March 2005 Comments

My dear brother Jack;

I have just finished reading your article – And couldn’t wait for tomorrow to
write you.

I’m not sure where to start. First of all, it wasn’t long enough – I truly enjoy
reading your articles, and could read them for days!

Second, I have to say I agree, wholeheartedly, with all you have written.
I too, as I’m sure you know, have felt a heaviness, and sorrow of heart. You
simply cannot avoid such when your heart and mind and soul, belong to Him.
We see things quite differently than most do. And we see them with different
eyes as well.

We also know exactly what is going to happen and why. No, we may not
know the when, but we know its coming. And its coming soon…

Having this knowledge, that He gives to His children so readily – we see
so many who are not saved, who condemn our beliefs, who don’t believe
in Hell, who believe, “well, if Jesus died for the sins of all men, and He paid
the price, I have a free ticket to do as I like – He won’t send anybody to hell,
we shall all be in heaven.” Its sad, but very true. And it seems to be spreading
like the flu.

Family members, who claim to be Christians, yet we see them act in ways
that we just know our Father would not approve of. Yes, none of us is without
sin – but in my eyes, I see things, to me mind you, that are beyond sin. What
I mean is, that even knowing that something is wrong, doesn’t seem to even
bother, let alone stop someone, from doing it. This kind of logic I just can’t

What ever happened to fearing our G-d?! Why don’t people fear our G-d?
Do they not remember what His wrath is like? Do they need to experience
it personally to recall what its all about?

Nobody thinks about eternity anymore – Their only focus is on the here and
now. What can I get now – How much can I make now – Who can I knock out
of my way to get further now – Even our own children have this mentality.
I want to make as much money as I can! I want a new car, a new house, new
clothes, new toys, new pets, etc. Never realizing how unimportant these
things are in the Big Picture – I tell them, “love is more important than
any amount of money – faith is all you need to survive your life here on earth –
but in heaven lie your true riches.” These things mean nothing to them. They
see all that others have and want it tenfold.

So how do you raise a G-d fearing, faithful, repentant, loving child of G-d
when all they are surrounded with is violence, death, hatred for mankind,
hatred for anybody who is different, greed, materialism, sickness, and
drug abuse gone rampant??

Its a sad time to live in my dear friend and brother. There are not many,
compared to the amount of souls here on this planet, who see things quite
as we do. I want for no one, NOT ONE soul, to be lost to the pit of eternal
hell and eternal separation from G-d. If I alone could save each and every
person on this planet, I would – He has died to try and save each and every
person on this planet, for thousands of years – yet we don’t see them holding
out their hands, lined up, wanting to take hold of Him…Why?

How much easier it is to be kind, loving, forgiving, merciful, generous,
and faithful, than it is to be evil, evil, evil. So why do so many chose to
be the latter…

Hope I didn’t bore you with my letter dear friend. Your articles stir so much
within my soul. And I pray to our Father before I write you in response to
each of them. He also uses what you say dear brother, to stir my very soul.
I am thankful that He does – He shows His love for us in so many awesome
ways – And if I spend my entire life trying, I could never, ever repay that
love to Him.

Thank you for your article – I look forward to many, many more from you.

Blessings to you and your family dear brother in Christ,
much love,

Dear Jack, Thank you for writing and the invitation. Actually we have corresponded in the past, but I think it’s been a few years, and I have read your articles when I have time. I am not sure how we originally connected other than through people we might both have on our lists. That said, I read your article. One thing I would add about the Passion movie is that a line was drawn so to speak, and many have proclaimed the Jesus in that movie to be the one that is truth. Contrary to Scriptural truth. And that has made a line between those who really love Jesus Christ and those who say they do. I agree that it has very much to do with prophecy fulfillment. I don’t know if it’s the ‘great falling away”, or whether just one more aspect that has or is contributing to it, but the number of those who have embraced that movie as truth is unsurpassed in uniting most faiths as a presentation of Jesus. And that is something that cannot be ignored, as those who reject the movie are being viewed as enemies of the Gospel. Anyway, appreciate your thoughts.
In Christ Vicky

Dear Jack

Thank you for your invitation to visit your web site. Reading your article I am under the impression that you are an American writing mainly to an American audience. Much of what you are saying makes sense as I understand the political scene, however though we are a part of a global network of politics and what affects one person in one country will ultimately affect us, we in England have a different cultural setting and therefore though what you have written is interesting I do not see myself visiting your site. It is mainly due to restrictions of time and because of the cultural difference. In spite of this thank you for your invitation.

