January 2004 Comments

What a pile of hogwash. The writer has no understanding of the
middle eastern religions or politics.
Dear Sir,

As I do appreciate your faithfulness in our Lord and GOD, I do not agree with your versions of Democracy.

As the wife of an United States Army soldier, I DO NOT support the war-I SUPPORT THE MAN I LOVE!!

Maybe we are wrong to go into other countries and TRY to free them and make their lives better, but so many don’t appreciate the lives lost.

Our nation was attacked on September 11th and many died, including children. There are innocent lives being taken in Iraq as I write this. I pray for them, that they find peace. But, this is my home, where I was born and bred and I will fight anyone who tries to take it away from me.

I am an American-I am proud of my country-And I am proud of our men and women in the armed forces for standing up and fighting for our freedom.

If you do not love this country-get out!!!

Hello sir,
I’m fairly new to Christianity and even more so to studying prophecy. I had come across your site …babylonthegreatisfalling.com… and nothing but the best of wishes to you for your fine work. I love the layout and user-friendly site altogether. I do have a question about one thing that I seen on your site. The signing of the covenant that will promise peace to Israel for 7years is given to her by the Anti-christ. Surely, he would come from the revived holy roman empire, so how is America involved in this process? America has to be incapacitated so as to not be in the Battle. Where is America in the Bible regarding endtimes? I am new at this and sure enough full of questions, sorry if this causes any inconvenience and May God Continue to Bless You. Thank You.

In His Love,
My dear brother Jack,
Such passion! …thus, true and becoming?

Love GOD.
HE’s in charge.
HE ever-knew our tomorrows.
HE loves like no other.
Love GOD, be still and love GOD…
HE moves HIS in such love.

The wrath of HIS love, HIS Lamb, will speak in its appointed days and fulfill all what’s written and yet to pass.
HIS winepress endures its role.

Meanwhile, we who are HIS, love HIM ( ! )
…and pray all kinds of prayers for all who love truth and without ceasing, in the Spirit of Christ.


PS Dear Jack, as sincere as you would like to believe you are, please consider this:

Has GOD specifically told you to write these and release them?
In future, please take some time off after your writings and sometime much later, relook what you’ve written.
What are yours and what is from the Lord?
Will what you’ve written, tested in the Spirit of HIS Body, hold true in our hearts too?

Prayerfully receive your writings faithfully, as the Lord inspires.

Personally, I thank you for feeling for HIS lambs and sheep.

Dear Jack,

Thank you for sending me your latest writing. This has prompted me to read other writings on the rest of your web site
and I feel in my spirit that your work has been inspired by the Holy Spirit-the Spirit of Truth.

I commend you for publishing even the very negative comments you have received. As a writer myself (on creation) I know how hurtful such comments can be. Jesus himself sufferred terribly for proclaiming the truth and so did his disciples.

The reality of the world we live in is that that the vast majority of people live in the darkness of deception. This includes not only those who have no religious beliefs but also many of those in organized and controlled religions who have grieved the Holy Spirit by their thoughts and actions. To such people the truth is like a blinding and annoying light and the darkness is much more comfortable. I have no doubts that the negative comments you have received are from such people so do not be disheartened, I pray that you press on with your writings as the Holy Spirit leads.

I have read most of you website now and overall it all made perfect sense to me. It all flowed logically and biblically and made very interesting reading.

So thank you again for your excellent efforts in expounding the truths of the Bible to a world so completely shrouded in darkness.
The very first words of God in the bible ‘Let there be light’ needs to be uttered by his remnants even as the darkness thickens in these last days.

Yours sincerely in Jesus

Leander (from England)

Thank you graciously for the reply. I didn’t think I would be receiving one, since many of the “Christian” sites I have been to for questions, I have sent them e-mails…must have got lost in the e-mail..hah.

I am writing to you in sincere gratitude and for advice. You had mentioned that your beleifs or sharing of your beleifs about the False Church had caused some close to you to stop listening. I can sympathize. I was born into Catholicism and was Catholic since last summer (18 years). After seeing the blatant flaws and most of the practices were as a direct spit it the face of our Lord. I met with the priest, quizzed him on where does the Pope, confessions, etc. come from in the Bible (he failed miserably). But, my parents are “lazy” Catholics, and are not open minded enough to see the flaws and haven’t read a verse in decades. My sister has the same problem (20yrs old).

