July 2007 Comments

Good Evening JD:
Just came in the house five minutes ago..went directly to the computer and found your e-mail..It was a beautiful Baptist who encourage me to embrace warfare and be proud that I was being sent to Vietnam to do battle for God and country….I never forgot the BS..she put out, but I have never been sorry that I chose to serve.

You sound like a favorite cousin of mine, who preaches the word of God during every waking hour of his day…fine man, but diificult to deal with for long periods. I have done a “heap-a-readin” in my life aboard ship…think Joseph Campbell and Reverend Alsop….most interesting and informative. Think about the relationship between ancient Egyptian religions and todays Christianity….I want to believe that a guardian Angel has been busy pulling me back from the precipice, lo these many (many) years…but, alas….my God-given gift, (that separates me from the animal kingdom) the power of reason, doesn’t allow me to abandon my strong feelings of doubt about the greatest story ever told…. I despaerately need to shower away the grime of my toils today and prepare myself for an early reveille… Wisdhin’ you the very best in all GOoD things…kc


Hello and shalom….I have read your articles for quite a while….forget the american thing…..I have moved to Israel you guys can fight it out….Rick Warren is and idiot.



I fully agree with you about the Rick Warren and the purpose driven church.




Dear Jack,
I am really not into bashing human beings. I know absolutely nothing about this person named Rick Warren. I believe in just preaching the gospel and letting the Holy Spirit do the rest. I would perfer not being on your mailing list.
Thanks again,


Brother Jack,

I believe that your take is absolutely correct on the work of Rick Warren. I have studied both “The Purpose Driven Church” and “The Purpose Driven Life.” I too have some real problems with his philosophy in both of these books.
Somewhere (sic) I think I heard that the Church is to be “Spirit Led.” But I don’t recall any passage in scripture saying that the church is to be “Purpose Driven.” When we attempt to transfer the operation of the Living Organism of the Church of Jesus Christ into a “business operation as a massive Organization,” we have something out of kilter.
I agree that there are some “good” points that he makes in both books, but it is dangerous to substitute the instruction of the Word of God for some of man’s ideas of how to “grow a church.” What is wrong with what happened on the day of Pentecost. If our churches today would spend 10 days in effectual fervent prayer asking God to pour out His Spirit, we just might see that happen and the world would come to see the fire as the church burns with holy tongues of fire.





Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you for your faithfulness in sending me your monthly articles on the state of the church and the world today. I am in a dilemma at the moment with the church that i go to. The problem is that the church allows dancing lessons and also the serving of Liquor at the church functions. I have recently joined the church as there is no other church around here that preaches the full council of the word of God ; re; The doctrines of Grace. I do not want to be old fashioned but my heart tells me that this is wrong. They say that it will bring the lost to the church. Please let me know what you think. Beverly


Dear Mr. Hook,

I was listening to the Byte show and heard you speaking on Terri Schiavo’s plight. That was a long time past now and yet all the feelings came back to me. I began to remember how very sad I was for Terri and her family and how I couldn’t get it out of my mind and it’s still there.

I listened to the controversy at work and explained to them how evil the murder of this helpless woman was. I told them that what separated us from the animal and raised us above them was that we are the special creation of God made in His image. I took the horror of the situation to share the Gospel with them. I hope that so many people are saved though Satan’s efforts to destroy this woman, that Satan regrets his role in Terri’s murder. I told them that we are on a downward slide that began for us in this country with the legalization of abortion, that when life is devalued at any level, it is devalued at all levels. I also told them that as they look at how no judge all the way up to the President would come to this woman’s rescue, that they were looking at their future retirement. Euthanasia is nothing new in this world. They’ve been doing it in the Scandinavian countries for years now.