Your servant in Christ


I would very much like to have dialogue with you on a few topics you discussed in your book, but before I know where my starting point is I would very much like to know if you have ever read the following online book, and what your thoughts are on the idea pertaining to social security numbers being THE mark of the beast already present and that those of us in America professing to be Christians who do not leave it behind by never ever using it again are willing participants in breaking the Commandments of God, are willing slaves to Ungodly masters….already doomed to damnation? Because if so, I think in this country only the Amish are then saved. I would like to hear your Biblical references for either support in favor or against this notion.

Your Servant in Christ,
Dear Brother, Three years ago God awakened me to see that I was on the path of eternal separation from Him, and through His grace alone I was allowed to open my heart and fall down before Him and ask for forgiveness.
I am 47 and going through all those years it was a very dark and lonely place, now that I have the light of His glory guiding my path I see a lot of things in this world I never saw before, but I have to admit there are times when it gets difficult to cope with some of the earthly trials we have to face. But God is in control!
I have read 5 of your articles so far and I plan on reading them all, I did see “The Passion”, my heart tells me that
Jesus gave up His life on the cross because of His love for us. Without the shedding of His blood for our salvation and the torture He suffered for all of us we would be sentenced to eternal hell.
He deserves our complete loyalty and every ounce of love we have in our heart, for He did not just create us He also gave His life for us.
I also agree with what Jesus says about love your enemy, but are we not suppose to go to war, what about the war in Heaven between the archangels and Satan and the fallen angels, or all the battles I read about in the Bible.
I know this country is at a place where we are going to feel the wrath of God, I love America for the most part, but we are a corrupt nation who is trying to get God removed from public view and public knowledge and it has been increasing for may years, but what some people are blind of is take the covering of God away this country will fade away.
The election is coming up soon and may God give us wisdom to see what is going to take place in the future.
Between same sex marriage and the removal of His word, and talk of getting rid of the cross and many other things that are taking place, this country is heading for self destruction, but I do pray and ask God for mercy and as
Jesus said “forgive them Father for they know not what they do”.
P.S. I don’t know if this has anything to do with prophecy, but I was reading an article from the associated Press which stated down in Mexico 160 people have already been given the microchip (it was place the arm), more chips are scheduled in coming months which may include police.
Also more than 1000 have been implanted for medical reasons, but are also going to used for blood type and ID.
In the United States 7000 chips have been sold, also it has not been proven ( please don’t quote me), but there is a possibility that 1000 have been inserted for security and ID.
May God Bless your heart with the love and peace I seem to sense in your articles.

such phrases as the wrath of God are used as if intesions were to be against God , but if this is the plan from the begining , then it would all be intetional that things such as they are in America be what they are…… You see in the creation of a tale so elaborate ” God has a plan” men like you , i believe fail to see, if it is already planned then all men are just going through the motions of a verry long script ……and it is so sad the such a nation full of God fearing , hard working , child loving people be so punished for simply being born in such a great nation…….I see why so many sleep so well…………… thank you for time

why do you put this junk out? You will be held accountiable. Read the curse in Revelations, which is also a part of Daniels 70th week prophecy. I will pray for you.


An Letter from Croatia, Rijeka (River) on the beautifull coast of the sea Adria.

I am a Pentecostal Preacher in Croatia. Now, you know who I am and what I believe from the Bible. My favourite theme is Babylon the great and Antikrist in ‘Revelation’, and with it connected 1 Sol 4:13-18; 2 Sol 2; Mat 24.

I don’t want you to stop sending me the article “Babylon the graet”. Please, go on! It’s very interesting to me, and I need it.

In your article “Like a Snare” you wrote about Mel Gibson and his movie and how it fits into the prophecies of the last days. And in your Article “Enemies of the Cross” (May 1st, 2004), you have said that, Mel Gibson is a member of the Catholic branch of Christendom which prays to the Queen of Heaven for all Christians to unite to save the world.

