June 2004 Comments

From a glance at your e-mail answers it proves one thing. Narrow is the way to our Lord Jesus and Broad is the way to destruction.

Compared to the masses that will be destroyed I believe there are few who will remain faithful to the end. The so called great American

Moral Majority do not read the Bible and if they do “They do not have eyes to see nor spiritual guidance from the Holy Spirit to hear or

Understand the truths of it’s words”. They do not understand the great truth of What day the Sabbath starts or when it ends

(I am not a 7th day Adventist either).

If you look at the architecture of Washington D. C. you will see a great resemblance to some other grand structures of the old Demon.

The great whore sitting on the 7 hills of Rome. I see a wickedness in this nation that wasn’t here in the 40/50’s. It is not the same

country I knew as a boy and young man.

I hear what you are saying and I advise you to always be careful that you do not become part of the scripture where Jesus said

“When you hear them say He is here or He is there, do not believe it”. “When the Son of Man comes again it will be as Lightning

flashing across the sky from the east to the West and He is coming in Great Glory and in a way it shall be known (Para-phrasing of course).

We live in a difficult time when speaking the truth will become very dangerous even to point of death. Pray for me as I pray for you.

Dear Jack,
Thanks for sharing your website with me. I just read your statement of faith, about the author, and your first article about your open heart surgery. What a great witness you are for Christ! I hope to get back and read more of your articles. Just wanted to let you know that I was finally able to take a few moments to check it out.

God Bless,
Jack, I for one have believed Bush bears the resembance of the ant-christ,you are the only one I”ve heard voice that has come to close saying it will be the last President. But I can’t believe the pe-trib rapture,convince me. Gene
Wonderful article, Jack! Re: Van Impe, a friend of mine caught his show one night when he boasted that the Pope and Mohammed would be in Heaven with us! How he has fallen. I agree with your insights on the EU, America and the antiChrist. Co-incidentally (?), I posted an article on my website (lasthour.org) titled “Is America In Prophecy?” that sadly draws some of these same conclusions. Keep on shining your light, because our redemption draweth nigh! Maranatha, your eternal friend David
read your article “In times past”….and as a believer I have to correct you regarding ‘the Jewish people ‘not accepting Jesus’. and being condemned as you say….please read Zechariah and note that 10 men from all the nations will take hold of the tzitzit (fringes of the Jewish prayer shawl) and say “I will go with you for G-d is with you”….maybe you need to speak to a Rabbi who will give you a better understanding of The Faith .
The Gentiles who ‘had no relationship with the G-d of Israel’ come into ‘covenant relationship’ with Him through repentance and their receiving salvation as a gift through the ‘work’ of Yeshua (his real name which means G-d saves or G-d’s salvation.)…
Yeshua came to restore the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel )the 10 lost tribes who were scattered amongst the nations …. then G-d chose Rabbi Shaul (Paul) to go and teach the Gentiles who had repented from their pagan beliefs and turned to G-d ,how to live’ in His salvation ‘.

Hashem will receive His people (the whole House of Israel) and deliver us from our enemies as He promised….

Shalom u’bracha
Praise the Lord brother Jack, I agree with your view on Once Saved Always Saved. I know that some churches teach that, it’s dangerous to teach that once you’re saved you’re always saved, especialy to a new Christian. Thank you.

God bless you, Hilda
the trouble with replies sent from the heart is that they are hard to repeat.

the basic gist of the message was that i respect your views and opinions, but that i disagree that bush is the antichrist, because i believe that the anti christ is a jewish male, born into very wealthy life, and is readying himself for his “role”, and that babylon isnt a physical place, such as usa, but a place in the heart of man, grown by the false words of the father of lies, a place of materialistic greed power, gluttony, sloth, etc,

i had a long and winding “presentation”, but it boils down to what is here.

and to finish, i happily agree to disagree, you have your beliefs and i have mine, but i think we know the same Lord Jesus Christ, and have different views because we are different people, and He will show us His truth, and then we will all know what we need to know.

we are mature adults, we can respect each others different points of view.


