February 2012 Comments

Thanks Jack –

It amazes me how often you touch upon components of my current or recent trials.

I have been struggling with such patriotic conflicts and have surrended them to Jesus – I have also struggled with the political conflicts and surrendered those as well. The struggle I have (internally) with Muslims and the Islamic Faith, I am working on with HIS help & guidance (being truthful)

I learned alot this year about Pride of varying degrees, for instance when my crazy neighbor would flatten my tires or scratch up my car purposely and reporting it was not an option according to my husband because of retribution. I was angry and have learned that it really doesn’t matter “I can’t take the car with me when Jesus returns” – so I have taken that matter-of-fact attitude and continually lifted my ‘enemies’ and neighbors up in prayer. You know Jack that our Heavenly Father is Faithful, I don’t need remind you. 

HE is healing me, removing my shortcomings and keeping me focused on what is REAL and TRUE

Recently the Holy Spirit came upon me in the most awesome beautiful way (i get weepy just thinking about it) and healed a relationship between me and my mother-in-law that has been ongoing for 11 years. So hardened was I with that relationship I believed I would have control of it even after death, making sure she would have NO contact with my daughter, her grandchild.

Jack – this was NOT something I had prayed specifically about, but Jesus, our Father & the Holy Spirit had something magnificeint in store for me. one day after church I said to my husband ‘call your mom’, he said ‘are you sick or something’ I said ‘No” just call her – he did and I told him ‘tell her I need to see her NOW’ – she said she was having dinner @ a restaraunt – I said ‘tell her I have to see her now’ (I wasn’t panicking, but there was an urgency) she left her date & meal and went home asap – My daughter said ‘where are we going mom’ – I said ‘We are going to experience a Miracle (blessing), so get in the car so you can witness it. As we pulled in her driveway she came out to meet us

I said ‘Irene, the Holy Spirit sent me’ and I am here to make amends. I introduced her to her grand-daughter 10 (1st time since she was 1) and said Irene this is your granddaughter Caitlin – Caitlin this is your Grandmother Irene – I want to apologize to both of you for keeping you apart from one another for so long and ask that you both forgive me. Here come the tears, we were all crying, including my husband who I’ve only seen cry 3 times in the 30 years I’ve known him. To shorten the story we did not discuss what caused the riff, (which was severe) it is unneccesary.

Irene wanted to know what brought me to her  I explained “It had nothing to do with my will” I was lead here by the Holy Spirit – and I continued to share with her how that took place. At that time she was Catholic., and has since been asking me to pray with her, pray for her, gone to church with me and I share scripture with her. We have discussed the differences between Catholicism and Chrisitanity (and I am no scholar) but the Lord puts it in my heart (and mouth) what to say/share

Jack – to some folks this would be an “Okay, so what” kinda thing, to me this was HUGE! And the ‘miracles’ as I call them – Jesus keeps blessing me – and I am working on so many facets of SANDY through the Guidance, Love, Mercy, Grace & Faithfulness of our Lord. I see there is even more work to be done, but HE is Molding & Making me into the Chrisitan woman he wants (and always knew I  could be)

I have learned alot about my passions I had in life – and they have changed – I am focused on one thing sharing the love of our Lord with those that are suffering like I have been – and ALL other categories, facets, and dimensions of our lives are changed when we surrender.

Thank you Jack for keeping me on your email list – I am grateful (and smile) everytime I see an email from you!

Surrendering Daily as I wait upon HIS Return,



Beloved Brother in Christ – James McCutchan –

What a refreshing burst of straightforward declaration of the Scripture of Truth.  Brother Jack Hook always provides grist for believers who must consider the profound truth that we are living in the midst of Babylon the Great – which is, as well, that end-time’s great commercial empire of the Latter Days referred to in Scripture, I affirm, as the King of Babylon – King of Tyre – who is naught but the one spoken of in Revelation 12:9 as “the great dragon…that Serpent of Old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world” (just in case we’re not clear as to the one who is behind all of this insidious hatred toward Israel and the Church!).

The Greco-Roman nature of this “beast nation” which uprooted 3 of the horns (Daniel 7:8) when it burst forth (viz. the three to which you clearly delineate:  Britain, France and Spain who settled this for the Roman ancestors to whom you so clearly described)…”I was considering the horns (i.e., authorities), and there was another horn, a little (or lit. “younger”) one, coming up among them, before whom three of the first horns were plucked up by the roots….”

And, behind this last-days’ commercial empire is its Beastly leader – the Antichrist-Beast! 

Brother James, may the Lord give you absolute boldness to continue to proclaim the unvarnished truth as to Babylon the Great’s identity in these last of the Last Days – we at the Tribulation Network salute you and all those, like yourself and Jack, who are neither ashamed nor dwell in fear in proclaiming the truth of the Scripture in these matters.

