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Hello Bro Jack,
I am really not into the twisted doctrine of Rick Warren…I have obvoius reason to believe he is an apostate,as he refutes basic doctrine of repentance,and salvation in Christ alone…He also never, never uses the KJV as Biblical refrence in the various books he has written. We need to throughly try the spirit in every case as to who we refrence,or allow to preach in our pulpit.This guy is nothing but a love preacher,an has no respect for sound doctrine 1 Tim 4:1.
I am glad that you undersatnd the errors in doctrine here. I never support any of these non-old fashioned preachers. I also am suspicious when preacher takes lightly the respect in he pulpet wearing blue jeans,sneekers,and a sweat shirt when supposedly preaching his message.
My opinion.an fruit inspecting: false doctrine…stand clear of these types. Bid him no Godspeed !
In Christ,



Thanks for sharing this.

When I was working on my Ph.D in Biblical Studies, the seminary curriculum included books by Warren, Hybels, Blanchard, and Henri Nouwen the Catholic mystic (now deceased). I complained to my Ph.D counselors as well as wrote a letter to the seminary president that these men were all involved in Zen Buddhism and New Age and their materials had no place in a Christian seminary. Nouwen did not even believe in the deity of Jesus. Since I was required to write papers on the works of each of these men, I strongly criticized their doctrine as “extra-biblical” and something that seminarians should not be subjected to.

The president answered my letter and agreed to remove Nouwen’s material, but saw nothing wrong with Warren, Hybels and Blanchard’s writings. I wrote him a second letter providing highly questionable quotes from each of the three men and did not receive a reply. I am a former instructor for the seminary’s long-distance learning program, but withdrew due to their increasing liberal slant.

Those who stand with Sola Scripture are becoming a minority for sure.

God bless.



I totally agree with you about Rick Warren. He really needs prayer. This is all part of the “ear tickling” that God says would occur in these last days.



Hey Jack ! What do you do when you just feel like the whole world is coming at you in all directions?
when you go to bed at night and pray you don’t wake up from your pain! About 15 surgeries in 5 years and you feel like you hurt more now then before the operations!
When your mind is so messed up you can’t read directions to operate a boiler. When you think every organization that is out there to help (you are in fear that they are out to screw you over).
You don’t trust your wife, kids, old friends co-workers cause you think they are plotting against you!

I miss the old times!


And almost all things are by the law purged with blood, and without shedding of blood is no remission. Heb. 9-22
What ever happened to sanctified christians? Now we only want to be sanitized christians. We want to meet in a sterilized, germ free environment and we are afraid to pray for the sick because you might catch something. REBUKE THE DEVIL!!! The BLOOD OF JESUS is the most purifying cleansing agent in the universe. It can even wash away our sins. Jack, the world is falling for lies only because that is what they want. We want a gospel that wil make us rich and not a gospel that cures the sick. The “church” no longer wants to hear about the POWER that is in the BLOOD of Jesus. Without the washing of sin in the blood of Jesus there is NO forgiveness of sins. Everybody is talking about Jesus these days, but are you really listening to the things they are saying? Some say they are little gods and Jesus is the big God. If you think you were saved by a gospel that does’nt completely have you understanding the cost of your salvation, I would venture to say that you are still in your stinkin filthy fallen nature and if you die you will surely burn in hell. Why don’t we want to preach the truth? You afraid you’re going to hurt someone’s feelings? We have people who say they are christians and we no longer need Evangelists because those who are going to be saved are saved anyway, even if they don’t know it yet. No one is living in sin, because all your sins were forgiven already. Even if you don’t know it yet. You just keep on sinnin and see what happens. YOU WILL SEE GOD, but not the way you had in mind. Did anyone read Andrew Murray’s book about the blood of Jesus? I felt like I got saved again about five times in the first chapter. I was either crying or shouting all the way through. People don’t write books like that anymore because they are afraid all the wishy washy christians won’t buy their books. Books that make you feel fuzzy sell. Books that make you throw down on your knees are only meant for sanctified and not sanitized christians. Blessed are the pure in heart for they SHALL SEE GOD. Now thats the way I want to see God. May God richly bless Jack. Semper Fi to Jesus. Darrell


Dear Brother Jack – I couldn’t agree with you more regarding Rick Warren – he is Mr. Emergent Church to the max. Whatever we do, let’s not rock the sinner’s boat–I could go on, but you’ve got the picture completely. Rick’s three-fold embrace of Babylon, that Great City, with his emphasis upon religious, commercial and political clout is nauseating. He’s the darling on Larry King and many other forums. The world is ready for his message!

