June 2005 Comments

I am so happy that you contacted me. I have read a couple of your articles. I have been questioning my faith for the first time ever and I am 49. My father passed away and it is so important to me that he is with his God. This is where the questioning came from. He was the best of fathers and the best of husbands to my Mother. I am adopted and believe that it was through God’s hand that my parents met me and adopted me a year later. I just want to believe so badly as my father was a true believer that he is in a better place as he suffered for so long with so much loss of dignity. My sadness is the loss of him and not being able to feel his precious love. I pray that I can get back to total faith. Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out as you do and sharing your story. Thank you always, Chris

To: Jack D. Hook, False Prophet of Babylon the Great

You do not have my permission to send me your lying junk mail and I want you to cease and desist now. My Holy Scriptures tell me to have nothing to do with liars, deceivers, hatemongers like you and you are going to hell if you don’t repent . You do not have my permission to put my address on any mailing list or to sell it. I know how you got mine which proves you are a deceptive little,lying, false prophet, the son of the whore of Babylon. Satan is the king of Babylon and his headquarters are located in Saudia Arabia and he kicked it off with the #1 false prophet Mohamed who also hated all Jews and Orthodox Christains which Church is the only one established by the Lord God Jesus Christ himself in 33 A.D. My church is nearly 2000 years old. I bet your false church is only a few years old and started by a man or maybe even a women who decided all by yourselves what you would believe and what you wouldn’t and even though the Bible says the scriptures are not to be privately interpreted that’s obviously what you have done and all your false churches and religions of Babylon.

Jack Hook is a crook.

Jack thanks for the info. When I saw the Statue of Liberty artwork for your article “Babylon the Great is falling” I had to wonder at your choice. You see, the Statue of Liberty is molded after a Black Ethiopian Woman, a woman that the sculpture of the Statue loved and given to the US by a rich Antislavery group from France. She celebrates the freeing of Black Slaves. That’s her real history.

An accurate symbol of Babylon would be the White House Or Capitol Building. Not this Lady who represents true freedom.
Because of her history, she must always stand. Thanks for reading this.

you need to wake up and smell the roses!

I was alone this night and i put in a tape that had my parents voice on it, telling me they loved me, they died 21 years ago, i was as low as i could get, my husband died nov. 27th of 2003 , we would have been married 42 years Oct. 5th coming up in a few weeks. I almost felt lonely and i shouldn’t because i know the “LORD” is with me, and never will leave me, but i , for a few minutes left, “HIM”. I wanted to sit and cry, then i turned on my computer to check my e-mail and there you were, i went into your sight and was comforted, thank you and our wonderful “LORD”

Just to let you know, I’m a born again Jewish / German who is a Evangelist of the Pentecostal type.

Dear Mr. Hook,

Thanks for inviting me to read some of your articles.

I read your write up about yourself, and I am impressed. You are lucky in that your mother assured you that “your Jesus and Heaven are on the other side.” I did not have such an assurance from my mother (now is deceased), nor do I have anyone else to assure me that what you believe exists does really exist some where beyond our sight.

Due to this reason and many others, I have come out of my religion. I realized that my erstwhile religion stood only for my own salvation in the world hereafter, if I lived by its doctrines in this ephemeral world, but it did not have such a provision for those who refused to follow it in their lives.

I believe in humanity. It is my faith. I want to see that every human being is happy on this earth. Nobody hates nobody; nobody kills nobody. There are no Jews, no Christians and no Muslims. All of them should follow the call of their conscience. If it tells them that they have messed up with something, they should listen to it and take steps to rectify what they might have done wrong.

I love to read, and I will be very pleased to be able to read your articles and treatises. I hope you would grant me this privilege.

Thanks and wishiing you best the best,

Yours sincerely,


I am a “devout” member of what you refer to as “the harlot church”. You are a nut! Please do not contact me anymore!

