March 2002 Comments

God Bless you, Jack, that was excellent!!!
Keep the message coming…I love it when someone takes the bull by the
horns and tells it like it is….bless you!!!

YHWH, I know. Torah, I know. Prophets, I know. Writings, I know. Daniel, I know. Isaiah, I know but I do not know Paul nor Jesus your other gods.
Great article! Appreciate very much your sincerity…if’s refreshing in this world…Keep on with the good news of Christ…I know that without HIm I would be nothing. I sin and know that I am a sinner. My conscience pricks me many times. We do wrestle against earthy Satanic principalities everyday. I will keep you in prayer and your ministry. Please..me the same!
God Bless You

Thank you for the sobering yet truthful Instruction. I think that I have slipped in the intensity of my love for Jesus. I just returned from a funeral for a 22 year old girl, whose father I led (poorly at best) through the Timothy Program. Sitting there following the celebration of her life I considered the number of people who felt the ‘fire’ of Christ, beckoning them (me included) to Him, thinking about how His fire, in us has been, in effect, unattended – left to lose its flame, becoming luke-warm. I came home, turned on my computer for new email and…here was your article. Christ is at work in all of us, encouraging us to throw more logs on His fire. Thanks again.
Hello Jack

Thank you for the last email on being lukewarm. I want
more than ever to be as close to him as I can get. I
too have had my fill of the lies of the name it and
claim it crowd. They have hurt me but I forgive them.
May God deliver them from their deception before it’s
too late.
Your Sister in Christ Jesus
Amen Brother Jack. I too know this turning away I am ashamed to say and the lukewarm half baked Christian attitude I once had too. Now it was when I took sick. I have lupus, had a stroke and now have a bad kidney -that I too realised what I was doing and how awful !!
I could never be satisfied with anything less than a true love of my Saviour and Father, and He would not be satisfied with less either. He asks us to be perfect and once we truly repent and live a true Christian life we are -even we make small errors of judgement or whatever, He understands these things.
Like you though my heart is sad for my two sons who have not yet handed their lives to the Lord and other members of my family too.
All we can do my friend is continually pray and by example show them how content and happy and unworried we are in this life with Christ in our hearts because we are not of this world but just live in it. If this breaks our hearts how must their Father in Heaven feel !
I love your pages, and I am encouraged and inspired by them and your writings. Well done , and thank you Brother.
I have become so consumed with hatred for someone that it is coming back on me and my family and I don’t know what to do! How, as a Christian, have I allowed this to happen???? Do you believe in “what goes around, comes around?” It’s coming around. I can’t get this person off my mind–he has nearly killed my husband in many ways, save by a weapon, and forgiving and allowing God to have His justice eludes me, so consumed am I! I fear I’ll die soon with this on my soul!

You know, if you want to teach, God told you to study first. For to mislead His children is a very serious offense, indeed. Yet, you continue to teach according to your own mind, not our Father’s. It is not very difficult for one who is even somewhat knowledgeable in our Father’s Word to spot a phony. It’s simple, just compare what they say to the true Word of God. You have not been called forth by God to teach. It’s painfully obvious that you’re not qualified. As in your past messages to me, I’ve pointed out your errors below, according to the Word. Yet you continue to “prophesy” (which means to teach) out of your own heart, mislead God’s children, and drive them away from His Word.
ok Jack, here is something for you, man seeks revenge God dosen’t. Judgement is a tool of man, who wants recompence for evry little thing done against them. God is the creator who loves his creation and is willing to do anything to see that the things he created prospers. You serve a revengeful I serve a God of mercy, love, kindness,goodness and I will follow him not your revenful god. I know the bible insideout, but I went further I got to know God, try getting to know him and you may stop preaching vengence


