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My dear brother in Christ,

I read the 2 part article you wrote on The Fundamentalist and want you to know that it was not something I just skimmed through. It was a meaty article, not just milk for this sister in Christ. There was a lot to chew on and I am thankful for all your biblical refererences. It took me two, no maybe more like three evenings for me to go through it. I am still digesting it but I have to say, when you spoke of the Godly Sorrow, I felt the truth of this revelation. I try to share with my loved ones about my re-born Christian faith and speak, no it is more of a confession, about my sinful nature, only to find that they prefer to tell me I am too hard on myself, that I am a good person.

I pray that their eyes will be opened, and that their ears will hear what they need to hear and believe to be saved. Maybe if not from me then from some other Christian, for I know that I am, we are, incapable of saving ourselves. It is Christ’s shed blood that has covered me. I pray each day for God’s mercy knowing that I have sinned so much and am so sorry for this. Thanks Brother Jack for your clear understanding and for following what God has placed on your heart to share with others.

Your sister in Christ,


Thanks for contacting me. Like you, I too am former military. I was commissioned in 1964, after enlisting in the Naval Reserve and graduating from the Naval Academy. My Vietnam experience is nil; I was East Coast Anti-Submarine Warfare pilot and then RDT&E for the rest of my career. I deployed only to the Atlantic, the Med and the North Sea areas. I was, however, a specialist in the Med and Middle East, so that area always has had my interest. And, because I was a student of the Bible since childhood, my family and I had a wonderful time walking in Paul’s paths while I was an advisor to the Turkish Navy in 1973-1975.

I’ve put your website intp my favorites, and will be a regular reader.

Dave Parry CDR, USN (ret.)


Jack, thanks for keeping us posted on this very, very interesting topic. I am concerned to tell the Hal Lindsays that there is no PRE-Trib rapture in the Bible, but the one coming of Jesus after the tribulation. Meanwhile we must watch intelligently.
Do keep watching the Mahdi developments for us and I gather the Mahdi is supposed to be alive and waiting to be revealed?


The Mahdi in Iran has already come. His name is Bahá’u’lláh and his predecessor the Qaim’s name was Bab. I am a follower of Jesus and James the Just, but I predict that the Bahá’í Faith will be the largest religion within 200 years, probably because it makes so much sense and it makes the prophecies of every major religion come true without any major violence. The Kingdom of God is within you. It’s not coming down on a cloud in the sky. Jesus has been misinterpreted. The Kingdom of God is here. Look around you. We must break down boundries. I met with God once and all it told me was to bring all religions together and the Bahá’í Faith will be the future of peace (or at least the future of religions to come). They are on the right track, check em out.
peace and love



The bible is a reprint of the ancient sumerian texts, nobody knows if the sumerian texts
were preceded, but most likely were. The bible does have useful information however,
but one must consider all of the mistranslations, editing, and the lost books as well.
Christianity was started by Constantine, who was not a very good fellow.
There are alot of unanswered questions, and I will check your site out, I may learn a
thing or two.



Yeah, I’ve got a mahdi for them all right. I am absolutely fed up with the wickedness in this world. OBL’s last ‘message to the American people’ was a direct attack on the Word of God and God’s people. And I don’t know what’s worse, these serpent pieces of pig scum or the apathy of the American people on this day when we commemorate the loss of nearly 3,000 lives courtesy of these death-worshipping mahdi followers. They can, and they will, go straight to hell.

As far as I’m concerned, all bets are off and the gloves are off, at least for me. If I have anything to say or do about it, I am speaking God’s Word boldly and I don’t care what happens after that.





Somehow Jack I smell a rat. Islamic Mahdi doesn’t conjure up images of “peace” and “Jesus” and can’t we all just get along. Muslims are out to kill us and destroy our way of life. You can talk peace but so far the actions of Islam have been death and destruction. Muslims have not condemned the terrorists. All real Americans will fight for their freedom and for God and country.

Maj. James G. Miles, US Army (Ret)


I honestly do not understand this desire to kill or be killed and I was in the Army. Show me where in Islam or Christiandom that peace is not the mechanism for pleasing God? Do we not worship the same Being? This whole thing seems stupid to me. You want to fight, then I will. Sure won’t like it, but will do so if necessary. Doubt that I made sense, but tried in my dumb way.