Now – please pray, I’m going to self-publish the series: RISE OR FALL OF AMERICAN EMPIRE?…the Evangelical Cover-up of America in Bible Prophecy

I’d like you to put in some comments into the text. I could care less on making a profit–but I’ve gotten so many calls for putting “your stuff” into book form – and, after Mark Hitchcock’s latest diatribe on the “Late Great United States” (a rehash of LaHay and Lindsey, et al), I hit the roof–these guys have got to get rid of America some how but they refuse to come to terms as to who she really is–their false patriotism sickens me as they lull God’s people to sleep. Listen, Jack, this “thing is coming down” and we’re in for quite a ride. Unless David Wilkerson’s pre-trib piece is right on, Babylon’s persistence will last until Rev. 18:4 until the sound goes out: COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE! I’m pre-wrath – but most folks are going to have to go through it big time, before they’ll buckle under the mercy and grace of our Lord.

Now, this, what it appears to be, human engineered swine-avian-human flu to thin out the population, especially Mexicans, is disgusting–they will stop at nothing! The simplicity in Christ is being exchanged for a mess of pottage and most believers have no idea.

God bless you, dear brother, for your persistence and endurance in the faith once delivered. I believe we’re going to be witness to His purposes at the close of this age big time – looking unto Jesus, Bro. Doug


Hi Bro. Jack,

Rick Warren is a self-admitted member of the Council of Foreign Relations. As such, he has to be a 32nd or 33rd Degree Freemason. Many CFR Members in America are members of the Committee of 300, meaning 6 members of each of the 50 states for a total of 300. This also has far-reaching ramifications, for all members of the Committee are High Levels Babylonian Witches under the dominion and control of the Vatican. To the end that the Committee of 300 members are actually the movers and shakers, i.e. the bankers, corporate presidents etc, etc., and they meet several times each year to plan the agenda for the succeeding months in America.

I believe that Rick Warren is a plant of the Vatican, and he serves the interests of the illuminati bankers in America, who, under the guidance of the Vatican’s Jesuits Endgame Program are in the process of destroying America’s economy along with the economies of the world via their derivatives market scam. Having said this, he is a very convincing speaker, and can be very persuasive, just like any cult leatder can be. A clear picture of this is all of the despots of Europe during WWII. Adolph Hitler was one of the greatest orators that ever lived. So was Mussolini and Stalin. We know these men were only puppets on a string for the Vatican, carrying out their assigned missions. Again, by the time that WWII was ended, more than 100 million souls had perished with 500 million wounded.

Men like Rick Warren are actually described in the KJV Holy Bible as False Teachers and Wolves in Sheeps Clothing. In other words, they, being sons of Lucifer actually convince a lot of people that they are genuinely Christian, when they are totally 100% the opposite of this. I believe that you article pegs Rick Warren very good. I get graphic when describing these evil, wicked men, because I have no other option when trying to warn others of these False Teachers and False Prophets in Sheeps Clothing!

I want to encourage you to continue your ministry. However, the time is growing short for those who will come into the Kingdom of God and be Partakers of the New Covenant to Pick up their Cross and Follow Jesus as He commanded all of us desiring salvation to do. I believe that there can be no doubt, with the information that I have, that we are in the Great Tribulation that the bible warns us about, but it is most likely the last Great Inquisition in satan’s efforts to destroy Christians and Jews off the face of planet earth and create a world government that the Vatican has coined: “The New World Order”.

Your friend in Christ Jesus’s Service,



Hello Jack,
I think your letter is an accurate summation regarding Rick Warren. He appears to be a marketing guru rather than someone who preaches the clear gospel of the Lord Jesus. He needs a lot of prayer.
It’s rather like the politicians who say they defend the sanctity of life when addressing Christians, and who are pro-choice when addressing the Abortionist Lobby. “Whatever it takes to retain the position of power”.
The good news is, as we see all these diabolical signs occurring we have been told by the Lord Jesus to look up because our redemption draweth nigh. Never have so many signs been so evident that we are fast approaching Ezekiel’s prophecised battle and the return of the Lord Jesus in the air to call his “saved ones” who will be transformed in the twinkle of an eye from mortaility to immortality, from corruption to incorruption.
We should tell Rick to encourage all the wood sellers in Israel to change jobs for a while, because the remnant of Israel will be burning the weapons of war for seven years. As it takes special burial teams 7 months to bury the dead it looks as if the prophecy of Zechariah is describing directional nuclear hence the need for special burial teams. Well may it be said “why do the heathen rage and the nations imagine a vain thing?….the LORD laughs and holds them in derision for this is He who is the Alpha and the Omega who created all that we see and know in six days. For perspective our sun in the Universe GOD made, is like the pointy end of my ball point pen, and all the wise guys and presidents need to get a clear picture of who is really in command. Clueless and deluded they are hell bent on destruction simply because they will not beleive what the Lord Jesus said is true. “if they love me they will keep my words” man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God,” no prophecy came by the will of man but by the Holy Spirit of the Living God,” “all Scripture was given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.” I think “all” means all, so the Mr Positives need to understand that you cannot go through the Bible with a pair of scissors emphasizing what suits their audience, and omitting that which is proper for right living. We could save taxpayers billions if they would only listen. Imagine no Abortion funding, No Aids Medicine or Hospitalisation required, because with Jesus the two letter word is “NO”. NO NATION ON EARTH HAS LONG SURVIVED WHEN IT BROUGHT IN LAWS DIRECTLY THE OPPOSTITE OF WHAT GOD SAID. IT IS TIME FOR ALL THE NATIONS TO REPENT OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR OWN SELF CENTRED DELIBERATE ACTIONS. THE MANIFEST ACTS OF FUTILITY CURRENTLY EVIDENT MEANS THE NATIONS ARE AS PROPHECISED ON THE ROAD TO UTTER DESTRUCTION. ONLY A REMNANT WILL BE SAVED AND YET JESUS THE LIVING WORD HAS DONE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO RECONCILE MEN TO GOD.
Jack keep going while there is still time, for who knows how many your message may reach to call men everywhere to repentance through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Kind regards,


