March 2003 Comments

It was the hand of God that got me to open a strange email this morning. I was surprized and renewed atthe breadth and depth of your writing. I dont know abouut the finer points however over all I think you have a good idea of our end time. Thankyou for your work…God will bless you…In Christ,,,Pastor Max

Also well done and informative website. Your Biblical interpretations are inspired by the Holy Spirit. God bless you all…Pastor Max
It is true. Much is spouted about the return of Christ Jesus but very few of us have anything close to Paul´s desire to depart and be with the Lord which is far better. I believe that is because we have refused to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. As far as I can tell, devotion in 21st cent. USA, is towards, denomination, dogma and the cult of man which is killing the church. Clique and cliche rule. The average ´Christian ´relationship can withstand no more strain that those in the world. Therefore the Heart of the God Man, that all would know we were His disciples by the love we had for another, proves in the eyes of the world that it is all hoax. Consider that the woman in the garden was decieved before she had a fallen nature. We have fallen natures and our capacity for deception is huge. I can testify to that fact from my own 18 yrs. in Christ. We are beguiled by the devil time and time again and brought into bondage to the material and the arm of the flesh. Consider the carnal and embrassing methods employed by countless ´ministries´ obstensily to promote Christ to a dying world.Does anyone ever stop and consider the problem is lack of conviction of sin? It is almost non existent in the church so how is God going to promote it in a dying world? He wants to save souls, but He will save them His way. He will not be party to the dog and pony shows of our fast talking gurus. Christ will not be used as a means to some temporal, fleshly end. I enjoyed your article very much. I just found the sight tonite and will bookmark it. May we all press on with hearts that keep constant flame for Him who died, only to rise for ever more. RLH

Sorry, baby I won´t be praying to a man god who is
weak, cannot save himself from being crucified and
also suffered death.
Pleez dun send me any more emails. Thanks and sorry

Jack Hook,
You have been sending me your letters for some time now and I find them
interesting. Although you will have to for give me if I may seem some what
skeptical and weary about your motives. First of all do you associate the
Mark of the Beast with the social securiety Number. Second what Church do
you belong to.
Thank you


islam is the true path provided by the god of jesus, allah the almighty. may
allah brings you to the truth.

word of 25 years old muslim

Kol Hakavod !
I might add that there will be a particular ´called out´ group (144,000)…12000 from the 12 tribes of Israel who are going to do a mighty work on the earth before we are called up to be with the Lord.
These also make up the 2 witnesses that Zechariah and Revelations speak of…they sing the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb…they keep the commandments of G-d and the faith of Yeshua…these people are the whole House of Israel…believers in Yeshua the Messiah…. living in this hour…for His Purposes. These are the Overcomers who love not their lives unto death ! the rest of the people will be with the Lord or will face judgement by Him .
How did you get my email address ?
Shalom and blessings

Take me off your e-mail list now and forever.

Thank You
long for that day when an end is made of all evil and we shall finally and eternally be with the Lord of glory. Thank you for including me in your mailing list.


I really enjoy your site. It´s great to see such a strong testimony in a
time when so many are afraid to speak truth for fear of “offending”

We have been having a discussion here on a topic that I would like your
input regarding.

We are a small group of believers who feel that “nonprofit corporation”
and “incorporating” the local church is, in effect, getting permission or
license from the state to be a church.

We refuse and object to this on the grounds that the state cannot and
will not dictate to the Church of Christ what it can or cannot do.

Your thoughts?

In Christ,


Thanks, Brother Hook. I also passed your message along to a pastor friend of mine. I´m sure he will stop in at your site. His views are probably the closest to yours of anyone I know personally. Time is short, and it is giving us a heart for the lost of Israel. Anti-Semitism is festering and is becoming “cool” in – of all places – our colleges and universities. Interesting times indeed.


You ask some very good questions but I wonder if you really want to know. You say that many talk of going to heaven but chose to put it off. A man once said that which man doesn´t understand, he fears. Man puts off dying for several reasons. One is something that God puts in us like a time clock and we know that it isn´t time for us to go but that maybe we still have something else to do. Second is the fact that so many within the teachings of the churchs teaches a subject that they really do not understand. They haven´t died so there is no way that they can teach of how it is and if someone has a different story, it isn´t accepted. So do you really want to know what it really is like. Jerrya