not bad, but i think you are shurly very alone with your thinking in america, america where also the christians are hailing bush their savior
greetings georges
You don’t realize how timely this message was to me: I really needed to read it. I’ve been going through a spell of spiritual dryness — I’ve been in a valley, marked with complacency — and I need the power of the Holy Spirit to revive me, again.
I am a born again Christian and enjoyed the note you sent to my site. However, I don’t understand why you’d be talking about the military the way you did. They are part of the government and we are to respect and obey the government unless they command us to do something that is not in line with God’s word. Right?
Thank you, Jack, for a most stirring, sensible, wise and much needed post. I needed to hear these words. I appreciate your humbleness and contrition in including yourself among those you pointed out….and I, too, count myself among them. I have printed this out and intend to re-read it again and again. It is the type of self-confrontation we all need – especially so now – now just before He returns. I know many of us have grown
so weary and impatient waiting and watching… and I know for a fact that my own testimony has become of little effect. Inside my heart and soul the passion and desire for His Coming still burns, but the effort is stay awake and alert is becoming more difficult. I used to think earning a crown simply for WATCHING and LOVING HIS APPEARING should be easy….ahhhh, but not so. Thank you again for a wonderful excellent commentary. Shalom, Sherry

Sir–thank you for sending me this e-mail this is pure truth you see i thought just like you did, i wanted Jesus and what the world has to offer i was a greedy pig–but the Holy Spirit he showed me the gross error of my greedy ways— my what a lustful man i was a real pig–your christian brother loves you so much for this e-mail–May the God of Heaven Bless you
True word indeed. We all must return to our first love. Our relationship with Christ Jesus must be much more than that with a spouse. We must hunger and thirst after more righteousness. To be a God chaser is my desire. It isn’t enough to know of God or to know God but we must desire to walk in the presence of the true God! Thank you for sharing this with me. It is greatly true that we are being called to holiness and sanctification. Without holiness, no one shall see the Lord. I can’t wait till I can bow at his feet.
You cannot be serious about being a champion for the Lord Jesus Christ with such misleading statements as this from your last e-mail……” Please understand, the time will come that Jesus Christ will kill his enemies. So until he returns we are to demonstrate his love and warn people to flee from the coming judgment.” You sound like the typical blood thirsty revenge seeking church goer who can’t wait for Jesus to sic em’ . May God have mercy on your soul and may you be shown the way of heaven.
Dear Jack. Thank you for sending this to me. It is refreshing to read the truth. There are so many lies out there that are mixed with the truth. Your writings are not. I pray the Lord bless your writings to the hearts of believers, and unbelievers alike. Your Brother in Jesus the Christ of Nazareth. Paul.
You need help before you end up in the nut house.
Very good! I feel lukewarm today. I want to hear from God. but i don’t want to forgive my husband. I can’t seem to do it or to love those around me. I feel really hopeless today. But thanks for your word., or I should say the Lord’s word
Dear Jack,
I agree with you wholeheartedly and I have also been there in that spirit of lukewarm and indifferance. I pray people will wake up today!! And many in my family and friends also. We can not do it for them they must do it for themselves. I have been surrounded by overwhelming problems and that will often rob me of my time in the Word with the Holy Spirit. I repent of descouragement i love Jesus with my whole heart mind and soul keeping my eye single is what I long to do.

It is so easy to let the cares of this world creep in and choke out the worship our God deserves. I’m quite tired of the Gospel of wealth and prosperity, yet to their own master they stand or fall. If i was to look to long and hard at the present state of the Church i would become so bowed down i would never be able to look to Gods beautiful face and see his endless mercy. The prophets have prophesied and the preachers have preached the singers have sang. Will there be any standing in faith when He returns? I pray i will be. I love Him too much to lose it!
Thank you Jack for your encouraging words of prophecy!
Thank you friend, what a wake up call…I too, am guilty of the very same things…As I too have and still do struggle with this carnal world we live in…For the comforts of this life is so inviting, it seems as though we get tired of the good fight and give in to our weaknesses, rather than call upon the one who can give us new thoughts and a new heart to live in this world and wait upon His return and the strength to resist temptations…

I often think of “how my life could be better” and it is with attacks of Satan and his small army of demons that trap us into believing that “live today and let tomorrow take care of its self”…I am so guilty of that…And you as my witness I ask my Lord to forgive me of my unfaithfulness to Him and my service to Him and instead of waiting upon the promises of Heaven I have been waiting for that forgotten ship to enter my dock of prosperity…Thank you friend for sharing and I thank the Lord for you being an instrument in my coming to my senses…
Your friend in Christ
Christians need their antichrist as much as they need their christ; without antichrist there wouldn’t be any salvation. Fortunately Judas has betrayed
Jesus, so Jesus could make the people believe that his death was in fact for humanity’s salvation.

