. I am not sure what that is. I work with a bunch that goes to church maybe 5 times
a year, preech their religious beliefs and who they are attached with, Catholic or what ever. But these guys cuss and swear and drink and oggle women. They gamble. steal, do drugs, cheet, cheat on their wifes. Then call me a low life sinner for not going to
church or having the same belief as them.

I don’t do the things I quoted above. I might drink a beer or 2 at most with a visitor. As for confessing my sins to another HUMAN being I find that to be JUST PLAIN STUPID. As I have been hearing of the preachers molesting children. So who is the higher supreem being? The preacher, or the guy that rests inthe back of our mind to tell you that right is right and wrong is wrong.
Then society dicktates the values they have. Girls loving girls Men loving MEN> Boy I am at a LOSS>>>>>>How ya gonna straighten that out?

Confused, scared, and don’t trust anyone anymore!
Nice hearing from you again. Gotta go now See ya.


God bless you, Jack. You are a true general in God’s Army. Joe


Dear Jack,

Please ‘keep’ me on the list. I appreciate what the Lord Jesus, our head, is communicating by his Spirit through you. What you say keeps me thinking of and focused on His concerns and agenda and not mine. We need our minds renewed (to have His mind) and thus avoid being conformed to the image of this world and sucked into its agenda.



Dear Brother Jack ,

Thank you for writing. I too served in the Vietnam era. I taught Korean Karate to some of our guys (saved a few lives along the way) We are just a group that studies the Word to understand not only what will happen but also how to live in these times. Our goal is to educate those who claim the name of Christ and to help them to “grow in Grace and knowledge of Him”. Also to reach out with love and compassion to the lost, strayed, and stolen of the world. Just as our Lord Christ Jesus did. Please continue to keep the good fight going.

In His Matchless name,
I am just one beggar showing another beggar where to find bread.
Dr Denis


Hi jack, I am a born again Christian. I have been healed by our lord & savior. JESUS. my husband is a Vietnam vet. that thinks he should have stayed with his buddies that didn’t make it home. I understand. But I want him to know Jesus like I do. I think he does. but not as close as I am with him. OR maybe he is closer than I am. but the thing is is that JESUS is coming & we should all get ready & put away everything that doesn’t partake in going to HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!! sparky


Dear Jack,

I cannot see how we could become friends, even briefly.

Anyone who could write, “The religious war declared upon Israel and the West by the “dominion” minded madmen of Islam is bringing all the nations to World War III and then Armageddon. It seems to be at the door don’t you think?” is seriously misinformed; as are most Americans these days, it would seem. DON’T WATCH AMERICAN TV! And realize that the government of Israel is the main problem, not any ‘religion’. Worry more about the desparate neocons who are so intent on attacking Iran that they are willing to murder their fellow Americans to manufacture an excuse, as they did with 911.

And to add, “all of us were born into this world with a sin nature filled with the pride of this life (militant patriotism a manifestation), love of money, and love of self and carnal pleasures. These things are the root of all wars!” really needs some deep re-education. Perhaps you should hold a newborn in your arms before trying to repeat such nonesense again. We are born in innocence, and “God is love,” not self-righteouness. And above all war is extremely profitable for a few, who care not about the carnage it causes. It is our misfortune that humanoids can be so easily frothed up to commit unspeakable crimes whilst the profiteers rub their hands and count their sheckles.

I think you should seriously ask your Jesus whom he will be bombing today, and on whose behalf. I’d write more but am temporarily disabled right now and it’s mechanically difficult.

Good luck!


Dear Jack,
Those were some great responses to your article that you posted, Reactions to: Pacifist, Patriot, or Pilgrim. I had not realized that you had so many Nam vets involved. In fact I contacted one of your responders a Buz Smith about his comments concerning the tin mines in Vietnam being stripped during the war by the USA and that it was another reason for getting involved there in the first place. It saddens me to think that 56,000 died in part for tin or any mineral. I think my bumper sticker says it all, I love my country, but I fear my government. Thanks for getting me involved. Your friend Mike


Hello Jack,

I must admit, I was a bit taken aback by your e-mail and you have given me quite a bit of material to peruse. I am most interested in going over all of it and will be getting back with you in the future.

