January 2005 Comments

Mr. Hook,

I must ask to be removed from your mailing list since I just don’t have the time to go to your website and read what you have written even though I believe that you are probably informing people of important events. In America, we are already on a “collision course with the God of Israel,”and if we do not educate the Christians of our country to understanding the importance of taking back our country from the “ungodly,” it won’t much matter what happens in Israel. We will not be able to worry about, know about, or save Israel if we are all consumed with the wrath of God which will come upon us because those governing did what was right in their own eyes, Christians allowed it to happen.

Thanks for understanding and removing me from your mailing list. I wish you well.

Dear Brother Jack,
this is in reference to some friends I work with each week, taking a stand
before the abortuary.
There are times, things they say cause me to wonder where they derive their
The question I have, I can’t recall exactly what was said last week, but it
was to do with the meek inheriting the earth, since you seem to have a very
good understanding of the Word, and since I could not answer the question
they had, would you be kind enough to give me some feedback on this
Scripture, and or if you have a message covering that question.
Thank you so much God bless Rose

Just read your prophesy timeline and must say it is most confusing. You do identify Babylon correctly but not wholly. “Who is able to make war wiyh the Beast”? The USA is the Beast but is ridden by a woman. Who is this woman? Can it be Israel?
You mentioned that people go to heaven in a rapture. The scriptures nowhere teach that anyone goes to heaven. I also noticed that you use pagan names for the father and the son.
Daniels 70TH week is nothing but a schmozzle, and makes no sense at all. Where do you get your interpetation? Please allow the bible interpet the bible and no private ones, please.
Dear Jack,

Don’t take this personaly, but I would like to be
removed from your mailinglist. It’s because I do not
want to be bothered with news about Jezus, God,
Religion, because I believe is is all bogus.
Thank you for your time and I wish you well.

Hello Jack, Just finished your new article. Great job as always, but in particular I think this one really speaks to our current time and to the hearts of many “Christians” in the churches today.

It is good to know there are others such as yourself out there who can so eloquently can put forth the truth so that those with eyes to see and ears to hear may receive it.

My personal sorrow is that so many are so deeply entrenched in what passes for “Church” today that they remain blinded to truth such as this, instead following the traditions set forth by there ministers, church leaders or denominations.

Keep up the good work Jack, I always enjoy reading what you have to say. As a friend of mine always said; “Keep looking up, the Lord is coming!”

Yours in Christ; Dave
Do prophets announce themselves as prophets? Everyone has such a different
interpretation of the bible and so many people say they’ve got the right
Hi Jack,

Your position concerning salvation and the sealing of the Holy Spirit is blasphemous. Please remove me from your email list. I have heard all I want from the likes of you.

In Christ, Jim
I can’t figure this denomination thing out. I have aligned myself with
the Presbyterians (calvinists) but you strongly believe they are wrong.
And you feel the same way about Catholics and the Charismatic movement.
With you, and with all due respect, it seems like a no win situation.god
forgave my sins–my past, present and future sins. That is why Jesus
went to the cross. For me. For you. For us. We can’t make it without
Him. I do believe that “once saved, always saved.” Jesus promised me
He’d be with me forever, and that he would never leave me.

I take each day. Some days are better than others. Some worse. Some days
I fail miserably. But God doesn’t leave me and He probably loves me more
on days when I fail or when I am in pain.

I would like to know which well known preacher you like. I bet you
don’t think much of Billy Graham or Max Lucado. What about Falwell?

And if we want to do the right thing..if we want to help bring about the
Kinddom of God, are we to vote for Mr. Kerry. Surely, you will not vote
for Mr. Bush

is bush the antichrist? i’m sure you will say no,
everyone says no, but i look at it this way, all the
people i know and those i talk to are not concerned,
they don’t want to know, they want to live out their
lives hoping for it to get better instead of hurrying
the end along and making it better. bush, evil big
deal, no one cares. everyone sees him as a man of
light. that shall bring us peace and security.

Thanks Jack! I always look forward to reading and passing on your articles because you’re one of the only Christians out there who’s got it completely right politically. Thanks and God bless! Les
Hello Jack,

You are one of the greatest writers out there and how I Wish that your site
could become the most visited! We all need to learn the truth, and you are
our greatest teacher!

