June 2003 Comments

It is always an amazing thing to me when two people who don’t know each other and as far as I know don’t have no acquaintances in common come to similar understandings. As I recently read your book online I was for the first time reading thoughts I had had over the last few months. We are in agreement on Revelations 18 right down the line. This was shown to me by the Lord a few days before 911 along with verses in Ezekiel 14:12-20 and Ezekiel 7:1-10. After reading your book I had a thought which I would like to submit to you for your consideration. I have been a bit mystified as to what the preoccupation with Iraq was really all about. Now I think I know. If America gains control of the Iraqi oil fields whether by direct control or by putting in a puppit government it will have the final piece of the puzzle by which it can bring about peace between Israel and the Arab world. If we had these oil fields we would be able to manipulate Saudi Arabia since they need our money. We have Afghanistan and could probably work something with Iran eventually. But Iraq seems to be the key. We say we want to bring democracy to Iraq, but democracy really means American control. By influencing Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Syria we would be able to negotiate peace in the Middle East and the man who does that is the Antichrist. I would be interested in your evaluation of this theory. May God Bless you your friend in Christ Tom

Dear Jack,

Praise the Lord,
Ihave sent the articles to many of my friends in
Uganda. Ihave had a chance to share with a few peolpe
and they really believe your message. Many are
spreading the good news to the rest.

People here in Uganda are seeking the lord though like
you mensioned in your article BLESSED ARE THE DEAD,
there is a doctrine that is so much centred on wealth,
health and prosperity especiary in the big churches in
the city of Kampala. There is not much preached about
Jesus’ coming back – and very soon.

America is blessed to have God alerting them throuh
people like like you. We also need it here.

God bless you.

To: Jack Hook & All,

YOU are NOT a prophet!! It is righteous to
study the Bible & wonder about its meaning, but YOU
do NOT know

Well, we’ve all got our various eschatological views.

Personally, having traveled around the world, the USA
is still far more God fearing than Europe. We’ve got
our faults, and have been seriously infiltrated by
people who do not share the views that originally made
us great. But I simply do not buy assertions that we
are the mystery babylon. Not when there are far more
secular nations than the US.

We’ve got an overtly Christian president. The people
of the great “flyover” made themselves heard in 2000
and will not go down without a fight.

What disturbs me the most about claims that the USA is
mystery babylon is how closely they echo various
anti-American screeds coming from the enemies of the
West and enemies of Judeo-Christian culture. If we
were to listen to such false prophets, we would
actually be getting duped into doing exactly the wrong
things, from a Christian perspective.

Again, we are entitled to our views, and these are

God Bless,



When Peter pulled out his sword at Gethsemane, and cut off the ear of
Malchus, one of the high priest’s servants, he was told to put back his
sword. Jesus said, ” Put up again thy sword into his place: for all
they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. Thinkest thou that
I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than
twelve legions of angels?”

Jesus, who was not speaking metaphorically there, didn’t ask the Father
at that time for the legions of angels, in order that the scriptures
might be fulfilled.

Those same angels, who most certainly would have come to His defense had
He prayed for them at that time, will be with Him, “. . . when the Lord
Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, in flaming
fire [ no metaphor intended ] taking vengeance on them that know not God,
and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ . . .”

And when it happens, Peter will be there, along with us. As Paul
explained to the Thessalonians, “. . . we which are alive and remain unto
the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep . . . the
dead in Christ shall rise first . . .”

I have a suggestion: You need to get laid. Only someone with a longterm lack
of sexual gratification could come up with such B.S. Don’t send me this
mindless crap anymore.


Babylon’s final fall was more than 2,000 years ago and that’s all there is.


Sorry, Jack, but you are wide of the mark. Mystery Babylon is a city,
not a nation. It sits on seven hills. It is Rome, and it is the Roman
Catholic church. Think Inquisition (all in the name of God), Crusades
(all in the name of God), Reformation slaughter (all in the name of
God). Fornication with Kings? Think Spain, France, Germany, and a
dozen others that reaped one-third of the money stolen from innocent
victims of the Inquisition. Rome has killed an estimated 60 million
Christians, and all in the name of God. Talk about being drunk with the
blood of the martyrs.

