June 2006 Comments

Hi Jack,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I know Jesus teaches us to love all men and pray for them, even those who despitefully use us and those who are our enemies. But I have a very difficult time loving the modern day false prophets who teach this false doctrine of prosperity. They take advantage of the poor who barely gave enough to live on while drawing salaries comparable to our country’s leaders and live like kings.

There are so many poor folks with loved ones that are sick and diseased not knowing what to do. They run to and fro with their sick loved ones in an attempt to get them healed. Some travel great distances when they can’t afford it to get to some modern day evangelist’s service thinking their sick loved one might get their healing. When they arrive, the evangelist attempts to make them believe that healings and the blessings of God can not be obtained unless they give a sacrificial offering of what little money they have. They end up going home with their sick loved one, still sick, and even poorer financially than they were before they attended the service.

The teachers of prosperity are modern day leeches who only suck people dry of what little money they have, teaching them false doctrines, making them false promises, and live as kings. They don’t care where the money comes from so long as they can continue their extravegant lifestyle. They buy homes costing a million dollars and more, own three, four, maybe five very expensive automobiles, have their clothes tailor made and have wardrobes full of them, etc. There is not one ounce of compassion in them where the poor are concerned.

When I think of all the poor folks crying out to God who have been tricked and fooled by these false teachers and deceivable workers, it makes it very difficult for me to love them. How is it possible to love those who have been fooled with deceitful doctrines and are much worse off than before, and love those that are responsible for many tears, desperate prayers to God, and very difficult financial hardship?

And why is it Jack that those who claim to be Spirit filled are the first ones to go right along with such false prophets and deceivers of our time? The older order of the churches that are not claiming to be Spirit filled can see through them, why even the world can see through them. But the church of the supposedly Spirit filled are lured away by their deception and can not seem to see through their greed and lust. I have thought much about this and am at a loss in trying to understand.

Yet I know there are some of us who can see through such men and recognize the spirit of the anti-Christ in them. However, what about the countless number of poor people taken in and fooled by them? What about their home churches they attend? Why do they not warn them to stay away from these false prophets who are merely led about by their lust and greed? Will such churches not come under the judgment of God for not warning church members about these false teachers and in turn allowing them to be robbed of what little they have and deceived and have their hearts broken?

So do you think Jack that we should love these deceivers and false teachers and not attempt to put a stop to them? If we do nothing to help the poor see through such evil men, will we not be brought into judgment as well for what we fail to do?

I have no problem praying for those that have been deceived and leeched dry and feeling much love and compassion for them. However, it is difficult to feel love for the leeches responsible for all the disappointments and hardships caused them by the leeches. Is this the way things are to be? Are we, the people that are not sucked into their greed and lust and can see a clear picture of all the problems that their lies and deceit cause to simply sit on our hands and simply pray for them while this continues?

It is most difficult to know what one is to do. On the one hand, we are to love everyone. On the other hane, how do we love the oppressed and love the oppressor at the same time? How do we love false teachers whose doctrines are coming straight from the master deceiver of this world? Satan has set out to rob, to kill and destroy! We can see him accomplishing this through these false and deceitful teachers.

Help me out Jack because I simply don’t know how to feel anymore, nor do I know what God fully expects of us who see what is going on in the name of Christ and in the name of Christianity. How do we keep the Gospel of Jesus Christ pure and undefiled if we do nothing to help those deceived see the deceiver and turn away from them and seek our Lord and Saviour and follow Him alone?

Yours in Christ,

From: Jack
To: Del

Hi Del. The feelings and thoughts you express here could have been written by me. I have struggled with these same concerns, especially how to react to the lies spoken in Jesus name. The one thing that has helped me was to remember that the Holy Spirit within me is like unto a two edged sword, which are the words of Jesus Christ. One edge is the wrath, the other is the mercy. What you and I are experiencing is just what our Father is feeling towards the lies spoken in his name.

I am reminded of Paul’s life before the Damascus Road, how he hated and hunted down the Christians. And yet, God still obviously loved the soul and spirit of Paul, and reached out to him on that infamous road. Only the Holy Spirit can give us both a love for the person and a hatred for the person’s deeds. The bloody cross of our Lord Jesus Christ is open for the worst of false prophets and teachers, but they must be rebuked in the power of the Lord and called to repentance. The powerful words of 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter, have always helped me to re-focus when I have been overcome with anger towards the liars who distort the teachings of my Lord Jesus. Your brother. Jack

From: Del
To: Jack

Hi Jack,

Thanks for your response to my email concerning false prophets.