Blessings and Love, Joe
P.S. Keep up your fantastic writing!
Hi Jack

After reading your newest article it makes me ponder what you believe the gospel truly is. After leaving the Catholic doctrine that believes that simple sprinkling of water, the sacraments, praying and good works perhaps will assure a place in heaven, and then trying on the opposite Calvanist/Baptist point of view of once saved always saved, I have had to rethink where I stand with Jesus and salvation many many times. I tried the pentecostal way where they try to “look” and force a holy attitude on the outside but are really self righteous pharasies on the inside. I tried the charismatics and not sure what they really believe except that they promoted the “gifts” of the Holy Spirit are for today as was in the time of the apostles. I have never believe the corrupted name it and claim it group that promotes christian tv, materialism, intimidation and political manipulation to fulfill the scriptures and bringing about Jesus’ return by thier own hand and have been severly rejected and persecuted for not siding them.

So do you believe there is no assurance of heaven and that trying to live the perfect life once you recognized Jesus as the messiah will get you there? I’m a bit confused as to where you stand and those scriptures you quoted that can be bent as many ways as there are denominations. Don’t take me wrong, I am still trying to “find” the true gospel and my real salvation through Jesus. Through years of searching different denominations and would truly like to know what you really confidently believe to try it on for your salvation. I admire your faith but don’t really know what your confidence of your own salvation is in. I know I won’t find “it” in any church or denomination and hope that there are real prophets today that speak the real truth what ever that might be. What really is the gospel you believe in-simply, I want to know. I need to know because I have been confused lately. Don’t quote confusing verses of scripture (I know the bible well) just put it in simple steps, statments of faith and layman terms. How does “works” and living what Jesus said and assurance of “salvation” fit into what you believe? What/Who is a true Christian that isn’t an enemy of Jesus and the gospel? Paul even seemed to contradict himself from time to time in his letters.

I believe I had a born again experience and experienced the love of Jesus in my own home under very little church influence except reading the bible and prayer after I admitted I really needed him in my life and wanted to change. I really changed inside and outwardly from who I was at that time over 28 years ago. I went on to feel God’s annointing Holy Spirit’s effect on my life that automatically cause me to have compassion and love for everyone but that has faded to numbness. I went on to feel what I though was the God’s closeness while praying but have come to think it was physic like the budist do with their meditation top a higher plain. At this time I feel I am rejected and hated by everyone including God and it has only been my version of the Calvinist doctrine that I cling to in such a time. If I was to return to a church, it is their mindset that they forgive me for my rebellion and sin and I need to do everything they say like a puppet from here on out.

Following in Jesus’ footsteps, taking passive agressive stands for what I thought I believed in, being a passive martyr, forgiving and loving my enemies in my life and allowing myself to be a doormat has only brought me severe depression, and bitter from a lot of abuse that I believe it was not for the glory of God. What is the right kind of suffering that brings glory to God and what isn’t? Was Jesus really promoting that passive type of lifestyle? I know that lifestyle was meant for him here on earth because he was chosen by God to be the “perfect sacrifice” but are we really required to suffer for our salvation since he completed it? If he is our living example of who God the Father is, than what about the mighty hand of God to do battle for us? I don’t think of God as a doormat. I don’t think we should go through life feeling unworthy or the opposite being prideful. Where is the balance though? I don’t hate God or the gospel and only want to truly be called one of his true followers.

What about crimal injustice against people in general that doesn’t have anything to do with religious persecution? What about the woman walking home from the grocery store that is raped and killed-should she have fought back if she could have? Or if she lives, should she just put it aside and forgive him, let him go from being prosecuted by the local laws and authorities and allow him to harm others? Or the believing woman living with a drunk husband that doesn’t care if he is christian or not, who is abused and intimidated on a daily basis because she can not be perfect enough for the man who thinks he loves her but in reality hates her? Does loving your enemy mean having to live with in the same house with them? She secretly wants him to die in her heart for what he has done and what she has suffered for 20, 30, 40 years which she knows is a sin. Her sons went on to be just as abusive as their father and the daughters abused as their mother-what purpose was her passive liefstyle? Divorce was too obvious a sin. What about the person who has suffered rejection from the moment they were born, found Jesus’s love but is still trying to find their way through life? Does the infant who is killed before it is born, who never had a chance ever get to have salvation? Does that mean the person who is suicidal because of a hormone inbalance, gained lots of weight, has health problems, was rejected by the church for appearances mean that they didn’t repent and are going to hell? Does that mean taking on Jesus’s life style gives us no protection and leaves us wide open for death? Is the martyr really earning their place in heaven with their death and if so, what was the real purpose of Jesus’ death-why should they die too? I know Jesus forgave the woman caught in adultry but said “go and sin no more your sins are forgiven”-I know she sinned in someway again though. Where can we draw the line and take a stand and say NO MORE abuse as a believer?