Now, as you may know, we are somewhat at odds with our pre-trib brethren who affirm that the Church must depart prior to these revelations, including the Man of Sin, in that we adjudge our suffering not worthy to be compared to the glory which shall be revealed in us!  However, that said, the stakes are too high for us not to join those in their protestation to the coming FRAUD!  Let us bear the truth in love to this godless generation and to a Church so ill-prepared — as you say — coming as a THIEF IN THE NIGHT to those so ill-prepared – yes, and prior to the very final Armageddon we read our Savior’s potent words:

“Behold, I am coming as a thief.  Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame.”  And they gathered them together to the place called in Hebrew, Armageddon (Revelation 16:15-16).

God’s mighty blessing and protection be yours and to all who are so bold to declare such a warning…I can’t thank you enough for being so clear in declaring the state of affairs in which we now find ourselves…may the Lord give us 7,000 like yourself!

Brother Doug


       I would say here we go again but that would make absolutely no differance I am sure. Listen if their were a man from Galileo who was the son of a super dude do you not think for one minute if he read the twisted interpretations you and your buddy put on these books he would come down here especually to kick both your asses into a oblivion? You are both guilty of haarsay, the worst kind you are misquoting his own words to drive you delusions.  When I was young the fundamentalists children were treated as mental problems to be cared for, help as much as possible so they could eventually be a member of our secular democracy.  It seems in the last 40 years that group has infested most of the fundamental religions inside our borders but worst have sided with the bankers and wall street types,international corporations to kill the human race to match their twisted world expectations. It is you nutcases that are going to kill this world, it is you who have helped the devil have his way with our people, starving them, imprisoning them for arbitrary religious nonsensical violations.
That you two took and oath just like I did ] to defend the Constitution of the United States of America also makes you traitors of the worst kind, I say this with as much pity and loathing as I can muster, when the next revolution starts we will be on opposite sides, I with the secular democrats and you with the NeoNazi’s, niether of you veterans learned a thing about the world by being used a children to kill strangers for no reason, mores the pity. But most of us still uphold our oath to the Constitution Jack and will not stand by and watch you ignorant rednecks destroy this country, of that you can bet your life, we americans did in 1776 and we stand ready to do the very same thing to your movement as we did to the last crack-headed christian attack on this countries sovernty like the confederacy. Let me quote Bobby Lee,” it was a rich mans war, but a poor mans fight”, but I suppose even that none of you redneck have read. For translation to something simple let me explain it, it means the rich fat cats started the insurrection but did not fight in it, nor did they suffer after the loss. [sold cotton up north during the whole war]
It is the same to today, you have a group that has sold out all of us to the Chinese and the arabs and your on their side, and have been sense Ronnie [rectum] was president, democracys massive tolerant attitude has protected your treason to date, when a million more people are homeless and have nothing to loose all your fate will be sealed, and if I know your spewing this kind of treasonable crap which I have been sending it whole to every FBI and state police source you can bet we are not the only ones getting ready Jack. So I will end pleading with you to stop indulging in treason, to some back to the Constitution and help the rest of us rid this country of the infestation of a conspiracy to end the world to satisfy a group of nut bag homegrown terrorists, that should be in Leavenworth prison, not on the streets of a free country. I am afraid the bell tolls for thee Jack and all your conspiratores, but will continue to try and save you guys from your delusions. Joe


Dear Jack!

I too the former military officer, also served in the Air Forces of Russia. To me of 65 years, and I too study the Bible. To me your questions are clear, and I too search on them for answers. Your representations about aggression of Russia is a product of Cold War, I so think.

Now I think of more how to fall in love with the brother in Christ Jesus, and you too.

Yours faithfully Vladimir 


Do you really see the person called the “anit-Christ” coming out from “under” the “American Eagle?” If so I would like to see your Biblically backed reasoning for this conclusion.
Thanks — BUZ


Powers and principalities, are very much in control, as we see it today.  Manipulating media networks, putting words into peoples’ mouths, and even brainwashing those who go to Washington, DC, coming back to spew out, word for word, no deviation from it, exactly what they have heard, as if their own tongues have been silenced.  I see it and hear it every day.


I understand your point of view and wanted to tell you I agree with it.  The Father comes in dreams to me.  I have seen the Black Horse and the ashen horse.  Black horse meaning- famine The ashen horse meaning was still just a colt, but he is growing. Ashen horse means death.  You can see the happenings in the world and know these things have come to open our eyes and get ready for the Rapture.


You got it right, Brother.   I ask the pretarists, why on earth would Jesus permit His church on earth to suffer this terrible judgment?  Jesus has repeatedly said, he loves His church!  U. S. Army Infantry, Korea, 16 months, 1957-58.  Don W.


people act on their beliefs. Since you wont suffer the tribulation, you will NOT be ready for it when it comes. God warns you not to be like the bridesmaids who had no oil. There are NOT three comings of Christ. Only two…one at his birth, the other for his elect at the end of times. Please take me off your list as your teaching is not based on scripture but on the recent error of the church in the last 125 years. I pray you prepare for the tribulation as God commands in scripture. Now, take me off this list.