How strange, this religion. Why are people so angry with Judas when he speedened up the process of salvation. I believe in the antichrist, not christ, so they are both not necessary.
Regards, Marcel, The Netherland
Amen and thank you for this message. This is the message we hav ebeen trying to spread to thos we come in contact with. There is no such thing as dual citizenship, relative to Christ’s kingdom. Either you are a citizen of His kingdom, or you are a citizen of the world. There is no middle ground.
Once again, thank you for your words of Truth, in an ever-deceitful world.
God Bless
Your preaching to a pagan here sir. While I do not hold your beliefs, I respect your right to them. Please allow me the same courtesy and lose this address as have NO idea who you are. Thank you.
Good Morning !
I am in “awe” everyday…..as i see the many ways God is working in my Life ! Any other day as I read from my Bible , it is as you say – The words jump off the page at me !!, But last night I was “down” and not feeling well, and after i was finished reading…….I honestly thought to myself ” What did i just read”…it didnt seem to jump off the page at me. I feel so Blessed, that when i seem to get off track……..God sends me someone to “Wake me up”…………..and that was YOU. Thank you for your message and may GOD bless you and those near to you……..
Dear Brother Hook
I agree with you About President Bush He looks good and sounds good, but doesn’t quite square. I was reading the 18th chapter of Revelation one day and it became very obvious to me that The United States is the “Babylon the great” is The USA. The things said of “Babylon the great” could be said of no other nation. I am thankful that, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind 2 Tim. !:7. I enjoy your web site.
Your in Jesus Christ Bill
I appreciated receiving this from you. It’s so true. Somedays I can’t help but feel such a deep sadness for so many around me that are “pretend” Christians. But, they won’t listen. Most of the churches are in terrible trouble right now…so many into a lukewarm stupor & so many into earthly riches. God bless you.
Dear Jack,
Thank you for your letter and sharing your website with me. I have been on
the wrong path but am returning to the way of the cross. I can relate to
your testimony of a lukewarm heart. It is the most miserable place of all
to be.

God has recently sent a whale to swallow me up in my life. I have found
myself in a like situation such as Job. But am beginning to find, enjoy,
and see his mercy. Those who trust in lying vanaties forsake there own
mercy. I for a long time have trusted in opression and peversity. I have
now chosen to trust in a loving and very powerful Saviour. “JESUS”
He really is all that we need. the great “I AM”.

Thank you so much for sharing, may God Bless You and Yours that
you may continue to Bless! Unto Him be all HONOR, GLORY, POWER,

Thank you very much for the email. I have bookmarked your website and will continue to look through it. I was once very fervent in myt desire to see souls saved, to see my family come to the Lord…..Satan is very good at stealing that love from us and he stole mine without me even knowing he’d done it.

I have over the last year realized my lack of love and compassion for the
lost and for the hurting brothers and sisters. Today, I know that to often I
came to church waiting to Lazarus and Jesus, not Jesus only as I should have.

I wanted the miracle. I wanted the the benefits of being a church going
christian, but I had forgotten to love the Lord first and foremost.
It’s a far harder road to turn away from the pharasetical path I was on than
it was to follow Jesus at the first, but the Lord is faithful and continues
to point the way daily.

Thank you for your testimony. It was a blessing to hear of another’s slippery
slope. To know others have needed to turn back from the wrong path.