I can’t ask you to solve my situation, it is probably the hardest thing for a Christian to do, open someones eyes to the Truth. But, if there is even a snippet of advice you could throw my way, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been praying everyday for months for them, I am afraid of the worst. If the Church were to go home, they would be helpless. Thank you.

You are a very learned man. But I ask you, humbly, have you read anywhere in the Holy Scriptures or in the so called new testament, the Almighty Creator of all existance giving any authority or power to this man you call your savior? For I have read the words of the Holy One, and he has said, “there is no savior besides me.”

Dear Jack,

The news media showed you the cowards that wanted to live, as they thought the US would kill anyone that wasn’t happy to see them. Why is there so much protesting of American troops in Iraq, and the US military still getting killed if we are really loved, and honored, and the great liberators you say we are. If it is in the news, then Jack believes it. Jack believes anything in print, and he can not logically see a lie, from the truth. Jack, try to find a hospital that can perform brain transplants, and get a brain that works. ( Just teasing you. ) America is today the home of Devil, but about 40 years ago it was not. America is a lie, and it feeds off the slaughter of innocent people. For every one person a Christian healer helps in America, about 10,000 Muslims must die. That is the Devil’s price, and the healers today are using the power of the Devil to heal Americans, but when healer, and healed die, then they will pay the price. ( Now I am serious.)

I learned that I was Zerubbabel in a past life before I was Peter. I bring the capstone to Islam, and Christianity today, and make the mountain, which relates to the scriptures of the prophets, a plain, which is found in Zechariah 14:1-11. Previous to this, the one pierced was Mohammed, who was Simon of Cyrene in a past life that carried the cross of Jesus, and Jesus by a miracle made Simon look like Jesus so that Mohammed was crucified. Never once was a prayer by Jesus not answered, and so why do you think his prayer not to be crucified would not be answered? Jack, you are of such little faith. The Koran makes many people cry when they read it in the Arabic language, and Mohammed is the spirit that answered the prayer of Jesus, or his supplication not to be crucified, and so he is the spirit of grace, and supplication. The gear or equipment of a foolish shepherd is the catholic church. The idols cut off, and no one will say they are a prophet is when Islam took control of Jerusalem. The Babe in Christ teaching you follow makes Jesus into a God, but the mature teachings show he is snaring you, and taking you in a net. We are fishers of men, and we caught Jack, and over a billion others like you. If you want to read what I have today, let me know, of course you won’t ask, so I will send it later. I have some positive comments from readers finally, but most are in need of a brain surgeon. By about Christmas of 2003 Islam, and Christianity will unite under one lampstand, but poor Jack, unless he sees it in the news will never think it could happen.

Why did we snare you? For the same reason that parents tell their children that Santa Claus exists. So that they might get their children to try to become good boys, and girls. Good deeds are the clothes of the saints, so that you can enter into the resurrection. Where are the clowns, there must be clowns, by golly there here.

Sincerely, Dan
frankly, I really didnt really have the pacience to read through your inain and long speach. I have better things to do like watch the grass grow. Givin this, I really dont know for sure or not if I read it right but I belive it says that by supporting the war agains Iraq and saving counltess lives from death at the hands of Saddam we are allying ourselves with satin. If this is wrong, please discontinue reading this, and let me appologise for what I am about to say and my spelling errors. However, if I am in anyway right then this is my respounce, and just live with any tyoes that I may make, we are all only human. You have done nothing but 2 things. the first is shown a great act or treatury and hatred for our country and if I was in charge (most people think that its a very good thing that I am not) I would have you executed. Luckly thanks to the fact that you are in a free country you can criticize it for being just that. Ironic if you ask me. Secondly you have done nothing but shown your obvious ignorance twards God. God would suppport this was because it is to free inslaved people, much like the people of Jeruslem were enslaved by the Egyptians. That friend of yours who must be stupid to be a friend of yours is a true patriout and a true servent of god.

