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     We both have seen the death and destruction of war, and have turned our lives over to Christ. The Lord has given me a vision of what is to come. We as Warriors of Christ need to be out on the front lines in this Spiritual war, preaching the Gospel to those that refuse to hear. This is the last chance anyone will have to come to know Christ before the final battle engulfs this Earth. From my Vision it won’t be pretty, and alot of people will die not just a physical death, but a Spiritual death. You are in my Prayers always, as we battle this final Battle. We have less than 16 months to spread the Gospel. God Speed my Brother. …Rev. Doc



Thanks for writing back. We hope many are set free of this “God and country” delusion and really start walking as members of HIS kingdom.

Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from here. (John 18:36 KJ2000)



Dear Jack,

Thanks for forwarding me your article, and your site. If indeed we believe in the prophecy of the Holy Bible, then we know that at the End of Days we will be victorious. But one must also “attack” the Israel-Islam war from a secular view point for those who don’t necessarily believe in the Bible. That is why I have chosen to argue from a secular and historical viewpoint, while believing in the prophecies as well.

Your article is quite informative and educational. My own opinion is that whether it is going to be tomorrow, or two or three years from now, eventually Islam will raise its head to the point that either the West will prostrate itself before the Muslims, or will be forced to fight them to the finish, once and for all. This applies to Israel of course. The time is certainly coming – especially with Egypt’s “revolution” – that Israel will be forced to either strike back (as in 1967) or will (out of lack of belief) give in to the Muslim demands and cease to exist. While God says that He will never abandon His people, there has to be a Day of Reckoning for all of those who have no faith in Him. Eventually, it will work out, but at what cost?

In any event, thanks again for your excellent article.



Thanks, Steven.  We agree that our Lord Jesus Christ will be victorious when he comes in his glory to execute the judgment of our Father upon the nations and the fallen angels that use and manipulate them to do their evil.  He is even “now” victorious in my life as he has washed away the sin nature of my heart by his blood.  This is the greatest victory a man can experience.  Israel and the Jewish people are entering a time of decision as to who is their Messiah.  Many of them will choose the Lord Jesus and begin a great revival among the nations during the time Daniel called the 70th week.  Keep in touch and add me to your mailing list, Steven.  Jack


Well written and interesting article, Jack.  I wish more veterans would get the idea of eliminating war from our beautiful Planet Earth.  It can be done…through education for peace and cooperation.  War has been the most foolish thing that Humanity has done since we first left the trees and moved into the flatlands in Africa.  I know that this is not “Christian History”…but it has the possibility of being truth.  Humankind needs to trust our own capabilities and start working towards what we can achieve on our own.  Humankind has had over a thousand “true” Gods since we began to keep  historical records.  If our present God(s) are really there, any one of them could do away with wars with just a snap of their fingers.   We either stop making war on one another or we will obliterate all life on our precious and beautiful Planet Earth. 

I work to bring about a  peaceful and cooperative World Civilization.


The jews are not the Chosen People. Their ‘conversion’ was to TALMUDISM, some 700 years AFTER THE MESSIAH was risen from the Dead.

The Church is Israel, now. and has been for two thousand years.

The Zionist state of Israel is a corrupt, antichrist, SATANIC, DEMONIC state, which Christ called them, 2000 years ago [John 8:44]

IT deserves to be annihilated.

Unless and only if you believe this, I no longer wish to receive emails from you, for you serve Satan, and not the Lord of Judah and Israel, who ‘hath made the two, one’ and did so, with the establishment of Christendom, in AD 33.

Fr. John


Brother Jack,

I read the message you sent about the Eucharistic Evangelization by Roger Oakland. Thanks

Question:  Do you consider those Catholics to be what Jesus referred to as “the blind leading to blind who will both fall in a ditch”?

If so, do you consider the rest of the verse: “Leave them alone”?

If Jesus told us to leave them alone, why are you and Roger exposing them?

Most sincerely,


Dear James,

Thanks for responding and your question.  As you know Jesus said to his disciples to leave the Pharisees and Saducees alone for they will eventually fall into the ditch.  I don’t think he was saying to ignore what they were teaching, as Jesus set the example by exposing the “leaven” of these imposters who claimed to know the God of Abraham.  Our Lord was telling his followers to forget about pursuing or chasing after these false teachers, for their ears were closed to the good news of Jesus Christ.  And as we know, it was these false leaders that refused to leave Jesus alone for they were angered and threatened by his message.

