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Thank you very interesting, I too was diagnosed with Diabetes, high blood pressure, high colesteral, pressumed exposure to Agent Orange.
Just lost a very good friend about a year ago, had PTSD, diabetes, kidney Cancer.

Your friend in Christ…
R. G.


Sounds like you have found deep inner peace.

Like you, I was in country (Vietnam) in 68-69 and was medivaced out after 7 days in RVN hospitals.

God has a purpose for all of us who will merely ask and turn our life over to Him.



hello jack.

i’am rick, vietnam combat marine veteran (1965-1966), after review of charlie company it reminded me of my friends and battles we were in.

young and well trained even after many battles, our faith in each other and our heavenly father gave us comfort and courage to prtotect the freedom we all have today.

pray for all our mailtary aboard fighting to still protect our freedom today and in the future for our children.




Well, Jack, you sure got the good, the bad and the ugly in your responses–not surprising. You ask yourself the question…Why is it that some folks are embittered by life’s incongruities, whereas others are mellowed by the stresses of life (Vietnam being a major stress to so many of us)? Some like to completely forget it ever happened – like a major train wreck – some, like this “Kaiser” e-mail guy get super cynical and attack your faith…determining somehow to defame anything that faith “has to do with it” and thereby bring a refreshing breath of what he thinks is reality in the midst of your affirmative “fantasies” (as he sees it).

I’m impressed you let it all hang out…I still believe there are no atheists in foxholes–I NEVER MET ONE! Really, you’ve got some guts to circulate the whole nine-yards and run the gamut in so doing. “The God of this world has blinded the minds of them who believe not…lest the light of the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ should shine into them” – the guy that said that, Paul, used to go around killing Christians, thinking he was doing the religious leaders of his day a favor – but God snagged him. My sister was an ardent member of the “Hell’s Angels” – then one day she had a vision of hell – indeed, it literally scared the hell out of her – she became a believer in Jesus. Some of us come to the Water of Life kicking and screaming and are thrown in…others test the waters greatly before plunging in…still others calculate everything about the water before jumping in…finally, some come upon the water just seemingly by accident and fall in! Some see the water and can’t wait to jump in! Anyway–you get the drift.

Jack, you did right by what you related – your spirit was right – and the great majority of us veterans know that–God bless you in your future exploits for the truth that we share in Jesus.



Thanks for sharing these stories.I also was in vietnam during tet IN 1968.I was with the first of the 20th Infantry in the 11th brigade of the Americal Division .Thank God I never went through what Charlie company went through.God bless you . Louie


Dear Jack,
Awesome. Whether we can see His hand or not, whether we feel His presence or not, God is in control. My best friend is Jesus.
I thank you from my heart for your service. Some of the boys I knew in high school are gone, they either died in Vietnam or were casualties in the aftermath of war when they got home.
Keep telling the story, be faithful and true. America needs men like you.


Thanks for the article. My best friend was hit by a sniper in Viet Nam, and spent months recovering at Fitzimons hospital in Aurora Colorado, and my dad is retired Air Force.

Are you still in America? America will be destroyed in one hour and we have been given a 2000year warning. We need to prepare a place and get as many Americans out as possible. Jews and Christians around the world will be slaughtered and someone needs to prepare for this somehow. With your military background you may have some valuable insight. Not for a military response, but to understand the offensive that the mahdi’s army will mount. I live in Australia and it is my opinion that after America is out of the way that Indonesia will invade Australia and possibly turn Australia into a Cambodia under Pol Pot. I left America because of my beliefs about Babylon the Great and that made me feel a little crazy, but it freaks me out a little to be thinking these other thoughts, but nevertheless, things seem to be falling into place making the whole thing plausable.



Please refrain from sending me any more of this ludicrous nonsense.


First of all, Isaiah and Jeremiah were not Jewish prophets. The jews of today are edomites and they are Babylon the Great, not the United States. The United States is the beast that Babylon the Great (the woman dressed in red) is sitting on.


Dear Jack,

Thanks once again for your news letter.

Do you “feel” we are living in the times of the anti-Christ? I sure do 🙁 This Country was founded on Christian values, yet we elect someone with a questionable belief in our Lord?? I’m totally confused and feel like hiding under the bed. Intellectually I know hiding under the bed won’t help, but even after all my years in college……..I still feel under the bed seems the safest place for the next four years. 🙁



Wow! You helped me more than you can imagine Mr. Hook. All is clear now for me regarding this passage. I now see how the “her” (the “woman” of Revelation 12) refers to the Tribulation Jewish remnant hiding out (in the wilderness-Rev 12) from the AC while being protected by the holy angels (the “strong”) and Michael (Daniel 12:1). Glory!

