February 2010 Comments

Dear Jack, Your articles are very sobering.. How do I buy books and are the articles also in print??? I cannot copy on my computer, but would like to read them over.. If you have a prayer list, please add my family. Thanks for speaking the truth… blessings to you, Marian


Dear Bro. Jack,

You have an admirable zeal for The LORD Jesus Christ and it is awesome….but you have taken God’s Word pertaining to the end times and massacred it….trying to fit the USA into the role of the actual Babylon, etc., of Scripture.

While the USA is indeed evil, corrupt, immoral, and a lover of evil and hater of The LORD Jesus Christ and is indeed a land (spiritually) to compare with the Babylon of The Word, the USA is NOT the actual Babylon spoken of in Revelation. If you seek The LORD Jesus on this topic, He will show you this.

God’s prophecies do not even mention the USA. It is hard for some to believe that the USA would not be the foremost thought upon God’s thought for we are so USA-centered….attempting to change even God’s inerrant and infallible Word so that the USA fits into The Word’s prophecies. The USA only fits in the Revelation Scriptures in the end-days when The Word of God states that ALL nations of the world will worship the antichrist…..IF the USA still exists then at all.

It is our firm belief that the USA is to fall very, very, very shortly under God’s hand of judgement.

Thanks for your love for Jesus.

Sincerely in The LORD and ONLY Savior Jesus Christ,
Stephen and Bonita


Hand Salute, brothers in arms..Hard to keep a dry eye, I was there at the tet, on the USS Annapolis and with a marine detachment as a Radioman.
God Bless all who serve, my nephew kept the tradition, 4 tours in Iraq as a Black Hawk Pilot.
Thanks for the good read and memories (Manchus of Charlie Company).


Dear brother in Christ Jesus our Lord And Beloved Saviour.
Peace be onto you and those that are with you. Thanks to your website, I have found what I had been looking for: a clear exposure of the church fathers on the Return of Jesus-Christ and, to my deepest surprise, they were post-trib! If you have any comments, please give them to me. I would love to hear what you think. With all the love and joy of our God, as you say, the God of Israel,


Hi Guy,

Thanks for the email and I do respect and understand your question. In my article, “The Judgment Chronicles”, among many other things, I attempted to show that the seventh trumpet sounding in Revelation 11 heralds and opens the final seven vials which last 387 days. This is God pouring out the fullness of his wrath, due in part to the President and Pope having the two Jewish prophets murdered, and allowing their bodies to lay out in the streets of Jerusalem, when to the utter shock of the world they are resurrected and ascend into the heavens. The seventh trumpet is not the last day of Daniel’s 70th Week as I think you stated. It has no bearing with the “last trump” Paul alluded to. Only the two prophets arise at that time and then “before” the trumpet even sounds, thereby ending the sixth trumpet! I believe the trumpet Paul referred to is found in Revelation 4:1, 1 Thessalonians 4:16.

Also for your information, I have read Rev. 20:4-7 many times over the years. Many have said this proves the post-tribulation position. I will try to make my understanding of this portion of scripture clear and simple. Rev. 19:7-8,14 shows me that the “armies that were in heaven” are the glorified resurrected church that were “given” their white garments, Rev. 3:4-5, 4:4, before the great tribulation and the final battle of Rev. 19 (Daniel’s 70th Week), for they “were” in heaven before Jesus descends to Earth to take down the Antichrist and False Prophet.

Furthermore, in Rev. 20:4 John sees in his vision thrones and “they” sat on them to judge. The “they” are the resurrected armies who were in heaven. But John also says…”and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded…” The word “and” is the key to understanding that John saw two groups of saints…those already resurrected and clothed in white “and” the souls of them who are “about to be” resurrected to rule and reign on the Earth with the others in the millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

It is imperative that we understand that these martyred ones entered the 70th Week as unbelievers, both Jew and Gentile, many of whom had a form of godliness, were members of Christendom, but never truly departed from their sin nature through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. These people have now become the fruits produced by the two prophets and 144,000 Jewish missionaries. John says later that… blessed is he that hath “part” in the first resurrection. There are two parts or phases to the first resurrection. Also know that those believers who physically survive the 70th Week will be the ones who will replenish or repopulate the Earth for one thousand years.

This is one the reasons I believe as I do. There are many other teachings that point me to a any day any hour rapture of the “hated and persecuted” remnant. My online book details them. Thank you for bearing with me my eternal friend. Like I said in my articles, I’m the last one who should tell anyone they are mistaken, so I write these things in the same spirit of love that you did.