America may be damaged or destroyed before the antichrist shows his
face, but America is not the Harlot of Revelation. You have to go to
Rome to get the answer to that question. (If you want more proof,
single out every prophecy concerning the Harlot that is found in
Revelation, there are about two dozen, and match them against the RCC.
Every single one fits her, and most of them do not fit any other city in
the world.)


Your article “Babylon’s Final Fall” misuses and twists the Scriptures horribly. There is not a single word of truth in what you have written.



Dear Jack Hook:

A fellow congregant of mine who is also a PHD and Professor at the
University, (UTEP), asked an interesting question regarding modern bible

I will poorly attempt to paraphrase his question….

“Why do modern prophecy teachers trans-identify biblical historical nations
like Babylon into remote modern nations like the USA?
We find that the prophecies that were fulfilled by the time the Temple in
Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 A.D. were fulfilled exactly in the manner
described by the Prophets. No trans-idetification or hidden identity of the
nations and kingdoms involved was required. Why are we expected to accept
this practise today? Perhaps Babylon is Babylon?
This is a sincere question.

Hi again Jack!

I’ve just been reading through some of the comments on your website, and cannot quite get to grips with many believers attitude towards the end times. I realise the studies you have carried out and have graciously shared on your website are sometimes hard to accept, and are almost impossible to prove without the aid of hindsight. However if there is one point that I believe your work screams out to believers is to wake up from their slumber.

My one prayer that is constantly on my heart is that by God’s grace he may find me ready when he returns. I don’t want to be like the virgins without oil for their lamps as in the parable Jesus told. I want to share Pauls view that we should constantly strive to reach our goal, no looking back, no time for rest, just press on to the goal Jesus has prepared for us. Through his blood on the cross, and by his Holy Spirit we have all been equipped to run and complete the race. But my fear is that when he returns, many will be found with one foot in the Kingdom of Heaven and one foot in the world. How can this attitude be “making ones calling and election sure” as Peter calls us to do?

In the book of Revelation we are told that we will be blessed by studying what is revealed within its pages. I realise that the prophecies may seem obscure to many people, but by studying these words regularly we are constantly reminded that our time on this earth is short, and the status quo of the world will change in the blink of an eye, leaving many holding onto nothing more than empty dreams of treasures that have forever vanished.

I thank God for your efforts in waking up His people, and as I have written before, you are directly responsible for channeling the grace of God into my life at a most critical time. May you be blessed in every way, and may your wisdom in the Lord never fail to increase. I also pray a fresh annointing upon your life to preach with the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit as God intended.

God bless you my friend,



Dear Jack,

Wow, that’s quite a letter. Thanks for the read.

God Bless

“those who oppose the LORD will be shattered. He will thunder against them from heaven; the LORD will judge the ends of the earth. “He will give strength to his king and exalt the horn of his anointed.” 1 Samuel 2:10



My Dear Jack

Do you honestly believe this garbage? I used to hold views like this but grew up and began to look at what the Bible really said.

Please remove me from your mailing list. I get enough junk come in as it is. The real dager for the world right now is your moronic president, my idiotic prime minister and Sadam Hussein. Plus, that mass murderer in Jerusalem, Sharron.

Have nice day


hey jack
that’s pretty funny stuff… not sure where you got my email, but i get the
comics in the paper everyday. please remove me from receiving any further
copies of your blasphemy. thanks much and have fun cowering in the corner
worrying about things that will never happen… and would have no relation to
God even if they did…


Thanking you very much for this.

It sounds as though this might be the way that the end times goes.

I beleive that Jesus Christ reigns supreme and He will come to protect His church.

Jack :
How unfortunate. You as well as any other so called prophet will be called into account by the Lord but before long you will be proven false. You have no understanding of the time of the end nor the nature of Gods’ kingdom. You would do well to seek knowledge rather that to ramble on of things you know nothing about. I would, just as the Lord would, that all men be saved but I also know that all liars are without the city with the rest of the sinners. I hope for better in your case but without any foundation in the words you have written. You are a false prophet and a liar, and your imagination has run amuck.

