January 2008 Comments



Hello Jack,

It is good to hear from you. I do read your articles. I find them quite thought provoking. I have to admit though, that while I know you write with such passion and clear insight, and although I would probably be in agreement with much of what you write, I would not be in agreement with all of your opinions; but what’s new?

It is my opinion that the US does not feature in end time prophecy, so that something needs to happen to cause the US to withdraw from international affairs. This I believe will be the result of a major terrorist attack upon a US city that will cause public opinion in the US to put such pressure on the US Administration that they will be forced by the people to withdraw their troops from other nations, specifically from the Middle East. This will open the door for Ezekiel 38 & 39 to be fulfilled, which in itself will open the door for Revelation 16 (Armageddon) to be fulfilled. I say this, because I believe the US is preventing Russia from moving against Israel; so US withdrawal from world affairs will present Russia with its opportunity. By the same token, I believe Russia has been a threat to China, but Russia’s destruction at the hands of the Israeli forces will present China with the opportunity to cross the Euphrates to invade and take control of the oil fields. At this point Armageddon will begin.

However, while we should not be caught unawares, our focus should be heavenward. For Jesus said that when we see these begin to happen, we should be looking up.

The Lord Bless you.



Dear Jack,

Thank you for putting me on your mailing list, and thank you for sending this very timely email. I am with you 100%.

I was on a spiritual journey after years of churchianity. I wanted more, and the Lord got my attention after an illness that left me weak and house-bound. I asked Him to show me the meaning of Calvary. After 12 years in “the School of the Holy Spirit,” I call it, I began to write what He had taught me. The devil could not kill me, though he tried, and he has tried to stop the publishing of my book, “CALLING FORTH THE REMNANT, By Way of The Cross.” God has prevailed repeatedly and we are almost there. I am waiting to hear word any day that we have a book to proof then order, once I have approved it.

You are correct. America is indeed Babylon the Great. The Lord showed me that while reading the book of Revelation during that 12-yr. period I mentioned above.

I look forward to keeping up through mailings.

The time is short, so we must keep on keeping on.

I am your eternal friend,


Bear in mind, Jack. I’ve NEVER given you permission to put me on a mailing list for this kind of rant. I have questions. I still feel uncomfortable from your first point of contact with me about how you said I’d left my e-mail address on a website which seemed to give you permission to spew these long rants at me. I have revoked your permission. It was only for people on fivedoves.com to contact me. I’d never heard of you.

What don’t you agree with about prosperity?

What is psycho-babble?

What is the “self” doctrine?

To what are you appealing to Hal Lindsey?

When Jesus died He said “It is finished”. What is incomplete about His cross?

What does your friend Sandy say that is contradictory to the NT?

What patriotism do you consider militant?

What do you have against John Hagee?

What do you have against Just war? How does it conflict with the cross of Calvary? Exodus
15 says God is a man of war. The Israelites conquered Canaan by war. Pacifism has never
won wars. Appeasement if left unchecked would have left Hitler in power to kill Jews.

What would happen to America if Iran were allowed to develop and use their nukes?

How is Hagee deluded?

If you threaten Sandy with the Lord’s chastening hand, who is being militant?

You’ve turned anti-American. God’s wrath will come upon you.

I’ve read about Revelation 18 – one author thought it represented New York. But with what
they’re doing in Babylon Iraq it could be the literal city of Babylon.

There’s no such thing as a Christian Gentile. (I Cor 10:32 – prooftext)

I believe the Lord has supernaturally protected Israel in all her wars. America has been
the biggest ally and best friend Israel has had. You disagree with that and you are
collaborating with her enemies. God will be an enemy to her enemies and adversary to her

Israel has only rejected God’s Son as much as the gentiles have. God’s discipline on
Israel was never meant to be permanent. Read the chapters of Jeremiah and you’ll see that
God had plans for Israel. Nowhere in that book or anywhere in the OT did Israel ever mean
the future church of Jesus Christ.

How has John Hagee rejected the gospel of Jesus Christ?

It’s offensive to me and many sincere Christians that you have lumped Bush, Hagee and
America with Babylon without any proof. How can you prove they’re not friends of Israel?

What are these fallen angels?

I’m feeling very uncomfortable about your unsolicited email newsletters and have
threatened to ask you to remove me from your mailing list unless you can answer all these
questions above.