Your brother in Jesus,


Dear brother Jack,

I am deeply touched by your full fledge answer Jack, and I did agree with you on the pre-trib rapture until yesterday when, through your site, I happen to find the answer to what I had been looking for: what the early saints believed about the Rapture. And now, your latest answer makes a very good point as far as the Book of Revelation is concerned.

I had been a post trib ever since the beginning with Jesus-Christ 35 years ago until I read “The Late Great Planet Earth”. From that point on, I have been longing for the Rapture of the Saints of God. Like you, I do not agree with everything Hal says and with the “spirit of patriotism”. If one “loves the Lord with all his heart, with all his thoughts and with all his might”, how can he “love the things of this world”? If anyone does, “the love of the Father is not in him”. I read your material and I know this is what you teach also. Praise be to the God of Israel! I wish every believer could accept the basic teaching of the crucifixion of the carnal flesh, as you have clearly explained. It is the beginning of real wisdom and revelation. There is no way around it!

However, dear brother in our beloved Lord and Saviour Jesus-Christ, even if I understand and like your last point, you have not really answered my original question that is: how does the pre-trib Rapture harmonize with the writings of the church fathers. Maybe it does not. In which case, the pre-trib rapture would not necessarily be wrong but it would become in that case a matter of personal revelation.

I really appreciate your ministry and sincerely believe that you have the blessing of our God.

Your brother forever.



Dear Jack:

I’m not sure how you got our email address to send this note to, but I found your letter interesting anyway. I certainly have a few disagreements with your first paragraph and near the end of the article, even though I respect your right to share it. I do not believe that anywhere in Scripture it says to honor a President, even though we are to respect the office and pray for this President-Elect. He’s not a king, but a person elected by the people, far different from the kings of old. Personally, I believe only Jesus Christ deserves our honor. Even though I believe a lot of people voted for him because of his race, with no knowledge or care as to what he believed, I feel very sad for America now. We are going to get the judgment which we deserve due to a lazy church that is more interested in being politically correct than speaking up for righteousness. We will be paying tribute to his government, that is for sure. Socialism always raises taxes and government control and regulation, all of which Obama supports fully. I don’t believe he is anywhere close to being a Christian, based upon where he went to church and his beliefs, but we will definitely pray that he finds the Lord during his term in office (sooner than later, I hope).

Now that I’ve given a bit of feedback, I’d appreciate it if you’d take our email address off of your email list. We prefer being asked if we would like to be on someone’s list first before getting a major mailing. Thanks.



Dear Jack,

Please remove me from your mailing list… although you do understand we are living in the end-times, the distortions to the truth are too much for me to read. Babylon the Great is not the United States but the American Dream… capitalism. A system that is prevalent throughout the entire world and spreading like an infectious disease. The “beast of the sea” will come from Europe contrary to what your hardened heart wants to be true. And the whore who rides this beast (who also is the beast of the earth) is the resurrected Babylonian religion of idol worshiping… of materialism… of the “American Dream.” But just because God will destroy the center of this system, New York City, doesn’t mean the United States is any more guilty of following this false religion than the other countries of the world who also follow it.

Peace and may the Creator of all things help you to find the true wisdom you seek.


Sorry But You seem to think that some one like Me would be interested in what happens in the US and also in religion !!!!!!!
I´m a Soldier and therefore am prohibited to have a view on such things I just follow orders its that simple.I don´t care if You are moslem,jewish catolic protestant hindu or athiest if My commanding officer say KILL then I KILL. The Mad Paratrooper!!!!!!


Dear Bro. Hook, We Saints need to be aware of Obama. YAHUVEH (GOD) is already set to bring America down in Judgment. The U.S.A. is Babylon of Revelation 18 and Jeremiah 50-51. And, YAHUVEH is going to bring this Judgment under a wicked leader. This most of this Country has kicked GOD out of this country and and has told GOD that they basically want to be FREE from His “restraints”. This Country has replaced GOD with the “gods” of sexual lust, GREED, money, material possessions, entertainment and the “high life” of the American Dream. The bloody SLAUGHTER and MURDER of unborn babies goes MOSTLY unchallenged by most people, save for some inside and outside the church. And gay marriage is becoming a potential mainstream. PORN is destroying many Men (and Women). Drugs and alcohol are as well destroying the young and old alike. YAHUVEH and His Son YAHUSHUA (JESUS) have had enough! Obama COULD be the Anti-Christ. And, if he is, his soul is ALREADY headed for the Lake of Fire, with NO CHANCE for Redemption! Sincerely yours, Gordon


Howdy jack.
that was my dads name BTW..
now about this article.
i believe your right.
BUT” we as Christians CANT follow the DEVIL.
and i do believe the American people are going to come to REGRET electing this Muslim as their leader.
he is NOT” a Christian.
he is a nappy headed Muslim pimp punk.
slight of hand is what got him elected.
and Biden is just as BAD.
he is a SOCIALIST.
our nation is heaed for very bad times.
we will come very close to a REVOLUTION, and maybe EVEN REVOLUTION??
if God does not help us restore this nation BACK to the CONSTITUTION, and the REPUBLIC we were given by our forfathers.


