July 2002 Comments

Thanks Jack!
I always read your letters/mails. God bless you – your family and your beloved. We must remember that the world is the “dominion” of satan. But at the same time knowing that God, our Lord – by Christ Jesus – has our lives at the same time in this fallen world in his hands. Mat 28:18… God has the complete power due to all our tribulations! For more reading see also my daily verse for may 29, that is Galatians 6:9 “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

You are a fruit cake, another Johannesburg and Waco in the making. Please take youre fire and brimstone preaching to the idiots that so rightly deserve the fear they perceive to be truth. I beleive in God but the god I understand to be our creator would never allow such awful things to affect his people, especially not of his own doing. If man is to fall again it will be as before and be by man’s own hand.

Hi Jack;
I read your article of Angels flying through the midst of heaven and preachinbg the Gospel to be see of natural men, and the
natural eyes……
The bIble condemns such, as it is contrary to God for Natural Angels to preach the Gospel, as that is given to men to do that.

Angels are Ministering Spirits that work through men.

Flying through heaven means a Minister that is heard by the whole world…like Martin Luther, John Wesley, and William Branham.

Have a great day, Nathan

Dear Jack –

The reason people hate Jesus and God is because the church which is actually a wealthy harlot in the same sense that Israel became a whore and played the harlot preaches blasphemies about God and His plan for His creation. The church (including you) preach a message of wicked fear and condemnation. Christ came into the world to SAVE the world, not to condemn the world. But the church says, NO! NO! Not unless you do this or that or are properly baptized, or speak in tongues, or go to church on this day or that day, or do this work or that work… etc….. This is not the gospel of Christ, it’s a lie! God is in complete control. Satan can do no more than God allows — he is but an instrument in the Father’s hands. Would you like to be delivered from the bondage of fear, the bondage of the beast and the whore that makes God out to be a monster who will eternally torment most of humanity. Think about that!!! What a lie! I challenge you to open your bible and look into EVERY SCRIPTURE that refers to what God is doing through Jesus Christ with ALL things!!!!

1 Timothy 4:10 For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Saviour of all men, specially of those that believe. 11 These things command and teach.

1 John 2:2 And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.

You are still in spiritual Babylon, Jack. As long as you stand up to condemn the whole world (which Jesus never did) then you prove that you are not doing the will of the heavenly Father. You’re deceived. According to your doctrine and the doctrine of that monstrosity that calls herself the church (and you would be shocked if you listened to an in depth study of the word church)… but anyway, according to your doctrine, God and Christ are hypocrites, telling us to love and pray for our enemies while they plan to eternally torture theirs. What utter blasphemy! The true God is LOVE – that is his nature. He did not make His creation to torment forever, He made us for his pleasure. If you do not believe me, then you do not believe Jesus Christ and you also refute large portions of scripture, making the Word of God of no avail, teaching as doctrine the commandments of men. The Pharisees did the same thing. When Christ hung on the cross, he said “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Do you believe Jesus was speaking words of pretense? Or do you believe he meant it from his heart and that his Father would indeed forgive the mockers and scoffers and unbelievers just as Jesus asked? Which one do you believe Jack?