Dear Stephen,

I find it extremely sad that it is appropriate for you to exchange letters with my dear friend, Sandy, who I have known and loved for over thirty years, and yet you refuse to read anything from me that contends with your militant gospel. Sandy surrounds himself with men like you and David Chagall, who encourage him that he is not believing any lies about what our Lord Jesus Christ teaches. And when anybody challenges that, with the love and compassion of our Lord, he is quickly branded as a divisive evil man who needs to come to his senses.

Sandy has sent me your letters to him where you accuse me of having a critical spirit, ranting and spewing out false doctrines, and calling me…anti-America, anti-Bush, and unpatriotic.

You accuse me of hating John Hagee and Hal Lindsey just because I have challenged their “just” war doctrine for Christians. Even Sandy, who has known and loved me, it seems forever, knows better than that. He knows how much my wife and I love him, his family, and all men, especially those who take the name of our Lord Jesus. We want more than anything to be reconciled with them and even you, Stephen, but this militant “just” war doctrine is a false gospel that leads to destruction, as Paul said in Philippians 3:17-21.

In your letter to Sandy you admit that I reached out to you when you publicly posted your email address on Five Doves, and continued to receive and read my articles for some time. Now, all of a sudden, you demand that your name be removed. Remember my friend, it was I who introduced Sandy and David to you, hoping that you and others would lovingly encourage them to reconsider their General Pershing leanings.

However, it appears that you are more intense in these matters than are they. I plead with you, my Christian brother, to turn from the “elements” of our sin nature…the militant pride of life, the love of money and self-defense…that have been Christianized by the fallen angels who rule all nations and their political-religious-economic institutions (the world), 1 John 2:16. Our Lord Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sin nature and is not pleased when we redefine his teachings that then keep the
sin nature alive and well, all in his name. Think about that a moment, Stephen.

All of the nations and their man-made institutions are what John saw and called Babylon, with America being Babylon the Great, the leader of it all in the last days. Just go to David’s own web site and he will tell you the same thing http://www.lasthour.org/USAINPROPHECY.htm, and yet he supports Christians joining with Babylon to kill its enemies. It makes no sense whatsoever, when you read Philippians 3:17-21, where Paul is describing Christians who have become “enemies of the cross” and “glory in things” they should be ashamed of, like killing those who hate us.

Please, Stephen, Sandy, Jason, and David, listen to the gentle voice our wonderful Savior who loves all men and wants none to perish, and who says to you…”I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves…be harmless as doves…pick up your cross and follow me… love your enemies…resist not evil men…my Kingdom is not of this world, if it were my servants would fight…the meek shall inherit the Earth”.

Your eternal friend,


Hi Jack

I do hope this e-mail finds all the Hook family as well as can be expected, at this time.

Dearest brother Jack I was never surprised to get the different e-mails you have sent out of “so called christians, but Jack these people are being swept along by a greater force of darkness, and the tag “militant” is what we as Christans see them doing, in fact if we look closely we do see the darkness being allowed to take hold, just as the great-falling away is described in Thessalonians.

Anyway Jack I am not going to preach to you about this for I have followed your walk with great interest, and the e-mails you have been sent, and the people who are having a stab at you, like this fellow Stephen are so far in the darkness, we may never be able to get them to see light again, only The Lord can do that. Dear Jack pull away from these people who are doing this, they are no good for you, or your Christian walk, you have tried to tell them but they do not listen, remember the Lord Himself said, ” Let those who have ears, listen”.

So Jack I do hope and wish you peace from these attackers, I am here for you Jack I do believe that you are doing and saying the right thing, by scripture, but pull away now.

Take care dear brother.



Hello Jack
Thank you for your email concerning Genertal Pershing and your Jewish friends. I must be frankly honest and state that when I read the testimonies of David Chagall and his friend Sandy I felt completely repulsed in my spirit. How is it possible for saved people, as both David and Sandy claim to be, to even write such repulsive statements such as that written by David Chagall “The Russians rounded up some Muslim villagers there, cut off their balls and sent them to the Muslim terrorists”. Is Mr Chagall so insensitive that he could not express himself in any other way than by using the words “cut off their balls”??. Such insensitive language is only heard amongst the most depraved unbelievers. Both Mr Chagall and Shapiro expressed their approval for the shocking atrocities committed by General Pershing. Scripture says some-where that Chagall and Shapiro are by their approvals “partakers in General Pershing’s evil work”. The bottom line Jack is that David Chagall and Sandy shapiro are still “slaves of sin” and perverting “grace” (Jude 4) by insisting that they are saved persons. They are not because “By their fruits, that is by their deeds, you will know them”. I am sending copy to Mr Chagall and Shapiro as you requested Jack. Gordon