Take care,


yeah i have no doubt in my mind that catholics will unite with the muslims
because they are the same–mary worshippers. I mean really what other
religion do you see that give the decree “convert or die”—not going to be
so pleasant for the real christian though–it will be our buying and selling
gets cut off—it is my understanding that the mark of the beast is a
Sabbath issue there will be sunday laws we will have to follow once they get
their global church going-when those people that want to follow God and his
Ten commandments chose instead the real 7th day Sabbath of creation then
comes the time of Jacobs trouble(convert or die–so much for religious
freedom)—the pope(or whoever is the antichrist–i think its the pope) will
have his seat in isreal for one hour which is probably about a week if you
go by the day for a year guide in the bible—–then we can look forward to
seeing our beautiful Saviour in the clouds–lets all hope it plays out soon
real soon so we can go home, He has had to Tarry too long–God bless Mr Hook
have a great day!


Hi Jack…greetings….hope all is well with you and your extended family. I just finished reading about Mahdi….I don’t think the message is all that important as the message of salvation. We should all concentrate what is in the bible itself as it contains all the answers man needs to know. What is troubling me the most is that President Bush is going to be sending 30,000 more troops over there. This breaks my heart. These people have been fighting forever and were not going to stop it but only lose our precious citizens. I am sorry to say I even voted for him in the first place. Let us take our troops and rebuild America for the good of the people. Plenty of work to be done here. There is nothing anyone can do to prevent the end times from happening. I say stick with the words of the bible. There is more than enough to memorize. I just finished the book of Daniel. Still I could go through it again and again and each time the Lord speaks to each and every one of us in a different way to bring our talents to fruition collectively. I enjoy your articles….God Bless you and yours, Leslie



You Army officers must have really been smoking something weird in the nam to come up with such seriously stupid things. I went back to school at 50 to see how much of what we were told we were fighting for in nam, got a BA, in the process I learned nothing was true. Except the killing, maiming, torture and free fire zones, the ones the swift boat guys seem ignorant of. I often think about what would have happened if the troops had turned on all the officers giving those illegal orders. Then chained them up and called the UN and submitted charges against and sent them to the international court.

I suppose your guilt is what made you a jesus freak, I just became a drunk for 3-4 years then tried to forget it all. Like the guys who have committed suicide I feel sympathy for your suffering, so much so if I could talk to you I think I could help bring you back down to earth, and away from the fundamentalists nutbagging you seem caught in.

Just like the John Wayne crap they fed us in the 60’s in the military all religions have gone on steroids in their intolerance, which is what I think Armageddon is, you jesus freaks are intending to start a war that will kill off all of us.

That is the reason I would vote tomorrow to not even allow religious extremists to get near a sharp object or drive a vehicle. The delusional need not be responsible for their actions but giving a loaded weapon to a fool is still against the law for the rest of us who are not under the control of dogma. So I say “get a life Jack”, forget the dogma before your life is over, life can be pleasant.




I don’t know what to think about this news. I guess my biggest question would be “would any of the hundreds of different religions even consider a truce while there are still these rouge fundamentalist killing them. What’s even more troubling is that they are killing fellow Muslims in all this sectarian unrest. They can’t even agree on their own holy book less trying to make nice with non Muslims. Not going to happen. At least not until they get their own people on the same page, and that hasn’t happened for well over a thousand years.

I too take a burn to the son of God taking second place. Only to the Father is he Second.
I’m afraid that there is going to be a war. Not just with Iran but with Russia as well. This is what Iran wants to happen. They think we will not attack them because Russia is standing behind them. I hope Putin thinks twice about what he will do. Unfortunately the
process has all ready begun here in the war rooms. I expect something by this next year to be done with Iran and as far as the US is concerned there going whether or not Russia makes any moves or not. Two options one Iran stops enrichment verifiable on its own or Russia steps up to the plate with us demanding it be done or force will be used.

There is a possible third option. That being Russia not reacting to what were going to do. All three look very doubtful at this point in time. So let me be the first to welcome you to world war three. It’s coming and nothing short of a miracle will stop it. So my friend pray a lot and try to live for today and any tomorrows we may have left. So if this Mahdi their talking about is nuclear war their right!

Your friend, Mike


Mr. Hook,
I will be happy to look over your web-site and appreciate the ministry God has called you to involving our veterans. Just from reading your form letter I can sense a great anointing on your life and pray that God will richly bless you.
The King is coming!


I don’t very often reply to your comments but I will to this one. What you have to remember in the days of tribulations many will be deceived. Our saviour gave strict orders in Mat 24 about not going here or there. The days will not be lengthened but cut short. The anti christ might possibly come out of Islam. Don’t forget Islam is just an off shoot from the catholic faith whether others like to believe it or not. Mohamed’s wife was a catholic nun. And there is no doubt that many will hero worship and treat the peace maker as a mighty one. The fact you say the author of the christen faith will accompany him is not is not unbelievable and I can see certain teachings in both the christen, islamic and jewish faiths to accommodate it. However, to hold on to the teachings is imperative. We must also remember after Constantine a lot of things were altered. We must get back to the true basis of faith. Remember the greatest deception is that which is slightly obscure from the truth.


