January 2006 Comments

**Jack — It seems to us that you are on less than thin ice to pronounce that a disaster the magnitude of Katrina is directly rooted in the recent events in Gaza. The Scriptures are Christ-centered, not Israel-centered. Psalm 2 says, “Kiss the Son, lest He be angry,” not “Kiss Israel.” The cursing/blessing pronounced upon Abraham in Gen.12 refers to his spiritual seed (“not all who are descended from Israel are Israel,” Rom.9), not to the current unbelieving population of today’s Israel. Hence, Jesus’ words that it were better to have a millstone hung around your neck than to scandalize a little one who believes in Him. The only “nation” the Lord protects & blesses in this age is the “Israel of God,” believing Jews & Gentiles grafted into the one olive tree (Gal.6:16). Thanks for considering another vantage point. Jon

It has been my understanding that Israel is only giving back what they TOOK previously by Armed Force. So Jews in Gaza are only going back where they belonged in the first place.

The Bible tells us that there are no signs of the return of Jesus
Mt 24:36-39 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only. “But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. “For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, “and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

The Bible never once says that Jesus will reign for 1,000 years. Jesus will never set foot on this Earth again. When he returns, he will destroy the Earth, not reign over it.

2Pe 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up.

Why don’t you believe the Bible instead of the premillennial cult doctrine?

I know that Jesus is trying to make His people see that we are OUT OF TIME!! I was so very fortunate. I lost and lugged so much stuff from the yard. I was (inconsiderately thinking of myself at the time) of how awful it was NOT to have power. I found myself gasping for O2. I went out for awhile to lie in my Ford Expedition to breathe and feel better for awhile. I had electric back in one day. There are still people here without electricity. I didn’t even know A the time where Katrina had gone or what had happened. It was 2 days later when I heard that she was getting ready to Destroy the worst in US history. The first huge nightmare was in the 1800’s. I’ve been crying ever since. If you want to see just how bad she truly is, I can send you an e-mail with a news link from here. I know that God wants our attention. I know that WE all need to start praying and fasting. I can not stop crying. I can not believe what I’m actually seeing. knowing is one thing, seeing is another. Sandee

And the dead from cemeteries down south of me are being opened and swept to sea and onto land. Bodies of recent dead float in the cities. This is only an example of what will come. We all will taste war and what it is like to have nothing, be nothing and die nothing. Begging, stealing and killing. Those that worship gas, money, homes etc. will loose them and try to take from those who are just and prepared. It will be as the brides maids that had oil and those that let theirs run out. The temple of Israel will be rebuilt. Our worthless pride will fall. People will panic and pillage, rape and kill for what is not theirs to take. Their lack of planning and commitment will drain on those of us that have. Let yourselves not become distracted by this small storm of Katrina. There is more and worse coming. Much worse. Have seen this all before in Africa, parts of Europe, Russia, Asia and the Arab nations. Mess with the Jew’s you will pay with your life and it will be slow and painful. You will deserve this pain. This nation should never have done Israel like that. This nation just Damned itself. However Most have Damned themselves to what is about to come on their own before what was done a few weeks ago to Israel. Many theologians have names for it. I call it the last great war. We will fight it and it will happen before 2020 I am thinking. I have thought this for many years and the closer it gets the more I know it to be true. Not just by what is written but also by pure mathimatical calculations, trend and events. It is not rocket science. The World is fixing to be at total war. And not like any war before because there will be no place to hide from it. The only way out is death and death will come hard. Talk of peace will inslave those who believe in the serpents lies. There will be no peace till Jesus takes his flock home. Then peace will only come the those few. I plan to give nothing to Satan’s demons or those that have claimed his lifestyle. Money, cars, gas and all will be worth nothing just as it is worth nothing now. The difference will be It will be clearly worth nothing unless you use it to burn to cook or warm your self with. Those city folk will be eating eachother before long like rats and bugs. God will provide for those who trust in him. But don’t expect it to fall from the sky or to be given to you. You will as always have to work and earn it by the sweat of your brow and turning dirt. Words told from the day Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden. Many are too spoiled to do that kind of work. Hence the robery, killing and evil will run those to try to take from those that are willing to work. Just like welfare people have been doing since the fourties. I say work not get not. No one can live off charity nor should they. Yes we are to give. But that means all if you don’t work you can’t give and if you can’t give you can’t get. It is the cycle of things. You give a glass of water to the thirsty but if one does not then one can’t expect it in return. We all know who does not. Any way I could go on this for days.
All my love too you. Drive on my Brother.