Sincerly yours:

Dear Mr. Hook,
Thank you so much for your e-mail, I am pleased to see that others are
interested in the prophetic events that are unfolding worldwide. I am
saving this writing, and intend to distribute it to other brothers and
sisters in Christ, that I am in contact with. I hope all who read this
writing will be brought to a soberness of spirit, and come to understand
the seriousness of prophetic events, once again, thank you so much.

I read the article, I don’t know exactly who sent it. I was very troubled with what I read. But thankyoui for the time and effort and research it took to do this. I always was taught that mystery babylon the great would be Rome since babylon was the land of the chaldees, in UR, present day Iraq. Iraq can fullfill this prophecy as well as catholicizm and Rome. The harlot church was taught that it had no husband and many daughters false churches, babel means man made religions and confusion. Mystery babylon all have one world language again. The kingdom of Anti-christ 10 horned kingdom, EEU ECU common market and or federated arab nations. Tribulation is to happen in Israel. We will be a place of safety for the Jew. But your right America is sick, but he will save the city for 10 righteous men like sodom and gommorah. We have more of Gods people than any nation. Rev. Brad

Hi, I have a few questions for you regarding your “Babylon’s Final Fall” email.

First of all, I want to know where you got my email address. Second of all, where did you get all of your information? You are making it sound like America is the target for the destruction of the world. That is so not true.

I am a devout and dedicated Christian and nowhere does it say that America is the main target of destruction. And I do not believe that the wicked will be burned in a fiery Hell forever either. Why would our loving God burn his creations forever? Would it not be more just for him to just destroy them? For in the Bible it says that the wicked will be destroyed and the meek will possess the Earth. Refer to Psalms the 37th chapter. And in Ecc. 9:5 it says that the dead are conscious of nothing. So how could they be tormented if the are not conscious? Hmm…thats something to ponder.

Anyway, thanks for your email but I do not want anymore of your so-called Bible prophecy’s. I know what the TRUE bible prophecy’s are and I do need to be listening to false ones. Thank you.



Dear Sir, I am a born again Christian. I am in a spiritual war however. Satan attacks me daily. I know what the Bible has said about such things because, I have studied it extensively. My weak area is are staying consistent in the heat of the battle. I tend to get off track destracted by all the cares of life and I have to keep on getting back on. At times I feel overwhelmed because, he attacks me on all sides. What keeps me going is, he must really be afraid of me if he is willing to spend so much time trying to keep me down and make me feel so defeated. God must really have something special in mind for me. Now, if I can only stay faith to him and stop letting the devil get the upper hand. Please pray for me. I also have weakness in the area of Memorizing verse. I think if I could do this regularly I could use this in my battle. Thanks

Dear Jack;
I received your reply to my first e-mail and was happy to hear from you. I read your paper on “Showdown at Babylon” as well as several others. I find myself in agreement with most of what you write about. I would like to introduce myself because I would like to have many conversations with you.
My name is Tom and I was an alcoholic and a drug addict until Sept. 13, 1988 when the Lord Jesus Christ delivered me from that life and the Holy Spirit was born in my soul. Since that time the Lord has shown me many things in my life which needed to be changed and has changed those areas when I repented and submitted to His holy discipline. In the last two or three years I have grown in the Lord and when I look back I am not the same person I was even a year ago. I realized that complete surrender is the price we pay for salvation, that is I believe that I must surrender all to Him for Him to work in my life. Since just before 911 He has shown me things from His Holy Scripture which have completely changed the way that I look at the world.
I just read your paper on “Wolves in Sheeps Clothing” and this is a subject which has been nagging at me for some time now. I have been unable to find a truly Bible-based church in the denominational world. At present we are worshipping at our home with folks who come and go without too much committment but I keep praying the Lord will add to the number. At present I am praying and studying for a revelation through the Word of God concerning the true church. The Lord has shown me many things about His Body and your writing has been a source of confirmation for what I have read in the Word. The Lord does that for me all the time. But always I test everything by the Word.
I am very interested in communicating with you but I am a truck driver and I am only home about once a week on Sunday. I will be looking forward to your reply and hope the Lord Jesus blesses your ministry and your family. Love in Christ your brother in the Lord

Your 1 can shy of a six pack, nuttier that a fruit cake, so don’t send
me anymore of the Bull….!!!!!!!

