June 2010 Comments

Hello Jack,

I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for the encouragement you give through your articles as well as replies to articles by others.

We live in a day where it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘good cause’ syndrome, and forgetting that this is not our world…yet.

This world is indeed run by Satan and the angels who followed him, including the “good ole USA”.

It bothers me that there are pastors who seem to be making calls to arms to christians. The Lord never told us to do such a thing, and niether did the apostles. We are to honor the king, and when Peter wrote that, Nero was king! Peter didnt say, “Christian! Get your gun!”, He said…honor the king.

I thank you sir, for your constant reminder of who and what we are in Christ, and what our real purpose is here on earth…preach the gospel until The Lord comes to take us to His many mansions.

Thank You Jack,

In Christ,


I have to agree that America is Babylon and that the only reason He hasn’t pronounced judgment on it yet is the Gospel still needs to be spread to the ends of the earth-then shall the end come!

I agree with John Hagee’s view on Iran and Israel which is. That Iran is working on Nuclear capability to preempt an attack against Israel. But like the six day war, Israel will attack without mercy and wipe Iran off the map. When the US attempts to depend Israel for protecting its own interests, it is my opinion that 9’11 will happen again with terrorist (s) carefully located throughout the US, they will launch an internal attack that will happen nationwide and wipe America either off the map or cripple us so back that we have no means to defend ourselves anymore. Also keep an eye on President Obama. There are a lot of questions on his election to office. He was placed there, I believe by people that could be linked to terrorist organizations. That is just an opinion I have seeing how he is working to change all that George Bush put into place-sounds like the Antichrist doesn’t it!

Rev. Paul


Remove me from this list of silly bronze age stupidity.


Hi Bro. Hook,

I concur with you as always. Your view is not the accepted view of most end-time Christians however. It is sad that people who claim to know Jesus Christ would believe that America is set aside by God for a special Godly purpose, when all one has to do is look around America to know that we are a wicked nation, away from God and real truth is lying in the streets. We are Babylon the Great. And it does appear that we are in the act of falling to Satan’s designs for America, which is what the Prophets of old saw and reported to us in God’s World, the Holy Bible.

Please keep up the good work and expose error when you see it. Continue to admonish those who call themselves the followers of Jesus Christ, to really follow Him, and not a pastor who is in apostacy.

Your brother in Christ Jesus’s Service,



get off it already you nutjobs

what kinda drugs you taKINg ?

maybe just slamming your head in the car door did it

bible prophecy what a load of crap


Dear Jack,
congratulations for your lucidity, discernment and wisdom!
It seems to me that you are one of a few Americans who have a critical view over American history and her so praised and exalted Founding Fathers.
Being myself a foreigner, I am in a position to look at all that without passionate feelings and naive patriotism. I do hope your warnings concerning the true powers behind the
political scenario will be heard by all the church there in USA and that our brothers will become concious of the real battle we have to face, which is against the spiritual
principalities of this darkened world.

Love in Christ, may God bless you in all!


Dear Jack,

That Rapture can happen anytime before the last 1260 days. What is your take on this? Thanks,

Peter at Canada


Your one mistake is calling the United States Babylon the Great. It is actually the Jews who are Babylon the Great, not the United States.


You wrote:

“We all know that if many of America’s major cities were destroyed by nuclear weapons, the fallout would spread across the nation killing millions, and effectively end America’s power grip on the world. However, these prophecy teachers fail to take into account that if America is suddenly attacked like that, the President would make every Arab Islamic capital and Moscow a nuclear wasteland in retaliation.”

Not this President. Barack Obama is a coward. I have always been taught that America is not mentioned in end-times prophecy, as if we are no longer here…or no longer relevant.



Dear Jack – thank you for the most recent e-mail and the link to Georgeann. I have had knots in my stomach due to friends now participating in the ‘Tea Party’ who are the same ones who have not repented from the ‘God Bless Bush’ era ( 2 John 11).

You really put things on track as to where we are to be in our thinking and doing. I will send your e-mail to them, and maybe they will even listen to your message about seeking the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.

I have noticed a great emphasis on being armed and ready by the talk show hosts and guests. I would like to hear you again on Georgeann’s show – about the economy, the gold and The Revelation. All this talk about gold while scripture says it will be thrown
into the streets. You are the first person in a very long time that has mentioned or has given honor to the Kingdom of God. What a

The only question I have (today!) is Jesus instructed his apostles to preach the Good News, and to wipe their feet if it was not received.
At what point does one wipe their feet?

My answer much of the time is the Sermon on the Mount – especially “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children
of God” – this is my answer to those Christians who hate Arabs and believe in the killing of innocent civilians especially the children and the mothers. I was attending a church when the invasion of Iraq began – no one mentioned the 1 million Christians who lived there and I heard people say how wonderful that Iraq is now open for the preaching of the Gospel. I no longer attend a church, and I must say I have been blessed by this! Amos 3:3 – is one of my favorite scriptures. I walk with Jesus (well I limp alot) but I cannot walk with those who disagree with Jesus even though they believe that me being unchurched is apostate/ignorant/.

My very best regards,


Although I agree with you one hundred percent, HOW did you get my email address?? I don’t know you and want to know how you got my address.
Thanks, Kenneth



I can’t thank you enough for your emails. I’m so glad that you perservere in these times with the truth. I, myself, have been having many visions that are all lining up with what you’re saying.

Thank you so much for having me on your email list. God bless you and may the Truth reach many.



Hitler was a Christian, and the Jews are the problem. The Jews even say they are. It is to bad that you are not a believer in Jesus Christ. You even think that the U.S. Is Babylon the Great when in reality those people that you support and defend; the Jews, are actually Babylon the Great.


As Christans we should not hate any people becauseof their race or color…..I believe there are good Jewish people and evil Jewish people…just like in any race of people…..Good and evil exist today in all races and creeds of people….We all have a duty to God and His son Jesus Christ to fight Evil……America is less than 300 years old and is the envy of the whole world but consider yourself blessed if you live here in the land ofthe free….America has endured the stigma of slavery..endured world war…dropped bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima…endured melting pots growing pains….but through it all is the most generous country on the face of the Earth…I Love America because God foundeed America…..we are all under God praying for Justice for all…..I prefer God to do all the Judgement since we all have sinned and come short of the desired mark……..I am 66 years old and the most wisest thing I have ever heard is….A kind word to another person is the most powerful thing and if you take an eye for an eye
it ends up making the whole world blind…….