Greetings Jack,

I am entirely with you in what you are saying here, both you and Amy. “A voice crying out aloud in the wilderness” Isn’t it the usual situation throughout history especially in Biblical times? No one cares and no one listens. I often think of the trauma that Gideon went through with the Lord in finding His army. There are still believers around doing the Lord will. This is so typical of the way that the Lord does things. He has been saying to me for ages now, “Expect to see the impossible from Me from now on”

What we have seen with New Orleans as you know is only the start this year of what is still to come in the following months. The USA is in for a torrid time. We can only rejoice in the knowledge that satan and sin is about to be totally eliminated from the face of this earth and that our prayers “May Thy kingdom come, may Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” is about to be answered. No more tears in our eyes nor in those of all our brothers and loved ones.
Keep up the good work.
By His grace,
Yours sincerely,

Bro Jack I found someone I do agree with in what I have read so far… I was so afraid when Pres. Bush was in on the Jewish people having to give up their homes. Now I see America is paying for it. It is so late, and may I talk with you at some later time perhaps? I am here at my desk most of the time and have read more of your writings… My sis and I discuss Israel quite a lot. Our grandson is about to marry an Israeli girl on the 4th and she does not believe in Jesus. He has custody of the two children, 8 and 10 yr’s old. We cannot believe he is doing this without her conforming to being a Christian, but….. Will come back tomorrowIn Jesus,

Dear Jack

Thank you for continuing to bring current events into the light of Scripture.

The “signs” of “revelation” of the presence of Adon Yeshuwa’ HaMeshiyach (Lord Yeshua the Messiah) “with his angels” carrying out his judgments upon the unrepentant “ungodly…sinners” (Psalm 1:5) are daily being manifested for all to see as prophesied by Yeshua: “Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven. There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves,men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken”. (Luke 21: 10,11, 25,26).

We are daily witnessing “terrors” in Baghdad, New York, London, Moscow, New Orleans which “terrors” in turn are causing “dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves,men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken”.

We would do well to URGENTLY meditate on and heed the response of Yeshua The Messiah to his disciples “who reported to Him” about the slaughter in one their synagogues of “the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifices” (Luke 13:3) and “those eighteen upon whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them” (verse 5). The response of Yeshua was “I tell you…unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.” (Luke 13:3,5).

The way of escape refered to by Yeshua, two thousand years ago, still applies today which requires each and every individual whether Muslim, Christian or Jew to “Repent and believe the Gospel of The Kingdom” (Matthew 4:17 Mark 1:15).

Failure to do so will have its divinely appointed consequences” You will all likewise perish” (Luke 13:3,5). Notice his word “likewise” which means that the unrepentant will suffer the very same kind destruction at the hands of evil men in some Muslim, Christian or Jewish worship place of “worship” as that experienced by “the Galileans” or as a result of some perceived “accident” like the scaffolding which fell on and killed “the eighteen in Siloam”.


Could you please stop sending me this crap!! Pardon me for saying so but i
beleive all this god stuff is bull…. i’d like to see someone actually
prove there is a god. But for now i’d like you to stop send ing me these

Yours hopefully,

Here is a Book I wonder if you have read.

“Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel”
William R. Koenig

It seems to be saying some things you have mentioned regarding the Roadmap to Peace idea. As I have said before, Bush is surrounded by Amillenial theology in his cabinet, and this drives his U.S policy toward Israel…which in my mind is ignorant.

My position on the Just War doctrine is that it is virtually impossible to indoctrinate Muslims on the “Freedom”… Constitutional – Republic/Democracy that we have here in the USA. They, specifically the Ishmaelite/Wahhbist’s, will never be indoctrinated into this because of the way the view God…oppression rules the day with them….lest Christ enters them.

Having said this, I am a supporter of Bush on many things, and do support the concept of “freeing” people from oppressive murderous dictators like Saddam…but, in reality what these folks need more then anything is the Gospel of Jesus, which is the only precursor to a truly free Democratic Republic. The Bible being distributed would go much further the Guns and Butter.
Other then to arrest Saddam and look for WMD’s, im not sure what we can accomplish at this point other then setting the stage for Sharia Law and potentially another dictator down the road.

Thank you


Jack: Have to agree with you in part – the WORD of GOD is for us today
as it always have been. Read Job 37:9-13.
GOD is in charge of the weather.

