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I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply to this e-mail. I certainly look forward to reading your articles. There is an pungency in the air about the coming seven years fast approaching. I can feel it in my heart, mind and body. It says, “get ready, I am coming very soon. Go, tell the people to prepare to meet their savior.” Dianne


Dear Jack,

Thanks so much for your comments. To answer your questions, no, all of Islam does not embrace the foundations of the Nation of Islam; Islam in general abhors the Nation of Islam and regards it (correctly) as a cult of Islam, just as Mormonism is a cult of Christianity. I would be very wary of putting Rick Warren and Robert Schuller in the same camp, as there are no theological similarities between them. Schuller is very close theologically to the Word-Faith Movement, while Warren vehemently opposes it.

Contrary to his detractors, I know firsthand that Warren does not “fully embrace” Mormonism or Islam; rather, he agrees with some of their social and moral stances while disagreeing with their belief systems. Nor can the entire Emerging Church movement accurately be placed into the category of “empty-headed mysticism”; while I would say something similar about segments of the movement, the Emerging Church is so varied that it ranges from legitimate Christians (who simply look at postmodernism as a critique of modernism’s fallacies) to illegitimate Christians (who look at postmodernism as a denial of absolute truth in all forms) and everywhere in between.

Hope to hear from you again! Keep in touch.

Yours in Christ,



I think Borat did it best with the “running of the Jews”. Don’t worry jack, organised religion is a mass hysteria mental illness, Man creating god in Mans image. Please keep sending me your amusing story’s.

Your external friend,


Hello Jack,

Hell, I see I left the “o” off Hello in my last email… being a psychologist that must have been a Freudian slip, or 2/3’s of a pun, ya-think? My testimony? Um, at risk of sounding pious no, I don’t recall ever writing my personal testimony of Christ accepting me. Mine was, is and continues to be boring; besides no one listens today. It was an extinct art form back in the sixties and no one heard it quietly leave. Only the angels and saints rejoiced over my salvation; I did nothing spectacular. It was all by grace…add nothing. Admittedly, I am thankful for what I didn’t get that I deserved; I got grace.

The DSM-IV-TR espouses Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) while common is one of the more insidious disorders; it may lay dormant for years, and or mask itself like a chameleon and suddenly the most innocent sight or sound may elicit what we know as a flashback. If you had experiential knowledge of what was done under the wraps of “psychological warfare” you’d know we are both excellent candidates.

My hatred of Americans who didn’t fight or try in Viet Nam has mellowed out but then it precipitated a social phobia and sociopathic behavior that was quickly leading to the disillusion of my new marriage. Baruch Ha Shem, I am still married to my first wife. But it wasn’t easy. Clearly she didn’t quit. My wife is tougher than any US Marine grunt, craftier and has more class and stealth than any Navy Seal… I know I trained in Coronado with them; and she’s much better looking. After my last return I lived first three months of my life (literally”lived”) inebriated way back up in the hills of southern Indiana along the banks Ohio River with another Vet from my old outfit. We “lived” on ground-hog, snake, and Bix-Mix & creek water and chased it with Kentucky Bourbon Deluxe at $2.99/Fifth. We needed counseling but didn’t get it; it wouldn’t have done any good e.g. we weren’t ready, for treatment. I remember never being happy, always being angry, never felt accepted or understood. Frustrated by everyone who was curious, poking and prodding with a never ending trainload of innocuous questions confused me.. I didn’t like people much back then, occasionally even now; ironically I am a Pastor/Messianic Rabbi of a small, minor congregation of no significant consequence. No doubt, I am incurably co-dependent.

Paradoxically, I was crying out but no one was listening. Both parents died within a couple years of my last return from ethanol abuse. No family at 27 fueled my bitterness. I didn’t love, didn’t know what that was because I had never been loved, until I lived with other “screwed up, baby-killers;” guys like me of a similar nature or as we say in the ministry ” a kindred spirit.” My family was in Viet Nam, so I returned two more times. Candidly that’s why I did three tours. But time passed and a lot of things happened and the L-rd found me December 16,’80 @ 5:30 a.m. in an American Legion parking lot. Since then I have never looked… back… since. The World before me the Cross behind me. No turning back, no turning back…