blessings of peace
Bless the Lord from whom all Blessings flow. Brother Hook I thank God for you allowing the Holy Ghost to use you just as He has in you sending me this e-mail. Brother Hook I choose to fall in Love with the King of Kings in Jesus name. Keep me in your Prayers and we shall do the same for you. Blessings on you always in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. P.S. Brother Hook I had gotten Lukewarm in reading God’s word, pray for me to stay focus and not allow myself to be distracted in the name of Jesus. Hope to hear from you soon.
Please remove me from this mailinglist. I respect everybody’s
opinion but am an atheist myself!
Dear Mr. Hook,
I would like to thank you for sending this to me. I have no idea how you got my e-mail address or if you even know who I am or what, but it was a blessing. All throughout these troubling times, the people I love most are straying away from their first love. My family is very angry and wants to go to war. I try to stress to them the fact that Jesus was love and the whole basis of my salvation is the fact that Jesus loved me for who i was and what I’ve done. I want to make them see that the way they want vengeance is not showing people what degree of love we are capable of. Instead, we show them only the hatred we can hold. They feel like we should start a war with the countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan, etc. I try to tell them that we must love them like Osama Bin Laden and not try to start war with them. When we do that, we are giving satan a reason to retalliate. Of course, I do believe that what freedom we do have is a gift of God, and it should be protected, but not at the expense of innocents and violence. Anyways, I would just like to thank you for that letter and I am passing it on to ALL of my friends. God Bless, and keep sending letters.
God Bless, ><>Whitney
Never send me anything again. I do not want you lies polluting my mailbox. If I ever see anyone from your organization comeing anywhere close to Jewish children, you better hope that the lawsuits get you before I do.
Please remove me from your mailing list, I do not care for unsolicited mail. While I appreciate your interest in making me see the light, I have my own mind.
Dear Jack,
I’m not too sure how you found me and my little website, but I think the Holy Spirit may have had alot to do with it. I went to your website and I think it is just great. I am kinda in the lukewarm stage myself right now…we have not found a caring church now in over 2 yrs. Our son Jonathan went to be with Jesus 2 yrs ago and we know that he is ok and in the safe arms of Jesus. However, we miss loving him so much that the pain is at times so unbearable that we just want to give up. My only connection to Jesus, it seems, is my website. I know God’s Truth and I’m born again as is my wife and son David. You are right though in that this world and its influences are so strong. I would ask that you and your fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord would pray for us even though I know that my family and I must completely put of faith and trust in Jesus. Please pray that God will show me the way out of this “Lukewarm” situation that I find myself in.
Here at the Israelite Torah Covenant Community, I as an Israelite Priest and the thousands that are members of our International Communites could care less about your Heathen Demonic Counterfiet Saviour and God Jesus….

We know the Truth and the Truth is within us according to Yahs most holy Torah, and Not from some Idiot Hebrew-Greek-Hellinisic Apostate name Paul nor Hist Euro-gentile Christian-Roman-Devil worshipping doctrine… Christianity and Those Euro-gentiles who run it are the Real Terrorist and destructors of the World…. Its in your blood, the seat of your soul… Yet delusions and Deception blind those who are the Spawn and Seed of Satan… such as youself… hearkening unto strange Seducing Spirits and Worshipping ZEUS, HeyZus, JESUS, Iseous(Izeouz)… What a Shame and What a pity… You fools who are of the EuroGentile Way of Life….Yah says he will bring an end to your World to Establish his own, The KINGDOM OF YHWH!!!
I do not know who you are, but take me off this e-mail list. As a thoughtful, reflective, religious person, I find it offensive. I never want to receive such a message again.
Dear Sir,
I truly respect your world views. I am also a man of faith… a seminarian —
only I am a Jew studying to be a rabbi. It’s nice to see such strong faith
convictions in my Christian cousins. Though interfaith study interests me, an in depth study of new testament and Christian belief, however, is not
something I really want to take part in an internet setting. So, respectfully, could you please take me off your mailing list? Thank you. B’Shalom

so whats wrong with the antichrist? would you not bow for the
salvation of your body and this life rather then fall and loose it
I don’t know how you got this e-mail address, but don’t write here again! You preach what you don’t even understand. The first commandment is to not committ idolotry. You do so by worshipping a person: Yeshu! aka JESUS.
Thank you for this email! I love you brother! Sometimes it looks as if we are alone, … like Elijah.

It is hard for me to live with a broken heart. The pain creates bitterness in a heart which is not cleansed. Anger and vengance. I try to overcome my self. We should shurely get ready. Or we should have gotten ready a long time ago.
Thank you again Mike
Read you email today with interest. I have had similar thoughts, particularly as it relates to our country. I do support our President and our government however I see a rise in religious “tolerance” which in some circles will make those of us like you and me seem as dangerous as the Talliban. According to George Barna data there is not a greater but perhaps a reduced commitment to absolute moral truth since 9/11; etc.