Some of the Ministries which you claim are guilty 1st John 2:16 were
some of the first to give substantial donations and prayer for the
victims of Katrina. Classifying these Ministries you mentioned into one
or more of the 3 catagories reminds me of Romans 2:1.
I am guilty of that also. Most of these Ministries have given untold
dollars to Wings of Eagles, Isaish 58 etc. in support of Israel.

I agree with Amy and don’t feel that President Bush is on the right
track where Israel is concerned in dividing the Land that GOD gave to
the Jewish people. I feel that Katrina was a Judgement from GOD to this

GOD Bless,


Hello: After the great disaster which has fallen on “Babylon of the South”,
I am compeled to make a statement. I have never been to N.O. and have never felt the the need to do so. I have however noticed the many sinful activities which take place there on TV. It seems people visit this hell hole, so they may enjoy sin first hand and they will endure it in hell if they continue. Its’ a preview of things to come for ever and ever. Satan is having a great time with them. He shows them a great time, takes their clothes off; has them perform terrible sexual acts between men, and also women. Our world has gone to Hell. I for one will be glad when our Lord returns and cleanses the world.

Those poor souls who are now going through all the pains and suffering are being given an opportunity to get out of Dodge before a more terrible fate falls on them.

The Pale Rider is on the war path. He is enjoying the help of the Muslims. Soon this Rider will be at our doorstep and I hope many people will be ready to repent and join our Saviour

There is much more for me to say, but I don’t have the writing ability to put it all down, so please excuse me. Perhaps the Lord will give me the words to express myself to others. I have read what both of you have written, and I agree. I feel sad that the USA will turn out to be the bad guy, but I will accept it cause it seems we are headed in that direction. We have so much sin, greed, and care less for people, altho we give the world the impression we are the good guys. Thanks, keep up the good work, and keep me in mind when you send out the word. God Bless you both.

Your Friend in Jesus.


Usa is not reaping what it sown inregards to Israel! Israel has not been restored to God but is in disobeadience and rebelion,and is the great whore ! until they are restored please dont read in what is not there, When will they be restored? when the lord comes back and sets up his kingdom

Hi Jack:
I was wondering if you have been seeing how this ‘new aged gospel’ which is perpetrating this Maitreya figure as the the ascended master who is supposed to be the ‘christ spirit’ manifested for all the worlds problems today. Jesus was but one of the ascended masters, (according to this teaching) 1 of five? all who are under the god of this world Sanat Kumara. I find this laughable except for the fact that it is being taught and esteemed at goverment levels to very powerful people in high positions. Some of the doctrine associated with this movement has permeated many of the churches too. This Maitreya is supposed to be the awaited coming one of all religions: see these if you would like to hear what the world is evangelizing the church with:


I am not surprised, and neither am I shaken by this. But I am concerned for those who have no grounding in the Truth though. Many spiritually wicked in high places (world leaders, media, authors, etc)…are pushing this agenda, especially in light of all the recent turmoils, tragedies, and uncertainties in the world. It is ‘all inclusive’ of all religions, and it does not require holiness in any fashion to be a part of this movement. Its elements are sensual, appealing to the pride, the flesh and the eyes, and containing many instances of unexplainable phenomena which is really convincing to people who are prone to be duped by them.
Let me know what you think. I certainly gain much insight from your writings.

Your eternal sister:










HI JACK. Just read your first post of Solomon, you mentioned the Asian sunami and why shouldn’t it happen,
I find it intresting that every nation it touched was killing and persecuting christian people. thus, Vengence is Mine saith the Lord.
It shows me< we don’t need be political and pass laws, God takes care of his, and those who aren’t’

You folks are absolutely nuts, rereading the Bible is a must for you and along with all the prayers I am sending for those people affected by Katrina I will offers prayers for all of you that believe this nonsense.

You know that is a bunch of bull…., thou so call
jews are of the synagogue of satan zionist just like
the so call church with the neo-cons in america its
time to get out of babylon, there is not no rapture
coming before the anti-christ kelly


Hi Jack,

I enjoyed your writing and agreed with much of what
you said, not necessarily all of the underlying
Scriptural analysis. But the general picture is
accurate and your opinion of some of the leading
prophetic teachers today rings a bell with me.

In my opinion, there is much misteaching afloat which
is very damaging to the Lord’s Body, which is causing
apathy and perverse Scriptural analysis of the signs
of the times, and which will trap and cause a falling
away of many believers!