Sorry about writing youso many times but i just read your article The golden cup of America- this is truly a work of art- most people do not have such a deep meaning of what’s going on today, it seems to me that our “LORD” is giving understanding to a few only, i am sorry if that sounds harse but it’s true. No one is looking for the truth just what fits in their way of thinking. –I agree with your worthy article. There is another point i would like for you to consider, it’s not a direct consideration from the “HOLY “SPIRIT”, i don’t think, but i was reading how the Jews were treated by Britian and they could possibly be considered Babylon,and i could see why “GOD” would be anger with them.Please don’t think i am against what you have wrote, i am not.—There’s one more thing i would like to point out, someone is going to have to tell the Jews that they are the chosen people but so are we if we get saved and claim the “LORD” as our salvation. They are going to have to do this too, if they are planning on going to heaven, it would be best for them to know before the rapture, then they want have to face a worse torment that would make hitler’s sickness look like a birthday party..—Thanks. Linda

thank you for taking the time to email me so much..I guess in a way i still believe but its hard when at 21 i have been through more then most people should in their lives. How can I keep believing in something i can’t see and who can’t talk to me. It seems the comforts of the world are more real then Jesus is most of the time. I want to believe, i do-but he wasn’t there and isn’t there..I don’t feel like i was the one who turned my back on him. I know the Bible, i have read a lot..but i have gotten further in my life without him then i have with him. How do you trust something that you can’t see? How do you know its real when you can’t touch it? How can you hold to something written in a book years and years ago when its so much easier to let it go? I see proof that there was no evolution, I know that somewhere some how there was a creator..I believe in Noah’s flood..I mean what else could have created the grand canyon..or made volcano’s in Wyoming..I realize there is something bigger then us-but isn’t it possible that he sits up there and doesn’t take an active part in our lives?

Okay. I am with that about Empire will fall as certain as the tides do raise and fall. I must be honest to say that looking over your site just appears a lot of religious bull…. to me though. The charts and graphs of how s… will go even goes against what Jesus said. If someone wanted to present such as other than attempting to be impressive with crap then one might start with some basic teaching about symbolism rather than just present some s… to impress the gullible. Ever since John wrote them Revelations there has been folks presenting such crap as if Armageddon is just around the corner and whatever “Empire” of the moment was the corrupt on spoken of.
I will look over your site a bit more – but so fat it impresses me as schizoid rantings of someone desperately looking for order of things. It is not tracked all that detailed. Empires grow already sewed with the seeds of their downfall. I would recommend reading such things as ‘The Peter Principle’ by Laurence J. Peter. – And quit with that prophet of doom bull….. Every ‘prophet’ that I know of of any account related his own visions and did not sit and draw charts and graphs based on the bullshit of others.

[bull…. is what it is reduced to when someone does not understand it
yet will tell any and all who will listen to what it ‘really’ means]

People keep coming up with some crap that the Revelations of John is about to come to fruition. Okay. That is true enough, I suppose. But then they have come to fruition multitudes of times all along – before and after his carryings on. Go look at the ocean and at some mountains and give the whole affair of things that raise will fall and what is laid low will raise again.
Then try to find some way to explain that Babylon is falling without appearing like a nutcase. I could have told you that the current Empire was doomed to fall from its inception. From its inception it is as any such thing that creates positions of prestige and power. There might be dedicated people at the beginning but in time to come them positions of prestige and power are sought after by people who aspire to the prestige and power and the original purpose of the whole affair becomes secondary.
As for the biblical stuff – I think that a person ought not get too involved in it until he can get beyond all that religious crap that reduces it to much the level of superstition.

Truly mind expanding!!!! Things I never think about, but definetely had
better start. Thank you.

Dear brother Jack….You may not get this ’till a day or two, but, It’s 1 am right now & I can’t sleep thinking about my Vietnam Vet son. I never told you this before, but I have cancer & I’m pleading with the Lord to take me home now or save & heal my son George now. I can’t take it anymore thinking of him. He needs someone who understands him. He can’t make any friends as he feels he might get hurt. Jack, please pray for him, please. I wish you were living near him as I know you will be able to help him. Please pray for the Lord to touch his heart for the Gospel & thus be healed, please, please. He needs someone who realy understands him & be able to trust such a friend. He has a wounded spirit. It’s hard on me…I can’t take it much longer. God’s blessings upon

Mr Hook,
Please don’t contact me anymore. I find your website very disturbing and
completely without merit. I think it is pretty upsetting that a veteran
would turn his back on the very country he served. Sounds pretty reminisant
of John Kerry. It is truly a tragedy that there are many shallow-minded
people out there that will not only believe your ramblings, but they will
support it by spreading it like a virus.

