January 2007 Comments

I have been driven to search since my life with Christ has emerged. You have opened my eyes and have confirmed beliefs that I have had in my heart. Thank you for helping me in my search for confimation.


I personally subscribe to the Biblical idea of the Nehalem (is that how you spell it) and believe that alien life is linked with the spiritual dimension (demons/angels). I also believe we are about to see the arrival (public) of the anti-Christ who will lead the world before the immanent return of Christ. I am concerned at present that millions of christians are asleep or believe they are fine and that there is no – demonic conspiracy etc. The church especially in the West needs to prepare also for the comming persecutions. When I have time later in the week I will indeed look up your website. By the way have you read Patrick Heron’s book on the Nephalem?

Regards from Jacqueline.


Dear Brother Jack,

Well first I must say I am honoured that you have emailed me…thankyou very much. Since leaving the Apostolic/Prophetic charismatic church we were in in April 2003, I have’nt had hardly any fellowship. We go to a small independent baptist church in our town here in the south west of Western Australia. Been going along for a few months now. But before moving here we were out of any church since 03.
Coming into the charismatic/pentecostal deceptions in 89 I have only known false doctrines, so had to really cry out to the Lord to lead me into the truth. Anyway dont want to bore you.

I read thru your Judgment Chronicles just now. Hmmm, you sure do have a handle on prophetic understanding hey? Makes a lot of sense. I dont know where you got my email address from Jack, it does’nt worry me. I write a few articles mainly for my own benefit I think. I hope that God is in it of course, but I do not think anyone reads them. Bit discouraging. But if He can use my feeble attempts at writing then that is good. I still do not understand how the Holy Spirit was able to wake me up from the delusion I was under…I just thank Him for it. Anyway, thanks for the contact Jack.

Love in Christ,


Why do you think America is babylon the great and arranges the false peace covanent with Israel and her enemies? Paul


Jack: Thank you so much for contacting me. Yes, I’ve visited your site in the past. It has been sometime since I’ve been to it, but glad you refreshed my memory. I will be reviewing the articles posted on the site. Feel free to email your thoughts. I do my best to read every email and respond. Rick



I read a couple of your articals, it seems God has given you insight to these times we are in!

I listened to you online on the links you provided, The word of God is the final authority of course, but listnening to you helped agreat deal, there are alot of false teachers out here, but listening to you I could tell you were a man of God(a true one)

May the Lord continue to shed his truths to you, and I was wondering “what web-site did you get my email from(I dont mind, just curious?)


Thanks, Jack — my netscape e-mail address where I had been getting your updates recently dumped my entire files with them, and I see I forgot to send my new e-mail address to you. Bummer! I may have missed one of your updates during the last couple months (but not more). Anyway, you have a great site, and I’ve always appreciated your many contributions to our efforts to try to grasp “these things,” as Daniel 12:7 so aptly states it in the King James. Please get me back on your list! Thanks — Dave


Dear Jack,

I understand where you are coming from but it says in Daniel that the People of the prince that shall come (antichrist) shall lay the jerusalem waste, I am assuming you believe this was fulfilled by the roman invaders, would’nt this then make antichrist roman / head of rome? I personally believe the seat of the pope is the seat of antichrist and the “apostolic succession” is the succesion of antichrist which will culminate in the ultimate deciever that man ofsin the ultimate antichrist who will lead the world astray by the power of satan and seek to eliminate Israel thus giving Jesus no reason to return.

Anyway I really enjoyed what i’ve read of yours so far and may God keep you safe and Spirit filled as you expose the enemies deciepts and trickery, these last days are treacherous and evil, please pray for me as sin assaults me daily.

Yours in Christ my brother I can’t wait to rejoice with you in that day, maranatha!


Hello Jack:

Had you spent five minutes reading our website you would have known you have contacted the wrong people. Futurism, which you esteem, originated with the Jesuits. It is a lie. The notion of the USA being Babylon is tied in with the cultic Adventists beast from the earth. It, too, is a lie. Furthermore, you err in believing men have the free-will to follow Christ. Obviously you have been indoctrinated into heresies through the Word-Faith movement, which you no longer embrace. Only the grace of God has the power to open your eyes and give you repentance for what you preach. The truth is out there, if only you would have ears to hear.

the iconbusters team



Thank you for your response. I have been dealing with the very issue you addressed, actually two of them our involvment in the political process and the OSAS, you seem to have confirmed what I feel the Lord was opening my eyes to!

I myself have kept up with this Latter Rain movement(its dressed up much nicer now, but its the samething) Ive read many of Mike Oppenhiemer’s articals, and Sandy Simpson’s(to name a few)Im sorry to say, it seems to me, the “Falling Away” appears to be underway! i have talked w/many people (especially the Charismatic) and they for the most part just cannot see it! I dont know what to think, it just amazes me, and I also get angry, but I wished they would just believe me when I provide them the facts, but it is if they cant read it, I dont know how else to explain it, but they are utter blinded!