Cordially, in Yeshua,

Mr. Hook;
Last Sunday I heard a prediction in church that California,west of the San Andeas Fault,will be sliding into the Pacific Ocean.
Which means that a Mega-sunami will be hiting Hawaii and the Oriental Nations. I beleave it to be Gods judgement upon all
nations including America. If this does happen I pray that the rapture will take place before.

Jack, I was pleased to receive your e-mail and know in my heart that God sent you to me as a messenger. I read your story about how you and your wife became a Christian and it was heart warming. I will give you a brief story of my testimony. About 8 years ago I met a neighbor who witnessed to me at my garage sale. I became interested and started going to church. I was about 23 at the time. My life has never been easy. I was molested as a child, abused by my step dad and molested. My father was a alcoholic and had little to do with us kids. At the age 18 my boyfriend shot himself. Throughout the last 10 years I have lost my father to pneumonia, my grandmother, 2 grandfather’s, uncle to cancer, aunt kathy who got hit by a car when I was about 5. Then 6 years ago I lost my husband who hung himself in which I had to cut down. Most of my relationships with men were abusive emotionally and physically. My life has been filled with drinking, some drugs and lots of depression. I can go on with more but that is to name a few. I know, and will stand before anyone and proclaim that if God was not in my life I would not be here today. During the time when I first came to know God I called my Aunt Rose and told her I wanted her to meet someone. I got to her house, and sure she didn’t see anyone, except I had the Bible with me. I said to her I want you to meet Jesus Christ. He is the truth and the only way! I have had some struggles throughout the years and have recently came back to him.. It has been so wonderful to learn who I am in Christ. I dont know alot of the bible but I am trying to study more. Your letter makes so much sense. I have a few books by Hal Lindsey but have not had a chance to read them. My husband and I just sold our restaurant and we lived there for two years, so I am able to get back to studying God’s word. As it written about piece there will be peace like the bible says, but it is the start of the book of revelation. What is written is written . The devil and his angles are ruling this earth. And so many Christians are falling into his trap! Especially in America. It is if Christians in America do not take his word to seriously. In other countries Christians are getting persecuted for being a Christian. Look at what they are teaching our children in the schools. Evolution that we came from a rock. And that the earth is millions and millions of years old. They are still teaching the Darwin theory. Scientist, college professors have been fired because they believe that there is a creator. You mentioned something about giants that they are offspring of fallen angels and human women. I believe that before the flood there was ring of water or ice that circled that earth which protected God’s creation from the harmful effects of the sun. And it makes sense to where all this water came from. This ring acted as greenhouse effect and thats why both men and animals grew to be so big and lived for such a long time. I dont know if you are familiar with Dr. Kent Hovind or (Dr. Dino.com) but his teachings about the flood , creation and evolution makes a whole lot of sense. I was given a set of tapes by a customer who does the filming of Dr. Kent Hovind. These tapes are so interesting that I have only watched them daily for the last 3 months. You can go to his web-site and check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. During one of his tapes he showed the European Stamp. With the women riding on the bull. On the bottom of the stamp there seems to be a dead fish. Does this mean the ten nation and the fish represents the Christians? Maybe the persecution of Christians when the 10 nations is established? I will be back on your site and thank you for having it. God Bless Naomi


Good Morning, Sir.

I disagree with your opinion and interpretation, Mr. Hook. My research leads me to the conclusion that the “Jews” are not decendants from the tribe of JUdah, and therefore are not JEWS.

The book, The 13 Tribe, makes distinct and irrefutable Truths that the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews are decendants of the Khazars, a barbaric people from the North or of Norse blood. It was written by a JEW(or so he thought he was).

They are those who “say they are Jews but are the synagogue of Satan” spoken of in Revelation.

The supposed Babylon you refer to as the United States, that sits on many waters; I have discovered in my study to be none other than Catholicism.

She has formed the basis of Christianity and fashioned it as a lie. It was the FIRST church from which all other denominations sprung forth, and because of inconsistencies, debate over the TRUTH abides. Her influence is world-wide; so she sits on many waters.

I have found TRUTH in all ‘religions’. Be it Bhudism, Christianity, or Egyptology; they all have the basic “gnosis”…. The Cosmic Nature of the Christ is not new, but the deifying of the Nazarine is blasfemy. Geneologies are important only to those who want power, advantage, respect, and rule.

I do agree with you on the power of the net, it is a treasure-trove of information of all kinds. I pray this letter finds you well, and I also mean no offense.

May the Holy Spirit continue to bless you in your quest for the truth.