You have quite a site there brother! Awesome teaching; solid and “in your face” bluntness….

I am a “once saved always saved” individual, and thus as such I cannot agree with ALL of your sermons… however, let me state that as a OSAS advocate, I DO NOT maintain that if one practices sin that he/she would go to Heaven; the PROOF of Salvation is IN the lifestyle.Amen.

I’m a Jewish Messianic also…. G-d (as Jewish Believers would say, as you know) is one awesome Father (Abba)!

Rabbi Stanley Chester, Jacob Prasch and some other Messiancs are amazing!

Hi jack! Thank you for your encouraging words! Truly a man of exhortation! Amen 🙂

As for the OSAS, you’re correct; I also believe that one MUST walk in holiness to claim salvation… otherwise, one has no foundation on which to stand if there is no jholiness; for without it no man shall see the LORD.

OSAS advocates believe as you and I do, that we must be holy.. though there are some Hyper Calvanists who are FAR TOO out there in their foolish fables and doctrines which make us look like we believe we can sin and still remain saved….

John Calvin, if you study his life and ministry, was an unregenerate false prophet whose life didn’t match his words… he was a murderer and a liar and a manipulative con man who hated Jews, God and Born Again Christians.

So though I am OSAS I certainly am not “Calvanist” in the sense of following Calvin’s devilish teachings….

Martin Luther and John calvin were great theologians … and both are in hell today, ACCORDING to their fruit.

anyhooooo… i most certainly don’t want to get into historical stuff and controversial topics; most baptist don’t like me… lol…you start bringing up the PERSON of calvin and people get mad…though they can’t deny it 🙂 Amen

As for Christ and His Word, regardless of what one teaches, nothing can be above or beyond Holy Scripture…. The Word of the LORD stands forever….

Pentecostalism… baptsist…Lutherans… etc etc…. none compare to the majesty of knowing the One True God and His Son, the LORD Jesus Christ! Praise God!

I love knowing Brethren of other doctrinal persuasions, because I know that our fundamentals are the same, and those fundamentals are what binds us… in the unity of the Spirit.

Tell me… what has God been speaking to your heart?


Hi Jack

So good to hear from you.

And I’m glad that you see thru your present adminsitration’s foolishness.

It is so sad that a great nation has allowed itself to be degraded by its actions since WW2

But God is still in charge and the exciting thing is that he is raising up millions in other parts of the world who doubtless one day will come to the US as missionaries!

God bless you and may He be glorified in all that you are


OK Jack,

That’s no problem but I am a born again aethiest.

I was born, like everyone else, not knowing anything. Whatever I know in life I started learning at my mother’s knee, then the teachers came along and then the lecturers and then the preachers and politicians.

So now, as I contemplate the death, destruction and misery caused by religion, I went back to my roots and found my myself thus:

As to being an atheist, my position is this: I’m a small creature with what remains of a brain, and for me to make a cosmic claim of the non-existence of anything would be absurd. At the same time I won’t believe what I haven’t any reason to believe, and I have found no reason whatever to believe in any kind of God. So it isn’t that I believe there isn’t a God exactly, it’s just that I don’t believe there is one. It’s an important difference. In my experience, “believers” have lower standards of evidence than I have, but there’s not much I can do about that.

You end your kind words by stating See you in Heaven my friend. Sincerely, Jack D. Hook . The suicide bomber believes the sacrifice of his own life will be rewarded by being in paradise the nano-second after he pulls the trigger. He believes in that as sincerely as you hold your beliefs. Sadly, you can’t both be right. But I would not try to change you.

I did have a look at your site and I will not be returning.

Best wishes in your research and your writing career.

Bye bye.