My brother told my mother years ago that the old people may serve a purpose to the government now but once they no longer serve a purpose, the government will begin to kill them off. That may sound a little crazy but think of this. Our children are being propagandized to become hard hearted cruel and unfeeling through the indoctrination through the schools, media, etc. My generation is fastly approaching retirement age which will make us useless eaters and a drain on society, and if we need special care then wouldn’t it be kinder to just let us go? Will old people be protected when they go to a hospital if no loving person is caring for them? Hitler got a major part of Germany to follow his ideology. If a sect of people can first be dehumanized in the mind of people than, like Hitler said about the Jew’s, it’s no more murder than exterminating vermin.
I also appreciated that you made very clear that we should pray for those that are being so cold hearted and cruel. We should share the Love of God at every opportunity, after all, just like you said, Paul, murdered Christians and yet Jesus called him to be such a faithful disciple that he’s still reaching people through The New Testament of which he wrote, I believe, thirteen books. Jesus also instructed us to pray for our enemies. It’s easy to pray for friends and family.

God Bless You, and please continue to preach the Love, Mercy, and Justice of God. Jesus death makes no sense unless he saved us from something really horrible. Hell and the eternal separation from God is the ultimate horror.

We live in a country where so many are without any real concept of God. Now we have to make sure people understand exactly what it means to be loved by God and the horrific price that was paid so that we might be saved. Years ago one could say to someone, Jesus loves you, but sadly without the understanding of who Jesus really is and was sin really is and the cost, it just goes over their heads. Satan’s been really busy, but he’s already lost, it’ll become much clearer to him down the road.

God Bless, Irene


Bro jack

Warren is purposely steering people…..

I have received a whole documentary book on Warren and the Alpha Course … the two “deals” were both founded in hell… With forces of darkness operating out of the UK.



I did read the articles about Calvinism. These reformers were evil and I am seeing it today. I see the calvinistic spirit in Focus on the Family. Dobson gets that evil look on his face when he does not get his way. I see it in the Southern Baptist Covention where people like Al Mohler, Scott Brown, Doug Phillips etc make reference to these reformers quite often. Nathan Tabor www.conservativevoice.com who never mentions his love for Jesus but seems to put Family Values and harsh judgement before Jesus. I am going to the polls and vote to make sure that these false prophets do not get into the house, senate, governor or any were in goverment. That includes the left.
Thank you


As a Vietnam Vet myself I could settle this whole mid-eastern mess, give me a flight of B-52″s and two flights of F-15’s with wepons of my choice and it would all be over in 60 day’s, for if you got a hot zone then have your B-52’s level it and have your f-15’s use Haiite Bombs to finish the job if you have too level the whole town end of report and any mid east country that don’t head to the NATO give them a taste of the same with out warrning we were once a country not to be screwed with until a man named Johnson sat in the White House and along with Trickie Dick (Nixion) now every one wants us to bail them out of there crap at the lose of our Service Men and no one cares any more.


As always Jack, you are right on, as I believe that we are in the times
where the greatest deception to believers will occur and it is occuring
quite rapidly… Craig


Jesus loves you and virgin mary loves you too.


Greetings Jack;

I saw the ads for this man, Rick Warren, and his mission on Fox. Fox, of course does bring many controversial things to light. This was one of them. Many, Including myself have problems with Rick Warrens mix of new age Christianity. It envelopes marketing, psychology, and religion.

I have always been wary of him. After all, he advises to take out all the hymnals and trash them. With this is many other newer age Christian marketing ideas geared to dull the sharp edge of the bible.

Jack, I will post this letter on the various web sites of ours. Since last year our volume has doubled. We are now looking to transfer to a server to handle all the traffic. Right now, not everyone can access the site in places. This is because of the heavy traffic. With this comes added cost, but we continue to provide prophecy podcasts, Watchman sermons and teachings, and many other things for free. The Lord has provided all these years, we know he will now.

As always, good to hear from you….

In Christ…Dana and Tara..



When Rick Warren writes, “Its not about us, its all about God”, I hear the words of Jesus saying, “Except a man deny himself he cannot be his disciple.”

