July 2004 Comments

How, Jack, can you or anyone be a sinner, if “To wit, that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself, NOT IMPUTING their tresspasses unto them” (2Cor 5:9)?

Rom 4:15b – where no law, there no transgression
Rom 5:13b – when no law, sin not imputed

The point being made, Jack, is the only way any become sinners, is when people like you add “law worketh wrath” to “my grace is sufficient” (no law req’d). And whenever any do, it makes “all” sinners, “none” righteous. Penalty: “all” die. Why? Law is a ministration of condemnation and death (2Cor 3).

You need to get beyond Daniel, and into the NEW testament. There are two testaments, Jack. And although it speaks of two Holies, in the end it is not a Holy Holy Bible, but just one: a Holy Bible.

Perhaps you should read your Bible.

Sorry Jack,
Your stuff has no soap, and I can’t get interested in all the scary future stuff. I am no longer a futurist, but a preterist with a Baptist perspective. So you can give me a good reason as to why I should change of just join us in a better method of interpretation of the Bible. I believe in fulfilled prophecy, and Jesus
taught that He came to fulfill all prophecy. Jesus told us about the end of an age,but not the end of our world.( Matt.24) He told us about the end of the Old covenant and the begaining of the New. He showed us the destruction of old Jerusalem and the creation of the New Heavens and a New earth, the Bride of Christ ,the Church of Jesus Christ.
Thanks for your interest Jack, ><>Dean
Hello Jack,

Read quickly through your article ‘Silence in Heaven’. Thought the linking of the half hour silence in heaven with the hour mentioned in Revelation 3:10 had some appeal.

However, in general we take very different positions on the message of Scripture. While you teach a literal/physical interpretation I perceive prophetic Scripture in a symbolic/spiritual manner. This means that in practice we are arriving at very different religious messages.
Regards, Colin
Dearest Jack;
Thank you so much for your reply dear brother. You have such a wonderful
outlook, or shall I say, discernment – and I would love to share it with others.
Isn’t it rather odd, that so many can truly believe in our Father, yet not believe
in the enemy??? Very strange – but not to our loving Father. His plan will
prevail dear one.
I long for His return – and long to be in His Kingdom to share eternity with
His loving kindness and also that of all our brothers and sisters in Christ
as well!

I will surely let you know of the responses to your insightful article.
Thank you again dear brother.
much love in Christ,

Hello Jack,
Please help me with something. When it comes to violence and war, is defending oneself
or another helpless person comdemed by the Lord? I know that Christ admonished the
cutting off of the centurians ear by Paul. I would like your opinion and explaination on this
whenever you get time. Thanks for keeping the Word and spreading it.

Best Regards,
I have a feeling that I’m going to become addicted to your site. Yours truly, George

I have read your article. Some of what you say I believe but a lot I can’t agree with you on. I do not believe the antichrist will be American but I do believe the U.S. will, and is giving the antichrist his power. Keeping in mind that the anti-christ is the “spirit of iniquity” and was in the world from the beginning, The mystery of the Spirit of Iniquity is about to be revealed. I feel that America is setting an example before the world of greed and a reprobate mind. The very anchor—that of our religious beliefs— are being used against us, twisted and tortured to cause dilusions of the truth.

In the statement “Silence in Heaven” I can agree that all is quiet toward the earth as the Anti-Christ weaves his venemous web to deceive but I also believe this is the time that the “Marriage Supper Of The Lamb” is taking place and Christ is preparing his return. Satan is in total charge upon the earth because the Bride of Christ (Holy Spirit) has been raptured to Heaven and there are no roadblocks to stop Satan. This takes place so that God’s overall plan may be completed just as the people were blinded when Christ was on the earth so that we may obtain salvation

Hi Jack-

I’d add only one thing to your scenario… when the unrestraining ocurrs,
the fallen angels will invade earth in droves, claiming to be an alien race, “our
progenitors”, and they will physically be here on earth during the
tribulation. This invasion, this paradigm-shift in awareness, will deceive
the majority of the remaining world and help to setup the AntiChrist. Satan
himself won’t be cast to earth until mid-tribulation, but then he will take
over the AntiChrist completely, who might actually be killed physically by
the asteroid God throws to earth, that he arrived on.