Good morning Mr. Hook…

I suspect that you might be a Christian because of your absolutely
inflammatory writings.

I wanted to suggest to you that I understand what you think about a pre-trib
scenario, but actually, the first 3.5 years are peaceful ones where the
neither the church or Israel are in grave danger, although most certainly
there will be some serious troubles in the world.

Paul did say that “we are not appointed to wrath’. Based on what I have
discerned and studied, I believe a Pre-Wrath rapture is more likely, meaning
that before the wrath of God (the vials and bowls) are poured out, the
Israel of God will be caught up.

Is this a possiblity for you?

M. C.
Jack the Hook,
Please keep your religious trash to yourself. Decent Christians do not think or descend to your level of unchristian views.

Your prophetic views make for good novels but they aren’t scripturally sound. I am a recent convert to Catholicism (from fundamentalism) and I can assure you that the Catholic church is not the whore mentioned in Revelation nor is the church affliated with the whore as you suggested on your site.

9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

It takes wisdom to discern the identity of the whore of Babylon. And do you realize how many teenagers, who have just come to Christ, also interpret this passage as referring to the Catholic church?? ; )

Also there will be no “rapture” of believers. The rapture theory is a very new teaching that didn’t exist before the 19th century. Christ will only be returning once, not twice.

What concerns me most about your site is that you have no authorative source to back up your interpretations. There HAS to be authority or it’s just a matter of your interpretation against mine, John Does and Brother Will’s. This is the primary reason I questioned my 25+ years of anti-Catholic fundamentalist beliefs and studied the claims of Catholicism and discovered the true church that was established and founded by none other than Jesus Christ Himself!! : )

Please do yourself a favor and study the only church that can claim Jesus Christ as it’s founder. Below are some excellent sites that teach what the chruch *really* believes. The first site will even take e-mail questions that you might have. I have been where you are and I have been devoted to intensive Bible study for many years and with much prayer the Holy Spirit led me to the source of ALL truth. I will be praying that He will lead you to truth as well.

John 16:13
“Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth…”

God bless, Dawn
Dear Mr. Hook,
How is it that you come to write this document to me, you, a Protestant, writing to me, a Catholic and a non-Novus Ordo, a non-member of the Wojtyla heresy. I would be interested in hearing your dissertation on the love you have for Wojtyla, the anti-pope, and the hatred you have for the predecessors of Roncalli, the first Vatican II anti-pope. Unless you understand the above sentence, do not go further. It usually needs to be explained especially to the Novus Ordo heretics themselves.

Yet, Protestants usually see it clearer. I would enter into a dissertation with you proving that Protestantism is a floating ecumenical non-doctrinal sect, which clutches merely to the bible, the bible which non-existed as an operative book for any large amount of the population, until St. Jerome brought it all into the Medieval Latin, a language which the Roman Empire was quite familiar. But do not look to me for sympathy for your Protestantism or its false claim of “christian.” It is not anything Christian. It only worships what it wants to, not as God commanded souls to worship, and to “work out their salvation with fear and trembling,” for even St. Paul thought very ill that he might achieve the Beatific Vision, and he was a believer in the complete teaching of the Apostles, the Apostolic Succession, the Early Fathers writings, the Scriptures, and the unwritten Traditions spoken by them all and recorded in their letters and scripts, non biblical.

Protestants protest most of it, so it is of little consequence whether you want to save your soul or not. The facts are that you are not going to be able to do it no matter how much your “minister” preaches to you that you will. He has been lied to just the same. The Protestant has exchanged what he claims was a “man-made” religion for a truly man-invented religion, one without a Divine Founder.

More, if you can stand it. Next time what Brownson says about his former Protestant compatriots. And he bases everything he said on the True Faith, praying for their conversion.

Yours truly, jerilyn

Dear friend

To think that God could or can be nailed on a criminal
dehumanising cross is the end of shallow thinking! God
so great that he can not even if he tried to asume
human traits, to stoop so low to be subject to human

God himself, the magnifficient the Uncaused cause what
intrest did he have in a mear creature of a human
being that he turns into one.

Please don’t debase God by thinking that he was nailed
on the cross. Than one was Ben Joshua the son of a
carpenter Joseph.