Grace, peace and mercy to you –

Wow, Jack, you have written what I’ve always envisioned! But I figured I was way off base, that these last days will be much more subtle, that only the saved would see things as they really were. So many theologians say one can take these “last day” predictions and prophecies with a grain of salt, that there’s no way such fantastic (and I don’t use that word in a flattering way) things could happen in THIS world! We have not beheld such things before, exCEPT in Hollywood, and trying to comprehend that such wild imaginings will manifest themselves is too much to believe or to conceive, but I wonder, Jack–will it be as you say and as I’ve always envisioned? You say it will be so and I feel it will be, but then again, it seems so far-fetched! Let me get this straight–you are saying that believers should not be fooled into thinking that the United States will be on a true and just mission when we send our army to fight in Israel in those last days, that true believers should recognize that our President will also be an anti-Christ, following the orders of Satan? You are saying that the appearances of Mary (I’m not Catholic) will be, in reality, a demon pretending to be her and that her messages will be false? (do you think that is what is happening these past decades, with all these reported sightings of her and the bleeding and crying statues, etc.???????) I am becoming a bit confused. Tell me, how are we Christians to know what to do, what not to do, how to behave, what to believe, etc. in those last days?? How are we to guarantee ourselves that we will not be misled? I know that all Christians who have been taught the correct doctrines of the born-again are aware of the anti-Christ, etc., in the last days and will know that anyone proclaiming to be HIM will be a liar, but what about this business with the Battle of Armageddon and all that will lead up to it? I am a hard and fast Patriot. My father fought in WWII, my brother was in the Coast Guard during the Cuban Missle Crisis, I have two dozen great great grandfathers and great great uncles who fought during the Civil War and ancestors who fought during the Revolutionary War–am I ripe to be misled now????? I approve of what we are doing in Afghanistan and I approve of the steps we’ve taken to protect our country and our people–I would be a traitor if I didn’t want my country to survive, and with it the freedoms that so many have given their lives for!!!! I honor our fallen heroes. I admire and appreciate those who serve our country. Is that so wrong? Let me ask you this, also, because I’m sure you’ve done a lot of thinking about it–do you believe that all these UFO’s are actually demons and that God or Satan, or both, have purposely set the world up (with these sightings) to believe, as you say, in the end that we are being invaded by aliens and therefore we should be behind our government in sending a vast army “over there” to annihilate these invaders? Do you think we’ve “been set up”??? I would really appreciate some feedback on what I’ve written and perhaps some answers and some advice, Jack! Thank you so much for reading this! I know it is quite long! God Bless! Dianne

Hi Jack,
Thanks for sending the message. I enjoyed reading it. I have not had revelation on some of the things that you mentioned concerning America, but agree with some of what you say concerning the nearness of Christ return. I always wondered if New York was symbolic of Babylon, but I have not had direct revelation of this, therefore I reserve my opinion for later.

Thanks again

Mr. Jack Hook:
Do YOU believe in love and unity?
You are a good writer and your audience is the whole world. Wouldn’t it be best for you to tell the world how to be united and be peaceful and love one another than passing out a “hate” topic like this. Get an idea from the movie “Independence”.

Thank you.

Mr. Hook,

I am not scoffing or mocking. I love Jesus too. I know the reality of
Christ, what He did for me, and who I am in Him.

With all due respect, Sir, it seems you are blatantly anti Catholic.
Care to respond?

In Christ,
Yo Jack – You’ve been reading too much Revelation and Daniel followed by the X-Files

If any single individual could be summed up as “The Antichrist” (and the Holy Scriptures only mention “The Spirit of Antichrist” – with many antichrists in the world – no reference to THE Antichrist – who is of course Satan himself anyway) – then there is some very Good News of The Gospel for you – The worst of Armageddon is OVER ALREADY – and you can watch it for all time on Black and White film footage.

The REAL anti-christ Spirit is lurking in the realms of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, cults and false religions…..”Angel of light – spirit of the air” who’s ministers are ministers of righteousnes

They CANNOT confess that “Jesus Christ IS come in the flesh” – Fun article though – good fiction – “Preach Christ CRUCIFIED, RESURRECTED AND ASCENDED – and then “Search The Scriptures” for the Missing Links as to where we really are RIGHT NOW – since Industrial Revolution led to WW1 and WW2 with the final Rebirth of Israel – “all is NOT what it seems” – Bless you brother in Christ Jesus The Lord – Alleluia – Love – Elijah

Thanks Bro. Jack – you have my wholehearted support in what the bible
says about your message. You are loved and appreciated from this old
Southern Bible Belt “child of the King.” Lord Jesus put your anointing
hands upon Bro. Jack and the message he sends concerns you and your
Kingdom. Amen.

If it is OK with you, I will be sending this message out to a number of
friends who love the Lord with all their hearts.


Very, very interesting thoughts you have had on the
scriptures. That’s quite a problem you have solved,
how and why the false Messiah has convinced the kings
of the earth to gather at Jerusalem. They think they
are there to save their false Messiah from an “alien
invasion”… but it will be Jesus returning from the
sky that they will encounter!

Thanks for the insights!


and you do have to be reborn to enter heaven!

