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Hi Jack,

Thanks for the information.  Yes, the satanists in charge of American and Israel are leading us into another middle east war.  Did we just go through this?  But alas, such is life…the Devil’s time is short and he must lead us into another war based on lies.

Blessings in Yeshua,



No stupid crap please. Go to school and get some education instead wasting  you precious time writing garbage.


As a secretary for a whole lot of years we were taught to keep things short; attention span when reading dry material is very short.

And when you present a whole lot of info, it becomes dry.

How all of this comes about is immaterial.  If you believe there is a God, and Jesus Christ will come and collect his church (we are spirits who have a soul and live in a body; as God is a Spirit, and we are formed in his image we are really spirits), you should know what it says in Revelations.  The people; regardless who they are, are in a dead end race to the apocalypse which is the beginning of the end.  All prophecy has been filled.  In their corruption, lust, greed and what else they are bringing about the end.

I would like to keep America Christian based as it was intended to be.  It is not mentioned in Revelations so perhaps it can be saved until the end.  But it won’t be with Obama as president.  And I’m not sure but it is possible that Obama may be the antichrist in that he has already turned his back on Israel.  Anyway, what will be, will be.  I’d just like to have at least one nation stand for Christ!  And I want it to be America!  But God’s will be done; not mine! 

And I’m not sure how you got my email address.  I really don’t have time for the emails I already get. 

Thank you for your military service.  Sherry


Sir; in my humble opinion, if you do not vote, if you don’t participate in our form of government, you are part of the problem; if 30 million voters at the last election, would have got off their lazy arses, and voted, we would not have Obama as President now, and things would be a lot better off. If Christians would pray, if they would do what God has called them to do, “GO” into all the world, including America, and preach the gospel, our nation would not be in the kind of condition that it is in now. Christians perish for lack of knowledge of the Word of God. In Nehemiah, the Holy Spirit, instructed the people “to fight for your brothers, your families, your country.” God has not changed….He does not change. We are to participate in government and to make a Godly difference. When the church pulls out, when it goes to hide in a cave of church buildings, it has failed the Lord and failed its (this) country. It is time the church rises up, at least in America and takes back what the devil has stolen from us, not cower in fear and give up! “Fight” is what we need…..prayer, humbling ourselves, confession of sin, and getting involved in the fight is what is demanded of us, who have the intestinal fortitude to do so….”Stand up! Be counted! Take back our heritage! America was raised up by God Almighty….He has used this nation as no nation ever before, to spread the Word of God, to send out missionaries, to reach the world, to set people free….but we are in a war. A great spritual war and too many Christians just want to go to church and get fat, eating the Word of God and hearing good messages all the time, and doing nothing, going no where! Enough said.

Chaplain Ron Brandon

Former Marine Corp

Vietnam Vet

Ripley’s Raiders


At 75 and as a veteran, I agree.  Watch out for the tea party and the religious right!  They are so taken over by the super patriots who doctrinally are Dominionists.  Watch rejection and persecution come from those quarters more so than from the left.  More and more I understand that Jesus and His Apostles did not engage themselves in political or governmental or social issues … only spiritual matters.  They confronted the false, the Pharisees and Sadducee and Essene and Gnostic Christians, but never Rome or the soldiers.  For years I was very involved in politics and social activism, but the Lord took me out of all that.  Now I just minister Jesus Christ and spiritual preparation for the times we are in and shortly going into.  I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God … and that is all.


Ken Uptegrove



Thanks again Jack. AS we go deeper and deeper to the End, there is no doubt anymore that one shouldn’t participate in promoting the NWO. I was saved out of liberalism and the New Age through studies on the New World order and it’s handlers. So I really did a 180-however, I have gone back and forth on the nonviolence issue, especially in regards to the potential situation of self defense as a woman. I can say i held it in my head not knowing what I would do if it came down to happening to me. What do you advise?

Dear Delia,

This whole “self-defense” issue in the lives of born again Christians has caused great and often divisive debate since our Lord Jesus ascended into Heaven.  Many articles and books have been written about it, but the Bible is the only source we can count on as you clearly understand.  So, as a follower of Jesus Christ I can say two things with confidence.  One is we are to walk in his steps and follow his and the Apostles example in how they reacted to rejection, resistance, and even violence coming their way.  You know how they acted.  Two, we should always remember that it is only by way of the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit that we can follow this life of non-violence as we offer all our haters forgiveness from God.  Eternal life and the power of his bloody cross is our way until he comes in judgment.

Your brother in Jesus,



God forbid that the body of Christ stop caring about the issues of life that are decided in the realm called “politics”. The prophetic voice of light and the holy life and salt must remain in,  but not of,  the world system while it’s door remains open. 


