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Thank you so much, Jack, for sending this to me!

I had come across this article by Anton Bosch but couldn’t remember the author or where I’d last seen it.

It really opened my eyes to the meaning behind the Battle Hymn. I’d choked up singing it before – although the words were curious to me.

They didn’t quite make sense. Now they do.

It is a testimony to the power music can have over our emotions, isn’t it? And tradition. And ignorance of scripture.

Bless you Jack…



I suspect that most of the Jewish Apostles didn’t fight on behalf of Rome was because they were Jewish and could not support Rome. After all, countless Jews were slaughtered at the hands of the Romans. Now would the Apostles or even the Disciples of Christ have fought in defense of Israel if they had the chance and Israel, at that time, was an independent state? I believe the answer would have been yes.

As far as the Beast of Revelation, we are beginning to see this come together right now via the EU or the “Revived Roman Empire.” The issue of Augustine…his permission to fight on behalf of Rome wouldn’t have convinced me. I would have never fought for Rome in any lifetime.

Hope this helps. It’s the best answer I have for you jack.

Thanks again…

Keep Looking Up… The Messiaha’s Return Is At Hand…

Bro Stef

Dear Stef,

Your response has left me extremely saddened and grieved in my heart. The apostles of Jesus who wrote the New Testament would not fight because, as Jesus said and did, they loved their enemies and wanted them to be saved. They were obeying the Lords command to pick up their cross, deny themselves, just as Jesus later instructed the church in Smyrna who were being persecuted and killed, “be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life”, Revelation 2:10.

They would not have fought with carnal weapons against Rome even if Israel was free from its crushing power. There were sects of Jews, like the Zealots, who were fighting Rome and Jesus called them to repentance. Don’t’ you remember the words of that Jew, Paul, who taught the Corinthians that “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal”, 2 Corinthians 10:4; and to the Ephesians he said “we wrestle not against flesh and blood”, Ephesians 6:12? Do you really think Paul would join an army to fight against Rome whether Israel was free or not? Furthermore, the Christians of the Roman Empire during the first few generations of church history who refused to join the military were mostly Gentile citizens of the empire, not Jews. As a matter of fact, Paul left the Jews and ministered to the Gentile citizens and these were the ones who were persecuted and despised for not fighting for their nation.

You say Augustine would not have convinced you to fight for Rome, yet the Founding Fathers of America who were not born again Christians have done so, as you declare you willingness to fight and kill for America who is indeed the final form of the Christian Roman Empire that Constantine and Augustine created in the fourth century.

Stef, I know you understand that Satan and his fallen angels have been given, by God, power over the nations until the second coming of our Lord Jesus. This includes America you know, who came out of the Roman European Empire, displacing the colonial powers of England, France, and Spain, three of the original nations of the old Roman Empire. This was the fulfillment of Daniel 7:8, 20, where Rome would be divided and out of it would come a “Little Horn” that would grow to be the leader of the final phase of the Roman Beast of Revelation 13. The only difference between Daniel and John’s vision of this fourth beast is that John saw it wearing a sheepskin coat masquerading as a Christian Empire. I can’t believe you and Sandy would fight and kill to preserve what Jesus is coming back to destroy with the breath of his mouth.

You and Sandy are natural Jews and should know better. I beg and plead with you from a broken heart that you will reconsider what you are believing and teaching to other Christians. You have been seduced in your minds by this “militant pride of life” that 1st John 2:16 says is part of our old sin nature. You know that I love and care about you, and I am praying you will allow the Holy Spirit to “renew” your minds, for this is a matter of eternal life and death.

Your eternal friend and brother,



Dear Mr. Hook, Your email was quite a surprise to me, but very timely. The LORD has been gently showing some of the same things you have written about. I used to be an active Patriot in the past, but no longer…not that I don’t love my country, I do. However, the Holy Spirit has been showing me more and more that GOD IS LOVE and He does not desire us to go to war, but to overcome evil with good. I believe that the LORD is desiring us to get the pollution out of the church and preach the pure WORD of Truth, instead of man’s doctrine.

Keep up the good work and God bless you!



Dear Brother Jack:
I want to thanks you for keep sending your mails. Very interesting your descriptions, and very informative also. It is horrible how many worldly people is not aware of their not born again condition, unrepentant of their sins remain professed Christians but having not repented of their sins and having not understood their actual sinful nature. It is informative how pastors remained superficial in their preaching, covering many issues and not preaching enough the teachings of Paul the Apostle, legalism is rampant in the churches. Your paragraph:

“As I have written repeatedly over the years, it was a sad day in my life when I discovered from the Lord Jesus Christ in his scriptures that this militant pride I felt was coming from one of the core elements of my sin nature that he wanted to save me from. This proud attitude fit in well with other elements like my love of money, love of self, and love for this world system described in 1st John 2:16. The Lord convinced me that these things I was taught as a young Christian were keeping alive the very sin nature within me that he shed his blood to separate from me. Do you now see the dilemma that confronts all those who take the name of Jesus but remain willfully ignorant of the major components of their sin nature?”

is surely an indicator or the case of many U.S. professing Christians. Really sad. But, well, you know that apocalyptic times are approaching and many millions will convert during the Great Tribulation, when facing the Apocalyptic facts.