Please tell me a bit more about yourself. I did visit the web site. Agree with the doctrinal statement. Where are you located geographically? Etc.
Pastor Larry
Dear Mr. Hook,
The world is in sad shape because people have not accepted the two main teachings of Jesus. Love the Lord above all and love the neighbor as the self. Notice the self comes after the Lord and the neighbor. Our world has reversed the order. First improper self love as evidenced by greed, pride etc. Then improper love of the neighbor such as lust, infatuation, false friendship. This is capped off with a weak, watered down worship of God that is ultimately as self serving as the rest. Love is the fulfillment of the Law Fred
I have no intention of turning my ear from what I just read. I plan on putting a FIRE in YOUR ear so that you can finally READ the scriptures IN context and without Dark Age interpretation added to them. You, sir, are a slave to tradition as much as the chiefest of pharisees in Jesus day. The question is, are you so full of hate and anger that you will refuse to look at the plain errors in YOUR Bible translation or is there really any of Jesus’ love inside of you to humble yourself and see. Well see, what’s in your heart shortly. But right now I have other things to attend. Suffice it to say, I do NOT intend to turn my ear but I DO intend to stick a stick of dynamite of truth in your ear to see how much cement is in it. Til then, peace.
sorrie but i dont know who u are…. or where ur from…. if someone
asked u to send this to me… please stop… ill find christ when i need
to. and please dont throw it in my mailbox without my permission. thats kind of rude.
Kindly do NOT send me any more of your demented ravings to my e-mail box. I do not know how you got my e-mail in the first place. Your invasion of my privacy is unwanted and anyway, your condemning arrogant know-all attitude displayed in your e-mail is unacceptable. I bet you don’t even talk in tongues. Kindly refrain from replying to this e-mail or any further contact with myself. You seriously need psychiatric help brother!!
Greetings, Brother in the Lord I just got done reading your book, “Babylon the Great is Falling”, on line. It is very interesting, and from a view I don’t believe I have ran across before, that of the antichrist will come from America, and actually be the President. I have saved your web site on my “favorites” and will return to it. I will also have some people I know read it.

I had been going to church for years (since 1978), at Bible-believing churches, but was not truly born again till about a year and a half ago. Of course, when I tell people that, they tell me I just took myself off the throneroom of my heart, and let Christ Jesus have His rightful place. Well, I don’t agree with that. I believe as you do, that a person can choose to turn away from the Lord and fall from the faith.

The Lord is doing a lot with me and in me, spiritually, and has me in the process of looking at all I believe, and why. Now, the fundamentals of the faith aren’t in that category. I am talking about other things, like interpretation of prophecy, are we really in the middle of a great revival as many say, or not? (I think not, myself). I agree with you, that the church, particularly here in America and the west needs to repent.

I have been surfing the web, checking different Christian sites out. This is is proving to be interesting, and is teaching me things, in some cases, what not to believe. I am going to be putting up a web page/site that is dedicated to defending the faith, and helping those in bondage, particularly to the occult/cults, and addictions. I’m sort of apprehensive, as I know a lot, if not all of what I put on that site will not be liked by the greater part of the church. But, the Lord has made it clear to me that I am to do this. I am very grateful when I come upon sites as yours, where people hold true to the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God. The Lord has given me a burden to get His Word out there. Many are claiming “revival, revival”, but I see many who think they are going to Heaven going straight into the arms of the antichrist and hell. Thanks Bless You, Deborah