Dear Jack,

Thank you for your mail. Please feel free to mail anytime. I am very happy to hear from you. It is wonderful you follow the Lord. God is serious, so is salvation.

I am dismayed when I think how few know Christ. They will not see heaven, only those who know and follow Jesus can enter heaven. I prayed with a Christian brother in New Zealand for you. We prayed on the phone. He said as he prayed for you, he got a vision of a fish hook. The lord has a sense of humor, for that matches your name! He said he felt you had a heart for the unsaved, and that comes from God!

Blessings to you Jack,



From: ClarionCall4USA@aol.com [mailto:ClarionCall4USA@aol.com]
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Subject: Comments by Anthony Nationalism, Patriotism… Politics: Idolatry or God’s Way?

Dear Freedom Loving Christians:

For me, this article is total disinformation, and possibly a ploy to divert well meaning Americans from their patriotic duty of holding our leaders accountable to our Constitution.  I can only say that this Rick Frueh needs to listen to Chuck Baldwin’s four week sermon on Romans 13.

Rick Frueh is using several different false premises to draw what he thinks are logical conclusions.  As usually any conclusion from a false premise is erroneous.  Do not be fooled.

Here is what Charles Finney has to say about being a Christian in the United States of America:

Charles Finney declared:

The church must take right ground in regards to politics….The time has come for Christians to vote for honest men, and take consistent ground in politics or the Lord will curse them….

God cannot sustain this free and blessed country, which we love and pray for, unless the Church will take right ground. Politics are a part of a religion in such a country as this, and Christians must do their duty to their country as a part of their duty to God…. God will bless or curse this nation according to the course Christians take in politics.

If you do not know who Finney was, then look him up. 

Suffice it to say for me, Rick Frueh is not on our side.  He may be all well intentioned, but he has no idea what being an American is all about.  We started as a Christian nation with laws formed from Godly men who demanded that a king rule by God’s law.

Tyranny is not God’s way.  People are free to serve God.  This is why we have the Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  The fact that our country has been taken over by evil demonic forces does not negate the original intent of our founders.  If we can somehow force a return to that original intent, then we are not rebelling against government, but we are being the government of the people by the people and for the people that our founders intended.

Do not believe this hogwash of Mr. Frueh.


Anthony J. Miley

Dear Anthony and friends,

Thank you for sending us your reaction to Rick’s article, but as a Christian you seem to be avoiding or ignoring one simple Biblical fact:   Jesus Christ and the writers of the New Testament said clearly that all nations, no matter what political-religious form they have self-created and embraced, are ruled and manipulated by the fallen angels under Satan until the second coming of our King.  And the only way they will be removed is by the bodily return of Jesus Christ at the end of this age. 

The New Testament scriptures repeat this truth beginning with Jesus himself saying that Satan has the power and authority over all the kingdoms of this world system as Luke 4 records the great temptations thrown by Satan at Jesus.  God has allowed the evil one to have this and nowhere in the prophetic scripture does it say God will give birth to America to lead the world into establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. 

What the prophecies of Daniel and others does teach is that the beast-like Roman Empire will splinter and then re-gather itself under a new “little horn” or nation that will exist in the last days to rule over all nations during Daniel’s 70th week.  John in the Revelation describes this Roman/European nation or sea-beast as the spiritual rebirth of Babylon, endowed by and manipulated by a false militant (just war doctrine) Christian system that uses the name of Jesus, but speaks or teaches like a dragon. 

Please take this to heart, Anthony, and reconsider what Rick is saying.  The term “freedom” must first be defined and grounded on the blood and cross of our Lord Jesus providing freedom and liberty from our inherent sin nature and the fallen angels who inspire it.  If this is not our deepest root we will inevitably fall victim to another definition, as in the “political” freedom derived from the Declaration and Constitution.

Your eternal friend in Jesus,




Thank you,Jack.

 Please keep up the good work of encouraging those groping in this dark world.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH !   And may the MOST HIGH bless your ministry abundantly!











You will likely find this hard to believe, Jack. I see no “end times” due to “Gods” of any sort coming and only an end to our world about one billion years from now…   when our Sun expands greatly in size as a normal process that all stars go through.  We are more likely to come upon end times for life on Planet Earth because of over-population and starvation…pollution of our environment, which we are still doing very little about…or a nuclear war…since we do not seem to be able to dismantle all of the nuclear missiles now capable of destroying life on Planet Earth completely. These things will likely happen if we do not wake up and start solving all the problems of our time.  It will not make any difference what-so-ever what one’s religious or personal beliefs happen to be. 

I do enjoy reading your articles.  Thank you for sending them to me.   Always,   Nelson Horton