January 2014 Comments

Dear Jack,

I am greatly honored that you took the time to write to me.  I’ve been sending out newsletters ever since Obama announced his candidacy.  I wish I’d sent them to you sooner.  I stopped sending them when he won the second time.  It was like a personal defeat that this imposter had won yet again in MY America!  I’m a lifetime member of the Republican party and have been active in many, many political campaigns.  I am also a card-holding conservative.  🙂  They can call me a “right

winger” or anything else they like.  I don’t care.

From the beginning of the Obama craze I have felt a calling deep within my spirit to try to warn others and to open their eyes to the insanity going on in our country.  I wrote and wrote and wrote these newsletters and I think I was writing to myself. When Obama won, I was crushed.  I’m in a county Republican women’s group and we were all crushed.  We had worked soooo hard to put a decent conservative in office.  My first choice was Herman Cain, but they did a number on him and he chose to drop out instead of putting his family through the chaos that the liberal media would’ve done to him.

Anyway, I guess I have been a “lukewarm” Republican since then.  I see things in this party that shouldn’t be.  I see crooked and evil men and women in high political office.  It infuriates me that they are allowed to stay.  What happened to the system in this country that was not supposed to let this happen?!  They openly defy the wishes of their constituents without batting an eye.  And people just stand by and allow it to happen.  If I had been alive during the time of the Boston Tea Party, I would’ve been out there with the men dumping tea in the ocean.  🙂

I do realize that I have been wrong to let the evils of this world let me think that the deeds they do can be turned around by anyone or anything.  Satan has the reigns.  I think that my love for my country has kept me fighting so long.  I think back to a time when we didn’t have to lock our doors at night; we left car keys in the car all the time; children were free to play up and down the streets of their neighborhoods like I did; a handshake was as good as a signed contract; there were no publicdisplays of indecency.  I could go on and on, but you know well what I mean.  Now children are grabbed out of theirown yards or out of their mother’s arms.  So much evil; so much!  It hurts me so very deeply.

I had read your article “The Judgment Chronicles” before.  But I read it again tonight.  I have absolutely no criticisms of anything you write.  I have read your writings and prophecies for a long time now and have found nothing to criticize.  I have shared them with many others.  I know you speak the truth and speak it better than anyone else I know.  I’ve watched as some pastors deceive their congregations, especially the TV “evangelists” you mentioned.  The Bible says those people will be judged differently from others.  I think they will pay the price for misleading the people and not guiding them to the one true source of saving their souls, Jesus Christ.

I haven’t yet been to your website to read about Obama and Syria, but I think I know what the jest of it will be.  It is all linked together.  If Obama had had his way, we would have already bombed Syria.  He WANTS to bring on WW III.  Jack, I have so much bottled up in me that it’s hard to write about it sometimes.  I need to do as you say and turn my mind back towards Jesus.  I can’t do a single thing to stop the evil that is to come.  The world has its collective heads in the sand.  Yes, there are myconservative Christian friends who I can talk to and thank God for them.

I had the honor one night this week of taking a Jewish friend to see Kirk Cameron’s movie, “Unstoppable.”  She watchedthe film without blinking an eye the whole time, and later thanked me for taking her to this movie.  She loved it.  Maybe, just maybe, I planted a seed in this lovely woman that will bear fruit in time.

Gosh, I’m rambling!  I think I need to get ready for bed. It’s 10:30 PM in Atlanta and this Southern Belle has had a busy day!  🙂

Let me ramble one more time and say that I am knee-deep in a writing class and have a lengthy assignment to complete by Sunday.  If I don’t get to visit your website this week, rest assured I will do it next week.  It is a fiction writing class and I’ve only written nonfiction before.

BTW, would you mind if I incorporate some of your writings in my article?  I think it would give me a way to witness to the class teacher and the other students.  I didn’t know if you copyrighted or not.

See, there I go again — rambling!!  LOL

I thank you very much for writing me.  As I said, it truly is a great honor.