I’ve been watching the “alien” agenda extremely closely the past ten years,
and this is what they’ve been trying to setup. They’ve also been
cross-breeding with humans in order to produce offspring that will
supposedly make the horrific transistion easier. They are quite aware that
the natural human reaction to their appearance is overwhelming panic and
terror, and supposedly having half-human hybrids will faciliate their
takeover (disguised as mere appearance).

And this is the kicker… our government has been making secret treaties
with them since 1948, receiving advanced technology in return for permission
to abduct and commit cross-breeding experiments on humans, and fatal animal
abductions. There are vast underground military bases throughout America
where their presence is already quite known.

Problem is, when a human that has little or no faith, or weak faith, comes
across another spiritual creation of God that was initially created vastly
powerful and spiritually powerful, it is easy to attribute godhood to that
entity, especially when that is exactly what that entity is claiming in the
first place. God requires faith; the fallen will be here, they won’t need
faith. And it is they who will unite Mankind in the final war against the
Lord and his army of angels, convincing Mankind that they are an evil alien
race that is coming to destroy the earth. Again, as always with Satan, a
large measure of truth underneath the deceiving lie.

Thanks! Les
Dear Jack:
I read it… unfortunately I have to admit it is true, I can see the signs of decay in society, not only in America but also here in Brazil… afterall, we’ve long ago bought into the American dream, just as many poor, southamerican countries… the results? Unrighteousness, crime, violence are rampant…

You see, I live in Fortaleza, which despite of its size of about 2 million people is not a city of capital importance, at least as long as world news are regarded… but then we had this Arafat man the other day – allegedly his counsellor or assessor or assistant, whatever – giving a talk on the Israel x Palestinian conflict… God only knows what was said there… reeks of anti-Israel propaganda to me. I believe they’re spreading it all over… I remember my own opinion regarding Israel prior to my encounter with Christ… I didn’t have them in best favour, not at all!!!

And what is worst, there are times I almost loose my faith because I see sin taking its toll into the local church… and if you point it out, people will name you, will say things about you, and if you want to leave – as I did leave – they will tell “oh you must congregate”… some times I feel like I’m crazy or am going against God, that’s what I feel, not to mention that, like you, I have to cope with these nasty temptations… sometimes I fall… God help me! I fear for my wife, who can see none or little of this all… may God spare her too!!!

Sorry if I took too long Jack… it’s just that I needed to open it all up… please remember
us here in Brazil in your prayers…

Hi Jack

The new article was insteresting reading. Hearing from
you always inspires me to get out the bible and read
it more. I often agree with most of what you write but
then God told us that no one will know the entire day
or time. We all see through the glass darkly and
because of that we will all see things a little bit

For those of us who know that the christian church in
the USA has gone the way of Babyalon, I feel
compassion for those who think they have sincere faith
who have not discovered that Truth revealed by God. I
Pray for those souls to be freed from the lies. It
took God to reveal that truth to my open my heart
before I even cared to believe that most Pastors and
Clergy are blindly following a false religion or cult.

Since I dropped out of Babyalon at least 5 years ago
when I saw and escaped from the evils of the “name it
and claim it” religious tv folk, I’m sure new
teachings that appeals to self or church control have
appeared. You mentioned a few false teachings that I
haven’t heard of before and I was hoping you would
enlighten me. Please explain what is the teaching
behind market place apostles, church growth movement,
G12 movement, new apostolic reformation, third wave,
spiritual mapping, the fourth dimension, and unity in
diversity. The rest of the false teachings you
mentioned I am fully aware of the dangers of their
teachings mostly by first hand knowledge. Thank God
for his mercy and that he rescued you and me from the
God Bless You


I never realized just how anti-American you were until I saw your broken Statue of Liberty. That was pretty disgusting. I still can’t believe you were in Viet Nam. Not the bravest of soldiers I gather. If you only knew how much our Father loves the USA and how He blesses her…

No, the USA is not Babylon. The USA has been and always will be Jewish Israel’s best friend. Actually, they are brothers if you care enough to study the migration of the ten tribes of Israel. So, you are attacking the very country that protects Jewish people like Sandy. How ironic! Maybe you are anti-semitic?

Or maybe you are one of those guys who get off by creating controversy between Christians. You don’t really care what the truth is other than what you write for that day to get people going. Then you keep the commnets on your web site for your own amusement. However, your prophesy really isn’t that interesting. It is no match for our Father’s.