Dear brother Jack, and all others that are included on Jack’s mailing list:

I would ask you, Jack, to allow me to put forth what the Lord has shown me about this highly debated perspective that has caused many to share regarding “Justifiable warfare” . First let me state very clearly that I also support much of what you have been sharing, Jack. I,too, have been called a “pacifist”, by my dear brother in Christ, David Chagall a few months ago. Our friendship goes back for over 31 years! We attend the same church in California. and even took a very blessed missions trip to Africa in 2004. I do not wish to single David out—I just want to let known what the Lord has revealed to me, which I have shared with you and to David, Jack.

I am reminded of what our Lord states very clearly when soldiers and publicans came to Him to be baptized: Luke 3: 12-14 (12)” Then came also publicans to be baptized, and said unto Him, Master, what shall we do? (13) And He sais unto them, ‘Exact no more than that which is appointed you’. (14) And the soldiers likewise demanded of Him, saying, ‘And what shall we do? And He said unto them, ‘Do no violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages'”.

You and several of your guests, Jack, have quoted from John 18: 36, when Christ stated that His kingdom is not of this world otherwise His servants would fight to not be delivered to the Jews. Do those who claim to be followers of our Lord Jesus, believe that Jesus was only SPEAKING TO hIS SERVANTS/DISCIPLES …AND NOT TO US LIVING TODAY? I would hope not! For we all know that the word of God and of our Lord Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever…right?? And have those that are supporting this “justifiable warfare” doctrine, forgetting Paul’s words in 2nd Corinthians 10: 3 & 4: (3) “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh; (4) For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds”. It is my belief, Jack, that Hal Lindsey and all others who follow after such “killing the enemy type doctrine”–are being and have been SNARED!! It is my hope, that they would see their error and run back to the arms of our Lord and ask for forgiveness.

Have they forgotten what the Lord said in Matthew 5 when Jesus asked us to —“blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you…”, for great is our reward in heaven. Christ was showing us a better way we were to act and to live, right? Did Christ ever say– ‘pick up a gun’ or go into combat and fight for our lives…?–Absolutely not!!

I will end my input, Jack, by reminding those that feel justified in the shedding of innocent blood, “in the name of freedom” that we all know happens when bombs and misslies begin to fly. DO NOT FORGET THE WORDS OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER : Genesis 9: 5&6: (5) ” And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man’s brother will I require the life of man; (6) Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God made He man”.

And finally, Jack, let us not forget what the Lamb of God said to John in
Revelation 13: 10 ” He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity; he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints”. (See Matthew 26: 52)

There is one other task that our Lord bemands of us to do, if we desire to follow after Him, he said —-we must deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him!! We must follow after the ways of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, people!!! Jesus Christ NEVER said we should act and live our lives the same way that the world is moving—NEVER! So why are there so many Christians that are moving out on their own–trying to make our Lord to fit into their “WORLDLY WAY OF LIVING? The sad reality that is being revealed in these endtimes, Jack, is that even though the so-called Christian leadership in America are mostly in unison over the “justifiable warfare doctrine”—they are the same ones that believe that we are in the ” LAST DAYS”.

I will continue to pray that they will wake up, before the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ. And we should also have compasion for them, Jack. My inner soul and heart is crying out saying, …”Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”.

God bless you, Jack.


Jack – God bless you for this deluge of cyberspace words – your engineering capabilities are wholly commendable and altogether appreciated by scores of people throughout the kingdom! The smile of the Lord is upon you! People read what they deem important – I receive literally hundreds of e-mails some days–and I have a full-time so-called “secular job” involving tons of work–along with family–but when I receive something from Jack–or others responding about it–I just get excited that folks are talking about truth – now, if some bow out – God bless them as well – that’s the beauty of the internet (at least for now while we have the freedom of its use) – until then, keep up the exchange–I’ve been watching and listening intently without saying a word and many more are as well–so, keep it up! And, whatever you do, DON’T REMOVE ME!



Hi Jack,
I guess bottom line for me is, if you can imagine Jesus doing it, and you base your vision of who and what Jesus is on the scripture, then it’s ok. For example, can you imagine Jesus going over to Iraq carrying a gun killing muslim extremists? Or can you imagine Jesus firing Tomahawk missiles off from a ship in the Gulf into Bagdad? If you can’t, then we as Christians shouldn’t be doing it either. This also goes for some of the extreme things going on is some of the charismatic churches, etc.
Blessings, Randy






Thanks for your service! Can you send me the link to Moved With Compassion?