I received your email today and like you to delete me from your “friend” list if you want to talk salvation or redemption. On the matter of religion I would prefer not to be preached at and honor God in my own way, not through an email. If however, you want to talk “ol’ times and how the military operated during Nam then please continue to contact me.We do have shared experiences and it is always good to re visit them.

Sincerely, Mary


Thanks  for the e-mail. It was  well  written.  I served  in the marine corps echo co. 2nd. Btln. 3rd. division in I corp. I was a machine gunner. I DIDN’T FINISH MY  FULL TOUR DUE TO BEING WOUNDED TWICE. I AM A CHRISTIAN ALL SO &STILL HAVE TROUBLE WITH MY DUTY INVIETNAM. I hope everyone who served find’s the Lord. I read the verses you sent me,however I feel my service in Vietnam was to the best of my ability. God Bless you & countiue to keep up your fine work. Kenneth


Shalom, Yom tob! I must first go straight to the point, then we can go from there. Using the same scriptures you are using, I can identify the anti messiah as the one you call “Jesus Christ”. For he is of a religion of man,  the (G)god(s) of man, by man, for man and against the Most High Elohym of Yisrael. He isn’t mentioned any where thru-out the whole true Hebrew history, the language, the Torah, the Tanakh or the original New Covenant. However he is in the KJV only, based on the English/French language. Before the 1500s, he didn’t exist, but as one of the Roman/Greek gods. So where do you get off trying to preach/teach this lie you follow Mr Jack Hook? Let the truth be known or you too will be as this deceiver of man is….burning in the lake of fire…..shalom…Zaqayn



With as much as you know, and have studied,how could you have mussed that Saul (Paul) of Tarsus IS (was)the “Antichrist?

If you just read the synoptic gospels, and compare Sauls ‘teachings and letters’ to the actual words of Jesus, it s an incontrovertible truth.

These are the lies the Catholic Church is based upon..

Please re-read Jesus’ words, compare Sauls’ pronouncements, and see what you come up with.

Please let me know: Ed


Amen Jack-I  seeing many who are returning to their first love; many who are truly getting saved from sin and false Christianity. Recently spoke a message entitled ” The Spirit of False


which I would like to give you if you’re

interested. Blessings, dg-2 Tim 2:19


Greetings to you too.  What constantly amazes me, is that so many people do not realize, that to be a real Christian,  Jesus HAS to be acknowledged as the SON of GOD, not a mere prophet. The Mormons rever him as a prophet…so does Islam.  That should tell people something.  Also, that God created the world…not evolution of any kind.  I have been reviewing the book of Job.  Us believing in special creation is very important to our Creator.  Joan


Jack, imagine my surprise when I opened your email and saw my message to you featured.  The changes in my life since we “spoke” have been amazing.  The Holy Spirit has given me such boldness to speak God’s truth.  Though not always the way to “win friends” it has affected people throughout the world.  Yes–I said the world.  I never thought much of Facebook before, but seeing its influence throughout the world, I decided to take a chance and started a Facebook ministry.  Now, with almost 1800 “friends” my message goes out around the world.  I’ve had people “unfriend” me because they don’t like what I have to say, but, at least, they are given the choice.  My latest “campaign” is against Chrislam.  I see this as the beginning of the One World Order religion that will spread throughout the world.  Satan doesn’t have any new tricks and continues to use the same ones throughout the generations.  When the Catholic church included pagan worship techniques in its religion, thereby watering down Christianity, it deprived the world of True Christianity.  Today, major “Christian” churches welcome Islamists into their churches with their satanic beliefs, further watering down what is left of Christianity.  I had a lady vehemently attack me because I said that the God of the Bible and Allah are not the same God.  She’s a Southern Baptist!!!!  Amazing! 

I believe that the 7 year period we call the Tribulation is right around the corner.  Everything that’s going on in the world points to it.  Stay strong and deliver the truth even when it turns the masses away!

Love in Christ,



Hi Bro. Hook,

Just a note to encourage you to continue a little while longer in what you are doing, exposing Satan and his lies.  God bless you and your ministry.

Your Brother in Christ Jesus’ Service,



Brother, I did not serve in the military, but I agree on your theology 100% I have always believed that Jesus will come right before the tribulation begins . What bothers me is that those who profess to be Christians, are not excited or looking forward to His coming. You are right the True Believers in Jesus Christ will be raptured out, in I Th. 1:10 Paul tells us “And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come.” 

I thank you for your stand of faith, and look forward to meeting you some day, if not here, in heaven.

Because “Christ” Lives

Bro. Gary


Why should I read the self appointed apostle Paul’s teachings when I have Jesus? Maybe I’ll appoint myself an apostle and send you a teaching somewhat off key. Hey it’s just as inspired.


Well bless your heart your right. The army we all better join is the lords army . This all coming to past . I have lived my life and thank God each day. Never dream l ever ever see another depression , when  they call a recess l could scream. l was taught from the old school . l sending my brother in Alaska your web site. he one of you also a disable vet.

keep up the good work . l from big family so l send out your web site to you , l belive my sister in fla you will hear from she will let me know . God Bless, Ella