July 2006 Comments

Mr. Hook….
I, too served in the US Army…and you have definitely picked a topic that i am most interested in…please allow me a little time to get situated, and I will try to answer your important topics ASAP…just wanted to let you know that I have received your letter, and am very interested in discussion.
I will contact you again soon

Dear Jack!

Thanks for your e-mail. I assume you got my address from Sallie. We have been corresponding for some time now on-line. As a Jewish believer in Messiah I am in 100% agreement with what you wrote here. Unfortantly few believers have studied the word enough to know that we are directly forbidden to take trees cut them dowm bring them in our homes and decorate them and place presents under them. This is totally pagan. Few know that the celebration of Christmas is the worshiping of the Egyptiam sun god also a forbidden pegan pratice. Nearly every tradition from Christmas is derives from a pegan pratice including the Yule tide log and the misletoe. As you so correctly state the Almighty Blessed Be He gave us 7 Festives to Celebrate and every single one of the is a spirtiual picture of Messiah used to teach us who He is and how to have a personal relationship with him. It is wonderful there is a CHirstian out there who know the the truth and is not afraid to tell it or isn’t trying to justify it. I hope you keep spreading the word and that you keep in contact.

Your Brother in Messiah,

Dear Jack
I have not seen any of you articles but I would be pleased to check it out.
As I am a christian because of Christ ( not to be confused with the
christiandom of today ). As I believe that many professing christians of
today have no idea of what christianity is. As a sect of judiasm the true
version in no way represents that which the vatican and western society has
created and careful humble study by gentiles must be done to understand
their place. Any way I will srop by your web site and take a look.
Thanks for the invite

Hello Jack,
Thanks for your prompt reply, please can I enquire as to which church you attend and what denomination, are you Pentecostal, baptist, methodist, Calvary chapel, Assemblies of god, Catholic or some other organisation I would be grateful if you would let me know. To be honest Jack at the moment I accept eternal life but I am confused as to where we will spend eternity, a lot of the scriptures speak of God setting up an earthly kingdom and living on earth while philippians 3:20 says our citizenship is in heaven if you can elaborate on this I would be grateful. Did you have a look at the website I suggested, I am also concerned about the attempts by Iran to obtain Nuclear weapons and for Russia to provide them,I look forward to hearing from you soon, regards, Paul

Dear Sir,

I got an email from You the other day, promoting Your homepage. I went there for a brief visit, and I found it inspiring for more thoughts. It is just that I find a lot of home pages like Your own, and it is hard to decide which is best. I guess a multitude of pages will at the end of the day, get the message through.

Myself I call my own direct encounters with God, prophecy. I have for instance had a word about a Third World War. The words that came to me was:


I have also had visions related to the New Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. That’s very hopeful to me, if the world war is frightening.

Best Regards,

I am a big supporter of the Troops. I don’t think you and I have the same beliefs. I am really not interested.
Thank You


Hello Jack, you are a man after my own heart, I also do not believe in the doctrine of once saved always saved and I think a lot of Christians are lukewarm due to this teaching, that doctrine is the same as saying I can do what I want and still gain eternal life, I believe there are three types of righteousness in the bible imputed which we have when we get saved then we must learn righteousness to please god and the third is self righteousness which is like the pharisees which displeases the Lord. Anyway Jack nice talking to you, drop me a line anytime for a chat, regards, Paul.

Just curious what web site did you find my address and name on. I am open to listen or read all stories. Unfortunately I am not that religous. You’re a vietnam vet? If that is what you are then I think you are a HERO. You have to very couragous to go over there and fight for the freedom of our country. I think that it dragged on so long and after awhile it just seemed wrong to be over there. I am just an 18 year old girl who actually appreciates what the Vets did for our country and hardly recieved enough respect. But I am at school right now and just happend to check my e-mail. I will be checking it on a regular basis now and you can continue to write me. I will be here if you need someone to chat to back and forth. Thanks again for doing what you did and I agree with all your views.

Sincerely yours,


You say…Satan hates the Jewish people because it was through their father, Abraham and his seed, who God chose to bring and offer salvation to mankind. But Jesus told the LEADERS of the jewish people of his day their father was not Jehovah but Satan.Their seeking to establish the vision in Israel today is a Satanic plan and he uses the jews because of the very fact you stated for deception and they will install antichrist as paul says…2Th 2:4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

Im sorry but I think we disagree.Were all entitled to our own opinion. I wont argue.



As I see it, any type of forced redistribution of a population is a recipe for disaster, but it has been happening in time memorial.