I appreciate your article and I don’t know how it was sent to my address but I was so moved by your stories. My husband, Elso, served in the Tet offensive in 1968 and I think was in Charlie Company and or Bravo. All those sound familiar to me. He was a corporal in the Marine Corp and was in the infantry. He died of Agent Orange poisoning 6 months ago.he never made his 60th birthday. He was so proud to be a Marine and he loved his country. Thank you for your story and if you ever find anyone who knew him in 1968 please forward them to me… God Bless …Janet


Please remove me from your email list. I find your message offensive. Margaret


Thank you Jack

I have also served during the worst (and bloodiest) year of the war (1968).
Almost the entire year.
We have an small circle of vets who keep in touch oftenly. Vets who served in the Cha Rang valley (near Qui Nhon) in different units.
May God bless them all



Hello Mr. Hook,

I am working today (my holiday to work). I was just reading your article “The Wise Man” and was really moved by it. Just want to thank you again for your website. I appreciate the way you always elevate the Lord Jesus Christ in every article. I find myself nodding in agreement and saying “amen” to your articles, as they bear witness to the Holy Spirit of God. I greatly fear for many of my family and friends, who are supposedly “born-again,” yet show little interest in the Bible or the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is hard to discern whether they are truly saved, yet still babes in Christ, or whether they are false converts.



Jack- Not sure how I ended up getting your article, or how you got my e-mail address, but I’m glad you did.

A dear friend of mine was with Charlie Company and was KIA 3-10-71. I am still on my journey to find out what happened to him. Was put in touch with someone who is trying to get his AAR for me, so maybe I can have some peace about it even tho I know that knowing the details will hurt.

One consellation I have is that he closed his last letter to me-written the day before he was killed-“God Bless”. He had never closed a letter to me that way before. Having since found the Lord myself, I pray that something happened prior to his death that will enable me to see him again in that BETTER place. God Bless and WELCOME RANGERS!
C. Morgan


Dear Jack,

Simply put, George Bush was such a catastrophic failure as President that it enabled a black socio-marxist
to take his job. Other than that, it’s business as usual in Washington, DC.

The COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS is still running the governments of the world. Period.

Barack Obama is not the anti-christ. That is pure nonesense….


Dear Jack
Hello my friend. I Volunteer at our Va Hospilal in central PA.
And it will break your heart You cant even get a pair of eye glasses now.
Un less it is combat related.
The Shame I see from our great country is all most to much my friend.
OH how I look for Yeshua’s Return so he can set things stright.
The Judgement on us in this county Is going to be very great.
And the sad thing is we brought it on our self’s
Much Shalom to you my friend.


Dear Sir, I turely beleive that the Vietnam Veterans got screwed all the way around. And I a supporter if their is anyway to help.I was in USArmy 71/75 and have Hep C,I sure would like to see that ball get to rolling like it should be. God Bless and take Care Brothers, Ray H


Hi Jack,

thank you for sending this timely info to me. With your kind permission I shall post this in my own Christian Journal. I am a born again Christian and a serious bible student most of my life, and I look forward to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to come back and collect His saints and believers before the stink hits the fan.

I served in Vietnam: 68-70, and was a helicopter door gunner with the 240th AHC in Bear Cat, RVN on my 2nd tour. Hope you visit my web site sometime and comment. Take care.

Warm Regards,


well to start with welcome home my brother I was with co.a 2/27inf. 25th div. dec-67 to dec-68 was wounded twice an have been fighting the v.a. system every since. you can not blame yourself for anything that happen in vietnam because we were sent there to do a job and in every job there are people that don’t come back.god has taken these people because he needs them for something else, but has spared us to do other work for him. if you want to help vietnam veterans look into way the v.a. treats them they shred there records and say the lost and you have to refile new claims. right now the vietnam veterans of America have filed a law suit against the v.a. for the way they process the claims. the united states attorney general has already found where these people have shredded there paper work,and have fired them but this goes on at every v.a. comp. office. WOLFHOUNDS NEC ASPERA TERRENT MEANS NO FEAR ON EARTH.!!!
thank you for lending your ear

Dear Lee,

Thanks for the reply and advice. I read this heartbreaking story today and thought you’d be interested. While we are and should be very thankful for the medical services and benefits provided to Vietnam veterans, we can see in this story things that should bring shame to civil leaders when men who served in Vietnam are not being made aware of the serious diseases that spring from Agent Orange exposure so long ago.