I need more information about it, becouse right now I write an booklet about Mel Gibson’s film, named: “For Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light”.

I agree with you that the demonic “ecumenical” process within Christendom has been given a giant boost with this film. Thank God, I am not alone!

I am thankfull for your, no matter how little it might be!

In Jesus Love Ivan

Hi Jack,
Thanks for the invite! I went briefly but will go again when my friend comes this weekend as we both enjoy your type of site and both agree with much of what you write about.
While my site is frivilous in comparison I hope you will take a minute to visit there as well and just relax a moment. As a vet you may (or not) be interested in the Agent Orange page. If you like oldies music I have several featured with the full length song playing in the background. I would assume that you must have seen my posts at Lockergnome as that is the only place I have been recently. Great place! that helped me tremendously.


I wanted to let you know that I got your email and I will spend some time going through your website. I am working on my weekly newsletter at this time and will have more time to read through you site later on this afternoon. I may, however, seem like a Pollyanna but I do not believe America is doomed just yet, if that is what the image on your website is trying to give the impression.

I know we have a lot of things going on that are not right and we need to get back to basics in our realization of what is important in life. I also have been a student in our community college and I have seen what is being taught by the public schools and television, and how it has influenced even Christian homes. I know, however that we are still the best Nation Under God and we need to realize that the scripture that says: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and turn from their evil ways”…. is not talking about an entire nation, but the Godly people living in that nation.

At one time, Israel was a nation or race, but now is a country, and the people are not the same as America and Americans. We are Christians when we receive Jesus as our Savior and if “We” being Christians will humble ourselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways, we are the ones who can truly change our nation and that is not done by condemning the lost who know already they are lost and hopeless, but to show them the way as Jesus did. They need to know us by our love, and that is strongly missing in our Christian body now.

We do not need to be an entire nation to do this but we need to be strong in love, and willing to roll up our sleeves and get to work and bring the lost to Jesus, and then we need to remember it took us time to grow in Christ and someone loved us along the way during that growth period, so we must be willing to love the new Christians enough to allow them to grow at the rate God has set for them.

Well this wasn’t meant to be a preaching service but I believe our Country has hope yet and we have a President in office now who does not mind letting people know he is a Christian and we know just how he is hated for this stand there, but we must support him and make sure he is returned to office in my opinion and do our part in our own neighborhoods to be the Jesus in someone’s life.

I really have only one question: “Who let you out?”


Thanks Jack

I would be very pleased to get your regular newsletters. In fact I used to receive them when I had a different email address, but they stopped coming about 12 months ago. I am a believer and endeavour to get the message across to Christians about God’s purposes for Israel. I will visit your website with interest. We also have a website and we invite you to have a look at www.goodnewsforisrael.com.

Blessings to you for what you are doing

i have also been thinking that america is in trouble and the lord will not stand by and do nothing about the abortions and homosexual acceptance my husband and i just cant believe that people believe this is acceptable. that our goverment who writes laws saying that it isn’t okay to kill people but u can kill a baby just because u don’t want the responsiblity of this life. and the u can’t pray in public schools but r going to stand on tv the day after 9-11 and publically pray to the same god they just denied people to pray to it enraged me to see them up there praying and a year later have the ten commandments removed from a alabama court house. i know 9-11 was a wake up call for america and it grieves me that the churches were full of people after 9-11 but now r back to the same attendence. they weren’t afraid of offending people when they stood there praying over our tragedy and how soon they forgot that feeling when u get to proud for god in ur life he usually puts u in a pit where all the only way out is up.

Mr. Jack D.Hook,
Thank you for the invitation, I have visited your
site. I agree in general with your statement of faith.
Any concrete speculations and prophecies are difficult
to understand. That remain a mistery and I dont
think that human beings must touch the misterious
things of God and Lord Jesus Christ.
Best regards,

Dear Jack,

Thank you for your sympathetic appraisal of my comments posted online.
I presume you read an entry on a Nam Vet site. I had too short a time
with my husband and was looking for information to include in a profile
of his life for myself, and to pass on to his grandchildren and great
grandchildren. He was a fine man and came to a great peace during the
time we were together.

