July 2003 Comments

I have major problems with your ramblings and your trying to interpret the Bible.

First: I do not know how you got my e-mail address….but loose it. I do not want to hear from you again.

Second: I am a Christian, occasionally teach an adult Sunday school class, and attend church regularly. I do not know what version of the Bible you are reading, but mine does not compare the USA with Babylon. The USA IS NOT MENTIONED IN MY BIBLE.

Third: You take verses completely out of context and attempt to apply literally, present day events and occurrences to events that occurred 2,000+ years ago to today. Taken out of context verses loose their true meaning and I do not believe that these events can or should be compared to today’s world.

Forth: Your statement that the occurrences of September 11, 2001 was God’s wrath on America is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard or seen in print.

Fifth: Men have been predicting the end of time for centuries, you are just another one of these poor misguided individuals.

I do believe that we live in a sinful world and that we as Christians must do all we can to lead others to Christ, but not through fear, but through love. God is forgiving and we are saved by his grace, not by our own merit, but because He loved us enough to send His only Son to save us by his death and resurrection.

May God be with you.


I don’t think America is Babylon. I also do not believe we will be destroyed with nuclear weapons. I believe America will fall when the Rapture takes place. The vast majority of the world’s saved Christian population is in the United States. I believe Babylon is the literal Babylon, which is modern-day Iraq.

I respect your opinion, as I do other Christians’ opinions. Thank you for sharing. I will check out your website

I don’t know you and I DO NOT appreciate you sending unsolicited emails. If you continue to do so, I will notify your IP. I appreciate your cooperation.

I myself have been reborn from the womb of Jesus Christ, however, I do not completely agree with your viewpoint as noted in your “sermon”. Jesus has spoken to all who truly believe and He has said that Israel must not fall for Israel is His home and that is where He shall return to. If we, as Americans, do not act for the preservation of Israel, then we have not met the obligations to our Lord Jesus. His death upon the cross will have been for not if we, the most powerful nation of nations, do not stop the warriors of satan as are the likes of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden and the Al Queada. There will be no angels casting stones upon our mighty land. There will undoubtedly be some “terrorist” activity upon our soil and some of our blood will again be shed, but America will winout over satan. We will overthrow Hussein and kill all that follow his satanic beliefs including the Al Quaeda and Osama bin Laden. We will protect Israel. We will assist Israel in rebuilding the home of Jesus and we will protect it as it is in our prohecies to do so, be ye a Christian or a Jew!

So if I were you, I would drop to my knees and ask the Lord to forgive you for spreading the word of satan…your doom n’gloom prophecy, for that is what the dark lord has commanded you to do. Then arise to your feet, raise your eyes and hands to the heavens and proclaim your love of our Lord and again, give your life over to Jesus and ask that He allow you to work as a soldier in His army and battle against all that is satan!

Go in peace and love for the Lord.



My name is Jasmine,I am 14 years old and I live in Arkansas, USA. I found
your site under interests of the information contained on Babylon, not
knowing where to start,I believe i was guided to page ten of a google search
containing “Babylon”. I appreciate all that you have posted. Your point of
views are mostly accurate as it can seem to be found. I share many of the
same. I know of future events that are going to happen, but I will let you
know of my thoughts and these things as soon as you email me back, just to
make sure i have the right email. I appreciate your time, sorry if I seem
leading, I only wish to give you some of my thoughts and encouragment.
Please email me back, I would truly appreciate it.

Dear Jack:
I appreciated your paper about Babylon’s final fall. In fact, I printed and took it to the office to share it with a co-worker. I concure with what you write (predict). My prayer is that more people will learn to love the wisdom of God’s Holy Word and that they repent. I hope the Lord will come rescue us Chrisitans before it gets too rough here on earth.



Brother Hook,

You refer to the “false church” in America. What is the false church and
what is the true church?

You my friend are a kook. I don’t want any more of your prophesy. There is no God and the only future comes from we have failed to learn; not from prophets. I believe this country was founded by religious men with good intentions and undying faith in a creator. I stand by “God and Country”, “In God We Trust”, “So Help Me God”, “One Nation Under God” because out of man’s faith in God we built a free nation. But personally, I would rather call myself an aetheist than to listen to crap from looney tune characters.