Yes, it does sound just like sci-fi. What a terrible tragedy that the unsaved masses accept the Satanically inspired Hollywood versions of the supernatural (i.e. Independence Day), while vehemently rejecting the “real” sci-fi events found in the Bible.

I want to thank you for taking the time to help another brother in the Lord learn from the Book. I wouldn’t want to bother you or be a nuisance, but if I come across any more questions in the Bible, would it be acceptable to email you from time to time? I have absolutely no other brothers in Christ to speak with about these things, for their understanding of Scripture is that of babes in Christ.

I’ll go ahead and ask one here: are the “horses” that the OT prophets and John mention (in regard to the military actions in the Tribulation) literal horses or are they the prophets way of describing 21st century mechanized warfare machines?

Thanks again sir.



While I basically agree with all you have said, there is one point that needs to be brought to light. Although we have elections in this country it is ultimately God who raises up and tears down. For reasons we may not understand, or for those we wish to ignore, God has placed Barak Obama in power, NOT the people. I see a day of cleansing fire coming upon the U.S. This persecution should be embraced by the faithful, to the effect that they might be purged of their sinful nature (we are already made clean of our sin). This next outpouring of the Holy Spirit will be met with great persecution, beatings, threats, even death. It will take a special people to remain faithful unto the end. It is up to us to pray that we will become that kind of people. Once the persecution begins in earnest, the Gospel will spread throughout the world like wild fire. This has happened before, and it will happen again. This time, however, the stakes are much higher because the time is short. If Satan fights ever so hard during these days knowing his time is short, we should fight even harder by the power of the Holy Spirit and in love.




Dear Jack,
The Lord told me many years ago that this nation would be rendered powerless to intervene in world affairs, as it has gone whoring after other nations and adopted their evil ways. It is very rapidly coming to light that this nation is being carried into the one world UN style and will invariably be like any other nation under socialism. The down side to any socialistic state is that it can quickly change for the worse. We are to resist it as Christians and pray that God will give us peace in the process. Anyone who believes what has happened is right and proper for a believer to agree with is totally confused.

How can good agree with evil? It can’t, and this is the appropriate way to spread the good news and truth (Jesus Christ) as He is the way, the truth, and the life. We don’t bend the knee but to God, my friend, and it is apparent that many so called Christians in this country have no clue what’s going on, and what is good and true for all its inhabitants. There is confusion in the body of Christ and it is due to gross sin in the camp. The world has overcome the people simply because we are at a point of apathy concerning things that force us to examine ourselves. Who in his right mind could vote for a platform that agrees with evil? The LORD knows who they are and will deal with it by His hand. In the meantime, we are to pray and seek His face to remove this sin, or at the very least, provide pockets of excellence for us to live in peace until He comes again. Baruch Hashem !

In Him,



Hey Jack, In all of heaven I enjoy your script ‘s; Thank you for keeping me on your list,I’m not sure I understand all that you protray;I don’t belive the elected Obama is the savior of anything,he used black people to get him where he wanted:But isn’t even Black;Nor did he give a moment of his time in the Real Service of this country;Perhaps if he had he might have reconized the Pledge of Aligence when it was being spoke. Ya know black people arn’t the only people in this country who were sold into slavery;I’m one of them;It’s called adoption,and for this I can relate. Jesus said and then comes the fire(I love that one) ya see I’m on the side of the sword. Pray for me Jack dale


Pray For Our Nation…Pray For President Barack Obama

God I ask in Jesus’ name, “Allow no weapon that is formed against President Barack Obama and his family to prosper. Keep everyone safe from all evil, hurt, harm, and danger. Bless them all, especially Obama to hear clearly from You God, allow You Lord Jesus to lead him, and obey You promptly. Bless President Obama with the wisdom and knowledge to run this country the way You want Lord Jesus. Bless Barack, his family, the House of Representatives and Senate to come to know You better, fall more in love with You with each passing day, and walk in obedience to Your Holy Word. Amen, so be it, and it is so!!!”

Pray Without Ceasing For President Obama, His Family,
the House of Representatives, and the Senate!!!