I did go to your web site and looked around a good deal. I have some
difficulty absorbing what I read right now, so will be looking again.
We do live in interesting times and it is a definite benefit to have
insight from the Word of God to help make some sense of it. One of the
links on your site has an astonishing collection of resource material
that my sister and I will be enjoying for quite some time.

Thank you for your service to our country. I am so pleased that you
found your way ‘back home.’
God Bless America and God Bless You!


Dear Jack,

I have sent you a devotional with scriptures that I hope will be of help. I checked out your site and 99% I say “Amen!” The apostasy in the church today is appalling. I have seen my fundamental church slip from its moorings, jump on the “Passion” bandwagon, tout the Purpose Driven drivel and edge toward ecumenism that 5 years ago would have been unthinkable. My husband and I would leave and go elsewhere but there is really no place we can go that is better. What a sad commentary on the Church today! So we remain and exert influence where we can and pray for our leaders and await the return of our Saviour. We lead teams on foreign short term missions to Central America and we use that opportunity to mentor the teams in the evils of Catholicism. The national pastors with whom we work are so on fire for the Lord – they are not tainted by all the garbage we are subjected to. I think we need a team of THEM to come up HERE to exhort US!

As for the issue of eternal security, I have wrestled with this issue over the years, studied and prayed and I truly believe that I did nothing to earn my salvation, so I can do nothing to maintain it. When I received Christ I was sealed by the Holy Spirit and became an adopted child of God. That adoption was final and complete – nothing can undo the fact that I am His child. Does that mean I can sin and go merrily on my way? Absolutely not! If a person is truly a child of God, and has the Holy Spirit indwelling in him, he will be convicted of his sin and must come to repentance. If he chooses to ignore that conviction and continues to sin, then there will be consequences, but that will not be a loss of salvation. God is a loving Father who gives His kids a good spanking when they need it – a discipline. He may even call them home prematurely.

Too many people get caught up in whether or not they are truly saved and this gives Satan opportunity to wreak havoc. We should serve the Lord out of love and gratitude, not fear or thinking we need to rack up points. When we love someone we want to please them, and when we realize what the Lord did for us, our hearts melt and we want to honor Him with our lives out of love for Him.

Also, we want to stand before Him at the Bema seat and hear those words, “Well done, good and faithful servant”. All His children will stand before Him and enter into the Kingdom, but many will see their works burnt up and they will lose their rewards and I think that will be a sad day. But their tears will be wiped away. God does not go back on His Word – they are still His kids.

The Calvinists believe in eternal security because they believe in the doctrine of election which is one of the most diabolical devices of Satan. They believe in it for the wrong reasons, that when God picks someone to be saved, He is not going to change His mind. What lies!

We have family who belong to a church that does not teach eternal security. There is an air of legalism, and not a sense of a loving relationship with the Lord. There is pride in works and a tendency not to give God the glory. The right words are coming out, but the heart attitude does not reflect it. They believe God has the “great eraser in the sky” and if you cross that magical line, that He will erase your name out of the Book of Life. I believe my name is written there in ink, not pencil. That has brought me much comfort in my journey when I suffered discouragement and had many dark days. Somehow I knew, even when I could not feel it, that God had not abandoned me, and that He was drawing me back to Him even when I was filled with anger and bitterness. After coming out of this, I praised God all the more for His love and faithfulness. I want to please Him and be faithful to Him because I love Him and appreciate that He accepts me.

When we receive Christ and His Spirit takes up residence in us, we will have periods of doubt, make wrong choices, backslide, etc. but He cannot deny Himself. If a person renounces their faith, they never had a genuine conversion with the accompanying sealing and indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the first place. There are many counterfeit Christians and their true status may never be known this side of eternity.

God bless,

I would love to read what you wrote. I am always open to new knowledge of learning. I will visit your site. Thank you and God Bless you.

Super, Jack. Thank you for stopping by and recommending your site. I definitely will take a close look at it (I have long thought of the USA as Babylon, and now esp. after the war in Iraq where an American flag is flying over the ancient land of Babylon).

I appreciate what I’ve seen already (I am taking a quick look at your site now — be sure that I will come back and study at your site when I have more time!)

Why not add me as a link on your web site? I don’t have any prophetic material to speak of, though there is general prophetic teaching planned regarding the Feasts and a brief article on the Acharit Hayamim. I can add your site to mine as well.