Hi Jack,

I enjoyed your letter and I fully agree with you concerning Mr. Warren’s incomplete understanding of the Gospel. Once again someone making money by telling people what they what to hear. So sad. I will pray for him.

As I sit here in Ketchikan and watch the evil of the world grow my sorrow seems to grow heavier. Isn’t it crazy? I’ve been so richly blessed to know for sure how much the Saviour loves me but I know that millions upon millions of people are suffering and I can’t disconnect from that overwhelming knowledge.

It was 1971 when I started sneaking to the Bethel Tabernacle (Pentecostal) in Redondo Beach Calif. I was 11 yrs. old and was a baptised Lutheran in my parents church. It was the beginning of the Jesus Freak movement and I jumped on the band wagon with both feet. They preached against war, against materialism and against self love. They preached about forgiveness and self sacrifice and most of all a love so pure.The church was very poor and it was run by recovered drug addicts and alcoholics. But I can tell you Jack that the spirit of Christ was all around us. I saw many miracles in that church and after my family moved to Washington in 1972, I never again found a house of God like it. How I wish I could find that kind of joy again. A bunch of outcasts who loved Jesus enough to be labeled Jesus freaks. For a brief moment in time, I truly belonged.

I know I’ve got to hang on. I know the Saviour is coming. I know someday soon this pain will be over forever. Until then Thank You for listening and sending me your emails. God bless you and Carol. Most of all may God bless your ministry.

Love from your sister in Christ,


I agree with you, do they (Warren) really believe the BIble? They cannot bring world peace.We have a president now that will bring on one world government, and I believe with all my heart he is the fore-runner of the
anti-christ. One world religion will follow. The only person who will bring peace is the Lord Jesus Christ.
My prayers are for the lost that God will open their eyes and save them. His coming is at hand.
Their are many false teachers and prophets in the world.

Love in Christ,


The letter analyses Warren’s book truthfully. He seems to be more interested in building churches than
presenting and making preeminent the Lord Jesus Christ. Many,many individuals will listen to (do listen)
him and end up in Hell. It makes my heart bleed. Yet, individuals who adhere to his teachings will not
listen to reason. It is extremely difficult for extremely religious individuals to accept Christ as Savior and Lord according to the Scriptures (I Cor. 15:1-4).

Thank you for your e-mails. I have to read some items several times for true understanding, but I am always blessed and educated. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and keep you safe and encouraged.


Brother Jack
Were you also associated with the Antipas Ministry that moved to Canada?
Good christians, but disagreed with some of their doctrine.
Also disagree with your stand on the war, but love your spirit. We can still be brothers and sisters in the Lord. God bless you and your ministry with souls for the kingdom. In His wonderful name Judy


Thank You Jack for all that you are doing to help reaching those who are hurting now and to reach those who are lost to open their hearts to receive our savior Jesus Christ gift of forgiveness and eternial life. ……….Dale


dear Jack , thank you for your kind letter , i will reply properly later . i do think barak could be the Anti christ and i will share a few things next time . i beleive the apostle pauls prison epistles are the word for today .. Yeshua bless you


You Said: “God allowing Satan and his fallen angels to rule over the nations.”

Yes, and Christians have no nation. Seriously, God wasn’t just flapping His jaws here, Hebrews 11:14 For they that say such things declare plainly that they seek a country. Hebrews 11:16 But now they desire a better country

Please show where nation building and war with a king is contained in the great commision.

So-called Christian men erred grievously when they took up arms against a king.

They said they were persecuted.

God said this, regarding their persecution, 1 Corinthians 4:12 …being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we suffer it

Christians suffer persecution. Christians bless when reviled. When struck, they do NOT strike back, they offer another cheek.

Christians love their enemy. Matthew 5:44 is a command, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you

Which of those Christian attributes most defines Americans? Absolutely right, NONE of them. Most ‘Chhristians will declare that God
ENDOWED them with a right of self defense.

God’s Word, and Christ’s actions say that is error.

Jack, do one thing for me, answer this question, WHO SMOTE JOB? God or Satan?

The answer to that question proves my point.


The United States is not Babylon the Great. Where do you get your information from? The United States is Israel, the only place where the new Jerusalem can be located. Babylon the Great is the Jewish system that is running the United States. America in Gothic means, “kingdom of heaven.”