Hooker, if you knew just how far you are from the truth, I wonder if you would be ashamed or would you keep plowing ahead anyway? I’m just curious. Why not study a little (ten years, 2 hours per day minimum) before writing your books and predictions? Now you are all caught up in calling America Babylon, and you can’t find a way to back out without losing face. But then, maybe that doesn’t bother you either.

I’m not judging you, but I do know a tree by it’s fruit, and you are pretty fruity!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! For opening my eyes to some areas that I needed to see and for the deep down profound…TRUTH.

My deepest desire besides to love The Lord Jesus with all my heart and soul, is not TO BE LIKE the Samaritan woman at the well that Jesus spoke to….”you worship what you do not understand.” If you do not mind I would like to pass this on to a few people. Some do not have computers and mine at home was stolen last week, and I am praying for a new one for home. This is my work e-mail, and for this I am grateful.

To God be the glory, honor and praise that your are being an obedient and faithful servant.


kind sir,

I appreciate your enthusiasm and great faith, but I ask that you refrain from sending these emails to me. I am a believer, and am finding my way to God through my own trials and tribulations. Your rhetoric about the Jews, government and such is unsettling. I am surrounded by people of all colors, shapes and beliefs. I do my best not to judge them; it is only for God to judge.

Thank you.

Dear Jack

Like you I try to envisage the future taking the scriptures into account that relate to end time prophesy. I note that the present situation with American and Britain is that we have both come into the same terrorist situation as that of Israel. GWB (and still our Tony!) is in the same moral position as Ariel Sharon with regard to suicide attacks. I conclude that both will not be able to defeat the “enemy” and that a meeting of religeon is required first. This could easily come about as you predict since the state religeons of the world are not the true religeons before God. Ramadan is not the fast that God requires but the releasing of the down trodden etc.

Watch and Pray, Yours in Christ, Aldred.


Jesus came already in the form of a Woman named Mother Ann Lee…..founder of the United Believers in Christ’s Second Coming (The Shakers). She arrived in America in the late 1700’s and her followers actually converted many Evangelical Christians. The Shakers are believed to be the truest form of Christianity.

I am also a member of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. I do not believe in bible prophecy and what the world needs now is for the religions of the abrahamic tradition to come together (jews, christians, muslims) and fight the greedy machine that is our democracy. We do not need any more fear that jerry falwell sells, that pat Robertson sells, that d. james kennedy sells. That george bush and dick cheney and karl rove and tom delay sells. No thank you sir. No thank you.



I have read quite a few things on your website, it is refreshing to see that there are others that rightly discern the Word of God. We came into the realization that America is Babylon around the year 2000 when the Lord opened our eyes to the truth. It seems many others too were opened to the truth around the turn of the millenium. The church here in America is so backslid, looking for signs and wonders and is in such a lukewarm state. It is so plain to see that it is rich and full and has need of nothing. As for me, I am poor and needy, and need the Lord so much to even go on for another day.

We left the church in 1985 for 10 years when a false prophecy was said over my wife. When we later questioned the pastor, after a couple months, he refused to hear what we had to say, or even pray about it and kicked us out of that church. We started attending another church 10 years later and we amazed at how much things had changed. So much foolishness, at least in the charismatic realm of the church. We now have pretty much given up on the established church and enjoy reading and fellowshipping on our own and reading sites such as yours.

I am amazed at how so many can’t see the truth about America and our president and the ungodly war with Iraq. There was no justification for going there at all, and we were 100% opposed to it. I believe that the so called terrorist attacks are only a tool to bring about martial law and one world government all scripted by the powers to be.

I am not so sure on the rapture if we will be taken literally out of the earth or protected supernaturally here. I only know that I pray to be counted worthy to escape the things that are coming upon this world. Our desire for this world and the things of this world are pretty much gone and have left in the last 3 years as the truth was revealed to us. We only desire to love and serve our Lord Jesus and our hearts long to be with Him to worship Him forever and ever.

Thanks for your website and posting all the articles and things you have written there. May God bless and keep you.

IN His Love, Randy and Donna

Hey Jack,

I’m getting kind of tired of your brand of (IN YOUR FACE) Christianity. I believe you can win more souls with the “GOOD NEWS” of the gospel (that’s what it means you know) than with threatening everyone with “HELLFIRE AND BRIMSTONE” like you do. Yes Hell is to be avoided, but Heaven is to be gained. You know the old addage “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”; it’s really true you know.