Like you I too have seen the “real deal” e.g. heads lopped off, fetus boiled out of pregnant women, mutilated penis hermaphroditically placed for purposes of psychological warfare but USOM “hospital burn”, 2nd floor burn ward was worst imaginable. The smell was memorable, children sat in old, dented worn aluminum wash tubs in their own filth died debreeding necrotic flesh and limbs… We just kept filling up down stairs and out into the court yard, litters of nameless faces, and no one listened; no one cared… You know what was so surreal about it was that it was so damn quiet. Everyone dying quietly while our celestial G-d just kept right on rocking in his big white rocker on a billowy cloud. I think they knew no one was listening. It was a crazy time back then, and I neither feared nor liked G-d much.

Caring was risky. In my mind our American G-d, flunked. He didn’t seem to notice what was going on or if so much interested. He was America’s G-d and America was a long way away and didn’t care; America wasn’t listening. Some still don’t. Now? Yes, even now, but … now I can forgive them in a much more appropriate manner because it wasn’t/isn’t their fault; they didn’t/don’t know how to listen. Preachers in particular; they were busy peddling their American gospel on Vietnamese ears. I speak Vietnamese, I did at lunch today with my Vietnamese waitress, in a Japanese restaurant in front of my Mexican spatula wielding knife juggling chef. I speak Spanish too. It was fun. My point ? The round eyed White Westerner will never understand the slant eyed Asian brown through Western eyes until we learn how to taste words with our ears instead of cutting them off and wearing them as trophies on our duty-belts..

Jack, I think this is called venting; therefore rambling, and while therapeutic undoubtedly you have more fulfilling issues to enjoy solving than my, ” woe is me” tales. Someday I may write about a testimony and how G-d delivered me over and over from mine fields I foolishly tested G-d running through, getting caught by Viet Cong on HW 1 between Hue and Phu Bai at 2:00 a.m. While the Bible says, ” let no man say he is tempted of G-d” I would say let no man say he didn’t tempt G-d. I did. Over and over … and I am still here…by grace.

Good fortune and blessings on your next work, Jack…send me one. Since I won’t meet you on this side of heaven I’ll see you there or in the air…

Shalom, Michael


Just a note to let you know my thots for the day. I do not think that our great country should fall to the dogs and I for my country will do whatever it takes to bring us back to a God fearing land. Too many good men have laid down their lives for this land and it is up to us to honor their faith and the will of God in these days. I have yet to see what it will take but God knows how to humble our land. Maybe another Katrina or 911 be it his will not ours. Whatever, I and my family are prepared to fight for this land not with killing but with his great love. He said if the people will humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways and seek my face I will heal their land. Of course I am not quoting exactly but you get the point. Abraham Lincoln once wrote on the great altar on Gods thrown of Freedom and in that many are there of our soldiers who have died for this land. Not only that but this country was founded by God fearing Christian men. I pray never let This nation fall but may our nation be the leaders for Christ at his soon coming, Lord hurry that day. Amen. Gary



Thank you for your thoughts and moving letter. I have printed your mail and with your permission I will share your web-site information with my friends that visit on Saturday morning. As I am sure you are quite busy, I will wait a couple weeks and request you respond only if the answer would be “No”. They are from the neighborhood Latter Day Saints Church. One of them is a Korea war vet. Thank you, I will visit your site and sign the guest book.

I am still humbled by my experiences in Vietnam. As a 19 year old medic I was inspired by the “boys” that I felt were under my care and concern. We were a very tight platoon and frequently our platoon was called upon by command to do what other companies and platoons could not do as we did. Whenever the chaplain came to us in the field, he received a good crowd for his services whatever day he could make it to us. Frequently the chaplain discussed the issues of “Christian Soldiers” and how he could not help us each make peace with the issue of “thou shalt not kill” when that was our job at that time. What I have realized is we were there for each other. There were times we actually fought like brothers, fist fights and loud arguments were not unheard of at that time, but we always came back together. During a fire fight with the NVA we were always, always there for each other. That is the only sane part of the war.

One probably cannot call me a “conventional” Christian, but God and I never lost contact after Vietnam. I talk to Him in my own way and I feel he understands me and allows me my own method of reverence. He really is forgiving and understanding. He frequently allows me to discuss the teachings of Confucius with him. There are some very strong parallels.

