March 2007 Comments

Dear Jack,

Thank you for sharing this article. While there are aspects of the article that I do not fully understand (e.g., many end time details) or with which, at this point, I would disagree (e.g., your condemnation of anything called “contemplative prayer”), I believe there is very much in your article to commend itself.

First, your challenge to the idea of a “just war” New Testament ideology is very powerful. I see nothing in the New Testament to clearly justify or support this theory and typically find that “just war” justification is just that, a justification for a decision that has already been made, not for the sake of the cross but typically for the sake of power.

Second, I have never seen (although I’m sure this has been written on before) a comment regarding the arguably rebellious nature of the American Revolution. I have not deeply studied this out but have always wondered how our nation, supposedly in the name of Christ, truly justified this bloody war against Britain. Perhaps in human terms it was necessary or just but I’m not convinced that we can claim that the war was fought in the name of Christ.

Now, I don’t know how this all works out for cases such as World War II and the like and whether there are times when we can, with confidence, suggest that we are fighting a biblically just war. But, the issue must be posed and the knee jerk assumption that everything American is somehow ordained or blessed by God-especially every foreign military venture-is silly and dangerous.

Third, I have long wondered whether America would be the great Babylon on the waters. It has for many years seemed to fit with me. Like I said above, I don’t know about many details of the end times and we would likely disagree on many details. But, I believe that there will be (and is already occurring) a great falling away, and I see nothing to suggest that America will in any way be on the “right” side of all this.

Over and over I am driven to the cross and the grace and mercy of God through the blood of Jesus-foolishness to those who are perishing but the power of God to those being saved.

Thanks, Jack, for stretching my mind and fanning the flames.

Blessings and hope,


Shabbat Shalom Jack!

I finally got a chance to read all of your article last night. I had started
it and printed it off because I recognized its importance. You have
expressed well some of my own thoughts about our relationship to our
government. As the son of a West Point graduate (1946) who has George
Washington and George Custer in his family tree, I had inherited much of the
internally conflicting citizenship conflict you have shared. Released from
my Clavinist background as a teen, I embraced a biblical conscienscious
objection to war and violence, but the latent patriotism always lies in the
flesh not too far below the surface. It hurts to see our nation self

But we must remain focused on the true hope in Christ as you expressed it so

I found your article extremely balanced and non-judmental even as you lay
out solid biblical truth in this area. My heart resonates welll with you in
the Spirit, and I pray for you often. If you do not mind, I would like to
link to a number of your web site articles for my articles page:
http://www.apocalypse2008-2015.com/articles_index.html and list your site on
my links page: http://www.apocalypse2008-2015.com/links.html.

May God bless and direct you,
Chris Patton


Dear Jack;

Thank you for years of interesting and informative articles which I
appreciate. Often, we overlook the simple thank you and I have been
doing that with you. The “tyranny of the urgent” never lets up and as
we age (I’m 62) – it seems even bigger! Time begins to fly by so fast
as we near the end of this sojourn! So forgive my failure to respond
and let you know that I appreciate the writings and your faithful mailings….

Yours because I’m His, with love, hugs and prayer,



Dear Mr. Hook;

Praise God for your dedication and we pray for your continued courage. We know this is a hard pill to swallow. However, alll things can be used to get men saved! This information about the NWO and the conspiracies, CAN be used to convert unbelievers! It happened to me. I was a dedicated Edgar Cayceite and dabbler in Amerindianism and a dash of hinduism, Buddism, tarot cards, horoscopes, etc. I did not believe in evil. I did believe in one personal God, (I don’t know how that happened), but I ignored that I was in fact worshipping false gods, and of course myself (I am God meditations). I believed that if I learned about evil, I would be giving power to it. Therefore I ignored it hoping it would die from lack of attention. This did not occur.

Second to wanting worship, Satan also loves ignorance (can be two meanings, and it means them both). If people torment each other instead of praying against him, and/or praying for one another’s protection, that allows him to work under cover. Exposing him is good.