So what can you point me to other than some christian cliche’s that will get me back on track and on my way to heaven as a believer?

Once a True Believer
Dear Jack,

Yes, I remember reading your articles some time ago and when I then saw the name
Hook — I was checking it out to see if you may have been related to a good friend of mine,
Harold Hook. We both attended the University of California, College of Pharmacy
back in the WW 2 days. I also read some of your articles with much interest and your
loss of your dear mom.

I just lost my beloved wife after a very happy marriage of almost 57 years. Never have I
experienced such a loss and great grief. She had a pure heart and never used any harsh
words and was always so loving and kind to me. Thanks to her, she brought me

As to your mailing list, I didn’t realize that I was on it. If I am on it, keep me on it. I do hope
my software has not misjudged some of my e-mails and returned them. But I don’t think so
as it would have made a record of any such incidents. Thanks again Jack.
God Bless you and your family.

Yours in Christ,

Jack, I am also a Vietnam Vet. Isn’t it interesting that the same state of mind” spirit” we are seeing developing in America today was present in Nazi Germany. What “unpatriotic” person dared to speak out against the 1000 year Reich and the Fuhrer ( Guide) ? The German Armed Forces also had Chaplains who prayed for the German Soldiers and Victory as they went into battle. German bases had chapels and German chuchgoers prayed for victory over the forces of darkness who sought to destroy the Reich and civilization. When war madness sweeps a people lookout! The synchreistic state nominal church with it’s roots in the Roman mystery religions ( which had it’s roots in Babylon) always supports the ongoing Romanized Western Conquests.The nominal roman church and it’s children have always been the enemy of authentic Christianity ( witness the Inquisition, slaughter in the Arenas, burning of heretics,conquering and colonizing in the name of Jesus. You are correct , did you ever think about the reference in Rev. about the harlot wrapped in scarlet, linen and purple? Think of the colours if you haven’t already! I became a Christian in the U.S. Army , after I became a Christian one of the 1st things that came to my mind was : If there was a ” Born Again” Christian on the “other” side should and could I kill him ? why would I kill him ? Because the State said so? How could I kill my brother in Christ while unsaved politicians committed sinful acts and were living the high life at the very moment of his ( or my ) death. Think of WW2 , German and American soldiers ( many of whom had relatives in Germany) killing each other with the “blessing” of their Chaplains. All in the name of “Jesus” , of course. ABSURD! In Christ, Thom

Hi Jack, Continue to speak the truth , as I will. It is “sad” ( an understatement), that so few are equipped to understand. The deception is so institutionalzed and complete! You are right, it was Jesus who was with me and guided me . If it weren’t for Him , I wouldn’t be here today. I have tried to serve Him with my life ever since the day He brought me into all Truth.You have also ” been there and done that”, that is why God has imparted this understanding and wisdom to you. God bless you!

Dear Brother in Christ,
please know that I find your teaching top of the line, in fact, I have your
web site as my front page in windows so that as time allows I may read your
messages and copy them for further study.
I sent your web site to many of my friends, in hopes they would enjoy your
teachings as much as I do.
God bless, have a great day
Jack I just skimmed through your latest article. Skimmed because of the restraints of time. I agree with your ecumenical position. The ‘another jesus’ that Paul mentioned is preached prolifically today and the ‘without holiness no man shall see the Lord’ is barely ever mentioned.