Shalom and I will get back to you soon. God bless you always,

– John
Thanx for contacting me, and although, I’m only starting in on the whole religious/political thing, and a few other political things in the last year or so.
I’m not sure if I introduced myself as Wiccan in the forum you visited, I get sick of feeling I have to say that all the time, to me it makes no difference what faith a person follows, so long as it teaches love and kindness.
Enough of that, though.
I read your about the author page, and it made me sick to see once again how cruel people can be, and I feel terribly sorry for both you and your friend. It was very touching how that guy named Bob helped you, it’s nice to see people doing things like that, it helps reaffirm my faith in human kind.

We had a terrible battle with our municipal a couple years ago, one that split our community, luckily though, the staggering majority (of 96%) was on our side. It was against an Intensive Livestock Operation, or factory farm that wanted to set up in our municipality, and after reading about the environmental and quality of living damage that has been proven time and time again all over the world.

Jack, here is a good verse for you.
Joel 3:1-2 (KJV) “For behold, in those days (now), and in that time; when I
shall again bring the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem (now), I will also
gather all nations and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat
(off the Southern wall of the Old City in the Kidron Valley opposite the
original city of David) and will “Plead” with them there for MY people and
for My heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and
parted My land”.
Obviously, G-d will not “plead” with the nations. This is a mistranslation
by the catholic translators. The original Hebrew says “..and will ‘punish’
Who is the world leader in trying to divide G-d’s Holy Land???? None other
than George Bush.
Scarey thought huh? Bush and his cronies appear to be setting up our nation
to be punished for his attempts to divide G-d’s Land.

hello jack thanks for the in vite yes i do believe america is the great
whore i don-t like the way our government lied about iraq— they
attacked without cause –we are there without just cause —bush had a
personal vendetta aganist saddam he tried to kill george senior well i
will read your articule thanks

Mr. Hook:

Would like to know more about you, your denomination, etc. You statement of
Faith differs from ours only in the area(s) underscored below. We are a
sacramental church with our tradition founded in the first seven ecumenical
councils like the Catholic and Orthodox. Although we do not recognize Papal
infallibility, we do recognize the Pope as first among equals. We do
recognize the current apparitions at Medjugorje, the first Catholic
jurisdiction (and probably all of Christianity) to do so. This does not in
any way take away from Calvary — far from it it reaffirms it. We do not
subscribe to the millenium or the rapture in this world.

Your statement of Faith from your website:

We believe (what we have reservations with are in ()):

1. In the inspiration and inerrancy of the Old and New Testaments.
2. There is one God in three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
3. That all people are born with an inherited, Adamic (I presume that
original sin is an acceptable term) sin nature.
4. There is eternal life for all, either in Heaven or the Lake of Fire.
5. That the only way to escape the Lake of Fire is through Jesus Christ and
His shed blood.
6. In the incarnation of the Son of God, fully God, fully man.
7. That Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary, having been conceived by the Holy
8. That Jesus lived a sinless life, and He was crucified by Gentiles and
Jews, all of us. And by the shedding of His blood the atonement for sin was
9. That Jesus rose bodily from the dead, and ascended into Heaven as His
disciples watched in awe.
10. That all people, in order to be saved, must be born again, through
repentance and faith in Jesus. The choice is everyone´s to make.
(Sacramental baptism is essential)
11. That all who are born of the Spirit are to long for and to watch for the
any day return of Jesus, and to remain unspotted by this world through the
power of the Holy Spirit. (Man in this world does not have that power of his
own and must rely upon the grace of God. Human weakness and the power of
evil forever pervade this life and this world. Actual sin as a daily fact
of life.)
12.That when Jesus returns in judgment He will set up His millennial reign
on earth (we take issue with this).

Yours in The Lord’ service,
Most Rev. Leland
Jack, Jack,

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

I rec’d your email, read your article. It didn’t cause me to ask… is America really Israel’s greatest friend. Rather it caused me to ask… is Jack Hook a frie short of a happy meal, a tree short of a forest, a law short of His Grace.

It seems church leaders have royally deceived you about many things, when in fact what Jesus Christ plainly said that God said was “take heed”, so as not to get deceived. You have obviously not taken heed, nor more earnest heed, and have gotten “carried away” to baby-lon (still a babe unweaned from law, when ye ought to be graceful now).