I hope you don’t mind if I make some comments? Thanks! Let me just add here that I believe that the first statement of John in the Book of Revelation is the purpose of the book itself: “A revelation of Jesus Christ.” Revelation is not a book about the end times, but a book about the precious Son of God.

Thank-you Jack. There are many valuable insights in your letter. No one gets all the details, so I do not expect perfection to see inspiration. I think America will be a part of the Antichrist system fighting to save the world, as you depict. Whether the person who becomes Antichrist is American or not, only time will tell for sure. I also think that the army of 200,000,000 is mostly a human army, but it includes a great number of angels like you describe as well as probably new human clones paralleling the “giants” of Genesis 6. Chris

Why do you think it is to be an American antichrist.
Isn’t everyone that isn’t born again an antichrist
anyways? I believe and am saved. I am just asking
what scripture leads you to believe it is an American
that the devil will use vs. any other man from any
other country? I guess this is just my patriotism
speaking, I guess the devil can use anyone that is
unsaved, which leaves many!!!
I think the end is coming or at least that is what it
seems to be… how long??? I don’t know. It says that
no one knows the day and hour… does that mean we may
not know the year? or the month?
God bless you.

Dear Sir:
You teach false doctrine. According to Jesus himself, no one knows when he
will return. By claiming otherwise, you claim to know more than Jesus did.
You turn the image of a thief in the night into a mockery. And antichrist
does not refer to any one person. This is the invention of the false
doctrine of premillenialism. When your silly predictions prove false, will
you convert to Christ?

This is so fantastic. I have sent it to everyone in my addy book. Some
are not Christians and following Jesus, I pray this will bring them to
Love i Jesus Christ

Leave me alone moron.


hey jack, I dont know what gospel you have, but I;m
allready saved. Washed by the blood, and predestined
before hand by Gods will, not my freewill. I’m saved
by grace. And if that makes you mad or you think im
off, well then I would say to you, you need to be
saved. Because salvation is free.
I got to much junk email, so i blocked you.
Lord have mercy on you.

That’s awesome Jack. I think it’s right on. I posted
in a new Christian forum. It’s ran by my father and
I. Something we’ve just started. Please come and
post your stuff, and we’ll continue to direct traffic
to your site. I discovered your site about 5 months
ago while browsing the Internet and I really
appreciate your insights. I want to encourage you.
Keep fighting the good fight brother. I’m praying for
you. If you feel led, and have the time to come by
and post some of your articles, please do. It’s brand
new. Just launched yesterday. We’re inviting about
500K Christians this coming Monday and I want to have
some relevant material there.

I agree your theory will be mocked. We have been conditioned “well” to mock it. Though I personally, do not. But simplicity and our need to believe, I think lends credibility to what you say in your article. Aliens are a perfect ploy – in our quest to believe we are our own gods. It’s a big game to us – but not to Satan. Nor to Jehovah. We know who will win – there is no question. It’s a forced hand, to protect all those loyal to our one and only God. Redeem them even, and as any promise, he will carry it through. (Just like the rainbow to Noah.) Just that He hasn’t done it again, doesn’t mean he couldn’t. Yet we continue to doubt Him. He will sort us out, and test us once and for all, and like you or me, he is sorting the worthy from the unworthy. We do it every day. If someone lies to us, we don’t put our trust in them – really, do we? We might understand, but when push comes to shove, and the liar is given a chance to redeem himself, (1,000 years) do we finanlly have to decide? Why is it that, in business we accept business culling, but in morality, we don’t? Why is it such a huge picture that we don’t see? Jehovah is doing this final call. Most of us know that – and welcome His judgement – however it turns out for us. Giving those people who are not aware, time to connect with Him, and still giving opportunities for us to know his truth is only the simplicity of love and loyalty. We all crave it, yet we can’t believe? I find this amazing. Why not? The option is hatred and deceipt – it’s all around us. Personally Jack Hook, I think we just breath deeply and let Jehovah love us. The aliens and demons may come, and the world may be greatly at war with itself, and we may not know what’s hit us. But at the end of the day, don’t we love? Don’t we reach for love? Don’t we just know, who is who? Even though we’ve never met, the condition of humans is connection. Jehovah, our God offers that to us. I say Jeovah because I unerstand he wanted his name not as god. But as the only one. Gods were prevelant back then huh – makes sense to me. Though vowels were not available and transcripts were put together – Even Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t know for sure how to pronounce His name – but He darned sure wanted one. Removed over 7,000 times in the bible is why His name is still – even over the years, so difficult to know. If one cares to look for themselves, one sees clealy. I admire you for your newsletters. I reckon you will be one of the first to go. Simply for defying Satan. I won’t be far behind you my friend. I certainly don’t scorn you for trying. We will all know for sure, sooner than we think. I look forward to knowing if I am true enough to ever get through it. I don’t fear what you say – nor my judgement from Jesus and his angels. I will know who is who – and thank you for trying to warn me. Only the true God, the one God – can judge us now. It is soon – I think as you do.