I received an email from your site. This letter is in response. My husband also is a Vietnam veteran, He was in Special Forces most of his military career, his thoughts were a lot like yours, I am a Born Again Christian, as is my husband, I have been reading some of the articles on your web site, I totally agree, The rapture is so close, and for some so far away. Thank you keep up the great website, Ricarda

i feel sorry about the way you look at the roman catholic church for i am myself a proud catholic.Dont get me wrong..the catholic church has made mistakes(who s perfect?the protestants?)the point is,I am a faithful Christian and didn t the Lord told his apostles he has lambs in all peoples (there r good and bad guys in every christian denomination or nation).Some day all Christians will be reunited under the papal banner but I think it is still a long way to go.Remember,the pope is (just) the head of the holy roman catholic church but he is NOT infallible for he s human,too.
Instead of disrespecting each other ,we should better stand united fighting all forms of injustice in this earthly world.
As for Jews,I still don`t understand why many people who dare calling themselves Christians have a grudge against their jewish fellow citizens?Excuse me,but were not the FIRST CHRISTIANS JEWS BEFORE?and was not our Lord,JESUS CHRIST a JEW by himself?Those so-called Christians should take these views into consideration before judging GOD`S people.


Appreciate the offer, Jack, but no thanks!

Checked out your link, and want no part of what you are offering. Have spent years arguing the gross absurdity of the type of popular (in some circles) but nonsensical trash you have joined in peddling.

By the way, I am a most serious student of the Scriptures, Old and New Testaments, and have been for many years, which is the primary reason why I recognize pure man made hokum when it is presented.

Please lose my address from your files.

Hi Jack –

I received an email from you I assume because of my inquiry about the Vietnam vets. I have read your testimony and like you I have found great peace in our Lord Jesus.

I have heard and read of this suggestion that America at some point in the future is the great Babylon. I can not say at this moment I agree with your premise but I appreciate your sharing. I am a Christian who right now feels very strongly that my support should be with another brother in Christ, George Bush. And so this is where my prayers go; that God would give him wisdom and strength and that he listens and hears God’s leading.

We all have our thoughts about what scripture says on all of these subjects and I guess in the end, only time will truly show whether or not we understood the scriptures. In the end, I think though what is really important is that we continue to share our faith in our only hope, Jesus and that we trust Him to keep our feet secure no matter where Babylon is and where the anti-christ rears his ugly head. I have my own theories about that and it has a lot to do with a former president whose name I won’t mention. But nonetheless, they are my own theories.

Your testimony is beautiful and powerful and I believe the Lord sent Sandy a wonderful friend and brother in Christ in you.

Sincerely in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Im Catholic and Im a little tired of hearing Catholics put down so badly.

Padre Pio who carried the stigmata of Christ for 50 years… Catholic..

Those who are with us, arent against us..

Causing divisions, that is the work of the devil… For the devil would like nothing more than to divide the body of Christ.

Thank you for sharing how you personally have decided who is saved and who is not..

I thought that was Jesus’ Job.


Peace and Blessings be on those that follow the guidance Jack thank you for having taken the time to read my comments and replying I believe from your articles on your website that you have a religious out look to this world and you have great conviction about the times we are living and you are a bible student like myself. I have some understanding about the book of daniel of course of all the books in the bible I give great ears and eyes to the book of daniel as it is a blue print of events close at hand but I asure you that the little horn that will establish itself in great oppression is none other than the state of Israel

here is an muslim perspective of what you have said I hope you can read it for its the story of palistine from the perspective of a muslim .if we truly seek the truth the god will establish it in the hearts of those he favours ,but as a student to a scholar we must feed our quest for learning even from the very things we hate I know you are an old warrior and you have seen something of death therefore it,s nothing to read from these words I have no gun to point at you nor bombs to drop on you just words but they are intended to free you from the narrowness and slavery of this world into vastness of this life the vission of the hereafter. I am an english muslim my parents where both english so I became a muslim much later in life after going through alot of searching. though on my journey I did not plan to become a muslim it was something of destiny and I believe divine intervention. halted my road to destruction I traveled much of the globe I realise the world is really much smaller than we imagine. and the truth of this world is broadly known among its people of the greatness of god and it is declared across the oceans from one land to another of his greatness so from one student to another I give you a different perspective with a historical view of the past but from the same scripture which will reflect situations you have witnessed and recognise yourself on your television screens events that will take away your doubts god willing as to the position of these so called jews and false shepherds dont miss understand me I am not antisemitic I hate those who change scripture as it says in the book let he who changes the words of this book such will be added unto him the plagues and also the lake of fire which is brimstone yours in faith. Idriss