Thank you,


Brother Jack, Thanks for a most inspiring article. I to am a born again christian. Over the past few months I have been ridiculed by other people and have been accused of many things I did not do. As Jesus was cruisified for things he was innocent of, there have been many people before and I’m sure many people will follow. What is bad is there is no way to remove the cloud of deception that other evil people have painted of you. Therefore I just hold my head high and know the truth will prevail.. God Bless you and thanks for the article..Gus


Stay away from me!


Amen Brother!

I thank The Lord every day for those whom He gives wisdom to, so that others
in Christ would be edified by that wisdom, and sound doctrine, which is so
hated these days.

My wife and I came a long way through many institutional churches, and now
we worship The Lord at home, and prayerfully, hopefully The Lord will lead
us to others of like faith.

For several years I would argue against the USA being the Babylon of
Revalation 17-18. However, I always ask The Lord if this or that is true?
That’s how we are kept from error.

I’m an ex-catholic, and for years I always thought that Rome would be the
world headquarters, and the pope, the antichrist. Now I see differently.
There is no nation in the world that even remotely resembles what Rev 18
teaches. Only the USA fits the description. The one thing that sealed my
conviction about this was when I read that a candle would be found no more,
and the BRIDE would be found no more, and the Bridegroom…this is not
Israel…thats the church and genuine christians. And, only the United
States is really known as a “christian” nation. Though others may claim that
title, if you ask anyone from around the world, “Name a christian nation”,
and the answer would unanamously be the USA. No nation in the world has as
many cults, religious fads, false doctrines, and…TV “evangelists” as does
the USA. There is a bright side (pun intended)…where did the candles go?
Where did the Bride go? Amen.

The Lord be with you brother, and thank you so much.
Yes, your website has been a very real blessing.


From: “Jack Hook”
To: “Frank”
Subject: Thanks

Hi Frank,

Thanks for responding. What a great connection you have
made with the candles of Revelation 2 and 18. This is knowledge from our
Lord that will help people see that true believers in America/Babylon will
some day be no more, as God removes them before his Sodom-like wrath falls
on the ungodly who refuse to embrace the love and forgiveness of God. I
hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the
greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his
glorious resurrection. There is coming a day when the Lord will return in
judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by
God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until
that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and
offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead.
Keep in touch.

Your new eternal friend,
Jack D. Hook

From: Frank
To: Jack

I have read several of your articles, all of which I am in agreement with. I
also agree with you about militant patriotism, which The Lord Jesus Christ
delivered my wife and I from, amen 🙂

If your friends, Sandy & David Chagall email me, I promise you I will answer
them kindly. Pray that if I do recieve email from them, I am having a good

I have read the stories (myths) of Pershing as well as that of the KGB
handling of muslims. Now its Chechnia? How strange…I heard (not read) the
same story back in 1979 when Iran took 400 hostages! The rumor was that they
took a couple Russians as well, and the story went as your friend David
tells it, albeit with a few minor alterations.

I do and will pray for your friends. But be encouraged my brother, you’re
not alone. There are a FEW of us who know The Lords truth concerning the
world and its ways, and who their REAL leaders are…the fallen angels, who
indeed control this world!

When I have time, I will write a testimony for you, and how my family and I
mooved from Phila, PA to So Carolina. Be of good cheer brother, The Lord is
with you 🙂

Your articles and those on Proclamation (procinwarn) web site have helped me

ps. I too am a Nam vet, and an ex-republican committee-man, ex-catholic,
ex-baptist, ex-ist and ex-ism



Thanks for your email. I assume you got my address from the 4th Infantry Division web site. I’m the president of the NW Chapter. I enlisted in the Army in 1965. While on pass in 1965 I became a believer. I served three years. I was in the 4th ID, but was sent to Korea to the 7th ID. It was near my ETS the 4th went to Vietnam in 1966. I was never sent there.

I carried that weight and guilt on my shoulders for nearly forty years even though I was guilty of nothing. My chapter consists of 136 members. WWII, Vietnam and Iraq veterans. The majority of which are Vietnam Vets. It’s a great honor for me to have them elect me as their president. We have many combat vets.

Thanks again for your email. I will pass it on.