You seem to be unaware an adult claiming to be espoused to His Grace, and found whoring with law, is in adult-ery. An adult should be weaned from the law, using all five senses to discern both good + evil ends badly, and make the tree only good, or evil, not both good + evil (allegory: grace + law).

You need to become aware there are two testaments in the Holy Bible and the exhortation is to put off the old before putting on the new, for new + old is an oxyMORON with a BAD ending, just as life + death is a dead end, the end of such grace + law, since law is the strength of sin and the sting of sin is death (1Cor 15:56; James 1:15).

Hence the Bible also reveals law was a ministration of death (2Cor 3); for whatsoever is not of faith is sin (Rom 14) and the law is not of faith (Gal 3). Law worketh wrath (Rom 4:15), but “merciful” God hath not appointed us to wrath(law).

It’s an “ALLEGORY” (Gal 4:24) with a moral: grace is sufficient (no law req’d), and written AFORETIME for our learning (Rom 15:4). The objective is not to get carried away nor deceived, nor even hung up on the cross (since cursed every one that hangeth on a tree), but rather to take the grace walk from Sinai to Sion through the valley (allegorically through the cross, through Jesus => Christ, the Christ thereof being “the end of the law”).

You talk about Jesus Christ returning with a “vengeance”, whereas the Bible speaks of Christ being one with God, and merciful, full of mercy, empty of any wrath or vengeance; which is allegorical for His grace being void of law, His love being void of fear, and His life being void of death thereby.

To wit, “that God” (of this/that Gods, the only wise God of foolish/wise Gods, the only true God of false/true Gods, which is the God of all grace [no law at all]) was in “Christ” (of Jesus Christ) reconciling the world unto himself (the living God of dead/living Gods), NOT imputing their trespasses unto them… 2Cor 5:19.

You gotta stop watching Jack of the ‘Impe’ family who says what JC said God said a ‘deceiver’ would say in Lk 21:8.

You need to become aware prophecies “shall fail” (1Cor 13), just as they did for Nineveh when the people believed God (allegory: believed grace is sufficient, no law req’d).

You need to become aware the will of God is not to have any sacrifice at all, as noted in Ps 40, Hos 6, Mt 9, Heb 10. You need to go and learn what meaneth: “I will have mercy, and not sacrifice” (which things are an allegory: Gal 4). It meaneth I will have grace, and not law; for in Heb 10 it reveals sacrifice, which is “of the law”, is faulty, imperfect, only a “shadow”(dark version) of things to come, a lie, a deception, like a ‘phantom’ menace, and never cleanses anyone of sin consciousness, since law imputes sin and is the strength of sin, the strong man to bind in order to spoil the house of sin, allegorically the house of Moses(law).

Law and Grace are as contrary as <=BC/AD=>, as contrary as <=left/right=>, as contrary as <=them-ward/us-ward=>, as contrary as <=sacrifice(law)/mercy(grace)=>.

You go on about democrats and republicans, seemingly unaware the “kingdom” of God is not a democracy. You also go on about war veterans being heroes, seeming unware all the blind faith heroes mentioned in Heb 11 all died and received NOT the promise. Wake up from your nightmare, for Daniel of old had “night visions” (night mares) from reading Moses’ law, and was eventually told to shut up and seal the book (of law) till the time of the end (of the law).

Law had an expiry date, a fulness of the time for part one in a two part shew about a third part. It not only expired long ago, but has been abolished, done away, blotted out, nailed as the enmity, liar, thief, killer(the letter killeth). Law was simply a counter part, the child part of child/man (1Cor 13), the part to put off to be “man” kind God said let “us” make.

The Holy Bible may have two testaments with two testators thereof, even two ends of such Old & New Testaments, but it is not called a Holy Holy Bible, but rather a Holy Bible having one end, the end of the law… hence no mention at all of any law in such an end allegorically called the last trump:

The “grace” of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.


Nice Day, I have been looking at your B T G I F website with great interest, I would like to be added to your mail list. I find the stuff their informative and it is hard to find info that I can read and agree with but the Lord (JESUS) still has good info for those who seek him. Be blessed in Him. David

We have more than serious differences. You and your organization are in total error. Sacramentalism as you call it is NOT an error — it is an essential doctrine of faith. I suggest that you read further. Whom do you represent anyway?