We in Africa we are getting nearer to the truth and we
cannot always be fooled. We know the true god of our
ancestors who made us the first human beings on earth.
If you need more information please keep in touch.

wishing you a heart and mind that searches for the
truth and spreads it.


This is great stuff & so identifies with the school of learning I have been through.
Love every day. It never fails.
Byron ( England).

Go easy on Pres. He’s still learning. He has been in the selective company of many of today’s best spiritual leaders, at God’s directive, such as Max Lacado, and in time will be coming around to God’s way of seeing this world and events.

Jack, I do not know where you got my address but
please obliterate it from your address list. I am not
at all interested in reading or hearing your religious
claptrap. MY appreciation of the world situation is
that not only Christianity, but also the other religions,
are at the root of all the discord. There is no religio,
or religious teaching that has done anything except
sow discord.

Organized religion is the greatest and longest Con
game that has been perpetrated upon the people of
the earth and does nothing except assist in the
perpetuation of a class of priests who make absolutely
no contribution to the benefit of mankind; all they do
is beg for money so they can live off their ridiculous
mouthings and promises for the hereafter.

You are full of crap and just as dangerous as any terrorist.

..sorry did not want to hurt your feelings. Please understand I have to deal with lots of people that have your opinion or at least agree in the fact, that Jesus is still coming. It just drives me “nuts” to see that people do not want to listen and read the Bible! Just simply read and not switching things around. Do not listen to what other people make out of it……with a sensationalistic end of times event where things get so bad, that God has to destroy, what Jesus came to establish.

“The time was near”
“..the last hour”
and thirty years later “…Salvation is nearer than when we first believed”
70 A.D. it happens! But we are still not satisfied???

Your research is interesting. It is interesting to see those parallels. But you will always find those…in every century… people have always believed the “end was near”. If it is just to sell your book…okay, then don’t respond. Do whatever you think is right. I do not want to interfere

There is something that occurred to me a long time ago, and it seems obvious to me, perhaps I should share it with you. I too beleive that the antichrist will be an american president, however, I do not think that the “one world religious leader” will be the Pope. The Pope only really has the audience of the Catholics, and not even all of them. Sure, he gets press, but I suspect most people yawn and go about their business at what the Pope says. However, there is a source that is far more likely ( in my opinion) for the one world religious leader to come from. Consider this, Christian radio and TV is overwhelmed by constant begging, in order that the ministries they cater to can “reach the world for Jesus”. Invarioubly, what they are hoping to do this with is satellites. Satellites that will allow their brand of Christianity to be heard EVERYWHERE. Couple that with the fact that the religious right has more impact on the media and political actions, especially elections, than any one single group, then, in my opinion, it becomes quite obvious that the world religious leader will come from the camp that puts the antichrist in power to begin with. Someone that the antichrist owes a favor………
Imagine the power a religious leader would weild if he has the ear and, the actions (due popular religious opinion) of the president, and at the same time has the capacity to reach the entire world via satellite, in order to “preach the gospel” to all those newly developed democracies we are going to create (perhaps for the purpose of manipulating their work forces to coerce them into becoming part of the world corporate entity, which is really who will be forcing the mark of the beast). I honeslty think the world religious leader could be someone we see on “Christian” TV or hear on “Christian” radio. The Pope is barely more than a mouthpeice for Catholocism, and at times, one that seems to be disdained by pop culture. But, the Christian right weilds an unbeleivable power, especially over american politicians.
Thank you.

dear jd hook
i am an atheist,and i dont share ur views about ur god..its all very well u
mailing me to save my soul but it wont change my mind..i dont go around telling
you wat u shud and shudnt belive,and i expect the same resepect back,and i
can be trusted to make my own desisions abut wat i belibe bcos it is my mind,and
indeed,my life
ta ta.
Mr. Hook;
Please excuse me for sending before I was through with my letter, I
meant to hit Shift and I clicked on send.