Because a freind bugged me to read None Dare Call It Conspiracy, I finally did, and I read more and more books about the NWO until I came across the Mark of the Beast newsletter written by Carl Sanders. Sanders himself was fianlly saved AFTER creating the microchip, and repented of his sin, but was intent on telling the world. His detailed study in the chi xi stigma and charagma definitions, and blood covenants, led me to accept Christ. His detail on the lithium battery needing frequent temperature change for charging (the forehead and the back of the hand) led me to accept the Bible as truth and I had no choice but to accept Christ as my Lord and my God. Whether I like what the Bible says is irrelevant, whether it contains doctrines I don’t WANT to agree with, has to be irrelevant- the truth is the truth whether I want it to be or not. (sacrifices are hard to swallow, YHWH hardening people’s hearts is hard too, rape victims having to marry their rapists is also a tough one, but there it is). I have hope that soon this mess will be over and YHWH will make it all better.

But I repeat, the NWO can be used as proofs that the Bible is true and it can be used to get souls saved. And that as you know is our most important commandment of Christ after his resurrection…go ye into all the world and spread the gospel, teaching them….baptizing….etc. If this can be used for that end, then it is a reason to be used.

I do have a question I hope you would have time to discuss. It sounds as if you believe the believers will go through the Antichrist’s terror. I believe that too. My husband says there are two groups of believers. Us now and we will be pretrib raptured, and those saved after we’re gone, saved by the preaching of the 144,000. But they will be in an Old Testament type of world because he says the Holy Spirit will be removed from the world during the tribulation. That’s also why he says we can’t be here because since the Holy Spirit will be gone, since we are indwelled, we will by rights have to be removed also. Please share your ponderings and I will be grateful.


From: “Jack D. Hook
To: Delia
Subject: Despising Government

Hi Delia,

Thanks for the insightful and encouraging response to my article. I agree with your husband about the pre-trib rapture and the Jewish prophets and witnesses who will lead many Gentiles to our Lord Jesus during the 70th week of Daniel. However, I think the scriptures are clear that the Holy Spirit is still on the Earth convicting and bringing many to a born again faith just as he does today. The Spirit of God is everywhere.

Your brother in Jesus,

From: Jack D. Hook
To: Delia
Subject: Despising Government

Thank you so much for responding. I know your time is prescious, and appreciate your study and detail.

One More question. I base my reasoning of believers going through at least the first three and a half years on the volumes of verses saying the saints would be persecuted.(Rev 7, Rev 22, Mat 24, OT references to The Day of The Lord) I see no distinctions between types of saints or two separate groups except in Rev 7 where the multiple kindreds are clearly there due to persecution, not rapture. The other group is of course the 144.000 virgin male Jews, who eventually also die of persecution. Even 2 Thess 2:2, 3 seems to indicate there is one Day of the Lord, not two. I can find no “secret” coming before the Day of the Lord. I read about an obvious sound of the trumpet and a shout, and all creatures bowing the knee to Jesus, (Is 45:23, Rom 14:11, Phl 2:10) even His disobedient non believers.

My husband talks about the calling out of us by Christ that only his sheep will hear, but I can’t find anything to back that up. I see (Rev 6) unbelievers calling for the rocks and mountains to fall down on them so they don’t have to face the Lamb. (In Isaiah also). I see the Mount of Olives splitting. (Zech 14:4) I see dramatic noisy stuff happening on the Day of the Lord, but if we are raptured secretly before then, how come the Bible isn’t explicit about it and what is the Bible proof besides the vague 2 Thess 2:7?

My husband bases most of his Pretrib belief on 2 Thess 2:7 “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work; only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way, v8 and then shall that wicked be revealed, whom then Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming. “

He says this letting one is the Holy Spirit. Now you believe the Holy Spirit will remain here. Could you give an interpretation to 2 Thess 2:7? And how can it compare to 2Thess 2:3 The reference to “that day shall not come” ? And what is the falling away?