Thanks for your email. War is an indication of a heart devoid of God.
Solomon said that there is a time for it and for peace.
Sometimes “war” or conflict of any kind is “forced” upon us as
individuals or as a nation by those who would seek to destroy our life,
liberty or property. I think you would agree that it is our right and
duty to defend ourselves from those who seek to kill just for the sake
of killing. You know that to some men with evil hearts the act of
murder is quite acceptable and even demanded by their “god”. Those
people deserve to die and sometimes God’s people are called upon to
execute wrath on such. See Psalm 149:5-9 for insight.
I abhor war. I also abhor evil men that force it upon those who desire
to live in peace.
Trust this finds you well.
Kind Regards,


Brother Jack,

I wanted to respond to your response to Chuck Baldwin. As you know, I have studied America’s position in bible prophecy for more than twenty years. My hair was thick and black when I began this study. My heart was broken when I discovered that the United States of America is in bible prophecy, unlike what most prophetic scholars in America has to say. They declare unequivacally that America is not in bible prophecy. However, if one studies Jeremiah 50 and 51, Revelation 17 & 18, you have to arrive at the fact that the United States of America is Babylon the Great! There are more than 140 paramaters that America fulfills; and only America fulfills all of these parameters! Brother, there can be no doubt. America is Babylon the Great. With this knowledge one can expect exactly what America is doing now.

The secret societies set America up from the very beginning to become the New Atlantis, the New Jerusalem, the New Zion, and the New Babylon! A very secret phrase that originated from the Illuminati, a secret organization that had it’s birth on May 1st, 1776, in Bavaria, Germany goes like this: “A Columbian Enterprise to Endeavour for the Discovery of Atlantis, and all Challengers shall be destroyed”!

Look at all the words that are underlined in the above phrase. There are six of them. Each word was chosen as a name of NASA’s Space Shuttles! With this in mind, what happened to the Space Shuttle Challenger? Was it not destroyed and all of it’s seven astronauts sacrificed? This was a cryptic message sent by Satan’s Servants to let those within their network know what will happen to all who challenge the “New World Order”, which emenates from and is controlled from America!

Many Christians today say that Christians don’t need to know about Bible Prophecy, which by the way includes America as Babylon the Great. If God didn’t want his children to know about Bible Prohecy, then why did He write almost half of his Bible about this very subject? Our God wants His Children to be informed about His True Salvation Plan and this includes the prophetic return of Jesus Christ to rule and reign for a thousand years on this earth, I believe very soon!

I couldn’t agree with you more brother Jack. America is Babylon the Great, and America has become the hold of every foul spirit and hateful and unclean bird. America is under serious judgement of a righteous God at this moment. Christians need to study their Bible very deeply about this. The Lord Jesus warned us to: “Study to show your self approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth”.

I fully agree also on your comment of how the three nations were plucked up by their roots, England, Spain and France, all thoroughly defeated, as planned by the secret societies, but also fulfilling Bible Prophecy. America is establishing “Enlightened Democracies” in the Middle East at a great cost to her citizens in money and lives. Manley P. Hall, a 33d Degree Freemason said that this was the Secret Destiny of America, and his friend, President Franklin D. Roosevelt also felt this same way about America’s Destiny.

Christians need to inform their families about this truth! They also need to be sure that they have laid hold of the bloody cross of Christ that He said we must pick up and follow Him. Jesus said we had to leave mother father sister and brother, and if we would not, we were not worthy to be one of his disciples! Brother Jack, this is a very close walk, and this is why Jesus said we had to be Narrow Way Christians. It is always a pleasure to talk to you and disucss the Lord’s Ways. I want to encourage you to continue in the Truth of Jesus Christ as He said we must. Please pray for me and my family that we will not stray from this Narrow Way.

Your friend and brother in Christ Jesus,


—– Original Message —–
From: Jack Hook
To: Chuck Baldwin

Greetings Chuck,

You said in your article the following:

“I believe the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, is the greatest civil document ever devised by man. I steadfastly support the principles contained in the Declaration of Independence. I believe America’s Founding Fathers to be the greatest generation of Christian philosophers and patriots to ever live.”