Thanks for including me as a recipient of this emailing. It is refreshing to read from an “eschatalogist” that exhorts not to political or economic activity but rather to faith in and joining with Jesus. But still it cracks me up to hear some of the popular interpretations of Revelation and parts of Daniel that claim to extrapolate such detail answering what, where, when and even who in regard to the ultimate events leading up to, during, and after the bodily return of Jesus. I suppose we are studying the same scriptures, but in my Bible there is no mention of “the AntiChrist”, as if the term refers to a specific person. The term antiChrist occurs only 4 times, is nowhere preceded by a definite article, and nowhere refers to the future from apostle John´s perspective. With all the talk of Islam, Russia, the pope, the president, etc., I am surpised the career eschatologists haven´t come up with The Antichrist´s name, address, telephone number, and shoe size.
(maybe they have.!)
Anyway, from one Gospel preacher to another, keep up the good work to which you are called and may God bless you “real good”.


please take me off your mailing list its bad enough reciving porn spam
to weed through let alone this stuff.
i find it pretentious and self assuming that you for some reason seem to
belive you are the only one who has found god.
i am also wondering why there is no mention of the more alarming nuclear
threat of korea.
well iam sure your intentions are good please remove me from your list
i for one would like to hope that if you truly are a follower of
christ,wich you claim to be you will have no problem respecting the
soverignty of my computer.

thank you


Thanks for sending this message. From several things you have said, I assume you are suggesting that the Anti-christ is the president of the US… Do you have more reason to believe this? It has crossed my mind as well since the Pope and President Bush have been involved together in making a peace treaty between Israel and the Arab nations….


I received your mail.I want a healing for my health.My health is in a very poor condition,Please can you pray for my healing.

I want to a miracle for my health and life.I am doing very badly in life.I want to know if there is a purpose in my life if there is any.I pray to Jesus Christ but it is not helping me either.

I don´t know what to do.I ask Jesus Christ to heal me and help me to find a purpose in life everyday.I want to work but am stuck in the four conners of my house due to my poor health.Can Jesus really help me.

As a Christian I have heard and read a lot about Jesus Christ.But in real life Jesus is not helping me.I feel nice reding thr Holy Bible but still after that I have to face the difficult and dark Life ahed.

Do you think Jesus Christ has given up on me and left me all alone.It is nice to accept Jesus Christ as Saviour but when will my misery end.I am living under constant fear.

If Jesus Christ is the Healer and Saviour why isn´t he helping and healingme.I pray to Jesus Christ a lot but why does he not bring some Joy and Peace in my Life.

I feel like a born loser.I just cannot do anything in life and Jesus is not helping me either.I am very dissapointed with Jesus Christ.I spend so much time praying to him only asking for some Peace of Mind and he did not help me even once.

Loving Regards,

Please stop sending me this stuff. I do not believe in Jesus and never will believe.

Thank you.


Dear sir,

Who are you saying is the American antichrist and why? Also Why do you believe the pope is the false prophet and not the whole catholic religion?



I don´t know who you are, but please refrain from sending me such things.

I bet Jesus is shaking his head at you right now for being so rude by

attempting to push a complete stranger into your own beliefs. Isn´t there something in the bible about treating others as you would like to be treated?

How´d you like it if I sent you a speel on why you should become a Buddhist? You may not, and I´m guessing, don´t believe in that as a religion or a way of life – but hey. It´s just as believable as yours


Hello Mr. Hook. I really enjoye your website, and you did not intrude or offend me! Jesus loves you!


Hullo Jack,

How are you?
Thank you very much for my message. Ihave been
encouraged,rebuked and enlightened by that
message.That message is from the Lord. However, it has
also been a surprise as well. Iwould like to know who
you are,what you do,where you stay,and how you got to
know me and to send me such a timely message. Iwant us
to be friends because I like people who love the Lord
and speak from his heart.Ibelieve Iwill be blessed by
being your friend.

God bless you.


Dear Jack
A very good article – agree with every word.
However… MUST you refer to Our Lord as Jesus? You wouldn´t call the
President by his Christian name, I wouldn´t call our Queen “Elizabeth”, so
why do so many of us persist in using the name Jesus? This was the name of
His humiliation on earth, and even then none of the disciples called Him
that! The narrative in the Gospels does do, for a sound theological reason
that it is the name of His humiliation, but He is now King of kings and
Lord of lords. See Sir Robert Anderson on “The Honour of His Name”
Warmest regards from


Dear brother in the Lord I really enjoy your words which described the sad state of today religious world.In Europe could be even worse.Because of the secularized attitude which ruled these nation for a long time now,over here the name of God was regarded as a backward, narrow notion good for weak and primitive people.Socialy speaking some of our countries are probably more balanced than the USA but spiritualy they go the same terrible way of apostasy. Yours in the Lord´ love Ioan