Sincerely, Brian

How much of America is going to have to be destroyed before she can see the hand of God?
It is time to pray up, look up, and chose on this day who you will serve. America, you cannot serve two masters.
HE is all merciful, but will not be mocked.
Every casino (all 15 or so) on the MS Gulf Coast was wiped out in one huge blow!

“America, America” seek the Lord while He may be found.
“Walk in the fear of the Lord.” “Be holy as He is Holy.”
Those who seek Him with all their heart, will find Him. It is promised. It is written.


Jack, I did read a bit of your web site, as you requested. I think I understand you more than you may realize. I have a personal Bible, filled with marginal hand-written notes regarding prophecy, that is so well-worn as to be almost unusable. Which is okay, since I rarely use it. May I be so presumptuous as to offer a word of advice, offered in love?

It is imperative that we exercise the greatest care and caution when taking upon ourselves the credentials of a teacher. A teacher must be his own greatest critic, since a teacher stands to cut his own spiritual throat by speaking certain untruths to the beloved children of God. We are free to speculate, but we must always brand our speculation for what it is: speculation.

Since my own ministry addresses unity of believers, it was natural that I examined some of your comments concerning unity. It is my opinion that the scriptures you offer that cast clouds of suspicion on moves to unite the church as being from the enemy are misapplied.

It is quite possible that my cursory examination of your writings were so perfunctory that I misunderstood what you are saying, and I am hoping that to be the case. To even imply that unity of the ekklesia is of the Devil is, in my opinion, standing on thin ice. To condone, encourage, or support division is in opposition to the plainly stated will of God. To cast doubts and suspicion on efforts to unite the church as being somehow ungodly and conceived in darkness is not supported by scripture. It is, in fact, one of the few offenses that demands excommunication/disfellowshipping.

It can be thrilling to delve into what we feel may be past, current and future fulfillment of prophecy. However, I ask you to consider whether God would inspire an interpretation of prophetic writings that would work against fulfilling his own clear statements concerning the will of God for oneness in the Body of Christ, and would instead plant seeds of doubt in the hearts of his people that might constrain them from working whole-heartedly to unite in love.


Mr. Hook,

I have no interest in such prophecies as you speak of.

In the light,

Richard….., Ph.D.

Jack Hook-

I visited your website today. I have read and studied interpretations of Biblical prophecy such as you promote and find them to be extremely suppositional and assumptive. Attempting to combine the prophecies of Revelations, Daniel and Thessalonians into a timeline is a practice in subjectivity. There are as many interpretations of the flow of history to come as there are people who study it. As to creating a predictive timeline, even Jesus does not know the date and time, according to His own words. In Acts 1 we are instructed not to focus on timelines and dates, but to live our lives to build the kingdom.

If you were a believer in the 1970’s, then you must be familiar with Hal Lindsay and his prophecies. His writings were compelling and Biblically grounded… in a human interpretation. And we all know how accurate his interpretations were. And Hal Lindsay is but one among a long list of prophetic authors who have been exposed by time to be erroneous in their predictions. I am reasonably certain that my challenge to you will fall on deaf ears, Jack, but I am going to say it anyway. You seem to have a passion for the Kingdom and a love for Christ. The world needs this from you but if you try to ‘scare the hell out of them’ by identifying the gospel with your interpretation of last day events, you will likely be much less effective than you could otherwise be. Romans 2 tells us, among other things, that it is the ‘goodness of God that leads us to repentance.’ Certainly the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but the message of Christ and the writings of Paul indicate that our introduction to the kingdom as seekers comes at the message of the cross.

Brother, I appreciate your desire to reach people with the truth of the Bible. The Holy Spirit spoke through Biblical voices like Paul, Daniel, John and Jesus to give us a window into the end of times. I believe He did this to keep us focused on the imperative of our calling as articulated in the Great Commission. It is my firm conviction based on decades of reading varied interpretations and predictions of end-time chronologies, that we waste the precious few moments allocated to us by creating intricate end-time doctrines when we ought to be working towards building the Kingdom of God in the present.