Please do not send me this crap. Thank you. I believe in the Real God not your satan. Oh by the way kill all that believe this junk…


Dear Bro. Jack,

Isn’t it interesting the false teachings that the devil came up with after several hundred years of doing his own “study” of the prophecies of The Bible!!!

The Islamic people know not that they are pleading for the antichrist himself who will indeed rise to power and take his position on God’s prophetic stage.

Thank you for all that you are in The LORD and ONLY Savior Jesus Christ and thank you for being so very faithful in your labor of love and service for Him.

Sincerely in The LORD and ONLY Savior Jesus Christ,
Stephen and Bonita


Dear Jack

It is unfortunate that you (and many like you) do not realize you are caught in the same snare which holds those who wait for the Mahdi.

Any interpretation of prophetic scripture which detracts from the individual metaphorical and personal, but instead focuses on the external, global aspects of geopolitics is immediately and forever susceptible of misinterpretation. The people who make such mis-interpretations are susceptible of being deceived.

The Master himself told the disciples not to look for the Son of Man “over here” or “over there” and this exhortation is as valid today as it was then. You are committing exactly what he told you (and the disciples) NOT to do. “lightning flashing from east to west” is an event which occurs INSIDE OF YOU

You have not gone deeply enough into literary analysis and synthesis to see this now, but I hope that gentle persuasion and time will lead you to a mental transformation.

Waiting for the middle-east to explode and waiting for Russia to attack and waiting for the Son of Man to appear physically in the sky and waiting for the Mahdi to appear are all exactly what those who manipulate geo-politics today want you to be doing. The Son of Man is here, NOW the Mahdi is here NOW they always have been they always will be for each individual.

Of course you believe me to be apostate and mis-informed. I used to think and believe the exact same thing. It takes years to come out of it and grow into/evolve into a mature relationship with your Christ within and be saved from the deception

God blesses you now



Hi Jack:

My thoughts are simple and to the point. As I know you are aware, any peace that comes from anyone other than Christ is just a contract that will eventually bring millions to their deaths and ruin. Here’s a question worth asking, are we willing to die in order to maintain our “true” confession, that Jesus Christ is G-d and the ONLY TRUE G-d? If we hold to our true confession and we are here when all of this takes place, we will have to die to maintain a good confession of our faith.

In His Love Forever,


Dear Brother Jack. The Bible states that those that are standing, their eyes will consume away in their sockets and their flesh shall consume away. There is no way we can change Gods prophecy of end day wars. It is enevatiable. We must work while there is still light. Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled the wars and all. The Anti-Christ will show himself in the last days as a harbeger of peace, but will bring swift destruction to many. ars. Rev.A.R.


To add to this…the Mahdi is suppose to come out of a cave….
Many believe, since Bin laden lives in caves, he could be or bring forth this Mahdi.
Iran believe they must pave the way by getting rid of the infidels….us


Dear Jack,
The “Mahdi” theme gets more complicated than this. Please allow me to explain because this is VERY important information…

About 15 years ago I was almost sucked into a religion known as the Baha’i Faith. This faith began in IRAN in 1844 when a young muslim Imam known as the “Bab” (meaning “the Gate”) appeared at the holy Ka’aba in Mecca and claimed that HE was the RETURN of the twelfth Imam of Shi’a Islam. The Muslim governments in Iran and Iraq imprisoned the Bab and persecuted his followers. The Bab did NOT claim to be the “Promised One of All Religions”, but said that this Promised One was soon to appear. The Bab was executed by firing squad in 1850, but his movement kept on spreading. Later, in 1863, one of the Bab’s followers claimed this station and called himself Baha’u’llah (meaning “The Glory of God”)…

Here’s were it gets VERY interesting… Baha’u’llah was NOT executed. Instead, he was exhiled to Iraq. The Iraqis then exhiled him to the Ottoman Empire where they kept him in a prison in Akka (Acre) a small town on the Mediterranean coast beneath Mount Carmel. There, he wrote many religious texts, including “The Most Holy Book” which the Baha’is consider to be the basis for the laws governing the coming MILLENIAL KINGDOM. Baha’u’llah died in prison and was buried in a tomb at the base of Mt. Carmel. His followers recovered the bones of the Bab from Iran and placed them inside a domed tomb located right on Mt. Carmel itself. Decades later this land became PART OF THE MODERN STATE OF ISRAEL. Prophecy fulfilled! About two decades ago the Baha’is began construction of their Baha’i World Centre which they call ‘The Universal House of Justice” also on Mt. Carmel. It was completed just a few years ago. Baha’is claim that this institution is the ultimate final expression of the prophecies of ALL the world’s religions, and they fully expect all peoples and governments will turn to this body IN ISRAEL for spiritual guidance.