I seem to agree with you except on this one point:

“I have come to the conclusion from the teachings of Jesus, that all wars are the result of sinful men on both sides, who will no longer be restrained in their anger and rage. One of them lashes out, the other responds.”

I think that’s usually the case, but not always. Tale W.W.II for example, probably our last ‘moral’ war. I believe that JFK’s motivation for Vietnam was good. I blame LBJ and to some extent, Nixon, for the ultimate fiasco.

In any case, very rarely can we blame the veteran unless in his heart he knows it to be an immoral and unethical conflict, and even then, that’s problematic.

God Bless!


Dear Jack,

I am sorry, but you are misinformed. According to GOD as transmitted to Moses,
a Messiah must:

1. Be a male human descendant of King David thru his FATHER… Israel tribal
heritage comes ONLY through the father. Jewishness (being born into the Sinai
covenant) comes through the mother alone. Virgin Birth and lineage through the
mother disqualifies anyone, so Jack, you are still listening to and believing
in Roman Cathilic lies.

2. A sitting Sanhedrin (which Jesus huimself upheld as sitting in the seat of
Moses) must determne and declare the King Messiah, and He must then be
annointed as king. God’s house is a house of order.

Jesus was allowed by Law to be a Rabbi, and a Tzaddik of the 4th level…
allowed to give his own life for what he believed might have been wrong in
Judiasm, but NO human sacrifice was EVER allowed by God to effect anyone’s

Christianity as constituted is a mish-mash of Roman Pagan cults.

No “new covenant” (as per Rabbi Shaul) was ever needed… The 7 Noachide laws
were and still are in place for Gentiles.

There have been other Messiahs… all kings of Israel were Messiahs. The final
King Messiah will usher in The Final Redemption.

Paul contradicted God, James and Jesus in his teachings.

Now that the 70 years of Babylon were fulfilled in late 2003, the door is now
open for The Final Redemption… (perhaps by May of 2008) but when King
Messiah comes, you will probably just think he is the “antichrist” which is a
non-scriptural concept.


Dear Jack

Thank you for your email. Interesting perspective you are dwelling on. Fascinating to all learned theologians, who seem to reason in circles, with few answers. I do believe that religion has complicated and mesmerized Christianity.

I know my God of love; Who said: ” unless we become as children, we shall not enter His Kingdom.” Why like children?? Maybe because a child has blind faith. Faith in God who never changes; and keeps His promises. I spend about 200 days a year in the bush. I meet my God there every day.

As Christians we rejoice in all these events taking place. They are the signs given to us; to know that our eternal life is so very near. My God will come very soon; and fetch His beloved children; to share eternal life with Him. And yes… every prophecy is now very rapidly being fulfilled.

I read in Genesis that the children of Abraham; conceived from his servant Hagar; and his own wife Sarah; will live in animosity till the end of time. I also read that the children of Hagar; will be spread over the whole earth. One son, Ishmail, was the will of man. The other son Jacob, was the will of God. And the will of man, and the will of God, WILL rise against each other, and it will be Armageddon. And the children of Jacob; is not only Israel, and the Jews, but also Spiritual Israel. See John 3:16

The Antichrist is exposed in Revelation and Daniel. He who will rise, and believe he is greater than God, i.e. the Roman Catholic Pope, is the Antichrist. It is laid out in laymen words. Nothing complicated about this prophecy. ( read about the Catholicism and the Jeuts in the USA constitution )

At the Tower of Babel, the people united against God; in order to outsmart Him. By changing their language; He spread them across the earth, with a instruction… never to unite again. In the vision of Daniel and the image he saw; we find the feet of iron and clay. Here God re-iterates His instruction that Nations and Cultures may not and will not mix, till the end of time. And what is the new world-order teaching us today?? We are all the same, and equal before God. NO !!!, we are not all equal before God; as some got 10 talents, and some only 2. But by the Grace of God; we all have equal privilege to eternal life, by accepting His Salvation, and growing to adulthood in His eternal LOVE.

It is said; ” As it was in the days of Noah; so shall it be at the end of time”. And what have mankind done??? We are building our newest Towers of Babel, to outsmart God once again, and directly against His will. These Towers of Babel are called; The United Nations;; the European Union;; The African Union. Soon God will come and take His own; and punish the choice of sin. He will cry for every sinner; but He will punish the choice of sin.