Dear Brother In Jesus,

Thank you for your timely reminder about the
dreadful days of our Lord Jesus. It was great. I am a Christian,
who would like to follow Christ, but very often stray away from
him due to the day to day trials and tribulations. But your
message did a tremendous impact on me, and I am thinking about it
time and time again. Pls do pray for me and my family to accept
our Lord Jesus, in time and to be resqued.(Not only for us, but
for the entire world.)

Bible prophetics is non-sense. The catholic church is the true church and in its understanding we understand God’s plan is love. War’s are human failures, not God’s plan.

You have a point here and you have confirmed what I have come to believe,but have only told a few close friends and family members.

Please view my site and please pass it to all you know and care about!

I really enjoyed you letter!
This is very good!

I will forward this to all I know and I have over 5000 contacts or more now.


I know all of this already. This is what I have been trying to tell people, but no one believes anymore, everyone thinks the bible isn’t real, that it’s merely a compilation of riddles written long ago by mad men. I know this all to be true. God Himself has shown these things to me. I have yelled to the top of my lungs these things to my fellow man and they spit at me and laugh in my face. Well, perhaps that is why there are so few chosen, because so few actually believe, so few are willing to repent and accept Jesus Christ into their hearts as their savior.

How did you find me, Jack, if I may ask?



Revelations was written in 95A.D. by John of Patmos. Most scholars
(non-superstitious rational ones) agree that the Babylon he speaks of is the
Roman empire, which at the time was busy persecuting those damn christians
for not believing the emperor was a god. Instead, they believed in magical
sky-gods that impregnate virgins and have hybrid zombie babies that go to
hell after death and saved the world.. Just like the Roman god Bacchus,the
Egyptian goddess Isis, the Greek mortal-turned god Hercules (sound
familiar?) who ALSO had last meals, trials and tribulations, brutal deaths
so we could be “saved” and rose from the dead. The sheer ridiculousness of
you and doomsday sayers like you being so arrogant to think this magical
final bloodbath judgement will happen in our lifetime shows just how
religious belief acts on people. It’s nice to think your important to the
cosmos, but you’re not. If you think some magical sky-god that loves us SOOO
much he left us with a stupid book of mythology 2000 years ago and is
waiting to see if we fell for it, then, please hurry up and go meet him. He
told his followers three times he would return before those listening died.
“There be some standing here (disciples) which shall not taste of death,
till they see the son of man coming in his kingdom.” Matt. 16:28 (also Mark
9:1 and Luke 9:26) They all died and he never came. Doesn’t that make Jesus
a liar and false prophet?
” Put not your trust in princes, nor in the SON Of MAN in whom there is
no help” Psalm 146:3
” I make peace and CREATE EVIL; I, the Lord your God, do all these
things.” Isaiah 45:7 God creates evil, so it mustn’t be all that bad, right?
Stop spreading nonsense- You will actually do more harm than good. Oh, and
don’t forget Proverbs 12:1- “He who hates reproof is STUPID”.

Make the most out of life by enjoying the present, not the future.







Good Morning,

And who are you? My name is Annette and yes, America is in Bible Prophecy and the end is near, not yet but soon, I believe.

I would like to know a little bit more about who you are and where you hail from before I subscribe to your newsletter. However what you wrote is very interesting. I am a Bible Student and always interested in learning more about God’s word. I trust you are willing to share more with me and not hailing from some doomsday cult but are spreading God’s message from truly Christian values. Please write back to me and please consider my message to you. It also is VERY important.

I am also, professionally a Health and Wellness Consultant and have some vitally important information I would like to share with you. Did you know that you are being slowly and surely poisoned by the products you buy every day and week and our government is doing nothing about it for the sake of big business and politics. It is TRUE. I can and will prove it to you and I can show you where you have a choice to do differently. This is not a scam. This is almost as important as God’s message to us about our life and salvation. You really ought to know about this if you don’t already. By the way I am self employed and a Christian so I am not promoting some sort of scam or how to get rich scheme. I am a health and wellness consultant, bottom line.