Mr. Hook

Is it possible to receive these writings in a format that is printer friendly? I tried to print the “enemy chart” for personal study, and part of the chart is hidden when it is printed. Also the articles have to be printed one page at a time as they are viewed on the web page. Thank you so much for this sight. I like so many have found the writings to be accurate teachings and warnings from scripture, which are not popular teachings of the day. This all confirms what I have found in scripture and through my experience with many organized “churches”. But to be totally honest, I am one who understands the warnings and I am able to discern much error that exists, however I have tried to serve two masters giving in to my carnal nature; Therefore I am even more accountable and see myself as desperately wicked. I have periods when I diligently seek Him and to be wholly separated unto Him, however I slip away from total devotion while continuing to study the word and call on his name, never able to completely overcome, which is my hearts desire (or so I think it is) “The heart is deceptive above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it.” Many times I remember certain scriptures that terrify me and cause me to tremble, such as: 2Pe 2:22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire. 2Pe 2:14 Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children: Heb 12:16 Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright.
Heb 12:17 For ye know how that afterward, when he would have inherited the blessing, he was rejected: for he found no place of repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears.
Thank you again and please pray for me,

im not religious… im quite an atheist… but im curious… how can
following a false idol of jesus be a sin.. not all are aware of deception
and believe innocently that what they are following is the real thing.. many
people are blinded by many religions.. but whose to say what´s right and
wrong.. can´t say i´ve read the bible myself though… but i believe i´ve
heard many times that God and Jesus Christ are ment to be kind and loving to
all (which no doubt would include forgiveness), so where does it exactly say
that those who follow the false idol are sinners and shall be “judged”, I
don´t quite see the fairness or love in that. Are you saying that you must
be a Zealot to your religion to actually deserve a place anywhere? im not
really expecting you to reply.. but if you could… please do.. im quite
interested to hear a reply which no doubt will be carefully thought up..

Hello Mr, Hook,
Again i thank you for your responce.I passed your email on to my father who also is a student in the lord, although id say he is an advance student, like your self.I wont pretent to understand all the things he writes or believes , or the things you write.But i do know i believe that God is working some mighty works now and its all right befor our eyes and its is so wonderfully amazing that i am alive in this day and age to be a part of it all!!!Scary also but i know God will see us through!…….I am a mother of 7 children and have been married to my husband for 25.I am 42 years old.When i was young ,my parents were pulled into a calling from God, and have been faithful to that calling ever since.They believe so much like you and its been something spreading that kind of news around they have been laughed at cursed at and are still facing peoples scorn.But you just cant change the truth.They didnt write the book .God controls who are we to disagree?The reason i am writing about myself is that im hoping you can tell me more of your self?I am interested in your life and how you have come to see things the way you do. My mother died 12 years ago.But she had known all this in her departing into the next dimension.She died sept.11 ,it was funny because her death aniversary was exactly 11 years same time the towers fell..and she was so close to our lord.and at the same moment sept 11 my dad who was at her grave in his sleeping bag praying to god asking if he was doing the right thing and was he thinking his thoughts and not following gods will… and he had a candle lit.. to honer my mothers 11 year death aniversary.. and he thinks he might of drifted to sleep..but he was all of a sudden comsumed in these winds and he was frightened but knew he had no need to be.. but saw this power of god and it was one of the mightiest storms he had ever seen and he knew he was recieving an answer.And he awoke and the candle was softly burning under the tree where he had placed it and all of a sudden the farmer for where he was camped at (it was thier farm ) was hollering down into the medow which held the grave yard where my mother´s body was laid to rest..”Mike,Mike,!! come quick!!!” and of course they went up into the house and watched the tower´s fell.This is in wva now. My dad travels back and fourth from wva and ny ,my parents were raised in Ny.Well there is so much to this story ….I would love to hear some of yours. And i hope i dont seem like a crazy lady to you! And i would love to keep in touch…….Yours in christ ..colleen

Good morning Jack,

Thank you for taking time to respond to my email. I have alot of questions and that alone keeps me digging in the Word. I like to read the Scriptures then cross reference, etc…. I really need to develop a more consistent time for studying each day but the Command is to read everyday. So, I obey.

Your caring and warmth come through your emails. I appreciate that.

I am pretty sure as I read more on your website another question or two will come to mind…… Thanks for your patience. I am still learning and growing and very, very, very happy my final destination is HEAVEN.

Do you think we´ll still be alive when the assassination etc… occurs? That just came to mind…..