The primary ministry of Jesus has always been focused on the Kingdom of God being restored on earth. He told his 12 disciples this is a mystery that he revealed only to them, not to those outside who have eyes and hears but cannot see or hear spiritual things like the Kingdom of God which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. I think Rick Warren and you are only now coming to understood the Kingdom ministry of Jesus. Jesus spoke far more about God’ s Kingdom being restored on earth than about what he did on the cross. He demonstrated forgiveness when he was hanging from the cross saying, “Forgive then them for they know not what they do.” He was demonstrating that we must forgive others before God can forgive us.

In God’ s unfathomable wisdom he has revealed His Kingdom on the throne of David to His people, Israel, but God has blinded them to the fact the Jesus is their messiah of Isaiah 9:6-7, who is the King of God’ s Kingdom on earth. On the other hand God has revealed to the Gentiles that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah who is the King of God’ s Kingdom on earth but He has blinded most Gentiles to the very reality of God’ s Kingdom on earth, to its true spiritual nature and to how “””God will use His saints to take back His Kingdom””” from the satan- dominated world (hell) in which we are to be in but not of. (see rev. 10:7 & 11:15)
Jesus said we should seek first God’ s Kingdom and His righteousness instead of first seeking God directly to meet our needs. If we pray directly to God our Father to meet our needs, the Father will refer us to his son Jesus and his brothers and sisters who are actively engaged, like never before in history, to restore and complete God’ s Kingdom on earth in which all needs of all people on earth will be fully met to more than satisfy every citizen of His great Kingdom on earth. The zeal of the Lord of Host’ s is performing this and it is about time that all men everywhere understand this and stop pointing fingers at what others are doing and stay focused on what God is doing!

God has used me to write a book about this that should be published soon entitled, “The Fellowship of the Mystery”

In His Majesty’ s Secret Service,



I don’t believe the Islamics are the problem, Jack.

The CIA and its secretive Luciferian LIAR-sponsors and the counterfeit (non-Jewish) nation of Israel with its tentacles wrapped around Fundamentalist Christians, are the problem.




I am reading your article on Rick Warren, and found it to be really interesting.

Oddly enough, your message mirrors what my husband has told me ever since
his book came out.

I never read his book. I did get a copy, however, due to “some” kind of gentle
intervention, every single time I picked it up, I was never able to read it. Either
someone phoned, or I didn’t have time because I had to go somewhere.

I know a lot of churches taught on his book. I know a lot of people who read it
and said it was “wonderful.” I figured that with all the problems I had getting to
the reading of it, that God was sending me a warning and saying “don’t go there.”
So, I destroyed the book.

I sent your message over to my husbands’ pc just now, and I am going to be just
fascinated by what he says when he reads it. If he doesn’t write you, I will……….
with results.

Thanks for your article.


Dear Brother Jack,

Thank you for your emails and I expecially enjoyed this one on Rick Warrens Purpose Driven life. I read part of the book and laid it down. I believe according to the authorized version of the KJV, this guy is about as far off base as one could get if, they were trying.

Unfortunately, He has many following Him and that is sad. Just as God’s word states, there are so many false teachers today and are leading many I fear, straight into Hell. All the peace plans we hear about today, including Rick’s, do not even come close to being Biblical. I expect anytime, to hear that Israel has been lured into a false peace deal and our own government may well be the very one who get’s them into it.

It makes me wonder if anyone in Washington has read God’s word. I know there are many different bibles out there, however I stick with The KJV. I pray that God will bless you in all you are doing for Him, me and others. I believe He is well pleased with what you are doing and if He has not already, He will say to you: “Well done, my good and faithful servant”. I am a frequesnt visitor to your site.

A brother In Christ,



I’ve never read The Purpose Driven Life, or The Prayer of Jabez, but (from
what I’ve heard) I recognize the mixing of falsehoods when a new book is so
readily embraced by mainline denominations, especially Baptist. It’s the
same feeling I get when characters such as “Barney”, “Teletubbies”, “The
Wiggles”, or “Harry Potter” invade the homes of millions, in the name of
literacy and/or entertainment. All the while, demons are ignorantly being

I brought out “being led by the Holy Spirit” in a meeting with some
Salvation Army-ists, when they were devising a “vision” to ask the Lord to
bless. They asked me to close in prayer, and I said something to the effect
of; “Lord give us a vision, for I do not want to presume a vision, then ask
You to bless it”…..I was never invited back!