My husband is a good and intelligent man, but sometimes he lies to himself because of fear of facing the music. I try not to not color Bible truths with these things. I know we are the Laodecian church, lukewarm, with Christ knocking to be let in. How could we be picked out as so special we need not deserve the same persecution that occurred to the generations of Christians before us?



Thank you, Jack. I have always enjoyed your insights! And of course I agree with you regarding the fact that our allegiance should be to the Messiah and His Kingdom, boldly proclaiming the truth of our sinful condition and need for both individual and corporate teshuvah (repentance). Thank you for standing firm and being a light to others!

That said, do you still believe that the USA is “Mystery Babylon,” or have you modified your views? I am sorry if you have addressed this question recently, but I have been so busy, it’s difficult to keep up with your excellent articles.

Shalom chaver sheli,



Hi Bro. Jack,
I just completely read your article “Despising Government”. The other day I had only briefly looked at it, but today I read it through. I think what you are describing is the Christian life on the ‘narrow way’, and that is exactly how it should be for the true church. As far as our attitudes toward governments, ‘americans’ think it is their right to be free, but that is not the example given in scripture. The church was persecuted in ancient Israel and Rome, and either had to flee or were forced out. Christians in early England left their homeland because of persecution from the ‘church of england’. And Christians in Germany and Russia were persecuted by the nazi’s and the communists. Some stayed and were martyred, and some escaped.

Rome had it’s ‘caesars’, England had it’s ‘kings’. Germany and Russia had their ‘dictators’. We in the USA are supposed to have a Constitutional Republic, without kings or emperors. I only see the Presidency as a limited office established in the Constitution, so I don’t think of the president as any kind of king, although today’s presidents no longer follow the Constitution and tend to assume authority they don’t legally have. If I find my hope in the ‘constitution’ then I become angry at the president and the government, but when I find my hope in the Lord I can rest in Him, knowing ‘the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord’.

Eschatology is a difficult subject, so whether the country is the beast or not, I don’t know, but I am still encouraged by your articles.

Sincerely in Christ,

From: Jack D. Hook
To: Steve
Subject: RE: The Narrow Way

Hi Steve,

Yes, I received your “Narrow Way” reply and thank you for always sending such encouraging and insightful remarks. As I wrote in my earlier article “The Judgment Chronicles”, that all political systems, including the republic/democratic system, are all created by Satan to keep mankind deceived, and I should have included that in this article as well.

As I understand things, born again followers of our Lord Jesus are to spiritually separate themselves from all political-religious systems, knowing they are all counterfeits of the true Kingdom. I agree that the republic/democratic system provides the most “political” freedom when compared to Empires and Kingdoms, but that is exactly why it is the most deceitful of all systems; especially when the name of “Jesus” is added to the mix. The true freedom that our Lord offers is spiritual, by the removing of our sin nature by faith in his precious blood and resurrection.

Thanks again my brother in Jesus Christ,

From: Steve
To: Jack D. Hook

Hi Jack,

It’s always encouraging to hear back from you. I think what you said about ‘Jesus’ being added to the mix is the most significant truth regarding the end time world’s kingdom/false church. It has been said that this nation was originally founded upon the premise “No King but Jesus”, and that is certainly true for His church. I have also heard it said that this nation was merely founded by ‘deists’ who only believed there was one true God, and I have read some quotes by the founding
fathers that demonstrate that as well.

I recently listened to a radio interview with Dr. Gregg Dixon, given by Chuck Baldwin, in regards to Romans 13. It was one of the better insights I have heard on that difficult subject, basically because it attempted to address the issue in context with the entire Word of God. It was a brief 1/2 hour interview, and would be worth hearing.