One thing is sure a large sector of the church is going back to Rome, and I suspect after this “Azusa revival” w/Rick Warren and a host of WOF teachers, we are sure to see some bigger bridges on crossing the Doctrine lines.

I listened to your radio comments on “The silence in Heaven” very thought provoking! When I hear things like that, I think on them and many times God will show me other scriptures to show it to be so.

I have an example:

You stated something to do w/the signs performed by the antichhrist, and I got to thinking, In scripture it says he will call fire down from heaven, so we know he will do miracles, and sadly this is what a large amount of folks look for today!But this is a sign that is for the Jew, this is what God did many times in the OT w/Iasiah and David, in fact Jesus chided one of the Apostles for asking to do that..This “miracle is no small thing)This kind of miracle does not have as much wieght to the Gentile, but The Jew, this is Huge!

My point is in line w/your remarks, he (Antichrist) is going to be remakably close to the real thing, and the church not being grounded in scripture is going top be ripe pickens!

Well May God continue to bless you,
In Christ Jesus, Brian.


Sorry to keep emailing you, but I wanted to tell you I just read your artical on Angelic intervention, and I read it to my wife! (You filled in the blanks on a few things!)

The reason I bring this up is because we have had this conversation ourselves over the last couple of years, I told her that I believed “hollywood” is satans PR firm, and that alot of what Hollywood is promoting, wheither they relise it or not is satans agenda, so these movies may seem harmless, but in fact they are preparing the world at large for the coming deception, It was shocking for both of us to see you write this, because we have in passing said it, but it seems more realistic now that I have heard someone else say the same thing almost “jot and Tittle” except for the Angels( It never occured to me about the angels)It certainly would explain how Satan could decieve the world to try to fight against God, insane as that would be!

I have learned some very interesting things so far, I posted your stuff on Charisma(LOL) They need the Godly insight you have, some I pray will recieve what you have clearly been shown by God, but Im afraid many will not, anyway Thanks

God bless, Brian.


Thank you for the web address it was very interesting.
To be honest I have so many questions and lately I
have even questioned my own faith,I really need to get
back to where I was once at with the Lord and I am not
sure how.


Your analysis is pretty standard. It is a good one but
pretty standard. If you shift your view away from
Scofield’s point of view and look at it as a business
plan of sorts, then you will see Revelations as a plan
for the culling of human beings for the establishment
of the new world order. Generally this is all very
Masonic in terms of creating the “great plan” of the

The changes that I see I’m not sure if they are of God
or have been artificially induced to look like the end
times so that the elite of the world can implement the
new slavery of mankind. All the Sovietizing of the US,
the control and monitoring of all human beings world
wide is part of this control. The leashes we are on
are getting shorter and shorter.

What has been amazing to me is how many of the
Christians I know are on-board with the president and
the Neocons not seeming to aware that he and they are
vanguard to or are indeed the anti-Christ. Part of
this is due to truly sophisticated mind control
techniques of simple rhetoric and psychology, however,
some of this may be induced by psychotropics and
psychotronic used to control people. Plus, there is
Hegelian dialectical hope that setting events into
motion to inflame and create war in the mid-east will
actuate the return of Jesus and to keep us in a
forever war against the Muslims if not.

911 is symbolic of the collapse of the economic world
order. That one required to much care to keep the
people under control. The new economic order will be
well regulated and efficient. That is what I think The
Book of Revelations is about actually.

Respectfully submitted,

Hello Jack,

I’m curious to know what website you found me on? Not that it’s all that important, but I would like to know.

I read your testimony on your website, and I believe it was God’s doing that you sent me this email. I have been struggling for almost a year now, and my relationship with God has diminished considerably. I am like a lost sheep awaiting slaughter.

You’re testimony, along with other little things that have been happening to me lately, are showing me God is calling me, wanting His little girl to come back and be loved upon.

I’ve not had a chance to go through everything on your site as of yet, I’m preparing to write a 1000 word magazine article due tomorrow. I do promise that I will return and look at it again.

Now, what is it I can do for you?


Hello Jack,

I read some of the articles you have written and they are very interesting. I tried to subscribe, however, it would not recogonize my user name as it is above. Please advise in regards to this.

Col. Kevin ……., U.S.M.C.(Ret).

Hi Jack,

Thank you for adding me to your mailing list. Today I read alot about “Babylon The Great” and signed your guestbook, there are alot of amazing things I have read and still pondering over some of it. I find
this to be a great interest to me,of course I will continue to read and comment more as I read more…keep up the good work Jack.