Your eternal friend,



thanks for the email,i dont know who you are or how you got my email but glad you did,i was in vietnam in 1970 in 3/4cav 25th inf. div.was wounded in cambodia when nixon decided to expand the war to there,but anyway got to come home spend a couple of months in the hospital,but was not a christian then but became a christian in 1977 when i saw my dad dying of lung cancer.but anyway its early in the morning for me and dont feel like writing a real long story,although i do have one,like every other combat vet,i dont work any more spend my feel good time riding my harley.i will visit your website.     thanks john


Mr Hook,

I don’t care.  I am regretful that the Union won the American Civil War but not for the reasons you might think.

If America had been divided then the remaining Union states would have become very pro-Germany.  German was already a large second language in the North and it could have been successfully argued that the north was on the verge of becoming “Neu Deutschland”.

American would not have been involved with World War One and it’s doubtful that Russia would have turned Communist in 1918.

The world would have avoided Communism.  Also, the North would have turned more German and avoided the influnces of the South.

As far as I’m concerned the wrong side won the Civil War. 





Hi Jack,

A fascinating deconstruction of this particular hymn (Battle Hymn), I can see that it clearly violates the particular Christian ideology which you espouse. Well, it’s clearly a slice of potent war propaganda. I can see why the religious right, self richous war mongers of today latch onto such hymns. It may have been more pertinent for the South to enlist the battle hymn for their cause, as to my knowledge, Christ never renounced or decried slavery in his teachings.

Of course it will be anathema to You, but the beliefs of James Freeman Clarke and the Unitarianism are correct!

Jesus Christ was an ordinary man, who has been dead for 2000 years and will not be returning (be it, a man with an extraordinary and revolutionary message).

All religion is a man made construct, devised to explain the workings of the world, formalising social and moral contracts, defining tribal alliance, and used as a tool to maintain the status quo of the ruling class.

You have no soul, there is no after life, no heaven or hell. Angels and Devils and the Big Guy are myths.You will die one day and cease to exist. Just like me, or anyone else who has died, is alive today or will be born in the future.

The Laws of the Universe as defined by science, including the Theory of Evolution, are the only demonstratable, provable forces in the universe. There is not one shred of evidence for your religious beliefs.

So don’t get too pent up about a little war propaganda, Jack, just enjoy the time you have left and give the delusion a rest.

And by the way, do you really think an economically disadvantaged young woman, with limited opportunity or education, made pregnant by a domineering, uncaring ‘boyfriend’, forced to make the ‘lifestyle’ choice to terminate her pregnancy, with the mental and physical heartache that entails, and life long regret and guilt, is an enemy of Jesus Christ? The ‘unrepentant baby killers’ you talk of are an invention to justify your own bias and ignorance.

Or the homosexual, who knows he will be on the receiving end of intense discrimination, but still chooses to join the forces to serve his country. Who no more chooses to be homosexual than you do to be heterosexual, you are who you are Jack, do you put down black people because of their skin colour?

Perhaps I don’t know a fifth as much about Jesus as you do, but the loving Christ I learnt of would surely throw his arms around these people in love and compassion.




Jack –

Thank you for continually keeping me ‘aprised’ and sharing the truth of our King and His Kingdom. As you know how my heart had been with respect to warriors and their service, my heart, mind and soul have been changed on a miraculous level. However, I still appreciate the sacrifices made by those men & women – I only have love and GRATITUDE for the REAL FREEDOM FIGHTER – JESUS!

this is the man who holds my Freedom and Salvation and extends His hand to me with such an awesome gift of LIFE – Thank you for focusing me on REALISM, TRUTH and LOVE – through all your communication I am strengthend & reminded of the greatest GIFT of ALL – Our Heavenly Father’s gift of His son JESUS!

Thank you for sharing – reminding – exposing – and blessing me with the truth.

Your sister in Christ


God bless you, Sandra.  Your kind and encouraging words always are appreciated.  Many of my friends and family members still resist the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ even though they say they believe in him.  I am still learning that believing in him must include repentance and a turning away from sin and false doctrine that keeps us in sin.  Keep in touch.  Jack

Jack – God ‘keep’ Blessing you my friend

It is not only my views of ‘patriotism’ that have changed – but also my views of the constitution, Country First, Republican vs. Democrat, or any party for that matter, and the church has changed and is changing all these things and more are only mere distractions from what our focus should be and that is our Salvation, Jesus IS returning soon, the days are numbered and I am not going to focus on anything but sharing this message with all that I love (they buke me daily, those that don’t beleive) and even strangers which sometimes are more receptive or inquisitive than those we love. I took a hard look at things when my sisters died in Jonestown, Guyana 33 years ago – however, there was still a veil over my eyes – this is rapidly being removed by Christ and our Heavenly Father – the Holy spirit has been such a presence in my life for the last 8 months – so Awesome!!

I’ll remain in touch and please keep me on your mailing list as there is always some message in them that I can share.

Praise be to the Living God – Lift Him UP daily





I am a veteran of the US Army, having served from 1979 – 1985.