Sincerely in Christ,


Hello I was shown too that we are not to take up arms against the antichrist
and his people. I know a lot of people who want us to do that but in the end
it will be their downfall away from forgiveness.Jesus even on the cross
forgave and the Father wants us to do the same so as to show that we are the
true children of the father.We shall be called the peace makers when all
around us the world has gone in to the last stage of evil and the killing of
millions of the faithful brothers and sisters in one last attempt by saten
to hurt and lash out at the Father and do his own children as he see fit.
But we that hold fast at the moment of our death we have a promises that the
Father will pull our spirits out as to not know death and then we will see
him as he said and not as the people who preached the road of death and hell
on the way to their wars and destruction all for the wanting and not having
to fill their greed. A great earthquake is about to happen and it will a
huge one and it will rip highways right apart and throw them hundreds of
feet from where the stood. I have got to go…… Richard


Brother Hooker,
Have you considered that the false prophet might not be the pope, but the religion of Islam? Seeing that Mohammad was indeed a false prophet all of those who follow after him would therefore be false. The religion itself is a false religion. While I do not believe that the Papal office is ordained by God, I do think that the False prophet is the religion of Islam. I would be interested to see what you think of that possibility.


Hi Jack….I always love your articles…..it sounds as though your a bit angry but so be it….you should be as well as all the true “born agains”. I wrote a paragraph to the newspaper saying that Bush should send his daughters to the front line to let him get a taste of what other parents are going through….basically.
You are not alone having your family not speaking to you….there are many that this is happening to. Although we love them we have to let them go.
Keep up the good work Jack….excellent, excellent, excelent article as far as i am concerned. I always look forward to reading them…..Yours in Christ, Leslie


The only thing we can surely trust is the WORD of God.

Since believing (not merely being a Cultural Christian) I have not understood Nationalism, Patriotism, bigotry etc. I too am grateful that God would cloak me in his own blood and become sin for me. I don’t overlook the fact that “but for the Grace of God, go I” when considering men’s fallen nature. Good email. I do believe however that God has clearly told us to watch and discern the times we are living in. He has also called us to be salt and light in the world. We cannot merely withdraw but we must make contact with the world. We will not change it by force or hatred. Just as in the passages you refer to in Rev 13, hatred will beget hatred (each thing according to its own kind), love will beget love. As Christians we are given a command to love. I do not think that means that we should accept all aberrations or be “kind” or “polite” and not tell people that they are standing on railroad tracks and the train is coming. But as long as we have flesh it will be at war with our spirit and we will miss the mark. Keep up the good work!



“Hooked on Jesus Jack”,

Man I don’t know were you got hold of the bull shit you spread but it can not be blamed on VietNam, told you to stop smokin that junk Jack! I wonder if any of you white fundamentalists have had that nightmare of maybe the entire country might not turn on your worthless souls and pay you back for what you have allowed to happen to this country in the last five years. As a veteran I would like to see your type of religion given the status of an illegal cult.

Making it impossible for any of you to hold jobs that were near our kids. Not only do you not show any signs of understanding the tolerance a democracy must believe and act a pond, your style of brutality toward those not like you that allows your kind to OK sodomizing, torture and murder of men, women and children prisoners needs to be excavated from our culture here and now.

E Pluribus Unum, out of many is one, that is the boss here, our forefathers choose a wilderness rather then live in a civilized state of existence with the religions helping the rich enslave the masses. That is what John Locke drummed into the heads of our revolutionary fathers. Make the state legally separate from all religions as the two together could not be trusted. It’s there, he just said it so it seem to appeal to their consious, rather then the guilt of a slave owner.

If you knew anything about the documents left behind by ancient cultures, I mean really old ones not this recent rendition ,this butchered rudiments of the new testament. The others give facts that could clear you up as it has to those who study legitimate, ancient scripts. If you read the dead sea scrolls you even get that flavor.

Quoting from post 3rd century AD religious rewrites that were distortions or “cherry picked” particles of originals is hardly honest or even urban. So Jack, get your shit together brother, the world has enough fools! Try and be part of a healing bridge between those who have gone loony toons on a deity and those of us who believe in a secular democracy before it is to late, there are still more of us then you guys. Joe



Overall it was refreshing to read what you wrote. I think that it showed
unusual–and needed–balance: honoring our “king” while yet affirming our
true citizenship and being cautious about nationalism.