Col. Kevin

Mr. Hook,

Yes, it is wonderful that the internet allows free flow and exchange of knowledge. But it is not wonderful that too much information and requests for communication happen, that expects too much of us all. I wish you well, but am not looking up your web site nor responding beyond this reply as a courtesy. For reasons of desperately seeking inner peace, I am spending less and less time on the computer, acquiring knowledge from the many other sources that exist, being responsible as a planetary citizen in my own chosen ways and otherwise trying to have some privacy which has been almost totally ripped away. I will not be responding again.

Best wishes,
Sandy G.

I did peruse your website. It was very interesting.

I don’t have many answers to your questions. I don’t believe, however, that aliens have contacted earth although I can speculate that there are sorts of life on other planets.

A couple philosophical questions:

What is the relationship to free will to God’s work? Can we experience war and devastation as love?

I do think, however, that global warming is God’s punishment for our inability to care for the earth.

Fr. Gawain

Sorry, but I must decline, though I do love a good prophecy or two, all I
hear usually is Bush-bashing which just isn’t fair; that, and although my
family is Catholic, I myself am an atheist. Thank you anyway.


Yes! We must continue to Love & respect GOD’s Word & practice it! I know you’ll help me with all that ! I appreciate your atricles & agree with their Substance,always waiting for the next one! With Love &
respect, ~~~~ “Your Friend in CHRIST “, Bee-Happy, Chardy.


Thank you, Jack. I think you are so right. Thank you for your great work and compassion for the military.
Maj. Jim L…….


Howdy Jack.. sure, send me what you know.. i’m a former Marine myself. Semper Fi. Jim


Dear Jack,

Very good article. You made some really good points. It is a hard line to walk when you know the TRUTH, not to despise government. I struggle with it a good bit. But we must not give ourselves over to that hate. It is a trap.

Our Lord has allowed all of this to happen. It did not slip up on Him, so I must trust that He and only He will deliver His remnant through this treatcherous jungle.

I feel a big upheaval coming in the spirit. I am focused only on Him. There are so many different “factions” out there stuck in one trap or another (like you mentioned), that He is the only one who can bring any peace. Any time I begin to lean on others for an understanding, my spirit loses direction.

May God bring us through this time!!!!


Walt, you should read what this idiot, Jack Hook, is saying……He is totally
nuts! He calls George Washington and Ben Franklin ‘militants’
I have been argueing with him for two years on this subject….
I thought you might want to just see what some so called
Christians are saying against our country and president
and past presidents! And this dork was even in the military!
Don’t he get it….The Israelites fought wars and God fought most
of them for them!!!!!! Ann


Please remove my name from your mailing list. I have no sympathy for the neo-conservative government of George W. Bush. However, I have little interest in your version of the U.S. and its place in the world. What bothers me the most is the possibility that the Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld administration is considering mililtary action against Iran.


Dear Mr. Hook,

An awful lot of Christian saints practiced contemplative prayer, and they were as far from the New Age as can be imagined. Have you ever read the Eastern Orthodox Christian classic The Philokalia? Satan can pervert anything, but deliberately and faithfully recognizing, in silence, that one is in God’s presence, is not satanic.

Sincerely, Charles

God Bless you for ever and ver, yes I read your article, word for word. I know you know the same Jesus that I do, and the same GOD. Thanks for your letter, I am poor and don’t have any extra money, or I would pay you for this wonnnderfull letter. I am 74 yrs old and I have trusted the Lord and Savior since I was a little girl. I remember going out in the field and getting down on my knees and talking to the Lord. I remember a big ball of fire that bounced of the ground not far from where I stood. It was so loud, when it busted that I could hardly hear for weeks. Praise the lord and keep up the good work. Your sister in Christ, Betty.



Thank you for your e-mails. I enjoy reading them. I agree with you on loving and praying for the leaders of all governments. That until the Beast comes with the mark, we, as true Christians, should act as though every man and woman has the opportunity to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus. And that we shouldn’t slander them and condemn them.

I do believe that our government had SOMETHING to do with 9/11 though. As to what extent, I don’t exactly know. I do know that their official story has all sorts of holes in it, and that there’s PLENTY of motive for them to do it. This makes it hard to love them, but the Holy Spirit has made me aware of what you wrote about lately.

I just want people to know the truth about God, as well as what Satan is doing to ALL governments, and that the United States is Babylon the Great. That we’re NOT the apple of God’s eye. That we’re NOT exempt from the end-times scenario. I know you know this.

So yeah, I dig what you wrote. What do you think about 9/11 though? It really seems like, at the least, they allowed it to happen so they’d have the perfect reason to go to war, but there’s still some inconsistencies in the “official story”. Read:

The New Pearl Harbor — David Ray Griffen
The Grand Chessboard — Zbigniew Brzezinski

Take care and God Bless,