Thank you … never stop sending me your articles. I have shared them
with some friends of mine. I hope you don’t mind if I do.
I have read some more off your site and to tell you the truth I can’t
digest it all, perhaps I read to much at once? I don’t know, but I am
not all that educated so it takes time for me to absorb and “get it” so
to speak.
Can you answer a question I have? Why has it taken God 3,500 years to
find enough people to fill His new Kingdom? (narrow is the road and few
finding it)
If you think about it or average it out, 100 years has two generations
in it, were ALL them people that wicked?
God has trusted us to raise even more of His creation (children) and we
keep getting it wrong, so why hasn’t He just wiped out what He has made
thus far and started over keeping what He is pleased with so far?
The evil gets eviller, common sense more twisted, scriptures from His
book torn apart, yet here we are still rambling for the truth and not
knowing what to trust and what we DO trust, could it send us to hell?
(oh if He would have just snuffed out satan from the beginning)
All I have is a heavy heart, and a desire for Christ to return that
makes me feel guilty because so many are born not knowing the truth so
He lets us terry on till all deaf ears hear the truth. When will it
Why has all this taken so so very long just because Adam eat an apple.
God could have fix it all way back then. So many have suffered and still
will at the hands of satan and I stop and scream inside, JEHOVAH, I
THOUGHT YOU LOVED US, Lord have mercy!!!!!!
Have you ever considered the star that shined the night Christ was born?
You know God hates star gazers and fortune tellers, was the star hung by
satan to draw the wise men (astrologers) to Herod so he could find the
baby Jesus and kill Him? The light in the fields wasn’t from this star
at all, they were Angels telling shepherds of His birth. All these years
we were told the star was from God pointing out the area of His Son’s
arrival. Lies, all my life I was told lies, now I refuse to acknowledge
Christmas at all.
I love Jesus and Jehovah with all my heart, I just don’t understand why
all this continues on and on when one shout from Him, just like when He
created the Heavens and earth and POOF! We’re living the way He first
intended us to live.
Loving Him with all our being, or else POOF we’re gone without all this
torture. I fear for my children’s lives more then my own. They are grown
and have their own mind set now. If I would have known what I do now
raising them would have been so much more different. Thanks for reading
my venting, Jehovah be with you always… Jeanette

Well said, my friend.
I like your style Your friend

I finally read your article Showdown at Babylon,yesterday. My step son and I
were truly amazed at all of the things you covered and at the possibilities
that what you are saying could easily be just exactly true. If the President
causes peace in Israel, then in Iraq after invasion,and where the new
government is established in Afghanistan, Also if he settles things with
Pakistan and India,and Britain and he are close. Canada follows U S always,
Iran will follow after war with Iraq. The 10 kings are appearing rather
rapidly. Though many believe Rome will be the woman mentioned in Revelation
and Catholicism the whore,I like your concept. Well it is not that I like it
but I believe it could be probable, We are definitely at the toes of the
statue in Daniel and we are ending rapidly especially if there are chemical
warfare missals sent. I am not real sure that Catholicism is the whore as I
wonder about Muslims, Mormons Joseph Smith etc.I think there are many false
prophets. Thankyou for sending this to me. Many blessings Gail
P S with Sodom and Gomorra happening so clearly in Canada and the U S I
doubt very much that we will miss wrath.