Bless you for your open, honest and candid letter entitled “They Loved Not The Truth.” Yours is a real testimony and touched me deeply. It also encouraged me to believe, once again, that NOBODY is BEYOND God’s reach for restoration and redemption.
Mr. Hook,
I just read the email that you sent to me. I am little shocked. I mean I don’t remember sending you an email or anything. How did you get my address? Anyway, I can relate to everything you said. I was saved 8 years ago. Not long I know. But also lost my, no left my first love. I have experienced alot of misleading things in churches. I got to the point of telling myself to quit or give it all. I chose to give my all. I have also decided to learn everything for myself with the help of the Holy Spirit. God is so good and I feel that we don’t have a long wait before we see our savior.
Bro. Hook,
That’s not a sarcastic statement. I believe somewhat similar to most of what you propigate and to that I say, Praise the Lord! Please keep E-mailing me, I love to read other peoples views on different theological issues. It takes alot of brass these days to stand up and tell the truth no matter who it may offend. If we had more men of God who would do the same, instead of being caught up in bringing in that tithe dollar, or selling their new book on how to raise your children, or our new ministry sing-a-long for only a 19.95(free will offering) type of babylonish crap that God has absolutly nothing to do with, I believe we would be even closer to the “end times” than what we are now! I know you’re a busy man, but if you would respond, I would appreciate it. God Bless!!! Adam
How did you find my e-mail? What made you decide to tell this to me? When will Christian missionaries stop trying to convert Jewish people to Christianity? Why don’t they try converting Muslims, instead?

Thank you very much for sharing the message God entrusted to you. The time is short, much shorter than most of us realize. When I see church leaders admonishing the Body of Christ to get prepared for Jesus’ return, I am encouraged.

Your testimony also is a great encouragement to me. In the face of persecutions and trials, the LORD shows me valiant warriors of faith who were once, like me, broken by this world’s cares and by the enemy of our soul. Jesus picked me up and gave me HOPE IN HIM when I had lost all hope. He’s given me a new life in Him, here now, and an eternal one, for my destination is in heaven with Him!

My husband and I too were once sucked in by what we now refer to as the “toxic faith” movement that razed through the church in the 80’s and 90’s and still persists in some.

We have to remember that Jesus IS the answer. It isn’t about what He gives. It’s about WHO He is. We must not worship the creation, we must worship the Creator.
God bless you, Terry

God Bless! This is providence. I know that all things work for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. My spirit bears witness to your writings being truth. Wisdom hath built her house. My Lord and my God, I shall pray. Let us glorify him together. Let the world see our Jesus. Come Lord Jesus, come. Love in HIm, Rita
Dear Mr. Hook, Thanks so much for your reply. I read your testimony. What a powerful one at that. Your Mother was such a precious soul, and is there with Jesus right now, and watching over you and your family. She would be very proud of you.
May I also add, God bless you for being over there. As far as I am concerned, it was a war, and the precious veterans who served, were treated terribly. What your testimony says at the end is true, its because men fail to seek God, thats why there is so much hostility in this world. If only everyone knew Jesus, his love and how much he wants to free us from bondage. I look forward to checking out your site again, i saved it, there are many wonderful things there to see. May God continue to bless you, your family and your beloved friends. In His Name, Nancy
Dear Mr. Hook,

I thank you for sending me this email, it is very well written. As I read it, the Lord spoke to my heart, and I confessed to him that I am guilty of being lukewarm, losing my first love. Please pray for me that I will begin to make steps to turn and walk away from sin. I suppose you went to my web site and got my email address from there. Thank you for taking the time to send me this. I went to your site and read your testamony, it’s truely wonderful!! You are a talented writer, very clear, and precise. Thank you, dani
I was wondering how you got my name and forwarded me your
email. Interesting – glad to see that someone is not afraid to say that Christians have lapsed into culturalism! Down here in the south, I see it too much.

Anyways – thank you for sharing your thoughts and your website.
Your sister in Christ.
Did you know that in Islam, we also believe in Jesus, just not as the “son of God”. Jesus said that whosoever believes in him will have everlasting life. Muslims believe in him and know he will return to fight the anit-christ. The end is near. Are you ready? Do you believe in one God or more than one God?
Thank you for your insight. I briefly read what you sent me about losing your first love and all that on ecan lose if he /or she gives into the world system. I to am a sufferer of this condition and I am affraid to talk about it within the church. I came from a life of dysfunctional life and I have a diffirent view of the church. I love the LORD but it seems as though I have made major mistakes in the sin section of the WORD and I feel far from him. And all I want to do is drown the sin in more sin. But there are days whewre I feel victorious and others I am so ashamed.
A friend

What a great message! And timely too! Sin comes in so many different forms that sometimes we fail to recognize it at first. I too struggle in my daily walk with our Lord in as much as I feel as though Satan still owns real estate in my heart. Thank you for sharing your thoughts….