God bless you and I, as we seek to learn to know God better; so that His Devine character will rub off in us, and we become more like Him.



Jack, for some reason, being the agnostic sinner that I am, I still like reading your blurbs, don’t know weather to laugh or cry.
What a screwed up world we live in. Unfortunately attitudes are hard to change, for better or worse, Religion IS the problem.
Just relax, man, it will all work out. The world will still be here, and a better place at that, after mankind extincts itself. You can’t stop EVOLUTION.


Mr. Hook,

I commend you for your pursuit of truth and service to us all in this
effort. We need more active Americans such as yourself engaged in this

I believe you are correct in saying that we seem to share many of the same
beliefs. I consider myself to be an active Christian, a writer, educator,
and patriot of this nation. My father-in-law served during WWII, Korea, and
Viet Nam. Each more than one tour. He was a Pathfinder and gained his
greatest learning of war under Patton, during WWII.

I am currently working on a couple of writing projects, one involves the
Civil War and the other is on the Ages of Man.

I thank you for sending your website address and I will certainly take a
look at it.

Have a wonderful Christmas and continue the good work.



I was feeling a little dejected (OK, a LOT dejected) earlier. Attendance is way down, times are tough, and I was beginning to feel like no one paid any attention and I started to doubt what I was doing. Some of my preaching (believing in gifts, but not the contemporay prosperity gospel; holiness not being an optional lifestyle; holiness not being about dress, jewlry, or hair etc.) seems to be costing members and fellowships. We rent space at the residential YWCA downtown to be close to the people and to make a difference and that seems to turn some people off. I really was beginning to feel that very little impact was being made. I was whining, to be truthful.

It may not have been your purpose, but the blessing of seeing us linked on your website has provided me some great encouragement. I so appreciate being associated, even in a small way, with someone who is so passionate about the truth of the Word. I’m certain that your stand has cost you greatly.

Now I have to get busy updating our site! I will let you know how things progress. If you ever have occassion to be in Ohio, please let me know. It would be an honor to meet you.

Yours because of Calvary,



Bro Jack,
I must say I am still learning the paradox of the nature of the true and
living God. On the one hand, ‘what is man that God is mindful of him’, but
on the other hand, ‘He gave His only Son’; on the one hand God is a Spirit
of ‘a consuming fire who dwells in unapproachable light’, but on the other
hand He is tenderhearted, merciful, compassionate, longsuffering, meek,
lowly in heart, and forgiving seventy times seven”.


It just feels like the world is getting ready for a major paradyme shift that many of us won’t be ready for. I mean what if the american dollar goes the way of confederate money. What if America becomes a third world country. What if our president is selling us out behind our backs and one day he anounces that he is the Second Coming. He has a plan. Isn’t it neat to think of all the wonderful things life can be once when we come under the Rule of the Right. I look forward to the day the Seven Deadly Sins are sent on their way and all start living a chaste life as prescribed by the Ten Commandments or Suggestion, or whatever you want to call them. How has such a mess been made of something to beautiful. How can man foist religion on the masses of people who obviously aren’t listening because I see more and more people blaming their sins on some gene that has been in their family for generations and it disrupts the flow of logical information. In other words we make bad choices.
Anyway I have to go. Thanks for the most recent post.


Mr. Hook,

I am humbled by the wonderful Truth you bring to those of us who wound up on this e-mail list. I can’t find the words to express my gratitude to you for sharing these words at this moment, so all I can say is “Thank You!” God Bless!