My simple question to you is…are you sure this is what you really believe in the bottom of your heart? How do suppose Paul, Peter, James, John , Luke, Matthew, Mark and the first several generations of Christian thinkers would respond to your declaration. A declaration that elevates men who followed in the footsteps of false Christians like Constantine and Augustine with their delusion of the “just” war doctrine for Christians.

I have pleaded with you before, Chuck, to reconsider what you are teaching. Have you forgotten that the fallen angels have deceived all the nations and will continue to do so until the Lord Jesus returns to chain them in the Bottomless Pit? Satan offered Jesus all of the kingdoms of his world system and America is part of that my friend. It is not just a part, it is the recognized powerhouse of this world. America is the Little Horn of Daniel 7 which plucked up by the roots the colonial powers of England, France, and Spain to become the colossal Babylonian giant it is today. All of this in the name of Jesus, who died for all men, including his worst enemies, and calls you and I to be as sheep in the midst of wolves…harmless as doves… always looking for his imminent return. Once again, my dear brother, I beg you to re-think what you are teaching.

Your eternal friend,
Jack D. Hook


Sir, I am a Christian and serve him in the capacity of facilitating a Christian recovery program, Darkness to Light. I appreciate your service to our country and all the others that so selfishly gave their lives for our freedom and still do to date.

I just wonder how you got my address. It is very strange because I just posted a blog on myspace about the consequences of war. I wrote this essay as an environmental paper for my college english course. It was very informative for me as I do not have much opportunity to follow world events. Is that how you found me?

Thank you for your concern for others and your outreach. Keep up the good work and stay the cource and your rewards will be great on the day of our Lords return. Peace and many blessings to you.

In Christ Service,



I served in the U.S. Army 1953-73. Mostly in paratroops and SF. Three combat tours in Nam 62, 66-67 and 70-71. I believe God is on our side in the War on Terror and in all the wars America has fought. With the possible exception of some Germans, Rommel in particular, in WWII all of America’s enemies were savages who had no respect for human life and treated prisoners inhumanely. Look at the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan. The only way to deal with these scum is to kill the bastards. I recently retired from the Texas State Guard as a Colonel and wish I could have made it to Iraq and Afghanistan so I could have killed some of those scumbag terrorists.

As member of the TXSG we could only be deployed within the state of Texas – some eceptions allowed us to assist other states. As I turned 71 last Nov. I had to retire and was breveted to colonel and transferred to honorary reserves. We can still be called up in case of emergencies.

I have no regrets and would gladly do it all over again if I could. God looks out for those who believe in America and I believe he has a special place for military troopers who fight for God and Country.

Whining and crying and wringing our hands in guilt and despair ain’t God’s way. It’s a damn shame that Congress has fell into the hands of the Pelosi/Reid gang of losers. They are a disgrace to the country. If they have their way we’ll be fighting the terrorists in the streets of our cities and towns. It may come to that rergardless.



Dear Jack,

Thanks for writing. Always glad to hear from a fellow Viet Nam vet, especially one that is
preaching Jesus Christ crucified. I visited your site, but not time now to read through it all.
Will plan to check it all out soon.

I, too, served in 68-69. I arrived after the Tet Offensive. Special Forces lost a lot of good men
and needed replacements. I was Airborne Ranger and landed with the green beanies. I spent several
years lost as lost can get, but the Lord saved me in 1983 and changed my life. To Him be all the

Again, thanks for writing. Stay in touch.




Thanks for the e-mail, your story is very interesting.

Like you, I am also a U.S. Army veteran. You may find this hard to believe but I was also a Calvary Scout and attended training at Fort Knox, KY. 5-15 Calvary Regiment/1st ATB. After I completed training I stayed at Fort Knox applying to OCS but was rejected and completed my time in the Army as the batallion IT guy. They had nobody else who knew anything about computers, so they had me do that. I left the Army after my contract was up.

I totally agree with you about war. There’s evil fueling war on both sides of the coin. I would have never signed up for the military had I known what sort of evil was actually behind it. I thought we actually had honest people in the media and government, but that has turned out to be a total fraud.

I’ll be sure to check out your site.




I too am a Christian. I gave my life to Jesus January 18, 1971 just one month after returning from Vietnam.

Have been involved in active ministry since that time in pasturing as well as traveling and ministering in various churches in the US and foreign countries.