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Putin, Obama, et al, are out to destroy this nation as free republic. Obama because he is a Moslem communist and Putin because he is a communist. Wake up!


Your prophetic interpretation leaves much to be desired!  The two little horns are NOT the USA and Russia. Stop trying to be the bible expert.   You discredit the word of God.  GO and listen to Richard Jordan and discover the right way to understand the bible.  2 Tim,  2:15.


Hello, Jack:

Thank you for sending this email (Presidents Obama, Putin, and the Middle East: The Judgment Chronicles)  I posted it on my web site.  Keep them coming.

James R. Santos

God Bless and Keep You!!

Yours in Jesus The Christ


Hi Jack,

Good hearing from you. I always love what you write.

It’s interesting that you think Russia and US will meld in a way that brings about the end. I’ve always perceived as Russia and China and the Middle East on one side and the US and her allies on the other side. I go back and forth to your website to learn more. I have always had admiration for you, Jack.

Here are a few other questions I have been meaning to ask you:

1. The Lord’s prayer says his kingdom will be on earth as it is in heaven. Why would he make his kingdom on earth if he has masions in heaven for us?

2. Do you think BO is the AC?

Thanks, Jack.



Myself I think indeed there will be a WW-lll of nuclear proportions which will set the stage for the antichrist to rise to power.

I also think the religious gainsayers will try to pass that off as Armageddon, so as to then set up the antichrist as their messiah but will in fact be the man of sin or beast or whatever you wanna call that which will cause most everybody to take the mark of the beast or face persecution.

But any Christian that has to face persecution if they remain loyal to Christ the scriptures say will be rewarded well for their loyality.


The “DAY” . . . is getting closer, Jack. Frankly, it can’t get here soon enough for me. SATAN took my “Beloved” from me many years ago now ( 28 ) an I know she WAITS for me . . . I live to put my arms around her AGAIN. I’m “VERY MUCH” looking forward to going HOME.


Hi Jack Hook,

Thank you very much for the above letter,this is the plain prophetic truth but known by very few chosen to understand God’s word.I will share with many people as possible.

Will slam agree to cooperate with antichrist while pretend to bring peace on earth?



yes i agree we have to watch as the end days are indeed here,many many things tell me this to,your doing a great thing in the words you send,keep up the fight brother.god bless and god be with you always.


HI Jack,

I particularly like this definition.  Well done!  Had never thought of the symbolic connection with circumcision before.



You wrote:

When true confession of this truth takes place, combined with Godly sorrow, repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus, it is our spirit that is instantly re-created with the old nature cut out and washed away by the blood of Jesus. It is likened unto the sign of circumcision. This is when God, the Holy Spirit, indwells and surrounds our newly created hearts. This is the definition of being born again from above, John 3.

After we are born from above, our bodies are yet to be saved and they still contain the pride and desires of the old nature, Roman 6-8. Therefore, a battle royal that we have never ever experienced now exists “in our minds” between the Holy Spirit surrounding our new heart and the fleshly desires of our old bodies and brains, Galatians 5:16-26. And I can tell you from personal experience that the evil man that is in my body and brain does not want to hear that he must be restrained daily and not allowed to satisfy his carnal lusts. Nor does he enjoy being told he can’t hate his enemies and defend himself by killing them. He does not enjoy being told that he is just as guilty of killing the Lord Jesus Christ as those Roman soldiers who sent those rusty spikes through the hands and feet of the Son of God. That old man in my body, whose name is also Jack D. Hook, does not like to hear that Jesus is coming to instantly re-create my body through his resurrection power, killing forever that old man that is my sin nature.


Hello Jack’

Nice to hear from you again.

Yes i remember the cold war, in particular the Cuban crisis when the world held it’s breath. I was quite surprised when i woke up the morning after to find that we’d not all been blown to kingdom come.

later as a soldier stationed in Berlin in the 1960’s i remember how the Western allies and the Eastern block viewed each other with suspicion accross the wall.

Since then i’ve embraced Christianity, and my outlook has changed considerably.

I no longer dread the coming of Armageddon, for as it says in the book of Revelation, (or the apocalypse as it is some times called) at Chapter 1:3. “Happy is he who reads aloud and those who hear the words of this prophecy,…”.

That prophecy goes on to say at Rev.16:14,16,  ” the war of the great day of God the Almighty…..Armageddon.” So it is a just and holy war waged by God himself when he finally defeats all his enermies. So those who are found to be on God’s side have reason to be happy.

God alone knows exactly when this is going to take place, (Matt.24:36) but the Bible tells us at 1 Thess.5:3. “When ever it is they (God’s enermies) are saying :Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pangs of distress upon a pregnant woman.”

Like you i believe that the time when the world leaders congratualate them selves on supposedly achieving world peace is in the not to distant future.

Zech.14:12 vividly describes what will happen to those who actually take up arms against God and his people, as does Rev.19:17,18.  Time to choose which side we are truly on. What say you ?

Christian regards



Hello Sir,

I hate to bother you, but should we leave this country? Christians,  should they leave?  And what if the Rapture isn’t until just before Jesus steps back down on earth?  Mike Ratcliff, Pastor Rick knows him, said that the Rapture is the great deception.  Sometimes I don’t know what to do.

kind regards,



Thanks for your words of encouragement and sharing you wisdom and insight.

This is such an amazing hour to be “watching and praying” because so much is happening at warp speed that it can be hard to see the trees for the forest.

The coming meeting with Pope Francis, Benjamin Netanyahu and John Kerry seems to be of very substantial purpose and with the global economy being on edge while Russia and China are prepping for bigger things on the global stage…WOW “Jesus Come Quickly”

Will add you to email list.

In Christ,



Brother Jack – IMO the top political globalists here in the USA do know about the end game from the anti-christ perspective…the religious leaders need to stop any  and all patriotic non-sense and get on with the real kingdom work!

Blessings dear brother.