You still have not given me an answer yet you keep sending me false doctrine. My question was, “Where, exactly, does it say that there will be a pre tribulation and where doed it specifically say that there will be an antichrist? Those questions and more. Are you going to answer me this time or are you playing with me?

Please dont ever send me this kind of bull again. you dont even know
what kind of person i am. how would you like it if i pushed my beliefs
on you.



I have read your email and it is very thought provoking to say the very least. I am a Brother in Christ and a student of my Master. Please continue to share insights with me, and I will share them with others as well. I forwarded this to my teacher, and a couple of other Brothers so you know. Thank you for sharing and please continue,.


get real. you suggest that something disturbing, chaotic is on the rise, backing this with religious banter. religion, organized or fanatical, is over-rated, taken for granted, and unapplicable to the everyday joe and jane of our society. i am not condemning your beliefs, but sending a message back to you to wake up. the evil you see coming originates from somewhere dark such as hell. the hard times you speak of will not develop into a form such as Babylon. no, in fact humanity will destroy one another, it is in our nature. belief, religion, or spirituality has nothing to do with it. this is your last chance to grab hold of reality and face it, deal with it, and fuck man above all, make the difference positively, instead of through this misdirected, ill-concieved propaganda. from one human being to another, get real!


Hello again, I re read your commentary on the return of Jesus, and from what i get out of the Bible there really is no mention of America in regarding to the return of Christ. I agree on the Papacy being Babylon but what scripture are you using to come up with the conclusion that you did regarding America and her Presidency being an antichrist.?
in His name, LM


I cannot totally agree with everything you wrote. I am a believer and I
have a personal relationship to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
I will just address the last paragraph. 1)
I have found nothing in the Bible that the AntiChrist is an American 2)
nor have I found anything connecting the Pope to the AntiChrist.
These are just possibilities, but just as easily we could pick just
about anyone.
If you can show me scripture relating to this I would appreciate it.
Lovingly in Christ, Jean.

God Bless Your Day, Jean


Stop sending me your propaganda!!

Mr. Hook:

I received your email, unrequested. I have been a committed Christian for over 50 years. Have studied the Word of God under some of the finest teachers of our time & am quite disturbed to see the”tack” that you have formulated. My prayer would be that your “spiritual eyes” would become unclouded & you be open to more investigation of ALL the “works” by Godly men who have researched, delved & have scripture proving scripture by scholarship, not by man´s opinion of what he thinks is going to happen. God is going to do things His way. And His way is not our way, & to teach that going to war is against our enemies is against Gods´ way is very misinformed, plus a danger to the spiritual & physical well-being of fellow Christians. I´m sure that you are well aware of the myriad of scriptural references that refute your stand, not withstanding the admonition to respect & stand with the “God chosen” leadership of our country since the scripture says they are appointed by God himself to rule over us, whether we agree with them or not.

Hoping you will take this as exortation, not lack of love by a “fellow-traveler”, who loves God, His word, His people.

A sister in Christ,













Mr. Hook,
I just finished reading your e-mail. It is very intriguing, as well as thought provoking. I also am eagerly awaiting the return of Christ, and I do spend a lot of time in the Book of Revelation. However, I can not seem to understand most of what is saying. I´m confused about the beasts with all of the horns and eyes, not to mention the woman on the beast. If you could provide me with a little more informing detail about some of the symbolism, it would be greatly appreciated.

I also would like your opinions on Saddam´s current rebuilding of Babylon and his plans to construct a temple in his own name.

Thank you,

Your brother in Christ, Eric
I´m sorry to say that a belief such as your own is as dangerous as any you think maniacal. Blind faith in an ancient book of stories as the word of God is insane. Please spare me the lunacy and don´t send me anymore of your ranting. Second coming indeed.


Brother Jack;

I have read the article you sent, thanks, and have visited your website. Very nice website!

I feel you have a lot to say that is worth listening to, and I would like to continue receiving your mailings. Please add me to your mailing list!

Thank you for sending this article.

Dear Brother,


You are so courageous and loving to do this work. It proves that everybody can do something for the Lord.

I was especially happy to see that you have a Jewish believing friend Baruch Hashem! I trust he has kept and maintained his Jewish identity. I am a former Gentile converted to Messianic Judaism. What a wonderful way to learn about our Jewish Messiah.

Unfortunately, you are getting a lot of hate mail; don´t be dismayed, worst things than this was done to our Lord.

God bless you and your family. Thank you very much for caring so much about the LOST.

Love and prayers,

Dear Jack,
Thank you for writing. It is good to hear from a fellow believer in Christ who is looking forward to the blessed hope of His coming.