February 2011 Comments

You are a great Ambassadors of a coming Kingdom God and He will protect you and against those friends and family members troubled by your writings. Greetings In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 


Jack, I don’t know where you got my email address, but you sound genuine.

– I am 86 and was in WWII in the Pacific.

– I am one of the few living who saw the NAGASAKI Atom Bomb at the instant it detonated.

– I flew 92 combat missions against the Japs, from the ‘bottom’ of New Guinea all the way up to 

          Okinawa, and flew one of the last missions of World War Two.

– I flew P-47 Thunderbolts first, then after that, I flew P-51 Mustangs until August 12th.

– My outfit was:  40th Fighter Squadron

                                35th. Fighter Group

                                  5th. AIR FORCE


Dear Richard, 

Thanks for responding to my invitation.  I must confess that I was deeply touched by your words as I realized the things you have witnessed with you own eyes changed the way nations interact with one another.  I sincerely hope you will take the time to read the articles on my website and stay in touch with me.  If you have a mailing list please add my name. 

As a fellow veteran you are my friend and as a Christian my brother forever.  It is an honor to meet you and the respect I have for men like you is not measurable.  I love veterans (especially from WWII) and want them to know the truth no matter how old they are and what experiences they have had.  I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection. 

There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead.  Please keep in touch, Richard, and tell me about your family and life. 

Your new eternal friend,

Jack D. Hook



Freedom of speech has never been totally taken away yet so keep on keeping on.Obviously, there are those who are under conviction and rightly so. Come, Lord Jesus!




Reading on the the negative responses on your email,I think a lot of Americans got an idol,in the form of the American Eagle. i pray that that your fellow citizens will be enlightened with this form of idolatry and repent and renounce it,in Jesus Name.

Continue on your ministry,as long we can send and receive emails to reach out ,you must go on till the very end.Your labor in Christ is not in vain.God bless you and anoint you and strenghten you till the very end.God bless you and your family always.You are always in my prayers.

fellow worker in the Vineyard;



Hey Jack,

I’ve been on your list for quite a long time and to be honest with you I have not read many of your articles.

Today however, after viewing the video below and considering all of the other issues soon coming to a head in this country, I decided that maybe America could be spiritual Babylon. Could you piece together a short article that proves your idea both Scripturally and historically that America is in fact spiritual Babylon? I would like to give this idea more serious thought and I couldn’t think of anyone but you, the one who could best argue that point.

Thank you,




Hang in there buddy. You are on message and I believe things will totally start melting down next year. Once the economy crashes and/or the power grid goes down and the water is turned off, things will change overnight. The perfect storm is here, economically and spiritually. There are so many lost, and most of the Christians I speak to do not want to discuss any of this. So many with their heads are buried in the sand. Even my wife, who is born-again does not like to discuss these things because they are “negative and depressing”. We of course do not view it that way, but instead as another day closer to the coming of our Lord.

That said, just keep fighting the good fight. We are planting seeds for so many that will live into the Tribulation and the horrors that await.

America is collapsing exactly the way the Roman Empire did, so we must prepare with extra oil for our lamps (spiritually and physically). I’m encouraging everyone to store one year’s supply of food, water, ammo, and make sure to have an alternate heat source. As our country disintegrates, I believe we will live into the beginning of sorrows and MANY will fall away from God’s Word! Plan for persecution, because we will get it!

All of the players are present on the Endtimes Chess board. I believe the Rapture will occur and THEN the beast (anti-christ) will be revealed. This could very easily happen in the next 2 years, but the world has to be ready for him, and it almost is. I can almost hear the Trumpet Blast! Do not be deterred from your message by those who rebuke you!

I don’t know that I’ve ever shared my “Epiphany” from the Holy Spirit with you, but I’ve attached in anyway. I received it in a flash from the Holy Spirit and it explains the reason for all of this. Please use it if you find it inspiring.

God Bless!



With all of this said, I thank God that I am an Orthodox Christian, I believe in The Holy Trinity and that Christ is the only way to the Kingdom of Heaven. I do not believe “Once saved always saved”. Life is a struggle, we are given temptations to either partake in or pray and walk away. Our wonderful goverment has decided to mingle in the ungodly for a long time allowing it to be guided by the rich and powerful “Federal reserve”. We as a nation have turned to commercialism and seclurism instead of repentance and God. We will share in his wrath.
In Christ, Daniel


Hang in their Jack.  God is your judge… not man!  From the diversity of the replies you have received, it indicates that “man” in his own intelligence is pretty darn stupid!  