The Muslims in Iran have been persecuting the Baha’is on and off for the past 160 years. They DENY the Baha’I claims to “Mahdi” and insist that they are really Zionists who are closely allied with the Jews. This is partly true. Although Baha’is are FORBIDDEN FROM ENTERING POLITICS, they are nevertheless cooperative with ALL governments wherever they live, including the government of Israel.

Even more interesting is the fact that the Bush family are close friends with many influential Baha’is. Back in 1992, the Baha’is held a World Congress in New York City. Addressing the attendants via video phone was then President of the United States George Bush Sr. When Saddam invaded Kuwait, Bush first publicly coined the term “New World Order” to describe a United-States-led INTERNATIONAL COALITION to defeat the aggressor. THIS CONCEPT FOR MAINTAINING WORLD PEACE was FIRST PUT FORWARD by BAHA’U’LLAH in his writings over 150 years ago. One of Baha’u’llah’s writings was addressed to “The Presidents of the Republics of America” and clearly commanded them to “crush the oppressor who flourisheth with the rod of the commandments of your Lord”.

The Bush family is doing the dirty business of the Baha’i Faith. As a Christian, I think it’s the WRONG move… but the Lord will no doubt ultimately turn it into His advantage.

So now you know.

Your brother in Christ, Ray


I would like to subscribe to any newsletter you might have. I love your website and found it to be very informative and very interesting. Thank you for writing it. The Lord had impressed upon me years ago, back in the early 90’s, that America was Babylon and I was a baby Christian back then. Since that time I had been learning more of the end times. So I was very thankful for your site.

Although I signed your guess book, someone got my e-mail address (from off your site) and is attempting to discredit all that you were saying and stand for. A Jewish person (not a christian Jew) was trying to tell me that Christ was the antichrist. I was so appalled!!! So I hope no one else gets my e-mail address from off your site even though I had used my other address.

Please inform me if you send out any newsletters.


Hi Barbara,

Thanks for responding. If you don’t mind saying, how did you find my web site? Your experience with the Jew who has not yet surrendered to the Lord Jesus should only strengthen our resolve to hold up his saving power on the bloody cross. I have added your name to our mailing list and below you will find the letter I sent out “The Mahdi is Coming”.

I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection. There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead. Keep in touch, for your comments, even criticisms, are welcome and appreciated.

Your new eternal friend,
Jack D. Hook

Dear Jack,

Thank you so much for your e-mail to me. I am most grateful. How I found your website was through a friend from UK who forward it over to me. I am in the US. I am so glad he did because I had been studying about the end times for quite awhile now. And you have some very significant insights to the end of times. How do you figure these things out or does the Lord impress them upon you? I know some of it is literal but some is very hard to understand and then to put it all together. I have learned a lot through your writings. And my eyes have been opened as far as the patriotic pride goes. I, too, use to be patriotic of our country but just this summer my eyes had been opened to how crooked our govrnment really is. I watched a documentary on the secret beginnings of America and found out the dark side was there all along (which of course was Satan’s plan). Reading your writings made me see things even more clearly.

I had read the “Pacifist, Patriot, or Pilgrim” article and it was very interesting. I agree with you that we are not to be patriotic soldiers of the carnal sword as you put it. It really made me stop to think of the significance of this.

Yes, your articles have been a great help to me. I am a born again Christian who is looking for the second coming of Jesus Christ!

The articles I have read including the above were “The Judgement Cronicles”, “Fundamentalist Part 1 & 2, The Doctrine of Imminence”, Accursed from Christ”, Babylon’s Final Fall”, and from your book, I read Pre or Post Rapture. It all sounds good to me and I hope eventually I’ll be able to read it all. I do recommend this site to everyone. I have my husband reading your articles right now. He, too, thinks they are very good. Thanks for writing. God bless you, Jack.

Your new eternal friend,


Dear Jack, Shalom
In answer to some of your questions; notice please that while Jesus
returns as the side kick to the Mahdi (according to Muslim teaching), it is Jesus as Christian not as a
Jew. The hatred of Jews and Judaism is paramount. Thats what its really
all about! Or, as they say, first the Saturday people (the Jews) then the Sunday
people (the Christians) will be destroyed, OR converted. Much the same
as the Christian belief of the Second Coming, no?