How dare you send people information . Keep your comments, to yourself. You sent this to someone who is of the jewish persuasion. I dont know where you got my email. As far as Im concerned . you are a phenatic, just like the fundalmentalist, like Bin Laden. Please dont send me any more info. Thank you

in your wise words i find more clarity than in many who write on this subject.
yet i have questions that remain unanswered by those that might have studied but don’t say as clearly as you what they ‘know’:
1-when jer 16:16 is fully fulfilled shall all the jews in america, all the messianic jews[who have been received by jesus christ, and who abide in jesus christ faithfully], and those christians from other than a jewish backround be moved by the God of Israel to petra, like the jews were protected by joseph in goshen?
2- when shall it be done+said that the God of Israel’s promise that His deliverance of the jews from the northern countries shall far outdo the miracle of the reed sea crossing at the time of moshe rabbeinu[moses–our teacher? ]…on wings of eagles?
3-the poor,the lame, the halt, the blind, the disabled…the elderly what shall we say to them? that shall comfort and show God’s provision?

Did Jesus not say: “Fear not, for I am with you?”

Consider that gospel, and shut up!

Rev. James


Dear Brother Jack,
We live in an age that needs to hear this message more than ever before. Pray & weep for the lost, The Day of The Lord is at hand, though none know the our or the day, there are signs. Those who have not received the Holy Ghost must be enlightened. The Apostle, Luke, who was inspired thru the Spirit to write the Book of Acts makes this clear Continue to go forth with the light, as we have been commanded by Jesus. Do not be discouraged, as the adversary thrives on this. Praise & Glory be to the Father, Son, & the Holy Ghost. Joyfully gleaning the Master’s fields, that are so White with Harvest in these End Times, David

Hey dude, not that this country is going to escape tribulation, but Babylon is Iraq. Land of the Chaldeons. Not America. And the Lord is going to take me out along with all other true born again Christians before wrath that is to come. Where did you steal my address from anyway?

I just read the prophecies that you sent out. I’m afraid I’m one of those people who don’t understand Revelations very well. Someone has to break it down to me in hill terms. I knew that God was not going to spare American a long time ago. My husband has been going around saying that we are like a modern day Babolyn(?) Is this something that you think is going to happen within the next year, two years, four years or longer? I’m a born again Christian and I am not afraid of dying. I love God with all my heart and I would be willing to do anything He asked me to do. Thank you for the article. Janet

Although Jesas Christ, God and I don’t get along.
Your still talking to the choir. Tell it to Texas and
Florida. I’m toying with an idea to start a petition
to recall Bush.

Jack, That helps me understand a little bit more than I once did. I know I may sound dumb and I know I’m a woman but Revelations never made any sense to me. I’ve read it so many times and out of so many Bibles that it isn’t funny. Thank you so much for taking time out to e-mail me back. I’ll see you and some of my other family members in heaven. May I ask where you were born? I’m a Hillbilly. I was born in West Virginia. I only lived there until I was eight. Janet

Thanks for being interested in my eternal destiny. As a Christian i share this interest with you, about others. I am also consumed with interest about the “last days” and the events that are happening in the world. I do believe we are the generation that will witness the Lords return. I believe the rapture is going to take place soon. Its sad to see all the bad things that are happening now. But in another way its exciting, because it tells us that the Lord is in control and things are happening according to his plan, just like he said. I am sorry if i sounded cruel in my previous email, it wasnt my intention. Thanks again for your concern. Patti

Dear Mr Hook,

If you had bothered to read our webpage you would realize that your “message” is unwelcome here, since it is falsehood from the pits of hell. There is no rapture. Sola Scriptura is a farce. Evangelical Protestantism is an empty, stale, boring belief system; a daughter of THE daughter of schism and heresy.



I disagree with your email, America stands with Israel more than the other mentioned nations. America is not the one to be Judged. 9/11 was not a Judgement, God does not use terrorists to carry out his will!

America has spread the Gospel more than any other in recent times.

I therefore do not believe God’s Judgement will fall on her.