Glad you taking taking stands for Christ. The closer you follow him, the lonelier it gets. Few embrace the cross. Pastor Brooks


May God continue to bless you Brother Jack!  Keep on calling white -white and black – black!  Call ’em as you see them by The Spirit & The Word! 
Those of us who might not understand exactly all that you are saying, will understand if we keep our hearts and minds renewed to the Spirit & Word. 


I love God’s Jewish people, but there are Neo-Con Jews that will bring America down.

Your thought’s on this.


Dear Helen,

Thanks for the email.  I feel just like you when it comes to the Jewish people.  The indwelling Holy Spirit gives us a love for the Jews and the land of Israel, and some Christians then make the mistake of winking at the errors and sins of Israel just because they are God’s chosen people from Abraham on down.  Like you say there are Jews who are part and parcel of the New World Order, and the leadership of Israel today still reject the Lord Jesus to their own destruction when he comes.  All men and women, Jew and Gentile, are in need of the new birth that only Jesus Christ can achieve.

Your brother in Jesus,



You keep writting what you feel God has revealed to you. Don’t conform or give in in what others may say and that includes family. As I’m pretty sure you’re already aware of you’re proclaiming the gospel and the Holy Spirit takes it from there. I am not as fortunate to have the understanding of God’s word as you do.but I do believe in the Bible and I appreciate your writtings. Chuck


Dude You have alot of time on yoru hands don’t you…take me out of your data base..i’ll talk to godd when i’m in the woods..BYE BYE BOZO


While I respect your rights concerning religious beliefs I believe religion is the bane of society and the world would be better off without all of them.  The universal truths of love and compassion are basic to all decent people and to my mind organized religion takes these simple precepts and twists them toward their own gain creating fear based on ignornace and misunderstanding.  No religion has a lock on the ‘truth’ nor is any religion the ‘only’ way. 

War is good for nothing except killing and killing is the one thing man seems to do best.  We didn’t fight for God, Country, mom or apple pie, we fought for the guy next to us who fought and died for us. 

Mark Twain called mankind ‘The Great Experiment’.  Well, I think the jury is in and we, mankind, have failed miserably.  It’s the 21st. century and we are still are killing and torturing each other; sometimes just for the fun of it.  Man never changes only the toys.   As long as man walks this planet man will kill his fellow men.  What people forget is that we are animals; true the highest form of animal on the planet, yet animals nonetheless for only an animal can do what we do to each other in the name of religion or any of another of a thousand specious excuses. 

Enjoy the moment for the moment is all that we have.   Dennis


Wow, I admire your patience, courage and fortitude to continue as a watchman sounding the alarm in the face of those who would ridicule and discourage you.  I’m so used to just communicating with people who share my world view, that I forget what persecution others, like yourself, must endure when they reach out to the public.  Lord bless you.


Please take my name out your system!!!!!  I appreciate your service to our country, at a time in your life that you obviously supported stopping the communist from their desire to dominate the world.  Seems that you do not accept the fact that, when our country got into the Vietnam war communism was moving to dominate the world in Europe and Asia.  Our country was the dominant force in stemming the tide with our efforts in Korea and Vietnam,  You will recall that we did not win in Vietnam but it started the end of the communist movement and the Philippines were NOT the next target.

Sincerely, a fellow veteran who is proud of what our country has done in all wars, including Iraq and Afghanistan,



Thank you. I am about to meet, for the first time, a soldier who was with my husband the day he was killed in VN. I have not spoken to anyone this close to this event and it has been 42 years. I know not how I might react to what I might hear. But my greater concern is for this soldier and his willingness to share whatever he needs to share. I know now just to listen. My husband’s pain ended that day. This man’s pain has been with him in his journey to live through his time protecting freedom for us all. Bless you and your family.  Jill


Hello Jack, While I am not much for end time speculations of things, I do agree with your diagnosis, and I am a former chaplain for Vietnam Veterans chapters in Alaska. They hold a dear place in my heart
God bless you