And the Preterist says Hmmmmm. How much LSD did this guy take? Alan


This is very good. Personally, according to the Word of God, I do not believe I will be here for this; but as you said, we are on the doorstep of this happening. And we need to be diligent in telling our neighbors about Jesus and how he is coming back and how we are about to leave this earth. The fields are truly white onto harvest. Never before has there been a time when people have been so hungry for the truth. They need to know the truth and they are listening. They are searching. They may sound like they are rejecting what we tell them, but we need to remember the Word of God says His Words will not return void, so we much get The Words of Our Loving God out in His love and let the Holy Spirit do as He wills it.

Dear Jack;

Thank you for your enlightening email. Although our religious beliefs may be
somewhat different, I am surely in agreement that our current world is being
infiltrated by demons as I write. I have recently had much reason to weep at
the state of mankind……particularly where the media is concerned. I have
also been following the current situation with the Catholic Church and its
uncovering of sexual predators in their ranks…….
We KNOW satan is coming…….we KNOW his followers are everywhere…..and
we know that they have even reared their ugly heads admidst house of God
Your flow of truth is honourable……please continue to do what you can to
slavage those who will hear you………..the rest are left to God to choose
their fate……and it is one I will NOT be included in…….

Much Joy to you……

Hello Jack nice to here from you. I was wondering how long it would
take to get a response. Glad to no that people respond to emails. I bet your
busy with all the comments on your sight. I will say that from what I know
about the many different views on prophecy that some of your comments would
spark all the different responses.
Jack I have been a Catholic, Protestant and a member of the
Worldwide church of God. And now I attend none. Accepted for the occasional
visit because of friends that I have come to know and respect because of my
associations from a relgious perspective. But as I began to study bible
prophecies some twenty years ago and have become familiar with the different
views that many have published I am a little more cautious in any final
analisys. I do listen to others and there arguments concerning the truth in
such matters because God reveals thing when and where we least expect it.
But as I came to study more, I began to learn about the processes that many
use to discern the truth which are as important themselves.
I believe that God is pouring out his spirit and stipping some of
his blessing in babylon and that many are starting to question themselves
and there slumbering. Wars are being waged on all fronts in these times
satan is truly hard at work. I had many years ago come to the conclusion
that christ would appear as an extraterestial invasion of planet earth and
before I became a member of the Worldwide Church of God ten years ago had
written a letter to its leadership as to there beliefs in such matters Not
because I had read it anywhere. I had drawn that conclusion more than TEN
years ago. The response I got from the leadership was that as one that
didn’t totally disagree but they had not considered such a senario as little
green men from outer space. They had misunderstood I wasn’t saying that
Christ and his angels were little green men but would be percieved as such.
This was confirmed when former president Ronald Reagen spoke on such a topic
to the united nations as in the form of a threat to humanity and that it
could be a unifying factor as a common threat to all men. This proved two
things That leadership in America had little or no understanding of
christianity and that science has somewhat carmellized there thinking. This
had started me thinking about many things written in Revelations about false
prophets and antichrist.

Good stuff Jack
just when i think i have a grasp on the time lines and wars etc…
i never thought about that…the newage stuff is gonna fool many…even
the new age folks will get turned on…newage church and pagans..satan
dont like no body does he… WOW.
intresting and goosebumps.

Dear Mr. Hook.

Thanks for that wonderful article you have written. I have read Revelations many times, and you have helped me to understand some of the mysteries written there. I was suprised to learn that America will end up being the Antichrist and be responsible for helping satan. Although I kinda felt this was the case, but wanted to reject this idea.

America, today is the most powerful nation in the world. We have the most of everything and that everything includes GREED to the highest level, and in every area. Our politicians think of no one but themselves,, so satan will have no problem recruiting people to help him, so long as they get their share.

My problem with all this, with considerable worry, is how do people who believe in Jesus survive, or will they? I’m not afraid of death because I know I’ll be with My Savior. I’m waiting for Jesus to return, and feel it wont be long now. The rapture will solve everything for me, and believers in Jesus Christ.

I have thought, that those visions of aliens were “Advance Troops”, of satan, preparing people to believe that someone is really out there, and when they arrive that we should welcome them to mother earth. This ploy will be responsible for killing many people. Satan is very clever, and I believe it is he who is causing all the problems within nations today. I also believe it was satan who caused the “Berlin Wall” to topple, as it happened so very quickly, it was almost a miracle. One day the Soviets were our enemy, and the next our new found friends. We spent year fearing the Soviets, then all of a sudden the cold war was over.