I was curious about where you obtained my e-mail address and have to assume for the time being that it was off of The Wall web site.
Since having a computer and becoming aware of the web site on which my 19 year old brother’s name is included…I have made it a goal to pay tribute to as many of our fallen veterans as possible. I still keep in touch with many of the men that served with him.

I thank you for thinking of me and for sending your web site information. It will take me some time, but hopefully I will be able to respond to you periodically with questions or comments regarding your writing.

Your friend in Christ,


Hi Jack, love your article about the rapture, the Word’ spoke in simple terms so that the man in the street could understand his teachings, he wouldn’t have to ask a lawyer to explain it to him….Jack, you can see the simple truths that the modern ” christian” teachers cannot see ?? …keep up the good work…Leon…Australia….


Hi Jack !

I to am a Nam-Vet, but thats not Important, what is though is Christ as our Life ! The reason most believers have such a hard time trying to figure out what to do as far as wars and such is because they never heard the full gospel. Its not what we should “DO” but rather “Who we now are in Christ”.

Are we to follow the worlds ways ? NO ! We ARE new Creatures In Christ, literally a new race of beings. 1 Cor 10:32 read it carefully.
So this new race of beings IS the Church Christ is building himself. We are his body. The “Born Again”. We are Not fixed-up, we are Not being fixed-up we are a whole “NEW CREATION RACE”. We life by the life of Another in us as us. Thats why Paul said
“Christ in you the hope of glory” Col 1:26,27 this IS the mystery revealed to us who are now his. We are suppost to know this. Paul also said Gal 2:20 & 2 Cor 13:5.

We were Crucified with Christ on the cross 2,000 years ago the whole human race was. He died for everybody. Now for those who “receive him” as Lord & Saviour, have Eternal life right now “In Christ”. Those who don’t receive him as Lord will suffer Judgement.

Only those who are born again will be saved in this Dispensation of Grace. They ARE the Bride of Christ. At the Cross your old sin nature went out when you received him as your new life. And we receive his Divine Nature 2 Pet 1:4. So we are saved by his life in us as us. Rom 5:10.

SO untill believers “KNOW” who they really are now in Christ they will continue to struggle, with “The things of the world”. Paul said this WAS the mystery revealed to him, and he was to teach us of who we now are in Christ, and the Christ who lives in you ! Peter also learn this truth from Pauls Gospel. 1 Pet 1:23/ Gal 3:16. Even Martin Luther said “It Gods plan to birth a race of Christs” so if Martin Luther knew this why don’t believers today ? Because few teach the Gospel paul preached today. ” Christ is in you and is your hope and glory” Col 1:27.

The Holy Spirit is the teacher of Christ who’s in us. Thats his job, “Renewing our mind to the mind of Christ in us. 1 Cor 2:16. To learn who you are In Christ, you will only learn it from Paul’s writings. He OUR Apostle !!! You won’t learn it from Moses or Amos ETC !

Yes your right brother we ARE dead to sin Rom 6:6+11+14+18. Can a dead man sin ? NO ! We were born in sin’s nature , and made free in Christ and his Nature.

A True Christian is one who knows Christ is his very life, and being. Totally organic and depenant relationally, with Christ as his life. Thats why the world seen the early believers who loved each other as real family Brothers & Sister “In Christ”. They know we are Christians by our love one to another. Old nature is Self-for-Self. Christs Nature is Self-for-Others.

Yes keep me on your list to brother Thanks !

Love you In Christ ! Robert


Hi Jack, I have been reading your site and agree with most of it. I say
most because i haven’t read it all yet, and am still learning myself. I
would like to have the link to your friend’s site who was in the 25th
infantry in saigon. My brother was in the 25th also. He was killed at
the air force base there on the first day of tet, 1-31-’68. Tans Nuit
(sp?) The airport in saigon. He was in Troup B 3/4 cal. He was a
christian, so your story and view on “just war” interests me very much.
I have dealt with this issue ever since i came to the Lord ( back from
when i was 9, and my brother was killed). I’d like to read your friend’s
story. No matter how i type it in i can’t get it. Can you send it by
link, or cut and paste, to me pls.? I’m on an old webtv unit which may
be the prob.