Hi Faye,

Thanks for responding with such kindness and encouragement.  Many of us are having great difficulty in believing Americahas sunk so low, especially as we remember the good ole days like you mentioned.  It was in 1978 when our Lord Jesus revealed to me that America is Babylon the Great of Revelation 18.  Knowing this has helped me understand what

Is happening to this nation as Babylon becomes “fully” formed and mingled with

the lifestyle and practices of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Jesus is telling you and me to spiritually come out of Babylon with all ofits counterfeit political systems and parties; and keep looking and longing for him to return to set up his Kingdom on this earth.  As for using my writings, please feel free to use them as you see fit.

Your brother in Jesus,


Dear Jack,

You know, I am grateful that I was blessed to live in those “good ol’ days.”  That was a real gift.  But, I guess I use those memories to compare with the evil of these days.  As for America being Babylon the Great, I think the Lord gave you a true vision.  It makes perfect sense.

Thank you for allowing me to use some of your writings.  More people need to hear what you have to say.  And thank you for reminding me that all I need to be doing now is to prepare for His second coming and be sure I am ready.  I must never again put my hope in any governmental system or party.  How silly I have been!

I wanted to share something with you.  I lost my mother when I was 30 years old and always missed her so much.  One night two decades later, I had a dream about her.  She and I were in a car.  I was driving and she sat in the passenger seat.  We were not talking.  It was dark and I was watching the road ahead.  I noticed a star that was unusually bright.  It caught my attention and I kept watching it.  It began to get bigger and brighter, then thousands (millions?) of tiny stars burst  out and encircled it.

At this point, I told my mother, “Mom, look at what the stars are doing.”  By now I had parked my car and she and I were both watching this heavenly drama awestruck.  As the stars grew much closer, I saw that the large star was Jesus.  Ohhhh, he was so beautiful!  Then I saw that the smaller stars were all heavenly people coming with him.

I told my mother that Jesus was coming for His people – the quick and the dead.  She looked at me and smiled and said, “Yes, honey, I know.  You and I represent the quick and the dead and He sure is coming for us.”

I will never forget that dream.  It is as real today as it was so many years ago.  Maybe that is how He will come — as the brightest star in the Heavens!



Hi Brother Jack,

I do read and concur totally with your articles that I have read.  Most people in this nation have no clue as to the Biblical identity of the United States of America and all of this will come as a snare upon them all.  I am saving your email and will read all that I have not read before.  I do appreciate your obedience to the Lord and your ministry in being a watchman on the wall, like myself, trying to warn other Christians about the perilous times that are before us.  I will pray for you brother that you shall escape what is upon us and I appreciate your prayers for me and my family as well.  God Bless  you as you carry out your calling.

Your Brother in Christ Jesus’ Service,



 I have not read your entire diatribe..but will do so later..when there is time to study it. I don’t like to commit to agreeing or disagreeing with a quick overview.

I’m a Combat Veteran that served in Vietnam with the 57th AHC as a Crew-chief-gunner in 68-69. Kontum as our home base. The AO was all within 49-80 Knicks  in each direction. . We worked covert missions over the border with SF. Laos and Cambodia claimed the NVA were not In their countries. They were..and Prince Shienook and his wife in Cambodia were caught and expelled..they were taking money from the communists.

Our mission was Prairie Fire..the Red Phone was always answered by us..regardless if it was

Politically expedient or not. Greater love hath no man.


This President in my opinion is a disgrace and burden on the Republic..and more anti-Christ than pro-Christ behavior or principles. It’s his choice..and I will let our Heavenly Father condemn him for what has been done to this great nation.


Hi Jack,

I am familiar with your website and articles and have faithfully read them for years.  My website gets a few readers because of the link you have on your website to mine.  Thank you for that!

I was in the Army from 1957 to 1960, and 2 of those years were in Germany.  I was just a medical records clerk typist, but I volunteered to take charge of the base church’s Sunday School department.  I was to green to burn, but I enthusiastically did my very best.  I have been out for 53 years and will turn 77 in a few days, so I am probably a few years older than you.