Calvary Chapel movement, of which I am a part, recently sent letters out to
all it’s pastors stating that if they should embrace these new/old
falsehoods, then they are to drop the Calvary Chapel name from their church.

I’m the men’s director/chaplain of the Valley Rescue Mission in Columbus,
GA. The mission itself is taking on the same junk as is being discussed.
Too many are not rooted and grounded in the word, as well as not being led
by the Holy Spirit. The Godly man who founded our mission in the early 60’s
recently died, and it seems to me that his vision died with him….just like
William Booth and the Salvation Army. The motivating spirits concerning the
direction of the mission too often appear to be “fear”, and “mammon”,
coupled with ignorance.

I know the Lord has got to raise up new wineskins to pour out His Spirit and
meet the needs of today. I believe He is showing us the stark contrasts of
darkness and light, so we’ll discern truth from error for ourselves, and for
those which He entrusts to our care (sphere of influence).

Jim Jones isn’t the last to employ Cyanide Koolade, like the poisonous
mixtures of truth and error we’re witnessing today. We all sat back and
wondered how people could be so duped, but it’s the same cup from which many
are drinking, when they swallow anything less than the new wine of His pure
love in the living word of truth.

In Christ,


Jack this was an excellent piece of writing. I’ve been disturbed by Rick Warren for a long time. I’m a military wife, stationed in Germany, and we attend the Local Chapel. Our chaplain went to seminary with Rick Warren and it seems it’s his goal to make the chapel a “Purpose Driven Chapel”. It’s all about being seeker friendly, friendly to new believers and forget those of us who want any sort of meat to our sermon’s.

I’m passing your article on to many others.

God Bless


Jack, I think the only thing that will bring peace to this world is the second coming of Christ. Not until then will he take the powers of this world (Controlled by Satan) and thumps them severely around the head and shoulders and in his awesome power stops them dead in their tracks will there be peace. Satan must be abolished.

It is true what you say about the Muslims, they don’t care one thing about the policies of the west, what they do care about is this crazy idea that the Qur’an tells them to kill all non believers (Infidels). I believe every Muslim in the United States holds this doctrine near their hearts and soul. They are not friends of the USA and our freedom loving way’s, even though they claim citizenship. They, in my opinion, will some day rise up and be a force to contend with here in our own back yard. This political correctness the Democrats push and shove on us will bring destruction to many American citizens, you can believe that. Yes, I believe that Jesus is our only hope and for the most part the majority of Americans claiming to be Christian have no idea what it means to them or their lives. I hate to be a negative person but I see a lot of negative things happening around me. We rely too much on political parties when we should be active in or government. Katrina proved to us in spades what the government is going to do for us. NOTHING.



Faith: is the the greatest of all vainities. It’s like
telling our god that she is not perfect. That the path
she placed us on is imperfect. That the she is
fallible. (oh if you took the time to study the sacred
geometry of the bible you would find that the Vesica
Piscis is the repersentation of the 2 spheres that is
considered the father the Son [the center of which is
the Jesus Fish) and the Mother which the Christians
changed to the Holy Spirit for the fear that the males
would lose power. To Say that we are not born perfect
is to say that god is fallible and that we are
sinners. Something that is not perfect and has fear is
not fit for Rule. It’s too bad you can’t see that the
Vesica Piscis which is the geometric concepts that
created the philosophies of the Bible which people
like Galileo knew. And yeah it’s too bad that Sir
Francis Bacon ( William Shakespear) and William
Tyndale edited the Bible for King James. And Yeah I’m
sorry that thier are 2 billion chrisitians in the
world of 6 billion. Making them the 1/3 of the stars
in heaven. And I’m sorry that the constellation of
Draco also takes up a third of the stars in heaven.
Making Christianity the Great Red Dragon. And more
inportant I’m sorry the christians use a false god to
make thier money acting as if they are holy. Go ahead
and find something else to destroy in his name. When
the end comes know that the true children didn’t need
you anyway.