I really thought though that this paragraph detracted from your message:

“”In addition, some of these people believe the old lie that the “souls”
of all men never had a beginning and literally pre-existed before we
were placed in our mother’s wombs. Men who teach such things in the name
of Jesus have obviously mixed New Age eastern religious thought with the
gospel of Jesus Christ and desperately need to repent. These heresies
deny the truth of the scriptures that “all” of us, Jew and Gentile, have
a fallen, sin-laden spirit, soul, and body, all procreated at the same
time in our mother’s womb, and that unless we confess and depart from
this fallen nature through repentance and faith in the atoning blood of
Jesus Christ, we will be eternally condemned to that place the scripture
calls, The Lake of Fire, Revelation 20:15.””

I would really like to understand better your point of view and why you felt
this was so critical to include in your email. But from what I understand
of this issue, you appear off. First, it is not at all obvious that there
is a New Age connection with this belief in that many very conservative and
respected theologian–and saints–have expressed sympathy for this view.
Second, it is not at all clear how this view militates against the truth of
original sin. Perhaps you could explain?

I am personally sensitive to dogmatism. I don’t have a strong view here
personally. But it disturbs me to read you writing so dogmatically about
what–most everyone I know would agree–is a highly debatable and
speculative issue. Honestly, Jack, I think things like this may hurt your
credibility, and I hate to see that happen as I think you have many good
things to say.

Would you consider it please?

In His Wonderful Name,

Jack, it sounds like you just have a lot of unenlightened family you have to live around and suffer under (many of us do and it’s no fun), but there ARE those of us out here who believe AS YOU DO. The LORD said broad is the way that leads to destruction but narrow is the way that leads to life — straight and narrow — and “few there be that find it.” Only a FEW will understand, so that’s what we have to put up with – we can fellowship with the FEW and pray for the rest, amen?

Keep putting out the truth for those who have ears to hear it.



You sound good. And If you are a Vietnam Veteran Welcome Home! My husband is a Marine Vietnam Veteran. But, there are thngs that I don’t agree with you. I am a Born Again Christian. I have studied Prophocy! I do believe we are living in the End of Times. It is just a matter of the Rapture now. I do believe in the Rapture. That could happen anytime. I have you know that we are a Military Family. And I do support President Bush. I don’t think I need to hear form you again! therefore goodby.






Dear Jack,Thanks for your e-mail I have read some of your articles.Quite a lot to pray about I have 7 brothers and 6 were in service.My brother John was Marine in Viet Nam wounded 3 times and sent back to front lines.He still has his nightmares from the horrors of the war.I agree with a lot you say about the warring nature of carnal man but there are times as with Nazi Germany when the Jews were slaughtered and we were attacked by Japan that I feel we had to defend the helpless.I don’t think that Jesus would be to happy if we as a nation sat back and let Hitler just have at it Unnecessary butchering of helpless people should be stopped.Just like Darfur,the devil Janjaweed is butchering and raping all those women and children,starving them out.It’s genocide.I pray to God to stop these atrocities but to be truthful if I was there and was armed when they were attacking these poor people helpless unarmed people I would before God Almighty feel no remorse in killing the Janjaweed to stop them. I would like to know what you would do if you were there? would you watch them be slaughtered and not protect them if you could?I’m a 68 yr old woman but I think there are times when God would expect us to do something. What about David when he slew Goliath who was tormenting the Israelites?What about Samson slaying the enemies of Gods people?What about Joshua when God told him to slay all of the enemies of Gods people? Please let me know your opinion on this,I would appreciate it God Bless You Bea


Dear Brother Jack,

I read your letter about “Despising Government”. You are right in some aspects, but wrong on others my friend. Following your philosophy, we would still be living under British rule. Our country was founded on Biblical principles from which we have departed. I agree that we are the modern day Babylon whore who causes the whole world to drink of our sinful wine.