Smiles and Blessings




Sorry to bother you again.

May I forward this to my friends and family?

Write back.


You are an idiot if you relate the US to Babylon. You nether know God
nor His plan for the ages.

I think you are a cracked pot. Remove my address from your lists

Thank you


Dear Brother Jack,
I hope that you are doing well. I am writing from
Ghana. This is the first time that I have received
your newsletter. I am really blessed by it. I have
reeived a lot of insight from it. Please put me on the
mailing list, so that I can regularly receive the
Will it be possible for you to come to Ghana and teach
on Bible Prophecy? This is one subject that the church
in Ghana needs teaching on.
Let me hear from you soon and ay the Lord richly bless
Pastor Stephen



You need to do a whole lot more studying, read some Hal Lindsey, John Walvoord, Tim LaHaye, Zola Levitt, Dr. David Jeremiah, to name a few, they know what they are taking about you don’t. America is NOT Babylon. America is not in the Bible, and the 70th Week is not for the Gentiles (America), but for the Jews. The anti-christ is not Russian-Assyrian or American. The book of Daniel is written for the Jews, but also to help interpret Revelation. If you are going to put things on the web, you should make sure it is Biblically correct, which you are not. You state in your “About me, 1st sentence, second paragraph, that your wife is the most important thing in your life.” Well sir that explains why your whole web site is a bunch of bunk. You do not have Jesus as your Lord and Savior if you did HE would be the MOST IMPORTANT your wife, second.

Jack, I understand what you are saying. But, I have to disagree on these emails. For those people who do not know the saving grace of Christ, and who are not Christains, it can be terrible to read this stuff. Not all Christians believe all of this. And if a non believer reads it, and has not been witnessed to, it will scare him to the point of hysteria. I don’t agree with you people who send stuff like this in the mail. Why not tell them first about the sacrafice Jesus made? About the way He loved everyone and that He came to live among us for the sole purpose of salvation, in the way of showing how we should all live in harmony? Love through Christ first, then hit them with this stuff. I wish you all would find a better way of witnessing. God bless you and please know that I understand how you feel. We all need to be ready, but is this the way to reach the unsaved? If there is a bomb in a city, what can we do about it? Nothing. So be it. The Lord will have the last say. Jeanette


man is not to know of the end of the world…no man can predict or presume to know…that is the real truth


no one can predict the future. fortune telling & predetermiinism are for the
superstitious. you predict the future by creating it. most prophecy teachers
are legalists !!!

Dear Brother: I gave up this nonsense some years ago. It is nothing but speculation and poor Bible interpretation to boot. You take historical things that have been fulfilled and put it all in the immediate future.

This school of Bible prophecy ‘interpretation’ has a history of false prophecy eg. The “tribulation beginning” in 1993, 1997, 2000 and whatever other date that suits the whim of the interpreter. It is ear-tickling speculation! Mormons and Jehovahs Witnesses revel in this stuff, and it’s about time mainstream Christians got OUT of it!

So you think terrorists have got nuclear bombs in American cities? Well, where does that information come from? If you know where that information came from and if it is reliable information, then WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT, BROTHER!

Are you informing law enforcement authorities or just sitting on your backside saying: ‘Well, you know it was prophesied in Ezekiel 37″!!!!!!1???????????

If the information is not true, then DON’T SPREAD LIES! Your duty as a Christian is to establish the truth of things!

In Christ,



Thank you Jack for sending us your heart felt words.

We are living in the last days.

Pray for our Lord Jesus Christ’s soon return.



You said:

They will proudly announce that God has forgiven America of its sins that caused the judgment of September 11. This delusion and blindness to the truth is the result of teaching the corrupted patriotic, psychology, and prosperity gospel to the American people in conjunction with a distorted understanding of the end time biblical prophecies.

Sorry, but I am skeptical of ANYONE who claims to have a corner on truth.