I have long subscribed to your messages concerning the prophetic Word of God. I have not always had time to read them as thoroughly as I have read this one; but the title caught my eye as I tend to check out Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox. And I just had to hear what your take is on his book. I’ve also purchased that book long ago when it was ‘hot’ off the press and found it difficult to maintain as well. I feel Pastor Warren has some sound input on maintaining/increasing the power of the church at large, yet neglected to look at it from your point of view…which would validate the types of things in the Toolbox.

It is indeed refreshing to hear another evangelical refer to, understand and disseminate the prophetic word as you do. My husband (who I know has a John the Baptist spirit) is often misunderstand as he teaches basically the same truths as you about the new Heaven & new Earth; as well as the punishment of Satan/demons/followers. I do not want to form an opinion about our brother Warren too early in response to your insight, however I pray that God will bless you to speak to and/or meet with him on these and other pertinent matters concerning our walk. We are so much closer to the end than to the beginning of this present age and we have little to no time to waste with individual philosophies or ideologies.

May God continue to bless you, shine upon your ministry and make you stand strong giving an uncompromising word in this time of darkness…the light of the Lord will shine upon those who are walking steadfast and unmovable, so that others may follow. Yet don’t forget some we can persuade from the fire, yet others we have to snatchJ

Peace & Love, jl



I have little trust in Rick Warren. Having gone through his book, “The Purpose Driven Church”, I ended up buying several of the Bibles he uses for reference material. When I compare the major bible translations (KJ, NIV, etc.) I am taken short that Warren required so many translations to justify his words. I guess I may be old fashioned but it seems to me that if God’s Word remains true, you should be able to “modernize” it without changing the meaning of what He is saying.

I’m sorry. If Rick wants to be the “Peacemaker” all the power to him, but the true peacemaker is our Lord and God. Revelation does not depict a peaceful world when the Lord comes again, at least, not in my translations. AND, if we think it is bad now, wait until the tribulation!!!! However, we are warned to be ever vigilant of those who speak a message that “tickles” our ears. The enemy has several disguises.

Sorry, Rick, I can’t buy into it.


Fantastic rant….as usual. You are so full of s… that if we could harness it we would never have a gas shortage!


HI Jack, I suppose we can find fault in some of the things Jesus did if we tryed hard enough, in fact the Jew’s did just that!! That is why we are playing the Gospel out in parts each Church and each book and speaker have good and some not so good view;s on the Bible! I also think each one has a diffence in certain subject’s in the Bible! But we all agree there is a God and he had a Son name Jesus if we are of the faith! We all have a purpose in life good or Bad whatever it may be! I perfer to lift people up and lend a hand were I can! I am not defending Pastor Rick Warren or you in your view’s on his following! In the 1st Chapter in the Book of John he gave to as many that believed the power to become son’s of God! If we have been given that power then we can do a lot more than most! We all need to seek the Kingdom first then all things can be added unto us! By that we will be in his favor,don’t you agree! I am not a debater of the word just try to be a doer of it!! Love in Christ Joseph



Thanks for being a watchman and alerting Christians to the deceptions that
look so good. Thank you for loving Jesus (God’s word) more than this world.

Thank you for helping all of us know what it takes to walk in the Spirit and
NOT the flesh.

May the blood of Jesus be upon you, and may His Holy Spirit always guide you
and keep you from every spirit of error. Stay humble and thankful.

Mega blessings,


When Larry King brings a so-called “evangelical preacher” on his show and treats him with respect and cordiality, you know this is a prime example of the Lord’s teaching that whom the world loves is not one of His disciples. As the world hated Him, so it hates all true regenerated Christians whose blessed hope is getting out of here ASAP–love, your eternal brother David


From: Jack Hook
To: Rachel Neuwirth

The Stockholm Conference: A Political Obscenity
Written by Rachel Neuwirth

Greetings Rachel,

I just read your excellent article posted at Chron Watch. It is amazing how hateful the people of this world are to the Jewish people and Israel. This inner hatred blinds them from seeing how depraved and obscene they really are. I was once part of that crowd as an atheist. After I left the darkness of atheism back in 1978, I began reading the prophets of Israel. Then I read the Revelation of the New Testament, only to find how interrelated they are. The Jewish apostle of Yeshua/Jesus was having visions that explained and chronicled what the prophets of old had written.