Dear Jack:

Hello. This email is in response to your latest email
reply to me concerning a company called AMDOC. What I
am about to tell you was reported on FOX News. I
assure you that what I report is true, I wouldn’t
waste your time. There is an company called AMDOC,
and it is responsible for logging all North American
phone calls made. This includes all government agency
phone calls too. All phone calls are logged,
documented, and sent to Israel. Once they are there,
they are entered into a mathematical algorithm for
further analyzation. I guess, this helps in
predicting outcomes, tendencies, ect… Anyway, even
the FBI was angry and powerless over this. To the
best of my knowledge, this is still occurring today.
I saw the news report just before summer. As I am
sure you are aware, the news media is very censored by
evil forces, but worthy information, like the AMDOC
story, still get through. My friend is an FBI agent,
and he never even heard of this, but then again, he is
a field agent and not a huge decision maker. I,
myself, checked the internet and found very little
about the topic. I am a political science, history,
and military buff. I was in the first Gulf War, and I
sincerely believe in Jesus Christ’s return. I am
patriotic, but believe that America is today’s Babylon
from Revelations.


PS- Have you ever heard of the Bilderburgs? They are
a powerful international organization that controls
many aspects of everyday life, ie: IMF, World Bank,
and the UN. Their membership includes many heads of
state (Bill Clinton was the last U.S. member),
corporate leaders, and news personal, like Peter
Jennings. Why would Peter Jennings be involved in a
powerful organization like the Bilderburgs when he is
a mere reporter? Because they are working in concert
with each other to control the world. The Bilderburgs
are easily accessible on the internet.


Mr Hook,
We have many common beliefs, while we differ in
others. It is a fact that the USA is on a collision
course with destiny, and quite unstoppable in any
fashion. Our Bablyon,
will destroy itself from the inside and will be quite
inpenetratable from the exterrior. The modern
“tele-info” will carry on our demise as well. I have
the sincerest couriousity about where the beast will
come from and how he will come to power. I also doubt
that there will be any stopping this predestined
condition, and question what difference it makes where
the beast comes from. My position is as Christians,
that our souls should be ready for our Lord and our
judgement at any time, before, during or after the
time of the Beast and worry of the material earth
should be put behind us all. For at that time when we
are seperated from this earth on a perminant basis to
be caught up in the heavens, the earth will matter no

It is our duty as Christians to spread the word though
the world and stand fast in our beliefs. We do have
corrections that must be made in our government to
curb evil as it arises. We suffer, in this time the
same evil in our churches. It seems as though the
Bible has had the misfortune of being partially
administered and piecies of it conveniently ignored.
The Ten Commandments, the very basis of our legal
system, has been attacked by the very government who
two hundred years plus years ago fought to sustain the
right of religous freedom. I suggest the study of The
Ten Commandments should be more at heart by every
American than the study of Revelation. This is not to
make light of any portion of the Bible, for it’s study
should be from cover to cover. It is the fact that our
weakness as humans ends at the start of Revelation.
The Rapture is inevitable, The Beast is inevitable,
The end of time is inevitable, our course of travel to
this point in time is not and it is this travel that
must be altered.

Greetings, I just received your webpage today. Thank you so very much. As I began to read, I realized even more how much Christ wants control over our lives, if we allow Him too.
God bless you, as you reach out to people with this wonderful message of the love of God, for us, His people.

Thank you, In His name and for His sake,
Anyone that doubts where babylon is should do a google search for BABYLON WEATHER RADAR. I decided a while back to find out where the places called babylon were, and, came to the conclusion that the easiest way to do so would be to do a search for their weather radar. I was astounded when I did the google web search, it showed me a weather map of the most logical Babylon, the one that appears to be described in Revelation 18.