I fully realize Jack that the mercy of our Lord extends to false prophets and false teachers as well as others if they repent. I guess it’s not so much anger towards the individual as an anger for what they do that discourages many, leads them astray, and causes so much grief for the poor. It is the evil within them that angers me so. Their very actions and words are a clear representation of the enemy of our souls who sets out to rob, to kill and destroy.

I seem to feel that there is a judgment coming to such people – I am not referring to the final judgment, but rather a judgment to those who preach lies in the name of Jesus and cause so much hardship for the poor. I firmly believe from what God has shown me that there is indeed a move of God coming unlike any that we have witnessed, and unlike any other since the day of the Disciples. I believe God is sick and tired of all the foolishness that’s going on that leads so many astray. I feel God is raising up some now even as we speak and getting them ready for what He plans to do shortly. I believe many will be rebuked openly by the Spirit of the Lord and given a short space to repent, or they will drop dead in their sins just as Ananias and Saphira did. I also see in my spirit the true gift of the Word of Knowledge and the true gift of Prophecy coming soon with power and authority for deliverances of all kinds and opening the hearts of the make believers. God bless you Jack.

Yours in Christ,

Many thanks Jack for your letter and site info.

I am a committed Christian, a born again Catholic, and have had two tours of duty (in the 80’s and 90’s) in South Lebanon where I witnessed many things, some hard to reconcile!

I had a brief glance at your site and intend to return to it to study it more closely.

God Bless you,






Dear Brother Hook,

Thank you very much for your email. I believe that the precursors of the tribulation have
started with the sunami near India in 2004. When I look at the world today, there is no doubt that
everything that is said in the Bible is absolutely
true and coming true just as it said. I have added a link to your site on my Vets Index page.

Thank you very much for all of your work and all of your faith. I travel to the North Pole every year and what I have seen there about Global Warming is shocking. In 2002 the ice was 21 feet thick, this last April, the ice was only six feet thick. We are in big trouble on Global Warming and everything else.

Thanks again,

To The Deceiver of The Gullible:

Anyone, foolish enough, to spend his/her, hard earned money, on your book, of gibberish, deserves, to be deceived. Your hair brained, time schedule is laughable as, The Bible states, that no man knows the time nor, the hour, when The Son of Man, will come, to judge THE WICKED. Pay heed, to the capitalized words as, they pertain, to you! Your talent, for deception would be better served if, you confined your writing, to children’s fairytales. Do you own real estate in Isreal, which you are unable, to dump and therefore, you are resorting, to scaring the beejees out of crackpot subscribers, to you bullshit? Move to Isreal…the world is going, to collapse…come buy my land and make me a wealthy con artist. Your moniker…HOOK… is very appropriate. You are a disgusting speciman, of human degradation. I own a little cabin near Yellowstone..I’ll sell it to you, cheaply and you’d rush, to purchase it, if, the price was low enough.

In disgust,

Mr. Jack D. Hook,

Hello. First of all, I’d like to say that as of right now, I agree that America is Babylon the Great in Bible prophecy. How could the greatest super-power in all history NOT be mentioned in the Bible as some would like us to believe? I find that ridiculous. So yeah, I agree with you.

Anyway, I was wondering if you could write back with a “Babylon the Great checklist” that would take all the characteristics of it (Babylon) so that, one by one, it would be easy for Babylon-unbelievers (Christian believers who deny America is Babylon) to recognize this point of view that we both agree on.

Maybe a bulleted or numbered checklist, in a prioritized manner, would be beneficial here, which would obviously include Scripture to back it up.

For instance, I believe that Babylon the Great has to have a deep-water port city as its most influential city, which would be New York City, from Revelation 18:17-18. You probably discussed this in your online book, but I haven’t got that far yet; it’s late. I’ll read more tomorrow.

Anyway, I think you get what I’m asking here. It would be nice to see a prophetic/characteristic checklist for this “America is Babylon the Great” viewpoint.

Your combination of Western Europe being part of the Babylon system is very interesting here too, which merges the all too popular opinion that Babylon the Great is Rome, and only Rome, which I find ridiculous as well.

So yeah, a detailed list that’s easy to read would be great–filled with up to date information concerning world events. Also, are you a scholar? I ask this because that’s one of the objections I hear from other Bible scholars. That is, whoever is making these accusations that America is Babylon the Great should be a scholar.

Take care and God Bless,


Thanks for the email. Evidently, you are passionate about your project and I hope that some good comes from it.