What you have seen and written is only going to get worse, until America and Israel finally manage to secure a treacherous peace covenant with the very Islamic leaders who want to finish what Hitler started. Russia will play a huge role in this covenant from Hell, Isaiah 28:15. I have shared with you in the past, Rachel, how America’s political-religious establishment is not really the friend of the Jewish people, even though there is a remnant in this country that love the Jews and Israel more than they do America. I am one of these people, which is why I contact Jews whenever and wherever I can, to warn them that America is really the daughter of Babylon, Jeremiah 50-51, Revelation 18, who has risen up to seduce Israel into trusting it for its security.

The Lord Jesus Christ is alive, he rose from the grave, and promised the Jews of his day that he would return at the end of the age, after Israel has been scattered for rejecting him as their King. He said he would re-gather them again, which he did in 1948, to give them another chance to proclaim him as their savior from sin and the King of all nations. Sadly, many Jews, especially their political and religious leaders are repeating the same mistake as their forefathers. However, there is a growing Jewish remnant in Israel and America who have opened their eyes to embrace their Messiah.

I write this to you hoping that you will pray to the God of Israel to show you this truth. You have a gift of writing and expression that is combined with a compassion for your people that is very refreshing to me. I appreciate your replies to me in the past and hope you hear my plea.

You eternal friend,
Jack D. Hook

Dear Mr. Hook,

Thank you for your kind words.

Christians like you are among the strongest supporters of Israel and we are all grateful to have you on board. Not only because we have the same enemy in radical Islam (which targets Jews, Christians and other “infidels”) but because we share the same Judeo-Christian values enshrined in the Bible. Sooner or later, truth and justice will prevail over deceit and tyranny!

Best regards,



Hello Jack:
I Enjoyed this very much. I appreciate the stand that you take aganist false teachers and false religions. So sad that so many are being led astray by these people. Men cry out for peace, have their meetings to try and bring about peace and then sudden destruction will come. I believe that God’s Word teaches us that no matter what man may try there will be no peace until Jesus Christ comes and establishes his world order. Then there will be an everlasting peace, Praise God!!
In his care, Jerry.


No one needs to save the world. The world was already saved by the I AM Savior (aramaic: Jeshua). It happened through His death and resurrection. We who have a Christian Universalist interpretation of the scriptures (which has existed back to the first century), invite you into our joy. Aramaic: Messiah: The Annointed (in the old testament: the annointed with gladness).

Please take me off your group mailing list. If you wish to correspond with me 1:1, I would glad to encourage/teach you in the Sovereign God (no free will), Christian Universalist interpretation of the scriptures.



Jack Hook, Thank You for sending me your article. I must admit that I get
upset with most, in fact all of the ministers I see on the television on
Sunday morning. I read my King James Bible and keep looking for a church.
I hope you put me on your mailing list. Sincerely James





all i can say to that post about rick warren brother AMEN AND AMEN finaly someone but me sees this false teacher as he really is
its ricks doctrine not christs

his purpose is very clear to me brother as i see it is also to you

his purpose is the lead people toward a new world order of his church

have you read in the newspaper about this false teacher

i have from the orange co register , and what i read sickend me . but as you know brother jesus said there would be great falling away from the faith and lovers of self instead of god

rick and his flock love the world

we love not the world but we love jesus our lord and god

and rather rick or anyone believes not in the translation or rapture or harbazo

when jesus comes as the groom to take back his bride (the church ) back to his fathers house to be married

doesnt make it not true .

but brother its only true for those who are looking foward to it

like the 10 virgins 5 will find out that they really never knew christ and so being left behind to hell on earth

ive heard so many so called christians proclaim that the trib is only going to be bad after the 3 1/2 years

wrong gong !