God bless you.


Hello Jack: I enjoyed the article very much. I agree that the self righteous right wingers are creating a great deception and inspiriting people to have hope in an earthly utopia under a Constitution. Such can never be the case. People want Christianity on their terms, and that includes a love of the world and the things of the world. The fact that Scripture tells us that this world is not our home has little revelance to many who profess to be Christians.

I had a conversation with a professing Christians yesterday who is into worldly ways. Without even having him or his ways on my mind in our conversation, and speaking in general about the evils on TV and gross carnality, he immediately replied, ” no one is perfect.”

The remark was cast at me as an implication that I was trying to present myself as perfect and above others. What was really going on was that the person didn’t like the fact that some one was touching his sacred ground, and it made him feel uncomfortable. That led to his defensive posture, and his need to retaliate and defend himself rather than look at what he had convinced himself was acceptable behavior.

While many love to show others that they are sinners and are going to hell, they have little stomach to looking at their own lives and what they are allowing into it. They get pricked in the heart but not to repentance.

God Bless, David


I agree with the vast majority of what you have written. However, just espousing those doctrines is not enough. What is desperately needed are believers willing to know Christ in a continuing journey of intimacy through prayer, fasting, and Scriptural meditation. Again, I am edified by your articles.

Your brother, Rick


Hi Jack,

This is an interesting article. I have a question for you. Why do you think that the anti-Christ will be the president of the USA? I find this interesting for two reasons. First, I have always been intrigued by the absence of any indication of the existence of the USA in the book of Revelation. It seems to center around the Middle East and Europe.

Second, to me it is obvious that the anti-Christ must be a Jew because we are told that the Jews accept him for a while as the Messiah. They would never receive a Gentile as the Messiah. Thus—

Hoping to hear from you,



Brother Jack,

Though there are different ways to skin a cat, the bringing together of the false prophet under the Pope (Catholicism that includes every false “Christian” religion, Judaism and Islam) by whom will bring honor to the Anti-Christ who will glorify the power of his father, the Devil, in a new world political and economic system has been taking form under the judgment of the Almighty for years! The little whores like Olsten, Warren, and other “Charismatic” leaders which have bowed down to Rome many years ago will continue that deception of America and Europe unto the “time of Jacobs’s trouble”.

Wars and rumors of wars will continue to rise even as like unto Egypt. This kind of “war” that was waged using the “airwaves- i.e., the prince and power of the AIR (Ephesians 2:2)” to bring together mobs for the purpose of change will probably take shape in America when the next Republican gets elected! As it has been said, and the truth be known, that “Republicans and Democrats are two wings of the same bird flying the wrong way”. As the bible says and America had been guilty days without number, “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God”. This nation has been turned into hell and a confusion of face (Ezra 9:7, Daniel 9:8) is upon most of Christianity whose false leaders have been spoiled by this filthy lucre, filthy communication who lie one to another. Good reading for these times is found in 2 Peter 2

Out of the 10 nations and 7 heads (no one knows who they are yet, but will probably come out of the Europe (including Russia), America and Middle East) will form the final push of the persecution of the church of Jesus Christ, its eventual rapture followed by the greatest wrath on earth until the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. As you know, Jerusalem is occupied by false Christianity, Judaism and Islam. My “guess” is that the Anti-Christ will be a Syrian Jew (Abraham was a Syrian).

I do not hold firm to my specifics, but I believe that my scriptural understanding that shapes my framework of end times is within the realm of biblical truth. My thoughts and intents of my heart have been yielded to the truth of the Holy Bible known as King James Scriptures by the Holy Ghost.

Unto him, the Lord Jesus Christ be glory, honour and power.

A servant of Jesus Christ,


Thanks, George, for responding with such well-written and easy to understand comments. We have many things in common that are based upon our Lord Jesus Christ, his death, resurrection, and glorious second coming to establish his millennial Kingdom on this earth. As to the finer details of prophecy, we are learning together every day, and I have learned over the years to not be divisive over differences we might have as we have the same foundation. The Spirit of God that indwells us wants us to be bound together in his love and compassion for one another as we grow in the prophetic knowledge of our Lord. It is an honor to be your new friend, George. Keep in touch. Jack


Hi, pal !

Thank you one more time to include me to receive your e-mails. Please… Never stop to send me your posts. You’re able to write the right stuff at right time. Your letters is a turning point… A stone mark in our minds.