Take a look at the website of Aaron Russo. He has a lot of good points. We need to take our country back from the hypocrite Democrats and Republicans. They are both the same party. They are liars, crooks, and thieves. Do you think Jesus wants you to honor such men? I think you are mistaken about that.

Mr. Russo’s website:
America: from Freedom to Fascism

Thank you.
Byron, 1lt usmc retired

Leave me on your mailing list. I read your letters.


Firstly id like to say thank you for replying.

Secondly from what ive read in that e-mail you have some strong views. Although you have some good points and the work your doing is helping the people like war vetrens but i have a slightly different view on these matters. i am only 17 but i class myself as open minded as i have meet people from around the world at a scout jamboree in london theses peopel have been all types of religeons and from what ive seen they are all forces for good now. it was in london i learnt about budism and have since took on some of their beliefs and practises such as meditation.

budishm though is not something i say as completely correct i am also a beliver in pagan gods which are just representing nature because unlike God and jesus the proof of there exsistence is all around us.Just to make things clear paganism is the worship of nature not devil worship so every plant stone animal you see is proof. Unlike christianity where the belief is just blind and being spread by the pope and other religous learders who want to collect money primerily to keep control of people. this control is what the christian church is all about be it catholic, phroseant or any other it requires blind faith at least if a worship a tree i know its there. this control over people that is present in most religons has lead to nearly ever war in history that is why i have chosse to follow nature

lastly on your stance of soilders and adam an eve stuff my belief is that if people were pagan they would not harm the earth by having war. you say that all man is born with sin but i believe that is something that developes over time so that it becomes part of you and no matter how hard you try if you try to repent it would be ripping your self in to. Sin is not always evil it is simply human nature evoled from a time when man was simply just another spieces trying to surrive in the food chain.

thank you for taking your time to hear my views and i hope you will be closer to the people of the world the ones the church call the fallen angels because people who live there lives without the cross of jesus on their back walk tall and kneel only to themselves.


From: Jack D. Hook
To: craig
Subject: RE: your views

Greetings Craig.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beliefs. You seem to have mixed together things from various religious traditions. But is your life based on solid truth and where is the truth found today in this mixed up world? This is a very important question for none of us want to believe in lies.

If you read “About the Author” on my web site you will see that I spent ten years after the Vietnam War walking in the darkness of atheism. I cursed the name of Jesus. But my mother’s prayers caused the Lord Jesus Christ to come after me with a clear message of “love and wrath”. It became obvious to me that I could no longer deny the historical fact of the person Jesus of Nazareth. I began reading the Bible for myself and discovered that he was crucified by all of us, yet in that bloody sacrifice was my atonement for my sin, and that he rose bodily from the dead with the promise to return at the end of the age.

The person of Jesus Christ, God come in the flesh, and his teachings must be our foundation. Read the Bible, preferably the King James translation, for it is the truth. By faith, through repentance of our sin nature, the love and grace of Jesus Christ will flood your spirit or heart. The Holy Spirit comes into our hearts and you will know it by the new found love and desire you have for Jesus. Our bodies and minds, because they are not yet saved, will tell us just the opposite, with Satan and his fallen angels telling you it is all a waste of time.

The Holy Spirit will fill you’re your new heart with a longing for the bodily return of the Lord Jesus. In Matthew 24, Jesus gives us the signs of the end or last days that signal his return. We are now approaching that time. He is alive and coming in great wrath to destroy all who hate or deny him and save those who have come to the bloody cross for mercy and forgiveness. To put it simply…he is my Lord, my God, and my friend!

Thanks again, my new eternal friend.