Hello my fellow coworkers in this quest for truth and who hold fast to His Word through faith. Let me first say thank you for your sincerity and for replying as quickly as you have. I am grateful and encouraged by your stand for truth and boldness. I believe I am not alone when I say that each of us will fall in one of the seven churches spoken of in Revelation…few of us however are overcoming holding fast to the Word of His Testimony, The Blood of the Lamb, and not loving out lives even to the point of death. I will indeed send you a testimony as soon as I can find time to type it. I am discouraged by the many “believers” who are so passive, and uncommitted…a little leaven leaveneth the whole batch of dough; I am not unsoiled by their actions I must admit. Ever since I was a small boy I was either here or there, and could never grasp or comprehend the “churchy” kids who were shy and scared to stand up and witness to other students in school, be it elementary or junior high.
Blessings in Yeshua our Messiah and Grace upon you two and your ministry online that is helping the remnant be apart of the “Tribulation Force” (pun intended). Casey 2 Corinthians 4:18

Thank you for your respectful reply.

You may continue sending my your e-mails. I often run into religious types who desire to “forcefeed” me their particular “brand” of religious thought which I summarily reject because it goes agains the spirit of the Central Character of the Bible — Jesus Christ.

All the best!


I think I would like to try your mailing list for now. Not sure I totally
agree with your view of Revelations, but am definately interested in reading

Hi Jack: Thank you for your gracious reply in the face of my anger.

Jack, you sound like a reasonable person. Can I urge you to reconsider dispensational prophecy? Can I ask that you at least familiarize yourself with the preterist and related positions e.g. post-millennialism.

Now I don’t believe this prophecy issue is the foremost concern of the Lord. Basically, we are to preach the gospel, the good news and to walk close with Him. What makes me angry is that premillenial doctrine sidetracks us from the truth. It also confuses and distorts the word of God.

It takes simple things in scripture and twists and complicates them to fit a presumptuous belief that the Second Coming is going to occur sometime around 2000 plus or minus 7 years. In Matthew 24 Jesus said ‘this generation’ would not pass away until all those things prophesied took place. I was taught by premillenial doctrine that ‘this’ did not really mean ‘this’, it meant late 20th century Israel! And the premillenialists accuse of preterists of not taking things literally!

A few years ago I read David Chilton’s book Paradise Restored. I was astounded at the depth of understanding he and other preterists had of scripture. Quite frankly, they put premillenialist teaching to shame.

I first heard about the suitcase nukes about 2 years ago. Someone in the US wrote an end-times prophecy book that was advertised on a website. They were making spectacular promotional noises about these nukes in this particular book.

At the time I emailed them and made the same objection. How can you throw those sorts of rumours around – and suggest that it’s just prophetic fulfillment? I don’t think that is sound thinking. People who hear that sort of rumor should check it out and tell the FBI or someone!

I think that’s an example of how end-times prophecy mania gets people’s thinking right off track, and can even lead them into deception. There were things about premillenial prophecy that I just could not work out. For instance, the environmental movement has been promoting a big lie that the earth is about to cook in a greenhouse. But then I would have to think that, ‘yes, the earth is about to be judged. Maybe what they are saying is true?’

Then some prophecy teachers would say ‘the earth is overpopulated and the ecosystem is about to collapse. See, the green movement is saying that, and it lines up with prophecy’. Well, how do lies line up with the truth? These environmentalists are simply lying to promote their socialist one world program.

Now, the prophetic warnings should be taken seriously, even if they have been literally fulfilled in history. We know that it’s an antichrist system that would seek to mark us all with numbers. The scripture says there are antichrists in the world. There are, right now, and there will be in the future.

What I do know is that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. He also came to build a church without spot or wrinkle. Man, we have got some way to go!

Please Jack, read Paradise Restored and The Great Tribulation. It blows premillenialism out the window!