Sure; why not? I studied Poli Sci AFTER I got out (Oct 68) in order to really understand how such a fiasco as Viet Nam came to be in the 1st place. Sadly, the Ruling Class (domestic AND foreign) slept through history class & are, thus, doomed to repeat it (at the expense [in lives & wounded} of the working class Volunteer Armed Forces … The Brits had their collapse of the British Empire, France gave up on Algeria AND INDO-CHINA, Belgium asked for the bloodbath in The Congo, … & on, & on, ad infinitum … and now, they all battle over Arab Peninsula Oil … Hegemony & Imperialism are now known as “Multi-National Corporations” ..
So, YEAH! I’ll take a look! and THANKS! Stay in touch …

God’s word is truth. How then are there lies in the bible? More specifically – Mathew, Luke, and Paul are liars. Jesus did not hang on a tree, nor was Jesus a curse as can be ascertained by Acts and Paul’s writings.

Hi Jack,
Thanks for acknowledging my letter to you. Unfortunately, my ex is too caught up with her guru to notice why our marriage failed – – but that is in the past and will do me no good to dwell on it. With God’s grace she will see one day that this guru is nothing more than a fraud. Most people believe Yoga to be exercise. These Yoga followers meditated to a new age music produced by this guru who had his followers believing it was from outer space; the planet where he came from and by meditating to it they would achieve a greater awareness, etc. He also hooked them by performing “miracles” (no more than magic tricks, as i practiced magic since childhood.) Although i did see him produce what in the spirituality rhealm is called holy ash. Hook, line, and sinker – – they were totally hooked!
By the way, I was Air Force stationed at Udorn RTAFB, Thailand (N.E. Thailand) the infamous Air America Headquarters base located near Laos,73-74 An awakening experience…
Jack, again may God bless you for your wordly good deed in bringing people to Christ.



Please remove my email address from your data base. I am a Quaker and a Christian Scientist.

Going back to our Hebraic roots has made the difference for us. Leaving our
whole Protestant upbringing on the altar of God and letting Him renew our
thinking in light of Torah, helped us see Yeshua and the work He has
accomplished for us and in us in a refreshing way never before experienced.
We have literally examined everything in light of the Kingdom of Heaven. We
left Christmas and Easter and whatever else God has showed us,for truth.
Life has been abundant for us. We keep the Feasts of the Lord without
regret. I never want to go back, I know Him like I have never known Him
before. Duet. 10..fear, obey, Love and serve,(n that order)! We keep
Sabbath on Saturday and truly we never really kept it on Sunday. How many
would lay all down like Polycarp and burn at the stake for what we know is
true? When Abba called me I was young, but I knew I wanted to Know Him more
than eat! now I am 45 and my family and I are abiding in Him. What a
blessing to look like an olive branch, and what thankfulness to be able to
be a part of the olive tree. I have meditated on what “come out of
Babylon” means. I think I have found it. In the first century the Lord
wanted to redeem the break the community had in the beginning when it parted
from her Hebrew brothers, the very keepers of Torah. I bear witness to some
of what you have written, I still have to meditate before God on the rest.
Coming out means more than leave the country. I believe it means to leave
the mixed cup the church has drunk from for so long. the Spirit blows upon
the earth to call those who would hear the call to come out and be Holy.
There has been too much assimilating, and that only makes the Holy profane.
The Ruach haKodesh calls out in our hearts and many hear but won’t answer
the call. “Come,” Yeshua said, “Follow Me”. Leave everything to follow me.
How many will come. Like you said, pride, lust, sensuality, fun,….can
anyone hear? My Mother in-law was talking with me and said the times are
so deceiving aren’t they? I agreed readily because I was thinking the same