God does not want Christian to pray for Barak Obama. It is illegal for him to be president. He isn’t even a U.S. citizen, and he is also a hybrid black. It is a violation for an Israelite like myself to be ruled by a hybrid black. Nybrid blacks aren’t even suppose to go into the Congregation of the Lord. Deuteronemy 23:2-3. Obama will be dead soon. No great loss.


Hey Jack,

How are you? I trust this will find you and yours well.

You obviously don’t know me, but my name is Timothy.

I had never heard of you before tonight here until a friend of mine sent me a link that had some of your audio stuff. I have just finished listening to your audio, picked at random, about Hal Lindsay. I just had to write to you and tell you what a breath of fresh air it was to hear what you had to say about this subject, i.e. about America and how it is falsely being taught to be a so-called “Christian nation”.

I have been warning Christians about this for years and I’m usually looked at like I have 3 eyes or something, heh-heh. Christians today just don’t realize what is being done here with this false doctrine. Cicero, the 1st century B.C. statesman, writer and orator said; “They that know not the past remain forever children”. How true this is. With that said, far more dangerous is that the vast majority of Christians have no idea of just how powerful Satan is or how he works.

Satan is using this false Christian-America concept to turn multitudes, “Christians”, into lovers of this present world rather than lovers of God and they don’t even realize what is going on. These men who propagate this idea are basically using fear to manipulate multitudes. They use the fear of losing the liberty of worship. They use the fear of persecution etc. This false doctrine of a Christian America, for the most part, is built on “the fear of man”. Since when does the true Christian need a law that permits the worship of God?

I don’t know just exactly how much you have learned in your research of this matter. Myself, I have been looking into the matter for quite a few years now and I thought that perhaps I might share a few of my thoughts about it with you. I hope you don’t mind, but hearing the things that you were saying really got me excited for it is rare to find one who realizes what is going on with this.

This Idea of America being a Christian nation is basically due to “amillennialism”, which was a residual left over from the Protestant break with Romanism in the 16th century, which false amillennial eschatology the Protestants by and large failed to rid themselves of. I call amillennialism “Christian-humanism”, which is certainly an oxymoron to say the least. I’m sure you know that it is Augustine’s (I heard you mention Augustine) allegorizing, Alexandrian style, of the millennium that is basically the “theological” reason for Romanism’s attempt to rule the world as they did for so many centuries, with great success I might add too.

And of course Constantine’s role in the matter was quite significant (as you also mentioned), seeing how it was Constantine (274-337ad) who put a stop to the “emperonian persecutions” that took place for almost 300 years prior to him with his “Edict of Milan” or as it is otherwise known, “The Edict of Toleration” around 312-313ad. Then Theodosius I (346-395ad) made Christianity the state religion around 391 during the lifetime of Augustine (254-430ad) and outlawed all pagan religions, which then made the once persecuted the persecutors, i.e. the so-called Christians then persecuted the pagans. Augustine helped to justify this with his false interpretation of Luke 14:23 whereby he taught that those in the “highways and hedges” who were to be compelled to come in were the heretics and unbelievers. This error he used against the “Donatists”. Just for the record here, but I don’t believe Augustine was ever regenerated, nor Constantine either from what I can see of him.

Nevertheless, what has happened here with America has to do with Calvinist heretics who came to America in the early 17th century. By “Calvinist heretics” I mean of course the Pilgrims and Puritans.

Not to get sidetracked here but from what I have learned in my study of Calvinism for many years, tracing it back to Augustine, who was really the first teacher in “Christendom” of what has come to be called “Calvinism” is this. Calvin parroted a great deal of Augustine quoting him some 400 times in his “Institutes Of The Christian Religion” and said, “Augustine is so wholly with me that if I were to write a confession of faith I could do it from his writings alone”. Now, this study of Calvinism back to Augustine, of course explains where Calvin got his doctrine from.

The question then became to me, just where then did Augustine get his ideas from? With the idea in mind that if a man were by himself on a deserted island with the Bible alone to read, he certainly would not come up with the doctrine’s of Calvinism’s Tulip; then how came about these false teachings? What I learned in answer to this has to do with the fact that Augustine was a Gnostic of the Manichean sort for some 9 years or so before his supposed conversion around 387, having been baptized by “Ambrose of Milan” on Easter of that year. This so-called “St. Augustine of Hippo” in my opinion for what it is worth, is the greatest heresiarch to have ever been used of Satan to attack sound Biblical doctrine and thereby the Church of Jesus Christ and His saints. Augustine is basically the spiritual father of both Romanism and Calvinism; how’s that for an irony of history eh? For from the mind of this one man came the conflicting sides of the Protestant Reformation. Augustine has left some 5,000,000 words for posterity to read.