In any event, there is so much information in your report, that I can not comment on all of it, except to say I don’t think what you have written is odd in any way. Thank you for taking the time to write it, as it is timely, and we should watch events as they unfold, and be aware that the time is growing shorter. Our lives will all be changed, and I know mine will be for the better. God bless and keep you. Please continue sending data.

Your Friend in Christ. John, USAF Retired.


Hi Jack, thanks for the E-mail and I totally agree with what you’re saying. Please stay in touch and I’m also curious as to how you got our E-mail address. Your brother in Christ, Ted


Jack i have no arguement with you at all. The only thing that I want to point out is that today a lot of books are being written and people adoring and seeking out angels over Jesus. That is where the danger is. The first commandment…..i know you know…..God bless you.


Hello Jack

Just read your latest speculative commentary on the
end times. I too,sense that something is about to
happen and that the end prophecies are coming true
every day without most of us knowing what is
unfolding. I don’t know what part God has for me in
it though and am a willing vessel to and for his
glory. Most people are blind followers of political
forces and aren’t aware of the fact that there is a
war on in the heavenlies for the occupants of this
earth that will soon be brought into our earthly
realm. I know that we are all very nieve about such
spiritual things and only guess at what will be the
complicated plot that Satan uses to make war against
Jesus. I’m glad we are on the winning side and that
Jesus chose us to be part of his plan. I am humbled
at the thought and do whatever I can to promote
salvation through Jesus Christ.

I have noticed that this summer has been a strong push
for alien movies all with very hideous creatures as if
we are being prepared for their entrance and
acceptance into this world. May God protect those
that love him and keep them close to him. Amen


Dear Jack:
Thank you again for your latest sermonette, “When Angels Appear”. What you have described in great travail certainly seems plausible the way things are going presently in our nation and this world.
You are certainly aware of what is happening along the India-Pakistan frontier. This, of course, can for now be included among the “wars and rumors of wars” Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24 and Mark 13. I believe the world, especially the United States, could go through all kinds of turmoil before the Man of Sin signs his 7-year peace agreement with Israel (Daniel 9:27) ushering the official start of the Tribulation. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised is the United States as a nation is crippled and dysfunctional as a nation before this period is ushered in. President Bush has been all stomping over practically every God-given opportunity to move this nation in the right direction, save a few minor things, such as the Kyoto treaty which he apparently rejected. I know the only wise God whom we serve has taken careful note of all this.
The Church is also in a shambles in America due to, among other things, refusal of or lack of a discerning spirit. Too many appear to be following our “leaders” into perdition, almost like blind leaders of the blind falling into the ditch.
Again, thanks for your written presentations and ministry. I know not what others may say about these, but they are welcome here. Yours in Jesus’ service,

I will not mock you, I will not scoff at you~~ I will just ask you kindly to please take me off your list.
I have my own beliefs~ which are ‘mine’ and I do not try to push them on anyone else~~ if they want to know…that’s a different story~~ but if they do not~~ it’s their GOD GIVEN right~ so I would like to exercise MY GOD GIVEN right, since I did not subscribe to any such thing~ I do not know you~ therefore this is spam mail.

Continued success in what your beliefs and life~~ but PLEASE leave me to MINE.
Have a good evening.

Enjoyed your message and felt your burden. I like your explanations of Satan interpreting events after the rapture to prepare the world to try and stop the return of Christ. Deceiving the world that all this is part of an elaborate plan that has been going on and the 200,000,000 from the underground are all part of and released prior to visible return of Christ and the saints and they also are made out to be aliens in concert with the underground to take over the earth. I also agree with Antichrist has been raised from the dead and incarnated by Satan himselve. The only place I lose you is your continually refer to the American Antichrist where all the scriptures I know clearly identify him as coming from the old Roman Empire area

remove me from your email list please.
the names you use in here were not the ones that Father gave, and they offend me.
in Messiah Y’shua!

My Brother,year message is right on the mark!I thank God for our wonderful Lord Jesus!I just recently lost my wife and I can’t wait for the Lords coming so I may be with Him and hug my dear wife of 32 years again. God bless!bro.John