As a Christian and a Vietnam veteran I know that mankind, all of us, are plagued by a sin nature that operates out of a spirit of fear, militant pride, and the love of money and ourselves, 1 John 2:16. These are just a few of the elements of our sin nature which explain what we see on the television screen and experience in our personal lives every day.

Civil leaders are subject to this sin nature and according to some commentators have withheld the proper notification to veterans out of fear that it would cost too much money to take care of and send benefits to afflicted veterans. After the latest bailouts of the banking industry that have reduced the “power of money” into the hands of fewer people worldwide, setting the stage for the coming Antichrist, the money needed for ailing Vietnam veterans is in comparison a drop in the bucket, as the saying goes!

But there is hope. Jesus Christ has shed his pure sinless blood to pay for those sins and offered us forgiveness and a new heart surrounded by the indwelling Holy Spirit that can overcome these things until he returns in great power and glory to finally end the awful wars that have stricken the human race. The fallen angels who inspire the sin nature in men will be imprisoned in Hell along with all men who reject the only way into eternal life, the Lord Jesus Christ. When he comes we shall be given new resurrected bodies that will never tire or get sick again, and most of all, we shall live in the bodily presence of the Son of God on this Earth for 1000 years. God bless you all, my veteran friends.

Your eternal friend,


dear jack,i was there in hoc mon (Manchus of Charlie Company) with the 2/27 wolfhounds we were the first inf/unit to arrive on the scene ,between the two canals it was absouletly the worst site i saw in my tour in the nam i saw all the dead americans on the ground i will never forget that sight it has welded itself in my mind and soul forever .i will never forget it sir i salute you . a brother forever, fellow grunt lionel harvey co a/2bn 27th inf 25th div




Your story “Manchus of Charlie Company” will stay with me forever – your words were rivating.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Mr. Hook,
Please do not send religious articles to me. I not Judeo-Christian by any means and am in fact a Neo-Druid Pagan. This does not mean that I am liberal or without morals, just the opposite. I am a Constitutionalist pure and true. I do not however wish to have others proselytize to me. I do not push my beliefs on others and I would like the same respect. Thank you.
Jamie L. Simmons


Hi Jack.

Jack, you said on your website (Timeline),
“America will remain the greatest, richest nation on Earth during this
judgment period known as Daniel’s 70th Week.”

But now we are seeing the American economy sink. What do you think

I do believe that America is indeed Babylon the Great. But the
scenerio’s are rapidly changing with how this will all play out. I’m
very curious as to how you think this will occur now that America has
begun her fall.

God bless you!



I would like to introduce you to many of my friends, friends who, with me, fought in not one but three wars, 1941-45, Europe, 1948-51, Korea, 1967-1969, Viet-Nam. What is your point in writing this lengthy letter, please remove me from your mailing list, I have no idea how I was included. As a retired Sergeant Major I would dispute some of your statements.


The Illuminati has set us up for the next upcoming war as they have every previous war, preceded by the runaway train economic crash of this country. Throughout history Satan’s kids and hirelings have manufactured every war and every recession or economic depression. It’s time to get things all in place for the Antichrist. You can see the one who has been positioned in power who will help make the way for the Antichrist within a very short time now. This one will robotically do what he is told to do in order to usher him in.

Let’s rejoice. It’s time for Christians to go Home soon.


I think we have emailed you before. Gene and I are both Vietnam era vets, and we know we are definitely living out the end of the book! Things we’ve been only talking about, preaching about and expecting for the last 30 years are now reality!! It’s definitely a scary time for those who don’t know “in whom they have believed.”

Do you have a chronological list of when “things” are supposed to happen? I know there are many differing opinions, but I would like to just see “chronologically” what the Word says is supposed to happen and when, regarding the anti-Christ, Ezekiel war, Battle of Armageddon, etc.

BTW, I just received copies of two articles in Prophecy News revealing that Obama’s roots from his Kenya connection have been traced back to the Tribe of Dan. Um? If you would like to see them I’ll be glad to forward.

What is your web site address?

Thanks so much.

Gene & Micki