I am a blood-bought child of the living God who does not hold to the new interpretation known as dispensationalism. I am a Reformed Baptist covenant theology Christian.

I care not to read about anyone’s vain and imagined future perspective of Daniel’s 70th week. It’s history.


I do believe that fallen angels mingled with women in Genesis 6.
Its clear from scripture that angels have taken on human and animal forms at times.
And I do believe there are scientists creating hybrids of humans and animals also humans and robotics all of which go against the commandments of God along with homosexuality and transgenderism.
Read and watch videos on youtube & elsewhere of Tom Horn, LA Marzulli, and Prophecy in the News with J.R. Church.

This you wrote is fascinating to me and Ive never quite thought of it this way:::
“Jesus and his returning resurrected Army from outer space will be considered that invasion force in league with these underground aliens, and so will all born again men and women on the Earth who proclaim his second coming”

I know that the weaponization of space whether knowingly or unknowingly is ultimately going to be used against Christ at His 2nd coming. Knowingly by satan perhaps unknowingly by humanity at this point anyway except perhaps by those really high up in satans NWO.

So where do you believe ETs fit into all of this ?
I sent you all those articles about the vatican and world leaders waiting to embrace them when they show up.

1 Do you think theyre real and really just fallen angels in disguise ??

2 Or that the military has high technology and ETs are false and theyre going to fake that ETs are our friends who want to guide us through the “next step of our evolution” with a NWO. A Wizard of Oz scenario the false man behind the curtain ?

3 Or that the ETs are really fallen angels in contact with the human higher ups of the “Global Order” guiding them into how to enslave all of mankind while pretending to be liberating them. And that “eminent disclosure” of aliens is soon at hand.We will be told they where our creators millions of years ago by mixing their DNA with animal DNA and that they are now here as our spiritual guides to make sure we dont destroy ourselves and the planet. And that we must all become one humanity through global governance.

Remember Ronald Reagans ET speech at the UN ????
The deception could cut either way that they are friendly or that they are hostile.


4 Or that theyre not really real and that world leaders are going to use the “WAR OF THE WORLDS” mentality to scare everyone into believing that Christs return is an invading force of aliens which is what you seem to be saying here ??

Anyway I tend to believe along the lines of scenario # 3
“that they would believe a lie” and the 1st part of that lie is evolution and 2nd part could be that ETs started the process. Also look at the swarm of alien invasion TV shows & movies and also theres so many people ready to embrace them. And more and more governments are releasing documents about encounters.
If you have the time PLEASE let me know what you think
of these different scenarios I purposed…THANX
                                             Great Article…PEACE             


Jack:  Iam a Korean Combat Vet.  and thankfully Iam not as ignorant and uniformed as you are.


Hi Jack,

Regarding the possibility of the angels co-mingling with women and producing offspring, I struggle with that idea. In speaking of the resurrection, Jesus said those resurrected will be as the angels who neither marry or are given in marriage. Maybe I am taking wrong what Jesus said, but I take it to mean the angels were not created male and female and we shall be neither male or female in the resurrection. I know in the Old Testament it speaks of the sons of God taking unto themselves the daughters of men and that giants were born in those days. I have wondered a lot about this regarding who these sons of God were. Angels are not normally referred to as sons of God in the scriptures.  This is one of many things I am unclear on concerning events, etc. in the scriptures.

In Christ,



Mr. Jack Hook   my name is H.J Crader  I almost deleted your E Mail at first becous I dident recnize You I am glad that I dident I would like to get to no You  I lost frindes also in Nam… the first time I interd Vet Nam was feb.1965   the last time I came out was in 1973..  I had an Acumulated 5 1/2 years in Nam   I was Amphib.Navy   A.A.A. Explov Handler  some one has to get that stuf to the front   I gues like outhers I wonderd why I came home as outhers dident make it out   I came to know CHRIST and trust in GOD in Nam  I can Prase GOD for that time   I spend hours in the word now,,I belive that GOD has opend my eyes and alowed me to see this EndTime Pro. that You speak of       May GOD Bless You and All of Yours        HJ


Dear Mr. Hook,

While I agree with you on numerous points, you lose credibility when you slander the freemasons. Like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and my father before me, I have been a freemason for over 50 years. Your lack of knowledge about this honorable fraternity of men just feeds the untrue conspiracy theories that you espouse. 

I do not forward email but if I did, yours would not be one that I would forward. Please take me off your email list.



If mankind has a sin nature, he inherited it from God because God gave us a spirit from himself. I can’t agree with you. Adam and Eve were given commandments to obey and they chose to disobey just like billions of others have done.

Alvis J.,  Veteran of the so-called Vietnam Era.