From: Craig
To: Jack D. Hook

Hey there Jack dude

Thanks for your reply. if you want me too stop replying just give a short repley next time. its true i have blended several things from different religions and i dont know if you think my theroy is mad or something else. I find your view a bit extreme but since you were in a war perhaps that is what you find peace from what youve seen or perhaps you truely believe its not my place to say espically since ive only been studing psycholgy for a year now.

my beliefs are in my veiw truthful. the pagan gods are merely symbolic of the nature around us. People worshipped the green man in my homeland (Britain) before the romans and christians arrived but the truth of there worship was that they were worshipping the trees and other natural things including animals for what they did for them because if none of that existed then humans would die out so they are worshipping something that is actually doing something for them.these things we still rely on and still they provide so the truth is yes it is solid and it is relative to today.

you say the exsistence of jesus is historical fact when the only evidence is a two thousand or so book that was not made by the guy and was actually made by a load of romans and was done to stop a rebellion inside there empire. im not saying he never exsited or that what you believe is wrong you must never think of me like that, but i base life around facts and my beliefs what facts cant prove then faith with hold the answers it just cant be the same faith as everyone else or youll never be able to move on through time.

Another promblem with the bible is that it is just a story and in all the pschological tests i and thousands of others have done as a story gets retold parts are lost bits are added and the truth may be hard to see or completely erased from the story.

As for reading the bible although i have one that i got off my god parents at my christianing i will not read it as i know that the dates the stories the messages have lead milliuns of people thought out the course of history to there deaths. Fair enough that will surley not happen to any one now but other books more recent have that effect eg. Mein Kamp by hitler and the holy book of that dude who claimed to be the God and forced all his followers to commit sucide just to prove to the United states goverment how powerful he was.

the geological truth (i also study geology) is that if we were to die in the apogolipsis then it would be our own doing and that Life will go just as with the dinosaures, fresh spieces shall form and they will have their own beliefs and they will dig up our bones and reseach our lives and say how bizare we are of to believed in this but that is how it will go the nature will surrive we are northing more than a phase to the earth and wether that is what the creator wanted or if there isnt a creator then its just conicedence this fact cannot be stooped by any amount of religous worship.

i know that what you are doing what you are beliving is right and its great to hear from someone that beveilves so passionatly that he feels the need to shout out about it but not try to pressure anyone into following them because i do so about my views.

its true the bible does say the end is near but if it is true i shall rather burn in the pits of hell with the fallen angels than say that i was wrong to see things my way and kneel before someone who expects thankfullness from every living thing even though what we have achieved is our own work not that of God.

i know you being a highly educated man will have probaly read this already but i think the da vinici code is a great book it is not strickly factual but it is a hell of a read and tells the public to believe what they want but every religon alive has faults. If your not intrested then read of demons and angle which is the earlier one which is also great. I personaly find it wierd that monday tuesday thursday friday and even the so called sabbeth day sunday are named after pagan and viking gods

if you know why the pope needs his own city please reply, its not for protection and it could certainly go to better uses

thanks again Craig


Do you think there are no righteous wars? What about
the wars in the Old Testament ordered by God?
Granted, I do not believe the Iraq invasion to be “righteous” in any sense of the word,
nor Afghanistan, although I do believe the latter was justified.


I saw your letter, didn’t get a chance to read everything, but thought
I would say a quick HI. I lost my nephew to the Iranians last year.
But, he was there to protect the kids. He loved the kids. He knew they
weren’t all bad! My dad lost his leg in Korea-and I am fighting my own
war. But, that’s in my head. I love everybody. I just don’t understand
why some are such idiots. My husbands is 51 and he just talk me he
needs a break from me!! I gave him it all. Took care of his babies.
Stayed home so he could he have a great career and it got me crap!
Sorry, I not usually lot this. I’ll read your site and let you know!
God does Bless America


Dear J.D.,
I trust God has had you send your e-mail to me, as ALL is His handiwork.

I do not see it as my part to spend my energy attending to religious-political-military events. I see it as my part to enter into his rest and rejoicing, trusting He is my perfect fortress, and will only alow me (or anything in his creation) to be injured except for His perfect purposes and as another of His gifts in a strange package.