“The purpose of life is to prepare for eternity.
Success is measured by treasures we have

laid up in eternity, not here in this lifetime.
Or as Leonard Ravenhill said it: “This life is
a dressing room for eternity – THAT’S ALL
IT IS!” Ref: 1 John 2:15-17″



Thank you very much  for  your  letter.  I know  and  understand   the  full context of  your  letter  as i was  Born and Raise in  a  Pennsylvania Dutch  Amish  Home until   I left  and  join  the   US Army   in 1962  and  received a  Wedding present of  orders to  Vietnam  in Feb of 1963 where i served  for 10 month  until  wounded ( PURPLE HEART 1963).   After  that  i served  in panama  and a tour in   Koerea before getting out in  1970.

Oh you might have  seen  my caption  todayon   FB  : Give  him a  choice of Impeachment or being strapped to the first bomb  dropped in  Syria  .  Does  this  show  my feeling  about this  man .  I respect  the  Title of  “President  of  United States” but  this man  has notproven worthy  of that title



I am not interested Jack and I am not on the side of any religious affiliation.  I am of the belief, ” SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE”  DO NOT EVER SEND ME YOUR MATERIAL AGAIN!  Please and Thank you!  This email address is for those interested in my work only.  I voted for Obama both times and I voted for every Democrat with the only exception being Gerald Ford.  You are praying up the wrong tree.

 Teri Raes


Thanks Jack, I’m with you and I am waiting for My Lord God, this world due to man’s sin disgusts me. Yes Jack I am a Vietnam Veteran, 39th ARRS TuyHoa 1967-68 and I know the Lord. I can hardly wait for the rapture, I pray that he will find me worthy. My America has left me and I am ready to now leave it by the grace of God.  Jeffery


Hello Jack,

Yes, thanks for sharing your article with me. We are on the same page on so many things.  Thanks for your faithfulness to an audience that often does not want to know the truth!  Yes, I believe that people are being drawn back to the book of Revelation, and the fear of the Lord will bring many to repentance!  Things are heating up and everything is being shaken.  People are losing their faith in things they used to take for granted and hearts are open to the true Gospel of the Kingdom like never before.  Keep preaching my friend, and I know you will continue to bear fruit!

God bless,



Hi Jack:

Good to hear from you.  I’m a proponent of an Islamic Antichrist and believe the stage for his arrival and coronation are near at hand.  The pieces of the chess board are aligning for the final battle in a place called Megiddo in a few years as the prophetic clock winds to its final tick.  Also re-reading The Harbinger and find the correlations fascinating.  I’m also expecting Israel to make a strategic strike on Iran in the next couple of months.  Interesting times, my friend…and our elected leaders are oblivious to the spiritual implications of what is going on globally.



Greetings my brother in Christ,

Thanks so much for your email , always feel free to send me any relevant material that you have . Thanks for the continued effort for the cause and  Furtherance of the Gospel of  our soon coming Lord!!!!!



Hi Jack, Greetings to you as well!

First and foremost – AMEN!   Please know that I did not have time to read the entire email yet and I want to visit your website and read further articles you’ve mentioned – as I am going on a 5 day camping trip and am leaving shortly.   However, also know that what I have read so far is real and true and I could not agree with you more.   While you have been following political and military events, I have been keeping an eye on the weather and natural phenomenons (earthquakes, typhoons, floods, etc.) which are also sure signs of the times.

God works in many wondrous ways!   I have just finished writing and copyrighting a series of 8 songs – an “anthology” if you will – titled “Behold A White Horse”.    This work is the story of Revelation in song.  I have passed it along to the Musical Director of my church to take to the studio and “priss it up” for performance.    I find it quite entertaining to receive your email today concerning this very subject! Yes!  With justice He judges and makes war……   but apparently He has a sense of humor as well!   The spirit is moving and grooving and calling the Vessels of Honor in to place to announce the message to “lukewarm Christians” and those of other religious beliefs or non-beliefs.   

I will write more upon the return from my trip – but I wanted to shoot you a response to know that I not only received your email, but would like to delve into it quite a bit more deeply.

I do have a couple of questions before I sign off.   How did you find my website?    Did you send this email based upon my desktop creations regarding Revelation?    Or perhaps you work for the US Copyright office and saw my submission?    I’m curious to know.

Until next week, thank you again.

Your Sister In Christ!   Hugs!