June 2001 Comments

(1)Dear Mr. Hook,
I agree with your feelings on this matter completely. Before I read on down in your brief message, I had already begun to think of Jesus saying, “My Kingdom is NOT of this world.” And simply, it is not. No, I personally do not believe that patriotism has any place in the Eternal Kingdom of God. This world is NOT our home! I don´t see anything wrong with being loyal to your country perse. But, as far as revering it, I would rather lay hold on eternal life! I would rather be where Jesus is!

God bless you, Mr. Hook, and please stay in touch.

Rich Fyke

(2)Do not send me any of your junk again, I have no time to debate with your nonsense. Unfortunately it is literature like this that turns people off to Christianity.
(3)I am a born-again Jew. I´m sorry to be the one to
tell ya but you´ve been sold a bill of goods. If you
ever decide you´re up to hearing the Truth…let me

Meantime, read the book of Joshua.

I read a lot of stuff people send me. Your “about the author” is the most helpful and encouraging thing sent in the 3 years I have been reading sent info. I will pass this along.
Thanks Bill for GNFC
(5)Hi Jack Hook. I was born atheist became Christian and am now an atheist and I´m going to remain an atheist. Jesus also said the he came with a sword. In reality no one knows what Jesus said as he never left a single written word. Jesus is not coming back and never will as he has been dead almost 2000 years. Followers of the bible have sure done their share of killing over the centuries and would do so again in they had the power to bring about a theocratic government. Visit my site and read “my testimony” of how I came out of Christianity. Regards Jim
(6)I don´t know you, Jack Hook, but I assume you feel you have been ordained by
God to somehow pass judgment on others whose leadings may differ from yours.
My Bible tells me that we each must work out our salvation with fear and
trembling—-and I understand that to mean that just as you feel led to
quibble over what it means to be a patriot, I felt, and still feel led to be
a pastor to people wherever they are (and that included combat.) May I
lovingly suggest that you follow our Lord´s suggestion, and extract the beam
from your own eye before you seek to point out the mote in mine? God Bless,
(7)Dear Jack,

Interesting website and a wonderful testimony. It seems that you
may be transitioning not only from patriot to priest but also from Puritan
to Pilgrim. The emerging NWO is certainly giving us pause to reflect on the
scriptures, isn´t it?
(8)Hi Jack, can I ask how you got my email address, and who are you? I am a Christian, and I struggle with being a patriot..