You must be wearing those cling wrap undies again, because I can clearly see your nuts.
Still, I like getting your wacko newsletters, besides being a bit of a chuckle, it just reinforces how absurd religion is.
I can just see it now, Jesus his Muslim mate and mum Mary, blowing kisses, as they swoop over Israel or wherever, flying along on their magic carpet.

Read a good book lately,”The God Delusion”, by Richard Dawkins. Dawkins demonstrates how religious thought patterns are replicated through the generations predominantly through the indoctrination of young minds, which are programmed to unquestionably absorb knowledge from parental figures. Whist a lot of that knowledge is important such as survival skills, non sensical religious beliefs creep in and become part of the cultural lore.

So all we have to do is give one generation a chance by burning all the bibles, Korans, torahs or what have you and we can be set free?

Surely you realise the bible is riddled with historical inaccuracies, contradictions and claims that not a shred of evidence exists for?

Speaking of fundamentalism, several words spring to mind – prejudice, superstition, intolerance, ignorance, hatred. These are traits that all fundamentalists display.
Traits they accuse the other side of having, but are blind to themselves.

I shudder to think that if right wing American christian beliefs were to be fully inflicted on the populace, through the law of the land and cultural control, prosecuted by imbeciles like George Dubbya Bush, that a new dark ages would sporn, where religious dogma is mandatory, and scientific insight and knowledge would be crushed.
Imagine if hogwash pseudo science like ‘creation science’ became mainstream teaching, supplanting the proven science of evolution?

Dawkins makes the point that getting us agnostics/atheists together is a bit like herding cats – as we are free and independent thinkers. But I have a feeling a new age may be dawning. Lets put Jesus into his rightful place, probably a very cool guy, a massive historical figure, but nevertheless – a 2000 year old dead man who aint going nowhere!

This great pronouncement of yours will amount to nothing, but keep up the good work anyway.



Hello Jack, like you I am a Vietnam veteran also. I went to Vietnam in 1969 abd returned in 1970. I had a few close calls but again I was not assigned to a combat unit, I was in Saigon also, my unit was SSG, Special Security Group, working for the Assistant Chief of Intelligence. But I drove all over South Vietnam almost on a daily basis. I flew to several bases in the country. I was an enlisted man and retired in 1984 after 26 years of service. In the pay grade of Sergeant Major, and I still have memories of South Vietnam in my mind too. I am now a Christian, born again by the Blood of my Savior Jesus Christ in 1963 and am now a preacher which I enjoy very much. If there is any way that I can help you please let me know. I live just about 32 miles from Fort Leanard Wood Army base and have on several occasions witness to young soldiers when the opportunity arises. So pray for me and I will put you on my prayer list also. In Christ your friend for eternity, Don.


These are some nice thoughts. How true! Discovering the truth of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is life changing. If He rose from the dead, He is Lord and Master. If He did not rise from the dead, all hope for life after death is a vain, vague presumption.

Dr. Brook


Shalom jack,

I realize that according to your religion, you feel an obligation to ‘enlighten’ the rest of us. However, I ask you to respect me and not send me any material that is of missionary content. Everyone in the world has their own religion and if you were a pagan worshipper, you might also have your beliefs you have to show me the truth and you must spread your religion. However, this is wrong and against the Torah. The Torah is the original document from G-d, with the ten commandments, and Christianity even recognizes it as divine. I find it offensive that you would try to convince me that your way is right, when G-d’s word says otherwise. Therefore, please review the first two commandments of the ten commandments, and respect them.
In friendship,


P.S. You should also realize that G-d wants us to pray ONLY to Him. According to the Bible, G-d will send a redeemer, a messiah, to bring us back to him. However, the messiah is a creation of G-d,, and we do not pray to His creations, only to G-d.


i want to see peace an hope the war in iraq ends soon but im irish an have no love for the british for they terrorised ireland for 600 years,my grandfathers 98 an remembers the black an tans terrorising people for speaking the irish language which is gaelic and not english.my grandmothers brothers fought in the second world war and got wounded in dunkirk and her cousin was prisoner in a japanese prison camp.lots of irish fought an died in the first an second world war an were forgotten about.i like the americans but hate the british.



Thank you for writing. As a veteran, I hope you read our editorial “Veterans Day,” especially the last paragraph where we said that wars are started by corrupt old men who think they are entitled to decide what is right for younger, better men to die for.

As to religion, I am an ordained Presbyterian deacon, and in my field of Gaelic history, I have found that my own church has done more evil than it has done good. The lesson in that fact is that your worship doesn’t need to please me. You only need to please God. So, I will pray for you that God may find your worship, and your life, acceptable in His sight.

Le deagh dhúrachd (Best Wishes)