Bruce and Mary


Dear Mr. Hook,

My father gave me your website to look over.
I have often wondered at the preachers who preach the US must save
Israel and then pray “Come quickly Lord Jesus”. He can’t unless Israel
is under the final attack. Not that I am suggesting America sit back and
cheer as the Middle East overtakes Israel. And, I am not mocking them,
I am confused. If our actions as a church are to be prepared, pray for
the Lord to come quickly, to study prophecy, and teach the Word, then I
don’t understand why they don’t understand that Christians aren’t to
change the world politically. It seems what “we” are doing is all but
looking forward. “We” are trying to make a cozy nest of the earth and
it won’t happen. Try as anyone may, even a Dominionist, if he or she
were honest, would have to concede to scripture. Man is evil. I
finally realized that I am just as much a sinner as a murderer. I had
impatience, anger, vengeance, and self-pity inside. I was a gossip, a
hater, etc. Am I all these things now? They are there. But I am
aware and I despise these things and pray for peace of mind. My point
is…no matter how “good” we think we are..as Christians or non…we
aren’t. And, no matter how much we try to influence politics to change
the world and affect governments to “our way of thinking”, it won’t
work. We are not going to have a Utopia to usher in Jesus. We are not
going to all hold hands and sing Kubiyah. We are not going to see the
lion lie down with the lamb until the Lord comes and fullfills all
prophecy and it is ONLY the Lord Jesus Christ who has the power and the
right to do this. Anyone else will make a hash of it and we have proof
of that over that last several centuries.
I don’t know anymore if there is a pre-trib, post-trib, mid-trib, or
whatever rapture. I do know that we are to prepared, to look forward,
and I pray that I am ready for any departure or testing. In all
honesty, I don’t want to go thru perilous times, but having knowledge of
what I have gone through in my past, I know God has always been there
and will still be there if that time comes.
Warn you must. You appear called to do this. Are you correct about the
USA? I have never “felt” that the US was a part of the prophecy
scripture. We are arrogant and have never been through a testing in
recent Centuries. I think we are headed for a big fall and many
Christians are going to caught unaware. I think this will happen before
the Tribulation.
What better way to sift the believers in America? God is not above
mocking the proud and bringing them low, and we have a plethoria of
righteous, pride-filled Christians in America.
Anyway, this apparently going to be a rambling letter and I need to
stop. No one will agree totally with anyone else. As long as you
remain in the scriptures and ready for the Lord to reprove you if you
are wrong or lead you to revelation of truth to someone else, your work
will be blessed. I will continue to listen, read, and then pray for
discernment to distinguish those parts that are personal opinions but
not heresy or misleading, and those that are not scriptural and deadly
to my walk with Jesus. I never ever want to forget or walk away again.


Greetings Jack and all,

When I wrote my new book D Day For America, I went against those in my denomination. As far as Christian friends goes, they threw me and ‘wifey’ out with the warnings we gave to them. Most of those still will not have much to do with us. I relate this because our duty is to relate, teach, preach with love the Word of God. We are to bring this to a nation of Americanized religious gospel goers who do not see the truth along with the truly unbelieving who are totally blinded to it.
As far as a kingdom goes, I look for a city whose builder and maker is God. My kingdom is not of this world. I do not advocate bringing in a one world democratic so-called Christian society. Especially when it calls for killing everyone as Constantine and Mohammed did in order to bring in their own religious ideals. Also, Jack I have found quite a number who are warning and teaching as well. It is good to see this going on…..God bless.


Thank you. I will take a look. I was a troubled teen during the Vietnam era and lived at that time in Tacoma, WA where my father was in the military. I saw first hand the young troops going to war whole and coming back in pieces…It changed my life forever. I can only trust God. Only He knows why and He is the healing balm of Gilead.
Blessings and thanks for looking me up.


I am not a Christian anymore. The Bible is littered with 1,000 contradictions & the christian religion is the biggest promulgator of cruelty in human history. Ishtar is my deity now.


To Mr. Jack Hook,

Over the years I have taken more interest in the happenings of our country and the rest of the world. I do like hearing from people such as your self concerning subjects like the ones that you have brought up in this dated email. I have recently retired from the military. A combination of Army National Guard and Marine Corps time. It has been the last couple of years that my opinons have really developed. I will say this much. I don’t know much about religious subjects but I can see that alot of bad things are happening. And it will definetly get worse. Example: Sooner or later their will be a large scale revolution in the United States that will tear this country completely apart.
This is just one of my opinions. So now I just live my life for myself and my family. I will close for now, but would be glad to talk futher with you on simular subjects.



Dear Jack,

Thank-you for your e.mail I received today– I visited your web-site and listened to one of your interviews .on (Wee Hours Radio )..I found it so very interesting and basically mind boggling…I have sat on so many church fences trying to find the truth —but never quite found it in any organized church,
I gathered if god wanted me to find the whole truth he would show me the way.. I have been searching for the truth..for more than 27 years now…
But jack what truth do I find in a world of nurtured dishonesty..??
I found the only way to find truth..was to be honest with myself and from this I came my own truth.
I would love to believe what you say is the truth..,Yet once again I find myself against a stumbling block..I want to believe..and find the real truth so much, maybe if I continue to visit your web-site and read other peoples comments- off – like minded people .maybe..I will be guided finally to the light…….I hope to God I do..

May God Guide And Bless You,

…. Olivia ….