Thank you Jack for your commentary on Bible Prophecy. However, I disagree with your thoughts and understanding of the scripture. I understand that the antichrist will be Satan himself and will rule this earth for only 5 months according to the book of Revelation. Trying to interpret the Bible and not letting IT interpret itself is very dangerous indeed. He is coming 5 months before Christ during the time of the locust beginning in the month of April/May and ending in September. He is being held in heaven by Michael at this moment and will be released when heaven is close enough to earth. Nibiru is on its way, rest assure.
If you need more info I will help you but you must let the Bible interpret itself and allow the Massorah show you the locked in passages for no ones interpretation.
In His Service,
Rev. Claude

Hullo Jack,

Ihave seen your new aticle and have sent it over to
some of my friends.Well I personally do not know who
the antichrist is going to be because mostly here in
Uganda, some of us think that the beast is going to
come from Europe and may be the pope.Europe is trying
to form the European Union and will enventually want
every body to be part of it.However, one famous
preacher here in Uganda stood up and said/prophesied
that the Antichrist will come from Africa because the
bible talks about the city that lies on seven hills
and Kampala lies on seven hills.

In brief,this whole thing of the beast is
confusing.The best one can do now is to simply walk
properly with God and be snatched at the time of the

Thank you for this article because its giving me
insight into other views.

God bless you. prossy

hello again Jack,

the ‘watchmen’ (spiritual) of your president are asleep – they are not on guard – and are under the power of the black snake (satan)

the p. himself genuinely considered himself a ‘christian’ – was totally blind to the truth and meaning of the Atonement and himself is guarded by the same black snake (it comes out on his right hand side) – this was incinerated. also there is a very large wooden yoke around his neck which was removed and the words of Truth spoken into him. He received with much jubiliation and was dancing in this new found freedom. Then, incredibly belatedly, comes in his spiritual watchman and attempts to replace the yoke. Your p. was very slow of thought and incredulous that he could take spiritual advantage – never had the Truth preached before. Prior to this meeting the deception around and over and upon him was complete – he never saw things from the Truth perspective. Was entirely bound. Now he can see and hear and now makes a conscious choice. God help him.

in all this Bible prophecy will be fulfilled and God will get the Glory, amen.

keep the trumpet sounding off – might wake up some more !

blessings, Ann
Jack: The last American president CANNOT be the antichrist. There is NO biblical foundation for that claim. A study of Daniel alone shows that the antichrist must come from the area of ancient Babylon and that he will most likely be a radical Muslim. John

While I understand your passion, you can’t justify this argument from the volume of scripture that speaks otherwise, Jack. Perry Stone’s latest book, Unleashing the Beast, offers one of the best arguments for end time events and the rise of antichrist I’ve read…and one that is consistent with scripture, both OT and NT.

You just can’t make America fit into the sheer volume of scripture that speaks otherwise. I would encourage you to read Perry’s book (which summarizes what I and others, including Perry, have taught for years regarding the antichrist) and weigh this with the Scriptures. I think you may find this enlightening.

Hey Brother Jack,

I just thought I’d take this opportunity to drop you a line. Thanks for
sending me links to your articles. I agree with a lot of what you have to
say, and even when I don’t, I still enjoy reading your blogs. I still have a
hard time with the concept that America is mystery Babylon, but I am
intrigued by the possiblity.

I certainly think there is more than meets the eye with the current
administration, but I’ll leave it at that.

I believe the time is short-keep preaching the gospel!

Your brother,

Hello again from the UK!

I hope you don’t mind me crowding you like this but sometimes I feel so in tune with your views it is amazing. Then when I read some of the comments on your site, I just have the overwhelming urge to offer a little spiritual back up. I know you don’t need my help to do the work God has set before you, but I offer you my utmost support all the same!