I think there is much more violence and death on the horizon. Man does not learn from the past, nor has the concept that we are ALL part of the same life force become a generally accepted reality. The horrendous murders of people by trusted leaders, the abduction/raping and killing of innocent children gives me pause to wonder what has become of our morality. It does not seem to exist any longer.

Quite frankly, I am fed up with the problems of Israel and the Jews. They have played their guilt trip on the US for long enough. We have all paid the price for Bush Sr’s father financing Hitler via the Bank of Manhattan. Why is it acceptable for Israel to kill people but the Palestinians get slammed if they try to protect themselves or exact revenge for murderous attacks upon themselves by Israel?

Edgar Cayce predicted that war will continue until 2012, at which time the world will go through a complete upheaval. This is also supported by the Mayan calendar. Even the Book of Revelations speaks to the “end of times”.

I appreciate the offer to read your writings but I have no interest in reading religiously slanted articles. Having been involved in the Baptist religion for some years, having studied all the religions of the world and having been involved in a global cult, I have no interest in anything having to do with any organized religion – much like Richard Bach, the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, The Bridge Across Forever and others.

There is absolutely nothing in life that convinces me of the existence of God. Our politicians profess to be Christians, yet every day it seems that another one is being caught or confessing to being corrupt, having broken the law and abused our trust.

Christian organizations have continuous commericals on TV asking for donations to help the starving, suffering children of some 3rd world country – while children in this country are also starving. Many Americans are now without homes, many without more than the clothes on their backs and the country’s economy is tanking – all under the control of a self-professed Christian who is destroying the Constitution, and doing his best to outsource the jobs of Americans … all to enrich his corporate supporters.

It is time that Americans take care of our country. I don’t care, any longer, what happens to Israel, Palestine, Iraq, etc. If they want their country to do better, they should do something about it and stop expecting American money to bail them out of their problems. We have many, many problems of our own to resolve.


Jack sounds like we are on the same wave length Keep up the good work, sound the alarm.

Thanks, Jack.

The more I read the more it seems you are right that America never was a Christian nation.

What do you think of the idea that America may be the false prophet, a “beast that rises out of the earth and has two horns like a lamb (i.e. pretends to be Christian), but speaks like a dragon (i.e. exports its sin, perversion, and blasphemy throughout the earth)?” (Rev. 13:11)

Blessings to you,

Thank you for contacting me. And especially Thank You for serving and Welcome Home. Your site is bittersweet. To say I enjoyed it is like stabbing you with a double edge sword, but it is the best I’ve seen. My heart is with you and all you achieved. If I may send you one of my poems, I would be honored for you to read it. There is no way I can communicate what the Nam Vet means to me, but trust me when I repeat, Welcome Home.

My Heart

honor my……..Soldiers
it was the war we did protest
too many breaking hearts recall
that young boys were blown to bits
K I A Bruce * Walter * John and all
the brave men that gave their best
58000 young soldiers went Home
alone in separate graves rest
sharing one tombstone
their Brothers call
“the Wall”

Thank you for your e-mail. I read “About the Author.” I thought it was very good. I hope you won’t mind too much if I point out an error in grammar. You said “glorious reunion with Mom and I.” You should have said “with Mom and me.” Just leave out the other person and think, would I say “with I?” I doubt if you would ever say, for example, “please come to church with I.” Just because you add another person you don’t change “me” to “I.”

Another thing that bothers me is everyone talking about people who die going to heaven and being with Jesus. My hope is for the Resurrection and Jesus’ second coming when I hope I will be taken up in the clouds with Him.


From: Jack
To: Max

Hi Max. Thank you for responding and correcting the grammar error. I am also looking for the resurrection, the day the bodies of the dead believers are raised to be one with their souls who Jesus brings with him from Heaven, and then we which are alive will all ascend with them into the heavens with our Lord Jesus. Regrettably, many in Christendom have stopped looking for the Lord’s imminent return and try to teach me there is no rapture prior to Daniel’s 70th week of seven years. But the Holy Spirit always re-routes me back to what Jesus said… no one knows the day or hour. This means the rapture of the remnant could take place any hour of any day, thereby making it pre-tribulational (70th Week).

Our Lord Jesus Christ is returning to first deliver his own to Heaven thereby leaving the apostates in Christendom on the Earth, and then in wrath begin his judgment upon Satan’s world system, which ironically begins with his permitting the “final” President and Pope to channel all of their demonic power and influence to establishing peace in the Middle East, including the rebuilding of the Temple. Israel will fall under the spell of these men because their leaders reject the Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Please read on my web site the two articles, “The Wise Man” and “Moved with Compassion”, for more details.