It doesn’t surprise me to read so many of your emails where people rant and
rave about what you have to say. The Scripture tells us that: “many are
called but few are chosen”. I am part of Bible prophecy. I am a Jew by
birth. I was brought to a saving knowledge of Yeshua as Lord and Messiah by
another Jew. As the time of the Gentiles is coming to a close, more of us
Jews are awakening and sadly, Gentiles are falling into a deep sleep of
deception. 2000 years ago, when Yeshua arrived, he found that the most
observant, and religious Jews were the Pharisees. These were the “very
religious, very pious” people of that day. They rejected Yeshua because of
their blindness, because he did not fulfill their preconceived religious
ideas, and because they were living a very cushy life of previledge. He
called them vipers and snakes. We have our Pharisees today. Remember the
words of Yeshua who said, ” Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord,
have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done
many wonders in Your name? And I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you;
depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ Matthew 7:22 NKJV
What you have to say may not pan out to be 100% on the nose, but I know that
the jest of what you are saying is 100% true. Keep up the good fight. Let
they who have ears to hear, listen and understand. –Aaron

I told people for years that Babylon the Great was the United States or (more specific) New York City. I’ve searched for someone else who believes this but found rebuke from those whom i consider false prophets (modern ministers) and stopped attending church when not a single preacher could see (or at least admit) that the WTC attack was a warning from God. After the buildings burned (in almost EXACTLY a single hour) nobody could seem to remember what i’d told them. That’s when i believed God’s purpose for me, but i could never follow through with giving up everything and seeking His righteousness completely enough to fullfill (or even completely know) my destiny. I know i was supposed to learn Hebrew and more about the Jewish religion, so at first i thought i was supposed to minister to Jews. But then i learned that early Christians had to convert to Judism first, so maybe that was the real plan. I’m still uncertain, but i could use someone to talk to about this. Rabbis do not return my calls when i seek knowledge about their faith. Not a single “Christian” can intelligently discuss this with me. What’s a man who want’s to be close to God to do? Every time i start to get close, His revelations frighten me. I don’t want to be most hated amongst men, but i know that is part of the deal. Please help me. Thanx.


In the Name of GOD , Allah, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful
of which no GOD but him, the creator of all, the greatest of all..

i have read your email. and I visited your web site too.
i feel sorry for you and all the people who thinks the same way, for you have never tasted the sweetness of ISLAM… and it seems your hearts and minds are closed.
i wish god will gide you through the path of light and you will be able to at least listen and compare and choose with the mind of which ALLAH (God) gave us.

Yes, I believe the internet is the greatest contributor to the disemination of information since time began. I have no interest in reading anything that evolves from any religion. In Viet Nam (and I spell it like should be spelled), I became an Atheist – the antithesist of the common belief that “there are no athiest in foxholes”. I suppose I could attribute my survival of 75 hostile fire engagements, 60 of which were direct eye–ball to eye-ball gun-fights to the grace of God……..or, I could just say I was lucky! Soooooo, Preacher, don’t bother with me………… we used to flip a coin to see who had to pick up the chaplin at the air-strip

Hi Jack,

I have questions on the following paragraph that you wrote (red text):

[ The only feast or holy days Christians should be observing are the those of Israel. All of the pagan feasts, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, etc., are forbidden by the Lord. For they all are unholy mixtures which began under the Emperor Constantine and the Popes when they turned against the Jews. And if you study the history of Israel, whenever they mixed with the pagans they were punished by their God.]

Why do you call Christmas and Easter a pagan holiday? I understand that the celebration days may not fall on the exact day of Christ’s birth/resurrection but I don’t understand how that is viewed as pagan.

Please let me know what you meant by “their God”?

You mentioned not observing holidays to obtain salvation and I agree with that because some Jewish people don’t believe Jesus was born, died and resurrected. I understand that learning more about the Jewish people would open our eyes to the culture and that would be very interesting.

I will look into some of this and try to learn more. I really appreciate your information and apologize for all of my e-mails but I warn you, I generally am not at a loss for questions and am never afraid to ask. Boy I sure have a lot to learn…

God Bless!