Also I would just like to ask that you could say a brief prayer for my efforts in speaking to some of the Americans I have met online. I somehow ended up on a site called RaptureReady.com which I found really uplifting, however after a very short while I ended up in some extreme conflict with some (if I’m truthful, probably most!), regular visitors to the site. It’s always the same stuff: Extreme patriotism, the desire to blow Palestinians up, the right to bear arms, just war theories and so on! Sometimes I feel I’m banging my head up the wall! Only the other day, I witnessed a guy make a statement that all Palestinians are scum, and should be annihilated! This from someone who claims to be born again too!

I need not go on because I can tell from your comments on the site you experience the same things many times over and then some. So just keep going my brother, and know that your wisdom has inspired at least one soul to join in the fight, and fight I shall till the bitter end! If I hear one more person say that they think the American constitution is written by God Himself (or in so many words at least!), or that there are so many good things that a Smith & Wesson can be used for, I will scream till my brain pops out of my left ear! :o)

God bless, John

I briefly checked your web site. You seem to be saying that the USA is Babylon.
It is confusing as your argument is against Christians who disagree with your stance.

You also superimpose political views on your position.

Quote, .” If you have read my online book and all of the subsequent articles you know that I believe the “last” American President will be the Antichrist, and only God the Father knows who and when this will be!” Unquote.
You seem to have your own agenda.
I do not think your view can be Biblically substantiated. At best it is conjecture.

Sometimes it is best to take God at His Word and allow God to be God.

PLEASE REMOVE ME IMMEDIATELY from your e-mail list or distribution list.

always in HIS perfect LOVE,

Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus Christ! I was curious…what exactly are your views on the “once saved always saved” theory? I have been reading your info for about 2 years now. I find it intriguing and interesting. I do not believe that we are the “heroes” that many believe that we are. I will not say the pledge of allegience. Not because I do not love America, but rather because I realize that this is not my home and I will not pledge allegience to any earthy kingdom. I am afraid that many of my brother and sisters in Christ have become caught up in the “Rah Rah go America” hoopla that is going on. They will not even hear or entertain the possibility that we are anything but the “great ones”. I have my doubts. Heaven is my home, I am but a pilgrim passing through. Some of your statements are hard to believe, but I am prayerfully considering all that I read. The Lord had directed me to Isaiah 47 after the 911 bombings. Others told me that I was crazy, that we are the most Godly nation on the earth and that God was not judgeing us, but rather evil men attacked us.(yeah, explain Babylonian and Assyrian invasions. We they not more evil that the Jewish people?) He speaks to me through His word. I believe that our nation will face terrible earthquakes in the near future.I will continue to read your literature and prayerfully consider what the Lord would say to me.

God Bless You
Mr. Hook,
I briefly looked at your web page. I found it interesting. I was just telling my wife the other day that America could very well be Babylon mention in Revelation. I agree with you 100% about once saved always saved. I am not sure (I didn’t completely read your web site) when you see the church being gathered to the Lord. I am convinced that we are in the tribulation now and it is only going to get worse. Sadly, I believe that many Christians will be deceived by the antichrist and accept his mark sealing their doom.
In the love of Christ, Tim

Brother Jack;
I spent some time reading at your site and with your kind permission, I’d like to make a couple of comments and maybe ask a question or two.
First of all, I find that what you have written is not quite what we understand from the Lord as “present” truth. The world is not going to fall into the hands of satan and the ungodly nations overcome with great tribulation as you have scripturally stated UNTIL the time is ripe for it. And when that does happen it will not be to hurt anyone, but to restore EVERYONE. The greatest moment of history is just in front of us, the manifestation of the sons of God. When reading on one page, I found lots of references to Paul’s writings to the Ephesians and to the matter of the Great Tribulation.
The Lord’s full intention and will is that the earth will be fully redeemed from death by the manifestation of the Sons of God. There will not be any such thing as a person not coming to know Father in the judgements that will be upon the earth. In other words, there is more than just what you are saying on your site. There is also a greater measure of understanding for you in knowing that anything God judges comes into His eternal life. So if God judges the world, they will come into His life.
I know that Jack Van Impe is a false prophet. But he has a massive great following, and rather than making disciples of all men, he sells tapes and videos. So I agree on part of that, but I do not agree on where he is now as his words have fallen to the ground many times over.