Yours in Christ,


Hi just to say was crusing for the low down on Babylon because of the Iraq war, your articles could have knocked me down with a feather, I shall have to meditate on this – not sure if I believe you. but thanx, I have been wondering lately about the Health- Wealth gospel but He said “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things will be added unto you” so we’re mean’t to have good things but be content without them as we’re not to focus on them but God. Thanx brother,
Love in Christ Mandy.
I recieved your message, and I was trying to figure out where you got my
address from. Now, after reading all your literature the only thing I
can think is …I hope you don’t stop sending more. I am totally in awe
of your wisdom, and I will look forward to any future mailings. Thankyou
so much for all the insight into what I can only pray all my loved ones
will see. I commend you for all your work on this. You are a true
Sincerly, Sandy
Another question: How can the risen Jesus Christ be the God of Israel?
Are you not aware of the error in calling the Messiah of Israel, Jesus
Christ? There was NEVER a Hebrew man named Jesus. Why? Because there is no j
in Hebrew. His name was never Jesus or Jesus Christ. He will never be called
Jesus or Jesus Christ because that is a Greek/Pagan name that disrespects
him. So stop adding to the confusion. Thank you!


Shalom child of GOD,
I know what is instore for America but will not go into details. For some reason I have not read your e-mail untill tonight. Will spend time with ABBA FATHER, Messiah YESHUA and KADOSH SPIRIT to see what they say about your message. GOD bless.

A very close friend of GOD,
Prophet of GOD

I don’t understand why I do what I do and say what I say sometimes. What you said below is not difficult. It isn’t the strangest thing to say…but for me it is! Is very difficult and hard to apply. Paul in 1 Corinthians 15 said the death, burial and resurrection were of first importance. Intellectually that sounds good to me. It makes sense…but I never get it. I always look for the answer in a man of God. You didn’t die for me. None of the others I mentioned (and many more I didn’t) did not die in place of me. Sometimes I think I am losing it and going nuts. Why must I always be looking for the answer in a worker for the King and not going directly to the king? Sometimes maybe I think I just don’t want to conform to the postmodern generation of “everyone did what was right in his own eyes,” and suffer the fate of the Israelites. Maybe that is the whole paradox of it all? The chosen people of God did not want God to be their king; they wanted a tangible, visible, man that was just as human as they are…weak, prone to sin, selfish, and nothing but flesh and blood. In Jeremiah it reads that, “cursed is the man that depends on flesh and blood for his strength,” which spoke volumes to me years ago but never sank deep enough for me to comprehend any sort of reality in my life. I beg of you, pray for me please? I have not talked to God is some days now. I am tired of bothering Him with the same ‘ol stuff and tired of even hearing it myself. I don’t want to say I don’t have faith, I just don’t believe I will ever get out of this theological, philosophical, predisposition of a preconceived notion, bias mind with selfish tendencies of thought, I am in bondage to.

Mr. Jack Hook,

My name is Hadin. I am a Christian Unitarian Universalist.

As you probably already know, a unitarian is someone who believes God is one person, NOT three. And a universalist is someone who believes that everyone will eventually be saved. 1Timothy 4:10 says that the Living God is the Savior of ALL men, especially of believers.

I agree with most of your essay.

But, I disagree with a couple of statements.

You said that Jesus is the God of Israel. There is no scripture proof for this. The Father ALONE, Yehwah, is the God of Israel. Jesus is his servant. Please see Acts 3:13.

Also note that Jesus himself said that he has a God (Rev 3:12). Do you know who his God is? If you said the God of Israel, you’re right!

Please correct this biblical error.



I feel this type of message you sent
me is based in satanic thinking you

You are sick!!!!!!!

If you think the end of the world is coming, then let me tell you a story… In the year 1000 many people killed themselves because they thought the end of the world is close. Same in 2000, and even before… I do not suggest you do the same!

Dear Mr. Jack Hook,

I was just reading over some of the e-mails that you had sent and I have also asked you questions on a couple of occasions! I believe a lot of what you have written, because of reading the bible and watching current events. I really wanted to maybe ask a few more questions and say what is on my mind. I am kind of alone on what I believe except for a few people that I can talk to via the internet! There is so much going on with this war with Iraq. You have the “protestors” and the people who are “patriotic” as well with the increasing hatred for the U.S. across the world! In America, according to the poles, more people are “patriotic” than “unpatriotic”,and some christians are even divided into “patriotic” or “protestors” that are considered “unpatriotic”. I said all this because although I live in America where there is more freedom than most anywhere on earth, I would be considered “unpatriotic”! I am definetly not a “protestor”, but I think there is a lot of deception concerning this war and when asked why I feel this way bu others, I really do not feel I have a sufficient answer, except for the obvious A+B=C. But these answers always have an answer from the party who asks the question why? I have resorted to keeping my thoughts to myself, which is probably the best for now.