I am part native American, my Grandmother was half Natchez. I live and work down the road from the Alabama-Coushatta Reservation.

However, in the name of ‘Manifest Destiny’ we destroyed an entire civilization that is on the brink of extinction.

Only the Devine with separate out the problems in the middle east. My one thought is that before anything else can happen, Israels protector (the USA) will have to be taken out of the picture.

One way for sure is an economic and financial collapse which could easily be brought about by another terrorist attack.

As a matter of interest, only 1 in 10 people believe that an attack is probable in the near future. After 9/11 over 6 in 10 people believed another attack was imminent.

This is known as a sentiment indicator. In short, the majority is always wrong at major turning points.

I will check out your websites and thanks for dropping a line.


Hi Jack. It has been a long time. How are you? You standing firm in His grace. Watching out for the enemy on every front? Maintiaing vigilence and meekness? I am sure you are. I thought of you tonight at work and just wanted to let you know that I am talking to Jesus about you. Anyway, here are a couple sites you may be interested in. They are actually my signature. Hope you enjoy. Josh

Dear brother Jack,

Thank you for writing to me and I am sorry for my delayed reply. I have been off the computer quite a bit lately and doing much around the neighborhood.

I do appreciate your time and the words you have written. I am so glad too that the Devil will one day be dealt with and cast into the lake of fire, ‘prepared for the Devil and the fallen angels’. Yes, Satan is the root and cause of war as he seeks to destroy God’s creation and mankind as well as usurp the throne of God.

We see so much deception in the church and the world. It is utterly staggering. I fully believe that we are seeing the unfloding of the great apostasy and I think it is going to get much worse. I am not much of a pessimist but as we research and see how many Christian leaders are compromising it is staggering. The Roman Catholic Church is absorbing much of Christendom bit by bit.

We must keep the Word of God at the forefront if we are to stand and be faithful to the end.

Amen to Ephesians and I too praise God that He has given me a new heart and that I am now “accepted in the beloved”.

Jack, thanks again for your letter and may the Lord bless you as you continue to be a missionary to the Veterans and all the multitudes on the internet who chekc out your website.


I do believe some things that are happening to America is associated with
Mother Earth rebellion thru the Creator hand. I am a Medicine Man for a
Native American Decendants Tribe called Three Feathers. I am also a
Herbalist, and soon will have my BS in Natural Healing, and have more
degrees in electronics, am presently going to college and taking art, which
some sketches I placed on my website last night. I do believe in God, Jesus
Christ and try to correlate it with my Native belief. All thru history we
have been oppressed even more than the Blacks. I see what is on the horizon
and try to walk in the light. I think that we will have a revolution in
American, it might not be a physical one but maybe a spiritual one. I am a
older person and try to keep my eyes wide open and heart where it belongs.
You take care and I will be reading your website. You have to be careful
what you say with the new Patriot Act. Who knows how far the Gov will
go.???? I think you should live like there is no tomorrow and try to get
enough knowledge to last for an eternity.
Walks With Hawks/Harvey

Hi, Jack —

Thanks for your note. I agree with you in regard to rejecting all pagan roots. But, if you’ll think about it, when Jesus’ birthday took place, it had nothing to do with any of the “pagan roots.” And so, our celebration of His birth (and/or resurrection, etc.) really has nothing at all to do with all that stuff, right? I don’t know about you, but when I think about Baby Jesus in the Manger (as written in Scripture) being God’s gift of Salvation to all who believe, it doesn’t matter what the pagans do or don’t do — I am grateful to God for His Gift, and celebrate it with all my heart! And God never forbids that in Scripture or otherwise. Don’t let the world steal your faith. It’s yours, because God gave it, and for no other reason. We can keep doing what’s right regardless of what the world does. Amen!


Dear Thief; Please do not continue to send me e-mails. I am not interested! I would like nothing to do with someone who steals addresses. You are certainly a wolf in sheeps clothing. They seem to fit you well. I wish you all the best in your life and maybe one day you will learn to listen and be taught instead of stumbling around in the dark. I will pray most earnestly for you and your salvation. Shelly


Thank you so much for this message.
I am very interested to be in regular contact with you and believe that really your books shall help me to grow both spiritually and psychologically.

Dear Sir,
I am so excited to hear more free information from your end since I keep asking about what is going on in our world nowadays.
I am waiting for your next information to know more about what you know about what is happening in our world today.
Thanks in advance.