Until the day the Lord Jesus Christ comes for his own, we are to speak the truth in love and honest compassion to all the lost souls in this world, always remembering that before Jesus created a new pure heart within us by the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit and his shed blood, we also walked daily in the powerful delusions of this demonic world system, Ephesians 2:1-7.

We should also remember that as followers of the Lord Jesus our new hearts are still engaged in a major battle in our minds with the remnants of our sin nature that yet reside in our unsaved bodies. As I have said before many times, our sin nature thrives on pride, love of self, and love of money, and sadly, it is the sin nature which dominates in Christendom today. The wood, hay, and stubble represented in the pride of patriotism, the love of money taught by the prosperity prophets, and the psycho-babble of the purpose driven life and possibility thinking movements prove this to be true, 1 John 2:16!

Knowing this evil about our body’s sin nature, we long for Jesus to come when he then will change our sinful bodies into the likeness of his glorified immortal body, Philippians 3:17-21. Those people who do not have this hope and long for his return, are still blinded by the deceitfulness of sin in their hearts. They have yet to be saved.

Again, we who know these truths are to be filled with love and compassion for all people, including our worst enemies. We are to cry out to people that our Lord is coming to rule this Earth, and the only way for them to be part of this coming Kingdom is to understand and confess his first coming to shed his precious blood for our sins. God the Father wants to free us from the power of the sin nature that sends us all to Hell. Your eternal friend. Jack

From: Max
To: Jack

I am ashamed of myself for pointing out a “speck” in your eye while I have a huge “plank” in mine. I have never corrected another person’s grammar (outside of my own children) before and I don’t know what got into me to cause me to do it. I think it was the fact that otherwise your writing was so perfect. And, somehow it is just too easy to say something “not nice” in an e-mail. I have learned my lesson. At the time, I had only read the section “About the Author” but now, reading on, I am amazed at your wonderful gift for writing not to mention your great knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.

I am so excited for this opportunity that you have given me to begin to learn about and understand these prophecies of the Old Testament. I must admit I have been lacking in reading them and understanding them.

I have read the first four parts of Chapter One and I am looking forward to reading everything on your website. I just had to stop in order to apologize to you and thank you for e-mailing me. I am amazed at the amount of your time and trouble you spent to answer my e-mail. You needn’t bother to reply to this one as I have taken up too much of your time already.

Very sincerely yours,
Your friend Max

Jack, I really am not at all political anymore. Too darn old. So no I don’t think Hurricaine Katrina was anything more than bad weather. Sorry, Just would rather watch reality television than get all this heavy. Ellyn

P.S. practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

Dear Brother Jack:

Thank you for sharing your invitation, your words and your thoughts. The virtues of kindness, gentleness, mercy and compassion are never intrusive or offensive to my spirit. When the creations of the Almighty are treated with such cruelty, violence, disrespect and disregard, I feel sick at heart. We cannot condone or control the wrongful behavior or actions of another, but we can live the example of lovingkindness while we exist in this material world. Thus, we reflect a Light that shines in even the most abysmal darkness. May the Light shine and may the hard hearts be transformed by that Light.

I am but a stranger in a strange land. I shall return to my true home at the appointed time.

Be blessed and be a blessing to others.

May this day find you and your loved ones guided and guarded by the hand of the Almighty,

Sister Cat

Dear Jack,

The insights the Lord has given you concerning the relationship between the Christian and the civil government is refreshing and I’m blessed to hear another voice proclaiming this truth.

My question, however, concerns the issue of Bible translations. One of the articles you have recently posted (and, a couple of links) led me to worry that you believe anyone using other than a KJV was against God’s Word. Can you shed some light on this?