Also, i am a new member of the Delusion Resistance. i was attacked by
the nephilim as ufo’s and e.t.’s for yrs. my condensed testimony is on
aaccoa. i know so much more, now that i have found others like me. i’m
willing now to be used however God sees fit. i found your site through
Jim Wilhelmson’s site, Echoes of Enoch. I’m learning alot from what God
has shown you and i’m reading on your site. It resonates with my spirit
as God has shown it to me also. That America is Babylon the Great. I
remember when God showed me this. I was crying and praying, and I asked
God why He was showing this to me. I was telling Him ( as if He didn’t
know ha) that i was poor, a woman, on disibility, and no one would
listen to me. I heard Him say in a still small voice ( one i’d heard one
other time in my life), ” You’ll Pray” His voice is still and small, but
when I have heard it I knew it was Him. There is such a power from pure
love that comes with it. I was enveloped in that same peace He has given
me several times in my life. So, i was glad to find your site. God is
leading me to all the right places I believe. Keep up the good work, and
pls send me that link if you can. Thanks for sharing, Blessings In
Christ, Robin


Hi Jack

Yes, please keep me subscribed.

I understand you position on things, but as for me, I am a complete and total pacifist. I was a soldier for eight years, in combat infantry, in the Canadian army. I was an NCO. I was raised a pastor’s kid, but with the teaching of the erroneous church on the Augustinian Just War position. When I became convicted, I had to do a lot of repenting. As for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, I see these are wars of American aggression exactly as that, aggression. Hussein was rid off because he would not give in to American interests, and 911 gave the US an easy scapegoat and a reason for invasion (oil). It was to control the supply of oil which is a very scary and to what extent the US would exert pressure, including black ops, assassinations, regime change, to secure a prosperous future including the supply of oil. This is the only reason for both Iraq and Afghanistan. Forget 911. Even if it was real, and there is enough evidence to determine that it was an inside job to take away the precious rights and liberties of American citizens, as well as justification for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and it is all about the oil. THe sad thing is the US and the West already has the technology to create and produce an alternative fuel source, but the big US military industrial complex and the big US oil companies don’t want to go there, at lest no yet anyway. But they do want to control the flow of oil, and those the invasions and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The EU and Russia and China were going to access much of Iraqui, and Iranian oil, as well as the pipeline flowing from the oil rich former Soviet territories north of Afghanistan. This is the only reason for the invasion, and it has nothing to do with the drug cartels or the Taliban or 911, it is only about oil. I am involved in the Christian anti-war movement, and in the movement to get Canada’s soldiers out of Afghanistan, the sooner the better. But enough of that.

I am an ardent pacifist, and not only that, I also believe Christians should not be “patriots” either. We are citizens of heaven. Our allegiance is Christ and the Kingdom of God, and not the kingdoms of this world. This is why I no longer vote, and nor do I believe we as Christians should be in the police or military, and nor run for political office. This is what it means to me to be a follower of Christ, to not bear the sword and nor use the sword, and also to not be engaged with any aspect of government or governance. When I read Romans 13, I see Christians submitting to government, I see them obeying the laws of the land that do not conflict with Christ, and I see them praying for their leaders and those who have authority over them. There is no democracy here, no partnership with the state, no engagement in the military or police. It is just simple obedience and submission of citizens who live their lives as examples for others.

As far as eschatology, I am as far as I could be from the position you espouse. I am a full Preterist. I am not waiting for a second coming. It has already come. I am not looking at Israel as anything special or some future fulfillment. We are spiritual Israel, and we re the new covenant. The new age is the new covenant, and the spreading of the Kingdom, one person at a time. So I am not waiting for the “great escape” (AKA rapture) and nor am I waiting for Old Testament prophecies that dispensationalists and futurists are looking toward. I am looking to Christ, and to see Him reign day and night, hour by hour, minute by minute in all the nations.

Christians do not need to bear the sword. We are not of this world. We are called to be a people of peace, radically different from those who are in the world. Bearing the sword makes us no different than the enemies of the cross.

Bless you brother.


Took a couple of days to read your email, still avoiding news from our Nam brothers. You do have a message and a critical one at that. I would like to exchange ideas with you.