Quite the contary.

America is exercising Gods Judgement eq, Iraq.

President Bush is a Godly man, and thanks to the Church’s prayers for him

the rule of God is being poured onto the Earth. I thank God for men like him.

The purpose of this is to bring about a great end time revival.
Best Regards
Brother Richard

Dear Brethren,

Calvary greetings in the Lord Jesus’s name. Thanks alot for the article regarding what is going on in the middle east which I have received from a friend, I’m sure you are the author. It is an eye opener to me and quite convicing that the final end of Babylon is at hand. Thanks again and again. May the good Lord bless you so abundantly.

Could you please me more of such goodnews and especially Video Tapes on Eschatological teachings.

Hear from you soonest.

Your brother in the Lord.
Dear Mr. Hook,

I am proud to say that our Pastor teaches us constantly of the very sayings and truths that you have written in this email. I will pass it to everyone that I know and pray that those in my reach that are not saved will turn their lives over to Christ before it is to late.
Thank You.
Have a blessed day.
Hi Jack,
I don’t know who you are. But I did enjoy reading this material you
sent me. I am not quite sure of how the sequence goes. But it doesn’t
really matter. Does It?
If you have more info. and would like for me to send info. to you,
just let me know.
There is so much going on.
Take Care, Richard

Dear Mr. Hook,

I went in and read your testimony and a few other things. I’m a bit puzzled at what you’re saying about President Bush. It sounds like you’re saying that we as believers should not be behind him in the war against terrorism. That we are to let God deal with them and their leaders.

Maybe you’ve written something that explains this more. I’m just not sure what angle you are coming from.

Your friend in the Lord,


Just found your web site today, was looking for Christian Truckers web sites
for my son.

I love prophesy and am thrilled at your information.

Can you tell me how to print the “Enemy Chart” for my home study?

God Bless you,


Dear jack,
I enjoyed your website and found it very aggreeable to me.
I agree with your timeline of events,and your views on what may happen in the tribulation.There are many views on this subject,and your opinion of the usa I believe is the closest to what will happen ,although I dont agree with everything you believe will happen,youre fundamentals are there!
best wishes,

You are out of your mind!!!


Thanks. Do you know how many “Hail Mary’s” recited by Catholics are
ascending to heaven daily. Rough calculation shows more than 40,000 “Hail
Mary’s” are ascending to heaven per seconds. By the time you finished
reading this line, 500,000 “Hail Mary’s” have ascended into heaven.
Catholics worldwide are praying for PEACE.

God Bless you.
Mother Mary pray for us.


Let me get this straight–
9/11 was the judgement of God, and Osama b Laden was just the unwitting
instrument of that judgement?
The Antichrist will be a president of the United States?
God has reserved special destruction of America even though the US is the
most pious and God-fearing country in the western world?



Dear Mr Hook,
Please accept all of my dandavat pranams and prayers. We are of different religions, but our beliefe if what is happening to this country are exzctly the same. Also our beliefe for the cause of it is the same.
I am a Viet Nam veteran and am totally against this war to make a lot of fat cat politicians fatter at the sacrafice of our young people. We sacraficed 57,000+ in Vietnam for LBJ’s pocket book, how many for the “Unelecteds” and cronies?
The reason for the fall of this country is simple greed and devoucherie of material pleasures in government of this country. They have finally accomplished what they have for so long been working for: The destruction of the freedoms of the American people. When the people have no more say, and we don’t, they (the government) will rob us blind, imprison us, sacrafice our young; and completely destroy the freedoms of life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness.
How long before they tell us who we can worship and not worship? It is just around the corner. The government is trying to do away with the mention of God in anything, and at the same time, the average Christian is trying to destroy all other beliefs as heretic. I am Hindu, the “Oldest” relligion on earth. I believe that we are all tyrying to get to the same place, and we had all better work together to hold this country, and freedoms of the people together. ALL religions in America have to work for this goal or we will have no Free America.(WE daon’t now, come to think of it.)
Please keep up the good fight and you are not alone.
Hare Krishna~God Bless.