Most Rev. Leland

Many Christians, I mean real believers, understand the chain of events from our founding fathers who formed this nation on the premise of God and that he is the true America to today’s “no God America let me fill my pockets gov’t. From the Ungodly of them all Bill Clinton,though he was a better than fair politician, back to F.D.R. and even he was a liar. All American gov’t pretends to be friends to Israel. We are their friend for what we can get from them. I do believe the most sold book ever warns us about being a wolf in sheep’s clothing with the Jews. Jew is a holy name not anti-Semitic as it is assumed.
A believer in Christ & his Father

first off your letters are way to long — i loose intrest by the time i
get about half way — i do not beleive america is the great harlet —
i do believe its posable that the arab nation is — they are the ones
that dont believe Jesus is the savior — there are lots of people that
are saved and serving the lord Jesus in america — i dont try to put my
brothers and sisters in the faith down in any way — if u think that
what u say is realy happening then u should be praying for america —
its easy to put our country down — but its just as easy to lift
america and our leaders up to God — if our leaders are being deceived
its our falt — we are the ones that are suppose to be praying for them
— so stop blaming them — the body of Jesus is suppose to be in
charge here — praying ———— barb

I read your article and I agree America is Babylon. But not for the reasons you give she is Babylon for the things she has done. Like abortion, pornograpy, gay marriages and the hyprocrisy of greed that exist in this county. I know their are more things I could mentioned if I had more bible knowledge, but I must study to gain more understanding

Hello Jack,

I am so glad that you have written this Newest and sent it to me. Also,
that your site is so very Voice Friendly, working for us blind users.

You are a bit radical, but this is what we need right now. I only wish
that I could aid you in getting the word out there. I am going to send
your web address to my address file, about 100 people so that they can
learn this vital information from you. I am so blind! My country and
church has blinded me even more, and my eyes are starting to be opened via
the blood of Jesus Christ and your writing. I do have one question, you
mentioned something about another Jesus. How are we the really blind
people to know the difference? Are we to look for the name of
Christ? Will Satan use even that? I am so gullible, quick to jump into
everything new that I hear. How am I to know the truth? Well I guess that
that was a bit more than One question huh?

Love and Light to you and yours Jack,

Brother Jack,
I totally agree with you as America being the city of babolyn … i have been saying this for years even when I was lost in the world… and now i am finding my path to the gates of heaven and God is confirming this to me !!!! yet He says to me stand still for there is no where to run … but put on your armer for I come quickly now and move across the nations ……

Thanks for adding me to your e-mail list. I agree with most of what you write.
This is interesting—

1. The garden of Eden was in Iraq
2. Mesopotamia, which is now Iraq, was the cradle of civilization.
3. Noah built the ark in Iraq
4. The Tower of Babel was in Iraq.
5. Abraham was from Ur, which is in Southern Iraq
6. Isaac’s wife Rebekah is from Nahor, which is in Iraq.
7. Jacob met Rachel in Iraq.
8. Jonah preached in Nineveh, which is in Iraq.
9. Assyria, which is in Iraq, conquered the ten tribes of Israel.
10. Amos cried out in Iraq.
11. Babylon, which is in Iraq, destroyed Jerusalem.
12. Daniel was in the lion’s den in Iraq.
13. The three Hebrew children were in the fire in Iraq (Jesus had been in Iraq also as the fourth person in the fiery furnace!)
14. Belshazzar, the King of Babylon, saw the “writing on the wall” in Iraq.
15.Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, carried the Jews captive into Iraq.
16. Ezekiel preached in Iraq.
17. the wise men were from Iraq.
18. Peter preached in Iraq
19. The “Empire of Man” described in Revelation is called Babylon, which was a city in Iraq.
20. II Kings Chapters 17-25 took place in Iraq.
This is something to think about—–This is where the world we know today started from.

America is typically represented by an eagle. The following verse is from the Quran:
Quran (9:11) note verse. For it is written that a son of Arabia would awake a fearsome Eagle. The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah and lo, while some of the people tremble in despair still more rejoiced; for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the land of Allah; and there was peace.