they need to read rev again

god bless my brother

im standing with you my brother

in jesus christ



Jack. I agree with you. Rick Warren’s purpose driven church has a purpose. What purpose that is I don’t know! It is not spreading the word of the one true God. Secondly I would like to add that according to my God there will be only one human that will bring peace to that part of the world (the antichrist) and it is a false peace. I think that Rick has closed his eyes to the real word of God like many others. Most people can’t comprehend the simple fact that the things that are happening in this world must occur in order for God’s promise to take place. Humans want to feel like we have control over the things that happen in world. Well some things we can control but not the things God has told us will occur. I think that each true Christian should pray for Warren and his followers and just hope God opens their eyes before it is too late. God bless you brother and continue to fight the good fight.


Hello Jack,

I wrote to you over a year ago asking your opinion
regarding Rick Warren and his teachings as my church
was promoting the Purpose Driven Program. Your
response then confirmed what I was feeling. I
declined to participate in the book study and
continued to attend this church as this was not the
message that my pastor was preaching. I believe there
is a tendency to jump on the evangelical “band wagon”
so to speak when a book is promoted by current and
popular teachers. I will be forwarding your letter to
my pastor with your permission as it states so clearly
the reasons this particular book and minister did not
sit well with my spirit. After much investigation I
believe that Pastor Warren’s book is harmful in the
way it omits the need for true repentance and does not
expose mans true sin nature ( hence no need for
repentance). I revealed my concerns to only a few of
my closest friends and asked their confidence as our
church was experiencing a change in elder-ship and
rapid growth. I did not want to cause derision. I
wanted to see if the new pastor and elders were
promoting this new age agenda. Thankfully, they were
not. I have felt and said to many of my close friends
(to their dismay) that I believe the “political
evangelicals” will usher in or play a major role in
the new world order and pave the way for the
anti-christ. I have followed your web-site for 2 years
and I am grateful for your love and boldness to speak
the truth. Most christians think it is anti-American
to not support the war and the actions of our
president. I don’t understand this kind of blind
obedience unless it is to the only true God, Jesus
Christ. The night GW was elected I told my husband
that he would take our country to war in his first
term. Sadly, you know the story here.

I would ask for your prayers for my husband who does
not see his need for Jesus. He does believe God
exists but thinks it is impossible to know what He
wants. Whenever I start to fret about this I am
comforted with the thought that God does not want my
husband to perish and I must be faithful and just
love and pray for him and wait for God to call him in
His own time.

Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience. I look
forward to seeing you one day.

Your friend in Christ,



Get a life, loser. I’m sorry you can’t sell a book without riding on an anti-Rick Warrne stance,
but that just shows you got nothin’ worthwhile to say except to slander God’s people.
You ain’t us. – don’t email me again.


Hi Jack

Again, thank you for sending your lastest commentary. I guess I have come out of the “harlot church” for so long that I no longer know who is pushing what teaching or ministry. Thank you for filling us in and keeping us informed as we wait for the Lord, Jesus Christ’s return. With the Middle East so stirred up against “Christian” nations, I thought we might see Armegedon when Israel took up arms against Lebanon. We have yet to see the temple in Jerusalem rebuilt though. I know in my heart there is a spirit calling for unity–it was strong in the 1960-1970’s ecumenical council in the Catholic Church with Pope John XXIII and ever since.

There is a rise in old pre-christianity religions in Europe and the USA. TV helps it along a lot with their mystic programs. With my jewelry business, I am always being approached by those who want to buy jewelry that favors those religions and many share their Mother Earth Godess and refer to God as “She” and many other gods, ceremonies etc. when they write to me. They share their spiritual experiences at times and that gives me an oportunity to share my Jesus with them and the miracles he has done in my life. Some of them never respond after that but at least they know that I believe that God/Jesus is alive, still performing miracles in and for real believers.

I miss him so much at times in this present darkness and will keep praying…
Come Lord Jesus Come!