Your Most Humble Servant,
I must tell you I was saddened, then doubtful, prayerful, then objective as
I read some of your articles. I was saved in 1977 and spent about 10 years
trying to understand end time prophesy. Read everything I could get my hands
on. Some of the things you’ve written were new to me. I wanted to disregard
it at first. I then decided I must continue reading and re-reading if
necessary before I make a judgment. I certainly am no bible scholar or
student of prophesy for that matter.

I have a tendency to make snap judgments based on “feelings” instead of
praying for wisdom and understanding from our Lord Jesus Christ. But your
writings have forced me to put aside some of the end time prophesy
statements that were wrapped in neat little packages. You have made me open
my mind to the prompting of the Holy Spirit as I so want to know the truth
about these events.

Thank you for being bold. I will continue to study your material and pray
that you, as well as myself, continue to be enlightened by God .

God Bless You,

Thank you for your website. Very interesting reading!! How have you prepared for the Armageddon?
God Bless,
Dr. Mike
Lexington, KY

Jack: Please remove my name from your address book. I don’t know where you got my email address and I resent your assumption that I would enjoy hearing of or reading your proselyting message. Please do not contact me again.

I am as religeous as suits my needs and long-held beliefs. With respect to the farce being perpetrated as jihad in and among the middle-eastern nations, my view is much more simplistic than yours:
“Nuke them ALL until they glow.” You may define “ALL” in any way that you wish.

P. J.

You obviously have exalted yourself to being a prophet of God. If that is so, you are among the most self-exalting people on the face of the earth and truly a sick puppy. What is your faith? Xtian?


You make statements as though they are assured, but they are, actually, only your opinion. You conspicuously ignore that fact that the US is currently the ONLY true friend of Israel. That may change in the future; however, by standing by Israel we are standing WITH God. Are you so anti-Semitic that you wish not to acknowledge that? You are quick to report on America’s errors and sin, but you seem blind to the good done by many within this country. Do not send me anymore of your rambling prophecies! I will quickly send them where they belong – the trash can. IF you live in the US, you should be thankful to God and not profane how He is using the US to protect Israel.

God Bless, Jack!
Your efforts will be returned one-thousand fold!
Jesus lives,

I have recently visited your web site. And I must say although I read the bible, I usually try to stay away from the doomsday theories because it is scary, I have friends and family who dont know Jesus. I want to know as an american citizen, should I flee this country? or are yousaying that we will be warned before we are destroyed or we should flee now? Thank you Johnnie

Very interesting, thank you. I believe America changed as we knew it the day 911 happened, and yes, it is the beginning of terrible things to come.
How did you get my e mail address?
Blessings! Shalom!


My dear Jack

Thank you for a good laugh this morning. I rememebr back in the 60’s I used
to believe stuff like this. Then I grew up, began to study Scripture
correctly and realised that it said nothgin about Rusiian/Aab armies
invading Israle. Nothng about Americe in prophecy outside of any other
prophecy of a cal to national repentance.
True, Ameica is the one world power these days. Maybe it could be better
put, the world’s bully. If there is to be an ‘antiChrist,’ it is more than
likely to be an American president. Specially the idiot you have now.
Please remove me from your mailing list. I get enough jun mail I don’t want
this stuf.
Many thanks

Good to know that you know God. Not to many people do. My parents taught me to love God, and I taught my children. People are to busy finding their life on earth, that is why God is going to destory it. God has kept me safe for many years (I won’t tell my age) that I can’t stop what He has written. The human race has gone wild and they are full of the Devil, but Gods love will protect me. You quote alot of scripture, you need to express what your heart feels.

To Jack
Let me give you some words of wisdom.

My email address stands for God of Hell_Drow God of thieves_and black is there for the hell of it.

I hate God and I’m a Sorcerer

As you can tell by me email address I’m a very dark person. Go do your blood cross thing and do me the favor of don’t sending me anything an less you have anything that is worth the time to read

Yours Sincerely

Hello there,
Where did you get my email from? Very strange, as I was sitting here
reading Revelations just minutes before reading your message! Just this
morning a friend & I were discussing the Book of Revelations. Reading
your Fall of Babylon helps me to understand it better. Thank you.
God Bless, Patsy

I too agree that Christ and God are both alive and well. I to am a Christian. Just have to be careful here because I work for the federal government. Please contact me in the future at ……………… I goofed using the e-mail address here.