Okay, Manicheanism and other forms of Gnosticism have the basic teachings of TULIP. Due to their “dualism” they had a concept of “total-depravity” for all matter was created evil by the evil god of the Old Testament, so they say, who they called the “Demiurge (a word used first by Plato)” i.e. “craftsman”. They had a definite idea of an “elect” alone who had the “spark of life” in them (akin to the Calvinist heresy of pre-faith-sovereign-regeneration) and who were predestinated to Gnosis (knowledge), i.e. a special salvific knowledge of their god. And these who were the “elect” then of course could not become otherwise, in other words they were supposedly “once saved always saved (OSAS)”, which is the doctrine of “eternal security”, or “preservation/perseverance of the saints”, which is then just the 5th and although logical conclusion of Calvinism, is nevertheless heresy. This OSAS doctrine is clearly Gnostic for some sects taught from their dualism that since matter was evil and spirit was good then once one was enlightened they were taken from the evil world of matter and put in the good world of spirit and therefore now nothing from the evil world of matter could affect their spiritual state. Sound familiar?

There is an awful lot to this Jack and like I said, I don’t really know how much you know. I’m just giving you a brief outline here but I pray you get the idea of what I’m saying. Actually here, I’ve written a great deal about these things; the last book I wrote was a 2-volume work of just over 268,000 words. The first section is basically a history of Calvinism back to Augustine, then to Gnosticism and back to Eden to the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” where all this started to begin with when Satan became the author of this present world system here on earth as he fathered the flesh in his spiritual-mating with Adam, so to speak. Lucifer became Satan by rebellion to then become the god of this present world. The second section of the book is basically a direct attack on TULIP, point by point, plus a whole lot more.

Nevertheless, getting back to the main subject. When the Calvinists landed here they believed they were coming to a “New Israel”. This was due to their amillennialism and “Replacement-Theology” whereby they, for one thing, thought that the Church of Jesus Christ has taken the place of Israel, and for two, that they believed they were in the millennium and therefore supposed to be about what they thought was God’s work of setting up the “Millennial-Kingdom” in this present age. Of course, as you also touched on, Dominion -Theology, then there’s the Kingdom-Now; The Theonomists” etc. Then we have the Charismatics who are trying to take over the world, not due to amillennialism but because they think they have the power being little-gods as such.

This idea of their “Replacement-Theology (RT)” is why here where I’m at on the east coast of America so many of the towns are named after towns in Israel. This RT is also how they justified killing the Indians for they saw them as “Canaanites” and themselves as neo-Israelites who had come to the “promised land”, and therefore saw themselves merely being obedient to God cleansing the land of these heathen.

The now deceased Dennis James Kennedy had his “Reclaiming America For Christ”, along with guys like David Barton and his “Wallbuilders” etc. These guys like Kennedy, who was a staunch Calvinist, seems to have learned nothing from Calvin’s miserably failed attempt to establish a theocracy back in his own little papal state of 16th century Geneva, not to mention how many other nations throughout history thought themselves “Christian” ans failed in their attempted theocracies. I heard you say you were brought up in the Reformed tradition so I’m assuming you are familiar with what a maniac Calvin was in Geneva? The “burning of Servtus”; the torture and beheading of Jacques Gruet. Will Durant, who wrote the massive “Story of Civilization” records the beheading of a young girl for striking her parents. The list goes on with Calvin’s crimes against humanity. How anyone could ever think this beast of a man was a true follower of Jesus Christ is beyond me. If he ever had been regenerated, he certainly fell away from Christ that’s for sure.

Anyway Jack, this is a little bit of what I have learned about America being a “Christian nation”.

I fully agree with you on this point. Without a doubt, Christians today are being led astray by this false-doctrine of a America being a Christian-nation whereby they are being taught to kill their enemies rather than love them as Christ commanded. Absolutely Jack, Jesus died for an Osama bin Ladin, the Taliban and every other enemy one might have just as He died for you and I.

I think of these so-called Christians who want to kill their enemies and I can’t help but be reminded of James and John, “The Son’s of Thunder” who Jesus told that they didn’t know what manner of spirit they were of when they wanted to call down fire from heaven, like Elijah did, to consume their enemies. I can’t help but ask, where is the Spirit of God in men like a Kennedy?