All the best pal,

Cmdr. Cavelson – Black Hawk Aerial Surveillance


Dear Jack,

I rejoice in what I see God doing in Egypt to fulfill Isaiah chapter 19. But I don’ t think you see what I see because you are blinded by what you call just war doctrines and other such nonsense and minutia that you can’ t see the forest for the trees with respect to God’ s plan for the ages. You seem like a fretting old woman to me, so concerned about things you do not understand and can do nothing about.
But in your heart of hearts you know the Lord is in control and is carrying out his plan for earth in accordance with his will, purpose and timing. So, please stop fretting and wait upon the Lord and your strength will be renewed and he will give you true insight into what he is doing. And then we might be able to intelligently and spiritually talk about what God is doing and what he wants us to do.

Kingdom blessings,

David T.


I read every word. I think you right on as scriptures unfold before us. I am a vet of Korean war, served on USS Wisconsin BB64, Jan 9, 1951 for about 2 yearsm and US Minecraft Base, Charleston, SC. Diacharged Aug 27 1954. Entered Hanover College Sept 9, for 4 years. Became teacher, IU work on masters, then 88 hours Bible college. Support no politician, and understand error of their ways. Am very busy in prayer and music, counseling, and preach word as written. no notes, prepared sermonettes. I give myself to Holy Spirit to speak. DO not preach for money. Non demonination. I am Blessed. Howard


Jack I enjoy your your news letters. First you asked me about being a veteran. U S Navy Retired Boot camp 57 Bainbridge Md CT school 57-58 Imperial Beach Ca. Did not do so well wanted to be a sea going sailor. USS Jefferson County LST 845 58-59-60 USS Page County LST 1076 60-63 USS Holder DD 819 63-67 Definitely got what I wanted sea duty to the max.
Company Commander 67-70. San Diego Ca. NIOTC 70-71
Mare Island Vallejo Ca. Oakland Naval Hospital 5 months.
USS Chicago CG 11 71-72 USS Brewton De 1086 72-73
Company Commander 73-74. NAS Lemoore 74-76. Did do a short time on the Paul Revere in the boat division while attached to the Jefferson County. Made the Cuban crisis and 4 trips to Vietnam. Between you and me the Navy was the best thing that ever happened to me besides my life with the Lord and my Wife. Lord first wife and kids and then the Navy I might add. The Navy definitely made a man of me. Thank you for your interest. I am not in very good health and have not done much on the computer in the last couple of years. Will not go into the illnesses that I deal with each and every day. I would like to keep in contact with you. I am going to email this article to three of my shipmates that I served with on the Jefferson County 5 of us still keep in contact after all these years. Again thanks
I do not think a lot of good is going to come out of the latest uprising in Egypt but one can pray for the best. Too much going on in this country also. Rit SM1 Retired


Jack I sent you that article about Obama at the “Prayer Breakfast”.

Hes moving to the center a little because he knows he needs some moderate and independent votes to win in 2012. After which I believe if he wins I bet my bottom dollar he will then condone gay marriage fully and openly. Hes said recently hes considering it…God help him, talk about building wrath from God.

When you have main stream conservatives endorsing GOPROUD its over man ! !

Not to mention Ronald Reagans son, Cheneys daughter, Bushes wife and daughters all being not only OK with it but being more and more outspoken

about it.

The other thing I notice is that a lot of conservatives against it say “well its not the optimal situation for children to be raised in” instead of being able to say the plain truth that its wrong period and its wrong because God says it is. And that the destruction this will bring upon society would be disastrous.

God provides those boundaries for our own safety and well being but now we’re so sophisticated we dont need them and God has become nothing more than a divine vending machines for our personal whims. Most christians are to busy eating out of the worlds hog troff to see or understand any of this.

This is no doubt a big part of the “great deception” along with the NWO, 1 world government & religion, evolution and alien disclosure. I think the aliens are going to be the thread that ties this stuff together by saying they started our species and have been watching us evolve for millions of years and that we all need to do to evolve to the next stage as John Lennon said is “Come Together”.

Tens of thousands of believers will lose their so called “faith” over night…..PEACE


Hi Jack
Hope your day today is filled with special blessings. I did like your latest article. You put it together nicely. Us born-agains know that Jesus is coming to take us home. Mom and Dad,

Can’t wait to see them. I find it sad that the young man felt there were no other options, however I feel his death was not in vain. I am 54 and each day as I carry on I just love it when we know that at ANY time of day/night we can call on our Heavenly Father.
I try not to get all worked up over any preacher or their ministry. Yes I know it’s always about money. Don’t get me wrong here because we are commissoned to preach the “good news.” I know we all have idiosyncries and God knows it as well. Over the years my Jesus has has brought me through alot. He is sooooo awesome. There’s not enough words or even the right ones to describe it. Did you know that there are over 10,000 bible verses that refer to end times. I have come to conclude that man will always let you down but Christ never does. Keep up the good work your doing. In Christ, Leslie