Love the web site. Am sending it on to others. More christians here on base than you would believe and we make sure to help and support each other in many ways including e-mails.


Nice Sermon Jack. You have figured it out a lot quicker than those at waco did!

I am an alcoholic. I drink almost everyday which is not o.k. I am not, or was not a stupid person. I still like to listen to Christian radio stations and I listen to my Bible tapes + I like the songs of Ray Boltz. I don’t feel I can trust anyone. I still help people when I can, especially my family.

Not sure why I can’t overcome this alcohol problem. I know I am sining, but don’t seem to have the power to overcome. I pray that God will intervene, but He has not so far, wish He would.

I understand that the United States is a dreadful influence on many nations – what with our free society and “do it if it feels good” mentality plus our violent, foul mouthed and sexual movies. I don’t think the children even stand a chance. I have meet many people who call themselves Christians who lie, steal, cheat, and are very self centered.

The world as it is makes me sick – including myself!

Guess what I want you to do, if you are a person of God, is to pray for me so that I can be strong and carry out God’s purpose – mind you – not as a person who drinks too much, but as a person who has overcome because of God’s grace.

If you can help me, I would be very appreciative.


Praise the Lord!!

Hi Jack,

I just felt compelled to write you and admire your evangelical approach while ‘sounding the alarm’ to all unbelievers. I’ve been on your website all day reading some of your prior articles. I am always impressed how the LORD uses His servants. You explain things so well and your writings are easy to read and understand, if you are saved. When I come upon a Scripture I look it up and it just solidifies what you are talking about.

You still have to be filled with the Holy Spirit to make it clearer for you and realize that you are NOT reading something from a sci-fi novel. The time line is a bit confusing but with HIS help and when it’s time for me to know/concentrate on it I’ll understand. Psalm 37:4 “……. and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” I realize now that it is actually the Lord Himself that puts the desire and passion to get to know Him better and understand what ‘our’ (saints) missions in this world are.

Okay, you know I can get chatty and I am not sure how to put the excitement at learning into words but I think you know what I mean. :o)

Have a wonderful weekend! Talk to you soon!

Agape, Evett

The gentleman that kidnapped Elizabeth Smart was a preacher too……think about that one….


Sounds like a good story but as Canada and America
spread the gospel throughout the earth more than any
other nations. God will not destroy North America for
His word will prevail. America will not stay as a
major power because they will be trillions of dollars
in debt. This will be an opportunity for the Common
Market (the Eurodollar is now stronger than the U.S.
dollar) to take a leadership role and work with Iraq
(The real Babylon will become an economic superpower)

Rev. S.H.


Hello bro. Jack Hook,

At first, I didn’t bother about your website. I read what you sent and
that was some info. Your articles are based mostly, if not all
concerning America itself. It seems we, on this side of the globe do not
get any words of prophecy? We are , but a small nation. Malaysia ‘s
government is pro-Islam(but not terrorism, or jihad), and the Malays
are Moslems. There is religious tolerant here, and so far, we are given
the freedom to worship Jesus Christ.

How did you get my email add? I’m at the other side of the globe, in
I read the comments in your guest book, and you sure received some very
nasty comments. They don’t appreciate your concern and the urgency in
seeing what God is going to do and the need for salvation. those who
received your articles and not take heed to God’s Words will have no
excuse on that Day to say ‘no one has warned me’, or told me about
Jesus’. There will be so much wailing, anguish and regret, remorse for
not accepting Jesus and His Salvation..

I read your testimony, and the life you were in before knowing Christ.
It is so wonderful that you were able to reconcile with your mother that
you have found Jesus, and her prayers for you were answered, and even
more so, God is using you for His work in reaching our to lost souls. I
was very touched with tears in my eyes when you shared how you and your
mother cried so much that God has done such a wonderful thing in your
life. That’s a great transformation. Praise God!

Thank you and God bless. I don’t intend to have this written in your
guest book. It’s just a email to you to say thank you and God bless.

In Christ,