I don’t follow your future history presentation, as I believe Babylon the Great will fall, and is falling. As you say this great nation is the only country in the world that matches the description of Babylon today. The statue of Liberty is a true Babylonian symbol straight from old Babylon (given of course by the Free Masons of France, an arm of Anti Christ that has reach now through out the world). But the great fall will come in one day. In one hour. Before Russia and the world moves on Israel the very badly deceived America will be reduced by a nuclear Holocaust to nothing but a people clamoring for their own personal survival. CNN ? The Ecumenical Idol worshipping Christendom can’t see what is coming, because they don’t really know who their God is. They can’t hear Him speak. They think they will soon be raptured out of harms way. I am burdened with the realization that the disillusionment that accompanies a false hope will ultimately lead to the desolation of millions. Anti Christ? We are surrounded by Anti Christ’s, As the Body of Christ with Yeshua as our Head is a many membered body, so the anti Christ waits for its head to appear on the world scene. The body of anti Christ is here. Anti Christ permeates our society, our very world. He was there in the early Church era, he’s here today. I see him in our government as well as the governments of the world. He goes to church every sunday. When the head of anti Christ rises to his place of ultimate authority and is revealed for what he is then our time is short indeed. My prayer is God give me a mind to work while it is day because the night comes when no man can work.
Looking to He who is able to deliver us, Richard
hi brother jack,
it was encouraging to read your recent article; i have recently been
discouraged by all the churches being influenced by the hype of mel gibson’s
passion movie; they have only to do a little research and they will learn
that mr gibson says he is a catholic, not a christian, that he made his
movie as therapy for his suicidal tendencies, that he based the movie script
on the visions of mystic catholic nuns, and, incredibly, he cast popular
european pornographic actresses for the roles of mary the mother of jesus
and mary magdalene…; i find it rather bizarre that the church leaders in
this country are ignorant of the simplest of facts about the ‘passion’
sincerely in Christ,


You wrote me clear back in December ’03, but I just now got around to
checking out your site after checking the backlog of messages looking for
someone else’s address. I haven’t read a lot of it, but I am with you on
one idea that seems central — America/USA (of which I am resident) is
indeed highly suspiciously possible to be the Babylon that will fall
according to scripture, and just because we “think” it is so great should
be EXACTLY the reason it should be under harsh watch and keen eyes to
determine whether in fact it is, as the antichrist will most likely be well
liked by all at least initially. I am highly certain that the actions Bush
takes are setting the final stage, if not at least in a secondary fashion,
for the final events leading to the rise of the antichrist. I will post a
link to your site in the next few days on my blog, I thank you for checking
mine out and will send a few more hits your direction in exchange! Your
Enemy-chart is exceptional!

Your brother in Christ,
Dear Brother Jack
Thank you for getting in touch with me. Your right, there a enemies of the cross within the church who professs themselves as christians. There are also some who are preaching and teaching about a fake jesus and a whole lot of people are swollowing it. You talled about the movie Mel Gibson made on the Passion. In my thinking that is one of the fake jesus’ . Gibson is a fanatic Roman Catholic. The Roman Catholic Church preaches “another gospel” which Paul told us to stay away from. The RCC say their traditions and teaching are of equal value as God’s Word. The spirit of the RCC is the spirit of antichrist and I think it is the Mother of Harlots in Rev. 17. The very first prophecy of Christ comes from Gen. 3:15, but the RCC changes that to be a prophcy of His mother in the Douay-Rheims translation which is their bible. According to their teaching Mary was born sinless, went to heaven bodily, and is a co-redeemer with Jesus.

Hi Jack. How are you?

I’ve been going through your website, and have started reading all the articles you’ve previously written, starting with the earliest. I’m truly enjoying this reading material!

I also started browsing through the guest book, and discovered one particular individual who accused you of idolatry. He seemed to be quite anti-Christian. What do you say to people who blatantly deny Jesus? The reason why I’m asking is because I hear the occasional person speak in an atheistic tone, which frightens me. I want to tell them that they are taking the wrong path, and that they are choosing a life of eternal suffering, but I’m fairly new in this realm. I don’t quite know how to argue the subject without offending these people. I assume you receive some pessimistic attitudes to your message, since you have a website for all to see and judge.

Take care!

Dear Jack,

After browsing through your website and reading your latest article I am touched and encouraged by what I saw. This is because the Holy Spirit speaks in your article. Those that have ear shall hear. Jesus is Lord forever.

First of all, your testimony concerning your conversion and your experience with your mother’s illness has confirmed what the Holy Spirit has been teaching me for sometime now. I am now convinced that I am not wrong in my revelations. You see, I am even in a church where healing, miracles and good living is the major leaning of the messages and way of living. But the Lord has been teaching me that in this endtime, the church is going into a gradual lukewarmness by too much teaching of healing and miracles. Infact, He made me understand that the devil himself is behind this; it is part of the new age conspiracy.

Therefore, I was so encouraged when I read in your testimony “real faith is all about: standing at death’s door with the assurance that our Jesus and Heaven are on the other side. This ‘health and wealth gospel’ is a perversion of the truth. It centers on this life, this world.”

My brother, you don’t even know how truthful your words are. It is inspired.