I am one American that is very upset about our government always sending
the military to clean up the mess that they in Washington,DC have
caused. Just look at the Korean War: We’re are still known as “The
Forgotten War” (I will never forget those frozen days and nights and see
men dying when it was not our war). Look at Vietnam when we left, the
South went Communist. Again men died for another country that was not
our war. When we returned we were spitat, cussed and called baby killers
by American citizens and our corrupt government has never took a step
forward to speak out for us veterans I say it is time to stop sending
the military men/women over to fight and die for someone else’s freedom.
If the people from what ever country it is wants freedom, then let them
fight and die for it. It is not our place to take care of the whole

As for President Bush, I have no respect for him. His father got him
into the Texas Air National Guard to keep him from being drafted and
from 1972-1973 he deserted the Unit to keep from going to Vietnam and
then has the guts to send other’s to die again for someone else’s

Ourgovernment can always find money to give to foreign countries, but
they can’t pass a bill to seperate the retired disabled veterans
disability from their retirement.

Right now is the time to sop “Foreign Aid” and let the Foreigners take
care of them selves.

Thank you for taking the time in reading my e-mail. Have a good day.

Yours Truly;
I couldn’t agree more. I’ve recently thought a great deal about the premise you’ve put forth in this article, specifically regarding America’s position in the end times. I believe you’ve identified a key aspect that is going relatively unnoticed by today’s clergy. Your articles are thought provoking and inspiring.

Blessings in Christ, Eric
Dont waste keystrokes on me… I’m a Neitzsche lover.

Babylon the great is falling. What a load of misguided rubbish is this?
Pity you have been fooled by becoming a Christian. I was in that frame of mind once but became aware that I have been conned. You need to look into the reality of Jesus outside of the Christian camp as he never existed in secular history no matter what the church will have you believe.
A local Pastor whom I asked for answers at a Church I once attended advised me not to be “A Lone Ranger” but I can’t help myself. You spoke of free will. Christian theology says we all have free will and we have to serve either their God or we serve Satan. What sort of free will is that?

Christian theology is also such that “all people” will live forever. Those that know and obey Jesus will go to heaven and those who reject him will be punished in hell- fire forever. The book of Revelation in the main refers to supposed future events.

Revelation 20:13b “And they were judged each one according to his works.

Revelation 20:15 “And everyone not found written in the Book of life was cast into the lake of fire”.

It was less than a few decades ago, that the multitude of denominational Churches in this country Australia preached about the eternal suffering and torment in Hell for people much like myself as an apostate of the Church and also the heathens of this world and anybody else including other religions who rejected Jesus. However most Churches today, are bypassing what scripture has to say, telling congregations that heathens and apostates will be “Separated From God” in the hereafter, and so they bypass hellfire as punishment. The sects of, or should I say cults of Jehovah Witness and Seventh Day Adventists have been saying that since their inauguration anyway? It the Church yielding to the supposed cults?

I can’t help but raise the question about “Separation from God”?

The Church has always taught that god is Omnipresent meaning that God is everywhere. If God is everywhere and Omnipotent, all-powerful, then how can we be “Separated From God”? Revelation 14:10 infers that we will be tortured forever in the presence of the Lamb. The Lamb, being the supposed Jesus. The Church may try to say that we are separated spiritually but this also contradicts the second part of scripture in Matthew 10:2b of the supposed Jesus who said “but rather fear Him (God) who is able to destroy both body and soul in hell”. Note the words “body and soul”. I rest my case. Jim


What a wonderful article. But what’s a person to do? Should we sit passively and not support our country ?? Should our troops refuse to serve our country??? There is such a thing as a just war. We Christians are IN this world but not OF this world. Knowing the world is evil and the days are full of darkness, shouldn’t we keep focused on Christ, the author and perfector of our faith, while serving our country in an effort to make it a better place for future generations, and at the same time giving help and compassion to a country and people so oppressed by a cruel and evil dictatorship??? Being IN this world does not mean that we validate or accept everything that goes on, or that we should not “rub elbows” with the unsaved. We need to put on the full armor of Christ and do all we can to live Godly lives and be a light in a very dark world. After all, Jesus rubbed elbows with prostitutes, tax collectors and all sorts of nasty people, but He remained true to His Father. He tried to spread His Word to this world, but the world received Him not.

In Christ,