Well, it’s 2am and I’m getting a little tired and gonna go relax for a while and see what’s on the History Channel or something. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work you are doing in revealing this terrible doctrine that is clearly satanic. I could write about this forever, I hope I have not bored you here, heh-heh.

BTW, have you ever heard of “Land’s Letter”? It’s about the “Just War Theory” which basically comes from Augustine’s “Two Swords” teaching. Land wrote it to George W. Bush and Kennedy signed it in their promoting of the Iraq war. I wonder how many Christians are aware of what Kennedy really was? I’ll paste the “Land Letter” below in case you are not familiar with it.

Have a good one Jack and please feel free to write me anytime.

A Christian,

Hi Timothy,

Thanks for responding and sharing your excellent and accurate understanding of Christian history. I could read your writings for hours. It was like reading my own thoughts on the things I have written to warn Christendom of the dangers they are facing. What is so comforting is the fact that we have never known each other, never had any contact, and yet we are of the same mind when it comes to sound doctrine. This is the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

It is an honor to meet you and I am so thankful to our Lord Jesus for bringing us together. If you have a website let me know or if you have a mailing list please sign me up, for I want to stay close to you all the way, until our Lord takes us out of this world or my aging body gives up my spirit. What you have written here I might “forward” to some of my friends and family who are having a great struggle with these things. Introducing them to a new brother might help them and give them more encouragement to study the scriptures about these things for themselves.

I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection. There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead. Keep in touch.

Your new eternal friend,
Jack D. Hook


Dear Jack,

I guess you must be very busy answering to lots of e-mails… I noticed that there are 965.000 entries in Google relating Obama to the Antichrist, so I suppose a lot of people is writing to you about, since you once stated that the last American president will be the man of sin.
I’d like to know your opinion : is it possible that Obama be the last president ?
If you have some spare time…please answer me.

Love in Christ,



Hello Jack, I hope this responce to your message, finds you and yours well. I have ‘Great’ fear for our country and what awaits us, the only thing that gives me comfort, is that these things ‘Must’ first happen before the return of he which is God. I will leave you with this. . . ‘Come quickly oh lord, come quickly, that we might go. . . home. Be Well, B.D.


Thank you again for opening the eyes to the truth with your website. Your article (Manchus) about your reunion was very touching and reminded me of Leroy. Leroy was a childhood friend whom years latter I learned died in Vietnam in an ambush where he alone was defending his men until they killed each one including himself whom they hacked to death with machities. Perhaps I can find out more about him from his family here as to what and where he served and in what battle. It really brought him to mind reading about your touching reunion.


I remember as a child my parents read the Bible to me and 2 sisters and 3 brothers growing up in Church plus my parents read to us I see everything they taught us is coming true. I believe the end times are here everything that is happening is from the Holy word of God,we either believe it and live close to our lord or deny and burn . I never thought this United States would agree to kill unborn children much less go against every word God said is an dead wrong in God eyes and that is the homosexual when he says it is wrong it is wrong. Keep preaching the truth I pray it will reach the lost. God bless you.



Dear brother Jack,

Blessed be your family and yourself in the Lord Jesus-Christ. I still support you in my prayers and still agree with your vision of what being a saint is in these last days. Please so not be afraid to continue your good works and be the Lord Almighty be with you. I will keep an eye on your website every day to read your articles.

Your brother in Christ.



Very interesting read.I have no idea what Gods plan is,but it looks like alot of things are falling in place.This Great nation is falling fast,and our mis-leaders may be on the take.All we can do is pray,for now,Its strange in my State people are buying up guns like theres no tommorrow..There even talking on the radio about our 2nd amendment to protect from tyrant govt.(maybe its just a southern thing)Like the south fought the money changers in the civil war.It may happen again who knows.But most people in my state are God fearing folks (we dont even have a lottery).If there ever comes a time to defend Liberty,then so be it.By the grace of God all things will be just.(pray for all the people that will be fooled by the anti-christ.)

God bless,


Wonderful letter, thank you.

You fall short of saying Obama may be the antichrist. How do you honestly feel about this?



Quoting Jack Hook JDHook@cox.net:

“…confused Fundamentalists of Christendom…”

I am a Christian fundamentalist. Keep your Email to yourself and out of my inbox from now on.



Dear Jack, Your articles are very sobering.. How do I buy books and are the articles also in print??? I cannot copy on my computer, but would like to read them over.. If you have a prayer list, please add my family. Thanks for speaking the truth… blessings to you, Marian