All this taken into account, I’m going to flag your e-mails to be not accepted by my server. Beat someone else over the head with you 20 pound, Independent Baptist, King James (ONLY) Bible, and I’m going to reccommend to all my friends that they do the same. You have a great message to give, but your approach really stinks.

Thank you Jack. Although I was a bit annoyed at being spammed (since you
do not know me yet you collected my email address to advertise your
site), I understand that your intentions are pure. I am not Christian
actually, I am Muslim, but I will definately check your site.


I’ve been reading your website, and i have found many things that i was looking for, things that i wanted to understand for a long time and that are changing my way of life.
i have found hope not only for me if not for almost everybody in the world, thimgs that realy will change the thinking of the people about God and Jesus. For me i’m starting to fight, i’m want to serve God and our Lord Jesus but i have found that to follow Jesus is not easy as the people in the church tells you, and my first test is my family.
Thanks and also i thank God for you.

Dear Jack and Carol,

I don’t know how you got my email address, but I am telling you I’m glad you
did! To read your testimony of God’s grace and your Mother’s Faith, Jack,
was such a joy to me as my own faith has been tested and tried for over 50
years. Praise God there are those even today who are coming to the Light of
this glorious Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! To Him be glory
forever! Your testimony was again affirmation of what I have believed and
spoken to whoever would listen. I’ll go back and check out your site more
and pass it on to others.

Thanks again for contacting me. May the Lord bless you both and may many be
persuaded to trust in Jesus the ONLY Name given among men whereby we must be
saved. Hilda

Your futuristic version of eschatology makes Jesus and the apostles false
prophets. All of this was supposed to occur in the first century. You need
to read Were the Apostles False Prophets? You are living in a fantasy world because you refuse to believe Jesus.


Thank you for your teachings. I plan to lead a Bible study group with your information as my resource.


I love your articles and look forward to them. Please keep my subscription coming. I only wish that I could read every single one but there are times I will miss one. I will try and go back to get caught up when I get behind. Thank You and I Pray that the Lord continues with the growth of your ministry. Pastor Steve
remove … remove … remove … remove … the end of the world is coming … I don’t want the Lord to hold it against me for being associated with your sorry and perverse site

You have never bothered me, but I believe Babylon to be the literal Babylon, which is modern-day Iraq. I do respect your opinion, though. What matters most is whether a person is saved, not what they think Babylon is. The main reason I’m replying to be removed is because I simply do not have time to read any articles about something I do not agree with. But like I said before, no apology needed…you never were a bother.

Thanks, Tara

I enjoyed your site, I would like to use some of your materials on our
site, I believe your right America needs our prayers, I know David
Wilkerson teaches America is Babylon, it is an interesting study, at
this point Im still researching the topic.

God Bless, Merv

This I liked particularly of your writings:

(The few of you who are saddened and sickened by abortions and the homosexual lifestyle, are also being battered continually by the covetousness, envy, hate, religious or national pride, and boastfulness that dwells in the hearts of most Americans. It is everywhere, especially in the churches! These evils have even been redefined and covered with the veneer of Christianity and are being taught in the churches as…self image…self esteem…seed faith giving…100 fold return…what so proudly we hail…home of the brave..land of the free…a just war…God and country…military chaplains…kingdom now…market place apostles…church growth movement…G12 movement..new apostolic reformation…third wave…spiritual mapping…we are King´s kids…inner healing…visualize your dreams…positive thinking…possibility thinking…positive mental attitude…positive confession…the fourth dimension…all truth is God´s truth…think and grow rich…unity in diversity…unity through signs and wonders…the dignity of man…born again Jesus…we are little gods…man was created in God´s class…)

I have a keen mind and I learned many years ago not to be fooled by rhetoric. I have heard many Christian religious people quote this passage up to the homosexual issue, and that is where they stop.

But a textual reading indicates that this is just the first thing in a line of things which indicates ‘blindness’ brought about by arrogance and rebellion against God.

No body likes to look at their own religious organisation to see the backbiting, jealousy, maliciousness, ‘witch and heretic hunting’, animosity over doctrine, disdain for the poor ‘within’ the church etc etc

So I was glad to see that you carried on. I do know of people hounded in their pending deaths ‘to be healed’, and I have heard how ‘Satan’ got someone because they died of cancer.

I have never understood why it is, that so many people who love GOD, are terrified to go to him. I’m adding your link to the Daniel Section. Thanks.