Dear Jack D. Hook,

Thanks so much for contacting me concerning your write-ups. I do appreciate every bit of your testimony. It’s touching you know. It reminded me of my contact with Jesus some 8 years ago which has been wonderful knowing and serving the Lord. I promise to take time and look at most of your articles when I get disposed with time. Actually, I was looking at “Enemies of the Cross” and decided to do you this wonderful mail. I pray that God will use you the more to affect lives positively.

Pastor Benjamin

Dear Mr. Hook,

Good insight on the humility part. You know and I know that the Pharisees were just like this gentleman that you are writing about. They claimed to know God but didn’t possess the spirit which can leave you exhausted from trying to convince yourself that you are filled with the Holy Spirit. Those that are filled with the Holy Spirit need not exploit themselves nor do they have to defend their beliefs. They just are. I spent a great deal of my life trying to convince myself and others that I was a spirit filled christian yet it took me 43 yrs. to humble myself and give my will over to God. I am powerless without Him. I was like the guy that was always trying to convince everybody how smart he was by using an inflated extensive vocabulary and I always felt unsure of myself. My confidence now comes with God being the nucleus of my spiritual existence. I take no credit for my humility. God shed His mercy on me and brought me to a place of wanting. I had prayed for years that I was not to be cursed like Esau. How I owe all my everlasting hope to God the Father. I use to put Jesus in a box. I only read the red letters and never expanded my knowledge past the new testament. Sure, I knew the main stories of the Old Testament but when I began to sew it all together. the true meaning of salvation came to light. You want to know mercy? Check out David, Jacob or Job. My life is dim compared to their contributions to our salvation. It took their faith and desire and courage to follow an invisible God while others were worshiping Idols and those that didn’t were put to death or declared war upon. This man”James” needs our prayers. Let’s help the brother along and may God have mercy on his soul.

Let us pray this payer right now.

Father God, We pray that you bring our brother”James to a place of wanting. We pray that he unlearns everything he ever thought he knew about you God and that he starts over with a fresh heart and a new desire to accept the truth. Please save him from himself and keep us all close to your will always. In the name of Jesus we pray.

Take care guys. Seeya,

dear bro.jack

I’ve been watching pres.bush for five yrs.and have only used the word
president,whether republican or democrat in my sermons.But now today
I put my new sermon on my site entitled”the bramble bush king”.It’ in
my section”gods news behind the news.It calls pres.bush by name as
I believe gods people need to wake up and see that our republic is fast
becoming an empire-the last empire of antichrist in Dan.2.Would
appreciate your comments on it very much as I value your judgment.

love in christ

Dear Jack,

It is my opinion that America is in a mess because the church is lost and confused. I think that the church has failed to sound the battle trumpet and organize her troops against the troops of the enemy. Why is the Protestant evangelical church so impotent, so defeated, so isolated and so irrelevant to the culture wars that are raging in our nation? In my opinion one of the greatest evils that has befallen the church and ruined her is her wrong belief in the false theological doctrine of Premillenialism.

Because most of the evangelical Protestant church is Premillenial, most Christians expect to LOSE, in history, until Christ comes to save us after the seven year rule of anti-Christ over the entire earth (and we are not considering here the debate amongst Premillenialists over whether there is a pre, mid or post-tribulational rapture).

But the Pilgrims and the Puritains who founded this nation were Postmillenial and they expected victory because they had a doctrine of eschatology that predicted victory for the church in the here and now, in history, before the second coming of Christ.

Postmillenialists believe that Jesus completely defeated satan at the cross and that satan is now bound and that he (satan) cannot stop the ultimate victory of the church.

Postmillenialism is a theology of victory and dominion not defeat and retreat. Which one of these doctrines would you wish that the entire church adopted, Premillenialism or Postmillenialism? Victory over the entire earth (Postmill) or temporary defeat until Christ rescues the earth from satans grip (Premill)?

I am sincerely yours in Christ my friend. I am saved by grace and grace alone. There is nothing good in me apart from Christ.

Please don’t be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good.

From: Jack D. Hook
To: Bob

Hi Bob. Thanks for the response and invitation to read the work of Kenneth and David. One thing that grieves my heart is how you, Kenneth, and David can so boldly speak of establishing the Kingdom of God upon all the nations, and yet you seem to have no desire to be with the Lord Jesus face to face, as you claim to be with him Spirit to spirit. His imminent second coming to resurrect our sinful bodies and make them like our new pure hearts does not fill your writings. All of the writers of the New Testament, who you would agree were filled with the Holy Spirit, longed and looked for the bodily appearance of their Lord Jesus, to be with him, and to experience the resurrection power in their mortal bodies. I have the same desire, don’t you?