Brother, you intimate a rapture – NO SUCH THING. There will not be a sudden catching away up into the sky rapture that you proported in your article “In Times Past” (4th paragraph up from the bottom).
There are NO ESCAPISM doctrines in what God is doing brother. We are here through it all, and what God is going to do, He will do RIGHT HERE ON THE EARTH.

So two things.
1) No escapism.
2) All men will be saved, none exempt.

Dear Jack Hook,

I agree with you with all my heart, soul, mind and
strength, the “day of resurrection is coming!” Yet I
must ask you, can it come only according to your
understanding? Please, I do not mean to offend you. I
am only curious and my heart goes out to you because
you are so sincere. Do you even consider there is a
possibility of a post-Tribulation rapture? Or is such
an idea an heresy to you? With the greatest of respect
I am sincerely asking you this question. Please kindly

In the name of the Messiah of Israel, our Saviour Jesus,

Isn’t there a possibility the America may not be the AntiChrist but one front the Roman Empire. As we believe that America is not from Europe. It seems to me that signs are pointing towards the weakening of America’s economy especially it’s huge deficit in finance which will probably lead to the collapse of America as a world superpowere just like in Russia. The jews in America and other nations are still unwilling yet to go back to Israel. So perhaps the colapse of America could cause the influencial jews to migrate back to Israel. As the bible says that the jews will certainly come back to Israel from the 4 corners of the world. Sorry if I sound like oppositing your view which I am not. Just like your feedback on what you think only. Let us continue to pray for Israel.

Hi Jack,

Just one thing I didn’t notice on your site is reference to 2 Thess. Ch.2 v3.

Assuming Paul did write this, he was never known to be subtle. If this is a reference to the actual temple being rebuilt I see no implication here. Some commentators think he may have left that bit out in order not to stir up opposition. That would seem a bit out of character to me.

Wouldn’t you say that the anti-christ would want to own that which rightfully belongs to Jesus, and that would be his jewels, the Body of Christ. He wants to take his seat in that temple, and it’s looking as though he will. But he will not, not the real Body. I am seeing churches in the UK once known for their excellence falling apart and the ministers won’t even recognise the fact. There was a minister who came to talk about revival and he wasn’t even anointed. Wouldn’t you hurry of the platform with embarassment; I would.

Best regards

As much as I respect other people’s belief systems and religions I am forced to say this to you: After reading through your “data” I am convinced that you have significantly seriously “gone beyond what is written…”. Our exemplar and teacher, Jesus Christ, the SON of the Almighty God of Psalms 83:18 and Exodus 6:3 told us to not do this. We are to wait on him for prophetic information, not you. To prop yourself up as a latter day prophet is bordering on blasphemy!

I can assure you that most of your “identifications” and “chronology” is so far off that it makes me suspicious of who is actually “behind your curtain of so-called thruth”, either knowingly or unknowingly on your part. The prophets John on the ancient Turkish island of Patmos and Daniel in ancient Iraqi city of Babylon would raise an eyebrow to what you have published here for the world to “feed on” using their divinely inspired words so carelessly and incorrectly!

Jack, I will not even begin the Herculean task in trying to correct your multitude of mistakes in biblical interpretations as I am sure you have a massive predilection to believe that you are right and that I must be wrong as you feel that your divine perspicacity is so keen. I assure you that the Father, the Son, and the myriad of His obedient Sons are watching what you are doing and may have already “marked” your activity as part of what is called “false prophecies” in the “last days”. As we are firmly in the last days. I assure you that one disobedient son of His is very happy and is in favor that you have gone beyond what is written.