Thanks for writing Jack… Fear not. It is never an intrusion to have someone speaking about God in a Goldy manner. To answer your question, what I think is that America is a nation that is going under because as a whole, she has forgetten her roots. “If we forget that we’re One nation under God, we’ll be a country gone under.” – Ronald Reagan. Unfortuantley, we all have to suffer as a result, Godly and ungodly alike. But, I know that the time is at hand, and though it tarried for a long time, it is right at the door. I take comfort in this, even though the physical world is going to get really tough for awihle. I think the natural disasters are a sign of birth pains, as they are increasing in intensity and frequency. As well, the direct assualt on God and His people in America and abroad is increasing to an almost ridiculous nature. Is America, Babylon? I don’t know. I don’t know if ‘Babylon’ is a conglomerate of nations turning away from God, or if it’s one specific country. One thing I know is that if America is spoken about in the Scriptures, they are very obscure passages. This tells me that the US will not be a major player in the end times. (7 year Trib) This says to me, that America is not going to be an imnportant factor in Biblical prophecy. And so we see evidence of this decline happening right now! Personally, I think that there are still many hundreds of thousands of Godly people in the US, and come the time Christ comes for His bride, I believe it will throw the economy in a tailspin that will be unrecoverable. If you notice the countries on top of the world right now, many are “Christian” nations. With them out of the way, Anti-Christ is free to pick up the peices. He will be a long awaited relief. Of course, as you know, he will be hailed as a great leader and many will follow them. I also believe that people we witness to now that still reject the Lord, many of them will be the tribulation saints. So, though we may be dismayed that they have not chosen to follow the Lord, perhaps we are planting seeds for a very important role in the near future. It’s a shame that it will be so hard for them, but that’s why we’ve been telling them the prophecy. Some of them can avoid this now by accepting Christ. But, some people have to be trib saints. Even though those days will be so treacherous, what a testimony to still follow God in those days to come.

As for your website, I will certainly drop in and add some comments to it. Thanks for writing and feel free to continue this dialogue. There is nothing that excites me more than talking about God and all the aspects that follow it. i.e. science, politics, religion.


Hi Jack,

Where did you find my name and email address?

As for your website, I see that you misunderstand scripture in a partial way, for you believe in a pre-tribulation rapture, when the scripture strictly say that the saints will meet the Lord in the air at His return, at the end of the 7 year period. I’ve heard all the arguments to the contrary, but spare the argument on that one, please.

Your chronology of events is off the real mark, and your interpretation of the overall plan of God during the tribulation is quite deceptive and mis-leading, and as a result you border on receiving the wrath of God unless you repent; God specifically warns the readers of the book of Revelation that adding or taking away from the words of that book brings certain judgement, unless you repent before that time comes.

You need to understand that Jews do not comprise the whole house of Israel, but are mainly from the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levy, with a sprinkling of Edomites mixed with them. The other tribes are mainly the nations of western Europe and their kindred colonies throughout the world.

My advice to you is to remove yourself from the preaching and teaching of the Bible, until you get a more truthful understanding of His word, if so be He plans it for you.


Thank you for taking the time to respond.

I do not agree with everything you said,

but I would go to my grave defending your right

to that belief and the privilege of being able

to speak your mind without fear of torture and punishment.

The Bible speaks of wars, wars and rumors of war.

I do not believe it is sin on both sides that brings about

war. I do believe that as Christians we have a commitment

to God to deliver His word to all people in each and every

walk of life. If we sit by idly and allow His children of any age/ethnicity to be

persecuted, tortured and/or denied the privilege of worshiping Him

or hearing His word and the plan of salvation,

God would be disappointed in us. “Suffer the

little children to come unto me.”

God has made it plain in His Word that we have the right

to defend ourselves and those we love. I believe that is what

this war in Iraq is about. I also believe that the U.S. military

has been able to free many people from an abuse that is

unfathomable to the citizens of this Great Country.

The people who crucified our Lord were the terrorists

of that day. What would have happened if everyone had

just backed off and refused to fight the good fight after His death?

The multi-faceted face of terrorism constantly changes and would take

our Christian beliefs from us along with other privileges and that is something we cannot

allow. We fight battles across the sea and we fight many

types of war here at home: People who have taken prayer out of schools and

those who would have us say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas

and many who would prey on the defenseless, et al.

There are many battles to fight and each one requires a different

type of weapon and strategy.


Dear Brother Jack:

Greetings in the powerful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Your statement of faith is also my statement of faith. The website is indeed full of information which people will get attracted and learned what is really happening nowadays. May our Lord God use you more as His vessel of honor in declaring the gospel of Christ to the world.

By the way, i haven’t finished readin everything. I want to know more the following:

1. Vaccines, booster, anti-virus – – – are these part of human reduction, i mean, these vaccines are given by the government FREE but some people died (i think the same with people who has A.I.D.S.) and these vaccines are develop of Roche – a pharmaceutical company?

2. I’m not sure how the U.S. dollars are controlled worldwide. Are we into cashless trend? Who controls the U.S. Federal Reserve – are they half-Jews?

3. I want to know more about the re-building of the (Tribulation) temple in Israel.

Well, these are the things, i want to research. Thank you once again for your invitation to learn from your website.

1 Corinthians 15:58 – Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.

I will tell my co-pastors here in the Philippines and other brethren worldwide.

Bro. Erwin