Thank you for your passion for the Lord, Jack. I hope you understand the tone of my comments. I do not condemn you. I just believe that, with your knowledge and your background, you could touch the hearts of so many folks who have never heard how Christ can heal and change lives. Simply following the postings of unbelievers who visit your website exposes how unrelatable and alienating your subjective interpretations of prophecy, history, current events and political figures are to them. They miss the gospel because of the conflict between their political/sociological persuasions and your dogmatic interpretations.


hi there… i am so busy with my life and trying to embrace my sisters that i don’t have time for a lot of things like that. I don’t like today’s events mixed into bible prophecy as that doesn’t appeal to me as right. i read and do only what i need to because any extra stuff just wastes my time with the real things. please don’t send me another email about that as i totally forgot i had put my email address up on the net. sorry for the inconvenience.

sincerly, Christina

I believe the Lord gave you my name, I have been saved since I was 24 and am no 50 and am an ordained Pentecostal minister, I have ministered to many Viet Nam vets in prisons and I thank you for your web site. thanks again Rev. John former USAF served in the Philippines ‘ 74-75′ spent most of my service and years after drunk and high on every kind of drug available until I met Jesus while reading the book “the late great planet earth’ by Hal Lindsey. I haven’t always been faithful but God has always been faithful to me. My wife who is paralyzed from the waist down and I have ministered all over new England preaching and sharing His Word. we adopted three small children ages 10, 11, and 7 , all who were born with drugs in their system. we are believing and trusting the Lord both physically I am diabetic and spiritually and financially keep us in pray and we will definitely be praying for you thanks again John

Sorry Jack, I’ve spent most of 40 years doing a very technical in depth analysis of Christian History, Biblical Scripture(this includes all Biblical Scripture, apocraphies, gnostic letters to churches, Charlemegne’s instructions to the apostalic covenant for the bibical cannonization, Dead Sea Scrolls, Papacy changeover from wizardry, the Crusades, and Roman military reports and records, and classified holdings of ancient records from the Library of Congress etc.). Jack if you are a Christian(in Christ’s words”new order” of Jewish thinking), unless you believe you may have prophetic powers, only God knows the hour and day when ( it) will be revealed. There were three accountable books for Charlemegne to chose from and he chose Revelations. We can factually rule out that Revelations was written by Apostle John.

The Jewish state that exists now is not even closely representative of the covenant that God has with Abraham and further identified thru Jacob as the nation of Isarel. I challenge you to find out how many sons, Abraham and Jacob actually had. The temple in Jersuleum has been rebuilt twice. The last occurred about 583 BC and was paid for by the Persian King in exchange for prayers of prosperity from the Jewish God on the Persian King and his sons.

About 60% of the book of revelations occurred between 600 and 50 BC and is nothing more than regenerated vocal accounts of historical happenings along with centuries of amplification of events.

I had other motivating factors which sent me into this extensive research. Brother, when your day arrives to comes to be face to face with your Lord and Savior, when your call him Jesus, he will be amused and if asked why, he will tell you that alot of people who see him for the first time calls him that, and that Jesus is not his name. He is right. Jesus never was his name until about 300 to 500 AD. I know what his name is now, and I am ready to see him again. But, it is sad that we refer to our Lord and Savior by a name given him by a Welsh Nobleman. The name “Jesus”. Yes he has been known by thousands of names but, I now know what his birth name was as well as many of the other prominent English named characters in the Bible. Next time, I see my Lord, I will call him by his proper name.

Jack, a strange but psychological progressive development occurs with people when they are at retirement age. They begin to focus on death and the hereafter and what their role is in it. You said you were a Vietnam Vet. Well I did not go to Vietnam but, I served in combat close by and we are probably about the same age. I retired from the Army in 1993 with 23 years and 3 months active duty. Brother, if you were a lost soul and needed help, our father would have taken you already. He is interested in soul development, because he knows he will receive you back some day and will have to depend on you in your heavenly duties to fill your next assignment for him. And try as we might, there is not a single human being walking this planet right now that knows what God knows.

Dear Jack

I am very thrilled with your testimony and how you came to know Jesus Christ. I have been touched by the testimoney of your mother who did not want to be healed of Cancer but rather chose to be with the Lord. I have surported your statement of faith without doubt.I don’t believe in health and wealth gospel. Here in Kenya almost all people believe in this kind of fabricated gospel and if you don’t mind I welcome you to come and preach explaining and teaching our people about the true Gospel. People here are after miracles and many have doubted God .My spirit has being uplifted by your concern about the Jewish people. With my scanty information I wholeheartedly support Israel the Jews that the land of palestine belong to them and it will remain their land. Goerge bush should not influence Sharon to withdraw jews from Gaza and westbank. I read the bible and it is verry clear that God gave the land of palestine to jews. Personaly I have never met a jew and I may not differenciate them from the european or Americans but I know the land of palestine belongs to them.I do appreciate your effort to Dish out the truth no matter the cost and Challenges.
Please you can be sending me reading materials.I want to learn from you.