I am a God-Sovereigntist (ie: Nothing can thwart his will…NO such thing as “free will”) and Christian universalist (all has been brought back to Him through Jesus, I AM Savior). Romans 11:36 “From Him and Through Him and Into Him is ALL.”

Although your path sounds different from mine, I trust you are perfectly in His will and being carried by Him to His perfect destiny, as is ALL creation.

Should you ever need my encouragement for joy and rest, please feel free to contact me.

In Him we live and move and have our existence,










Dear Jack D Hook ,

Glad to hear from you.

Your description of the Armageddon is somewhat imagination and not accurate. Who are fighting of the side of Jesus Christ? You have identified the opposer though, citing Russia-Arab, the traditonal enemies of Christianity. And they really weren’t. If you had identified the Bolsheviks, then I might agree.

I like to know why you say Russia is Magog.

In this period, regretfully I can only skim thorugh and admittely shallow in reviewing your site. Instead of examinging all that you have said, I think it is good that I say how I view the situation – or the ‘state of the world’ today. I will be more thorough later.

The Luciferans know that they have very little time left to consolidate their power over the world. If Christians have had done more to resist that force, then, for the same number of years allotted to them (Satanists), they would have even less control as of now.

Most of all the wars are actually fought within the same force, and the victor will be the Luciferans. Then this unified power will meet Christ Jesus headon. Lucifer, more correctly Satan, have built many power bases up to until now. The Catholic church is now fully allied to Satan, as I believe it to be.

The war against Christ began even before Jesus was born for ‘he’ knows that the Christ will be born and be given lordship over the world. This bad guy does not wait for a time to do his work. He tried to kill him to no avail. His crucifying the Christ was the testimony of the beginning of the end for him.

It was extreme hate that drove Satan to crucify Jesus and at the same time he knew without a doubt that that was also God’s victory and his destruction. Just think how wretching it was for Satan. Satan could not help himself for he could not be sorry and repent – he believe that he had not sinned! So is the world largely today – there is no sin!~

It is very clear to me that the battle royale is between Jesus Christ with his host of angels and Satan with his demons. We are not into the fighting. He shall come to save us. That is why it is said that we should look forward to the so-called end of the world (for Satanists), or (our) redemption from their clutches.

I think that it is of utmost importance to get the fundamentals right, or else a conclusion will get onto the wrong track. For instance if we bear in mind that Jesus Christ is the ‘Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world,’ then we must not let go of the concept that there is no other sacrifice demanded by God the Father. All other sacrifices that people wants to reinstitute in the so-called temple of the Mount is sacrilegious.

Following, the prophecy of the Abomination standing in the Temple is true BUT the Temple is NOT instituted by God. The temple is man inspired- merely.

Jews (Hebrews) who are against Zionism attest to an oath their prophet made with God during the Babylonian Exile. This is called the three strong oaths, namely that they will not go up and establish Israel, that they will live in peace among nations, and that they will call upon God’s blessing in their adopted countries.

But another group did not obey this oath and they became the Pharisee. This group returned to Israel to rebuild the second temple – without the lost Ark. There was no Tabernacle! And they call themselves Babylonians for their Talmud is acknowledge as Babylonian.

May you be blessed for your work.


I was directed to your article on What’s New by a member of the Lamb
Cafe, and I must say I agree with those last paragraphs. I do not
think I pre-existed conception, as Zeph Daniel teaches.

I also feel we have gone overboard in criticizing leaders rudely.
Nevertheless, I feel a militancy is necessary if we are to rouse the
electorate to change course, which I believe our Lord would have us do.
Not to condemn outright the present leaders, or fail in rememberance
that they are fellow sinners in need of repentance–but to bring to
knowledge the things which must be changed if America is to continue.

I know America may not continue a fortnight, if the Lord calls, but
until He does, we must be responsible citizens.

fight on, Jack. Hoping for the rapture, our only hope.