Furthermore, the Lord has been dealing with me seriously concerning the teachings of some pastors on “once saved, always saved”. Infact, God made me to attend a church service in one such pastor’s church in my country, who is commanding a lot of membership. He made me to understand that the pastor is WRONG. It took me time to assimilate this truth, because the pastor has a very big reputation and a strong followership.

Finally, I also feel the same with you concerning Mel Gibson’s film ‘ the passion of the christ’. I am going to send you an article on this that will show you that the movie was intended to be used in the new age conspiracy of the catholic church and the illuminati. I perfectly agree with you when you said in your article: ” I am convinced that the demonic ‘ecumenical’ process within christendom has been given a giant boost with this film”.

Brother, may God bless you and strenghten you so that you shall be a perfect vessel used by him to reveal his counsel in this endtime. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.

Remain blessed. I hope to hear from you.

Sincerely, Greg

Thanks for invite me.
I went on your web page and I guess you have a lot writings there I just took a look at it but maybe you were not aware when you wrote me that I am LDS and therefore I believe also in the Book of Mormon, so even though I am a Christian too I have a different perspective of the last days.
Your friend and brother
Thankyou Jack for pointing me to this site. I am sure it will be helpful to learn more. I am an ex JW, asyou may well know from watching towerwatch. My husband is a former Catholic. We now serve Christ Jesus together. We spent some time in the word-faith type churches, as we both were saved in pentecostal churches.Boy did we see some crazy stuff during that time. Looking back now, what we saw was blasphemous, but at the time we wondered if it was just us always being critical. A Pastor from Iowa named Bill Randles, Believers in Grace Church, he helped us out tremendously at that time, giving us tapes and praying for us. We now attend a King James Bible believing Baptist church in London , Ontario, Canada. We love it there and the Pastor is dear to us, the ass. pastor is dear to us, the Bible teaching is very challenging, and we sing all the old beautiful hymns that are rich in doctrine. God has been very good to us. I just have such a burden on my heart for JW’s to know the true Jesus. My husband and I also grieve over the condition of much of the church. Things such as Calvanism, Catholics and evangelicals together(ECT), The Bill Hybles/Rick Warren Church marketing scams, Alpha, etc etc. We know the apostasy is here, all we can do is pick up our swords and fight. Warm Agape Love in Christ Mrs Laurie Caravaggio ps My husband is very interrested in Bible Prophecy-thankyou for inviting us to your site!

Dear Jack,

Yes I am quite sure the Third Jihad, which has been going on for nearly a century now, is about to spawn some more radical terrorism, perhaps even with WMD. This is highly significant as is our response, the response of Christendom, to this. We have not seen western activity in the Middle East on this scale since the British incursions into the middle east against the Turks in World War 1. Yet Americans as citizens of the Pax Americana, the last Christian superpower do not have a clue. They do not seem to know that the last crusade has begun. “Authorities” like Peter Jenning did’t tell them. So they haven’t given themselves permission to think it. And the press has been forbidden to use the “c” word.

I agree with you, Jack. Historic times are upon us. Now is the time for the saints to wake up and smell the coffee. Now is the time to keep our eyes upon Jesus as He leads us on.

Every blessing to you on the journey,



Thanks for the invitation. I just paid a visit to your site and thought I’d drop you a quick line. While I have little interest anymore in Bible prophecy issues, I was struck by your witness concerning the relationship between the Christian and civil government. I am convinced that we are approaching the time when God will make clear to His people in America the distinction between Christianity and Christendom, and the light of the citizens of the Kingdom will shine as it should. I’m sure most Christians look at you as though you had a third eye when point out the sacred cow of liberty. There’s lots I could say, but I’m pressed for time. So, for now, let me just pass on something you might find both interesting and encouraging. Attached is a copy of a letter by John Newton (author of the hymn, Amazing Grace) entitled, A Letter on Political Debate. It is timeless, as I think you will see, and speaks for itself.


While I thank you for your invitation, I am not a
Christian. I doubt that my Agnostic/Humanist belief
system would give you any valuable insight into
interpretation of prophecy.

Thanks so much for the invitation. Although from reading your articles I can see that we have very different ideological views, I truly commend your scholarship and dedication. However, it saddens me to see that someone could miss the concept of “many paths that lead to one God.” Out of curiosity, could you tell me in what forum you found my name and comments? I ask this only to see which have been read, for I often forget where I have made posts.
Rev. Nicholas