Hong Kong
(The People’s Republic of China)
Dear Jack,
I visited your web site recently and found it interesting.
Unfortunately, especially where your “links” are concerned, I found many things that were anti-Catholic, in error with regard to Catholicism and just plain hateful.
I will honestly say that I’ve always had a problem with “Christians” who spend so much time, energy and effort bashing and denigrating the faith of others.
That time and energy should be better spent in tending one’s own flock.
Please notice that in the Catholic realm, there are no “Protestent bashing” web sites. We don’t need them (don’t have to) and we don’t have the desire to bash the faith and beliefs of our separated brethren because it is tacitly unChristian.
The saddest thing to see is how tenaciously erroneous statements and claims are held and propogated among non-Catholics from generation to generation.
I would challenge any of these people by asking, “Who benefits most by dividing Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church?” After all, Jesus only founded one Church and handed out one set of keys to His kingdom to Saint Peter, His first vicar, His “prime minister.” Our Lord prayed, too, that we be one just as He and the Father are One.
Protestantism’s ongoing divisions, contradictions and ensuing confusion are all contrary to the desire of Jesus as He Himself stated.
I will keep you and all of those like you in my daily prayers.
God Bless!
Jack, I know the Lord loves you and you have a good website, and are educating the type of people who need to hear those kind of teachings at this point in their lives.

But at this point in my progression, your website has to much “Bible” for me. There is so much more available.Jesus said he had other sheep, not of “this fold.”
They have had and do have prophets even to this day.

I have somewhow, through prayer and asking, developed a personal relationship with Him, and He speaks to me from time to time, which is as it should be for all people, but sadly is only true fr those not brainwashed by “doctrines”.

Get ready for very bad weather in 2005, and if you live in a city, it is time to get out. There will be no “rapture.” The church will go into the wilderness.

Dear Brother Hook,
I thank God in Jesus’s precious name, for your e mail to me and your web site with all it’s information. I hope you will take what is shown on Prophecies to America and share it with as many as you can. I know I have reached enough for a remnant, but not enough for the number of righteous that would cause God to turn from what He has said. I encourage you to exhort as many as you can to start living the commandments in the hope that they may, as Lot did cause the saving of a piece or part in the nation. I feel that now, I only have the hope of the destruction revival shown in George Washington’s third vision for America. As you know, all prophecy of this nature is sent by God so that the people will have opportunity to repent as a nation, and God in His great mercy can turn the judgments away as He did in Ninevah. God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but calls all men everywhere to repent, and turn to Jesus’s great sacrifice, that they may be born again, sanctified, and filled with the power and presence of the Holy Ghost as it is written.
I haven’t looked at everything on your site yet, but it is my hope that it is of the Lord, and I will be edified by it. If I find anything in which I might lack understanding, I will let you know. I especially received a blessing in your honest confession of your faults, that you may be healed, as it is written, so let it be done in Jesus’s precious name, amen.
May the God an Father of our Lord Jesus grant you to be a faithful and fruitful branch, and to cause you to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of Jesus Christ, in Jesus’s name, amen. Please greet all those who are sanctified in Christ with you, from we who are the same here in Montana. Peace be to all those who are worthy in Jesus’s name, amen. Strive to enter in at the strait gate if you can find it; though it is plain to those who honestly seek it, amen? Please let me know if I may serve you in any way. I live to serve, and I serve to live.
Your servant for Christ’s sake, Noah
Dear Jack,

Thanks for the e-mail, and yes the info flow is amazing at times. I get communications from people in ministry all around the world, and from those who are looking for answers to the struggles they face in this upside down world that we live in. Your web site looks great and I too believe that Jesus’ return is at hand. At any day now, dramatic events will unfold. Of course, we don’t have a printed schedule of how all that will be, but because of His immanent return, believers everywhere need to be sharing the good news with intensity as history plays itself out. Keep up the good work and may God bless your efforts.



Dear Jack,

I expect that you sincerely believe what your site has,
and that you truly believe that you are trying to save us
“apostate church Catholics.”

Jesus established a visible Church, and that is the
Catholic Church. He will let you and everyone know
personally over the next few years the truth of the
matter. Guaranteed. No point in arguing now.

And I am fully aware of the NWO and the United Religions
Initiative, new age, digital angel chip implant and all
that such things entail.

God Bless,