But,I have never in my life seen such a wierd senario, as what I see happening today with our Government and the decisions they are making and the things that are being fed to the American people. Maybe I am crazy, but somethings just don’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Everything seems to be exceptional deceiving and as much as I want to feel patriotic I cannot! I still pray for our government and the President, however I feel that what is taking place is supposed to and that I resort to praying for God’s will be done and for innocent people in this war on both sides.

I am going to make a strong statement that you may disagree with, and maybe if I am wrong you can shed some insight into this for me. But I think America under this President has some major alterior motives. (I say America, because the President represents us as a people.) It seems like the decisions that America is making is self-detrimental. Almost like as if to bring in a new form of Government or what have you. Maybe I am way out there, I sure hope not, but with all the wierd stuff going on anything is possible!!!

Alot of bible teachers and scholars always say that there is going to be a revived Roman Empire, and I think we are the revived Roman Empire! We all migrated here from European nations to do are own thing. We have a different form of Government than other nations in the past. Along with other things in the bible that point to America. I am curious as to how this will all pan out and what is next? If America accomplishes this peace treaty with Israel, then I wonder what comes next. Does this one world leader Arise out of America?(Babylon) Or Europe? Israel? The bible talks about in Ezekiel 32 the king of Babylon. I probab;y should not be engulfed with this stuff, but it is hard not to when there a signs pointing in this direction! Do you have some thought that may be helpful?


Please remove me from your mailing list. As a Jew your message is repulsive, antisemitic and insulting. We will see soon who is the true Moshiah, at which time all Jew hating christians, who have slain so many Jewish children, man and woman will taste the bitterness of HaShem. May it be soon in our days.

Prof. Rafael


I am going to be teaching about the book of Revelation in ‘Word-Up’ classes at my church–It’s Just Jesus Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Pitts. I will definitely be sharing your perspective about these world-changing events and their correlation to the word of God!!! Thank you and please add me to your mailing list. I will visit your website at my earliest opportunity.


Evangelist Jamie
Pure and utter crap and a very unChristian abuse of the Bible. Shame on you.


Thanks for your input on this subject, I found it to be very comforting! I have endured some major persecution, because of my views as of lately, especially from my mother, who is a christian as well. But she believes in the mainline theology that is very popular. I have also endured some from theological teachers of the bible and was told that I need to support our President and needed to be more Patriotic! But I don’t even believe in the American Dream! That was a joke!

However, I do not force my opinions or views on anyone, but it seems when asked about what is going on, I will offer my opinion in simple terms, and you would have thought by the reaction, that a time bomb had just went off! It is pretty wierd and I guess to be expected! There were some things in your response that are exactly what I have been questioning, i.e. that nowhere in the bible does it show a christian leader in control of a nation, except David and Soloman over the nation of Israel in the Old Testiment. I am glad that I am not the only one who finds these things a little strange.

The other thing you mentioned was the relationship between the christian and government and civil authorities. I have been so confused by this and have been persecuted about this as well. I always tell people to read the book of Daniel where the King of Babylon requested everyone to bow down to the statue he had erected and Daniel said that he would not do this! There are things that we are to obey, legally as long as the government does not ask you to do things against Gods laws! Now I hope I am not way off???? I just do not see how you can serve two masters! If that makes sense?

Another thing, you are right about it being lonely. Sometimes it makes you wonder if you are crazy! All I can do at this point is pray that His will be done. It seems rather foolish to pray against what is already in place to happen. I find it really wierd that christian people are praying against these things (being for or against this war.) It seems a bit confusing. I bet if you ask people on both sides of this issue, who do you think God is going to listen to? That would definetly throw a wrench into the whole thing??? That has always been puzzling to me! I truely believe these are amazing times we live in!

Thank you for your understanding and input, I will look foreward to reading you next article!

God Bless