I hope you and yours are doing well, healthy and blessed immensely. I have been privilege by being gifted with discernment and what God has showing me, needs to be shared. I, as my brother, am a U.S. Army veteran during the Viet Nam conflict. For many years, I have seen the world and in particular, the U.S. of America, go completely out of control. As a divorce father, I have no “legal” rights to influence my precious daughter with fatherly advise. The school system has completely taking over the duties as a parent, to a point of offering our young daughters at the tender age of 11, contraceptives, condoms, thus the freedom to have sex as early as 10 years old. Sadly, there is nothing, we as parents can do.The church is to “interested” in filling it’s pews with “illegal” aliens and transients who would not benefit the cause one bit. The message is all about “feel good” and the commonly use “prosperity” gospel, while collecting millions for their coffers. I recently learned that Billy Graham is worth about 46 million dollars. While he was preaching daily of the imminent return of Our Lord Jesus Christ, he was putting all this fortune away, instead of using it for a Godly cause like feeding the poor, elderly and homeless. Children in America go to bed at night an on empty stomach, while preachers all over are flying in their own learjets all over the world.JESUS WE NEED YOU. HURRY BACK. Rick







please keep me on your list, you have very interesting articles, which proves very thought provoking for me. i do appreciate your articles. thanks, tim


Thank you. Been a Christian for 5 yrs. I am still struggling with my walk. My husband is Catholic. Have no problem with that, even though there are some things that aren’t right. Feel in my heart that he has Jesus in his. That helps a lot. Will soon be married 40 yrs. Think that I need to talk with my sister and brother-in-law and set aside an evening each week to discuss a chapter or 2. Feel it would help us all in our walk with the Lord. Again, thank you for sending me this website. Barbara


Hi Jack:

Read with interest your email. Thanks for sending.

Here’s one for you, and wonder if you or anyone else for that matter have ever considered Rev. 18:4. The Lord here speaks of “My People” and urges them to flee – and several verses down, you read that Mystery Babylon will be destroyed in one hour. I believe that the Lord here is talking about His people, the Jews, in the USA, to flee. We know that these people are in Babylon (America). Now where else in the world outside of Israel is the most Jews? I believe Rev. 18:4 definitely points to the USA as Mystery Babylon. It certainly gives credence to that position. I don’t believe that “My People” refer to the saved during the Tribulation. The Lord here is not talking about fleeing from the Antichrist – He’s telling the Jews to flee from the coming one hour destruction. And where do they flee to? Probably Israel – and I believe by air – aircraft.

What is your opinion – would like to know your thoughts.

In Christ,



Dear Bro. Jack,

As usual, I can see that you have spent many hours in studying God’s Word, and have rightly divided the word of truth. So many today won’t accept America’s true destiny, but want to believe that America had a destiny of greatness as a “Christian” nation. The real truth is that America, as Babylon the Great receives double the wrath of God because of her wickedness and all the death and destruction she is responsible for (half the population of the whole earth lies dead in her wake).

I certainly concur with your observations, and it is like an echo of what I have studied and found to be true in the past twenty years of my life. This has brought great sorrow to me, knowing the end of this great nation is not to be famous, but infamous. She will be utterly burned according to God’s Word. Her mother (Great Britain/England) watches her burn from afar.

Isn’t it a bit strange that when Cornwallis signed the treaty with the Newly formed United States, after his defeat, that he took all of his war materials, horses, etc, back to England with him? In other words, this may be the only war ever fought without the spoils of war going to the victor!

America was coming together as the New Atlantis of Francis Bacon. Not only that, the great plan of the 6 days work of the occult to recreate Babylon and revive it to rule the world was also coming together! In America, all the people of the world with their different languages would come to America to live, and learn to speak one language. English! The planned reversal of what took place in ancient Babylon at the Tower of Babel when the language was confused, is reversed in America Babylon, where now there is one common language. A new tower of Babel would eventually arise in the New Babylon, called the United Nations, where all the nations would flow to Bel of Babylon. America, the seventh Empire/kingdom comes into being! The antichrist, who is the eighth, comes from the seventh kingdom, America Babylon. It is all there. Satan has very carefully, totally in secret, established his beachead in America, and the vast majority of American Christians don’t even realize it!

Brother Jack, we need to continue to pray for those who are seeking Jesus truly, to come into the Kingdom via the strait gate and narrow way. Jesus is standing with open arms saying: “Why will you not come to me that you might be saved?” The problem has to be that having ears they hear not, and having eyes they see not, thus they perish in the flames!

Pray for our nation and all those that will be saved. I urge you to be vigilant and not waiver from your stand for the truth once delivered to the saints.

Your brother in Christ Jesus,