If this angers you and you hate what I have said to you then I have done my part in delivering a message to you and defending the Truth. My advice to you?: If you don’t want to “take off the old personality and put on the new” then just cease and desist your specious prophecies before you really go to far and be divinely labeled by God as one of the MANY Anti-Christs who have already identified themselves through their present day obtuse activities.

I’ll put it to you this way: If you really want to “know the thruth” don’t trust any one like me. Trust God. Just get on your knees and pray to Him, quietly in your mind so the Devil wont interfere as he usually tries to do, to the God of Pslams 83:18 and Exodus 6:3 USING HIS DIVINE NAME and from your heart. Every day ask him, no beg Him, in your own words to “show” you the REAL truth about Him and His divine plan through whatever human messengers He is using today. Whoever knocks on your door or whomever you meet on the street or at work who offers you a DIFFERENT version of the truth, “seriously” listen to them with an “open-mind”. Hear them out. Don’t just send them away. Use “your” Bible to verify everything they say. Be like the ancient Boerians and question everything they say using the holy scriptures. As they “may” have been sent to you by Him…

Over and out!!!



Dear Jack, As I was directed to your website, on kitco, the goldforum, by a fellow investor, I have not been able to leave all this info alone, it boggels my mind. If you have more please but me on your e mail list. Where can one worship God, if most of the ministers are not telling us the truth? It has been a blessing to read all the explanations you have given. Regards, Johann Hoogenraad

Hi, How are you. I have a couple of questions for you as I have been reading the prophecy timeline. It is stated that we are not promised isolation from the persecution of the devil {rapture} ?could you give me scriptures on the rapture if you believe in the rapture. A statement you made seems as though you do believe. the scripture talks about the taking up but not the word rapture and I do not know when they are talking about as to the taking up? The scriture talks about two people being in the field one was taken and one was left behind.

The word grace is receiving Christ Jesus as your saviour but what is being taught in a lot of ther main line churches is that by Grace you are forgiven so would like your opinion on this situation on this matter? I know for myself only asking for Gods forgiveness can I be cleansed, there is no other way. What I have read and my friend is I love your way of giving messages and a study that is to my liking. You talk about Jesus Christ not jesus whom is not the saviour. I spent many along years in the occult and was taught that satins name was known as jesus so I always speak of the Lord Jesus Christ as that is his fill title. Any thing less is no good. M y friends all so speak of His full title. My Lord Yeshua deservses His full title as He is the King of Kings. We thank you for your study up to now and would like further teaching as it is hard to find sound teaching today as the word is watered down to much. May the Lord Jesus Christ Bless you and keep you and let his face shine upon you. Sarah and Lynette .

Dear Jack,

I read your article it is real good work. I don’t know how many Christians are really sincere, I mean I know this one couple who pray and minister to others and then when payday comes they follow the devil in doing crack.

I know this other couple who he makes his wife study the bible with him, and they study hard but he beats on her almost everyday.

You know HELLO do we have a problem?

May God Bless


Jack: this is truely spirit filled and touches mine. Get this out. This has to be told. There are still a large amount of people who are not computer literate, and who do not have access to a computer. You must get this out. Now since I have read it; I must circulate this and get this out. I want to stand on the corner with a bullhorn and speak your words of this article out to the world. Please Please give me permission, for I will not take credit for the information and will definetly give you the acknowlegement that you deserve.I don’t have a heart to plagarize or deceive anyone in to thinking this is my research of the Word of God. Please, Jack this has to get out. It is plain and clear enough for anyone to understand. Of all the articles that I have read of yours How ignorant of me not to have ever realized that America is the daughter of Babylon! The scales have been lifted off of my eyes. Praise God, get back with me Please regarding circulating this truth. My heart is compelled to just speak it, preach it right on the corners of the streets of Philadelphia where I live and surrounding areas- NewJersey, Delaware, Washington D.C. etc….God has poured out an annointing of His spirit on you. WALk IN YOUR ANNOINTING!