Our Lord Jesus Christ is returning to first deliver his own to Heaven, and then in wrath begin his judgment upon this world system, which ironically begins with his permitting the President and Pope to channel all of their demonic power and influence to establishing peace (counterfeit Kingdom of God) in the Middle East, including the rebuilding of the Temple. Israel will fall under the spell of these men because their leaders reject the Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Please read on my web site the two articles, “The Wise Man” and “Moved with Compassion”, for more details concerning all the signs of the times.

Until the day the Lord Jesus Christ comes for his own, we are to speak the truth in love and honest compassion to all the lost souls in this world, always remembering that before Jesus created a new pure heart within us by the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit and his shed blood, we also walked daily in the powerful delusions of this demonic world system.

We should also remember that as followers of the Lord Jesus our new hearts are still engaged in a major battle in our minds with the remnants of our sin nature that yet reside in our unsaved bodies. As I have said before many times, our sin nature thrives on pride, love of self, and love of money, and sadly, it is the sin nature which dominates in Christendom today. The pride of patriotism, the love of money taught by the prosperity prophets, and the psycho-babble of the purpose driven life and possibility thinking movement prove this to be true!

Knowing this about our body’s sin nature, we long for Jesus to come when he then will change our sinful bodies into the likeness of his glorified immortal body, Philippians 3:17-21. Those people who do not have this hope and long for his return, are still blinded by the deceitfulness of sin in their hearts. They have yet to be saved.

Finally, we who know these truths are to be filled with love and compassion for all people, including our worst enemies. We are to cry out to people that our Lord is coming to rule this Earth, and the only way for them to be part of this coming Kingdom is to understand and confess his first coming to shed his precious blood for our sins. God the Father wants to free us from the power of sin that sends us all to Hell.

Your eternal friend. Jack

From: Bob
To: Jack D. Hook

Dear Jack,
I am age 52. I missed Vietnam because of a high lottery number in the draft.
Jack, have you become a Quaker, a total pacifist?

From: Jack D. Hook
To: Bob

Hi again, Bob. Thanks for your short but to the point email. In the love of our Lord Jesus and the truth of his bloody cross, I must disagree with you that pre-millennialism is a doctrine of defeatism and losers. From my study of the Puritans, they indeed were mostly post-millennial and also subscribed to the “just war” doctrine of Constantine and Augustine. This false doctrine proves more than any other that the Puritans were following “another” Jesus as Paul described in 2 Corinthians 11. Peter also said that Jesus set for us an “example” and we are to follow in his footsteps by picking up our cross, not the bayonets of America’s founding fathers. The truth of the cross forbids us to pick up arms, which most the post-millennial Puritans did then and continue to do today. A true understanding of the bloody cross reveals the victory we need to reach for is a love of our enemies, to the point of allowing them to kill us while we ask the Lord to forgive them in our last breath.

If you read my articles, you will see that I have consistently written that we, as followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, are to love all people including the worst of our enemies. In the Lord and in his power, we are able to separate the love he has for the souls of people, while honestly confronting people with their need for Jesus and his teachings because of their sins. We are always to first look in our own eyes and hearts, so that we speak the truth in love and not condemnation.

You and I both know that Jesus commands us to know the false Christians by their fruit. That’s discernment, not condemnation. The problem in Christendom today is very few know what the fruit is any more! As 1 John 2:16 declares, militant patriotism (pride of life), the prosperity gospel (eyes full of lust and love for money), and psychology (love or lust for fleshly self-esteem and image) are the cornerstones of most doctrines of demons masquerading as biblical teachings in Christendom today. These three thorns have become fruit.

Your eternal friend. Jack

Jack, greetings. I looked at your messages in the past. We may be on different wavelengths. My focus is on the Scriptures. I find that they are vitally important for understanding the end-times and the soon coming of Christ. Ideas about nuclear weapons and modern Israel and the rapture are all speculation and find no solid support from the Bible. Thanks for visiting my website. I’ve been getting about 2000 visits a day.
In the joy of Christ,

Dear Jack,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me, I have been very encouraged lately by the responses to my article “The Degradation of Britain” on the Moriel website. It is very good to have contact with people all around the world who are doing their “bit” in contending for true Biblical faith against the rising tide of apostasy.

I’ve had a brief look at your website and found it very interesting, you have put a lot of work into it. I very much appreciated your powerful testimony. I will bookmark it in my favourites and look in more depth as I have the time. I think you have a lot of very interesting and useful information there. I have not found anything disagreeable!
May the Lord continue to bless your ministry and use it for His glory.

Yours in Jesus,